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HAERUDDIN AZIS. Effectiveness of Animation Media in Physics Learning to

Increase the Understanding of Physics Concepts and Retention in Class X
Students of Madrasah Aliyah Muhammadiyah Sengkang. (Guided by Muhammad
Arsyad and Jasruddin)

This research is Classroom Action Research which aims to improve the

understanding of physics concepts and retention of class X Muhammadiyah
Aliyah Sengkang Madrasas through the application of animation media to physics
learning. The subjects of this study were grade X students of Madrasah Alyah
Muhammadiyah Sengkang 2018/2019 academic year odd semester as many as 31
students. This study was conducted in 2 cycles, each cycle consisting of four
components, namely: action planning, action, observation and reflection. Data
collection techniques used are short-term tests of students 'memory, students'
long-term memory tests, written examinations and observation sheets. The results
obtained from this study are as follows: (1) 30 people (96%) achieved a score of
68 (Minimal Learning Completion or KBM) for concept understanding tests in the
first cycle, and there was an increase in the achievement of KBM scores in the
second cycle, namely 32 people (100%); (2) for short-term memory as many as 30
people (93.75%) reached the high category in the first cycle and there was an
increase in the second cycle as many as 31 people (96.87%) who achieved high
category short-term memory; (3) for long-term memory there are 25 people (79%)
who reach the high category in the first cycle and increase in the second cycle to
30 people (93.7%).

Keywords: Animation, Understanding, Concepts, physics, Retention