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(Applicability General
Conditions lien etc
Conditions, etc. of
-Mahesh Rajoria,
{R.Ac.S. (Rtd.)}
Former FFinanciall Ad
Police Department,
PHQ ,Jaipur , Raj.

Rajasthan Service Rules 1951
y Rajpramukh of Raj., exercising power under the
proviso to Article 309 of the Constitution,
made these rules regarding conditions of
i off persons appointed
i t d to
t services
& posts in connection with the affairs of

Rule1: Short title & commencement-

-‘The Rajasthan Service Rules’
w e f 1 4 51’

Rule2: Extent of Applicability:-
Applicability:- these
apply to:
(i) To all persons appointed by Govt. on or after
7th April,1949.

(ii) To all persons appointed on or after the said

date to such posts/ services as a result of
i off the
h services
i off the
h Covenanting
C i
States , and
To all persons appointed to such posts
or services on the basis of contracts by Govt.
of Raj. or by Govt. of a Covenanting state.

Applicable:- These rules shall
Not Applicable:
not apply to-
y (a) officers on deputation from G.O.I or from Govt. of any state,
y (b)(i) the
h judges
j d off the
h high
hi h court&(ii)
&(ii) the
h officers
ffi & servants
of high - court who are covered under Article229(2).
y (c) Chairman & members of R.P.S.C.
y (d) members of AIS who are covered by Union Rules.
y (e) persons paid from contingencies.
y (f) to Work
Work- Charged employees.
y (g) persons for whom special or specific provision in respect
of any matter covered by these rules has been made

◦ (h) persons paid out of consolidated fund of state & who are at
the same time ‘Workmen’ as defined in section 2(s) of the
I d t i l Dispute
Industrial Di t Act
A t 1947’,and
1947’ d ‘Factories
‘F t i Act
A t 1948’.

General Conditions of Service
R- 8: All appointments on or after 20.1.2006 shall be made as
a probationer-Trainee for a period of 2 years. years She/he will
be paid fixed remuneration prescribed.
--Medical Officers --- one year.
After successful completion of probationer training, allowed
minimum pay in the pay scale will be allowed.
The period of probationer training shall not count for
grant of annual increment.
------------------- ------------------ -----------------
- where direct appointment is done for the entry posts higher
than State Services & where besides academic / professional
qualification, specific experience condition is also prescribed
appointment will be made on “probation” for –one year. Pay
off suchh G.S.will
G S ill also
l bbe protected.
t t d (F.12(6)FD/Rules/2005 Dated 23-
General Conditions of Service

Only12 Casual Leaves will be allowed during
Probation period .

- During Probation period EOL upto one month:

If leave(EOL) beyond one month,
month the of
Probation Period will be extended accordingly, if
granted by Competent Authority with concurrence
off F.D.

-Maternity Leaves, Paternity Leaves, Child Adoption
Leaves are allowed.

General Conditions of Service

-Provided further that a Govt. servant who is already

in regular service ,if appointed as PT for a period
off 2 years on or after
f 20.1.2006
20 1 2006 shall
h ll be
b allowed
ll d hi
his pay
scale or fixed remuneration whichever may be
beneficial to him.

Facilities(du Queries/
If PT already Details &ofopts
in service queries( vide
his pay scaleComments
of previous of FD(
ring prob. RIPA Letter-5533 Dt.17.07.2006) F.12(5)/FD/Rules/06
Period) Dt.30.8.2006.

(a) Leave (i)Whether he is entitled to his due Yes, but it has to be decided by
leave of his previous post. Competent Authority.
(ii) Whether he is entitled to earn As per Rule 122-A,he
122-A he will not
regular leave as per RSR . earn regular leave.
(iii) Casual Leaves. 12 CL in the FY. If in middle of
the yyear ,,then pproportionately.
p y
(b)Increments (i) Whether he is entitled to his due He is entitled to increments in
increments during prob. Pd. the existing pay .
(c)HRA Whether he is to HRA . If yes; at what He is entitled to HRA @ place
Rates i.e. Rates of Jaipur or place of of posting ;
earlier posting if he was posted in Jaipur, then
HRA of Jaipur.
(d) Joining Whether he is entitled to Joining Time Yes, only who has completed
Time &Joining Time pay. 3years; but those not
completed 3 years will get
Joining Time but not Joining
time Pay.

.R- 8 A: Age on Ist appointment: The minimum & maximum age for entry into
Government service shall ggenerallyy be 16 & 35 yyears respectively.
p y (5( yyears
relaxation in upper age given w.e.f.6-3-2012)
Note:- Minor ( less than 18 yrs) not to be appointed to a post requiring security.
Relaxations ffor limits in Upper
pp Age g :-
For- (1) women- - upto-42 years.

(2) SC/ST - --5

5 years extra.

(3) ‘reservist’ of Indian Armed Forces - -upto-50 years.

