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Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority



Construction of Affordable Housing 546 EWS-II Unit at Bopal TP.03 FP.232

in AUDA Area. Ahmedabad. ( Job No.- 56 / 2018 – 19 )

Issued to Shri ____________________________________

On Date ________________

Executive Engineer

Construction of Affordable Housing 546 EWS-II Unit at Bopal TP.03 FP.232

in AUDA Area. Ahmedabad. ( Job No.- 56 / 2018 – 19 )

Implementation by:


State: - Gujarat

Volume I – Technical Bid

Executive Engineer Chief Executive Authority

Ahemdabad Ahemdabad

Signature of Contractor 2 Executive Engineer,

Part 1
Instructions to Bidders



1. Introduction 5
2. Employer 5
3. Engineer-in-charge 5
4. Name of work 6
5. Location of work & site information 6
6. Scope of Work 6
7. Salient features of proposed work 7
8. Program of works Under Project 8
9. Conditions of contract 9
10. Instructions to Applicants 9
11. Special conditions of Contract 12
12. Opening of Bid 16
13. Other Requirements 20
14. Method of Submission of tender 24
15. Scope of work for O&M works 29
16. Development Details 30
17. Abbreviations used 32
18. General Rules & Regulations 37
19. Mode of Payment at Stages 39
Pre-Qualification Application 47

Signature of Contractor 3 Executive Engineer,

A. Structure and organization 49
B. Financial Statement 50
C. Details of Personnel with the applicant 52
D. Plant & equipments proposed to deployed by the applicant 54
E. Experience
E. Experience: Relevant (Building works) project in Progress 56
E1. Experience: Relevant (Building works) Completed Project. 57
F. Experience in Neighboring states 58
G. Details of litigation 59
H. Additional Information 60
I. Form 3A 61
J. Bank Guarantee 63
Lab Testing Equipments 64
Project Information 66

Signature of Contractor 4 Executive Engineer,


Documents for contractor’s pre-qualification are invited for project namely

Construction of Affordable Housing 546 EWS-II Unit at Bopal TP.03 FP.232
in AUDA Area. Ahmedabad. ( Job No.- 56 / 2018 – 19 )
The details of contract together with its probable estimated cost are
given in paragraph No. 4 hereunder. General contractors who wish to
bid for the contract should fill the two-cover bid system in the manner set
out in this document. The other tender documents i.e. price bid with
technical details will be opened subsequently only to those parties
selected by the employer as having necessary qualification / suitability to
perform the contract satisfactorily. Documents for pre-qualification bid
will be filled by the contractors having registered in Special Category-I
Building with “AA” class in State of Gujarat.


The Chief Executive Authority,



Name: Executive Engineer, AUDA, Ahmedabad.


[1] Name: - Executive Engineer, AUDA

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Sankul,
Usmanpura Cross Road,
Ahmedabad – 380014.
Tele: 079- 27545051 to 54
079- 27545064

Signature of Contractor 5 Executive Engineer,


Sr. Name of work Tentative Estimated Tentative Time

No. Cost in Rs. limit in Months
Construction of Affordable Housing
1. 546 EWS-II Unit at Bopal TP.03 Rs.62,36,92,481.00 30 (Thirty)
FP.232 in AUDA Area, Ahmedabad. Months


The proposed construction work is to be carried out as shown below:

Construction of Affordable Housing Development Project,
Bopal TP.03 FP.232 at Bopal, Ahmedabad


RCC frame structure, brick masonry, plastering, doors & windows of wooden /
aluminum section, electrification, rain water harvesting, compound wall,
internal trimix road, external sanitary & water supply arrangement, tree
plantation with tree guard, firefighting system, entrance gate with security
cabin, gray water system etc.

The scope of work involves construction of Civil, Plumbing, Electrical work,

firefighting & Lift installation. List of work is as mentioned below.

The scope of work involves construction of Operation & Maintenance of Civil,

Plumbing, Electrical work, & campus for 2 years, and Lift maintenance for 7
years. List of work is as mentioned below.

1. FP-232 (14 No. of Tower with Hollow Plinth Parking G + 7 storey)

2. Rain Water harvesting
3. Dual plumbing system
4. Sewage Treatment Plant of required capacity
5. Tree Plantation with tree Guard/ tree protection
6. Connecting Drainage Line in Municipal Sewer
7. Pump room & Sump
8. Entrance gate with Security Cabin
9. Tre- mix Internal Road

Signature of Contractor 6 Executive Engineer,

10. Compound wall
11. Hollow Plinth Car / Scooter Parking.
12. Bore Well with machinery
13. Landscape Development (included)
14. Fire Fighting System with its N.O.C. (included)
15. Lifts with its N.O.C. (included -for each Building)
16. Solar Roof top system.


I. Construction of Affordable Housing 546 EWS-

Name of work II Unit at Bopal TP.03 FP.232 in AUDA Area 

II. Location As per para 5.0

III. No. of Floors 14 No. of Tower with Hollow Plinth Parking G

+ 7 storey
IV. Type of Structure RCC frame structure with Brick Work
masonry walls.

V. Type of Foundation RCC Raft/Trapezoidal Foundation.

VI. Design load As per IS code (Latest)

VII Electrification (A) Concealed type wiring by point wiring. (B)

Lifts (C). L V Work

Signature of Contractor 7 Executive Engineer,


The Pre-Qualification process is common for all the bidders. The bidder will
be eligible for this work depending upon the financial capacity, Experience
and the bid capacity. This work of ‘Construction of Affordable Housing 546
EWS-II Unit at Bopal TP.03 FP.232 in AUDA Area. is to be submitted by the
bidder along with the Pre-Qualification document.

The Pre-Qualification document will be opened by Executive Engineer and

submitted to the screening committee. The screening committee will be final
authority in this regard. All bidders have to pay the payment of fees
Rs.18000/- towards the cost of documents. The Price Bid of these bidders
who will qualify in prequalification shall be opened on date and time notified to
them. And the same will be opened online by the Executive Engineer at
AUDA office in the presence of Pre-Qualified bidder or their authorized

All rights are reserved with the AUDA for deciding Pre-Qualification of bidders
and regarding acceptance of the price bids also. No claim on this account will
be entertained.

The program of work for of ‘Construction of Affordable Housing 546 EWS-

II Unit at Bopal TP.03 FP.232 in AUDA Area. this tender as is follows :-

Tender size Call of Tender Award of Contract Time Limit

For Civil work & Submission of Validity period of Tender offer 30 months from
Mentioned Scope of two bid is 120 days from the last date the date of issue
Work. of opening of technical bid of order to start
the work

Signature of Contractor 8 Executive Engineer,


Conditions of contract will be as per standard documents i.e. B-1 Tender form
and other additional special& modified conditions as needed to suit the local
All designs and work will confirm to the latest Indian standards codes relating
to building operations or other applicable standards mentioned in the contract
document or approved by the Engineer-in-charge. The Detail drawings for the
execution of work will be issued by AUDA/Consultant on the demand of
The law governing the contract will be the Indian law.


10.1 A Bidder may be pre-qualified for the works under this tender if the requisite
technical, financial and experience criteria are fulfilled.

10.2 One firm can be pre-qualified only once in its own name. No joint venture
will be allowed.

10.3 Pre-qualification Questionnaire completed in all respect should be submitted

online not later than 18.00 Hrs, Date: __________ on Website.


10.4.1 Earnest money deposit Rs.62,36,925.00 (One percent of the estimated cost
put to tender for (Construction of Affordable Housing 546 EWS-II Unit at
Bopal TP.03 FP.232 in AUDA Area) in form of Pay Order/Demand
Draft/Banker’s cheque with a validity period of not less than 06 (six) months
issued by the Nationalized or Government of Gujarat approved Bank must
accompany the pre-qualification bid only. The pre-qualification bid not
accompanying with the requisite Earnest Money Deposit shall be out rightly
Contractor should submit the Tender fee, EMD (in form of Banker
cheque/DD/Pay Order approved by nationalized bank and govt. of Gujarat
approved banks- validity up to 6 Months) in physical and send the same by
RPAD / Speed post / Hand Delivery to the Executive Engineer, AUDA,
Ahmedabad in seal cover duly subscribing the name of work on or before
11.01.2019 during office hours. (Tender fee & EMD should be in favour of
AUDA, Ahmedabad).
10.4.2 For INITIAL SCREENING CRITERIA following documents are required. The
bidders failed to produce the mentioned documents, will be rejected for
further prequalification process.
a. Valid “AA” class valid registration certificate of GOVT of GUJARAT

Signature of Contractor 9 Executive Engineer,

In case of renewal of registration, Receipt of Registration renewal must
be attached along with old registration certificate
b. Special building Category-1 certificate of GOVT of GUJARAT
c. Solvency certificate of a Nationalized Bank/Schedule bank approval by
GOG amount put to tender will have to be produced by the contractor.
d. Tender fees
e. EMD @ 1% of amount put to the tender

10.5 The costs incurred by the Bidders in making this offer, in providing clarification
or attending discussion, conferences or site visits will not be reimbursed by
the Employer or the Engineer-in-charge.

10.6 Application for pre-qualification shall be submitted in proper format online and
incomplete offers shall be rejected. Only soft copy (Scanned Copy) of each
required documents are to be submitted with E-Tendering for evaluation of
P.Q. It shall be submitted on or before Dt. 10.01.2019 to online website
https: //
[a] Registration certificate of Sp. Cat-I (Building) with "AA" Class shall be
[b] Valid solvency certificate amounting not less than amount put to tender
[c] List of works on hand.
[d] Partnership Deed.
[e] Valid power of attorney (if applicable).


The language for submission of bid should be English. However, instruction

etc. in Gujarati language will also form part & partial of the agreement.

10.8 The enclosed schedules should be filled in completely and all questions
should be answered, if any particular query is not relevant it should be stated

10.9 Financial data, project costs, value of works etc should be given in Indian
rupees only.

10.10 For any queries/ clarification, Pre-bid meeting has been arranged. Concerned
person at AUDA can be also contacted. It is desirable to send all the queries
two days prior the Pre-bid meeting.

10.11 Tender bid will be filled by the contractors registered in Sp. Cat-I (Building) with
Class "AA" issued by R & B Department only in the State of Gujarat.

Signature of Contractor 10 Executive Engineer,

10.12 If the application is made by a proprietary firm, it shall be signed by the proprietor
along with his name and firm’s name with its permanent address.

10.13 If the application is made by a firm in partnership, it shall be signed by all the
partners of the firm, along with their names and current addresses or by a partner
holding the power of attorney of the firm by signing of the application in which a
certified copy of power of attorney shall accompany the application. A certified
copy of the partnership deed, current address of the firm along with the names,
current address of all the partners of the firm shall also accompany the
application. No Joint venture will be allowed.

