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(To be qualified candidate has to pass: Design+ Interview +"A" paper + "B" paper)

Field S.No. Index No Name Remarks
Services 1 AM-9294 BS-01 Eng. L K L S Chaminda COMPLETED
2 AM-16680 BS-02 Eng. H M A K Bandaranayake COMPLETED
Civil 3 AM-13584 C-02 Eng. S Sarankan COMPLETED
4 AM-6245 C-03 Eng. G Wijesinghe COMPLETED
5 AM-6270 C-05 Eng. W K A A Ajantha COMPLETED
6 AM-5569 C-06 Eng. (Ms.) A K M Priyanvada COMPLETED
7 AM-9175 C-07 Eng. (Ms.) R P D Chinthanie COMPLETED
8 AM-13189 C-08 Eng. H R C S Bandara COMPLETED
9 AM-11055 C-09 Eng. R M S N K Rathnayaka COMPLETED
10 AM-13377 C-10 Eng. D V L R Jinadasa COMPLETED
11 AM-5966 C-11 Eng. S Sureshkumar COMPLETED
12 AM-9275 C-12 Eng. B A V Chamara COMPLETED
13 AM-10166 C-13 Eng. D M G C Dissanayaka COMPLETED
14 AM-10851 C-15 Eng. A H M Mujahidh COMPLETED
15 AM-12230 C-17 Eng. (Ms.) R D V K Silva COMPLETED
16 AM-3035 C-18 Eng. (Dr.)(Ms.) C K Pathirana COMPLETED
17 AM-11772 C-19 Eng. P S Perera COMPLETED
18 AM-5624 C-20 Eng. K T D L Harsha COMPLETED
19 AM-12074 C-21 Eng. I S N Indigahamadiththa COMPLETED
20 AM-11638 C-22 Eng. D C Karunarathna COMPLETED
21 AM-13562 C-23 Eng. M.D.K.N. Mathugamage COMPLETED
22 AM-13048 C-24 Eng. S Kanrajan COMPLETED
23 AM-13115 C-25 Eng. J M M R Senarathna COMPLETED
24 AM-13578 C-26 Eng. H H Amarajeewa COMPLETED
25 AM-11864 C-27 Eng. W K Prasanna COMPLETED
26 AM-7829 C-28 Eng. P G S Fernando COMPLETED
27 AM-11856 C-29 Eng. (Ms.) S B Cabral COMPLETED
28 AM-11069 C-30 Eng. R P Aruna Shantha COMPLETED
29 AM-9476 C-31 Eng. (Ms.) K Suganthini COMPLETED
30 AM-12718 C-32 Eng. A Vishnuruban COMPLETED
31 AM-17552 C-33 Eng. N D G Samaranayaka COMPLETED
32 AM-13255 C-34 Eng.(Mrs.) G M N R Kumari COMPLETED
33 AM-15743 C-35 Eng. G Nilantha COMPLETED
34 AM-12171 C-36 Eng. K M S A Karunarathna COMPLETED
35 AM-7661 C-37 Eng. A C M Azhar COMPLETED
36 AM-12565 C-39 Eng. W M P Kumara COMPLETED
37 AM-13118 C-40 Eng. H A R R Amaratunga COMPLETED
38 AM-11464 C-41 Eng. S Mayuran COMPLETED
39 AM-13624 C-42 Eng. W H M P Weerakkody COMPLETED
40 AM-13086 C-43 Eng. D M A S Dissanayaka COMPLETED
41 AM-13177 C-44 Eng. P G D J Wanigasekara COMPLETED
42 AM-13224 C-46 Eng. P D D G Gunathilaka COMPLETED
43 AM-9283 C-50 Eng. (Ms.) K G Saminthika COMPLETED
44 AM-8037 C-52 Eng. J S Kurera COMPLETED
45 AM-8061 C-54 Eng. M M G P R Weerakoon COMPLETED
46 AM-12703 C-55 Eng. A D Ekanayaka COMPLETED
47 AM-13685 C-56 Eng. L P R Srimal COMPLETED
48 AM-10408 C-57 Eng. K M I D Kumara COMPLETED
Eng.(Ms.) S W A H P
49 AM-9628 C-59 Samarawickrama COMPLETED
50 AM-9007 C-60 Eng. C Irugalratne COMPLETED
51 AM-7933 C-61 Eng. L D Wijeratne COMPLETED
52 AM-11137 C-63 Eng.(Ms.) U G K Nishanthi COMPLETED
53 AM-8500 C-64 Eng. S Subaharan COMPLETED
54 AM-10411 C-65 Eng. P D A P K Jayarathna COMPLETED
55 AM-12020 C-66 Eng. D H K N Senarath COMPLETED
56 AM-13193 C-68 Eng. U D Morawaka COMPLETED
57 AM-7358 CR-01 Eng. S C Paranahewa COMPLETED
58 AM-14034 CR-02 Eng. K Vairamuttu COMPLETED
59 AM-9079 CR-03 Eng. B I V Kumara COMPLETED
60 AM-10337 CR-05 Eng. M J Arulthasan COMPLETED
