GOAL TO GO Episode 4.

51 “Home, Part 1” by David Polk

2. RECAP We Recap events from Previous Episodes, ending on Cat accepting Dallas’ marriage proposal. TEASER FADE IN: INT. IVY’S BEDROOM – NIGHT Ivy Sandusky sleeps fitfully in bed, over which we hear: MARCUS (V.O.) Ain’t you two just a pretty picture? PORTIA (V.O.) (startled) Markie, what are you doing here? MARCUS (V.O.) What, now I can’t be on the same street with you and Mr. all-America? ACHILLES (V.O.) Look, man, nobody’s looking for a hard time here so – MARCUS (V.O.) You think I give a shit what you’re looking for, All-Star?! PORTIA (V.O.) Markie, please... I’m sorry if I hurt you. I really am. But what happened between us doesn’t have anything to do with Achilles. MARCUS (V.O.) Bullshit, Portia! It has everything to do with him. You quit me for him! PORTIA (V.O.) That’s not true and you know it. I quit you because you changed, Markie. MARCUS (V.O.) How did I change, huh? I didn’t become a big jock like this frontin’ fool?

3. PORTIA (V.O.) That’s not what I mean and you know it. Look at you, Marcus. The drugs. The gang banging. All of it. That’s not the Markie I grew up with. That’s not the Markie I used to love. ACHILLES (V.O.) You don’t have to explain anything. MARCUS (V.O.) Shut the hell up asshole! Screw you! Lee, don’t! MARCUS (V.O.) Oh! Not such a big man on campus now, are you, All-Star? PORTIA Marcus, put that away! I mean it! ACHILLES Portia, don’t! You’re both dead! MARCUS Hear me? Dead! ACHILLES (V.O.) Nobody’s scared of you! PORTIA (V.O.)

We hear scuffling, a HARD SLAP then Portia’s SCREAMS. The sound of Achilles tacking Marcus, the two wrestling on the ground. A GUNSHOT. Two more GUNSHOTS. PORTIA No! Noooo! SUDDENLY Ivy wakes with a start. PULL BACK to REVEAL Achilles Addams next to her in bed, looking down at her. He’s remembering his worst nightmare while watching her sleep through one of her own. ACHILLES It’s alright, babe. I’m here. SMASH TO TITLES. END TEASER

4. ACT ONE FADE IN: INT. BREW’S BEDROOM – NIGHT Nate “Brew” Brewster rolls out of bed naked and leaves the room. In bed, Dustin Heter turns over, sound asleep. INT. BATHROOM – CONTINUOUS Nate enters, raises the toilet seat and takes a pee. We hear the pee hitting the side of the toilet, then Brew abruptly shakes a leg. BREW Shit! He’s pissed on himself. He adjusts and then we hear the steam hitting water in the toilet. INT. BREW’S BEDROOM – CONTINUOUS Brew comes back into the room and reacts to the sight of Dustin on the floor, convulsing violently. Brew rushes over and cradles him. BREW (panicked) Dustin, what is it?! What’s wrong?! Dustin is turning blue from the seizure. Brew keeps his head. He lowers Dustin back to the floor then finds his cell phone on the night table. Dials. BREW (calm, urgent) Yes, this is an emergency. is dying.

My friend

EXT./INT. RANGE ROVER – MOVING – BEFORE DAWN The SUV cruises down an empty state road with a fishing boat hitched to the rear. Inside, Billy Donahue sips coffee from his thermos as he drives, listening to ESPN.

5. COLIN COWHERD (V.O.) ...Now I grew up in Washington State, so I know I’m going to sound like a homer. But if number four Washington Tech beats number two Texas A&M this weekend, they deserve a shot at the BCS National Championship. Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking: Washington Tech?! Western Athletic Coference?! Weak conference, soft schedule, no blow outs this season, no way! But here’s the thing – Billy Donahue’s Sea Devils are 11-0, they’ve beaten three top ten schools in dramatic fashion – Penn State, LSU and USC – two of them on the road! And they’ve taken care of business in the WAC, knocking off tough rivals Boise State, Fresno State and Hawai’i. If they can upset the defending national champions in College Station, why not move ‘em up past number three Nebraska to the number two spot and let them play for all the marbles? The car phone RINGS, interrupting the radio. “St. Francis Hospital” is on the display screen. Billy pushes a button on the steering wheel to answer. BILLY Hello? DR. JONES (V.O.) Coach Donahue. Sorry to disturb you so early. Not a problem. BILLY What’s wrong?

DR. JONES (V.O.) Coach, one of your players has been brought to the emergency room. INT. HOSPITAL WAITING ROOM – DAWN Glass double doors slide open and Billy enters. Right away he notices Brew sitting, looking mighty worried. Brew bolts to his feet when he sees Billy.

6. BREW Coach! I... I – BILLY I talked to the doctors. They said he’s stable now. (Brew is relieved) Alright Brew, you want to tell me what the hell was going on in your apartment last night? INT. IVY’S KITCHEN – DAY Ivy enters in uniform, ready for work. Achilles is searching cabinets for something. She goes to a lower cabinet and pulls out a box of WHEATIES. ACHILLES (takes box) Thanks. IVY You’re welcome. I didn’t think people ate those anymore. I had to ask a stock boy at the Food King where to find them. Are you kidding? of champions. ACHILLES This is the breakfast She

He pours the cereal in a bowl, adds milk and sits. smiles, strokes his hair and kisses his cheek. IVY I’d better get going. Don’t want to be late. ACHILLES (eating) Polly Purebread late? No, no, no. can’t have that, can we?


