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Around Hicksville

Susan Stahley 1975

Another great night of drinking with Hicksville Comet friends, Donna Mezzacappa Scala
and 11 others at Café Testarossa in Syosset.. Thanks to Anthony Giacomaggio for pulling
this all together. A wonderful tradition on the day after Thanksgiving every year. GO

Cheryl Gries Brown 1972

Dick Eaton * Clinton Brown Tony DiLorenzo * Jeff Davis
Rich Budinich
Joan Russo * Bill Lyon Marie Leo * Joe Kissick
Christine & Donna Mezzacappa

Susan & Larry Sussman Joyce Barondess
Jeff Sussman * Patti Thomas Anthony Giacomaggio
“Coney Island” Korman & Jeff Davis

My Granddaughter Alexa and I at her winter concert. She plays the cello.
Marlene Schoenberg 1964
Some Hicksville girls who, since Jr. HHS and HHS days, still remain bonded after so
many years and always look for an excuse to get together!!

…with Jackie Hill, Gayle Schoenberg 1966, Sue Jonsson 1966 and more. If you see your
face in the above photo, let the HixNews readers know who you are!!!

Marilyn Bowles Nejman 1966 A look back to the 80’s
Fun Night at the Nutty Irishman with 45 RPM and Hicksville’s own Michael Hack
playing. There were a number of fellow Hicksville folks in the audience including
Carolyn Bommarito Miller and others.
Joseph Jannace
Love is in the air…

can’t wait to celebrate the bride & groom! Steph & Danny

Kim Bragg Gentile 1977
Hi again folks. The tee shirt drive donation was made Monday, December 17th.
Here are the final numbers for this year's Hicksville donation/Christmas present to the
Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund (TFFFF).
You all donated $3,843 and my kick in is $857 total donation $4700. A new record, be
proud, I am!
You guys should post some pics in Hicksville gear that I can share when I post our
donation letter to TFFFF on its FB page. That is always fun. And remember to bring
those things along on vacation. The tradition of "the colors" flying in far flung places
needs to continue. Congratulations my friends and thank you for your generosity. Happy

Thanks again…Walter

John Tramposch 1976
Congratulations, Walter. Sending greetings from Nevada!!

Cathy MacBride Plows 1968

All possible because of you!!!!! Thank you for all you do.
Bernadette McDermott Costas

Thank you Walter for putting this together! You’re the one who makes this happen!

Joann Carignan, Connetquot High School 1972

Thank you, Walter for all your hard work and kind heart.

Marcia Diamond Sandler 1971
Merry Christmas.

Michael Murray 1969

Thank you again Walter. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.
Patricia Schmidt Gasparro

Wearing mine on Isle of Palms, South Carolina. Thanks, Walter.

Judith Cain Anderson
Wearing it proudly. Love my hometown, Hicksville!!!
Tamara Quinn

Thank you!!! Sporting my new Hicksville High hat. Thanks, Walter Relling!!!

Diane Stiehle

Thanks for all of your hard work and generosity, Walter.

Elaine Endsley Ekberg 1965 Shown with Mike Endsley
Thanks, Walter. Love my Hicksville memorabilia.!!!

Theresa Turner

Thank you for all your hard work!

Christine Chwalisz Provenzano 1967

Walter, a friend of mine, Rob Frein, worked with Terry and I have to brag to him about
your efforts.
Tony Relling

Any friend of Terry's...
Great job and thanks, Walter.

Ken Fundus 1979

Any hats left Walter?
Cheryl Gries Brown

All spoken for. I only bought 5 extra. Live and learn.

Ok, thanks. Just checking for someone who didn’t know about the order. You’re the

Thanks, Walter.

Kurt Schaaf 1977
Bob Willis 1978 (Helen, Georgia)

Thanks, Walter, for a “Great Job”! Hicksville proud.

Ellen McDermott Turturro 1978
Received my goodies today, Walter. Thank you so much for doing this wonderful
heartfelt job for all of us. GO COMETS!

Cheryl Gries Brown 1972
A hat in Las Vegas

Thanks, Walter!

Larry Levy 1973
Marshall Truckie on the South Shore of Long Island.

Christine Bacchi 1987

Thank you!

Christine Shea LoMonaco 1981
Thanks so much, Walter. I’ve made the hat part of my sister’s Christmas’s on its
way to Tulsa.

Carol Mack Berry 1963

Thanks Walter...and enjoy the holidays!

