GOAL TO GO Episode 4.

40 “Return” by David Polk

2. RECAP We Recap events from the Previous Season, ending on the sounds of Achilles crashing his motorcycle into an SUV. TEASER FADE IN: EXT. BAYVIEW ROAD – DAY State Trooper Ivy Sandusky gets out of her cruiser, puts on her hat and shoves into the crowd at the accident scene. IVY Please, make way. Make way. Move!

She gets through and stops. We don’t see what she does, but anguish and concern are written on her stern face. Oh my God. INT. CLASSROOM – DAY About 30 9-year-old BLACK AFRICAN CHILDREN sit at dilapidated desks in the small, muggy room. They look attentively to the front of the room. We hear a WOMAN’S VOICE. Though she’s SPEAKING FLUENT FRENCH, her voice sounds very familiar. WOMAN’S VOICE (O.S.) I have graded your papers and I’m very pleased with the progress that many of you have made. The woman is returning schoolwork to pupils. A BOY looks at his paper when it’s handed to him – 100 percent – then smiles up at the woman. REVERSE and we see that the French-speaking woman is Portia Addams. She’s dressed in rumpled khakis and a t-shirt and wears no makeup, but she’s still as beautiful as we remember. Finished returning papers, she’s back at the head of the classroom. She smiles at the children, who clearly adore her. IVY Achilles...

3. PORTIA Now that we have successfully completed section four of our textbooks, we can begin section five today. INT. PREFAB DORM ROOM - LATER A cramped, dingy, dormitory apartment with two windows and only the bare necessities – small stove and refrigerator, both ancient, an old loveseat, a separate bedroom. Portia sits at a desk looking at her laptop computer. She frowns. E-mail is taking forever to download. A door opens and out steps well-built, dreadlocked Jean-Louis Tissot, a towel wrapped around his waist. He’s still wet from the shower. They speak to each other in ENGLISH. JEAN-LOUIS Why that look? PORTIA E-mail’s down again. He gives her a disapproving look without her noticing. Then he looks at the DIAMOND RING on her left ring finger. JEAN-LOUIS It’s slow but sure. Like many things in my country. He gives her a peck on the cheek. her cheek and touching his. She responds, offering

JEAN-LOUIS (re: the ring) Why do you still wear that here? risk being attacked for it.


PORTIA If someone wants to steal it, I’ll give it to them without a peep. Until then, I’ll wear it, Jean-Louis. (looks at him) Don’t be jealous. I’m with you, aren’t I? JEAN-LOUIS Yes, but do I have the part that matters most?

4. Beat. She turns and looks at the laptop. She growls at the slow-moving e-mail and taps the screen in frustration. INT. OAKLAND AIRPORT – DAY Cara “Cat” Trzcinski walks off the jetbridge into the gate area. She’s got a backpack on her shoulder. Her cell phone CHIMES and she pulls it from her pocket. She hits the button to retrieve her VOICE MESSAGE. ED (V.O.) Cara, honey, it’s Dad. I’ve got some bad news... Achilles was in a serious accident on his motorcycle... It happened on Bayview. Cat has stopped in her tracks. disbelief... INT. JAGUAR COUPE – MOVING – DAY Gale Donahue is driving near the waterfront in Seattle. The car phone RINGS. Caller ID reads “Mattie.” Gale pushes a button to answer. GALE Hello, Mattie Honey. MATTIE (V.O.) Gale, something terrible has happened. GALE Oh God! (reacts) Is it Duncan?! OFF her look of fear and

MATTIE (V.O.) No. Duncan is fine. And so is J.R. It’s Achilles. He’s had an accident. Oh my. not – GALE Mattie, what happened? He’s

MATTIE (V.O.) He’s alive. But he was in a very bad motorcycle accident. He’s being airlifted to Virginia Mason now.

5. Gale pulls over. A sign outside shows that she’s at Pier 54. The masts of sailboats can be seen. GALE I’m in Seattle now. I’ll go right there to be with him. Does Billy know? MATTIE (V.O.) No one has been able to reach him. Gale, do you know where he is? OFF Gale... EXT. BISTRO – SUNSET Paris, France. Gabrielle Woods sits in a crowded bistro reading a French newspaper. A near-empty GLASS OF RED WINE is in front of her on the table. ANGLE ON THE GLASS as more wine pours into it. speaks without looking up from her paper. GABRIELLE Merci. BILLY (O.S.) (Texas accent) C’est rien. Gabrielle looks up, stunned to see Billy Donahue standing over her, a bottle of wine in his hand. SMASH TO MAIN TITLES. END TEASER Gabrielle

6. ACT ONE FADE IN: EXT. OVER SEATTLE – DAY A Medevac helicopter THUNDERS into frame. until it lands atop a building. EXT. TOP OF BUILDING – DAY The door of the chopper opens and out come PARAMEDICS, followed by Dr. Natalia Rockov. Next, a stretcher with Achilles Addams is pulled out and wheeled into the building, a hospital. INT. OUTSIDE OPERATING ROOM – DAY Achilles’ stretcher is met by NURSES who immediately begin prepping him for surgery. A handsome young surgeon scans his chart. We recognize him as Richard O’Connell. Just as he realizes who he’s about to operate on, Dr. Rockov steps up to him. She speaks in a Russian accent. DR. ROCKOV Doctor, I am Dr. Natalia Rockov, team physician for the Sea Devils. I’m also a licensed thoracic surgeon and Achilles’ personal physician. I would like to observe the procedure. RICHARD (beat, considering) That’ll be fine, Dr. Rockov. NURSE He’s ready, Dr. O’Connell. Richard closes the chart and exchanges a look with Dr. Rockov. Then he heads into the O.R. INT. OPERATING ROOM – DAY QUICK CUTS of the surgical procedure and the team working on Achilles. In the b.g., Dr. Rockov watches the surgery with analytical coolness. We track with it

7. INT. OAKLAND AIRPORT, TICKETING AREA – DAY Cat paces back and forth, worried sick, her cell phone stuck to her ear. CAT But what if he does, Dallas? he does? EXT. DALLAS’ BALCONY – DAY Dallas Morales is in his Oakland apartment. DALLAS He’s not going to die, Red. Okay. Just try to calm down, sweetheart. said he was airlifted to Virginia Mason. That’s a great hospital. They’ll do everything they can. INTERCUT: CAT/DALLAS I knew acting wasn’t stayed CAT I shouldn’t have left. He was strange. I felt something right with him. I should’ve this weekend... What if


DALLAS It was an accident and it had nothing to do with you, Red. Cat sits in a chair. Tears roll down her face.