She reacts to the nickname, but it’s clear she adores him. IVY Will you be over for dinner? ACHILLES Yeah, sure.

7. IVY I like that veal dish you make.


ACHILLES Oh, so I’m doing the cooking? IVY (a suggestive smile) Don’t worry, hot shot. Dessert’s on me. She leaves him with that. INT. GALE’S OFFICE – DAY Gale Donahue is at her desk. Mattie Weiss steps in. He smiles at the thought.

MATTIE Our call with Sasha is in a few minutes. GALE Mattie Honey, you don’t have to be in for this if you don’t want to. MATTIE Why wouldn’t I? (off Gale’s look) Gale, I can separate my personal feelings from my work. GALE Well, Mattie Honey, that makes you a better person than me. The phone RINGS. Mattie goes to Gale’s desk and answers.

MATTIE Gale Donahue’s office. INT. SASHA’S OFFICE – SAME Sasha Mendez sits behind her desk. SASHA Hello, Mattie. Sasha Mendez. Are you and Mrs. Donahue ready for our call? INTERCUT: MATTIE & GALE/SASHA

8. MATTIE Yes, we’re both here. Mattie puts the phone on speaker. GALE Hello, Sasha. Mrs. Donahue. morning? SASHA How are you this GALE Wonderful, Sasha. SASHA That’s great to hear. So, I’ve been in contact with my counterpart at Texas A&M and, not surprisingly, they want to make a big to-do when you and Coach Donahue come to town. Bigger even than when you were there three years ago. Very sweet. GALE What do they have in mind?

SASHA Well, since the game has national championship implications, ESPN and ABC Sports want to do in-depth features of you and Coach Donahue and Coach Fenton and his wife. ABC will air the interviews for their pre-game and ESPN will use snippets in various programs and promos starting Thursday. Of course all of the local television stations have asked for time, as well as the city and campus newspapers. GALE That all sounds fine, Sasha. MATTIE When do you expect Mrs. Donahue to arrive in College Station? SASHA Wednesday afternoon would be ideal. There will be several cocktail parties and lunches in the days leading up to the game.

9. MATTIE She’ll want at least one evening free to spend with J.R. and Gracie. SASHA Of course. GALE And I’ll want some quiet time with Shannon Fenton, perhaps a lunch. But Mattie can handle that. MATTIE If that’s all for now, Sasha, you and I can speak separately about a detailed itinerary. Say in thirty minutes? SASHA That sounds good. This is going to an exciting week. (excitedly) Just imagine how fantastic it will be after we beat those Aggies! Yes. GALE Imagine that.

INT. BILLY’S OFFICE – DAY Billy is with Charlotte Webb. BILLY I really don’t have much choice, Charlotte. He flat out lied. I’ve got to suspend him for at least one game. CHARLOTTE I agree with you, Billy. A suspension for dishonesty is warranted. But under the circumstances – BILLY Look, Charlotte, I know going up against A&M without our defensive captain puts us under more pressure. CHARLOTTE Actually, that’s not what I’m worried about. I’m considering what people (MORE)

10. CHARLOTTE (CONT’D.) will think if they get the idea you’re benching Brew because he’s gay... You’re not benching him because he’s gay, are you? BILLY Of course not! I’m benching him because he lied when I asked him if he knew anything about the rumors about there being a gay player on the team. I don’t care if he’s queer. CHARLOTTE Queer? BILLY I’m from Texas, Charlotte, alright. Look, Roulon Jones was “gay” and I didn’t bench him. CHARLOTTE By the time you found out the season was over and he was a senior. BILLY Doesn’t matter, his being a homo didn’t change the way I thought about him. CHARLOTTE Homo? BILLY Come on, Charlotte, cut me a break here. Gay players on a football team, especially if they’re doing it to each other, that’s a problem. CHARLOTTE Gay athletes aren’t new to sports Billy, you know that. BILLY And you know as well as I do that it’s different for men’s teams than for women’s teams. Really? CHARLOTTE You think that, do you?

11. BILLY Come on, Charlotte. If we announced that half the women’s soccer team was sleeping with the other half, the only question we’d get is “Where do I buy the video?” Announce that a football player is screwing his teammate and it’s on ESPN within the hour. CHARLOTTE You’re right, and thank you for making my point for me. Benching Brew for his dishonesty could very well be construed as benching him for his homosexuality. That’s when we have a PR problem. BILLY That’s just a risk I’ll have to take. EXT. PENNEBAKER STADIUM (PRACTICE) - DAY MONTAGE – PRACTICE The Sea Devils work out in a light snowfall. Sasha holds court with a gaggle of reporters near the stands. INTERCUT pieces of her interview during practice. SASHA Temperatures in Texas are in the low thirties this week. Coach Donahue decided to hold practices outdoors to keep the team acclimated to the cold. REPORTER #1 What can you tell us about Brew’s suspension? SASHA It’s a one-game suspension for a team rules violation. REPORTER #2 So he’s going to miss the A&M game? SASHA That’s correct. REPORTER #3 Can you be a bit more specific about (MORE)