Kathy Way Arning 1975

Just found last year’s sweatshirt order

James Von Hagen 1974
Congratulations and thank you for your dedication to this project.
Elizabeth Gari

Walter how do I get mine?

Donna Mezzacappa Scala 1972

You are a true gentleman and a good soul sir!

Robert Spalletta 1975
Well done Walter. You are a man that everyone should aspire to, especially during this
time of year. I’m proud of you! Cheers mate!

Barbara Mallow Dias 1974

"We get by with a little help from our friends." Paul McCartney and John Lennon sure
knew what they were talking about when they wrote this. There comes a time when even
the most self-sufficient of folks need some help. Thank goodness there are organizations
and people willing to lend a hand. Terry Farrell was one of these people.
Terry was a dedicated member of the FDNY as well as the Hicksville and Dix Hills Fire
Departments. Although I have never met Terry, I feel like I know him from reading about
his tireless work helping people through the fire departments to his donation of bone
marrow to a little girl suffering from T-cell lymphoma. Unfortunately, I will never have
the opportunity to meet Terry. He was one of the 343 FDNY members who perished in
the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. I have however had the
opportunity to meet his brother Brian Farrell.
As the marketing coordinator for Telecom Communications, Inc., a leading Motorola
dealer, I was searching for a charity that we could support. There are so many worthy
causes around but we wanted something personal to us and that relates to our customers.
I reached out to some firefighter friends and asked them a simple question. "If we want
to work with a charity that helps firefighters, what do you think is best?" 100% of the
people responded to me in the same way "That's a no-brainer, the Terry Farrell Fund." I
figured they all couldn't be wrong so I did some research and reached out to the fund.
When I met with Brian Farrell and listened to him speak about Terry and the fund, it
didn't take long to convince me. His passion and enthusiasm to carry on with the spirit
that his brother embodied and to continue his work in helping people was intoxicating. I
am proud to say that Telecom is now the communications sponsor of the Terry
Farrell Firefighter's Fund.
The Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund was established in 2002 as a 501c3 exempt
organization to assist the firefighters across the nation with professional, educational and
personal needs. They assist fire departments with the purchase of needed equipment,
assist firefighters and their families during times of medical emergencies, provide
scholarships for children of firefighters and give needed support to returning combat
troops and their families in the form of medical grants. The fund also receives donations
of surplus fire service equipment from departments on Long Island to supply to rural
departments that do not have the tax base to support the purchase of new equipment.
Along with all of this, the Terry Fund also sets up and sponsors blood and bone marrow
collections and provides cardiac defibrillators to educational institutions showing need.
All of this can be done because of volunteers and sponsors.
The fund which has grown exponentially and now has 9 chapters nationwide has no paid
staff and operates on a limited budget of 1-3%. They try hard to never refuse any request
for aid. So, I encourage you to reach out and lend a hand to this wonderful organization.
We did.

Christmas Eve seems as good a time as any to post the letter that accompanied our
donations to the TFFFF. Merry Christmas Hicksville!
Dear Terry Farrell Fund,
Our fourth fund raising effort was conducted this year via the “You know you’re from
Hicksville if”: face book page. Continuing what I suppose can now be considered a
tradition, originating at the suggestion of Mr. Buzzy Assante, a high school friend of
Terry’s, we have once again had a successful fund raiser for the benefit of the Terry
Farrell Fire Fighters Fund.
There are many members of this group who knew Terry and his family. Many kind words
were written about the character of the man, and his brothers who started it in his honor.
There were about 175 packages sent and the donation amounted to $ 4700. This is a new
record for the folks from Hicksville and I am very proud of their generosity. Needless to
say there were an awful lot of people who contributed much more than just a few bucks.
Some people sent money without receiving a tee shirt at all. The entire exercise makes
me very, very proud to be from Hicksville, NY.
Wearing their shirts and hats wherever they live, these fine people can not only show
their pride in being from Hicksville, NY but they can also take pride in the fact they have
helped Fire Fighters and their families and volunteer fire departments all over the this
great country in the name of Terry Farrell.
This year on some of the garments, including tee shirts and hats we included “TFFFF”.
This came at the suggestion of another Hicksvillian Brian Kohn. We are hopeful that the
combination of HICKSVILLE and the TFFFF will start conversations during which
people will learn more about the TFFFF.
As always I’d like to thank Mark Provenzano who is the founder and administrator of the
Hicksville page and who lets me use the page to do the fundraiser. Also my childhood
friend F. Pat Englert who was the person who planted the seed in terms of making this
effort a fund raiser to begin with.
Packages were sent all over the country. Part of the fun of this endeavor is looking at the
photos people post from all sorts of interesting places wearing their shirts. In 2019 I am
hopeful that a lot of people post their photos showing their pride in both their hometown
and our home town hero Terry Farrell.
Please keep up the good work TFFFF and we will continue to support you in your efforts.
Very Truly Yours,
Walter Relling

