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_ @ @. ~ Mr. DeLoach ~ Mr. Rosen - Mr. Malley Hee ‘The Deputy Attorney General Mane Chepk on 30, 1966 pixector, mar 2 <5 QZ OBR “ei 39 NAME CHECK Reference is made to your request of March 28, 1966, for a check of the files of this Bureau concerning eae 85-14 Midland Parkway, Jamaica, Long Island, few Yorks. A check of ¥BI files based upon the data submitted ~ located no identifiable information pertinent to your inquiry concerning ir. Trump. information furnished telephonically to| of your office on March 28, 1966, by Spec: ei eorge H. Seatterday of this Bureau. GHS:clo "° ? @M : nore: [~|telephonically requested advice no later than The morning of 3/29/66 concerning the results of/Bufile check, In view of this specific request, she was advised of the results. she SGOERER 1088 eeu ue ay sie 89 G 0 (26-65) + >, UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT sow *ARTMENT OF -JUSTICE Memorand “ : TO : Me. J. Hagar Hoover pare: March 28, 1966 Director, F.B.I. mox : [ Bs Deputy Attorney Generel © suaject: "RAME CHECKS: Tt is requested thet a neme check be made on the following whose deposition is being taken March 31 in connection with a tax case. May we please have @ reply no later than Tuesday, March 29. S$. = Shemp Samesep PLEASE EXPEDITE f f shel i WAR BO BE eit an fi22 Utes 1-22-60) y . Federdh reba of Investigation . Records Beg: > +1 [lame searching Unit - Room 6527 Service Unit - Room 6524 Erg to Fily Revipy, (a) Attention Return to, Foon Ext. Type_of Refgrences (penn Request (Analytical Search) [All References (Subversive & Nonsubversive) comers References Only F IWonsubversive References Only CIain —___—_ References Orly Type_ol Search Requested: Restricted to Locality of Exact Name Only (On the Nose) Cteuiteu C3 Variations Ee Birthdate & Place Addtess Localities SP ee So; archer Jp c= Re____ date 7 F inttale 72-5 Prod. FILE NUMBER SERIAL,