Change of Name: Govt. servant wishing to change his name or to adopt a

new name
-- by a deed changing his name
--deed should be attested by two witnesses known to Head of Office.
-- by publication of change in a prominent local newspaper & Rajasthan
Rajpatra at his own expenses.
--After these (above) formalities, the adoption of new name/change in name
should be recognized officially & record may be amended accordingly. 9
Recording of Date of Birth
The date of birth of a Govt. servant should invariably be
mentioned in the appointment order issued at the time of
entry into Govt. service for the first time on the basis of-
((i)) Matriculation/Secondaryy certificate or Diploma
recognized by Govt.
(ii) Secondary/ Hr. Secondary School certificate.
(iii) In absence of above , certificate issued by Panchayat
(iv) In case of non-availability of above said certificates, the
date of birth (age) declared by the applicant at the time of first
appointment may be accepted (Procedure as per GF&AR 132
be followed)
(v)In case of work-charged employee (in case of
Conversion from ‘Work charged’ to ‘regular’ the date of birth
recorded in the record at the time of first appointment in
work charged post shall be accepted.
.The date of birth recorded in the Service Book/roll shall be accepted by the Govt.
finally as it is, irrespective of the basis or authority on which it was entered.

The date of birth recorded as above shall not be changed even by Adm.Deptt.

If any genuine case , proposal be sent for prior approval of F. D.

R- 9: Production of Medical Certificate for appointment ::- No appointment

without a Medical certificate of health.
-Govt. can exempt any class of Govt. servant of specified class.
- Medical certificate be submitted to audit along with the first bill of the

R-11: Medical Certificate be signed by a M.O. of the rank of a D M H O, but

in case of woman candidate, C A may accept certificate signed by Medical

R-12: Govt. Servants exempted from Production of Medical
(1) A G.
G SS. recruited
i d through
h h a examination
i i & whoh hhad
already undergone Medical examination.

(2) A G S. in in temporary vacancy for less than 3 months.

(3) IV class
l in
i Temporary
T Vacancy
V for
f less
l than
h 6 months.

(4) A Temporary G. S. who has already been medically

examined in one office & transferred to other office;

(5) A Physically handicapped recruited in this category .

R- 13: Fundamental Conditions of Service: -
The whole time of a Govt. servant is at the disposal of the Govt.

He may be employed in any manner required by proper

authority, without claim for additional remuneration.

R-14: (a) Two or more G.S. can not be appointed substantively to the
same permanent posts at the same time.
(b) A G. S. can not be appointed substantively except as a
temporary measure, to two or more permanent posts at the same
(c ) A Govt. servant can not be appointed substantively to a post
on which another Govt. servant holds a lien.

R-15: Lien: A Govt. servant on a substantive appointment to any

permanent post acquires a lien on that post & ceases to hold any lien
previously acquired on any other post.

R-16:- Unless his lien is suspended/transferred , a G.S. holding substantively a
permanent post retains a lien on that post-
WHILE- ( ) performing
f i the
h d
i off that
h post
(b) on foreign service or holding a temporary post , or officiating in
another post
(c) during joining time on transfer to another post
(d) on leave
(e) under suspension.
R-17: Suspension of Lien:
(a) G. S. shall suspend the lien, if he is appointed in a substantive capacity-
(i) to a tenure post;
(ii) provisionally to a post on which another G. S. would hold a lien.
((b)) Govt. mayy at their option
p suspend
p the lien of a G.S., if-
- he is deputed out of India or
-transferred to foreign service, or
i ttransferred
f d iin an officiating
ffi i ti capacity,
it tto a postt in
i another
th cadre
d ,ifif th
there iis
reason to believe that he will remain absent on which he holds a lien for a period
of not less than 3 years. 14
(c) If a Govt. servant’s lien on a post is suspended , the post may
be filled substantively, and the G.S. appointed to hold it
substantively shall acquire a lien on it; --provided
provided that the
arrangement shall be reversed as soon as the suspended lien

Note: This type of appointment will be termed as provisional


R- 18: Termination of Lien:

(a) A Govt. servant’s lien on a post shall not be terminated
even if with his consent ((exception
p - chairman RPSC &
(b) A Govt . servants lien on a post stands terminated on his
acquiring a lien on a permanent post outside his cadre on
which he was borne.
Principles Governing the Supernumerary Post:
(i) A supernumerary post is normally created to accommodate the
lien of an officer who is entitled to hold a lien against a regular
permanent post, but due to non-availability of a regular permanent
post, cannot have his lien against such a post.
(ii) It is a shadow post – no duties attached to it. it The officer
performs duties of another post.
(iii) It would not lead to an excess of working cadre strength.
( ) IIt is permanent post created
(iv) d tillll the
h officer
ff is absorbed
b b d in regular
permanent post.
(v) It is personal to the officer. No officiating arrangements.
(vi) No extra financial commitment is involved.

(a) Court decision,
(b ) factual error,
(c) mis -application or non-compliance of rules in the process of
R-20- Transfer of G.S.: Govt. may transfer a Govt. Servant from
one post to another; But he can not be transferred to a post
carrying less pay off permanent post on which he holds a lien
((i)) on inefficiencyy or misbehavior or
(ii) own written request.

R 21 Subscription
S b i i to a Provident
P id F d or Life
Fund Lif Insurance:
G. S. is required to subscribe in S.I . & GPF. Or/and
New Pension Scheme.
R-21A: A G.S. is required to subscribe to R S P M C S.

R 21B in GPF including

R-21B: l d crediting
d any installment
ll off D.A.