Vicky Penner Whitaker (1958) just completed her 14th year as entertainment chair
for Memorial Hospital's annual Festival of Trees, the largest family holiday event in
Central Illinois that attracts some 40,000 visitors over its 9 day run (November 17-25) in
Springfield, Illinois. Whitaker schedules and coordinates performances by more than
2,400 performers during the indoor event that features 200 Christmas trees decorated by
local organizations and individuals, wreathes, and other seasonal fare. Proceeds from the
event benefit regional health care. This year's Festival was an official Illinois State
Bicentennial event whose planning included a pre-opening black-tie gala that drew over
1,000 guests for which Whitaker also was involved through her role as a Festival board
member and as president of the 700-member Sangamon County Historical Society.

(Photo was taken at the 2018 gala in November)
Vicky…I just looked through the website for the Festival, and I'm impressed. What a
great idea someone had back in the 1980s, and how well it's been brought forward! You
and the others who work so hard on this are to be commended.

Ron Wencer 1964 and the author of the monthly Ancient Hixtory

My wonderful children…

Lisa Dorais Wissler 1971 Nicholas Lisa Heather
My mother, Flo Gries, her brother Mike Caruso (left), and my cousins Brian Caruso,
Glen Caruso, Michael G. Caruso, Dave Caruso in Las Vegas at the wedding of Casey
Caruso and Apo Zio. The dress my mother is wearing is owned by my Aunt Rose
McGeever and was worn in 1972 at the 50th wedding anniversary party in Las Vegas of
our grandparents. The dress is 46 years old.... a classic never goes out of style. The photo
above on the right above shows my Aunt Rose McGeever on the left and my late Aunt
June Caruso on the right (grandmother of the bride).

Cheryl Gries Brown 1972
I hope HixNews readers are enjoying the well-researched articles
in "Ancient Hixtory" by my classmate and friend, Ron Wencer. I'm learning things
about Hicksville that I never knew. The photo of my wife

Carolyn, and me was taken on Thanksgiving weekend near our older daughter's home in
Northern Virginia.

Bill Palmer (Class of 1964)
Our latest pup, Duke. He’s a Clumber Spaniel.

Ted Swedalla 1964
Editor note…I asked ted why he’s adopting a Spaniel? He’s been breeding and showing
Beagles for over 30 years. “I’ve always wanted a Spaniel”, he said.
The Clumber Spaniel is a breed of dog of the spaniel type, developed in the United
Kingdom. It is the largest of the spaniels, and comes in predominantly white with either
lemon or orange markings. The name of the breed is taken from Clumber Park in
Nottinghamshire where the breed was first developed. It is a gundog that specialises in
hunting in heavy cover. They are gentle and loyal, and can act aloof with strangers. They
have several habits which could be considered disadvantages, including a constant
shedding of its coat and snoring.

As an escape from the news, fake or otherwise, are there any Hicksville Xmas
memories to share? Feel free to comment as you wish. But the “ask” is for
memories not comments on the house. The house happens to be in Hicksville.

Hi guys! It’s my house at 47 Primrose and I haven’t started the project yet this
holiday season.
Warren Gluck 1972

“Twas a windy day” on Caswell Beach, NC for our

“every one in the Smith family” photo...and a tad on the chilly side.
Hal Smith 1963

Congratulations to the Hicksville High School Marching Band
which finished third in New York State in the Large School Class 3 Division at the 45th
annual New York State Field Band Conference held at the Syracuse Carrier Dome last

Councilman Joseph Muscarella

Congratulations to Hicksville High School's top 10 academic students for the Class of
Congrats to Hicksville seniors Rohil Agarwal, Kate Cimino, Catherine Chen, Michal
Lewkowicz, Asghar Shah, Cindy Cheng, Snehadri Das, Daniel Varghese, Divya
Dommaraju and Anjali Ranu, who were informed of this honor last month.