12. REPORTER #3 (CONT’D.) this team rules violation? I mean, wouldn’t it have to be a pretty serious rule for Coach to bench his best defensive player for the most important game of the season? SASHA No and yes. The defense looks dispirited without their leader, Brew, on the field. On the sideline, defensive coordinator Joe Mercer shouts encouragement and barely masks his resentment that the cornerstone of his unit has been benched. REPORTER #4 Tight end Dustin Heter popped up on today’s injury report. Is it true he was rushed to St. Francis Sunday night? SASHA Dustin did receive treatment at St. Francis over the weekend for a preexisting medical condition. He spent a couple of hours in urgent care and was released early Monday morning. He’s doing fine now. REPORTER #1 But not fine enough to play on Saturday? SASHA (playful smile) You’re a sharp one, aren’t you, Chris? Reporters, including Chris, laugh. JESSICA Heter had become one of Achilles’ favorite targets, especially in short yardage situations. With Crash Davis out and Heter sidelined, will the Devils be forced to throw down field more, into that top-rated Aggies secondary? Sasha looks to the back of the group at Jessica Drucker, the young AP reporter we remember from an earlier Episode.

13. SASHA Jessica, I think you can count on Coach Donahue and the offensive coaching staff to game plan appropriately. Achilles throws beautiful 50-yard spirals that hit their targets – Jet Johnson, Linc Ossling, ANTWAN SPRAGINS, BARRON HENDRICKS – like smart bombs. INT. SEA DEVILS LOCKER ROOM – DAY Players mill about in various stages of dress. The mood is somber, as if a bomb had gone off in the locker room. INT. BILLY’S OFFICE - LATER A knock on the door and Billy turns from the floor-toceiling window that looks out over the football field. BILLY Enter. Achilles enters in street clothes. ACHILLES Coach. BILLY Come in, Achilles. Have a seat. Achilles sits and clocks the seriousness on Billy’s face. ACHILLES So it’s true? What the guys are saying about Brew and Heter? That they’re gay? BILLY Yes.

Billy waits to read his quarterback’s reaction. ACHILLES Man... BILLY What’s the reaction in the locker room? ACHILLES Honestly?

14. BILLY Is there any other way for us to communicate? ACHILLES (beat) Most of the guys think it’s pretty messed up. BILLY What about you? ACHILLES (shrugs) I don’t know. On one hand it’s none of my business, it’s their personal choice and it’s not my place to judge them. BILLY And on the other hand? ACHILLES On the other hand, as a captain, everything that happens with my teammates, inside or outside of the locker room, is my business. We can’t afford to let this screw with our chemistry, especially now. BILLY So what do you intend to do about it? OFF Achilles considering... INT. SEA DEVILS LOCKER ROOM – LATER Players are gathered around, all in street clothes. A couple of players enter the room, called back after having already left for the day. They quickly stop their bitching when they read Achilles’ deadly serious expression. ACHILLES Alright everybody listen up. We all learned something today that took us by surprise. Something that could create a lot of distraction for this team at a time that we don’t need any distractions. I called this meeting to give everybody a chance to say what (MORE)

15. ACHILLES (CONT’D.) they need to say about it. (beat, players are reluctant) Okay, let me put it this way. You all know that Brew and Dustin are gay. Some of you might have a problem with that. Some of you might have a serious problem with that. If that’s how you feel, that’s how you feel. But here’s the deal, if you have something to say about it, now’s the time. Get it off your chest now, bitch and moan or whatever now, because after tonight, the subject is closed. No one on this team will ever talk about it again once they leave this room tonight. So speak now or forever hold your peace. Beat. A lot of solemn faces around the room. SHAUN It’s whacked. I mean, I’m sorry, but all the fine honies running around this campus and two guys on this team are doing each other. That’s just whacked! RONNIE I heard that guys were screwing around in the lounge and the showers at night. If that was Brew and Heter, well they should both be kicked off the team, not just suspended. It’s disrespectful of all of us. We live here. Players begin to speak up and voice their opinions. INT. MUSTANG COBRA – MOVING – SUNSET Achilles is driving. Cara “Cat” Trzcinski rides shotgun. She’s punching buttons on the radio to find music. Each time she changes a channel he changes it back to HIP-HOP using the steering wheel controls. CAT Why don’t you let me plug in my iPod? This music blows hard.

16. ACHILLES (re: her engagement ring) Not as hard as you had to blow Morales to get that rock. She reflexively punches him hard with her right hand. CAT Speaking of blowing hard, it really sucks about Brew and Dustin. ACHILLES Yeah, I know. The guys were brutal about it in the locker room. But I think they got it out of their system. Can you imagine what a psycho like Cole Seavers would have done if he found out there were gays on the team? CAT Sounds like you handled it the right way. That Cole was a total nut job. ACHILLES Was? And listen to you? He’ll probably be Morales’ best man at your wedding. CAT Oh, hell no! I don’t want that demented son of a bitch anywhere near my wedding. Achilles laughs and she begins to laugh too. Then they notice the FLASHING LIGHTS of two State Police cars on the opposite side of the highway. The troopers have pulled over a car. As they pass, Achilles and Cat recognize Ivy. EXT. ROADSIDE – SAME Ivy and another STATE TROOPER are arresting a MOTORIST. Ivy guides the handcuffed motorist to her cruiser and puts him in the back seat, using the hand-on-top-of-head technique. FADE OUT. END OF ACT ONE

