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Onboard Documentations For Myanmar Registered A/C Documents to be carried in Myanmar Registered Aircraft for the purpose of An identification plate, inscribed with at least its nationality and registration marks, must be
InternationalFlight affixed ina prominent position near the main entrance.

Requirement • Crew documents

Each flight crewmember shall carry:
Sub-rule (2) of Myanmar Aircraft Rule No.7 stated that no person in charge of any aircraft - A valid flight crew licensee with appropriate ratings for the purpose of the flight. (*)
engaged in international navigation shall allow such aircraft to be flown unless the following - Valid passport with appropriate visas (if applicable)
documents issuedby the State in which the aircraft is registered are carried on board the - SEP Card
aircraft, namely:-
• Operations manual
(i) the certificate of registration; Parts of the Operations Manual to be carried:
(ii) the licenses of the personnel; - Operations Manual (Part A to D)
(iii) the Certificate of Airworthiness; - Conduct of the flight (FCOM, QRH)
(iv) a document attesting noise certification; - Technical release of the aircraft (MEL/CDL)
(v) the journey log book; - RTOW charts (Take-off analysis)
(vi) the technical log; - Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) unless the Authority has accepted that the FCOM
(vii) where radio-telegraph apparatus is carried in the aircraft, the permit or licensee for such contains relevant information
apparatus; - Route Manual (parts relevant to the flight)
(viii) where the aircraft carries passengers, a list of their names showing their place of origin - Dangerous Goods (parts relevant to the flight crew)
and destination; - Security Manual (parts relevant to the flight crew)
(ix) where the aircraft carries goods, air consignment notes and manifests in respect thereof.
• Flight specific documentation On-board Library - Operational flight plan
- Aircraft technical log
In addition to the documents prescribed above, the following documents shall also be carried - Journey log
onboard for Myanmar Registered Aircraft for the purpose of international flight: - Filed ATS flight plan
- Appropriate NOTAM/AIS briefing documentation
(i) a certified true copy of MAI’s AOC and a copy of the associated operations specifications - Appropriate Meteorological information (Terminal and alternate forecasts valid for the
relevant to the aircraft type with a required minimum content, which includes the location time of flights, appropriate upper wind charts and significant weather charts)
onboard the aircraft where the contact details, at which operational management can be - Load and Trim sheet
contacted without undue delay, are listed, - Notification of special categories of passengers such as handicapped
(ii) the aircraft flight manual (AFM) or other document containing performance data, persons,inadmissible passengers, deportees and persons in custody, security
(iii) current and suitable charts to cover the route of the flight, personal.
(iv) an aircraft type specific search procedure checklist, - Notification of special loads.
(v) information and instructions relating to the interception of civil aircraft, - All mandatory written information in case of dangerous goods.
(vi) maintenance release, - Current maps and charts covering the area of the operations (Route Manual).
(vii) fuel and oil records, - Cargo manifest, passenger manifest, over flight permission (if applicable).
(viii) minimum equipment list (MEL), - Other reporting forms.
(ix) aircraft operating manual (AOM),
(x) airfield performance data, • Others (as applicable)
(xi) checklist for normal, abnormal and emergency procedures, - Details of catering
(xii) mass and balance forms and their completion, - Company operations and ground handling information (name, VHF…)
(xiii) weather reports and forecasts, - Payment for fuel (fuel credit card, contract, cash...)
(xiv) operational flight plan, and
(xv) notices-to-airmen (NOTAMS).
(xvi) ICAO Emergency Response Guidance(RED BOOK)
(xvii) MAI Company Dangerous Goods Manual