Councilwoman Michele Johnson

Hello, Bob, et al.
Several years ago, the "car bug" bit me again, a long delayed follow-up from my high
school days (1992 or so, when my father passed away, leaving me his 1977 Plymouth
Volare). Some of my content is uploaded at (search "yetter allpar") and I have
my own web site, My site features an index of car show photographs,
including the most recent set being a spread on the wonderful Nicolo Bulgari collection
in Allentown PA. Any alumni, like me; still can't get enough of cars?
Best to all,
Gene Yetter 1959
Carol and I at the Tropicana today.. They’re all ready here for Christmas..

Tony Callandrillo 1970

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Thank you for the birthday card…

90 Years Old.

William “Bill” Stahley 1946

Minerva Moddle Kassinger 1949
Noel Horowitz Heinz 1958

Madeline Bianco Delouisa 1960

Sue Birosh Prete 1960
Ann Cassese Costantino 1961

Virginia “Ginny” Wills Wyer 1963

Jeanne Dethlefsen Cornelsen 1963
Ann Schwartz Arroyo 1965

James Gorman 1966

Paul L. Korman 1968
John Ohrnberger 1976
Some Thoughts About Birthdays & Anniversaries

Thanks for the birthday card and for thinking of me. I always appreciate remembering
and keep up the good work, HixNews!!!

Jim Wise 1958

Thank you for the birthday card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciated. My
most memorable birthday was my sweet sixteen party that was held at the American
Legion Hall in Hicksville. As the years pass, I find each birthday filled with abundant
blessings of good health and surrounded by family and many “old” Hicksville friends.

Joy Watson Haller 1958 (shown above with Tom)
Thanks so much for the birthday card. It was much appreciated. Can’t believe the number
and it seems like yesterday we roamed the halls of Hicksville High School.

Bob Heiss 1961

Thanks for the lovely birthday card. It was nice to be remembered. Loved the music and
the butterfly theme.

Elaine Grecz Libert 1962

Thank you for my birthday wishes. Every birthday is the best.

Gail Cluxton Sneyd 1963

Happy Birthday to my Eldest, and Beautiful Cousin, Barbara McGeever Grillo, who I
have always looked up to and admired. This year has been difficult losing John

and I know it is your first birthday without him. Barbara, I wish you a happy and healthy
year and may God bless you with many more years so you can enjoy your beautiful
children and grandchildren Thank you for taking over Nanny’s role at Christmas time.
We all loved celebrating with you and John. You continued the tradition for many years
and we all loved being at your home! We have so many wonderful memories. You are
still as beautiful now as you were in this photo
Love you and wish you many blessings. Hugs!

Rick Budinich 1975

Happy Birthday, my beautiful Emily Lynn! 12 (Going on 20-lol).

Love you to the moon and back & then some more!
Carol Mack Berry 1963
Today, December 14, 2018, is our anniversary. It’s a big one and I cleared the waiver
wire for the 50th time. Thank you Liz for putting up with me and I love you today as
much as I did when we exchanged vows 50 years ago.

We celebrate tonight at The Palm.

Vin Recine 1965
Here are pictures of my newest grandbabies.

Here is Megan, with the strawberry blonde hair and baby Iris in her arms.

And then my son Keith and his wife Alicia, and baby Aspen. We are blessed beyond

Michael Donghia 1974
Very funny card, Bob! I appreciate all the time you put into keeping all of us connected
to our roots.

Arnie Fox 1964
November 27, 2018
Happy Anniversary to my wife, Michelle, for the last 49 years. I thank you for taking
care of me so that we can be here together.

Howard Gilbert


E-Mail Address Changes

Art Isaksen from the class of 1959 has a new email address. Anyone wanting to contact
Art, send a note to and we can make contact for you.
Jeanne Dethlefsen Cornelsen from the class of 1963 has a new email address. Anyone
wanting to contact Art, send a note to and we can make contact for

Chris Cronin from the class of 1966 has a new email address. Anyone wanting to
contact Art, send a note to and we can make contact for you.
Bow Bridge in Central Park

Thanks to all who responded to the Old Country Road, 6th grade, 1961 photo with
responses to the kids in the class that would be the graduating class of 1967. Below are
the names you provided with graduation photos.
18 is one of the Rosenblatt twins:

Bobbie or Sandy. No 5’s first name was Chris and her father was a pastor in one of the
nearby churches. # 29 May have been Nan Laslow (not pictured in yearbook).
Ken Marcus

I agree wth Ken. That is Nan, not Claire Tucci.
Mark Virgilio

So who are the other unknowns?