17. ACT TWO FADE IN: INT. IVY’S DEN – NIGHT We’re looking at the gun case, where an assortment of HUNTING RIFLES and HANDGUNS are displayed. PULL BACK to REVEAL Achilles standing in front of the case. Behind him, a fire crackles in the fireplace and Cleo the German Shepherd is curled up sleeping on the bearskin rug. Ivy comes up behind Achilles and slides her arms around his waist, kisses his neck. IVY Dinner was great. ACHILLES Thanks... Have you used all of these? IVY The guns? Yeah, mostly in competitions. I’m not a big hunter. ACHILLES (re: stuffed animal heads) Could’ve fooled me. IVY (laughs) You thought those were mine? Dad was the hunter. I mostly just tagged along. He wanted a boy and I wanted his approval. So... He turns and they stand close, her arms still around his waist. IVY You like guns? ACHILLES I hate guns. She clocks his discomfort, decides to change the subject. IVY (kisses him teasingly) But you’ve got such a big one. Can I play with it?

18. She feels him tense up and she stops the seduction. IVY Sweetheart, what is it? ACHILLES (beat) Have you ever thought about...changing professions? She’s taken aback. IVY No, Achilles, I haven’t. I love what I do. I’ve wanted to be a trooper since I was a little girl. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. It’s why I joined the Air Force, because they’ve got the best military police training. (off his reaction) Why? What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours? He backs away from her embrace, offended. ACHILLES I wish you wouldn’t say things like that. IVY I’m sorry. Achilles, Sweetheart, you know I don’t mean anything by it. She loops her arms around his neck. Tell me. IVY What’s wrong? Looks into his eyes.

ACHILLES (beat) I drove by today when you were making an arrest. I just worry that it’s dangerous for you, you know, being out on the road alone. You don’t know when you’re going to stop a whack job. IVY Achilles, I’m a well-trained, highly decorated law enforcement officer. I’m experienced and I’m careful. I can take care of myself.

19. ACHILLES Then why do you – He stops himself. What? IVY Why do I what, Sweetheart?

ACHILLES (beat) You’re still having dreams, Ivy, and I know what they’re about. IVY Achilles, I’ve told you, I’ve got it under control, okay? ACHILLES I’m sorry Ivy, I don’t believe that. She sighs and turns away, moves toward the fire. looks up at her. IVY Achilles, this is not something I want to get into with you. I’ve told you, you can’t possibly understand. He looks at her for a moment then moves behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders. ACHILLES Ivy, baby, I want to be here for you, to help you through whatever. I don’t want to be just a play thing. IVY (turns to face him) Is that what you think you are to me? ACHILLES No. IVY Good. I have sex toys, Achilles. You’re not one of them. ACHILLES Then what am I if I can’t help you when you’re going through what you’re going through now? Cleo

20. IVY Sweetheart, I know you want to be here for me and, believe me, you are. ACHILLES Really? Because it doesn’t seem that way to me. I watch you tossing and turning at night. And when I ask to help, you shut me out. Tell me not to worry my “pretty little head” over it. IVY You think I’m shutting you out? Achilles, you’re so inside of me I don’t know what to do. We’ve been together fo all of two months, and already you know everything there is to know about me. My marriage, the men I’ve been with, my sexual fantasies. I think about you all the time, even when I shouldn’t – on the job, in the john, everywhere. My body aches for you when we’re apart and can’t get enough of you when we’re together. (emotional) I don’t even know why I’m telling you this now. The last thing I need is to lose any semblance of control I may have had in our relationship and make myself even more vulnerable to you. She tears up and turns away again. He wraps his arms around her from behind, kisses her cheek. I’m sorry, baby. ACHILLES I’m sorry.

She turns to him and they embrace and kiss. EXT. RYAN HOME – DAY A nice middle-class home. INT. RYAN HOME – DAY The front door opens and Gale enters with her mother Rose Ryan. They’re followed by J.R. Donahue, his girlfriend Gracie Wellington, carrying Duncan Pennebaker, and Mattie Weiss. It’s a quiet, emotional moment for Rose and Gale,

21. who haven’t been inside the home since Rose moved to Maitland to live with her daughter. GRACIE This is really nice. And it is. Very homey. GALE Thank you, dear. J.R., Sweetheart, why don’t you show Gracie and Duncan around a bit and put our bags away? J.R. Okay, Mom. MATTIE I’ll confirm your itinerary for the day. Mattie goes off toward the kitchen as the kids head out for the luggage. Gale goes and puts her arm around Rose. They look around the living room and as they do, CAMERA PANS PHOTOS of a family that lived a charmed life – the great John “Wolf” Ryan, Gale as a pretty little girl and Rose as a beautiful young woman. GALE (kisses Rose’s cheek) Welcome home, Mom. INT. PRESS EVENT – DAY It’s a media melee as Gale and Shannon Fenton, lovely wife of Texas A&M coach Wes Fenton, pose for photographs and sign autographs for adoring Aggies/Donahue FANS. The Texas A&M PR GUY steps up to tactfully end the session. Gale and Shannon make their way to a waiting sedan. INT. AGGIES’ CLUB – LATER Two TEXAS STATE TROOPERS stand guard at the entrance of this fancy restaurant. DINERS try to stay cool, but many steal glances at Gale and Shannon, who are having lunch at a central table. Shannon speaks with a soft Georgia drawl. SHANNON They still adore you, Gale.