CAT Dallas, it happened at the same intersection where Cal died... That night, if I’d just gone home with Cal instead of staying at that party to get high and have sex – DALLAS Stop it, Cara! There’s no connection at all between that night and what happened to Q.B. today. CAT No?! Why am I coming to see you, Dallas?! It’s the same thing all over again –

8. DALLAS Red, please. I know how you feel about Achilles. I know you’re close. But it’s not the same, sweetheart. CAT You say that but you don’t know, Dallas! You don’t know! DALLAS Just hang tight, Red. I’m coming to the airport and we can fly back to Maitland together. EXT. BISTRO – NIGHT Billy takes a sip of wine from his own glass. soulfully at Gabrielle. Beat. He looks

BILLY I love you, Elle. I want to marry you. That’s what I came here to tell you. Gabrielle fights to maintain her composure but her emotions are getting the best of her. GABRIELLE Billy, we’re ruining one another’s lives, not to mention the lives of other people. My mother saw it, Charlotte saw it. Even we saw it. But we foolishly chose to ignore the signs. BILLY (charming smile) Hadn’t you heard? Love is blind. GABRIELLE And, apparently, incredibly stupid. Look, Billy, I came here to get away from you, away from us and the craziness of us. Now you track me down and say you want to marry me? How’s that going to work, Billy? Or have you forgotten that wife is a homicidal maniac?

9. BILLY You told me once that you’re crazy for me. Well I’m crazy about you too. Together our crazy trumps her crazy. A long couple of beats. GABRIELLE I love you so much, Billy. BILLY (hopeful) And I love you, Elle. She reaches across and takes his hands in hers, strokes them lovingly. Then she looks into his eyes. GABRIELLE I know you do. Which is why you’re going to let me go. (off his reaction) You have to let me get on with my life, Billy... And go back to yours. INT. SHOOTING RANGE – SUNSET ANGLE ON the barrel of a GLOCK .9mm as it FIRES three times. PULL BACK to reveal the shooter is FBI agent Valerie O’Connell, in shooting goggles and ear guards. She pushes a button and the paper TARGET slides toward her from down range. When it arrives, she examines the silhouette: three holes in the head. DESTRY (O.S.) Not bad, O’Connell. Not bad at all. Agent Destry comes up behind her, a little bit too close. She turns her head, talks over her shoulder. VALERIE Thank you. I’m sure I could do better at closer range. He smiles nervously and gives her some room.

10. INT. FBI OFFICES – SUNSET Valerie and Destry enter the offices, fresh from the shooting range. DESTRY The FBI is a gun culture, has been since the days of J. Edgar Hoover, so doing well on the range is a prerequisite for advancement... Hey, I wonder what that’s all about. They notice a group of AGENTS crowded around a television in a common area. When they get there – AGENT #1 Hey, O’Connell, isn’t that your husband? Valerie gets to the front of the group and sees Richard on television at a press conference. ON TV RICHARD (V.O.) Mr. Addams’ suffered multiple facial fractures and lacerations to his chest and arms, as well as relatively minor injuries to his left shoulder and knees from impact with the pavement. Valerie is dazed, feels lightheaded. to avoid falling down. She sits in a chair

RICHARD (V.O.) All of the fractures were successfully repaired. Mr. Addams’ brain, spine, chest and abdomen appear to be without serious injury... DESTRY O’Connell, you okay? O’Connell? Hey, somebody get her a glass of water... Valerie looks up at him. a word he’s saying. He’s speaking but she can’t hear

INT. HOSPITAL WAITING ROOM - NIGHT Richard is talking to Gale, Dr. Rockov and Charlotte Webb.

11. GALE Congratulations on a successful surgery, Dr. O’Connell. RICHARD Thank you, Mrs. Donahue. He’s very fortunate that he was wearing a helmet. Without it, given the extent of the facial injuries, I’m sure the accident would have been fatal. CHARLOTTE What about his recovery, Doctor? How long before he’s back to his normal self? RICHARD That’s hard to say. A broken jaw typically takes seven weeks to heal. Therapy for an elite athlete to regain full motion could take several months. Reconstructive surgery for his facial injuries should be routine, but there’s healing time. A lot really depends on Achilles and his desire to return. Beat. GALE Thank you, Dr. O’Connell. He leaves and the three women exchange looks. CHARLOTTE Dr. Rockov, would you mind giving Mrs. Donahue and me a moment? Certainly. Achilles. She walks away. DR. ROCKOV I’ll go look in on

Charlotte turns to Gale.

CHARLOTTE Achilles’ mother should be landing within the hour. She’ll have a room at the Meridian as long as she needs it. That’s very good. reached her yet? GALE And Portia, have you

12. CHARLOTTE Not yet. She’s in a village somewhere in West Africa. I’m sure we’ll hear from her by morning. We’ll fly her back as soon as we contact her. Charlotte looks at Gale gravely. GALE Yes, Charlotte, what is it? CHARLOTTE I finally reached Billy about an hour ago. We read the apprehension in Gale’s eyes. GALE And is he on his way home? CHARLOTTE Yes. GALE (beat) Alone? OFF Charlotte... INT. 787 DREAMLINER – IN FLIGHT – NIGHT An attractive, black FLIGHT ATTENDANT moves through the darkened First Class cabin. Most passengers are asleep. Billy stares out the window, lost in thought. FLIGHT ATTENDANT Can I get you anything, Mr. Donahue? Mr. Donahue? BILLY (finally hearing her) No. No thank you. It’s


Their eyes briefly connect and she smiles at him. more than professional. FLIGHT ATTENDANT Well, let me know if you change your mind.

13. She continues down the aisle. Beat. Billy lowers the window shade and leans back. He closes his eyes. INT. O’CONNELL APARTMENT – NIGHT Valerie is on the sofa with a full glass of red wine. The door opens and Richard comes in. Their eyes meet. They continue staring at each other as he crosses the room on his way to the kitchen. RICHARD We have anything to eat? He disappears into the kitchen without waiting for a response. She waits a moment then follows him. INT. KITCHEN – NIGHT Richard is looking in the refrigerator. Valerie comes and reaches inside, pulls out a bag of lettuce and other salad fixings. She goes to the marble counter and begins making him a salad. He pulls out a beer, twists off the top and takes a swig. Then he stares at her. Her eyes stay on the business of salad making. VALERIE (softly) Thank you, Richard. I’m a doctor. RICHARD It’s my job. FADE OUT. END OF ACT ONE

14. ACT TWO FADE IN: INT. BEDROOM – DAWN Portia and Jean-Louis are asleep in bed, his arm draped over her waist. We hear a series of SOFT DINGS that come in rapid succession. Portia opens her eyes, looks into the next room, where the dinging is coming from. She quietly slides out from under Jean-Louis’s arm. INT. PREFAB DORM ROOM – SAME Portia goes to her laptop computer. She reacts to the dozens of e-mails and instant messages that rapidly populate the screen. She sits down and begins to read, growing more alarmed as she catches bits and pieces of the notes. Panic sets in. PORTIA Oh God, no! No!