Ken and I appear to be the only ones not smiling - maybe because our mothers thought it
was plaid shirt day and not school photo day!
George Wilby
As part of the editorial duties of the Hicksville High School Newsletter, Roger Whitaker
and I place Biographical sketches on our website, If you click on the
hyperlink shown to the left, you will go to the Home Page. In the menu at the top of the
Home Page is an area called Alumni Bios and there are many to read from many classes.
One that I found particularly interesting was submitted by Billy Fuchs from the class of
1960. Part of his very interesting sketch is something I will always remember as special.
Billy says, “I was drafted into the Army”. The night before, I spent my time in a
nightclub off Hempstead Turnpike by Wantagh Parkway in Levittown listening to one of
my favorite groups. When they started to sing “Soldier Boy,” my friends pushed me up
onstage, where before I realized it I was singing with The “Shirelles.” What a treat!
During the medical exam at Whitehall Street, the doctors requested a urine sample. When
I was unable to fill the cup my friend Bob Ryndfleiseh (always a great giving friend)
gave his sample to me – mine was approved and his was not – Bob never went into the
During Basic Training and MP Training at Fort Gordon in Georgia, I became friends with
the 82nd Airborne guys, who tried unsuccessfully to recruit me into their group. But at
that time I could not see jumping out of a good running airplane. I was sent to Germany,
embarking from the NYC dock. My father gave me a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red,
which I used to drink at night in bed when I could not get to sleep. The first night out the
captain gave a small speech on the loudspeaker stating that the ship we were on had sunk
during World War II. Then he welcomed all of us to USS Patch’s eight-day excursion to
Germany. My orders were changed aboard the ship three times and I knew something
was not right. Finally, I was sent to Baumholder in Germany (the hellhole of Germany)
where Hitler trained his troops in World War II. There is where I was approached by
several men who told me that my personnel file was screened and asked if I would like to
join an elite group of military personnel. If I agreed I would travel and police all over
Europe and for most of my assignments I would be unable to talk about them.
I signed all the classified paperwork and became a Military Policeman (MP). Sometimes
I was able to talk about situations, such as the time I delivered two baby boys which both
mothers named after me, but mostly I did not have the liberty to discuss them. The first
month I went through special training I met Frank Serpico, who later exposed corruption
in the NYC police force. He was a very cunning and scary person at the same time. He
taught me undercover work. I also remember that one time a group of us were sent to
Frankfurt for a military show starring Homer and Jethro, who were introducing a new
singer who had some outstanding paternity suits against him. I was assigned to stand in
front of the stage in plain clothes when this performer began to sing.
A young man with a loaded gun approached the stage where I was standing. At point
blank range, he was preparing to fire at the performer. I reacted immediately, grabbed his
arm and twisted it behind his back forcing him to drop the weapon. I then turned him
over to the German authorities. After the performance, the singer who, by the way, was
Tom Jones, asked to see me in his dressing room. He thanked me for saving his life and
offered to give me tickets when he performed back in the States. It was not until years
later when he was playing at the Westbury Music Fair, that I approached his manager and
collected on that promise, and I received front row tickets. During his performance, Tom
introduced me to the audience, had me stand up and told the life-saving story to a packed

The class of 1964 mini reunion held at the Holiday Inn, Plainview
Carol Petruney Josephine D’Angelo Lorraine Roby

Jackie Uvino Maureen Uss
Mike Germain Gerry Dombrowsky Phil Hearon
Bette Harrison Germain

John Maniec Joe Platt
Mary Ann Mize Addy Spitzer Lorraine Ramos
Joan Lawlor Roehrig & Rob Roehrig

Bob Sabatino
John Ciarelli * Francine LaBarca
Genevieve Hannigan
Tony Calandrillo * Maureen Uss
In The News