R- 21C: A Pensioner/family pensioner may be required to deposit

the arrear of pension/family pension & D. Relief to GPF , if Govt.
orders so. 17
R- 22: Condition for drawing Pay & allowances
(Pay & allowances, if joining in the forenoon – from the same
(Pay & Allowances, if joining in the afternoon –from next date)
(a) Competent Authority to accept Resignation – appointing
(b) circumstances to accept:
(i) after alternative arrangement,if Govt. servant engaged on
important work,
(ii) if under suspension ,with reference to the merit of
disciplinary case – except grave delinquency (moral
t it d & charges
turpitude h off removall or di
i l iis envisaged
i d ),
(iii) deposited the amount of penalty in the bond executed.
((c ) Date when resignation
g become effective: Competent
Authority to decide.
(d) Authority Competent can permit withdrawal of resignation but:
(i) Not after date of acceptance,

(ii) Resignation be accepted after ‘No Dues Certificate’.

(iii) Temporary G. S. will be required by CA to give notice.

R- 22A: (1) Where on appointment a G.S. (gazetted) is required to

undergo training for a specified period before assuming post,
g and takes another employment
p y duringg trainingg or within
two years after such training,
shall refund emolument paid to him during Training and other
expenses incurred
i d on training
i i (excluding
( l di TA&DA).
Provided, no such refund, if the training will be useful in new
(Govt./semi Govt.)appointment .
-But in such case, a fresh bond .
R- 22B: If a G S deputed for training of 3 months & more, the
provisions of Rule 22A, will apply to him
Period of Training Period to serve
Exceeding 3 months but upto 6 months One Year
Exceeding 6 months Two years
R-23: leave –
(1) ((a)) N
No lleave exceeding
d 5 years.
(b) If he remains on leave after 5 years, does not assume duty after
leave, be removed from service under CCA Rules
(2) If he remains absent without leave & does not join after leave
action under 86 RSR.
R 23A: (1)(a) Notice for termination of service of a temporary
employee:- one month notice in writing is required.
(b) Service may be terminated forthwith but Govt. servant
is entitled
l d to claim
l one monthsh ((period
d falls
f ll short
h off 1 month)
h) pay &
allowances at the same rates which he was immediately drawing.
(2) A temporary Govt. who has served for 3 years, notice of 3
months be given if he satisfies qualifications prescribed. (Both
If not notice i.e. immediately,
y, then 3 months’ p
(or pay for the period which falls short of 3 months)

GRD: - RSR 23A does not provide for the forfeiture of pay &
allowances in lieu of notice, when the employee
p y does not
give the notice.

- Appointing
A i i authority
h i may refuse
f resignation,
i i if suitable
i bl
substitute is not available.
- On mutual consent authority y can reduce the period
p of
notice, if suitable arrangement has been made.
Chapter V – Addition to Pay
Rule 42: Govt. may grant such allowances to the Govt. Servant and may make rules prescribing
their amounts and the conditions.

Rule 43: (a) Govt. may give permission for undertaking work and acceptance of fees, if this can
be done without detriment to his official duties & responsibilities, to perform a specified
services for a private person or body or a public body.

Rule 43: (b) Sanction of Competent Authority is necessary for acceptance of a fee.

Rule 43: (c) Circumstances in which honorarium can be granted-

except when Special reasons which should be recorded in writing for departure from this
sanction to the grant or acceptance of honorarium should not be given unless work has
been undertaken with the prior consent of Govt. and its amount has been settled in advance.
In special cases relating to members of ministerial; staff, however, where extra-ordinary only
working hours have to be observed for a considerable period in exceptional circumstances,
honoraria are sometimes sanctioned by Govt. on a matter of recognized practice. But this
does not apply to gazetted officers.

- Guidelines for granting honoraria:
( ) No honorarium is admissible for temporary
(i) p y increase in work which are normal incident
of work & form part of legitimate duties of Govt. servant.
(ii) No honorarium to perform duties of another sanctioned post in addition to his duties.
- Honorarium may be sanctioned in following cases:
(i) For dealing with Assembly Question during assembly session in HOD and AD offices only.
(ii) For preparation of Budget in F.D. only.
(iii) For attending to the Conference work organized at Govt. level/State level by HOD.
(iv) For attending work of Republic Day and Independence day at State level or at district
(v) For attending bills to be prescribed to Treasury in the second fortnight of March.
(vi) Fixation work by Treasury staff/office of A.Os
A Os (within six months).
(vii) Floating of public loan by F.D. (within 8 months).
(viii) Sudden natural calamities.
(ix) Visit to President or Prime Minister
(x) Drives for recovery of Govt. dues (for 2 months.)

Rule 43 (d): Reasons for grant to be recorded (both for fee & honoraria) in writing that due
regard been paid to Rule 13 & to justify the grant.
Govt. servant who is called to undertake work in connection with examinations of following
bodies be ppermitted to acceptp remuneration:-
(i) Universities of Rajasthan
(ii) RPSC & DPSC
(iii) HCM RIPA
(iv) Other State Govt. departments & GOI examinations & other related works.