INT. RELIEF ADMINISTRATION OFFICE – DAY Little more than a run down shack. Portia is on a SATELLITE PHONE and she’s like we’ve never seen her before. PORTIA Well I need to speak to him! (listens) Jesus! He operated on my HUSBAND. Jean-Louis puts a hand on her shoulder to calm her. knocks it off. He reacts. JEAN-LOUIS Portia, please... She cuts him a Sista from Jersey look. He backs away. She

PORTIA What part of “I’m in a remote part of Africa and can’t wait to make an appointment” don’t you understand?! (listens, then boiling over) I swear to God if you don’t put (MORE)

15. PORTIA (CONT’D.) somebody on this phone who can tell me something about my husband right now, I’m going to sue everybody in that goddamn hospital, starting with you! INT. HOSPITAL ROOM – DAY Achilles is in a drug sleep. He looks like he ran into an SUV with his face. His eyes flutter open long enough for him to register a warm smile from Lena Addams. He drifts back off with a crooked smile on his battered face. LENA Momma’s here, baby. Momma’s here. INT. NURSES’ STATION – DAY A FRAZZLED NURSE (40s) puts the phone on hold. to a COWORKER (30s). She turns

FRAZZLED NURSE Good God! I’ve got some crazy woman on the phone who claims she’s calling from Africa and that she’s Achilles Addams’ wife and demanding to talk to Dr. O’Connell. Mrs. Addams is in with Achilles now, isn’t she? COWORKER His mother’s with him now. His wife is out of the country... Oh, that’s right, you just moved here. Achilles’ wife, Portia, is doing missionary work somewhere in West Africa. FRAZZLED NURSE (sinking feeling) Uh-oh. INT. ACHILLES & CAT’S APARTMENT – SUNSET Cat is on the sofa, her feet tucked underneath her, eyes glued to the television. Dallas comes out of the kitchen with a bowl of soup for her.

16. DALLAS Red, why don’t you turn that off? They’re not saying anything new. He’s in stable condition. That’s all we need to know. CAT I know everybody at that hospital. I can’t believe they won’t let me in to see him. DALLAS We’ve been through this before, Red. Remember what happened with me? You know the drill; it’s family only. Achilles is high profile. They can’t break the rules. CAT For Christ’s sake, we live together, Dallas! Now that Portia’s gone I’m the closest thing to family he has here! He puts the soup on the coffee table and sits down, puts an arm around her. DALLAS Red, the worst is over. Achilles didn’t die. He’s not going to die. You’re here for him now. Stop beating yourself up, okay? She melts into him, allowing herself to be vulnerable in the protection of his powerful tattoo-covered arms. CAT Thanks for coming back home with me, Dallas. I love you. DALLAS (kisses her forehead) I love you too, Red. INT. HOSPITAL ROOM – SUNSET Achilles is propped up in bed. Lena holds the telephone to his ear. His jaw is wired shut, but he speaks through his lips, ventriloquist-style.

17. ACHILLES No. Don’t come.

INT. RELIEF ADMINISTRATION OFFICE - DAY Portia is on the satellite phone. She’s distraught.

PORTIA But Lee, you need me! I’m your wife! I should be with you now! INTERCUT: ACHILLES/PORTIA Portia. ACHILLES Kids need you.

PORTIA I’ll come back to the mission when you’re better. I’m not hearing any nonsense, Lee. I’ll be on a flight to New York tonight and – ACHILLES No! This exertion causes him pain. Lena reacts with a look. Portia senses his discomfort through the phone. PORTIA I don’t understand, Lee. They say it’ll be at least three months before you’re well. Mom can’t stay with you that long, she has to go back to work. Achilles motions to his mother to leave him alone. She gives him a sympathetic look then goes out of the room. PORTIA Lee, what is it? (beat, apologetic) I know you must hate me for being with Jean-Louis – No! ACHILLES Don’t hate you. Love you, Portia.

PORTIA (beat) Then why don’t you want me to come home to take care of you?

18. ACHILLES (beat) Marcus. Hearing the name takes her by surprise. ACHILLES Took care of me before, Portia. turn now. PORTIA It’s not the same, Lee. that... ACHILLES Live. (firm) Your. Life. You know She’s choked up. My

OFF Portia, tears rolling down her face... INT. DONAHUE GREAT ROOM – SUNSET Toddler Duncan Pennebaker plays with toys on the floor. Gale, J.R. Donahue and Gracie Wellington watch a report by ESPN’s Sandy Sanderson. ON TV SANDY (V.O.) While doctors say Addams’ five-hour surgery went smoothly, the road to recovery could he a bumpy ride for the Heisman finalist. If all goes well it’ll be at least three months before he’s cleared for the practice field. And there is some doubt, given the injuries to his arm and legs, as to whether he can return to the form that has made him one of College Football’s most exciting players. When camp begins in late July, Coach Billy Donahue will put red-shirt Senior Nate Hughes and true Freshman Ricky Boone to the test to see which of them will run the Sea Devils offense until Addams returns. If he returns... Billy comes into the room and puts down his travel bag. Duncan is the first to notice him. The baby squeals

19. happily and begins crawling toward his “Daddy.” gets off the sofa to corral the tyke. GRACIE Oh, hi, Coach! J.R. Dad! You’re back! Billy lifts Duncan, gives him a kiss. Gale goes to them. Billy and Gale exchange a look that’s heavy with meaning. INT. J.R.’S BEDROOM – NIGHT J.R. and Gracie finish a slow, quiet screw against the wall. He pulls out of her and lifts his pants up from around his ankles. She tidies herself up too and then they both plop down on his bed. GRACIE We’ve got to stop doing this, Johnny. J.R. Why? Greg’s graduated. calling you is he? No. He’s not still Gracie

GRACIE He e-mails. But that’s not why.

J.R. What then? Mom and Dad? Gracie, Mom’s as crazy about you now as I am. And Dad doesn’t care if we have sex as long as long as you don’t get pregnant – GRACIE J.R., are you not paying attention?! J.R. (pressing) What, what is it already?! mind reader, Gracie.