Shane McDaniel posted photos on Facebook of him and his twin sons surrounded by
enough chopped wood to fill 80 standard-size pickup trucks. They’d spent months
chopping and stacking the firewood, valued at about $10,000.
But they had no intention of selling it — they were giving it away to people in need. “No
one goes cold in our hood this holiday season,” McDaniel, 47, wrote in his post, offering
to deliver wood, free of charge, to neighbors who needed a hand heating their homes near
Lake Stevens, Wash., about 35 miles north of Seattle.
Within days, the post had spread not only in his Lake Stevens community but also to
people across the country and even around the globe. Messages started flooding in —
requests for firewood, offers of help, notes of thanks and even marriage proposals.
Nobody was more surprised at the huge response than McDaniel himself, a single father
of six. He had logged back onto Facebook only a week earlier, posting a status update
saying he hadn’t been on the site in 10 years because he “thought social media would go
away by now.” It turned out that he reached some of the neediest people in Western
Washington, many who heat their home with wood only. Firewood is measured in cords
— one cord is about four feet high, eight feet wide and four feet deep. In the Lake
Stevens area, a cord costs about $400. The McDaniels had 40 of them.
Since early November, McDaniel and his sons have brought the wood to hundreds of
people who don’t have money to heat their homes, and there’s still more wood to be
Single mom Katelyn Ticer, 28, who lives in a mobile home in Lake Stevens with her 3-
year-old daughter, was thrilled to get a delivery from the McDaniels, as a wood-burning
stove is her sole source of heat. McDaniel delivered a full truckload of wood, and even
came back a second time with a half-load and a chimney sweep coupon. “To get that
much wood and the chimney sweep brought me to tears,” Ticer said. “So much stress and
anxiety for my daughter is off my shoulders. I couldn’t be more thankful.”
McDaniel was hoping to help people like Ticer, but it wasn’t the motivation behind all
the chopping initially.
For Henry McDaniel, his usual reply when someone asks for a delivery? “I’m working a
full-time job, but if you’re available for a delivery tonight, I’ve got two hours. Let’s do
it.” Many recipients are effusive with tears and hugs and heartfelt gratitude, but Shane
McDaniel said there are plenty who are not. “Some aren’t even friendly. It’s just not in
them. They are mad at the world and mad that they had to ask for help,” he said. “They
just have no other option than freezing.” He understands. He is not put off.

New Readers
Like to add my name to the Hicksville High School Alumni Master List. Also would like
to add my mother’s name to the list She passed in 2001. Adeline Brigandi class of 44 or
43. Thanks

Marty Schweitzer 1973
Editor note…Your mother's name has been added to the In Memoriam page.
Your information has been added to the master spreadsheet. Unfortunately, that doesn't
mean you will be getting monthly notifications when the latest edition of is
online. The late Henry Lichtenstein had set up a Google group to mail out the
notifications on the first, but he passed away a year ago and nobody has the login and
password for that function. Just remember to check after the first and it
will be there.
Roger Whitaker, webmaster for

Barbara Maraldo1972

Kerri Rosswell 1972
You've been added to the master list.
Roger Whitaker, webmaster for

Picture taken by Susan Trecartin when she was on a cruise ship pulling into Maui
On The Internet
A reminder to all former Hicksvillites who left Long Island, never forget…

Please add to In Memoriam for the class of

1958 Richard Kershow (2008)
1960 Patricia Kelly (2018)
1960 Mary Jane Walsh (1999)
1971 Katherine "Kathy" Perkins
Love da buff
It is with sorrow that I report the passing of

Raymond Muller, HHS Class of 1955, in Palmyra, Virginia, on January 25, 2018. Please
add his name to the Class of 1955 In Memoriam list. Thank you,

Bob McWilliams 1955
Editor note… Thanks for letting us know. His information has been added to "In
Roger Whitaker, HixNews Webmaster
Don't know if you were notified of the passing of Billy Telesky, Class of 1965. He passed
in October of 2018 while living in Florida. Hope you are doing well! Enjoy the holidays.

Cathy Ofenloch Gensinger 1966

November 30, 2018…Happy Birthday Mom

and cannot believe it’s been six years. Your family has grown and
we always tell great “Gigi” stories to the young ones. Miss you more than these words
can say.

Lynn Chernok Murphy 1967
My brother

Jimmy Riches, class of 1967 died in 1968.

Dennis Riches 1969
Hi!! I just want to make a correction to the class of 1971 In Memoriam list that you are
creating. Angela Casamassima is alive and well. For the class of 1973 In Memoriam, I
would like to add Jimmy Lynch. Thanks for all you do.
Kathy Casamassima

Hi Hicksvillians…Sadly, I recently discovered that my childhood friend

Merilee Van Nuis Normile, class of 1975, passed last spring. Anyone know what
happened to her.
Kathleen Woods Reitzel 1975
Merilee passed away in March from Pancreatic cancer. Her sister-in-law, Jean, is married
to my cousin Frank
Laura Mahar Sikula 1974

Thank you for that; we grew up on Crescent Street and we lost touch years ago but I
always thought we’d catch up some time. Then I saw she was gone! If you happen to ever
see Terry or Alan, her siblings, please convey my condolences.

