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Tatweer Health, safety and environment Familiarization Corse

HSE section:

1. Field Safety ( Khalid Adburasool )

2. occupational health safety and hygiene ( Adurahman Albanna )
3. Emergency Response (Ayob , Ali Arad)
4. Safety Risk Management ( Waleed )
o Process Safety Management ( Abdulla Albuarki)
o Human Safety Management
5. HSE Training
6. HSE Complaint & Editing ( Huda )
7. Procedure legal regulatory ( layla Janahi )
o HSE Contract management
8. Health & Safety environment
Tatweer Health, safety and environment Familiarization Corse

Emergency Response Department

Corse presenter Ali Arrad Position Emergency & Crisis Date 18-12-2018
Department Emergency Management

Emergency Management: Create & manage the Emergency Response plan within the
company, Because Emergency can happen any time , this department is plan for Emergency
response to mitigate the impact , then to keep always to be Trained & do the necessary
preparation to control any emergency.

Tatweer HSE has divided emergency into on 3 levels & each level has a different responses
Team for Emergency:

 Level 1
o Involvement: Sense Commander, incident Controller, FRT (Field response
Team) FRT: is a Trained operation That are capable of doing their job &
Capable to be response in case of an emergency incident, to stop the
Emergency Case, Strategic to control the emergency by using (First Aid if
necessary, or Fight the Fire, stop leakage, or Control the property damage by
stopping Equipment of closing valve or etc….)

 Level 2
o Involvement: (Emergency Management Team) in Each Department there are
a Team that are on Call team for Emergency, the head Section in each
department is responsible to Assign an Emergency Manager in his
department, every week this assignment will be Transferee to other Person
based on Schedule set by the head section, the main Responsibility for this
team is to try to control the incident to not affect the company Business &
the Surrounding public & environment, in case of level 2 Emergency happen
an emergency Management Center will be activated .
 Level 3
o Involvement: ( Crisis Management Team ) All the top management of
Tatweer if Emergency Develop to harming the safety of the people, the
Crisis Management Team will be activated : example of Level 3 Emergency : (
oil pipeline in Buri village explosion 10th November 2017 tatweer not
relative to this accident ) In case of level 3 Crisis the CEO will be Crisis
manager & he will be the lead of Crisis Management room in headquarter,
legal & HR will be involve ,
 The Crisis Management Team will Assume the worst case Scenario &
assume an action plan to mitigate Crisis Impact , to be prepare to
response to the media , how to response to the government , and
how to response to the ministry of oil and power Authority
Tatweer Health, safety and environment Familiarization Corse

HSE Orientation Corse

Corse presenter Emas Mustafa Position HSE MS Date 19-12-2018

Department HSE MS

HSE MS: Main Job for this department is to work to

 update HSE procedure

o commonly the procedure have to be reviewed every 2 year ,also Any
ancient happen in Tatweer field will required to update procedure, Any
Regulation HSE MS will be notified, Work with the auditor to update the
 HSE Document control.
o Safety Training Documentation
o Safety procedure and regulation
o Risk management Document
o Sub-contract Evaluation
 Campaigns & Event>
o Example of Event :
 Blood Donation Complain.
 Awareness campaigns.
 Arrange with desired department to do HSE Technical Campaigns
 Management of All computerize HSE system
o Example of System
 Safety observation
 Incident reporting & investigation cycle
 HSE Training system
 Publication System in General Example ( news latter )
 HSE Report & Statistic
o Follow up with the incident report
o Assigned the incident to the Desired department
o Follow up with the raised case and its status
o Issue ( Daily ,weekly , monthly ) HSE report

Goal of HSE Ms Department is to minimize the manual reporting work

9. Contractor Evaluation
o Before any Contractor assigned to work with Tatweer petroleum HSE Ms
have to attend the kickoff meeting and Evaluate the contractor HSE Side.
Tatweer Health, safety and environment Familiarization Corse

Health & Safety environment

Corse presenter Hani Position Date 19-12-2018

Department Health & Safety environment

 Most of the work in environmental health is to obtain a" no objection approval"

from the Supreme Council for the Environment to complete tatweer projects,
Example of tatweer project that require approval as following ,Civil plan,
Operation plan, Constriction plan, Drilling & Facility and Waste area .

1. Air emissions and ambient air quality
2. Energy conservation
3. Wastewater and ambient water quality
4. Water conservation
5. Hazardous materials management
6. Waste management
7. Noise
8. Contaminated land
Community health and safety
1. Water quality and availability
2. Structural safety of project infrastructure
3. Life and fire safety (L&FS)
4. Traffic safety
5. Transport of hazardous materials
6. Disease prevention
7. Emergency preparedness and response
Tatweer Health, safety and environment Familiarization Corse

Occupational health safety and hygiene

Corse presenter Abdurahman albanna Position Date 19-12-2018
Department occupational health safety and hygiene

Occupation & health

 Pre-Employment program: is a program to evaluate the person is fit for the

position form Health side, after the employee done the health Checkup the
department approves the employment; this checkup will help the department
to develop the baseline
 Plan the health and safety Event
o Well been program.
o Stress management program.
o Blood Donation program.
o Cancer Disease program.
o Periodic health checkup.
 injury management
o If injury happen within Tatweer facility. Tatweer will try to :
 Treat the employee with Tatweer budget money.
 Register an injury to be cover by GOSI insurance.
 Recommend the Employee to visit Bahrain Royal hospital by using
health insurance.
 Try to push back the employee to work as soon as possible.
 Medical Case management
o Need Justification
o Occupational Disease.
 First aid Management
 Ambulance management ( Depend on government / Bapco )

Industrial Hygiene

 Noise
 climate control
 organismic
 water supply
 food supply
 lighting in Facility
 Gas vapor & Dust
 Office organismic
 Manual handling
 Lifting equipment
 Camp Management
Tatweer Health, safety and environment Familiarization Corse

Safety Risk Management

Corse presenter Waleed Daraj Position Head-industrial safety HSE Date 19-12-2018
Department Safety Risk Management

 Safety : state of being away from negative consequences

o Emotionally
o Sociologically
o Sociological
o Industrial
 Accident : will affect the :
o Impairment
o Property
o Environment
 To achieve the safety goal we need international and local safety Regulation.
 How the employee knows how to achieve safety? every employee is given induction
HSE course
o Driving
o Heat steers
o Mandatory PPE
o How to react during Emergency
 What is the Role of Safety
o Mandatory PPE