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1st Year: chapter 6,7,8,9,10 and 12

2nd Year: chapter 4,6,7

I’ll highlight some important topics here from each subject:

Maths HSSC 1 and HSSC 2

Number Systems - Complex Numbers and Demoivre’s Theorem

Sets - Functions and Aristotelian Logics

Matrices - Cramer's Rule, Determinants and Matrix Inversion Methods.

Quadratic Equations - Roots of Unity, Roots of An Equation, Quadratic Formula.

Sequences and Series [Very Important] - Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonic Mean and Series

Permutation - Probability is important, Also have a look at formulas of Combinations.

Trigonometry - All chapters important. No need to revise proofs, only use formulas. Must know
Domain and ranges as well as periodic function conditions.

Functions and Limits - Must know L'Hospital Rule and read the first 8 pages. Continuous and
Discontinuous functions and their conditions.
Differentiation, Integration and Conic Section are extremely important chapters. People don’t
like Integration or Conic Section but you must do one of these, it is extremely important in terms
of entry test point of view. In NET 2, most of the MCQs from Conic Section came from its first

Analytic Geometry - Slope Point Form and Two Point Form.

Vectors - You can skip this, if you want. Only 1 or 2 MCQs will come from here.