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Department of Economics The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong, China

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Dr. Teena Bagga

Professor, Amity Business School, Amity University Uttar Pradesh

Dr. Mosab Tabash,

Assistant Professor, College of Business Administration, Al Ain University, UAE
Volume : No.15 (2017) Issue No. :20 (2017)
Determinant of Stock Price : A Empirical Study at State Owned Enterprises in Indonesia
Author : Sahroni, Zulfitra, Sri Retnaning Sampurnaningsih, Azimah Hanifah Pages : 1-10
Leadership Style and Quality of Work Life to Improve Employee Performance (Empirical Study On
Bureaus of Regional Secretariat of North Maluku Province) Oleh
Author : Harries Madiistriyatno, Nuraini, Maswanto, M. Yusuf, Azmi Yahya and Ikrima M. Mustafa
Pages : 11-26
Factors Affecting Earnings Management
Author : Andry Priharta, Siti Asmanah, Septemberizal, Sulhendri and Slamet Wahyudi
Pages : 27-38
SME Marketing Competencies: A Study of the Thai Jewelry Industry
Author : Burim Otakanon, Panit Tiparos, and Phallapa Petison Pages : 39-50
Financial Health: Examining the Ability of Malaysian Household in Servicing Their Debts
Author : Nora Azureen Abdul Rahman, Zunarni Kosim & Siew Goh Yeok Pages : 51-58
The Decision Support System and Innovation that Affect Firms’ International Capability via Digital
Marketing and Foreign Oriented operations
Author : Chanongkorn Kuntonbutr and Natnarong Jaturat Pages : 59-70
Determinat of Profitability Banking Firms
Author : Pranoto, Zaenal Abidin, Hendro Waryanto, Udin Ahidin and Yuli Zain Pages : 71-85
Integrated Marketing Communication: Use Information Technology Connect three Dyad
Author : Po Shun Chen and Pao Chia Huang Pages : 87-99
The Models of Tourism Sector Development of Bandung and Jember District in Relating with Own-
Source Revenue (Comparative Study of Bandung and Jember District)
Author : Elizabeth Tiur Manurung, Arthur Purboyo and Sylvia Fettry Pages : 101-109
The Influence of Organizational Culture, Soft Skills and Leadership on Organizational Commitment
and its Implication at Educator Performance (Empirical Research on Community Learning Center
Karawang District, West Java Province)
Author : Budi Rismayadi, Anoesyirwan Moeins, Herdinalis and Rilla Sovitriana Pages : 111-131
IFRS Adoption and the Value Relevance of Other Comprehensive Income (OCI) in Indonesia
Author : Aria Farah Mita, Sylvia Veronica Siregar and Fitriany Pages : 133-152
Determine Student’s Loyalty with Student’s Trust As Moderating Variable
Author : Lusiah, Paham Ginting, Arlina Nurbaity Lubis and Endang Sulistya Rini Pages : 153-162
Asymmetry between Uptrend and Downtrend Identification: a Tale of Moving Average Trading
Author : Carlin CHU Chun-fai Pages : 163-176
Demarketing Tobacco through Pictorial Warning in Indonesia
Author : Alhapen Ruslin Chandra, Yudhytia Wimeina and Rini Ekasari Pages : 177-186
Reverse Logistics–Key in Competition of the Business
Author : Bui Ba Khiem, Nguyen Thi Thanh, Nhan and Do Minh Thuy Pages : 187-194
Determinants of Customers Commitment and its Implication Loyalty of Calibration Customers
(Empirical Study on Calibration Services of Jabodetabek Government Institution)
Author : Sewaka, Kasmad, Ugeng Budi Haryoko, Dadang Kurnia and Hamdy Hady Pages : 195-205
Safety Behavior at Work: A Case study of Operative Workers of Companies in Southern Industrial
Estate, Songkhla Province, Thailand
Author : Chetsada Noknoi and Wannaporn Boripunt Pages : 207-227
The Effects of Human Psychological Factors on Accounting Prudence
Author : Eko Widodo Lo and Djoko Susanto Pages : 229-241
Determinant of Financial Performance on Indonesian Banks through Return on Assets
Author : Periansya Zainuddin, Zulkifli Wancik, Sopiyan A.Rahman, Sukmini Hartati and Firmansyah
A.Rahman Pages : 243-251
Externality in Dividend Signaling and Firms’ Strategic Behavior in Dividend Announcements
Author : KyungJae Rhee, Joonghyuk Kim and Kyung Suh Park Pages : 253-258
Relation of Signals for Time to Time Energy Transfer Monitoring of Solar Cells Toward Efficiency
Author : Edi Cahyono, I Nyoman Sudiana, Rostin, Rasas Raya and Ikhsan Jaya Pages : 259-266
The Inconsistency of Parate Execution Object Warranty of Rights in Banking Credit Agreement in
Author : Anis Mashdurohatun, Zaenal Arifin and Gunarto Pages : 267-281
