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WARRANT OF ARREST AND DETENTION DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS Dalles Counts, Teas Senki ETO, Wray ‘Warrant Nurnber “Ares Dotademennoe Charge: [Marder Supt [ Walker Renin ay BailAmomnts 7Q Bo See Tat ame eS oF Teas to any Seif ter Peace OTe ae aie of Teas resins ‘You are here by commanded to take the body of ‘Walter, Keaneth Ray hhrenafer called the accused, and hi safely keep so that he may be dealt with according fo law, and to hold the accused to answer to the State of Texas fran offense azainst the laws of the said Stat, namely Mordor isa of which Ft offense he is aceused by written complain, made underoath that has been presented to me and that is by this reference incorporated herein fr all purposes. mye ‘ADMINISTRATIVE DATA ALL BLANKS MUST BE COMPLETED OR INDICATE “UNKNOWN” Siisot Texas vs Waker, Kenneth Ray | AvesSims[AtLarge ‘Race: [B [Sex M_[ DOR: Tepe [We [is Waie |ek ——| en [Brown Resense Adress Basins Adres [Eamets | == esas — ssi Complainant: | Neon, Lares 7) is oF Oe: Decenen 26,7018 ‘Amest Warr’ sod ic: | DPDIDSO- Drivers Leese IN Senex ES a 4.00 RETURN Go ‘CAME TO HAND THE day of +AD.20 and executed the say of -AD.20__ , by arestng and etaining shove named and accused and By: Statute of Liniatons Dats (TTF AFFIDAVIT FOR ARREST WARRANT | COUNTYOF DALLAS BEFORE ME, te undersigned auhory, on his day personsly appeared the underimedafat who, ar being duly sworn by me, on oth ‘Sed: My nme i Walton #847 and Tam a peace oie ofthe City of Dil, Dalla Cou, Tera 1, he fin, have good reason oles aot Denier 26208, per ale, Keach Ry MMB ed herein Cy oF Dal, Dalls County, Texas commit the offense of Murder, a Vaan of Section 1.2 ofthe feaFi. Alan’ belies based up the following fists and infomation which Affiantecivd fom: 9 Alfons personal ivergntion oft lleged offense Oa teow peace oticer ofthe City of Dalias, Daas County, Texas, who pesonllyputipated in he investigation of his alee ese providing ths inermation wo fa, and whose information Affian be ves o be edible, ‘The complsinat and suspect were faved in dtngreainship and havea cid oper. On December 26,2018, at approximately 2:00 AM, Suspect Kenneth Ray Waler BML subbed Complsinant Lavecia Neshes Nelson 5 I wail at 9540 Slnn SelM Dallas, Dallas Coury, Texas, easing her death On December 26,2018, a approxima 8:31 AN, patrol officers responded te dstubace calla 9240 Skillman Suc Dal, “Texas 7524. Upon aval ofies knocked on the door of purer Tie witness who will main anonymous, opened the fon! oor and informed officers thatthe complainant had Ben volved in aban With the suspect. Officers eared ta te sect eft the location at approximately 2:30 AM on December 26,2018. The officers wet othe edoom std served the complainant ying ot the ground, unresponsive, appearing tobe slferag fom msn injuries that wer e ren of homiial violence Dalles Fue Rescue sve at the leation and pronounced the eomplinatdececed. Homisig, Cre Seen, ad the Dlls County Medial Examiner Ofice were noted and artved at the scene, Detectives canvassed he aea abd were ale Slain ational formation regards the suspect and lame of his enti. Doing this investigation, he suspect ned Kise in othe Dallas Cousty Sheriffs Offi who made ‘contac wit the Dlles Police Deparment. The suspect was taspore to Dalla Police Headguntr to st with Detective Wallon, The Suspect nas miandized and admitted his nvlvement in as murder lense ino ving the complaint. The cine scene unt photographed ned processed the cee for evidence ‘Based onthe information recived from this investigation and the supet, it i Believed tht Suspect Kenneth Ray Walker stabbed Complainant Lateeia Neshsa Walker several times, wih s sharp objet cousing er deh, while x 9340 Shitman Sci Dai, Tevae 75263, Lenn Pe “APFTANT shove suse individual av SUBSCRIBED ANR'SWORN TO BEFORE ME ont *Atgina Deco mmbey © wey /AND FOR DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS MAGISTRATES DETERMINATION OF PROBABLE CAUSE onuistte of »fR Thee by aclowede that ve earned he foregoing ado