22. GALE You’re too kind. But it’s you and Wes they love, Shannon. Wes brought them something not even Daddy could. SHANNON Wolf would be just as proud of Billy, I know. He’s done a wonderful job all the way up there in Washington. Thank you. Beat. SHANNON Speaking of being proud, how proud would Wolf be to see your Billy coaching in the NFL? GALE (demurs) Oh, those old rumors? pay them any mind. Honey, we don’t GALE I am quite proud of him.

SHANNON Wes tells me that Billy is Rich Santana’s number one choice to take over as head coach of the Texans. I would think you’d be anxious to come back home, Gale. GALE It’s true, I do miss Texas – so much. But Billy and I have a wonderful life in Washington. SHANNON I know Wes would love to reconnect with Billy after all these years. The three of you were always so close. Shannon says this like a woman who knows she’s talking to her husband’s first love. GALE Yes, we were. SHANNON Gale, with all the to-do over the game, (MORE)

23. SHANNON (CONT’D.) I was worried that we wouldn’t have an opportunity to just visit as friends. I’m glad we’ve had this time together. GALE This has been nice, Shannon. Very nice. INT. AIRPORT TERMINAL – DAY Billy and his players make their way off the plane and through the terminal. FELIX (V.O.) It’s been a season of must-win games for the Sea Devils, but they’ve finally come to the game that’s been circled on the calendar all year long. Tomorrow night they face defending national champion Texas A&M in one of the toughest places to play in all of college football, home of the original “Twelfth Man”, Kyle Field. It’s a setting that Sea Devils head coach Billy Donahue knows very well – as the Aggies starting quarterback for three years, he was a perfect 18-0 at Kyle Field. His only losses at “home” came as a coach, first as an offensive coordinator and then, in an ironic twist, three years ago when he returned home for the first time as Washington Tech’s head man. INT. BRIGHT FOOTBALL COMPLEX – DAY Gale, Rose, Shannon and Wes Fenton are joined by school OFFICIALS, GUESTS and NEWS MEDIA for a ceremony. They’re all standing around a veiled object. The Texas A&M ATHLETIC DIRECTOR speaks. ATHLETIC DIRECTOR ...And so, it is with much pride that we honor one of the greatest coaches in college football history. Mrs. Ryan, Mrs. Donahue, if you’d please do us the honor.

24. Rose and Gale step forward to unveil a bronze BUST STATUE of Coach John “Wolf” Ryan. The room fills with applause as Rose beams lovingly at the likeness of her beloved “Wolf”. SAME SCENE – LATER Gale and Rose pose for photographs with Wes and Shannon. The Texas A&M PR GUY steps in and politely ends the session. Wes turns to Rose and Gale. WES (heartfelt) Mrs. Ryan, you know how proud I am to be here today representing the Aggies. And how much I loved Coach. ROSE Yes, Wesley, I know. He loved you too. He loved all of his boys. WES I only wish Billy could’ve been here. Gale offers a small, appreciative smile. INT. CORRIDOR – LATER Shannon chats amiably with Rose as they make their way toward the exit. J.R., Gracie (with Duncan) and Mattie are close behind. Wes and Gale trail further back. WES This feels like déjà vu all over again. GALE Oh, why is that? WES Well, ole Billy Boy’s coming to town with a mind to take something that belongs to me. GALE Oh, Wes! (then) At least this time you stand half a chance of keeping it. WES Only half a chance?!

25. They share a good-natured laugh. GALE Mom has been so happy today. Ever since we landed really. It’s as though Alzheimer’s never existed. WES It’s understandable, Gale. College Station is her home... It’s yours and Billy’s too. You sure he won’t reconsider taking the Texans job if Rich offers it to him? She stops and they face each other. GALE (a beautiful smile) Now Wes Honey, you know Billy’s not the sort of coach who’d leave his team high and dry right after winning a national championship. WES (how do you respond to that?) You give my best to your ole Billy Boy, ya here? I’ll do that, Wes. GALE I’ll do that.

They embrace as old, dear friends. Then they join the others at the exit and leave the building. EXT. KYLE FIELD – NIGHT The energy of 85,000 fans, bands, cheerleaders and mascots creates a bowl game atmosphere. INT. BROADCAST BOOTH – NIGHT Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit hold forth. BRENT Well folks, we couldn’t ask for a better way to end an exciting college football season than with the two teams we’ll see tonight. The Washington Tech (MORE)

26. BRENT (CONT’D.) Sea Devils come to College Station, Texas to take on the defending national champion Texas A&M Aggies. KIRK This one has all the drama that makes college football great, Brent. The number two-ranked Aggies have the best defense in the country – nine of these guys are future NFLers for sure. On the other side of the ball, Washington Tech is led by one of the most exciting quarterbacks we’ve seen in quite a while. Senior Achilles Addams hasn’t put up the kind of numbers he did during his junior campaign, but with 34 touchdown passes, only 4 interceptions and a Division I-leading quarterback rating of 179.4, he is without doubt one of the premier signal callers in the country. BRENT Kirk, the off-the-field story plays almost as big a part of tonight’s game as what will happen on it. ON TV, ARCHIVE FOOTAGE of young Billy and young Wes as Aggies playing in big games, making big plays, talking to each other and with Wolf Ryan in practices and in games. BRENT (V.O.) Wes Fenton and Billy Donahue, defensive and offensive captains at Texas A&M under legendary coach John “Wolf” Ryan, helped make the Aggies a powerhouse in the Big 12 Conference, winning three straight conference championships and three bowl games, including a dramatic come-from-behind victory over Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl. Roommates and best friends, the Heisman-winning Donahue and Defensive Player of the Year Fenton would both go on to NFL careers before returning to College Station as offensive and defensive coordinators for Coach Ryan. But it was Fenton who would eventually fulfill Wolf’s dream of bringing a national championship to College Station.