10.14 If the application is made by limited company or a limited corporation, it shall be

signed by a duly authorized person holding the power of attorney for signing the
application, a certified copy of the power of attorney shall accompany the
application. Such limited company or corporation will be required to furnish
satisfactory evidence of its existence before the contract is awarded.

10.15 The information furnished must be sufficient to show that the applicant (along
with the all parties) is a capable in all respects to successfully complete the
envisaged contract works strictly on the basis of the applicant, (along with all
parties) having already carried out satisfactorily works of similar size nature and

10.16 The bidder while submitting the pre-qualification bid for the works shall be
required to provide satisfactory evidence in respect of the information furnished
by them in their application for pre-qualification regarding their structure and
organization, financial position/arrangement, resources of the firm, including
personnel and equipment, experience as well as works on hand good quality
workmanship of completed, etc. The applicant’s attention is explicitly drawn to
the fact that even after the prequalification of potential bidders has already
carried out, all bidders shall include statement of the change that may have
occurred since pre-qualification with particular reference to the various items
listed above and that further price bid will be opened to successful Bidders only
on the basis of careful scrutiny of all above information furnished by the
applicant. All the above required documents will be required to submit in soft
copy (Scanned copy) only with E-Tendering. No hard copy will be accepted.

10.17 The applicant is expected to have visited the project site before submitting pre-
qualification bid and tender documents. No cost for any clarification or visit to site
etc will be reimbursed by the employer.

10.18 While submitting the schedule duly filled, enclose the latest copies of brochures
and prequalification documentation giving more information about the firm and all
the members through scanned (soft) copy only along with E-tendering.

Signature of Contractor 11 Executive Engineer,


1. In case of discrepancy between special conditions of contract and

conditions mentioned elsewhere in the tender paper, these special
conditions of contract will prevail.
2. The R.C.C. work is to be executed as per approved structural
3. Consider cement Mortar in case of Lime Mortar in General Conditions.
4. Fully Automatic computerized mini concrete batching plant (having
capacity 15cum/hr) must be at site or nearer to site within 5 Km range
with consent of Executive Engineer & will not be allowed to supply the
concrete mix to others during Execution period of this project.
5. RMC plant must be at site or nearer to site within 5 Km range with
consent of Executive Engineer & will not be allowed to supply the
concrete mix to others during Execution period of this project.
6. Clause: 30 will remain continue. (Private arbitration will not be
7. Maintenance/Repairing for the entire Premises to be managed by
contractor for 2 years including all the tools required like Dust bin,
Bucket, Lawn cutter, water pipe etc. & other related items.
8. For proper Maintenance & Cleaning of premises, one In
charge/supervisor must be deployed & will be responsible for attending
& resolving all the complaints timely.
9. Contractor has to provide project schedule (within 20 days after issue
of LOA). He is supposed to follow same (in M.S Project/Primavera
10. Contractor has to provide well-furnished site office with latest model
computer having i5 processor with 1 GB Graphic card facility of
HP/Dell/Lenovo/ Apple (Printer) etc. and well conversant operator and
office having area not less than 500 sq. ft. for exclusive use of AUDA
and consultant staff Project Team with Adequate furniture, storage
cabinets etc.
11. All the Material to be used in the Project must be approved by PMC/
Architect/ In charge Engineer before commencing the work.
12. PMC/TPI Team will be appointed for Day to Day supervision & Quality
13. Contractor has to establish the Testing Lab at site as per norms. If
required necessary test will be carried out in the Government Approved
Lab/GERI. This expense will be borne by contractor.
14. Mix design will have to be designed in GERI/ Govt. approved lab only,
before commissioning of work. All material testing shall be carried out
in GERI/ Govt. approved lab.

Signature of Contractor 12 Executive Engineer,

15. Contractor is supposed to co-ordinate/follow-up to get the Electrical
connection from Electricity provider i.e. Torrent/ UGVCL/ GEB, BU
permission & other official compliances.
16. It is in contractor’s scope to get erection permission and lift license for
all lift provided and Fire Fighting work permission and required N.O.C
for Fire Fighting works.
17. Contractor is supposed to co-ordinate/follow up to get the BU
Permission; appoint Clerk of Works (C.O.W.) for all signatures and
duties, & other official compliances.
18. The Maintenance period will be considered from the date of B U
Permission.  The Defect Liability period shall be considered from the
completion certificate issued by the Engineer in Charge. And Separate
Work order will be given by AUDA to start the work O &M work .
19. The contractor has to give the flat, Shops, Other buildings and Entire
premise in good condition to owner which is allotted by AUDA (If
20. Defect Liability period is 10 Years from the certified date of completion
for RCC frame and 3 years for other services which should include
three monsoon OR elapse of monsoon period following the certified
date of completion, whichever is later. For the purpose of deciding the
monsoon period, the 30th September may be treated as the last date.
21. Contractor has to provide one Project Hoardings of Aluminum
Composite Panel with frame work (approx 20’-0”x 10’-0”size as per
instruction/Approval from Architect/Engineer In charge.)
Contractor has to provide Block number on each block and flat number
and name plate at each flat. Also, contractor has to provide plates with
list of flat holders at G.F. of each block.
22. Contractor has to manage proper storage of all the materials.
23. Contractor has to use good shuttering material for the project. For any
material used in the work, AUDA may ask for verification bills of
materials procured for the works as mentioned in vendor’s list.
24. Contractor has to take all risk policy & workman compensation policies
of the project & should be effective up to handing over the possession.
If case of any Incident i.e. fatal Accident that occurs at site, complete
responsibility will be of the Contractor.
25. If required in case of non compliance of instruction, AUDA may insert
request for inspection (RFI) system in which consultant / PMC to be
requested for inspection of work prior to execution and then go ahead
of works. If RFI is applied, the payment will be done accordingly.
26. A resident Senior Engineer is supposed to be available by the
Contractor at site during all working hours/days & he is fully
responsible for any decision, discussion, co-ordination with consultants
related to work. Conversant senior responsible resident engineer lab
assistant with required labor will have to be made always available for

Signature of Contractor 13 Executive Engineer,

testing work in field laboratory. Residential Engineer will be responsible
for dealing discussion planning, monitoring, informing work with project
monitoring agency if PMC complaints for poor cooperation in this
regards, action can be decided by AUDA in the interest work, up to end
of work.
27. The retention money towards the annual maintenance of lifts (with
Shall be Rs.1.00 Lacs/ Lift, it shall be converted in FDR of any
nationalize bank and shall be released after the completion of 7 year
(i.e. maintenance period). Contractor shall have to operate Lift for the
period of 2 years with necessary operation staff and to handover in
good condition (List Inspector Certificate required at the time of
Handover) to society with warranty as issued by the lift provider.
Retention money converted in FDR will be released after seven years
with satisfactory performance.
28. Electrical and lift work shall be done only with govt. (R&B) registered
electrical contractor and for lift work MOU with standard lift company.
29. All external pipes (Water supply and drainage) fixed to wall with using
pvc/metal clamp maintaining appropriate distance from building wall.
30. Contractor is suppose to handover the residential units to the user in
good condition he will have to submit the delivery chalan/ handing over
letter duly sign by user to AUDA office without any remarks.
31. After building use certificate (BU), only final bill will be paid. From which
1 % will be deducted and will be paid after satisfactory handed over
possession to the members. Maximum period for this will be 2 yrs, after
which AUDA will take possession and agency will be relieved and also
on 50 % possession, half retained money (i.e. 1/2 % ) will be relieved.
32. ”Work physically completed” 3A form certificate will allowed for
qualification criteria.
33. Approving authority for Excess/Extra items etc will be Chief Executive
Authority, AUDA in place of Superintending Engineer or else wherever
mentioned in tender.
34. Wherever not mentioned, documents are not required to be notarized.
It must be self attested.
35. Solvency certificate is valid up to one year from the date of issue and it
should be of nationalized bank only.
36. All taxes including GST will be borne by Contractor.
37. Definition of Carpet Area :
The carpet area shall be as defined in National Building Code.
NBC(2005)-Part-3-Development control rules and general building
2.15—Carpet Area-The covered area of the usable rooms at any floor
level (excluding the area of the wall)

Signature of Contractor 14 Executive Engineer,

38. The work shall be executed on Turnkey /Area base rate basis.
The structural design shall be submitted by the Project Consultant in six copies. The
same shall be proof check and approved by Design circle R and B, Gandhinagar. The
payment for proof check in Design circle shall be paid by AUDA.All Architectural
drawings shall be prepared by Project consultant. All other services drawings shall be
prepared by agency/contractor and same shall be approved by AUDA/AUDA’s
Consultant before commencing work. It is to note that Schematic design of the
services is already provided in tender by AUDA, and the same should be followed by
contractor for detail design consideration & approval from AUDA Project Consultant.
39. Maintenance system:-
Contractor is suppose to maintain the campus and building units from all the para
meter like –
1. Security guard for 24 Hours security, two security guards (day & night) per
security gate is the minimum requirement.
2. Operation of bores for water supply system all the time
3. Maintenance of gardens, cleaning of campus.
4. Collecting and disposal of garbage from all the units including common primacies
once in morning every day.
5. Sweeping and wiping with wet clothes must be done once in a week.
6. Lift operator, plumber, electrician and fire fighting operator.

The S.D of 5% shall be converted in FDR/Bank Guarantee (from

Nationalized/Scheduled Bank approved from Government of Gujarat) after
certified date of completion, out of which
- 2.5% shall be released after 2 years from the certified date of completion,
- 1.5% shall be released after 5 years from the certified date of completion,
- and the remaining 1% will be released after 10 yrs from the certified date of
40. The surplus for all excavated stuff shall be disposed up to all lead & lift including
stacking, spreading & leveling, as per instruction of E.I.C.
41. The attached technical specifications are for workmanship and methodology reference
and compliances only. For mode of payment, Schedule B is to be followed.
42. Mile Stone for Completion of Project.
Liquidated damage as per clause no.2 of B-1 Booklet.

Mile Stone for Time Period If failed, Penalty as

completion stage follow

1 Up to Plinth Stage 10 Months from Rs. 50,000 /Block/month

Issue of Work Order
2 Frame structure 24 Months from Rs. 50,000
Issue of Work Order /floor/Block/month
4 Total Completion 30 Months from 0.10% of Contract
including Issue of Work Order Value per day/ Max.
infrastructure work upto 10% contract value

43. The total quantity of steel mention in B-1 booklet is to be final. During execution if
project qyantity of steel is varied by +/- 5% is allowable, beyond this limit Amount of
steel is recovered or payable with respect to star rate shown in B-1 booklet form or to
the contractor.
44. For Payment of Star Rate variation as per B-1 Form clause No. 60 & 60A, contractor
has to submit the Star Rate variation Bill with documentary proof that is original bill of
steel & cement, work executed quantity with item measurement etc. which is cross
verified by PMC consultant/AUDA.