I’m not a

GRACIE We’re just making it harder on ourselves when you leave for Texas. J.R. Is that it? That’s why you’ve been so moody these last few weeks?

20. She looks at him. Duh?! J.R. Gracie, I’ll be home two or three times during the school year. We’ll be fine. She sits up. GRACIE We won’t be fine, J.R., and you’re lying to yourself if you think otherwise. He sits up too. J.R. Look, Gracie, we’ve been through this. I told you, I broke up with you because I wanted to know what it was like to be with another girl. I did it, I found out, and now I know you’re the only girl I want to be with. Doesn’t matter if I’m here in Maitland or in Texas, you’re all I want. GRACIE And you’re all I want, Johnny. But we have to be realistic. Long distance relationships don’t work. Period. J.R. So are you saying we should break up – again – before I leave for college? Beat. GRACIE I don’t know what I’m saying, Johnny. I just know every time we make love I feel so... so afraid that after you’re gone everything will change, and we’ll never be able to get back what we have. They look at each other. INT. DONAHUE MASTER BEDROOM – NIGHT Billy is unpacking. Gale comes in and closes the door. pauses for a beat, then continues. He

21. GALE Dr. Rockov said that Dr. O’Connell did an incredible job with Achilles. She said a lesser surgeon wouldn’t have has as much success repairing the shoulder and leg injuries. Beat. Billy goes in the bathroom. Gale doesn’t move.

GALE (to bathroom) Charlotte and Dr. Rockov have already made a short list of therapists who will help him recover. If he works hard, he could be ready for Boise State in week two. Won’t that be great? Awkward silence. GALE (to bathroom) Dr. O’Connell is married to that pretty Korean girl who was Achilles’ tutor when he was a freshman. Isn’t that a nice coincidence? Billy comes out of the bathroom and stops in front of her. She puts on a pleasant face, even though she knows where he’s been and why he went there. BILLY I’ve given this a lot of thought, Gale. And no matter how I game play it in my head, no matter how I look at things, it all comes out the same. GALE Billy honey, Achilles will be fine. He’ll have to work hard, but he’s done it before, when he got knocked out for four weeks as a freshman. And there are plenty of people to help him... BILLY This isn’t going to work, Gale... We’re not going to work. She knows where he headed but that doesn’t make it easier. GALE What do you mean, Billy?

22. BILLY Gale, I want a divorce. Gale just stares at him. The words are utterly absurd coming from his mouth. It’s as if she didn’t hear them. BILLY Did you hear what I said? divorce, Gale. I want a

GALE Billy, you can’t truly believe that... that woman is worth throwing away all we’ve built together, that you’ll be truly happy with her. BILLY That “woman” sent me packing, Gale. It’s over between me and Gabrielle. And the truth is you and I haven’t been happy – “truly” happy – for years. GALE Honey, you’ve had a long, grueling trip home. You need to rest. We’re all upset about Achilles. You’re not thinking clearly, that’s all... BILLY My thinking is crystal clear, Gale. Look, be honest... If we were really still in love could any of this have happened? Me and Gabrielle? You and Phil? Mention of her affair with a 23-year-old hits like a train. GALE I want you to stop, Billy... We can talk about this tomorrow if you like, but I want you to stop it now. BILLY Gale – She loses it, grabs his shirt, shoves and pounds his chest with her fists. He holds her shoulders to steady her. BILLY Gale, I just don’t have anything left. I’m sorry... It’s over.

23. She pulls away from him, her eyes red from tears and anger. GALE No! We’re not over, Billy! family’s not over! This

She goes to the door. When she gets there she turns – GALE Don’t bother hiring a lawyer, Billy. I’m your wife. You’ll never have another as long as I live. And I’m going to live for a long, long time. Count on it. She leaves. He stands there, looking at the open door.

INT. NURSERY – LATER Gale stands over Duncan’s crib, looking down at the sleeping toddler. She breaks down, sobbing uncontrollably. FADE OUT. END OF ACT TWO

24. ACT THREE FADE IN: INT. RESTAURANT KITCHEN – SUNSET QUICK CUTS of a chaotic kitchen. FIND Cake D’Agostino skillfully preparing meals and directing other food workers under the watchful, critical eye of a MASTER CHEF. INT. FRENCH RESTAURANT – NIGHT Cake watches from just outside the kitchen door as PATRONS dine on her culinary creation. The reaction of several diners brings a smile to her face. Then she exchanges a look with the Master Chef, who flashes a very haughty, very French expression. Cake doesn’t mind. Her dish is a hit with the customers. EXT. FRENCH RESTAURANT/PARIS STREETS/METRO – NIGHT Cake leaves the restaurant with fellow CULINARY STUDENTS. They walk together, talking animatedly about the evening’s food test, then go their separate ways at a Metro Station. Cake goes down to the subway and boards a crowded train. A couple of FRENCHMEN check the sultry, Italian-American beauty out. She ignores them. INT. CAKE’S APARTMENT – NIGHT Cake enters the tiny efficiency apartment, puts her things down and heads straight for the bathroom. We hear the shower turn on. In the bedroom, we notice a familiar PHOTOGRAPH – it’s the one of her and Achilles at her parent’s lake house taken last summer. Now she’s unfolded it to reveal the couple next to them – Cat and Dallas, smiling arm-in-arm. INT. SHOWER – NIGHT Cake hums happily in the shower. INT. CAKE’S BEDROOM – NIGHT She comes in wrapped in a towel, plops on her bed and picks up her cell phone. She dials.

25. INT. ACHILLES’ BEDROOM – DAY Stuffed animals populate what is actually Cake’s room. Achilles is resting on the bed, casually turning the pages of ESPN the Magazine. His jaw is wired shut and his left arm is in a sling. His cell phone RINGS and he answers it with his good hand. He still speaks ventriloquist-style. ACHILLES Hello? INT. CAKE’S BEDROOM – NIGHT Cake’s curled up on the bed, still wrapped in a towel. CAKE Why do you answer as though you don’t know it’s me? INTERCUT: ACHILLES/CAKE ACHILLES Because. CAKE Because what, Silly? ACHILLES Might not be you. CAKE Oh, so you’ve been out of the hospital for a week and already you’re picking up strange girls? Ha-ha! ACHILLES Funny. Not.

CAKE (sweet laugh) At least I know you’re not French kissing anybody. ACHILLES Can’t say same about you. CAKE That’s right, you can’t. I French kiss strange girls here all the time. (MORE)

26. CAKE (CONT’D.) French women really are the best kissers! Maybe I’ll teach you a thing or two when I get home. ACHILLES Brat. She smiles. Beat.