No, Kathy, I'm sorry but I don't see her family. I'm in Vermont and don't get to LI,
especially since my husband-the driver-passed away.

Oh dear; I’m sorry to hear that! How are you doing?

I'm okay, Kathy. Thanks for asking.

Sorry to hear about Merilee RIP.
Phyllis Lamberti Busch

Yes, my sister put up a good fight. All of us miss her so much.
Terrie Lee Van Nuis

So sorry for the loss of you wonderful sister, I remember she was such fun and much
braver than me! My brother Patrick posted a picture of her and Mary awhile back and she
thinks it was taken in Macy’s basement at Christmas time, back in the 60’s.

Wow that's awesome. Great picture. Never saw it. TyTy. Hope you doing well, Kathy. I
have fond memories as kids. I added you on Facebook.

We will heel you * We will save your sole * We will dye for you.
It is with great sorrow that I tell you that today December 3, 2018, the world lost
another great man. My dad, Philip T. Spalletta, has passed away at 2:32 pm peacefully. A
devoted and wonderful husband, The best dad a guy could have and a man who cherished
his grandchildren and great grandson! A Marine, volunteer Firefighter and always ready
to throw a ball around. May you walk in peace in heaven, give Phil a hug for us, you will
be so dearly missed. Love you!

Robert Spalletta 1975

Philip Spalletta, who graduated in 1972, was my friend for decades. He passed in
November of 2015. He was living in his childhood home in Hicksville when he passed
(cancer). Bob, thank you for all your hard work in bringing Hix news to us and for the
beautiful Memoriam page. I look it over and see many people I knew. It brings tears to
my eyes that we have lost so many, especially the men who died in Vietnam and the 911
victims and heroes. Thank you.
Barbara Maraldo 1972

Thinking of my Granddaughter

Brittany today, who died unexpectedly at the age of 24, on
January 7th, 2018 from a Sinus Infection that turned Septic. Taken away too quickly;
such a beautiful young women. Grandpa, Loves you girl!!!

Michael Donghia 1974
December 2, 2018 by Rachel O’Brien

Peter Collins, who is credited with expanding the Long Island Junior Soccer League to
nearly 1,500 teams, has died at 87. Collins emigrated in 1957 from Ireland, where he
played rugby and soccer. He married his Irish sweetheart Annie, settled in Hicksville and
raised four children. He played on a Glen Cove soccer team in the late 1950s and later
started a children’s soccer team with St. Ignatius Loyola Roman Catholic Church CYO in
Hicksville. He became president of the Long Island Junior Soccer League, leading it from
1977 to 2004, where he expanded the teams to 1,475 from 300. When Collins retired
from the volunteer position in 2004, he told Newsday, "I just started out with my children
being involved. And I stayed with it because it's what I love." His daughter, Maureen
Brown of Northport, remembers a dedicated and loving father.
“Most people think his biggest love was soccer, but his biggest love was his family,” she
said. “We always had dinner every night together, and we always went to church on
Sunday at 7:30 a.m. Mass, where he was an usher.”
Collins worked for 32 years as a welder for what was then Long Island Lighting
Company, and worked evenings doing security at Cantiague Park in Hicksville, while
coaching soccer teams that included three of his four children. His son Michael Collins of
California said his father’s drive was amazing. “I don’t know where he got his energy
from,” he said.
While president of the soccer club, Collins began a program for children with special
needs, held the first Long Island Junior Soccer League convention and established the
Liberty Cups, which are sister sports tournaments held in Russia, Ireland and Italy. The 
Plainview home field of the Long Island Junior Soccer Club was named the Peter C.
Collins Soccer Park in 2008. “Peter was my friend and mentor,” Richard Christiano,
president of Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association, said. “When I became
president, I counted on his advice. He was the best to find people that loved to be
involved in soccer. I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for him.”
Kevin McCrudden, founder of Long Island Soccer Player Hall of Fame and publisher of
Soccer Long Island Magazine, credited Collins with bringing soccer to many Long Island
communities. “Mr. Collins is the father of Long Island soccer and largely responsible for
the growth of soccer on Long Island and America,” he said.
Peter Collins died early Saturday morning at a Long Island hospice facility, with his wife,
Annie, by his side. He is also survived by son Peter Collins of Pennsylvania , and
daughter Beth Collins of Northport and 15 grandchildren.