Signature of Contractor 15 Executive Engineer,

45. The Drawings of other services like Electrical, plumbing,fire fighting etc.
attached with Tender document are indicative, it may be changed as
per site condition/ requirement.

46. Internal cement concrete road to be followed as per the attached road
section drawing.

47. Height of toilet & kitchen dado as per tender drawing if not specified
PMAY GUID LINE shall be followed.

48. For RERA compliance & up loading require engineering & architech
form with respect to financial & physical progress as per site condition
shall be submitted to AUDA Office in time. Other wise any type of
panelty under RERA Act. Born by contractor on behalf of AUDA.

49. All discipline autocad files attached here are only for review &
calculation ease only, but in all references PDF files shall be
considered final.


[A] The incomplete bid without proper schedules will be rejected.

[B] The “Pre-Qualification Bid” will be opened probably on date 11.01.2019 after
IST 18.10 hours (and if not possible then on the next working day) in the office of
the Executive Engineer, AUDA and will be submitted to Screening Committee,
AUDA for approval.

12.1 In no circumstances withdrawal is granted after opening of pre-qualification,

the offer will be valid up to 120 days from the last date of submission bid and
during the period it will not be permitted to withdraw the offer in any case.


i. Additional Collector AUDA.

ii. Executive Engineer AUDA.
iii. Financial Advisor & Accounts Officer AUDA.
iv. Deputy Executive Engineer AUDA.
v. Deputy Executive Engineer AUDA

Signature of Contractor 16 Executive Engineer,


Technical bids, of the bidders who are successful in the initial screening will be
opened. Further mode of evaluation for the opened technical bids as follows.

Pre-Qualification Criteria: -

(A) Annual Turn Over

1. Annual turnover of any one year of last five financial year i.e. 2013-
2014 to 2017-2018 updated to the current financial year shall be more
than “Amount put to tender divided by the time limit expressed in

2. For arriving at updated value, turnover of any financial year shall be

multiplied by the enhancement factor corresponding to that year, these
enhancement factors shall be as per close no. 12.4 below.

(B) Similar Works

1. At least one government/ semi government/Private building work

having R.C.C. frame Structure buildings of not less than GF+5 stories
as a main contractor in the period of last five years (2013-2014 to

(C) Successful Experience

1. Bidder must have as prime contractor or as nominated (approved by

employer) subcontractor successful experience as follows for similar
work. For the above mentioned similar work contractor should have
completed similar work during the last five years as mentioned above
in (B).

I. At least one similar work having updated completion cost not less than
80% of the amount put to tender of the proposed work in last five

Signature of Contractor 17 Executive Engineer,

II. At least two similar work having updated completion cost not less than
50% of the amount put to tender of the proposed work in last five

III. At least three similar work having updated completion cost not less
than 40% of the amount put to tender of the proposed work in last five

2. Such work must have been completed within last five financial year. i.e.
2013-2014 to 2017-2018 of bid for the proposed work.

a. 3A form duly signed by Engineer in charge, not below the rank

of an executive engineer or equivalent (Physically work
completion certificate mentioned in 3A is considered.)

Signature of Contractor 18 Executive Engineer,

(D) Bid Capacity

I The bidder must have available Bid capacity (ABC) more than
the amount put to tender.
A is the maximum of updated total amount of works executed in any one
year of the last five Financial Year i.e. from 2013-14 to 2017-18
N is the no of year prescribed for completion of the proposed work.
B is the amount of the existing commitments and ongoing work to be
discharged during time interval of N Years from the bid due date.
For the purpose of updating amount of works executed in any year,
procedure narrated in para 2 (a) ii shall mutatis mutandis apply.
Existing commitments shall include all such works for which letters
of acceptance of the tenders have been received by bidder till the
date on which bidder has submitted his bid for the proposed work.


(1) The Statements showing the value of existing commitments and on-going
works as well as the stipulated period of completion remaining for each of
the works listed should be countersigned by the Engineer in charge, not
below the rank of an Executive Engineer or equivalent or shall be
notarized on stamp of Rs.100.
(2) For checking of above criteria of (a), (b) & (c) rupee value shall be
increased by 10% each year to bring it to current price level as per
escalation factor

(3) Turn over certificate should a consolidated certificate which mentioning

Turnover of last 5 years in one certificate, duly signed by C.A. However
Audited balance sheet of all 5 years is also to be submitted.


Following enhancement factors will be used for the cost of works executed and the
financial figures to a common base value for works completed in India. Enhancement
factor will be applied from the next year of completion of work.

Years Factor Actual

Base year (2018-19) 1.00

One year (2017-18) 1.10
Two year (2016-17) 1.21
Three year (2015-16) 1.33
Four year (2014-15) 1.46
Five year (2013-14) 1.61

Applicant will indicate actual figures of costs and amounts in the schedule
without accounting for the above-mentioned factors.

Signature of Contractor 19 Executive Engineer,

(a) Successful experience
As per clause 12.3 (C)

Note: (a) Minimum qualifications criteria mention about from Clause

12.3 with serial number A to D are mandatory.
(b) Agency not fulfilling any of the above mention qualification
criteria shall be disqualified.



I. Only those bidders shall bid whose name are borne on the approved
list of registered contractors in the required class and category with
Gujarat state R & B Department / WRD.

II. The Contractors, who are registered in approved category of CPWD,

MES, Railways and India State Government can also bid, provided the
bidders produce such registration certificate at the time of bidding and
obtaining registration in required class and category from Gujarat state
R & B Department, WRD within 7 days from opening of technical bid.
If contractor fails to produce the registration certificate as prescribed,
his financial bid will not be opened online and will be considered as
non responsive. Also, his EMD may be forfeited by AUDA.

The litigation history should be provided on notarized on stamp of
The applicant should provide accurate information on litigation and/or
arbitration resulting from Contracts completed or under execution by him
over the last five years. A consistent history of arbitration awards /
judgments against the applicant or any partner of a joint venture may
result in disqualification for proposed work. If the details of Litigation
History is hidden by the applicant and later on it comes to knowledge of
the employer the bidder shall be disqualified for the proposed work and
other appropriate actions shall be taken against the bidder.
Even though the Applicants meet the above criteria, they are subject to be
disqualified if they have made misleading or false representation in the
form, statement and attachments submitted and/or a record of poor
performance such as abandoning the work, not properly completing the

Signature of Contractor 20 Executive Engineer,

work, not properly completing the contract, delays in completion, litigation
history, financial failure etc.

Bidder shall have to assure availability of machinery / equipments in
working condition as per Appendix- B. If bidder fails to provide proof of
assured availability of required machinery, he will be disqualified for the
proposed work. Machinery ownership document or lease / hire agreement
for the work under tender shall be considered as valid proof for assured


 Building works
Sr. No. Equipment type & Characteristic Minimum required

1 Fully automatic mini RMC batching plant (capacity 15 1

cum/hr) with pumping facility
2 Transit mixture with capacity not less than 5 Cum 2
3 Concrete mixture machine with Weigh batch 2 Nos.
4 J.C.B. or excavator 2 Nos.
5 Goods cum Lift for minimum capacity of 300 Kg. 2 Nos.
6 Shuttering (Steel formwork) 2500
7 Steel props (with accessories) 1500 Nos.
8 Extended span or beams with accessories -
9 Vibrator (Needle) + Surface vibrator (Operating with 05 Nos.
electricity) +Diesel vibrator (2+1+2 nos)
10 Water Tanker 1 Nos.
11 Trucks / Dumpers/ 4 Nos.
12 Standard Testing Laboratory (As prescribed) As per Annexure-I.
13 Pump & Motor 3 Set
14 Generator 2 Set

Note: The above Plant & Machinery will be mobilized by contractor as

per instruction of site In-charge.

Signature of Contractor 21 Executive Engineer,

i. Submission of application must be through online e-tendering i.e
Electronic from
ii. Bidders shall have to submit the bid in E-Tendering form only.
iii. Bids of those bidders who have submitted all information, statistical
details as required in the bid documents through E-tendering will only
be considered. If the employer desires any clarification, for verification
/ clarification, ambiguity or difference found in the documents /
statistical details submitted online (by E-Tendering) by the bidder the
same shall be furnished within stipulated time otherwise further
processing will be carried out in absence of above and the bidders
shall be liable for any consequence.
iv. No bidder can participate in more than one bid for proposed work.

i. Following documents/papers shall form part of the bid.
1. Annual turnover certificates issued by chartered accountant for last five
financial years.

2. Form-3A issued by employer to substantiate successful experience of

similar work. Form duly signed by Engineer in charge, not below the rank
of an Executive Engineer or equivalent. When employer of similar work is
not a government, following need also to be furnished.
(a) Self attested copy of the work order. 
(b) Self attested copy of the Agreement. 
(c) Self attested copy of the completion certificate. 
(d) Self attested copy of the Final bill. 
(e) Self attested copy of the TDS Certificate. 
(f) Self attested copy of the letter of permission given by the employer by subletting the 

3 a. Existing commitments and ongoing works as per Schedule-E and

be notarised on stamp of Rs. 100.00
b. Nominated Electrical sub-contractor as per Annexure-(A) of Electric
work details volume-III(C).

4. Litigation/Arbitration history Schedule-G.

Signature of Contractor 22 Executive Engineer,

5. Proof of assured availability of required Machinery / equipment

6. An undertaking for truthfulness of information furnished

ii. Any information, data, statistics etc. which are not related to bid document will
not be considered in evaluation even though furnished by the applicant.
i. In accordance with stipulation of Para 3d (iii) Employer reserves the right to
call any information / document which is mandatory, essential and critical for
the purpose of evaluation. Any information provided by the applicant after last
date of Electronic submission will not be considered in evaluation, unless
except the employer has specifically asked for any information / document,
which is mandatory, essential and critical for evaluation of PQ document. If
required information is not furnished within stipulated time, proposal will be
liable for rejection.
ii. If any of the information provided by the bidder is found false during scrutiny
or at the later stage, he shall be disqualified for the proposed work. If any of
the information provided by the bidder is found false after award of work, the
contract shall be terminated.

(B) Site Laboratory:

Contractor shall have to provide site laboratory and Quality Control Engineer at
his own expenses to carry out field test (ANNEXURE-2).
For this purpose, a laboratory building measuring 25 shall be constructed
by the contractor which shall have necessary facility of light, water etc.
1) The above information may be furnished for each machinery and equipment
listed herewith.
2) The location of machinery should be furnished in detail
i.e. (i) Site of work (ii) Own Workshop (iii) Other places
3) The documents regarding ownership of machinery / equipment etc and Self
attested copies of hire purchase agreement if it must be enclosed and for to be
procured the copy of work order placed shall be furnished.
If leased indicated the date when the current lease expires.
4) Describe the fabrication and workshop facilities (a) to be set up at site (b) to be
sub contracted locally (c) to be set up any other place with relevant details.
(5) The above information shall be supported with necessary documents otherwise,
the same shall be treated as null & void.

