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– Faw Gate Khan

Another name – Nil

Age / date of birth – 18 / 1998

Place of birth – center Nga Khu Ya village, Maungdaw township

NRC – 11/ Ma Ta Na ( Wa or Sa ) 030125

Race / Religion – Bengali / Islam

OccupaRon – General worker

EducaRon – grade 10

Address – center Nga Khu Ya Village , Maungdaw township

Parents names /occupaRon / address – ( F ) Jin Nar Khan ( passed

away ) ( M ) Faw Mi Nar Bi Bi ( dependent ), center Nga Khu Ya village

Wife’s name / occupaRon / address – Nil

Children name – Nil

Siblings names / occupaRon / address –

1. Faw Tin Khan ( younger brother ) , age – 17, lives with parents

2. Faw Tin Gin Na Ya Sami ( younger sister )

3. Saung Mat ( younger sister )

4. Shar Thaw Nun ( younger sister )

5. Gi Bi Khan ( younger brother )

Place of invesRgaRon – Maungdaw police staRon

Date of invesRgaRon – 21. 10. 2016

Subject of invesRgaRon – suspected person as terrorist

Force of invesRgaRon – Military Security Force ( West Military Base )

Brief History:
I was born in 1998. My father is Jin Nar Khan, he passed away, and my mother is Faw Mi Nar Bi Bi. I am the first
of 6 siblings. Since I was young I went to Nga Khu Ya Village High School from 2003 - 2011, then I went to high
school in Maungdaw town from 2012 - 2014 up to grade 10, but I didn’t pass beyond grade 10. My father, Jin
Nar Khan, had 2 shrimp ponds. His relaRves are Anna War Sake, Khin Maung Tun, Kay Fike Tular, Muhamad Ar
Kis, and, Mawlawi [Imam] Adu Ra Man. They all are connected to the militant / terrorist groups, and working
together with them.

Compiled by Rick Heizman 1

The A0ack on the Nga Khu Ya Border Guard Police Base, Guns and Militants From Bangladesh:
On October 8, 2016, at 1 pm, about 30 Bengali men from Nga Khu Ya village, 20 Bengali men from Auk Phyoo
Ma village, and about 400 Bengalis from U Shay Kya village, Kyat Yo Byin village, Nga Sar Jue village gathered in
center Nga Khu Ya village at the house of Mawlawi Adu Ra Man. The group from Auk Phyoo Ma village entered
the Nga Khu Ya Border Guard Police Base to aeack from the west part of the market, other groups came in
from the Nga Khu Ya football field to stage their aeacks. All of the groups had some guns. The leader was
Mawlawi Adu Ra Man. He had 5 long guns in his group. In the Auk Phyoo Ma village group they had 4 long
guns - I don’t remember that group leader’s name. Those guns were brought there from Bangladesh - by RSO
(Rohingya Solidarity OrganizaRon) militants. As far as I know, the RSO got those guns by raiding BGB (Border
Guards Bangladesh) outposts. Also, joining the aeack forces were about 17 militants from Bangladesh who
came across the border to join the aeacks.

Bangladesh Militants Hide in Mosque, Ambush Army:

Ager the aeack, the militants from Bangladesh went to Nga Sar Jue village and hid in a mosque, near the
primary school, unRl Oct 17. Some of the village people supplied them with food while they were hiding. They
would bring, rice, curry, vegetables, fish curry, and so on. Also, the villagers from Kyat Yo Byin village did their
part - they cut down big trees and blocked the road with them to prevent the security forces from geing to
Nga Sar Jue village and discovering the Bangladesh militants. When the military finally got to the front of Nga
Sar Jue village they were ambushed by about 25 Bengali militants - including the group from Bangladesh. Mar
Mauk Ta Laung was the Bengali man who alerted the militants that security forces were coming that way, so
the militants had Rme to prepare the ambush. He came across the rice fields around 2 pm and gave the
militants that news.

Support Money For Preparing A0acks:

My father, Jin Nar Khan, was a member of the Nga Khu Ya Village School Commieee, and the Finance
Commieee. He received 800,000 Burmese Kyat [$533 US] monthly from Aung Zaw Win, who lives in Yangon.
Aung Zaw Win transferred the money to Du Zaw Baw, and Du Zaw Baw gave money to the teachers, and Jin
Nar Khan. Each teacher received 55,000 Kyat [$37 US] support money per month.

Names of Nga Khu Ya Village School Commi0ee Members:

1. Adu Zaw Baw ( Chairman ), center Nga Khu Ya village
2. Khin Maung Tun ( Finance ), center Nga Khu Ya village
3. Jin Nar Khan ( F ) Faw Ri Di Dular, ( finance ), center Nga Khu Ya village
4. Sway Yaw Ar Laung ( F ) Dway Lar, ( member ), center Nga Khu Ya village
5. Ka Ti Bu Shu, ( member ), center Nga Khu Ya village

Militant Training:
Mawlawi Adu Ra Man, from center Nga Khu Ya village, conducted militant training for a month, but I don’t
know exactly what they did - I just heard about it. About 50 Bengali young men, from center, north, south and
west Nga Khu Ya villages aeended that training.

Compiled by Rick Heizman 2

Leaders and Trainers of the A0ack on the Nga Khu Ya Border Guard Police Base:
1. Mawlawi Adu Ra Man
2. Kay Fike Tular, center Nga Khu Ya village
3. Adu Nar, south Nga Khu Ya village
4. A Har Shar, north Nga Khu Ya village

These 4 trainers had aeended the militant training in U Shay Kya village conducted by experienced militants
who came from Bangladesh. They conducted training for one month in U Shay Kya village, and then those 4
trainers would train the local Bengali men in Nga Khu Ya village. Support money from the Bangladesh based
militant group was provided to those 4 trainers - 200,000 kyat [$133 US] each per month.
Another man from center Nga Khu Ya village named Ar Fat, who also aeended the militant training, taught
other villagers, and campaigned among the villagers about their militant plans, and convinced many villagers
to join the aeackers.
Another thing I knew was how some support money from Bangladesh was raised. In the town of Teknaf, in
Bangladesh, there were some people originally from Maungdaw working there. So, those people from
Maungdaw gathered money from other Maungdaw people to send here for militant training and to prepare for

Claim of non-involvement: [Disputed by his own account details, and other a0ackers]
During the aeack on Oct 9, 2016, I didn’t join. At that Rme I was in grade 10 at school. At about 4 am I was
awakened by gunfire, and I asked some young people what was happening. At that Rme I knew about the
aeack, and I knew that my father was involved in the aeack, but I didn’t know what his responsibility was. At
that Rme my parents had told me, “You stay in the house, you need to learn, and you study your school
lessons.” This is my true account.

Compiled by Rick Heizman 3

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