•  Transcontinental Country •  Lies in Africa as well as ME •  Capital : Cairo •  Geographical Areas covering 1,001,450 square kilometers •  M u s l i m D o m i n a t e d Country •  C u r r e n c y : E g y p t i a n Pound (EGP) •  Official Language: Arabic

Ancient Egypt was the birthplace of one of the World’s greatest civilizations. It was far more advanced than European tribes of the same time period, who were still in the Stone Age. Located in the northeast corner of Africa, Egypt grew to be an important civilization for over three hundred years because of the Nile River. Egypt was originally divided into two kingdoms: Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.

  Republic since 1953   Current President: Honsi Mubarak   Current Prime Minister: Ahmed Nazif   Ruling Party: National Democratic Party   irst Arab State to sign peace treaty with F Israel

•  Geographical Areas: 1,001,450 square km •  99% of the population uses only about 5.5% of the total land area •  Bordered by Libya to the west, Sudan to the south, and by the Gaza Strip and Israel to the east •  Main Population resides beside Nile

Working Environment
•  Office Hours : 8 hours (9am-5pm) •  Working Week: Sunday to Thursday •  Eventual Holidays per year: 19 days •  Major Commercial City: Cairo

•  Climate is characterized generally by hot weather except for the winter months (December, January and February). And even weather in these months isn't so cold according to Western measures. The temperature is mild and almost suitable for most activities.In summer the temperatures rise to 45°C, and plunge to 5°C in winter times.In normal conditions, it's extremely hot and dry in deserts in daylight while extremely cold, and sometimes freezing, at night.

A passport valid for at least 6 months is required. A visa is not always required before your arrival in Egypt. On planning your visit, you should contact the nearest Egyptian consulate or your travel agent for more information. Citizens of Germany and Italy are no longer in need of a visa at all. Foreigners are required to register with the police within 7 days of their arrival. If you would stay at a hotel, they will automatically register you.

Do’s and Don’t’s
•  •  •  •  •  Do thank everybody who makes you a service. And as usual, the word "please" works wonder. If you are a woman, do wear a wedding ring, as Egyptians tend to show more respect to married women. Always pay tips, as you're expected to do so during your journey in Egypt. Do leave your valuables at the hotel consignments. If you are a student, it is recommended that you get an International Student Identification Card (Check General guide for details) at least to get discounts of entry fees for museums. If you plan to drive in Egypt, issue an International Driving License from your local authorities back in your country. Do wear modestly enough before you enter religious sites as mosques and churches, as in respect for these places. Same thing goes for men and women. Same sexes can kiss in cheeks for salutation. Do cross roads attentively and do follow instructions of the traffic officer and not traffic lights
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Beware of kissing different sexes in public, as it's not a common thing among Egyptians. Do not criticize Egyptians or the community. Egyptians hate it when it comes from a foreigner Do not take photos of military sites, governmental buildings and strategic zones. If you are a woman, do not go topless on beaches, and also do not wear any transparent garments. Do not underpay anyone. Always ask locals or tour guides for appropriate payments. Do not give booze as gift to Egyptians unless you know they could accept it. Don't leave your stuff unattended in public. Don't wear precious necklaces, earrings and bracelets when going through masses. If you are a woman and met any Egyptian men on dinner or so, don't insist on paying your share, as Egyptian men feel it's their duty and part of their manhood to pay for women. Offer to pay once and if received a rejection, abide. Do not wander off the beaten tracks without guide. Many minefields still exist. There should be some sign to inform you about it but usually hazardous areas are enclosed by a barbed wire. Do not import, bring in or consume narcotics. Egypt applies strict laws on drug traffickers and a death penalty can be applied on some cases. Possession of drugs, even for small quantities is subject to penalty.

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•  Main Income from agriculture, petroleum exports, media and tourism. •  Current GDP growth rate is 7.03% p.a. •  GDP: $187.954 billion •  Per Capita Income $2,450 •  Currency Rate: 1US$= 5.7 EGP

•  90% are identified as Muslims •  Other major religions include Christianity and Judaism.

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