Executive Engineer

Signature of Contractor 23 Executive Engineer,


Name of Work: Construction of Affordable Housing 546 EWS-II Unit at Bopal

TP.03 FP.232 in AUDA Area.

The contractor is to submit the tender in the following separate sealed covers:

Volume-I Part- A:

i. “AA” class valid registration certificate of GOVT of GUJARAT

In case of renewal of registration, Receipt of Registration renewal must be
attached along with old registration certificate
ii. Special building Category-1 certificate of GOVT of GUJARAT
iii. Valid solvency certificate amounting not less than amount put to tender
iv. Tender Fees
v. EMD @ 1% of amount put to the tender

Volume-I Part- B:

Technical Bid containing all the documents information as detailed given in this
tender document online.

Volume-II: Financial Bid to be submitted online only.

The contractor should ensure that the rate/ cost quoted should appear only in the
financial bid and nowhere else.

The Volume-I Part- ‘A’ containing the documents and earnest money deposit shall
be opened online on a specified date and time as per schedule in the office of The
Executive Engineer AUDA, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Sankul, Ashram Road,
Usmanpura, Ahmedabad-14, in the presence of intending tenderer or their
authorized representatives.

Volume-I Part- ‘B’ containing technical bid of tenderers whose documents

(Registration certificates, Tender fees and EMD) as listed in Part A are found
acceptable shall then be opened online on a specified time and date as per

The Volume-II Financial Bid of only those contractors whose technical bids are
found acceptable by the department shall be opened online. The time and date of
opening of financial bid of contractors qualifying the technical bid shall be
communicated to them later on.

Signature of Contractor 24 Executive Engineer,

Following details are provided to the bidder with tender documents.

a. Unit plan
b. Typical floor plan
c. Lay out plan with development
d. Elevation and Sections
e. Cluster plan
f. Soil investigation data of plot
g. Google image of site location / Key plan
h. Schematic services drawing like water supply, drainage, RWH etc.

The work shall be executed on Area basis rate from conception to commissioning
services including all necessary engineering survey, construction, and method of
erection in accordance with layout plan. Architectural drawings and soil investigation
data will be provided by AUDA. Structural design and drawings should be prepared
and get approval from R and B design circle Gandhinagar by AUDA/AUDA’s

1. Scope of work contained in the paragraphs mentioned below is only indicative and
not exhaustive. In addition, the contractor shall be responsible for executing all items
required for completing the houses in all respect to make the dwelling units habitable
and ready for occupation including all services, environment-fit for habitation with
electrical, landscaping works complete as per direction of Engineer-in-charge.

2. The contractor will have to construct according to the layout plan and detailed
architectural, drawings of AUDA.

3. The contractor will get the detailed soil investigation done if further required, as
per relevant IS code, NBC 2005 etc. as applicable through any approved lab. The
department may verify the results submitted by the agency, if need be.

4. Construction includes construction and finishing of the flats complete as well as

related structure in this housing pocket as per specifications provided by AUDA.

5. Planning, preparing drawing for internal services and execution of the same i.e.
internal sanitary work, water supply work, drainage system etc. complete for the
building including all pipes, its fittings, testing etc. complete.

6. Water supply: water supply lines will be laid as per drawing and instructions of
EIC scheme prepared, submitted by the contractor and approved by principle
consultant as specified by AUDA. AUDA will only provide source.

A) One nos of borewell and One nos UGR with pump and pump room of the required
capacity/ of the quantity approved by AUDA.

B) Construction/ installation of underground reservoirs, sewage treatment plant,

water gallery pump houses for water supply, for fire-fighting tank (if applicable)
including installing of pumps, standby pumps etc. as per approved drawings/
specifications or as directed by Engineer-in-charge.

Signature of Contractor 25 Executive Engineer,

C) Pumping arrangement from UGR to OHT of each block shall have to provide by

D) External water supply infrastructure arrangement within the premises shall have
to be provided by the contractor.


7. Refuse area will be constructed in the plot as per instructed by AUDA.

8. Internal storm water drains to be executed with Rain water harvesting system as
per approved drawings/norms. Responsibility of getting storm water drain approval is
included in the scope of work/tender.

9. Execution of all services like water supply, rain water harvesting system,
sewerage, drainage system, roads, paths and all connected sub structures and
super structures within the premises, as per bye laws and norms of the AUDA or
Concern Authority including making connections with the peripheral services after
getting the services design approved from the principle consultant and AUDA. In
case of water supply and sewerage, the responsibility of getting the scheme
approved from service provider (Municipal Corporation/AUDA) is included in the
scope of work/ tender apart from internal and external water supply/ sewerage &
drainage lines to be laid to make the system of water supply and sewerage and
drainage functional/ complete. Infrastructure outside the plot shall be provided by
AUDA. It is also clarified that scope of work/ tender includes cost of getting the
services approved from the services provider as aforesaid and the services charges
including supervision charges, if any, payable to the service provider. The cost of
deficiency charges and rectifications of any defect at the end of the job is also to be
borne by the contractor. Planning designing and execution of the roof top rain water
harvesting system for recharging the sub soil water including laying of pipe lines and
construction of substructure/ super structures.

10. Landscaping: Preparation of landscaping plan including parks, plantation& Tree

guard and execution of the same with following:

(i) The development of park: - water hydrants, grassing creeper planting trees etc.
complete as per Municipal Corporation/AUDA norms as per specification and
drawing approved by the competent authority of AUDA.

ii) Complete leveling/ dressing including filling of earth, its supply, disposal of surplus
earth, (if any) shall be the property of AUDA & will be disposed to the approved
disposal point or at the place as directed by engineer in charge. No extra payment
for disposal shall be allowed.

11. Construction of boundary wall for the whole scheme area, MS gate, dustbin, sign
boards, guide map, location board, direction boards, numbering of housing etc. all
complete as per drawing approved by AUDA. The Gate and security cabin shall be
constructed at each T.P. road. /as per instruction by EI C.

Signature of Contractor 26 Executive Engineer,

12. Setting of testing lab. at site, equipped with apparatus needed for testing during
construction as per the list of laboratory equipments annexed with the NIT.

13. Taking all precautionary measure to safeguard against any accident for the
contractor’s employees, general public, supervisory staff of AUDA by providing
necessary safety equipments, helmets and MS sheet barricading etc. at work site.
The site has to be kept clean all the time of all debris, rubbish, dirt & surplus/waste

14. De-silting will also be done by the agency before handing over the completed
housing pocket to AUDA. All machine, equipment and labour for this purpose will be
arranged by contractor.

16. The Contractor will submit the model for layout of the project specifying details
provided in layout along with in the tender documents in one month from stipulated
date of start. He will also submit a model of modules of houses specifying all floors
and its adjoining area. The scale of module shall be 1:500 for layout plant and 1:100
for dwelling unit.

17. Contractor will erect mini batching concrete plant (minimum 15 cum/hr) fully
automatic, computerized for preparation of Design mix concrete as per IS code at his
own cost and will prepare all concrete accordingly. For small quantity of work
portable weigh batcher will be used. No concrete shall be allowed unless it is weigh

18. Internal & external electrification work incl. street lights as per specification given
in the tender document & directions of AUDA as per scope of work & specifications
appended with the NIT which includes L T supply, water supply arrangement, fire-
fighting, lifts and, for both the interior and exterior of buildings.

19. Agency has to obtain labour licensee from Gujarat labour welfare board.

20. Defect liability period would be uniformly ten years from the certified date of
completion of the RCC frame work of the project. However, maintenance of other
building activities, such as cleaning, sweeping of pocket & desilting of sewer lines,
S.W. Drain shall be done only once prior to handing over the respective pocket. The
maintenance will be only limited to removal of defects noticed in the works carried
out by the agency during defect liability period.

21. The final ground level will be decided soon after actual start of work to avoid
water logging at site. Plinth level of the houses shall be minimum (+) 600 mm above
the nearby highest finished road level. Changes, if any, would not affect the agreed
rates and no claim on this account shall be entertained.

22. The scope as described above is only indicative and not exhaustive. In additions
to the above the contractor shall be responsible for executing all the items required
for completing the houses in all respect to make the dwelling units habitable and
ready for occupation and also all services, make the environment fit for habitation
with electrical, horticultural, rain water harvesting works complete as per direction of

Signature of Contractor 27 Executive Engineer,

The above scope of work includes cost of all materials, manpower, equipments, T&P
fixtures, accessories, royalties, taxes, watch & ward, and all other essential elements
for completion and maintenance of works as aforesaid whatsoever the approval
accorded by AUDA before acceptance of tender is only for tender evaluation. Any
change, modification, revision etc. required to be done by AUDA, proof
consultants/PMC etc. in accordance with applicable standards and tender document
will have to be done at contractor’s cost and nothing extra shall be payable.

23. Stipulated time limit, to complete the entire work fit for habitation is as per Tender
notice. Time limit starts from Date of clear possession of site.

Signature of Contractor 28 Executive Engineer,

15. Scope of work for O & M works for two years.
1. All kind of cleaning work for whole premises and each and every tower
including basement, terrace, UG tanks and O.H. Tank are included in the
scope and contractor is liable to maintain.
2. Contractor is liable to provide and maintain all kind of security for movable
and immovable property of the premises.
3. Contractor is liable to maintain, operate and repair the infrastructure facilities
and all services of the premises.
4. Contractor has to provide qualified and experienced bore well operators as
per requirement of the resident or as per instructions given by AUDA.
5. Water and electrical charges for common utilities is not included in scope of
work for maintenance. However, any kind of repairs to these services includes
in the scope.
6. Contractor has to maintain landscape, hardscape, path way etc. and also has
to maintain and replace dead plants and grass by providing necessary
fertilizers and watering, including cutting, trimming, cleaning, digging with all
respect. Scope of work shall also include the maintenance of lawn by cutting
with mechanical/electrical grass cutter.

7. After completion of two years maintenance period contractor has to hand over
all tool & plants in working condition.
8. Contractor has to provide required operators for all the lift. Operator will work
as per timings i.e. 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM with one recess of lunch (1 hr) and two
recesses for tea break (0.5hr). Timing will be convenient to society.
9. Contractor has to provide all required equipments, machinery, tools & tackles
at his cost and it will be the Property of AUDA. Contractor has to provide and
handover such all things after completion of maintenance period.