Hi Everyone…I was browsing the December issue for Reunion news, but I don’t see a
section for it. Class of 1969 will be holding their 50th Reunion on Saturday, September
21, 2019 at the Hicksville Knights of Columbus from 7-11 PM.
We are asking all 1969 alumni to please send an email to
(We also have a Facebook page: Hicksville High School (NY) Class of 1969)
Please PUT YOUR NAME IN THE SUBJECT of the email and include the following
information in your email:
(Maiden) Last Name, Current Last Name, First Name
Email Address
State of Current Residence or full address
Phone Number (Optional)
If you Plan to Attend the Reunion on September 21, 2019
If you plan to bring a guest with you and the guest's name
If you will need hotel accommodations for your visit to LI. (We are considering a
Continental Breakfast on Sunday morning.; let us know if you would be interested)
Once we have all of your email addresses, we'll create a mail group and keep you
informed of the event. In the meantime, stay tuned on FB. And keep trying to locate our
former classmates to let them know about the reunion!!!
***I’d also like to correct the Vietnam Memorial/Deceased info that you posted about
my cousin Michael Dantuono (no apostrophe, only half of my family used it). There were
two Michael Dantuonos in the Class of 1967; the one who should be on the Wall and “In
Memoriam” was not in the Yearbook and did not walk at graduation. I’m attaching a
younger photo of him when he was in the Navy.
Thank you all and keep up the great work!
Warmest regards,
Diana (D’Antuono) DePalma-Henne ‘69

Class of 1964

Hi Bob…I would deeply appreciate it if you can promote the Class of 1964 upcoming
55th Reunion plans in the next issue of HixNews. So far, we have received payment from
46 classmates planning to attend our 55th Reunion on Saturday evening, September 28,
2019 at the Plainview Holiday Inn. This dinner dance will run from 7 p.m. to midnight
and feature live music entertainment by Tommy Sullivan. The night before this event on
Friday, September 27, 2019, we will hold an informal "Meet and Greet" get-together
from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the atrium adjacent to bar area also at the Plainview Holiday
Inn. Cheese, crackers, fruit and drinks will be provided those attending.
We have arranged for discounted rooms to be made available for classmates coming to
the reunion from out-of-town. Anyone wishing to reserve a room at the Plainview
Holiday Inn for either Thursday evening, September 26th through Saturday night,
September 27th, 2019 can either call the 866-249-3515 reservations number or book
these discounted rooms at Cost is $ 159.99/day plus tax. Use
the code "HHR" to get the discounted rate.
We want to make this reunion special and meaningful to all attending. We hope to create
a handout booklet of remembrances and memories containing contributions from fellow
classmates. If any classmates have pictures or written recollections about growing up in
Hicksville in the late 1950s and 1960s, we welcome those contributions. If classmates
have passed on and friends and family members want to describe their remembrances of
those individuals, we would like to add those statements to this handout of memories.
We also want to open up our reunion celebration to all Hicksville High School alumni
who graduated in years before or after 1964. We can designate tables at our dinner dance
for specific years.
The cost to join us on September 27th and 28th, 2019 is $100.00 per person. Made
checks payable John Maniec and mail them to his home at 260-12 74th Avenue, 2nd
floor, Glen Oaks, N. Y. 11004. Also mail any pictures or written remembrances to the
same address or if it's easier, email them to For further
information, call John Maniec at (917) 750-7842.
Update from John

We now have 48 paid attendees including two members/graduates from the Class of 1966
-- Lorraine (Pidcoe) Pizzo and Lana (Buckholtz) Jacobs. We welcome any HHS alumni
to join us at our September 28, 2019 dinner dance at the Plainview Holiday Inn. Cost to
attend: $100 per person.
We have also arranged for discounted rooms there for alumni coming from out-of-town.
Cost per night: $ 159.99 plus tax. Rooms available for Thursday, September 26th, Friday,
September 27th and/or Saturday evening, September 28, 2019. Use the code: HHR and
either call the Holiday Inn at 866-249-3515 or go to its website
Finally, we hope to put together a booklet of memories and remembrances of growing up
in Hicksville in the 1950s and 1960s. We welcome any memorabilia that alumni may still
have in their possession and would like to share with participants of our 55th Reunion. If
friends and family members have passed on, your written tributes and stories are also
welcomed to be included in this compilation. Send those treasured memories to John
Maniec at 260-12 74th Ave., Glen Oaks, N.Y. 11004 so we can organize and print this
handout in time for the September 28, 2019 dinner dance. John's cell phone number is
(917) 750-7842.
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