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The purpose of research to know factor-factor that influences malnutrition toddlers in lajuk
village subdistrict porong sidoarjo 2016. The kind of research analytic descriptive. The
population to research this: all women to have toddlers who lives in the village lajuk porong
subdistrict area. Sidoarjo when the research was conducted of 300 respondents. Sample were
taken 25% of the population of 75 mothers who have children. Univariate data analysis with
frequency distribution table and bivariate analysis. The results of the research more than half
(73%) toddlers had better nutritions, more than half (69%) mother had either parenting, and
most (57%) mother knowledge about nutrition. The result of bivariate there was no
connection pattern foster to nutrition less in toddlers and there was no connection between
knowledge mommy about nutrition by status malnutrition in toddlers. Expected this
kedungsolo improve promotion health and counseling on nutritional status of toddlers
especially from the instrinsic to prevent the malnutrition can be handled.

Keyword : malnutrition, foster a pattern, knowledge mothers about nutrition.