Signature of Contractor 29 Executive Engineer,


1 Location of Plot T.P. No.03 FP.232

2 Plot Area to develop in sqm 13530 sqm
3 No. of Stories G+7 Floor, Basement
4 No. of Flats 546
5 Carpet Area of the Flats in 37.40
6 Carpet Area flats 20420.40
Amenities Carpet Area Including 550.94
Library + Shops
Total 20971.34
8 Infrastructure development area 8740.00
9 Built Up Area for EWS-II (sqm) As per planning
10 Total built up area (sqm) As per planning
11 Green Patch Landscaping Area (sqm) As per planning
RCC Road Area (sqm) As per planning /Maximum 50% of the total
Plot area
Paver Block Pavement Area (sqm) As per planning /Maximum 50% of the total
Plot area
Note: (1) In given planning if Paver Block Area & RCC Road Area exceeds above
given maximum limit, it may be revised during execution.
(2) Electric power load for EWS-II Unit should be considered 1.50 kw, bidders
are instructed to calculate internal wiring and mains accordingly.
All development details related to site, planning and Architectural & plot
information is attached therein.

Other planning Norms as per the prevailing GDCR rules and guideline for Pradhan
Mantri GRUH Yojana and Urban Development and Urban Housing Department for
EWS-II Scheme.

***Carpet area means net usable area of each individual unit as defined in
National Building Code 2005 and bidder has to quote the rate per sqm. of carpet
The carpet area shall be as defined in National Building Code.
NBC (2005)-Part-3-Development control rules and general building requirement.
2.15—Carpet Area-The covered area of the usable rooms at any floor level
(excluding the area of the wall).

The ***built up area includes carpet area + walls + stair portion + lift + passage area
only. (It does not includes parking slab, stair cabin, security cabin, water pumping
station, fire station, electric substation etc. to be executed as per requirement).

General planning and finishing should be such that it enhances overall salability and
livability. Initial municipal/Local authority charges except development fees will not
be charged. All other fees and charges except deposit will be borne by the bidder.
Fire safety norms shall be followed as per GDCR.

Signature of Contractor 30 Executive Engineer,

The developer/contractor should also maintain the following components (to be
scrutinized by the competent authority) in the design as per the GDCR, town
planning norms & benchmarking
standards set by the competent authority.

Signature of Contractor 31 Executive Engineer,

Abbreviation Details
1. AUDA Ahmedabad urban Development Authority
2. G.W.S.S.B Gujarat Water Supply & Sewerage Board
3. Specification Government of Gujarat R & B department General
Technical Specifications for Building and Roads Works, and
CPWD specification 2009 Vol.I & II with up to date
correction slips,
4. B.S.N.L. Bharat Sanchar Nigam limited.
5. C.D.O. Central Design organization.
6. I.I.T. Indian institute of Technology.
7. P.M.C. Project Management Consultant
8. N.B.C.C. National Building Construction Corporation Limited.
9. EWS-II Economic Weaker Section-II
10. W.C. Water Closet
11. G.I. Galvanized iron.
12. S.C.I. Sand Cast iron.
13. U.G.T/R Underground Storage Tank/Reservoir
14. C.C.1:1.5:3 Cement concrete 1:1.5:3 i.e. 1 cement:1.5 coarse sand:3 BT
crushed stone aggregate of approve nominal size.
15. C.C.1: 2:4 Cement concrete 1:2:4 i.e. 1 cement:2coarse sand:4 BT
crushed s tone aggregate of approved nominal size.
16. C.C.1: 3:6 Cement concrete 1:3:6 i.e. 1 cement:3 coarse sand:6 BT
crushed stone aggregate of approved nominal size.
17. C.C.1: 4:8 Cement concrete 1:4:8 i.e. 1 cement:4 coarse sand:8 BT
crushed stone aggregate of approved nominal size.
18. C.C.1: 5:10 Cement concrete 1:5:10 i.e. 1 cement:5 coarse sand:10 BT
crushed stone aggregate of approved nominal size.
19. B.W.1:3 Brick work in cement mortar 1:3 i.e. 1 Cement: 3coarse
20. B.W.1:4 Brick work in cement mortar 1:4 i.e. 1 Cement: 4 coarse
21. B.W.1:6 Brick work in cement mortar 1:6 i.e. 1 cement:6 coarse
22. R.C.C. Reinforced cement concrete
23. ISI Indian Standard Institution.
24. M.S. Mild steel.
25. M Meter.

Signature of Contractor 32 Executive Engineer,

26. Cm. Centimeter.
27. mm Millimeter
28. Kg. Kilogram
29 Sq. m. Square Meter
30. A.C. Asbestos Cement.
31. C.P. Chromium Plated.
32. HDPE High Density polyethylene
33. S.F.R.C. Steel Fiber Reinforced concrete.
34. S.W. Stoneware.
35. B.I.S. Bureau of Indian standard.
36. F.D.A. Food Drug administration.
37. C.B.R.I. Central building Research institute.
38. i/c Including.
39. S/S Socketed & spigot
40. NP-2 Non-Pressure Class 2.
41. NP-3 Non-Pressure class-3
42. C.M.1:2 Cement mortar (1 cement:2 coarse sand.)
43. I.L. Invert level.
44. w.r.t. With respect to
45. P.O.L. Petrol Oil and lubricants.
46. GEB Gujarat Electricity Board
47. M-35 Design Mix Concrete of strength-M-35(As per IS:456)
48. M-30 Design Mix Concrete of strength- M-30-do-
49. M-25 Design Mix Concrete of strength-M-25 do--
50. M-20 Design Mix Concrete of strength-M-20 do--
51. M-15 Design Mix Concrete of strength-M-15 -do-
52. Cum Cubic meter
53. CM 1:3 Cement mortar 1:3 (1Cement:3 coarse sand)
54. CM 1:4 Cement mortar 1:4 (1Cement:4 coarse sand)
55. CM 1:6 Cement mortar 1:6 (1Cement: 6 coarse sand)
56. CGHS Co-operative Group Housing Society

Signature of Contractor 33 Executive Engineer,

57. DUs Dwelling Units
58. DP Development Plan
59. Hect. Hectare
60. BBL Building Bye-Laws
61. FAR Floor Area Ratio
62. ESS Electric Sub-Station
63. n.s. Nominal Size
64. CPWD Central Public Works Department
65. PWD Public Works Department
66. ECS Equivalent Car Space
67. CSC Convenient Shopping Centre
68. JV Joint Venture
69. EWS-II Economical Weaker Section II
70. CGPCB Central Govt. Pollution Control Board.
71. St.PCB State Pollution Control Board.
72. PP-R Poly propylene-Random-Co – Polymer
73. CPVC Chlorinated Polyvinyl-Chloride
74. RTGS Real Time Gross Settlement
75. NEFT National Electronic Fund Transfer
76. UTR Unique Transaction Reference
77. SEAC State Expert Appraisal Committee
78. SEIAA State Environment Impact Assessment Authority
79. INTACH Indian National Trust For Art and Cultural Heritage
80. GFS Gujarat Fire Service
81. ISO International Organization for Standardization
82. IEC International Electro technical Commission

Signature of Contractor 34 Executive Engineer,


I/we hereby tender to the Executive Engineer AUDA, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
Sankul, Usmanpura, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad-14, for the execution of the work
specified in the underwritten memorandum. We undertake to execute the work within
the specified time, and we further undertake that the work shall be executed entirely
and in all respects in accordance with the specifications, drawings to be approved at
later stage and instructions in writing which may be issued by the Engineer-in-charge
from time to time for the proper and timely execution/completion of the work.

We further undertake, to adhere to all the conditions of the tender as well as of the
agreements and we shall be responsible for any violation thereof for which we shall
be liable to pay necessary compensation and/ or damages, as may be determined
by the Executive Engineer AUDA, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Sankul, Usmanpura,
Ashram Road, Ahmedabad-14, in his sole discretion.

I/we have read and examined the Notice Inviting Tender, Specifications applicable,
General Rules & directions, conditions of contract, special conditions and other
documents and rules referred to in the conditions of contract and all other referred to
in the conditions of contract, and all other contents in the tender documents for the
referred work.

I/we agree to keep the tender open for 180 days from the due date of submission
thereof and not to make any modification in its terms and conditions.

1. Tender fee of RS. 18,000.00 and Earnest Money Deposit of IN

Rs.62,36,925.00 in required form from Approved Bank valid for 180 days.

2. (i) Tender fee and Bank Guarantee shall be placed in single sealed envelope
superscripted as “Earnest Money Deposit, Tender fee with name of work and
on due date of opening of the bid” mentioned there on and will submit to
tender opening authority on date and time shown in e-Tender Notice.

An EMD is hereby forwarded in the form Bank Guarantee, issued by a

approved bank. If I/we, fail to furnish the prescribed security deposit within
prescribed period, I/we agree that the said AUDA or his successors in office shall
without prejudice to any other right or remedy, be at liberty to forfeit the said earnest
money absolutely. Further, if I/we fail to commence work as specified, I/we agree
that AUDA or its successors in office shall without prejudice to any other right or
remedy available in law, be at liberty to forfeit the said earnest money and the
security deposit absolutely.

Further, I/we agree that in case of forfeiture of earnest money or both earnest
money and security deposit as aforesaid, I/we shall be debarred for participation in
the re-tendering process of the work.
I/we hereby declare that I/we shall treat the tender documents and other
records connected with the work as secret/confidential documents and shall not
communicate information or derive there from to any person to whom I/we may

Signature of Contractor 35 Executive Engineer,

authorize to communicate the same or use the information in any manner prejudicial
to the safety of the interests of Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority.

Dated : ____________________
Address ____________________________________ Signature of Contractor
Occupation _________________________________ Postal Address

Signature of Contractor 36 Executive Engineer,


1. All work proposed for execution by contract will be notified in a form of invitation to
tender pasted in public place & signed by the officer inviting tender or by
publication in Newspaper as the case may be.

This form will state the work to be carried out, as well as the date for submitting
and opening tenders and the time allowed for carrying out the work, also the
amount of earnest money to be deposited along with tender, the Security Deposit
to be deposited by the successful agency/ contractor and the amount of security
deposit to be deducted from bills. Copies of the specifications, designs and
drawing and any other documents required in connection with the work signed for
the purpose of identification by the officer inviting tender shall also be open for
inspection by contractor at the office of officer inviting tender during office hours.

2. In the event of the tender being submitted by a firm, other than property firm it
must be signed by separately by each partner thereof or in the event of the
absence of any partner, it must be signed on his behalf by a person holding a
power of attorney authorizing him to do so, such power of attorney to be
produced with the tender, and it must disclose that the firm is duly registered
under the relevant Indian Act.

3. Receipts for payment made on account of work, when executed by a firm, must
also be signed by all the partners, except where contractors are described in their
tender as a firm, in which case the receipts must be signed in the name of the
firm by one of the partners, or by some other person having due authority to give
effectual receipts for the firm.

4. In case the lowest tendered amount of two or more contractors is same, such
lowest contractors will be asked to submit sealed revised offer. The lowest tender
shall be decided on the basis of revised offers.