CAKE Are you feeling better, Achilles? Yeah. ACHILLES Still sore as hell.

CAKE I wish I were there to take care of you. Thanks. ACHILLES I’m fine.

She senses defensiveness in his tone. CAKE Achilles, you’re not alone, you know. Everybody wants to see you return and play well next season. A long beat. It’s a sensitive topic. Then –

CAKE So is every part of you sore... or are certain parts less sore than others? ACHILLES (catching her drift) Some parts less sore. CAKE You know, if I were there, I could massage the parts that are sore... and caress the parts that aren’t. ACHILLES That would be nice. She shifts on the bed and moves a hand to her stomach.

27. CAKE Oh, it would be nice, Achilles... I’d start by rubbing your neck and shoulders. ACHILLES Yeah? CAKE Mmmm-hmmm. Then I’d run the tip of my tongue along your neck, down to your chest. ACHILLES (becoming aroused) Then what?


As she speaks, she slides her hand between her thigh and begins masturbating. CAKE Then I’d kiss your stomach while I touched you... Would you like that, Achilles? ACHILLES Yes. I would... Achilles slips his arm out of the sling and slides his hand into his sweat pants. CAKE So would I. Then I’d keep kissing you – CAT (O.S.) Einstein, I’m back! Achilles quickly jerks his hand out of his sweats and bolts upright just as Cat opens his bedroom door. CAT I’m back. ACHILLES I heard you the first time! of knocking? CAT/CAKE Who’s that?/What? Ever heard

28. ACHILLES (to Cat) A friend. (to Cake) My roommate’s here. Cake sits up in her bed too. CAKE Don’t tell her it’s me, Achilles! Cat sizes up the situation. Sees his is arm out of the sling and a boner in his sweats. She flashes her impish grin. CAT I wondered where all the tissues were going. Try not to dislocate your shoulder again jerking off, Einstein. ACHILLES Screw you, Lesbot! CAT I bet you do – all the time in your dreams! She laughs loudly as she leaves the room. her end of the phone. ACHILLES That’s funny? CAKE I’m sorry, baby, but it is. INT. CAT’S ROOM – SAME TIME Cat plops on her bed and dials her cell phone. INT. CAKE’S BEDROOM – SAME TIME Cake smiles as she looks at the photo of the happy foursome – Cat, Dallas, Achilles and her. ACHILLES (V.O.) How can you be such good friends with her? Cake giggles on

29. CAKE You know what they say: opposites attract. Sort of like you and me. Besides, you know you love her. His harrumph comes through the phone. an incoming call. CAKE Hold on, okay? She switches to the incoming call. INTERCUT: CAT/CAKE/ACHILLES CAT Hi, slut! CAKE Hey, whore! CAT Whatcha doin’? CAKE Just finishing up another call. Hold on a sec, okay? (switches back to Achilles) Hi, I have to go now. ACHILLES Seriously? Why? CAKE Got another call from the States. ACHILLES Who? CAKE Guess? ACHILLES (beat) No. CAKE (smiles) Yes. He looks down at his erection. We hear the CLICK of

30. ACHILLES Come on, Cake! CAKE (giggles sweetly) Sorry. You boys have “Bros before Hoes.” We girls have “Sisters before Misters.” (beat, then heartfelt) I’ll be thinking about you tonight, Achilles. Keep thinking about me, okay? ACHILLES Okay... Goodnight, Cake. He clicks off the phone then grudgingly slides his arm back into the sling. CAKE Okay, Cat, I’m back. Cat kicks off her shoes and lay back on the bed. CAT So are you all set to come back next week? No more delays? CAKE I’m all set and I can hardly wait to get home. Booked my flight and everything. CAT Great. Achilles moves out this weekend. CAKE I feel bad about that, Cat. After all he’s been through, to have to move out in his condition. I wouldn’t mind going back home until he’s recovered. CAT Forget it, Cake. With the rehab program he’ll go through, he’s better off living in the players’ dorm. CAKE He’d be better off training with you over the summer Cat and you know it. (MORE)

31. CAKE (CONT’D.) He’s stubborn about working out but he listens to you, ever since you helped him when you were freshmen. CAT Since when do you care whether Einstein does what he’s told? CAKE (a bit too emotional) Why wouldn’t I care?! He’s my friend too, Cat! Beat. Cat grows suspicious. CAT What do you mean by that? CAKE (covering) What do you mean, “What do I mean?” The whole town wants to see him play again next season, right? So do I. INT. GALE’S OFFICE – DAY Gale is at her desk, staring at a report – “Pennebaker Industries Second Quarter Results” – but not really reading it. She doesn’t notice Mathilda “Mattie” Weiss standing in the doorway. MATTIE Is everything alright, Gale? Lost in thought, Gale is slow to respond. She looks up and locks eyes with her devoted personal assistant. No, Mattie. INT. CAFÉ – DAY Gale and Mattie are at a secluded table talking quietly. Gale is uncharacteristically fretful; Mattie comforting. GALE He means it this time, Mattie. going to leave me. I know it. He’s GALE Everything is not alright.

32. MATTIE Gale, Billy has been upset before. Very upset. But he loves you. He can’t live without you. This will pass, like the drugs and the alcohol... And the miscarriage. Beat. Gale looks at her. She instinctively knows getting pregnant by one of Billy’s players was the beginning of the end. GALE What do I do, Mattie? I can’t lose him. I just can’t. Oh, I wish I could just make it all go away! Mattie reaches out and takes her hands. INT. BILLY’S OFFICE – SUNSET Billy and Achilles sit across from each other on leather sofas. Billy’s secretary, Donna Dixon, comes in. DONNA Will you be needing anything before I leave, Coach? BILLY I think we’re all set, Donna. Achilles? DONNA How about you, dear? Thanks.

He gives her a smile and a wave, “I’m okay.” DONNA Alright. But you have my cell number. Don’t be afraid to use it. I promised your mother I’d keep my eye on you after she leaves. BILLY (playful) I think he’s got enough women looking after him already, Donna. DONNA Excuse me for saying so, Coach, but they’re all white, and I know what (MORE)

33. DONNA (CONT’D.) their idea of “taking care” of him is. He needs looking after from a woman who knows what’s what when it comes to healing a black man. Achilles blushes under his bruises. Achilles before – Billy winks at

BILLY Thank you, Mrs. Dixon, for helping to end racial stereotyping on campus. DONNA Make fun if you want to, but you know I know what I’m talking about. She turns her nose up as she walks out and closes the door. After she’s gone, Billy turns serious. BILLY I know this won’t sound right, Achilles, but the truth is you’re probably better off without Portia here. You’re going to have to work harder than you ever have to get back on the field by week two or three. There won’t be room for distractions, marital or otherwise. Beat. Billy clocks reticence in Achilles. BILLY What is it, son? After a long silence, Achilles looks Billy straight in the eye and speaks slowly through his wired jaw. ACHILLES Coach, not sure I want it bad enough. (off Billy’s surprise) Don’t want to let anybody down – you, the team, the town – but I didn’t come back just to play football. Billy glares at him with ice-blue lasers. BILLY Why did you come back, Achilles?