Rule 44: Govt. has power to frame Separate Rules to regulate acceptance of fees by Medical

Rule 47: When fees should be credited to Govt.:

One third of any fees in excess of Rs.400/- or, if a recurring of Rs.250/- a year, paid to Govt.
servant shall
h ll bbe credited
d d in GGovt. (27
8 1965)

Rule 48: Payments of following can be accepted without Special permission:
(i) the premium for essay/plan in public competition.
(ii) reward for arrest of criminal, or for information or special service w.e.f. the admn. of
(iii) any reward in accordance with provisions of any act/rule/regulation
(iv) any reward admn. of customs and excise laws.
(v) any fee which is required to perform in his official capacity under any special law or order
of Govt.
(vi) Cash prizes awarded by Govt. to Govt. servant under RCS (Grant of award & Merit
Certificate) Rule 1973.

Govt. servant can be broadcast on AIR if such broadcasts are purely literary, artistic or
scientific character of Family Welfare, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Cooperative, Panchayati
Raj & Rural Development no permission is required to receive the honorarium.

Rule 49: Prohibition against obtaining patent-right for invention made by the Govt. servant
employed in research work, Save with the permission of Govt. and in accordance with
conditions as Govt
Govt. may impose.

Chapter- VI
Combination of Appointments

Rule 50: Combination of appointments:-

(1) Govt. may appoint a Govt. servant to hold substantively, as a temporary measure
or to officiate in two independent posts at any one time His pay shall be regulated
as follows:
(i) The highest pay to which he is entitled if his appointment to one of the posts
stood alone may be drawn on account of tenure of that
(ii) for the other post he will draw such reasonable pay but not exceeding 3% of
the presumptive pay.
((iii)) Compensatory
p y and other allowances ppayable

(2) The period of the combination of appointment shall in no case continue more than
6 months. After 6 months the post will be kept in abeyance.
GRD – Date of Creation of Post:-
The date of effect of newly created post would be the date w.e.f. which the post
created is first filled on a full time basis.
No officiating pay allowances prior to that date.

Chapter- VII
D t ti outt off India
I di
Rule 51: Pay & allowances of Govt. servant on deputation out of India to be regulated
accordingg to Central Rules:
F.R.51 (1) When Govt. servant is deputation out of India either in connection with
his post or any special duty, he may be allowed the same pay which he would have
drawn had he remained on duty in India.
A Govt.
G servant on deputation
d i may alsol beb granted
d Compensatory
C allowance
ll in
i a
foreign country as the President thinks fit.

Govt. servant sent on deputation out of India to perform any Govt. function
(seminar etc.) is treated on duty. Similarly Govt. servant sent to participate in
Training programmes will draw pay which he would have been drawn the same pay
h d hhe remained
had i d on hishi duty.
d t
HRA:- Same as he was drawing before deputation
Recovery of rent as he was drawing before deputation.

Chapter- VIII
Dismissal, Removal and Suspension
R- 52: Stoppage of pay & allowances from the date of dismissal (Procedure
GF&AR 164).
R- 53: Subsistence Grant-
(i) A G.
G SS. under
d suspension
i shall
h ll bbe entitled
titl d tto:
(a) Subsistence allowance at an amount equal to leave salary on half
pay & D.A. based on such salary.
Provided C.A. should be competent to vary subsistence allowance
after 6 months-
(i) can be increased not exceeding to 50% of the subsistence allowance, if
in his opinion, the period of Suspension has been prolonged for the
reasons not attributable to Govt. servant.

(ii) can be reduced to 50% of the subsistence allowance, if in his opinion,

the period of Suspension has been prolonged for the reasons not
tt ib t bl tto G Govt.
t servant.
(iii) D.A. will also be increased/decreased according to (i) & (ii) above.
(b) Any other Compensatory allowances admissible which he was
in receipt at the time of Suspension as per conditions thereof.
(i) Govt. servant should furnish a certificate that is not engaged in
any other employment
employment, business,
business profession or vocation.
(ii) his Subsistence allowance cannot be stopped, even if Govt.
servant left Head Quarter without obtaining prior permission. The
ll A Authority
h can initiate another
h enquiry under d CCA for f
Rule 54: Re-installment: ((i)) the Controllingg Authorityy to order that
the reinstalment shall consider and make a specific order –
(a) regarding the pay & allowances to be paid to the Govt. servant
for such period.
(b) Whether or not the said period shall be treated as a period
spent on duty.

(2) If Govt. servant is fully exonerated, in case of suspension is found fully unjustified,
the Govt. servant shall be given full pay & D.A.
The period of absence from duty will treated as period spent on duty for all purposes.

(3)In other cases, Govt. servant shall be given such proportion of such pay &
allowances, as C.A. prescribe.
In such cases C.A. will specify whether the period of absence from duty such
period shall be treated on duty or not (Leave may be converted)

(4) If punishment order does not indicate anything about counting for the purpose
of pension period, if it shall be counted for the purpose of pension.

(i) The reviewing or appellate authority is competent to convert the period spent
under suspension into one of Leaves & payment of Leave salary.

(ii) If a Govt. servant who is dismissed or removed from service is re-instated
on appeal and the interval between days of dismissal/removal and re-
instatement is ordered to be treated as spent on duty and allowed to
count for leave & increments, such order shall have effect.

R- 55: Leave may not be granted to a Govt.