27. ARCHIVE FOOTAGE ENDS ON A PHOTO of young Billy and young Wes, and between them a stunning Gale Ryan, wearing the sash and crown of “Miss America.” BRENT (V.O.) It’s a national championship that’s at stake here tonight as two of Texas A&M’s greatest players face off for only the second time as coaches. And nobody knows these two fierce competitors better than the lovely young woman on your screen, Gale Louise Ryan, who not long after this photo was taken became Mrs. Gale Donahue. Let’s go to Lisa Salter on the sideline for more. Lisa. EXT. KYLE FIELD, SIDELINE – SAME Sideline reporter Lisa Salter is with a smiling Gale. LISA Thanks, Brent. I’m here with Gale Donahue, wife of Sea Devils head coach Billy Donahue and, as you can see in our graphic, a former Miss Texas who went on to be crowned Miss America. Mrs. Donahue, welcome home. GALE Thank you, Lisa and “Howdy.” It’s great to be back in College Station. LISA As Wolf Ryan’s daughter, you’ve been a lifelong Aggies fan. But can we assume that you’re rooting for your husband’s Sea Devils tonight? GALE Oh, most definitely, Lisa! Billy and the boys are having an incredible season and I really believe they’ll upset the Aggies tonight. LISA Texas A&M has some of the richest traditions in all of college sports. Tonight must be hard for you, having (MORE)

28. LISA (CONT’D.) grown up here in College Station and spending most of your life rooting for your Dad and the Aggies. How hard is it for your husband and his best friend Coach Fenton to go against each other with so much on the line? GALE Oh it’s not too hard, Lisa. You know the Aggies barely beat my Sea Devils here a while ago, so it’s time to settle the score. But when it’s over, Billy and Wes will wake up tomorrow and still be friends. They’ll still be Aggies and they’ll still be Daddy’s boys. But tonight, it’s war, Lisa. LISA (smiles) Thank you, Mrs. Donahue. GALE Thank you, Lisa, Brent and Kirk. Before she goes, Gale smiles and gives a thumbs-up. INT. BROADCAST BOOTH – SAME BRENT Thank you, Gale. The always charming Gale Donahue, folks. Of course you Aggies fans out there recognize the familiar “Howdy” greeting and the “Gig ‘em” thumbs-up that Aggies everywhere use to say good-bye... Now let’s get ready for some football as the number two Aggies of Texas A&M get ready to throw down with the fourth-ranked Sea Devils of Washington Tech! FADE OUT. END OF ACT TWO

29. ACT THREE FADE IN: INT. VISITORS’ LOCKER ROOM – NIGHT Minutes before taking the field, the Sea Devils are intense and brooding. All eyes are on Billy, standing in the middle of the room. He speaks in a low, calm voice. BILLY When we started this journey, we said we had twelve steps to take to reach our goal. One step for every game. We’ve taken eleven steps. But make no mistake men, this last one will be the toughest step to take. (beat) A few of you were here three years ago and learned the hard way that winning on that field out there is never a given. As long as there’s a second left on the clock, that team across the way will fight to win. And take it from me, men, they will protect this house to the last man – and that means all 85,000 of them in the stands. That’s what we’re up against tonight. (passion rising) It’s going to take sixty minutes of heads up, balls out, inspired football to beat them Aggies. But you know what? I think we’re just the team – maybe the only team in the country – that can come into their house and snatch a National Championship out from under them! Let’s go out there and get it done! Fired up players move toward the locker room exit. Billy and Achilles exchange a look as Achilles passes. Billy winks; Achilles shots him a small, cocksure smile. EXT. KYLE FIELD – NIGHT The team captains meet at midfield for the coin toss. As they do, CUT TO Billy and Wes on opposite sidelines, both of them stoic but intense, talking into their headsets to coaches in the booths above the field.

30. CUT TO the stands to find Gale, Rose and the Donahues. Charlotte, Champ Sussman and his wife Kendra are also among the Sea Devils faithful who’ve made the trip. [Note: there will be appropriate coverage of our main characters in the stands, on the sideline and watching on TV in Maitland.] KIRK (V.O.) It comes down to this. For a shot at the BCS National Championship, the fourth-ranked Sea Devils have to pull off the upset tonight, then hope the Aggies beat the number three Nebraska Cornhuskers in the Big 12 Conference Championship next Saturday. The number two Aggies need wins here tonight and against Nebraska to lock up a return trip to the National Championship game. ON THE FIELD The teams line up for the kickoff. Linc Ossling takes it for a short return before being HAMMERED on the tackle. It’s a sign of the ferociousness of the Aggies defense. ACHILLES follows his offense out of the huddle and stands in the shotgun, coolly reads the defense. BRENT (V.O.) The Sea Devils will be without an injured Crash Davis, the versatile tailback who brought balance to their offense this season, rushing for close to 1,000 yards. KIRK (V.O.) Yeah, and without the threat of a running attack, it could be open season on Achilles Addams for an Aggies defense that leads the nation in sacks. ACHILLES takes the snap and leads a smooth drive, hitting wide receivers Jet Johnson, Linc Ossling, Antwan Spragins, Freddie Marquard and tight end Junior Tuiososopo. Finally he fakes a handoff, rolls left and finds Junior in the back of the end zone with a tight spiral. TOUCHDOWN! Texas A&M answers with an efficient drive of their own.