34. ACHILLES (beat) A girl. Beat. Achilles expects to see Billy’s famous temper. surprised to get a thin, thoughtful smile instead. BILLY Tell me about it. Achilles – who doesn’t catch Billy’s veiled reference to his own woman problems – begins telling him about Cake. Time passes. SAME SCENE – LATER BILLY Nowhere in that story did you say anything about you two being in love. ACHILLES Don’t know if we’re in love. we want to find out. BILLY But you do love Portia? ACHILLES (nods “yes”) But it’s different. Got married too soon and for the wrong reasons. Now we both need to find out what we really want in life. BILLY And winning a national championship, getting a shot at playing in the NFL, that’s not what you want in life? OFF Achilles thinking... INT. DONAHUE DINING ROOM - NIGHT Gale, J.R., Gracie and Gale’s mother, Rose Ryan, are talking after dinner. We hear the front door open. Gale spies Billy coming into the house. GALE Billy honey, we’re in here. Just know He’s

35. J.R. Hey, Dad. Billy, who was going to head upstairs, comes into the room. BILLY Hi, son. ROSE How is Achilles, Billy Boy? BILLY He’s doing better, Mom. Gale gets up to make a plate for him. GALE We’ve got your favorite tonight, honey – rib-eye steak, green beans and Mexican rice. BILLY Thanks, but I’m not hungry. Besides, it looks like you’ve already eaten. I’ll just grab a yogurt later. GALE Nonsense. Sit down with the family. Before you know it, J.R. will be off to College Station, Gracie will be moving into the dorms and you’ll be consumed with summer camp. We won’t have many chances for time like this together. ROSE She’s right, Billy Boy. Wolf always made time to sit down to supper with Gale and me. Gale smiles at him lovingly. He goes along for the sake of appearances and takes a seat at the head of the table. Gale puts a plate with delicious-looking food in front of him and strokes the nape of his neck. GALE There you go, honey. BILLY Thank you.

36. INT. O’CONNELL DINING ROOM – NIGHT Richard and Valerie sit at opposite ends of a table having dinner. There is an definite coolness between them. VALERIE How do you like the salmon? RICHARD It’s good. VALERIE Just good? RICHARD Perfect. Beat. Valerie tries another tact. VALERIE Nina and Jabari will be in Seattle for the Fourth. They’d like to get together. Maybe go out on the boat. RICHARD If I can get away from the hospital, I’d love to spend time with them. VALERIE I can hardly believe Darcy is almost two years old. I remember the day Nina told me she was pregnant like it was yesterday. RICHARD (looks at her) But it wasn’t yesterday, Valerie. (off her reaction) You and Nina have both been out of college for years. Maybe it’s time you put those days behind you and focus on the future. Our future. Beat. They look at each other. taking a sip of wine. She breaks the stare by

VALERIE How do you like the wine? It’s from that new place on Fifth Street.

37. INT. VALERIE’S CUBICLE – DAY Valerie is working intently on her computer. ON THE SCREEN we see that she is conducting an unauthorized investigation into the death of Marcus Gamble. She’s going through East Orange Police records, including interrogation transcripts of Achilles and Portia explaining their whereabouts the night Marcus was found dead of a gunshot to the chest. She makes the connection between Portia and Marcus – that they were neighbors and schoolmates since early childhood and that they almost certainly dated. That is until Achilles came into the picture in high school. She also finds out Portia’s father, Reverend Robeson, was murdered while serving a 20-years for larceny and bank fraud. We read in her eyes that she’s drawing a conclusion about what really happened that night. We hear VOICES coming closer. Valerie quickly hits keys to switch her screen to official work. Agent Destry appears behind her. DESTRY Hey, O’Connell, Sikes and me are going out for a bite. Want to join us? VALERIE Thanks but I’ve got a boatload of casework to finish up. He reacts to a flashing dialogue box on her screen. DESTRY How’d you get a D6 clearance? VALERIE (covering) It’s temporary. I asked Marshall for it to help with some work I’m doing on the De Souza case. Beat. Destry’s eyes tell us he’s processing what she’s told him. Then she smiles at him. VALERIE Come to think of it, I am hungry. She stands and takes her jacket from a peg. FADE OUT. END OF ACT THREE

38. ACT FOUR FADE IN: INT. SEATTLE AIRPORT TERMINAL – DAY Achilles, Lena and Cat walk down the corridor. a crutch and walks with a limp. LENA Now you don’t rush anything, Lee. I don’t care what the doctors say, we nurses know best and I won’t have you causing permanent damage because they’re pushing you too hard to come back by a certain game. Achilles is getting better at talking with a wired jaw. ACHILLES Alright, Mom, I’ll take it slow and easy. Promise. LENA Cara, I’m going to count on you to make sure he means it. CAT Don’t worry, Mrs. Addams. I’ll keep him in line. You heard that, right, Einstein? I’m in charge. ACHILLES Jeez, Mom, why’d you say that?! Cat grins mischievously. They come to the security gate. Lena faces Achilles and they look into each other’s eyes. She fights tears. They hug tightly. ACHILLES You have a safe flight, Mom. And don’t worry. I’m going to do just fine. She looks at him, feels his strength, strength that she gave him. I know, baby. LENA I know you will. He’s using

Lena goes through security. On the other side she turns to look at Achilles and Cat standing together, something about

39. them has an affect on her. a kiss goodbye. She smiles and blows them both

INT. CAT’S MUSTANG – MOVING – DAY Cat and Achilles drive home in a light rain shower. behind the wheel. ACHILLES Thanks for driving mom to the airport. No problem. great lady. Thanks. CAT She’d have to be to put up with an asshole like you. He smirks. Beat. No way! ACHILLES Is that a gorilla there? She looks. CAT I like your mom. ACHILLES She’s a She’s

He points with his right middle finger. CAT What? Where?