The Impact of Human Resource Practices, Employee Quality and Innovation on Performance: An
Analysis of Woven Fabric SMEs
Author : Umi Zuraida, Aurik Gustomo, Rudy Bekti and Aria Bayu Pangestu Pages : 283-291
Management of Public Relations for Supporting the Anti-corruption National Program in Indonesia
Author : Rachmat Kriyantono, Nia Ashton Destrity, Abdul Allam Amrullah and Fariza Yuniar
Rakhmawati Pages : 293-303
Analysis of Income and Environmental Degradation on Happiness
Author : Firmansyah, Shanty Oktavilia, Evi Yulia Purwanti, Heru Susanto, Alan Ray Farandy
Pages : 305-309
Influence of Negative Emotions on the Life Satisfaction: A Case Study of Korean Adolescents
Author : Lee-Sac Lee, Sang-Hyun Lee & Hyun-Seok Hwang Pages : 311-319
Influence of Foreign Direct Investment from Thailand and Export on Economic Growth of Laos
Author : Thanet Wattanakul Pages : 321-330
Evaluation of Priority Vector on Port Performance Indicator Based on Freight Forwarders Perspective
Author : Alain Widjanarka, Budisantoso Wirjodirdjo and Safira Putri Mentari Pages : 331-343
Consumer Behavior Analysis for Vietnamese High-quality Goods Certificate. Evidence in Ho Chi Minh
Author : Chiem Hoang Hung Phat , Ho Phi Dinh and Phuong V. Nguyen Pages : 345-361
Management of Sharia-Based Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Cooperation with Companies
and Stakeholders
Author : Sugeng Hadi Utomo Pages : 363-370
Supply Chain Performance Likelihood on the Phenomena of Technological Social Systems
Author : Thokozani Patmond Mbhele Pages : 371-386
Formation of Contract: Comparison Among Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam§
Author : Habib Alam, Anowar Zahid, Kamal Halili and Rohimi Shapiee Pages : 387-413
Scientific Charisma of Sufism to See God: Economical &Theological Remarks among IBM (Indonesia,
Bangladesh, Malaysia)
Author : Damanhuri, Arieff Salleh Bin Rosman and Mohd Syukri Yeoh Abdullah Pages : 415-424
A Study of Analyzing STEAM Game Review Data using Text Mining
Author : Ha-Na Kang, Hye-Ryeon Yong and Hyun-Seok Hwang Pages : 425-439
Financial and Non-Financial Policies: An Examining of Agency Theory
Author : Jaja Suteja Pages : 441-453
The Influence of Employee Competency towards Employee Performance on Finance and Regional
Asset Management Agency in Bandung City, Indonesia
Author : Benyamin Harits Pages : 455-462
Development of Multiple Learning Resources Based on ICT to Support Learning Autonomy in
Introduction to Accounting Course
Author : Nurika Restuningdiah, Heny Kusdyanti, Eka Ananta S, Puji Handayati and Tuhardjo
Pages : 463-472
Analysis of the Development Requirement of Democratic Economy- Based Integrated
Entrepreneurship Education Program Onhigher Education Program in East Lombok Regency
Author : Muhamad Ali, Wahjoedi, Hari Wahyono and Mit Witjaksono Pages : 473-483
Strategic Effect of Human Resource Capability and Production Planning System on Performance of
Indonesian Small Medium Industries (SMEs)
Author : A. Harits Numan and Haim Hilman Pages : 485-497
Customer Satisfaction Model: Product Analysis, Price, Promotion And Distribution (Case Study at PT
Integrasia Utama)
Author : Mutiara Safitri Sulistiorini and Hapzi Ali Pages : 499-514
Livelihood Structures and Household Access to Drinking Water Sources in West Ungaran Sub-District
Semarang Regency Central Java Province Indonesia
Author : Puji Hardati dan Sunarko Pages : 515-524
Municipal Demarcation decision challenges on financial non-viability of the Vhembe District
Author : Promise Raseala and Londoloza Leo Luvuno Pages : 525-535
Employee Grievance Mediation Process: Rethinking its Modalities
Author : Paulus Hlongwane Pages : 537-549
How Has Consumer Education Influenced Pork Consumption In South Africa? Instrumental Variable
Regression Analysis
Author : Moses H Lubinga, Simphiwe Ngqangweni, Ndumiso Mazibuko, Abongile Balarane, Bonani
Nyhodo Pages : 551-561
Customer Care at the Casualty Department of Edenvale Regional Hospital in Gauteng Province
Author : Jabulani Khulikani Ancon Buthelezi and Buti Clement Lekonyane Pages : 563-582
Analysis of the Generic Skills as a Mechanism to Enhance Public Service Negotiations in the Public
Author : Londoloza Leo Luvuno Pages : 583-596
Innovation Diagnostic of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME): A Comparative Study of
Innovation Process of SMEs in Depok and Solo
Author : Retno Kusumastuti Pages : 597-605