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This year Upsilon Deuteron had a

great showing for the 170th Pr esiden t - Sam Surgalski '18
Theta Delta Chi convention in Vice Pr esiden t - Sam Hayes '19
Philadelphia, PA. The charge had
four undergrads make the ten
Tr easu r er - Mason Hooper '18
hour drive and three alumni Cor r espon din g Secr et ar y- Braiden Slavens '19
make it out for the event.
Recor din g Secr et ar y- Will Haunfelder '20
During the Grand Banquet the
attending brothers accepted
both the President's Cup and the
Loyalty Cup. The President's Cup
is awarded to the house with the
best ritual practice based on
charge consultant reviews. The
Loyalty Cup is awarded to the
charge with the highest
Homecoming: Monon Bell:
percentage of donors for the
September 23rd , Game time @ November 11th, Game time @
founders day fund raiser.
Overall we were very happy as a
charge with what was brought Family Day: -Possible Breakfast TBA
back from Philly, but we still have
October 7th, Game time @1pm Init iat ion:
our sights set on winning the
Victory Cup with our Bros United November 10th, Approx. 8pm
Collin Graber '18 selling to various restaurants,
So far this summer has pubs, and bars. This has helped
been extremely me gain a new understanding of
enlightening and what all it takes to produce a
productive working with quality product and what it takes
Wabash Brewing. One of to effectively spread the word
the best parts of this and advertise.
internship is how hands on
and involved it can be.
Working in a brewery isn?t
exactly the typical
internship and it can be
hard to describe a
?normal? day at work just
because there are so many
different things that have
to occur on a daily basis
for things to run smoothly
at a small business, and
especially a microbrewery.
Since I started late May, I
have helped with
everything from
large-scale production and
small batch experimental
beers to marketing and
Braiden Slavens '19

I was very lucky to spend juniors to come to Wabash

the past summer working and have productive
alongside many deputy conversation about religion in
prosecutors at the the face of other important
Tippecanoe County topics such as poverty, law,
Prosecutors Office in and incarceration. Overall it
downtown Laffayette. There I was an incredibly busy and
worked on multiple D04 cases exciting summer that I could
utilizing the county's new not be more thankful for.
police vest cams to find
reliable evidence for the
prosecuting team. When I
wasn't in Lafayette I was
working here at Wabash's
campus with the religion
department as one of three
interns. Through that
internship I took part in the
Wabash Pastoral Leadership
Program as well as a new
program known as "Scroll",
which is a week long program
for high school seniors and
Sam Surgalski '18

My summer of 2017 was spent

in preparation for my future as
a physician. Starting last spring,
I began preparing for both the
MCAT exam and the AMCAS
medical school application
submission date. On June 16th,
I spent 8 hours reciting
biological, physical,
psychological, chemical, and grieving families, cleaned up
social knowledge that I had bodily liquids and solids of all
learned over the past three kinds, and provided some
years at Wabash. Happy with comfort and companionship to
my scores, I spent the those without family members
remainder of the summer to care for them during their
taking care of cardiothoracic hospital stay. The time spent
patients as a nurse assistant on taking care of those critically ill
a critical care and step-down patients solidified my desire for
heart unit at Munson Medical a career in the medical
Center in Traverse City, profession, however, and I am
Michigan. The work was anxious to see how this
physically and emotionally upcoming medical school
demanding, and it was my first application season will decide
experience working the the next four years of my
midnight shift. I witnessed academic and professional
quite a few deaths, talked to career.
Broth erh ood Retreat

Last Semester we added a new brotherhood retreat to

our social calender. For this event we rented out a 25
man cabin in Shakamak State Park and spent the
weekend in the woods. All the brothers had a
phenomenal time and we look forward to doing it
again in the future.
Fi tti ng I nto 610 S. Grant

Contrary to popular belief moving into a fairly new, structurally

sound, and air conditioned house comes with quite a few
challenges. As a brotherhood we recognize that we had a difficult
time making this building fit us last year and the results were
embarrassing. With that being said this new year is off to an
amazing start and we believe we have finally learned how to live in
this house while maintaining the brotherhood we strive for. We
have started filling rooms with more brothers which allows the
closeness we need. New ideas to increase brotherhood are coming
about everyday and we are happy with the direction things are
moving. It is truly a great day to be a Theta Delt.
M eet th e New Guys...
Clayton Huber

Benjamin Dugard
Matthew Ireland

Cole Slavens

Cailen Sheperd
Th an k s f or
r eadin g! We h ope
t o see you all
back f or M on on

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