He puts his finger practically underneath her nose. She realizes what he’s doing and hits him in his bad shoulder. He reacts, “Ow!” but laughs. CAT Dick! ACHILLES Dike. EXT. STRETCH OF ROUTE 39 – LATER Cat’s piece of shit Mustang passes us. pulls onto the road in pursuit. A POLICE CRUISER

40. INT. CAT’S MUSTANG – MOVING – SAME TIME Cat looks in the rearview mirror at the FLASHING LIGHTS. Shit. CAT I wasn’t doing more than sixty.

EXT./INT. CAT’S MUSTANG - DAY Cat pulls over. Great. Achilles reacts. Hi, Cat. She looks in the side mirror. CAT Polly Purebread. “Who?” Cat rolls down the window.

IVY Achilles.

Achilles nods and smiles “Hello.” CAT (hands over license) Hi, Trooper Sandusky. Was I speeding? IVY No, Cat, you weren’t. Your right taillight is busted. CAT (feigns surprise) Wow, I’d better get that

Really?! fixed.

IVY That’s what you said when I stopped you for the same thing two months ago. Oh. CAT Well I really mean it this time.

IVY Well I really mean it this time. Next time it’s going to cost you seventyfive bucks plus the cost to fix it. Ivy gives the license back. Okay. CAT Thanks, Trooper Sandusky.

41. Ivy looks at Achilles. IVY Looks like you’re coming along pretty good there, Achilles. ACHILLES Pretty good, Trooper Sandusky. IVY That’s nice to hear. Take care, you two. And drive safe. CAT Yes ma’am. Cat rolls the window and then rolls her eyes as Ivy walks back to the cruiser. ACHILLES What’d you call her? Polly what? CAT Polly Purebread. Stuck up, straightlaced, by the book. Probably born with a badge in one hand, a gun in the other and a nightstick stuck up her ass. Achilles looks back at the cruiser as it pulls away. EXT. STRETCH OF ROAD – SUNSET (FLASHBACK) Achilles is sitting on his motorcycle, pulling off his helmet. He looks in a rearview mirror at Ivy approaching. Just as she arrives – ACHILLES I’m sorry, officer, I should have – IVY Been paying closer attention to the posted speed? ACHILLES Yes, ma’am. (looks at nametag) Officer Sandusky.

42. IVY License and

Trooper Sandusky. registration.

He hands them over. She checks the name, looks up at him. He knows she recognizes him and sees his chance. He smiles - not too much - but enough. IVY You play Hawai’i on Saturday, right? ACHILLES Yes ma’am. IVY (lying) I’m twenty-seven. Don’t call me ma’am.

ACHILLES You don’t look twenty-seven. (off her reaction) I’d guess more like twenty-three, twenty-four tops. Sorry. She knows a line when she hears one but... IVY Shut the engine off, Mr. Addams. He does and she goes back to her cruiser to run a check. When she returns – IVY I’m going let you off with a warning this time, Achilles. ACHILLES Thank you, Trooper Sandusky. She smiles, holds out the license with two fingers. IVY Ivy. ACHILLES Thank you, Ivy. She holds onto the license as he takes it. He looks down: a SCRAP OF PAPER is folded over his license. Seeing that he’s seen the paper, she lets him take both.

43. IVY Slow it down, Achilles... Or else. She walks back to her cruiser, slow enough for him to check out her ass, nice even in Trooper slacks. Then he unfolds the paper on his license: “Ivy – 555-1111.” INT. CAT’S MUSTANG – DAY (RETURN TO PRESENT) Ivy’s cruiser circles around and heads back in the other direction. Cat puts the Mustang in gear and pulls off. INT. EXAM ROOM – DAY CLOSE ON A DOCTOR’S FACE as he meticulously examines a patient. PULL BACK as he does and we see that his patient is Achilles. DOCTOR The jaw is healing nicely, Achilles. But you’ll still want to go easy – soft foods, nothing too hot or cold. Now that the wiring has been removed, you’re ready for reconstructive dentistry and plastic surgery. Achilles moves his jaw, rubs it with his hand. It feels strange without the wiring. He speaks ventriloquist-style out of habit. ACHILLES Thanks, Doctor. DOCTOR There are quite a few very good surgeons on the West Coast. You’ll get those movie star looks back before you know it. Achilles offers a thin smile. We see that his mouth is a wreck – several teeth are gone and others are chipped. INT. HOSPITAL CORRIDOR – LATER Richard is talking to a nurse. He looks up and sees Achilles, who is standing there waiting to talk to him. Richard parts with the nurse and walks to Achilles.

44. RICHARD Achilles. How are you feeling? The arm and legs doing okay? ACHILLES Good. Yeah, everything’s fine. got the wiring out of my jaw. Just

RICHARD Is there something I can help you with? Achilles extends a hand. Richard looks at it for a moment, then they shake, looking each other straight in the eye. ACHILLES I wanted to say thank you, Dr. O’Connell. RICHARD You’re welcome. But it’s my job, Achilles. I’d have performed the procedures the same for any patient. ACHILLES I know. A long beat. The handshake ends.

RICHARD Good luck with your recovery, Achilles. ACHILLES Thanks. It’s going to be tough, I know. RICHARD People have come back from worse. Sometimes it’s a matter of badly you want something. They share a look that says they both know there’s more behind Richard’s words. A nurse comes up. Dr. O’Connell. O.R. On my way. He and Achilles exchange a last look then Richard turns and walks away. Achilles watches him go. NURSE You’re needed in the RICHARD

45. EXT. PARK SOCCER FIELD, SIDELINE – DAY Achilles is talking on his cell phone, watching Cat and other FEMALE SOCCER PLAYERS who are running a training camp for 10-year-old GIRLS. ACHILLES I’m not going to sneak around, you know that right? I did it with Becky and Valerie when they were here. I won’t do that again. INT. CAKE’S APARTMENT – SUNSET Cake is packing for her trip home. CAKE Who’s talking about us sneaking around? You told Portia about us, right? Sofia’s going to have a cow because you’re technically married, but she’ll deal with it and so will dad, as long as I’m happy. INTERCUT: ACHILLES/CAKE Achilles watches Cat teach a girl how to trap a ball with her chest. We see that she’s good with kids. ACHILLES You know it’s not them I’m talking about. Why don’t we just tell her today? She’s almost done with kiddy camp, we can do it right here, right now, together. CAKE No! Look, Achilles... I’ll tell Cat as soon as I get home. ACHILLES Don’t you think she’s going to be just a tad pissed off to learn we’ve been lying to her all these months? CAKE We haven’t lied to her, Achilles... You just don’t understand. It’s complicated.