61 AM-12084 CR-06 Eng. M A J P Fernando COMPLETED
62 AM-9516 CR-07 Eng. M N Marasinghe COMPLETED
63 AM-6255 CR-10 Eng. Y Thayaparan COMPLETED
64 AM-8099 CR-11 Eng. G K M C Jayesha COMPLETED
65 AM-9312 CR-12 Eng. P Sasikaran COMPLETED
Eng. (Ms.) K I S G
66 AM-12382 CR-15 Premachnadra COMPLETED
67 AM-12897 CR-16 Eng. M S Suhail Ahamed COMPLETED
68 AM-11922 CR-17 Eng. W A H Chathuranga COMPLETED
69 AM-11688 CR-18 Eng.(Ms.) W Nishanthi COMPLETED
70 AM-9577 CR-19 Eng. I M P B Herath COMPLETED
71 AM-9338 CR-20 Eng. N Hettiarachchi COMPLETED
72 AM-6616 CR-21 Eng. A J A H Jawsi COMPLETED
73 AM-6325 CR-23 Eng. K A H J Dhanapala COMPLETED
74 AM-7118 CR-24 Eng. E.K.G.C. Kumara COMPLETED
75 AM-17608 CR-25 Eng. W.A.L. Jayashantha COMPLETED
Electronics &
cation 76 AM-15189 E-01 Eng. (Ms.) S Ranawana COMPLETED
77 AM-11168 E-25 Eng. R M A A Abeysingha COMPLETED
78 AM-13664 E-31 Eng. D P Wijemanna COMPLETED
79 AM-10570 ER-03 Eng. A D P K Samarasinghe COMPLETED
Eng. (Mrs.) D M M T
Electrical 80 AM-11109 E-02 Dissanayake COMPLETED
81 AM-11412 E-03 Eng. C N B Illangasinghe COMPLETED
82 AM-7582 E-04 Eng. R M S J Gunasekara COMPLETED
83 AM-7622 E-06 Eng. K Lingaruban COMPLETED
84 AM-4763 E-08 Eng. K A N Jayantha COMPLETED
85 AM-11747 E-09 Eng. (Ms.) W.MN.T.C. COMPLETED
86 AM-5731 E-10 Eng. Y.K.A. de Silva COMPLETED
87 AM-10975 E-11 Eng. C.D.R.J. Jayawardene COMPLETED
88 AM-9744 E-12 Eng. G H P P Ganegoda COMPLETED
89 AM-3294 E-13 Eng. R A W S A Ranawaka COMPLETED
90 AM-12879 E-14 Eng. (Ms.) H M A I Herath COMPLETED
91 AM-10602 E-16 Eng. N G J P Samarawickrama COMPLETED
92 AM-10088 E-17 Eng. N P Sudagala COMPLETED
93 AM-10689 E-21 Eng. M S Dayarathna COMPLETED
94 AM-13306 E-22 Eng. M D C P K Gunathilaka COMPLETED
95 AM-10423 E-23 Eng. (Ms.) N A S A Kurera COMPLETED
Eng. (Ms.) A H M H S
96 AM-12376 E-24 Abeyrathna COMPLETED
97 AM-11560 E-27 Eng. M N M Niharaj COMPLETED
98 AM-8140 E-28 Eng. N L N N Lekamwasam COMPLETED
99 AM-12776 E-29 Eng.(Ms.) G H D K R Jayasekara COMPLETED
100 AM-7798 E-30 Eng.(Ms.) T Kamalalogini COMPLETED
101 AM-11832 E-32 Eng. S K Palayangoda COMPLETED
102 AM-11564 E-33 Eng.(Ms.) W S Coorera COMPLETED
103 AM-11423 E-34 Eng. C H Weerasekara COMPLETED
104 AM-10986 E-35 Eng. D V G Chamara COMPLETED
105 AM-3759 ER-01 Eng. S A J Karunathilake COMPLETED
106 AM-10908 ER-02 Eng.(Mrs.) K Sugumar COMPLETED
107 AM-11192 ER-04 Eng.(Ms.) J GS Nalani COMPLETED
108 AM-4438 ER-05 Eng. A.C. Vidanapathirana COMPLETED
Mechanical 109 AM-12134 M-02 Eng. D S Bogahawatta COMPLETED
110 AM-11365 M-03 Eng. P G H S S Dharmakeerthi COMPLETED
111 AM-14148 M-04 Eng. D K T A Karunarthna COMPLETED
112 AM-7726 M-10 Eng. H D P M Hettiarachchie COMPLETED
113 AM-11395 M-11 Eng. G P T K Abeysekara COMPLETED
114 AM-14074 M-12 Eng. R V M De Silva COMPLETED
115 AM-10253 M-13 Eng. K M V J B Kulasekara COMPLETED
116 AM-12592 M-16 Eng. P M Perera COMPLETED
117 AM-11396 M-17 Eng. M R Kamaldeen COMPLETED
Chemical 118 AM-16511 M-14 Eng. R M Janaka COMPLETED
Resources &
Mining 119 AM-7965 MR-01 Eng. N Ramesh COMPLETED
Agri. &
Engineering 120 AM-6057 M-05 Eng. B M C P Balasooriya COMPLETED