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CAMBRIDGE Be Ps a . = = With over 100 pages of extra teacher's resources — CEG ELee WUE On) Ure One Me TCM ET Teacher’s Book Contents Welcome to face2face! | Photocopiable Materials face2face 4 | Class Activities Vocabulary Plus The face2face Approach 5 oe, 138. oe BS ‘The Student's Book 6 1B Stress dominoes 137 2 Weddings 186 ‘The CD-ROM/Audio CD: Instructions 10 1¢ An active life? 138, 3 Jobs 187, ‘The Common European Framework 2a Richard Branson 140 4 Describing films 188 (cer) 13 | 26 Husbands and wives 1415. Prepositions 189 aching Ts 18 | 20 Andres andthe ion «142 «=—«Physical appearance 190 Ciasroom Activites and Games — 21 | 54. gas tng job Eo ates sat Teaching Notes 3 Which word? 4458 Inthe Kitchen 192 1 Work et nd play 23 | 32 What do you know? 148 9: Phrasal verbs 193 2 Beginnings 2 | & Themusic party 147 10 Chothes 194 3. The world of work 0 4G Entertainment crossword 149« 14. Phrases with get 195 4 That's entertainment! 43 ‘40. Q8A: Children and mobiles 150 12 Money 196 5 Into the future 56 ‘5A. The crystal ball 151 = 6 Family and friends 4 ‘8B My personal future 152, Su ee 7 You need a holiday! 72 |Bbeeiterepiamen sa erie js3 structions 197 8 Different cultures 80, 68 Where's Emma staying? 154 1 Using a monolingual dictionary 201 i, Life ert perfect 2 6C Word formation snap 156 2: Near voce eae oe 10 Shop till you drop 96 60. Noughts and crosses 457 3 Eee vocabulary 203 E Gossip and news 104 7A Kanga Tous 159 4 Spelling rules 204 Achieving your goals 13 7B Holiday habits 160 5 Words with different meanings 206 7 Ski Canada 161 Progress Tests 8 Rose Avenue 162 Instructions 207 ‘88 What shoud I do? 163 Answor Key and Recording Scripts 207 ‘BC Find someone who ... 164 Progress Test 1 2 9A Volunteers 165, Progress Test 2 22 9¢ The new building 167 Progress Test 3 213 90 Get rich quick! 169. Progress Test 4 24 1A Auction house im Progress Test 5. 25 10B_ 173 Progress Test 6 26 10C Articles snakes and ladders 175 Progress Test 7 28 11B_ Crime crossword 176 Progress Test 8 219 110 The face2face newsoom 177 —_—_—Progress Test 9 220 11D Echo questions dominoes 178 Progress Test 10 221 ‘12A Gap year travellers 179 Progress Test 11 m2 12B Would you or wouldn't you? 180 Progress Test 12 icteric tor) face2face isa general English course for adults and young adults who want to learn to commumicate quickly and effectively in today’s world face2face is based on the communicative approach. Itcombines the best in current methodology with special new features designed to make learning and teaching easier The face2tace syllabus integrates the learning of new language with skills development and places equal emphasis on vocabulary and grammar facedtace uses a guided discovery approach to learning, first allowing students to check what they know, then helping them to work out the rules for themselves through carefully structured examples and concept questions All new language is included in the interactive Language ‘Summaries in the back of the face2face Students Book and is regularly recycled and reviewed. There is a strong focus on listening and speaking throughout faceace. Innovative Help with Listening sections help students to understand natural spoken English in context and. there are numerous opportunities for communicative, personalised speaking practice in face2fece. The Real World lessons in each unit focus on the functional and situational Janguage students need for day-to-day life ‘The face2face Students Book provides approximately £80 hours of core teaching material, which can be extended to 120 hours with the photocopiable resources and extra ‘ideas in this Teacher's Book. Each self-contained double- page lesson is easly teachable off the page with minimal preparation, The vocabulary selection in face2face has been informed by the Cambridge International Corpus and the Cambridge Learner Corpus facedface is fully compatible with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF) and gives students regular opportunities to evaluate their progress. faoe2tace Pre-intermediate takes students well nto BI (see pi3) face2face Pre-intermediate Components ~ ‘Student's Book with CD-ROM/Audio CD The Student’ Book provides 48 double-page lessons in 12 thematically linked units, each with 4 lessons of 2 pages. Each lesson takes approximately 90 minutes. The CD-ROM/Audio CD is an invaluable resource for students, with over 200 exercises in all language areas, plus video, recording and playback capability, a fully searchable Grammar Reference section and Wort List, all the sounds in English, customisable My Activities and My Test sections, and Progress sections where students evaluate their progress. Help students get the most out of the CD-ROM/Audio CD by giving them the photocopiable instructions on p10-p12. Class Audio Cassettes and Class Audio CDs The two Class Audio Cassettes and three Class Audio CDs comiain all the listening material forthe Students Book, including conversations, drills, songs and the listening sections ofthe Progress Tests far units 6 and 12. Workbook ‘The Workbook provides further practice of all language presented in the Students Book. I also includes a 24-page Reading and Writing Porfalio based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which can be used either for homework or for extra work in class. Teacher's Book This Teachers Book includes Teaching Tips, Teaching Notes and photocopiable materials: 35 Class Activities, 12 Vocabulary Plus and 5 Study Sklls worksheets, and 12 Progress Tess Network CD-ROM ‘The Network CD-ROM is a network version of the CD-ROM ‘material from the Student’ Book CD-ROM/Audlio CD for use in school computer laboratories by up to 30 users Elementary and Pre-intermediate DVD ‘The Elementary and Pre-intermediate DVD contains all the video sequences from the Elementary and Pre-intermediate Student’ Book CD-ROMs. The User Guide accompanying the DVD gives ideas for exploiting the video material in class. Web: Visit the face2face website www.cambridge-onyelifface2face for downloadable activities, sample materials and more information about how face2tace covers the language areas specified by the CE