Govt servant under suspension
GRD – in such situation, permission to leave Head Quarter may be
given by Controlling Authority, for reasonable period in unavoidable

R-55A: Leave shall not be granted to Govt. servant whom Competent

Punishing Authority had decided to dismiss, remove or Compulsory retire
from Govt. service.

Chapter- IX
Compulsory Retirement
R 56 The
Th date
d off C
l retirement off a Govt.
G servant would
be the afternoon of the last day of the month in which he attains
the age
g of 60 years.

(i) A Govt. servant whose date of birth is the Ist of a month shall
retire from service in the afternoon of the last day of the
preceding month of 60 years.

( ) In case the last dayy of the month happens

(2) pp to be closed holiday,
even then, Govt. servant should relinquish the charge of the office
in afternoon of that day.

Chapter – X

General Condition of Leave

R-57: Leave is earned by y duty.
y Period of Foreign
g Service counts,, if
contribution towards Pension Contribution is paid for this period.

R- 58: (a) employment (leave count at the discretion of authority

sanctioning) ,if re-employment or
(b) on re-instatement on appeal or revision (entitled to
count) his former service towards leave.

R- 59: Leave cannot be claimed a right. It can be refused/revoked.

But nature of leave allied by GS cannot be changed by CA.

R- 60: Leaves commence (on the day on which transfer
off charge
h iis effected)
ff t d) and
d end
d (on
( which
hi h charge
h iis

R- 60A: GS must record the address at which letters

will find him during leave (subsequent changes be

R- 61:Combination of holidays y (prefixes

(p and
suffixes) may be allowed provided that-
(a) No involvement of handing over or taking
over securities or moneys.
(b) No change of Head Quarter of another
Govt. servant involved.
( ) does
(c) d not effect
ff corresponding
d delay
d l to
another GS.
R- 63: The consequential arrangement takes effect when
holidays combined with leave :-
GRD:-For the purpose of above rule holidays (prefix & suffix)
to leave should be included in computing the period of dual
Non-acceptance of employment on leave
Note:This rule does not apply to casual literary work, to
service as an examiner & similar ;nor on Medical Officers if
takes prescribed fee.

R- 66: Recall from Leave: Order recalling a G.S. from

leave before expiry of his leave should clearly state
whether it is compulsory or optional. If it is compulsory,
he is entitled to be treated as on duty from the date he
starts for the station to which he is ordered .
R-68: G. S. before transfer to Foreign Service should
be acquainted with its leave rules which will regulate
his leave during such service.

R-69: Application for leave by GS in Foreign Service

h ld submit
b i allll applications
li i (not
( exceeding
di 120
days) through his employer to CA.

R-70:Medical certificate for gazetted officer: Before a

gazetted G.S.
G S can be granted leave on Medical
certification, he must obtain a certificate in the
prescribed form.

R-74: (i) A Gazetted G.S. may be granted leave by the Competent
A h i for
Authority f a period
i d off not exceeding
di 60 days
d on the h basis
b i off
Medical Certificate given by authorized Medical attendant .
((ii)) More than 60 days’
y leave mayy be ggranted on the basis of Medical
certificate given by a Medical Officer of or above the rank of CMHO.
(iii) In indoor patient under charge of not below CMHO, leave for
h i li i shall
hospitalization h ll bbe sanctioned
i d bby C
lli A Authority.
h i

Note:Authorized Medical Attendant – as per RCS (Medical

Attendance) Rules 2008/Medical Claim Scheme on & after 1.1.2011/
Private authorized Medical Hospital.

R-75-Medical certificate does not confer right to leave ;it should
be forwarded to C.A.

R-76: Leave on medical certificate to Non-gazetted Govt. servant –

Application accompanied with Medical certificate from RMP, if Govt.
Medical Officer/Vaidhya / is not sanctioned at the place where he falls

R-77:Leave on Medical certificate to class IV Govt. servant –

Controlling Authority can accept such certificate it may deem

R-78: Medical certificate to Govt. servant who is unfit to return to

duty – certificate should not be given but – it should be recorded
that Govt. servant is permanently unfit to Govt. service.
Section II

R- 80: Priorityy of claims to leave,, in case all applications

pp of leave cannot be ggranted-
(a) Govt. servant can best be spared
(b) amount of leave due to various applicants
( ) character
(c) h off applicants
li since
i last
l returned
d ffrom lleave
(d) fact – that applicant was compulsorily recalled from his leave.
((e)) fact – that applicant
pp has been refused last.

R-81: Grant of leave to a Govt. servant who is unlikely to be fit to return to duty –
not be refused but granted –
(a) if he never be returned – 12 months
(b) if he is declared permanently & completely incapacitate for further service not
di 6 months th bbeyond
d th
the d
t off M
di l authority‘s
th it ‘ report. t

R-82:Leave not admissible to Govt. servant who ought to be dismissed from service for
misconduct and general incapacity.

R-83: Certificate of fitness to return to duty.
R-86:Absence after expiry of leave:
(1) A Govt. servant who is absent from duty without leave or before leave
sanctioned by Controlling Authority shall be treated to have remained willfully
absent from duty; it may be treated interruption of service involving of past
i unless
l regularized
l i d by
b grant off lleave to or commutedd iin EOL by
Controlling Authority.
(2) (a) A Govt. servant remain absent from duty after expiry of sanctioned leave
or after
f communication off refusal
f l off extension off leave
l is not entitled
l d to pay &

(b) it (above) renders to a Govt. servant liable to disciplinary action.