If the revised tendered amount of two or more contactors received in revised offer
is again found to be equal, the lowest tender, among such contractors, shall be
decided by draw of lots in the presence of Engineer in –Charge.
In case all the lowest contractors those have quoted same tendered amount,
refuse to submit revised offers, then tenders are to be recalled.
Contractor(s) whose earnest money is forfeited because of non-submission of
revised offer shall not be allowed to participate in the retendering process of the

5. The Chief Executive Authority, AUDA shall have the right of rejecting all or any of
the tenders and will not be bound to accept the lowest or any other tender.

6. The tenderers shall sign a declaration under the officials Secret Act 1923, for
maintaining secrecy of the tender documents, drawings or other records
connected with the work given to them. The unsuccessful tenderer(s) shall return
all the drawings given to them.

Signature of Contractor 37 Executive Engineer,

7. On acceptance of the tender, the name of the accredited representative(s) of the
contractor who would be responsible for taking instructions from the Engineer-in-
Charge shall be communicated in writing to the Engineer-in-Charge.

8. GST, Sales–Tax, VAT, Purchase Tax, Turnover Tax, labour welfare cess or any
other tax on the materials in respect of this contract shall be payable by the
Contractor and AUDA will not entertain any claim what so ever in respect of the
same. The rate shall include GST.

9. The contractor shall give a list of both gazette and non- gazetted AUDA
employees related to him.

10. The tender for the work shall not be witnessed by a contractor or contractors who
himself/themselves has/have tendered or who may has/have tendered for the
same work. Failure to observe this condition would render, tenders of the
contractors tendering, as well as witnessing the tender, liable to summary

11. The contractor shall comply with the provisions of the Apprentices Act 1961, and
the rules and orders issued there under from time to time. If he fails to do so, his
failure will be a breach of the contract and the AUDA may in his discretion,
without prejudice to any other right or remedy available in law, cancel the
contract. The contractor shall also be liable for any pecuniary liability arising on
account of any violation by him of the provisions of the said Act.


I/We hereby declare that I/We shall treat the tender documents, drawings and other
records connected with the work as secret/confidential documents and shall not
communicate information/derived there from to any persons other than a person to
whom, I/We authorized to communicate the same or use the information in any
manner prejudicial to the safety for AUDA.

Signature of the Contractor


Signature of Contractor 38 Executive Engineer,

Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA) hereinafter referred to as “The Principal”
And _________________________________________hereinafter referred to as “The
Bidder/ Contractor Preamble

The principal intends in award, under laid down organizational procedures, contact for
___________. The principal values full compliance with all relevant laws of the land, rules,
regulations, economic use of resources and of fairness/ transparency in its relations with its
Bidder(s) and / or contractor(s) In order to achieve, these goals the principal will appoint an
Independent External Monitor (IEM), who will monitor the tender process and the execution
of the contract for compliance with the principals mentioned above.

Section1- Commitments of the principal

The principal commits itself to take all measures necessary to prevent corruption and to
observe the following principals:-

iii) No employee of the principal, person or through family members, will in connection with
the tender for, or the execution of a contract, demand, false promise for or accept, for sell or
third person, any material or materials benefit.

iv) The principal will, during the tender process treat all Bidder(s) with equity and reason.
The principal will in particular, before and during the tender process provide to all Bidder(s)
the same information and will not provide to any Bidder(s) confidential/ additional information
through which the Bidder(s) could obtain an advantage in relation to the tender process or
the contract execution.

v) The principal will exclude from the process all known prejudiced persons.

4. If the principal obtains information on the conduct of any of its employees which is a
criminal offence under the IPX/PC, Act or if there be a substance suspicion in this regard,
the principal will inform the Chief Vigilance Officer and in addition can initiate Disciplinary
Section2- Commitments of the Bidder(s)/Contractor(s)

i) The Bidder(s)/ contractor(s) commit himself to take all measures necessary to prevent
corruption. He commits himself to observe the following principles during the participation in
the tender process and during the contract executions.

ii) The Bidder(s)/Contractor(s) will not enter with other bidders into any undisclosed
agreement or understanding, whether formal or informal. This applies in particular to prices,
specifications, certifications, subsidiary, contracts, submission or non-submission of bids or
any other actions to restrict competitiveness or to introduce castellation in the bidding

iii) The Bidder(s)/contractor(s) will commit any offence under the relevant IPC/PC Act, further
Bidder(s)/contractor(s) will not use Improperly, for purpose of completion or personal gain, or
pass on to others, any information of document provided by the principal as part of the
business relationship regarding plans, technical proposals and business details, including
information contained or transmitted electronically.

iv) The Bidder(s)/contractor(s) of foreign origin shall disclose the name and address of the
Agents/ representatives in India, if any. Similarly the Bidder(s)/contractor(s) of Indian

Signature of Contractor 39 Executive Engineer,

Nationality shall furnish the name and address of the foreign principles, if any. Further details
as mentioned in the “Guidelines of Indian Agents of Foreign Suppliers” shall be disclosed by
the Bidder(s)/contractor(s). Further as mentioned in the Guidelines all the payments made to
the Indian Agent /representatives have to be in Indian Rupees only) Copy cite “Guidelines on
Indian Agents of Foreign Suppliers”

v) The Bidder(s)/contractor(s) will when presenting his bid, disclose any and all payments he
has made, is committed to or intends to make to agents, brokers or any other intermediaries
in connection with the award of the contract.

vi) The Bidder(s)/ contractor(s) will not instigate third persons to commit offenses outlined
above or be an accessory to such offenses.

Section 3- Disqualification from tender process and execution from future contracts.

If the Bidder(s)/contractor(s) before award or during execution has committed a

transgression through a violation of Section2, above or if any other form such as to put his
reliability or credibility in question, the principal is entitled to disqualify the Bidder(s)/
contract(s) from the tender process or take action as per procedure mentioned in the
guidelines on Banning of business dealings.

Section4-Compensation for Damage

(1) If the principal has disqualified the Bidder(s) from the tender process prior to the award
according to section 3, the principal is entitled to demand and recover the damages
equivalent to Earnest money Deposit/ Bid Security.

(2) If the principal has terminated the contract according to section 3 or if the principal is
entitled to terminate the contract according to section 3, the principal I shall be entitled to
demand and recover from the contractor liquidated damages of the contract value or the
amount equivalent to security deposit Bank Guarantee

Section 5- Previous transgression

(1) The Bidder declares that no previous transgression occurred in the last 3 years with any
other company in any country confirming to the anti-corruption approach or with any other
public sector Enterprises in India that could justify his exclusion from the tender process.

(2) If the Bidder make incorrect statement on this subject, he can be disqualified from the
tender process or action can be taken as per the procedure mentioned in “Guidelines on
Banning of business dealings”

Section 6- Equal treatment of All Bidders/ contractors/ sub-contractors.

(1) The Bidder(s)/ contractor(s) undertake(s) to demand from all sub contract commitment in
conformity with this integrity pact and to submit it to the prime before contract signing.

(2) The principal will enter, into agreements with identical conditions as this one Bidders,
contractors and sub-contractors.

(3) The principal will disqualify from the tender process all bidders, who do not sign Bidders,
Contractors and sub-contractors.

Section 7- Criminal charges against violating Bidder(s)/contractor(s)/ Sub contractors If the

principal obtains knowledge or conduct of a Bidder, contractor or subcontractor an employee

Signature of Contractor 40 Executive Engineer,

or a representatives or an associate of a Bidder, contractor or sub-contractor which
constitutes corruption, or if the principal has substantive suspicion in this regarding principal
will inform the same to the Chief vigilance officer.

Section 8-Independent External Monitor/Monitors

(1) The principal appoints competent and credible independent External Monitor impact. The
task of the Monitor is to review independently and objectively, whether to what extent the
parties comply with the obligations under this agreement.

(2) The monitor is not subject to instructions by the representatives of the party performs his
functions neutrally and independently. He reports to the chairman.

(3) The Bidder(s)/Contractor(s) accept that the Monitor has the right part restriction to all
project documentation of the principal including that provided. The contractor will also grant
the Monitor upon his request demonstration of a valid interest, unrestricted and unconditional
access to his documentations. The same is applicable to subcontractors. The monitor
contractual obligation to treat the information and documents of the Bidder|(s)/contractor(s)
subcontractor(s) with confidentially.

(1) This agreement is subject to Indian Law. Place of performance and jurisdiction the
Registered Office of the principal i.e. Ahmedabad.

(2) Changes and supplements as well as termination not less need to be made writing. Side
agreements have not been made.

(3) If the contractor is a partnership or a consortium, this agreement must be signed by all
partners of consortium members.

(4) Should one or several provisions of this agreement turn out to be invalid, the reminder of
this agreement remains valid in this case, the parties will strive to come to an agreement to
their original intentions.
For & on behalf of the
Principal (office seal) For& on behalf of
(office seal)
Place : __________________________
Date : __________________________
Witness:1 (Name & Address ) __________________________
Witness:2 (Name & Address ) __________________________

Signature of Contractor 41 Executive Engineer,


Description of work : Construction of Affordable Housing 546 EWS-II Unit at

Bopal TP.03 FP.232 in AUDA Area.

The Chief Executive Authority,
Ahmedabad - 380014.
Subject: Submission of Technical bid

Dear Sir,

Having examined the pre-qualification documents including scope of works & time frame of
construction, we hereby submit all the necessary information & relevant documents for pre-
qualifying us for bidding for (the above-mentioned works).

The application is made by us on behalf of ________________

_______________________________ in the capacity of ________
_______________________________ duly authorized to submit the offer.

The necessary evidence admissible in law in respects of authority assigned to us on behalf

of the firms for applying and for completion of the contract documents is attached herewith.

It is certified that the information furnished in these documents is authentic.

We undersigned accept that Employer (Govt.) reserves the right to reject any or all
applications without assigning any reasons.

Signature of Applicant
Name in Brackets including
Title & Capacity in which
Application is made

[1] Schedule duly filled in the prescribed form with supporting documents.
[2] Evidence of authority to sign.
[3] Latest brochures
[4] Required E.M.D. & tender fee in form of DD

Signature of Contractor 42 Executive Engineer,

Performa C - 1


1. I / We agree that the decision of the AUDA, Ahmedabad here by referred as

Client in selection of Applicants / Contractor, phasing of works and in any other
Project related matter, will be final and bidding to me / us.

2. All the information and date finished herewith are correct to my / our best of

3. I / We agree that we have no objection if inquiries are made about our works, its
related areas and any other inquiry regarding all details, projects and works listed
by us in the Pre-Qualification document.

4. I / We also understand that furnishing of wrong information or hiding of any

information shall be a cause for disqualification.

