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Narrowing Down the Signi cators

If the Birth or Horary Chart indicates more than three or four signi cators with respect to the matter that is being
judged, unimportant signi cators may be eliminated with the assistance of the Ruling Planets (/kp-the-question--the-
ruling-planets.html). Jot down the Ruling Planets (RP's) of the moment when you begin the process of analysing and
judging the Horoscope.

The common planets between the signi cators (of the matter/event to be judged) and the RP's may be considered as the
nal signi cators, and the rest may be eliminated.

1. An event happens during the joint period (Mahadasha, Bhukti, Pratyantardasha, Sookshma Dasa) of the
signi cators of the houses under consideration.
2. In cases where the signi cators of the houses under consideration exceed more than four, the unimportant
signi cators should be eliminated as under:

    Preference should be given to Rahu or Ketu if it represents any signi cator.

    The planet whose Sub Lord is the signi cator of the house detrimental to the house or houses under
consideration, should be eliminated rst.

 3.  The order of the period rulers becomes xed according to the sign position of the Moon at the time of birth in each
case (Vimshottari Dasha). So one cannot avoid this. So if the period ruler is in any manner connected with the matter of
the house under consideration, or if it is the chief governor of the matter under consideration, it is to be considered as
an important signi cator of the matter under consideration. 

To view the larger Chart Image accompanying this tutorial, please click on KP Chart for Bhatt's Horoscope 1
(/uploads/6/3/5/1/6351146/kp_chart_for_bhatts_horoscope_1.jpg) or the link below.

 KP Chart for Bhatt's Horoscope 1 (/uploads/6/3/5/1/6351146/kp_chart_for_bhatts_horoscope_1.jpg)

Longevity of Native's Mother

As Ketu represents Moon, omit Moon and retain Ketu. As Sun's Sub Lord, Saturn, occupies the rst house of the
Mother, omit it. So Ketu, Venus, and Rahu become the nal signi cators of the Badhaka and Maraka houses as
counted from the 4th for the native's Mother.

The native's Mother died on November 1, 1923 during the joint period of Ketu, Venus, and Rahu.

Marriage (/uploads/6/3/5/1/6351146/marriage_word_ le.jpg)

Moon is in the sub of the Sun which is posited in the 6th, so omit the Moon.

Mercury, Ketu, Rahu, and Jupiter are in the sub Rahu which is posited in the 2nd and is signi cator of the 7th, so retain

It may be noted that the native passed the periods of Mercury and Ketu in his childhood. The period of Rahu will start
in his old age, and there is no scope for the period of Jupiter. So these signi cator planets will work as Sub Period, inter
period, and Sookshma period rulers.

The Native was running the period of Venus since January 13, 1929, and it continues up till January 13, 1949. Venus is
the chief governor for marriage. It is in the Star of Jupiter and in the Sub of Saturn owning the 2nd. The Star Lord
Jupiter aspects the 7th cusp, Moon owns the 7th, Mercury is in the 7th, and Rahu is in the 2nd. So Venus is a strong
signi cator for marriage.

The Native got married on December 13, 1937 during the joint period (DBAS) of Venus/Rahu/Jupiter/Rahu dasas.

Note: All references to the material above are from the work and teachings of Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti, Chandrakant R.
Bhatt, K. Subramainiam, Sri M.P. Shanmugam, Prof K. Hariharan, and/or publications in the KP & Astrology
Journals/Yearbooks. For Book information, please go to KP Books (/kp-books.html).


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