(3) Disciplinary authority may initiate D.E. under CCA who willfully remains
absent for a p
period of exceedingg one month; if charge
g proved,
p he mayy be
removed from service.

(4) Govt
Govt. servant remaining willfully absent from duty for a continuous period
exceeding 5 years (other than on foreign service) shall be deemed to be resigned.

R-87: Applicability: These rules apply only to G. S. holding

permanent post in a substantive capacity.
(except in so far as they are expressly apply to temporary Govt.

R- 87B: (i) Leave Accounts of gazetted Govt. servant shall be

maintained by authorities who keep service books.
((ii)) Leave Accounts of non-gazetted
g Govt. servant will be
maintained by Head of Office where he is employed

R 88 C bi ti Any A kikind
d off lleave may be
b granted
t d in
combination or in continuation of any other kind of leave.

Section. II – Privilege Leave etc.
R-91: Privilege Leave(PL)(1)
((a)) A Govt. servant temporary/
p y permanent
p shall be entitled to PL of
= 30 days
Temporary G.S. will get after he has completed one year.
(b) For R.A.C. (other than I.P.S.) on deputed to India Reserve Battalion or on border
= 42 days
(c ) P.L. can be accumulated up to a maximum of 300 days.

(2)(a) (i) PL A/C shall be credited

credited, in ad
ance in two
t installments off 15 days
da s (21 da
dayss R
A C ) on
n Ist
Jan. and on Ist July of every cal. yr.

Provided that PL on the last dayy of Dec./June

J is 300days
y or less but more than 285/279(RAC) ( ),
advance credit of 15/21 days PL shall be made on 1 day of Jan./July and Leave a/c of such adv.

PL shall be kept separately & against which PL taken by the GS during the half year shall first
be adjusted during that ½ year & balance ,if any, shall be credited to the leave a/c at the end of
½ yyear subject
j to the condition that balance PL(such
( Adv. PL + PL alreadyy at credit)) do not
exceed 300 days.
(Notification. F.1(4)FD/Rules/98 Dt.12.12.12.)

(ii) un-availed joining time up to a maximum of 15 days shall be credited in PL..
(b) If G. S. remains of E.O.L.. deduction shall be made @ 10thperiod of E.O.L.
bj t tto Maximum
M i Limit
Li it off 15 days/21days
d /21d (RAC) d during
i th
thatt hhalflf year.
Monthly credit :-
(i) Govt. servant who is entitled to 30 days in a year 2½ days a month
(ii) R.A.C.
R A C 42 days 3½ days a month
(ii) Staff of Court 12 days 1 day a month

(3) Maximum of 120 days P.L. may be granted at a time. But for treatment of T.B.,
Leprosy or cancer or mental disease in a recognized Hospital/ Sanatorium
maximum Limit is 300.

R- 91 A: (i)A govt. servant may, on surrender P.L. not exceeding 15 days once in a
financial year, be granted leave encashment.
(ii) No
N encashment
h t off 15 d
days tto T
Temporary G
S unless
l hhe hhas completed
l t d one year off
(iii) Application for this encashment within that financial year.

Rule 91 B: (1)Cash Payment in Lieu of unutilized P./L. on date of Retirement:- A G.
S. on retirement on superamuation, invalid, or retirement pension under Rule
50 & 53
53, shall be paid cash equivalent to leave salary for unutilized due P.L.
PL upto
300 days.
Note:Above encashment not applicable for G.S. compulsorily retired as a
measure of penalty (CCA).
(2) encashment shall be paid Lump sum in one time settlement.
(3) equal to Leave Salary + DA.
(4) No Compensatory Allowance and HRA.

(5)Head of Office is competent to grant leave encashment.

(6) If service extended, then after extended time.
(7) Authority competent to grant leave may withhold whole or part of cash of
PL on attaining
P.L. tt i i th
the age off retirement,
ti t while
hile Go
t servant
ser ant under
suspension/disciplinary /criminal proceedings are pending against
GRD: Order
GRD O d off encashment
h t on retirement
ti t may be
b issued
i d one month
th in
advance but payment date of retirement be mentioned.
If any change, the revision accordingly. 44
R-91 C:
On death of Govt.
Govt servant,
servant the encashment (as above)
may be paid to the widow/children of the deceased .

R- 92: In Vacation Department where G S. avails full vacation,

will get –
(i) For
F tteaching
hi staff
t ff – 15 days
d P.L.
PL in
i a calendar
l d year shall
h ll
be credited immediately after expiry of every calendar year.
((ii)) 1¼ monthlyy credit

(b) If in any calendar year, officer does not avail of full

vacation (he is prevented to avail by C.A.) 15 days PL
admissible to him. (15 proportion to No. of days of vacation)

R-93 (1):- Admissibility of Half Pay Leave and Commuted Leave:
(a) G. S. is entitled to H.P.L. of 20 days in respect of each completed year.
(b) HPL can bbe granted
d on Medical
M di l Certificate
C ifi or on private
i affairs.
ff i

(2) Commuted Leave: (i) Commuted leave not exceeding half of HPL on Medical
C ifi

(a) Twice the number of days shall be debited to HPL due,

(b) Competent Authority is satisfied that G.S. will return to duty (possibility).
(ii) HPL upto 180 days may be allowed to be commuted without medical
certificate for an approved course of study.