Date : Signature with Seal of the Company

Signature of Contractor 43 Executive Engineer,


1. Name of the Company :


Telephone No. :
Telex No. :
Fax No. :
2. Description of Company (For e.g.
General Civil Engineering
Contractor Supplier of equipment
Type of firm
(a) Individual :
(b) Partnership :
(c) Limited Co. :
3. Registration and classification with :
the P.W.D.
4. Name and address of the bankers :
5. No. of year of experience as a :
(i) In own country :
(ii) Internationally :
6. No. of year of Experience as a Sub :
(i) In Own Country :
(ii) Internationally :
7. Name and address of the partner :
and associated companies to be
involved in subsidiary others.
8. To be organization chart showing :
the structure of the company
including names and position of
Directors and key personnel

Note : The above necessary information shall be supported with necessary

documents, otherwise, the same shall be treated as null & void.

Signature of Contractor 44 Executive Engineer,

(To be given separately for each partner of partnership firm)

1. Name of firm :
2. Capital :
(a) Authorized :
(b) Issued & paid up
3. Attach audited balance sheet & :
profit & loss statement for the past
05 (five) years.
4. Financial Position :
(exact amount in Rupees to be
(a) Cash :
(b) Current Asset :
(c) Current Liability :
(d) Working Capital :
(e) Net worth :
5. Total liability :
(a) Current Ratio : Current assets to current liabilities
(b) Acid test Ratio : Cash, Temporary investment held in
lieu of cash & current receivable to
current liabilities
(c) Total liabilities Net worth :

Note : Information asked against each item to be carefully filled in more preference
to balance sheet in reply to above points is acceptable.

6. Annual value (turn over) of construction works undertaken for each of the last
five years. Annual turn over for the works.

One year Two year Four year Five year
Year before i.e. before i.e. before i.e. before i.e.
before i.e.
2017-18 2016-17 2014-15 2013-14
Net profit :

(a) Current year (2018-19) :
During the last five financial year :

Signature of Contractor 45 Executive Engineer,

(2017-18) to (2013-14)
The profit and loss statement have :
been certified
Through ________ by __________
8. Applicant/s financial arrangement :
for proposed works (exact amount
in Rupees to be mentioned)
(a) Own resources Rs.
(b) Bank Credits Rs.
(c) Other (Specify) Rs.
9. Certificate of financial soundness :
from bankers of applicants together
with their full address
10. Approximate value of works in : Rs.
11. Value of anticipate orders for next :
financial year.

NOTE: Details of Item No.10 and 11 are to be given in Schedule-E experience.

NOTE: 1) Information asked against each item shall be carefully filled in any
additional information shall be given separately duly signed.
2) The above details supported by last financial year Balance Sheet / Profit
&Loss account etc. must be audited by the Chartered Accountant.
3) The above information shall be supported with necessary documents
otherwise, the same shall be treated as null and void.


Signature of Contractor 46 Executive Engineer,


Name of Applicant :
Sr. Description On Applicants Pay Roll
1) Project Manager
2) Site Engineer
3) Number of Engineering Graduates
a) Design
b) Construction supervision
c) Electrical Engineer
4) Number of administrative graduates.
5) Number of skilled employees
6) Number of Unskilled employees
7) Please indicate whether design wherever :
required as per conditions of bid, will be carried
out in house or with the help of consultants. If in
house, please indicate the details of designs
carried out over the last few years. If to be done
by back up consultants. Please give the data
such as name of company, key personal and
professional qualification, present position, total
experience number of engineering staff under
each category of specification and details of
work executed.
8) Incase of personnel at Sr. No. 1 to 4 please give
name, qualification present position,
professional experience and linguistic ability.
The certified copy of degree / diploma engineer
qualification with an affidavit on stamp pap
stating their appointment in the firm shall have
be attached with this schedule.
The above information shall be supported with
necessary documents otherwise the same shall
be treated as null & void.


Signature of Contractor 47 Executive Engineer,

Name of the Applicant
Minimum Requirement
Sr. Yes /
Description Qualification Experience in
No. Number No
Building Works
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Project Manager B.E. Civil 1 10 Year Exp.
(5 years on
2 Site Engineer B.E. Civil 4 10 Year Exp.
(5 ye
ars on Building
3 Plant Engineer B.E. Mech. / 5 Years Exp.
4 Quantity Surveyor B.E. Civil / 5 Years on
Diploma Civil 3 Building

5 Material & Quality B.E. Civil / 2 Years Exp.

Control Engineer Diploma Civil 5 Years Exp.

6 Survey Engineer B.E. Civil / 1 2 to 5 Years

Diploma Civil Exp.

Note :- Availability for this work of project Manager having in degree in Civil
Engineering with at least ten years experience including at least five years
on building construction works and a material & quality control Engineer
having degree/diploma in Civil Engineering with at least five years
building construction experience.

Signature of Contractor Executive Engineer


Signature of Contractor 48 Executive Engineer,

Sr. Name of equipment Total Requirement Equipment on hand (owned) Equipment to
No be procured
. No. of units Kind Capac No. of units Kind Cap
for the and ity for the and acity
projects make projects make
1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1
Fully automatic 1 No. Fully automatic
RMC mini batching RMC batching
1 plant (capacity 15 1 plant (capacity 15
cum/hr) with cum/hr) with
pumping facility pumping facility
2 Transit mixture 2 Nos. 2 Transit mixture
with capacity not with capacity not
less than 5 Cum less than 5 Cum
3 Concrete mixture 2 Nos. 3 Concrete mixture
with Weigh batch with Weigh batch
4 J.C.B. or excavator 2 No. 4 J.C.B. or
5 Goods cum Lift for 2 No. 5 Goods cum Lift
minimum capacity for minimum
of 300 Kg. capacity of 300
6 Shuttering (Steel 2500 6 Shuttering (Steel
formwork) formwork)
7 Steel props (with 1500 7 Steel props (with
accessories) Nos. accessories)
8 Extended span or - 8 Extended span or
beams with beams with
accessories accessories
9 Vibrator (Needle) + 5 Nos. 9 Vibrator (Needle)
Surface (2+1+2 + Surface
vibrator(Operating nos) vibrator(Operating
with electricity) with electricity)
+diesel vibrator +diesel vibrator
10 Water Tanker 1Nos. 10 Water Tanker
Trucks / Dumpers Trucks / Dumpers
11 with capacity not 4 No. 11 with capacity not
less than 5 Cum less than 5 Cum
Standard Testing As per Standard Testing
12 Laboratory (As Annexure- 12 Laboratory (As
prescribed) I. prescribed)
13 Pump & Motor 3 Set 13 Pump & Motor
14 Generator 2 Set 14 Generator

Signature of Contractor 49 Executive Engineer,

RMC plant should be installed at the work site only. The plant shall be solely
used for this project only and no commercial use of the plant will be allowed. If
the sufficient space is not available nearby the site, then the nearest possible
space can be found by the contractor with consent of the AUDA.
1) The above information may be furnished for each machinery and equipment
listed herewith.
2) The location of machinery should be furnished in detail.
i.e. (i) Site of work (ii) Own Workshop (iii) Other places
3) The documents regarding ownership of machinery / equipment etc and self
attested copies of hire purchase agreement if it must be enclosed and for to
be procured the copy of work order placed shall be furnished.
If leased indicate the date when the current lease expires.
4) Describe the fabrication and workshop facilities (a) to be set up at site (b) to
be sub contracted locally (c) to be set up any other place with relevant details.
5) The above information shall be supported with necessary documents
otherwise, the same shall be treated as null & void.


Signature of Contractor 50 Executive Engineer,


Give information about relevant (Building works) as well as all other works in
progress including those where the company has received a letter of intent but a
formal contract has not yet been awarded

Emplo Engineer Location Value Cost of Remaini Percenta Dat Stipulat Likely Reaso
yer responsi and of work ng work ge of e of ed date date of ns for
ble for descripti contra execut to be financial wor of completi slow
supervisi on of ct ed as execute Completi k completi on progre
on Bldg. on d as on on cost. ord on of ss if
works date of date of er work any
this bid this bid

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Note: - Non disclosure of any information in the schedule will result in

disqualification of the bidder.


Signature of Contractor 51 Executive Engineer,



Please furnish information about relevant project (Building works) completed over
the last five years

Name Name of Name of Contra Final Addition Dat Stipulate Actual Reaso
of Location Engineer ct value as al e of d date of date of n for
Employ & type responsi price per bill amount wor completi completi slow
er of ble for (Rs. in prepare release k on of on progre
building supervisi lacs) d by the d if any ord work ss if
contract on employe through er any
ed es court
or by
1 2 3 4 5 6 7-A 7-B 7-C 8

Note :- Non disclosure of any information in the schedule will result in

disqualification of the bidder.


Signature of Contractor 52 Executive Engineer,





Summary of Experience of company in the Neighborhood Project and / or

Neighboring states.

Signature of Contractor 53 Executive Engineer,


Name of applicant / or parties:

Applicant should provide information on any History of litigation or arbitration

resulting from contracts executed in last five years or currently under execution.

Years Award for / or against Name of client, Cause of Disputed amount in

applicant litigation & matter of dispute rupees

NOTE: The above information shall be supported with necessary documents

otherwise the same shall be treated as null & void. If the information to
be furnished in this schedule will not be given & come to the notice
subsequently will result in disqualification of bidder. If no information is
there to be provided than it should be marked as ‘Nil’.


Signature of Contractor 54 Executive Engineer,




(The applicant can add here any further information relevant to the evaluation of their
prequalification bid)

NOTE: The above information shall be supported with necessary documents

otherwise the same shall be treated as null & void.


Signature of Contractor 55 Executive Engineer,

Schedule - I
(Form No. 3 A) (Self attested)
Referred to in Rules No. 5 to (b) (II)

1. Name of Contractor :

2. Name of Work :

3. Estimated cost of :
Work put to tender

4. Revised Estimated :

5. Tender Amount :

6. Date of Starting the :


7. Date of completion of :
the work (As per
contract agreement)

8. Actual date of the :

Completion of work

9. Amount of completed :
Work done

10. State whether the :

details as above given
by the contractor are
correct if not state as
to what is the correct

11. State whether the :

contractor has executed
the work in progress.
Satisfactory as per
specification if not give

Signature of Contractor 56 Executive Engineer,

the correct position of
the work.

12. Period rate & amount :

of compensation if
13. Period of extension :
granted if any
14. Reason for delay in :
granted if any
15. Any other remarks : Particulars of work

Date : Executive Engineer

AUDA, Ahmedabad

Signature of Contractor 57 Executive Engineer,



Whereas M/s. ________________________________________________ (here in

after called the tender) is desirous and referred to tender for works in accordance
with the terms and conditions of tender for the work of
__________________________ and where as we Bank, agree to give the tenderer
a guarantee for the Earnest Money.