46. ACHILLES Oh, I understand, Cake. It’s about you and her brother Cal and how she didn’t want you two to be together because it might hurt your friendship. Well I’m not Cal and you shouldn’t allow Cara to decide who you can and can’t be with, even if she is your best friend. CAKE Achilles, just let me handle it my way, please? I’ll tell her the first chance I get after I land. Alone. Okay? A soccer ball bounces over to Achilles. He stops it with his foot and taps it back to Cat, who’s come to retrieve it. She smiles then quickly smirks and flips him the bird. Just like a bratty sister. ACHILLES (to Cat) Nice. Real classy in front of the kids, Lesbot! CAKE Achilles! Don’t call her that in front of a bunch of little girls! ACHILLES Hey, she just flipped me off in front of them! Which is worse? Cake smiles. Beat.

CAKE I can’t wait to see you two. And I can’t wait to get my hands on you. EXT. PARIS SIDEWALK/STREET – DAWN A TAXI DRIVER is loading travel bags in the trunk. Behind him, standing in the doorway of an apartment building, Cake is talking on her cell phone. CAKE It’s seven hours to New York then another six to Seattle and then it’s just be two hours drive till I’m home!

47. INT. ACHILLES & CAT’S APARTMENT – NIGHT Cat is on the sofa, on the phone, smiling from ear-to-ear. CAT And you land in Seattle at what, around 7 o’clock? INTERCUT: CAKE/CAT CAKE Yeah. I’m going to a total zombie but I want to stay up with you all night when I get there. I missed you so much! CAT Me too! And your room is all ready. I made Einstein wash all the sheets, vacuum the floor and clean everything! CAKE Cat! He’s in no condition to be your house slave! CAT (laughs) I know. I’m just kidding. But he did buy new bed linen for you. It’s the least he could do after leaving his cooties everywhere! Cake laughs. Beat.

CAKE There’s so much I want to talk to you about when I get home, Cat. Cake looks up the street and sees a woman jogging toward her. As the jogger gets closer we realize that she is Gabrielle Woods. There is a flicker of recognition when their eyes meet as Gabrielle is jogs past. GABRIELLE (smiles) Bonjour. CAKE Bonjour. CAT What?

48. CAKE I just said hello to a woman jogging by. She looked really familiar. Like someone from t.v. in the States. TAXI DRIVER (in French) We are ready to go, Mademoiselle. CAKE I’m on my way to the airport now. love you, Cat. CAT (smiles) I love you too. Whore! CAKE (smiles) Slut! Cake clicks her phone off and climbs into the taxi. She takes a last look at the apartment as the taxi pulls away. INT. DONAHUE HOME, LIVING ROOM – SUNSET We’re looking at an impressive display of mementos, photos and memorabilia paying homage to the fairy tale lives of Gale and Billy Donahue: her being crowned Miss America, him winning the Cotton Bowl and holding the Heisman trophy next to legendary coach John Wolf Ryan, toddler J.R. Donahue wearing an oversized Texas A&M uniform, etc. REVERSE ANGLE to see Billy, looking at the images of his life with Gale. Beat. We become aware of Gale’s reflection in the glass of a display cabinet. Billy notices her. GALE We have a good life together, Billy. BILLY (turns to face her) We did. But I don’t want to live in the past. (beat, somberly) I’m going to move out, Gale... I’ll wait until J.R. and Gracie have left for school. After the July barbeque. (MORE) I

49. BILLY (CONT’D.) Then I’ll rent a place. I’ll be as discreet as possible, but eventually it will get out that we’re separated. Hopefully we can avoid the press until the season’s over. Mattie can help you there. Long beat. They look into one another’s eyes. GALE If you need time... to clear your head, I understand. Know that I love you, Billy, with every fiber of my being. Know that my arms and my heart will always be here to welcome you home. She turns and leaves the room. INT. DONAHUE MASTER BATHROOM – SUNSET Gale is sitting in front of her vanity mirror. She puts a pill in her mouth and takes a drink of water from a glass. When she puts the glass down we notice a package of ZOLOFT on the counter. Gale stares at her reflection. INT. BILLY’S OFFICE – SUNSET Billy is studying a playbook. The television is on in b.g. He takes a sip Scotch from a rock glass. When he puts it back on the desk he notices what’s on television. He picks up the remote control and turns up the volume. ON TV Over VIDEO FOOTAGE of an ocean airplane crash site... FIRST REPORTER’S VOICE (V.O.) Though it’s not yet been confirmed, we are hearing from numerous sources here that there are likely no survivors aboard American Airlines flight 505, which was flying to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport from New York’s Laguardia Airport by way of Paris...

50. INT. PLAYER’S LOUNGE - SUNSET Achilles is alone in the lounge, tears welling up in his eyes as he stares in anguished disbelief at the television. He’s watching a continuing news report of the plane crash. ON TV SECOND REPORTER’S VOICE (V.O.) The Boeing 787 Dreamliner carrying 212 passengers and crew crashed in the Pacific Ocean just five miles off the coast of Oregon. Though search and rescue efforts continue, it is believed that all aboard perished when the... EXT. D’AGOSTINO’S RESTAURANT PARKING LOT – SAME Cat’s Mustang pulls into a parking space. She gets out and walks to the service entrance of the restaurant. INT. D’AGOSTINO’S RESTAURANT – SAME The restaurant is set up for a party with balloons, streamers and a BANNER that reads “Welcome Home Cake!” handful of restaurant STAFF huddles in front of the television at the bar - some holding one another, all crying. Cat comes enters in good spirits. CAT Hey, what’s with all this standing around? Cake will be here before you know it. She realizes that they are all crying. CAT Hey, what happened? What’s wrong? Umberto, the executive chef, looks at her gravely, eyes red with tears. Cat glances at the television, sees the ANIMATION of the Boeing jetliner with engines ablaze. A

51. ON TV THIRD REPORTER’S VOICE (V.O.) ...again, officials here are confirming that all 212 passengers and crew aboard American flight 505, are believed dead... UMBERTO Cara... Cat shudders and blinks as she pieces together what has happened. Umberto starts walking toward her. She shakes her head slowly, “No”, and instinctively steps away, trying to escape the horrific reality. Umberto reaches for her. CAT No... No.. Umberto tries to embrace her but she recoils. CAT (angry denial) She got a different! She was on a different, plane! UMBERTO (sadly) No, bella, she called Sofia from the plane before – CAT All of you stop it! It’s not true! It’s not true! It’s not true... But she knows it is. Cat disintegrates into tears as Umberto takes her in his arms. The staff gathers around her, all embracing her as we... FADE OUT. END OF EPISODE