(3) Leave not due: may be grant to a Govt. servant in permanent employment.
(a) Sanctioning authority is satisfied that there is reasonable prospects of the Govt.
servant returning to duty on its expiry.

(b) LND shall be limited to HPL he is likely to earn thereafter.
(c ) Maximum 360 days in entire service (out of which 90 days
at a time & 180 days in all may be otherwise than on Medical
(d) LND shall be debited against HPL, the Govt. servant will earn

(4) Temporary G.S. regularly appointed as per Recruitment Service

Rules, shall on completion of 3 years be entitled to Commuted
Leave & LND.
(5) Leave salary will not be recovered where a Govt. servant (for
CL/LND) dies or retires on invalid pension.
In other cases (resignation,V.R., removal, dismissal) recovery shall
be made.

R- 94: Admissibility of Terminal Leave: Terminal leave to the extent of
P.L. not exceeding 300 days can be sanctioned at the discretion of
C. A.

For the following G.S. on termination of his service:-

(a) On a/c of abolition of Post before attaining the retirement age,
(b ) unqualified temporary G.S. who have to vacate post for
qualified ones.
( ) whose
(c) h services
i to bbe di
d with
i h as a matter off Adm.
Convenience as an alternate to initiate disciplinary proceeding .

(d) Temporary G . S. who resigns on his own, may on discretion of

S.A. to be granted T. leave not exceeding half of the amount of P.L.
(maximum 150 days).

R-94 A: Vacation count as duty not as leave.
p is the deptt./post
GRD: Vacation Deptt. p p of deptt. p Where
Govt. servant are permitted to be absent from duty during

R-95: Privilege Leave to a temporary employee appointed

substantively to permanent post without interruption in duty
will be credited with the leave a/c of the Govt.servant, as if he
had been in permanent post.

R- 96 (a): Extra-Ordinary Leave (E.O.L): in Special circumstances:
(i) When no other leave by rule is admissible, or
(ii) when other leave is admissible,
admissible but Govt
Govt. servant applies in
((b)) For Temporary
p y Govt. Servant Less than 3 yyear service -3
months (in ordinary) and 18 months in TB/Leprosy etc. for
treatment. E.O.L. may be converted into half Pay Leave

GRD: ((i)) 24 months EOL can be ggranted byy AD for the purpose
p p for
studies to a permanent G.S. and Leave beyond 24 months with
the concurrence of F.D.
(ii) Fitness
Fit certificate
tifi t iis required,
i d if EOL ttaken
k on M Medical
di l
ground (TB etc.)
R- 97: Leave Salary admissible for Leaves:

(1) G.S. on P.L./ Commuted leave is entitled to leave salary – equal to the
pay .

Special Pay i.e. dual duty pay shall not be allowed.

(2) An Officer on HPL & LND will get half the amount of salary (maximum
of Rs.23000/-).
Provided that this limit(23000) shall not apply
apply, if EOL on Medical
certificate or for pursuing study.

(4) On
O L th
the G
S iis nott entitled
titl d tto any lleave salary.

GRD: persons appointed temporary on teaching side on or before 31st

December against clear vacancy will get pay for vacation subject to the
condition that he joins within one month during next session.

R- 99: Special Disability Leaves are admissible: to G. S. who is disabled by

i j
injury iintentionally
t ti ll iinflicted
fli t d or caused d iin or iin consequence off th
the d due
performance of the official duty, or election duty.
Note: (i) Disability should be manifested itself within 3 months of
occurrence (Govt(Govt. can relax this condition in Special cases).
(ii) Period of Leave should be such as certified by Medical Board. up
to 24 months.
(ii) If more than 24 months for in consequence of any one disability.disability
Leave Salary during SDL shall be-
(a) for First 120 days (IV class 60 days) on full salary.
(b) For
F remaining i i period,
i d on half
h lf the
th salary,
If G. S. ‘s opts, for a period of not exceeding the period of PL which would
th i be b admissible
d i ibl to t him,
hi tot average pay (in (i thi
this case half
h lf off th
period of such Leave would be debited to his PL a/c).

p In case of Police force who remains in Govt.
hospital for treatment of injury received in encounter with
dacoits on full salary.
F the
For th remaining
i i periodi d off leave,
l he
h would
ld be
b entitled
titl d to
t as
(a) & (b) above.

R-100: The amount of leave salary will be reduced by the

amount of Compensation paid for disability.

R 102 Govt.
G may extend d the
h application
li i off this
hi provision
i i to a
Govt. servant who is disabled by injury accidentally incurred
in or in consequence of the due performance of his duties.
(certified by Medical Board).
Maternity Leave
R-103:Maternity Leave:- may be granted to a female G.S. (temporary
or permanent) with less than two surviving children up to a period
of 180 days. Once more ML may be granted , if there is no
surviving child even after availing it twice.
¾ She will be entitled to leave salary equal to pay immediately before
proceeding on leave.
¾ Entryy of ML in the Service Book will be made separately.
p y

Note: Maternity Leave will also be granted in case of miscarriage

including abortion either once or twice to total of 6 weeks during
the entire service on Medical Certificate.