31. SCOREBOARD TAMU 7, Washington Tech 7, first quarter. The action on the field is fast-paced, intense and violent. Gale was right: it’s war. We INTERCUT with Billy and Wes on the sidelines, both Cool Customers, in contrast to... INT. COACHES BOOTHS – NIGHT ...their respective coaches booths, where the atmosphere is hectic. But we get a sense of how sophisticated the offensive and defense playbooks of these teams are. EXT. KYLE FIELD - NIGHT Achilles leads another textbook drive, capping it off with a handoff to tailback ROD MORRISSEY, who darts through a lane created by great blocking and sprints 20 yards for a TOUCHDOWN! SCOREBOARD TAMU 7, Washington Tech 14, first quarter ROD cuts through the line, gets a huge block from Warren “iPhone” Sitren and picks up about 20 yards. BRENT (V.O.) Well the Sea Devils offensive line, led by senior All-American center Warren Sitren, is handling the line of scrimmage so far tonight. KIRK (V.O.) There’s a reason why Crash Davis rushed for 960 yards before being injured and Achilles Addams has only been sacked four times this season. It’s because of the play of this offensive line. The big boys up front open up holes for running backs and give Addams the time to make all of his reads and hit open receivers anywhere on the field. It’s a big reason why his passer rating is through the roof.

32. And just like that, Kirk jinxes Achilles. He throws an interception. The CORNERBACK returns it 50 yards for a TOUCHDOWN. SCOREBOARD TAMU 14, Washington Tech 14, halftime. ON THE SIDELINE Lisa stops Wes on his way to the tunnel. LISA Coach, you got a rare pick off Achilles Addams to tie the game, but your offense hasn’t had much success against a weakened Sea Devils defense. Are you concerned that your offense hasn’t put up more points, especially considering the Sea Devils average 24 point a game in the second half? WES We know they’re capable of scoring a lot of points and that we’ve got to get more productivity out of our offense. I’m not too worried about our ability to score. We’ll make a few adjustments and come out ready for the second half. INT. AGGIES’ LOCKER ROOM – NIGHT Aggies players are gathered around their head coach. Wes’ anger is tightly controlled but has a powerful effect. WES Did you think they were just going to roll over for you?! I told you they’d come at you hard! With everything they’ve got! And they won’t stop! They won’t ever stop! They came here, into your house, to avenge what happened three years ago and to take what belongs to you! And make no mistake, they will take it if you don’t play like champions. Anything less than a championship effort for the next thirty minutes and you’ll have great seats for the National Championship game – on your goddamn sofas at home!

33. INT. VISITORS’ LOCKER ROOM – NIGHT Players and coaches stand round Billy. He’s calm.

BILLY If you thought the first half was tough, you ain’t seen nothing. They’re going to come at you with everything they’ve got and then some, because they know what you know. What everybody in this stadium and watching back home in Maitland knows. There’s only one ticket to the National Championship. Right now, they have it. Our only way to get it is take it. And they won’t let go unless we beat the ever-loving shit out of them. That’s what it’s going to take, men. Thirty minutes of ruthless, bloody battle... This is why you lift all those weights, run all those wind sprints and all those miles in the summer. To fight this war. And like any war it’s going to be painful. Your ticket to a national championship is on that field, in their hands. You want it? You’re going to have to destroy them to get it! EXT. KYLE FIELD – NIGHT Texas A&M returns the second half kickoff to midfield. Then they move the ball with brutal efficiency the other 50 yards. They score AGAIN. SCOREBOARD TAMU 21, Washington Tech 14, third quarter. Achilles throws pass after pass, but his RECEIVERS either drop the ball or have it knocked out of them by vicious hits from Aggie defenders. He scrambles for the first on three consecutive third downs. On third and six from the Aggies’ 27-yard-line, he fires a bullet to Linc, who drops what would have been a touchdown. KIRK (V.O.) Oh man! In a game like this, against a defense as good as this one, you’ve got to make those catches when you’re that wide open.

34. Achilles and iPhone walk back to the sideline. get there, Achilles gives Linc and earful. When they

BRENT (V.O.) And it looks like the veteran quarterback is giving the young walk-on a talking to, Kirk. LINC Sorry, Q.B. ACHILLES Don’t be sorry! You’re gonna get it hit! It’s gonna hurt! Hold onto the goddamn rock! The Sea Devils kick a field goal. SCOREBOARD TAMU 21, Washington Tech 17, end of the third quarter. ACHILLES takes a snap from the shotgun, sprints right, turns left and fires a perfect spiral to Jet, who takes it 35 yards to the house. TOUCHDOWN. SCOREBOARD TAMU 21, Washington Tech 24, 3:03 left in the game. The stadium is at a fever pitch as Aggies fans try to spur their team on. The A&M offense takes the field. Their QUARTERBACK leads a “hurry-up” drive down field. On third and short, he hits a TAILBACK on a screen pass that nets 30 yards. But a PENALTY FLAG is thrown. The REFEREE makes the call on his PA mic. REFEREE Clipping. Number sixty-eight. Fifteen yards from the spot of the foul. Still third down. THIRD AND LONG The Aggies Quarterback barks out signals, takes the snap and fires a crisp pass to his TIGHT END for a nice pickup. But another penalty flag is on the turf.