1. Therefore we, here by affirm that we are guarantors in behalf of the tenderer up
to total Rs. ________________ in words Rs.
________________________________ (in figures) and we undertake to pay to
Executive Engineer, AUDA, Ahmedabad of judicial or to be specified) up to his
first written demand, without demur, without delay and without the necessity of
previous notice of judicial in administrative procedures and without the
necessity to prove to the bank. The defects or short comings or debits of the
contractor any sum within the limit of Rs. __________________.

2. We further agree that the guarantee herein contained shall remain in full force
and effect during the period that would be taken for the acceptance of tender.
However, unless a demand of claim under this guarantee is made on us in
writing on or before the _______________ (date to be specified will not be less
than 180 days from the date of opening the tender) we shall be discharged from
all liabilities under the guarantee there after.

3. We under take not to revoke the guarantee during it currently except with the
previous consent of the Executive Engineer,
______________________Division, ____________ in writing.

4. We lastly undertake not to revoke the guarantee for any charge in construction
of the tender of the bank.

Date :
Signature &Seal of guarantee
Bank address.

Signature of Contractor 58 Executive Engineer,

The Applicant shall provide adequate information for testing equipment and
surveying equipment

Equipment with Agency

Name of Testing Equipment Minimum
Equipment Equipment
in to be
hand procured
1 A - General Lab Equipment
a) Electronic balance 7 Kg. to 10 Kg. 2 Nos.
capacity semi self indication type
accuracy 1 gm.
b) Pan balance 10 kg capacity 12 nos.
accuracy 0.01 gm
c) Electronic balance 500 gm 2 Nos.
capacity accuracy 0.001 gm
I) Sieves as per I.S. 460-1962 Full IS Set.
II) Stop watches, 1/5 sec. accuracy 2 Nos.
2 B - For Cement and Cement Concrete
I) Moulds
a) 150mm dia. x 300mm height As required
cylinder with capping component
b) Cubes 150mm As required
III) High frequency mortar cube 1 No.
Vibrator for cement testing
iv) Concrete mixer power driven, 1 No.
0.03 m3 capacity
V) Variable frequency and amplitude 1 No.
vibrating table size 1 meter x 1
meter as per the relevant British
Vi) Flow table as per the relevant IS 4 Nos.
Vii) a) 2000 Kn (Least count 10 Kn) 1 No.
compression testing machine for
concrete cube.
b) 500 Kn (least count 2 Kn) 1 No.
compression testing machine for
cement mortar cube.
viii) Equipment for slump test 2 Nos.
xi) Needle Vibrator 1 No.

Signature of Contractor 59 Executive Engineer,

3 C – For Control of Profile and surface Evenness
I) Total Station 1 Set.
II) Theodolite 1 Set
III) Precision automatic Level 2 Sets
IV) Precision Staff 3 Sets.
V) Steel taps of road
A) Steel tape 2 Sets.
B) 5 m long 20 Sets.
C) 10 m long 2 Sets
D) 20 m long 2 Sets
E) 30 m long 2 Sets.

F- Any other equipment which is not mentioned here but which is necessary
for complying with the provision of the Contractor or as required by the

In the absence of any equipment per test requirements of section 900 of MOST
specification the same shall be provided by the contractor at any time as directed by
the Engineer. No extra payment shall be made to the contractor.

Signature of Applicant

Signature of Contractor 60 Executive Engineer,


Signature of Contractor 61 Executive Engineer,


Bids from contractors for qualification are invited for a project of
Construction of Affordable Housing 546 EWS-II Unit at Bopal TP.03
FP.232 in AUDA Area.The details of contract sub-section together with its
estimated costs are given in Para 6.0 General contractors, backed-up
specialists, joint venture or consortium who wishes to bid for this
contract, should apply for qualification in the manner set out in this
document. The other tender documents will be opened subsequently
only of those parties selected by the employers, as having necessary
qualification, suitability to perform the contract satisfactorily. Tender
documents for technical bid along with "Price Bid" shall be available on line
to Contractors / Firms. Contractors Registered in Sp. Cat-I (Bldg) with
"AA" Class in Gujarat State.


The project road lies in the State of Gujarat. This state is situated in western
part of India and has semi arid climate. Refer Index. Map. Large part of the
state lies between 350 C and isotherms. May is the hottest month and January
the coldest. The isotherm generally run east west and the temperature
increase steadily as one moves southwards.
Gujarat receives most of its rainfall from the south-west monsoon between
June and September with maximum intensity generally in July and August.
The monsoon arrives earlier in the south and east and last longer than in the
northwest. Hence the rainfall intensity ranges from over 2400 mm in the
southwest to less than 250mm in the extreme west. Some depressions and
cyclones in the Arabian Sea which move across the coastal area sometimes
bring rains and strong winds in the months of April to June and October to
The State can be divided into four different rainfall Zones:-
(i) Areas with more than 1000mm rainfall, include the district of Valsad, Navsari,
Dangs, Surat and the eastern parts of Vadodara with Rajpipla Hills.
(ii) Areas receiving rainfall between 800mm and 1000mm include Panchmahals,
Vadodara, Kheda and part of Ahmedabad,
(iii) Areas having rainfall between 400mm and 800mm include Saurashtra and
areas north of Ahmedabad.
(iv) Areas receiving less than 400mm rainfall include Kachchh Banaskantha and
Coastal Jamnagar.

Signature of Contractor 62 Executive Engineer,

The relative humidity in all parts of the State, with the exception of the coastal
areas, is low in the summer the relative humidity varies from 75 and 80
percent in winter from 40 to 50 percent. The coastal areas, on the other hand,
have moderately high humidity all the year round with a maximum in the
summer months reaching as high as 90 percent.
Narmada river & Tapi river are the major rivers (perennial) in the south of the
state which serve as the main water source.
Gujarat is located in western side of the India and bounder by the State of
Rajasthan in the north, Madhya Pradesh in east and Maharashtra in south. It
has also an international border with Pakistan on its northern length of about
360 Km. The state of Gujarat covers a total area of 195514 Sq.Km. and is
situated between 20''06'' to 24''42''. North latitude and 68 10'' to 74 24'' East
longitude. The state has the longest coastline in the country measuring about
1600 Km. along western part of India extending from Lakhpat in North to
Daman in the south.

The state is divided into five major physiographic divisions,

(i) The Alluvial Plains, extend in North Gujarat to Bulsar in the south and
westward to the little Rann and Banni area of Kachchh.
(ii) The Eastern hilly tract lies between the altitude of 300 – 1400 m and forms a
major divide.
(iii) Uplands of Kachchh and Saurashtra consist of sandstone shale and basalt
rock with elevations of about 150-500 m sloping readily towards the coast.
The Girnar hill forest is at an elevation 1117 m.
(iv) The low-laying coastal tract randes in elevation from 3.285 m. surrounding the
Kachchh and Saurashtra uplands. These low laying areas extend from Rann
of Kachchh to little Rann of Kachchh and to the low laying delta region of
Bhadar, Nhogavo, Mahl, Dhadar, Narmada and Tapi rivers.
(v) The Marshy to saline desert of Rann of Kachchh and little Rann of Kachchh
extend into the saline Tracts around the Gulf of Cambay. This vast expands of
salt mixed with clay is devoid of any vegetation or habitation.

Soil Characteristics
The soils of Gujarat state can be classified into Black Cotton Soils. Alluvial
Soils, Saline Alkaline Soils and Desert Soils.
a) Black Soils :- The black soils are either medium black or deep black
i) Medium Black Soil :- Medium black soils are found in Saurashtra some
parts of Sabarkantha and Panchmahal district, South west of Ahmedabad
and parts of Vadodara and Kachchh district. This soil type is not so deep.
Soil textures clay loam to cleyey.
(ii) Deep Black Soil :-

Signature of Contractor 63 Executive Engineer,

The deep black soil are found in the district of Vadodara, Godhra, Surat,
Navsari and Valsad. Soil depth varies from less than one meter to as deep
as six meters. These soils have very heavy clay content.
(b) Alluvial Soils :-
These soils in Gujarat are formed due to silting by Indus river system. These
soils occur through Banaskantha district and the greater part of Mehsana
and Sabarkantha. Ahmedabad, Kheda district. Furthermore, alluvial soils
also occur in the northern part of state along the sea coast except in
Vadodara, Surat and Valsad district.
(c) Saline - Alkaline Soils :-
This soils are found in “Bhal Tract” of Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad and Kheda
district and also in southern part of state along the sea coast except in
Vadodara, Surat and Valsad district. Saline soil is also found in portions
Kachchh. Mehsana and Banaskantha district due to less rain fall and high
(d) Desert Soils: -
These are mainly found in Rann of Kachchh (Northern and north – eastern
(e) Earthquake Zone:-
The District of Kachchh comes under the Zone-5 of the earth quake where
as district of Saurashtra comes under Zone-3 & Zone-4. The part of
Vadodara district comes under Zone-4 where as other district of Gujarat
comes under Zone-3. Since the district of Kachchh and some district of
Saurashtra, part of Vadodara district comes under Earth quake Zones of
moderate intensity, necessary precautions are to be taken for the
construction works.
The site is situated in the Koteshwar area which is near both, Gandhinagar
and Ahmedabad city. It is 7km far by road from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
International Airport, Ahmedabad.

Gandhinagar the state capital is about 950 Km. from the National Capital
(New Delhi). The state is accessible by road, rail and air from the National
capital as well as from other metropolitan cities of the country. The main
arterial highway traversing through this state is NH-8 linking Delhi to Mumbai.
It enters the state from Rajasthan near Shamlaji and touches important
towns of Ahmedabad and Vadodara and enters into Maharashtra from its
southern border. The off shoots NH-8-A, 8B & 8C from NH-18 penetrate right
up to western coastline.
Ahmedabad is situated in Middle part of the Gujarat State. It can be
accessed through N.H. No. 8 from Narol Junction. Ahmedabad is also joined
with other parts of the state and country with broad gauge rail line i.e.

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Mumbai – Ahmedabad route of Western Railway. The nearest airport for
Ahmedabad is Ahmedabad International airport which is about 4 Km. away.


Passenger road transport in the state is mainly provided by Gujarat State
Transport Corporation, a state Government undertaking goods transport
operation is with the private sector.


The communication facilities in the State consist of post, telegraph, telex and
fax. These facilities are provided by the Post and Telegraph Department of
Government of India. Besides private sector operated courier, fax and other
similar services are available. Both these Government and private facilities
exist in all important cities of the state.


All the important cities have fully fledged Government Medical Hospitals
besides private clinics and nursing homes etc.


Project layout for the contracts is given in the Index Map.

(K) Expected Construction Period

Expected construction period of contracts is 30 (Thirty) Months from the
date of award of contract.


Free access to the work sites will be assured by the Employer for expected

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