R 103 A:
A Paternity
P t it Leave
L – 15 d
days (f
(for ttwo ti
times Child
Children)) d
confinement of his wife to 3 months after child birth.

R-103 B:-Child Adoption
p Leave:-

CAD may be granted to a female Govt. servant, with less than two
surviving children, on valid adoption of a child below the age of one year.

-up to a period of 180 days immediate after the date of valid adoption.

Sh shall
h ll be
b paid
id salary
l equall to the
h pay drawn
d immediately
i di l before
b f leave.

C A L will not be debited against the leave account. Entry in Service

Book will be made separately.

R 104: Maternity Leave and C A L may be combined with any other kind
of leave.

R- 105:Hospital
p Leave:- C.A. mayy ggrant Hospital
p Leave to Class IV. &
ministerial and subordinate G.S. whose pay is less than (Rs.12000) and
whose duties involve handling of dangerous machinery, explosive
materials, poisonous drugs etc. or the performance of hazardous tasks. If
injury due to the risks occurred in course of their duties.

R 106: Leave Salary during Hospital Leave) -full
full salary or half salary and for
such period as C.A. may consider necessary.

Note:Any amount paid to Govt

Govt. servant as Compensation as per law will
be reduced from the amount payable as leave salary.

R-108: Any other type of Leaves may be combined with Hospital leaves.


R-109: Study Leave Applicability : -to study leave only

- not to G.S.
G S sent/reputed to other countries /places for
performance of their special duties or for investigating any technical
scientific problems.
R 110 (1) Admissible to permanent G.S. to pursue course of
study/investigation necessary in the public interest.
Ordinarily not be granted to G.S. who has completed 20 years of
service or more.

(2) To Temporary G.S. who has completed 3 years service and his
appointment was made by C.A. in accordance with rules.

(3) Temporary G.S. (above 3 years service) but not covered in sub-rule (2)
above, be ordinarily granted EOL for two years of study is in public interest.
Note: Diploma holders (Engineers) may be granted S.L. for 24 months in
addition to other kinds of leave to obtain a degree. If other kinds of leave
not due, then EOL.

R-112: (1)(i) Grant of Study Leave will be certified by C. A. that study
is in the interest of working of the department/service.

- A period of ordinary of 12 months at time be regards


(ii) in the entire period of service 24 months(3years for

Medical Officers). For more period, may be combined with other
kinds of leave but not exceeding 28 months, otherwise EOL.

(2) Study Leave is Extra leave and Leave salary as per 97 (2) i.e. half.

R- 114: Special Leave sanctioned to study but subsequently Govt.

servant finds that his studyy leave will fall short, the C.A..’s assent
should be taken for ordinary leave.
R-117: Govt. may prescribe the rate of study allowance, for study & for tour, exams

R-119: Fee for course of Study: G.S. who are granted study leave are ordinary
required to meet the cost of fee paid for the course of study.
In exceptional cases, the Govt. will be prepared to consider proposal of fee from

GRD: Govt. servant may be permitted to retain in addition to his salary, any
scholarship or stipend awarded to him from non-Government sources.
- then, cost of fee study allowance payable will not be paid by Govt.

- in special case if the Stipend/scholarship is less, than the difference between the
amount can be b granted. d

R-120: On completion of course, a certificate in proper form along with certificates

off examinations passed
d or off speciall study
d bbe fforwarded
d d to G

R-121: Study Leave will be counted as service for promotion and pension.

R-121: Execution of Bond to serve the state after training is as under:-

Period of Training Period of Bond
3 months One year
6 months Two years
One year Three years
Two years & more Five years

GRD: In case of not serving for the period of bond as above, double the
amount of leave salary, study allowance and the cost of fees and Cost of
Travelling and other expenses should be got refunded from Govt.
Govt servant
Rolaxation :- No such refund required if Training is in the opinion of Govt. is
Likely to prove useful in new (Govt semi- Govt) appointment also.

Section VII – Leave to Probationers & Apprentices

R- 122: Leave may be granted to Probationers as per rules, if he held

his post substantively otherwise than on probation.

R-122 A: (i) A Probationer Trainee shall earn no leave during the

period of probation.

(ii) Maternity Leave shall be granted to PT as per Rule103 and


R- 123: Leave to Apprentices may be granted on Medical certificate

or EOL on terms & conditions applicable to temporary G.S.

Section VIII – Leave Earned by
y Part Time Service

R-124: Leave to part time G.S. (Lecturers in Educational Institutions and Law Officers)
– who hold ppost carrying
y g a definite rate of pay
p y but whose whole time is not
retained for Govt. service may be granted:-
(a) Leave of full pay for vacation, such leave will be counted as duty
(b) Leave on H.P. (HPL) not more than 3 months only in service after 6 years of
(c ) On Medical certificate HPL upto 2 months at a time
(d) On the conditions of EOL Rule 96.

R-125: These leave may be combined with Leave under any other clause.

R 126: A Govt.
Govt servant remunerated by honoraria or daily wages may be granted leave
on the terms laid down in Rules 124 & 125(above).