35. REFEREE Holding. Number sixty-eight. Ten yards from the spot of the foul. Repeat third down. NUMBER SIXTY-EIGHT, a big offensive lineman, grimaces. Wes shakes his head in disgust. On the Sea Devils sideline, defensive coordinator Joe Mercer shouts instructions onto the field. On the next play, Kwame Epstein knocks a blocker on his ass and SACKS the Aggies Quarterback. BRENT (V.O.) And that sack really hurts the Aggies. Now it’s fourth and a mile with less than a minute to play. Wes, Billy, Gale and all of our characters in the stadium look to the GAME CLOCK. 0:58 LEFT IN THE GAME. THE AGGIES QUARTERBACK takes the snap from the shotgun, steps up to avoid the rush and fires a rifle shot down field. It’s caught by a RECEIVER who is tackled close to the spot of a first down. The CHAIN GANG comes out for the measurement. ANGLE ON the nose of the football. First down by inches.

KIRK (V.O.) Can you believe that?! On fourth down they needed thirty yards and they get thirty yards and an inch to keep this drive and their hopes of a national championship alive! THE AGGIES QUARTERBACK hurries his team back to the line, calls the play and takes the snap. He hits his TAILBACK on a swing pass for 10 yards then finds another receiver for a pick up of 15. The crowd is INSANE. BRENT (V.O.) The legendary Twelfth Man is making his presence felt here tonight. This is exactly why opposing teams hate coming to Kyle Field.

36. KIRK (V.O.) This is where the Sea Devils really miss the experience of leading tackler and defensive captain Nate Brewster, who is on a one-game suspension. AN AGGIES RECEIVER catches a pass for a short gain, but Sea Devils’ cornerback Shaun Ellis drags him down before he can get out of bounds. The clock keeps ticking. ON THE SIDELINE Wes signals for a timeout. 0:17 LEFT IN THE GAME. BRENT (V.O.) This will be about a thirty-yard field goal to tie the game and most likely send us to overtime. The Aggies kick a field goal. MONTAGE - OVERTIME Both teams gear themselves up for overtime. KIRK (V.O.) In college football overtime, each team gets four downs from the twenty-five yard line to score a touchdown or a field goal. The team that has the lead after a pair of possessions wins. If they’re tied after two possessions, each team must go for a two-point conversion after a score to win. In the Sea Devils’ first possession Achilles goes 4-for-4 and hooks up with Freddie on a fade route for a touchdown. The Aggies answer by engineering a five-play drive that ends with a bootleg by their quarterback for a touchdown. Next, Achilles hits Jet on a slant to tie the score again. On their second possession, the Aggies score on a bruising option run by their tailback. His last.

37. The Aggies line up for the THIRD OVERTIME. Their Quarterback takes the snap, drops back and fires a perfect strike to a receiver who catches it and cruises into the end zone untouched. Aggies fans go wild. On the try for a two-point conversion, the Aggies Quarterback lofts a pass to a RECEIVER at the back of the end zone but it’s KNOCKED AWAY by Shaun. SCOREBOARD TAMU 44, Washington Tech 38 OT IN THE HUDDLE Achilles steps in. He’s intense, focused, but brings a sense of a calm control to his keyed up teammates. ACHILLES Okay, listen up. This is it. It all comes down to this series. We’ve already been to the Sugar Bowl and I hate oranges. So let’s go get that ticket to the BCS Championship. They break the huddle. ACHILLES hits Jet for five yards; throws a swing pass to Rod for another five and the first down; finds Junior at the sixyard-line on a curl; rolls left on a bootleg and DIVES for the pylon. TOUCHDOWN! The stadium goes DEAD SILENT. Achilles looks to Billy on the sideline for the two-point conversion play. INTERCUT all of our characters’ anticipating the play. ACHILLES follows his offense to the line. KIRK (V.O.) This is it! A shot at the national championship comes down to one play! Achilles barks out the signals. Then he calls an audible to change the play. Linc goes in motion. On the snap, the Aggies come hard and Achilles rolls to his right. He

38. stops, turns back to his left and fires a bullet to Linc, who is HAMMERED in the end zone but holds onto the ball! BRENT (V.O.) The extra point is GOOD! SCOREBOARD TAMU 44, Washington Tech 46, Game Over. The Sea Devils rush onto the field and swarm their offense in the end zone. Those players who aren’t on the field are dousing Billy with a bucket of Gatorade. Gale, Rose, Mattie and Gracie hug, all of them in tears. J.R. teaches little Duncan how to high-five. BACK IN MAITLAND it’s pandemonium!!! EXT. KYLE FIELD – MOMENTS LATER Billy and Wes make their way to midfield to shake hands. Cameras and reporters track with them to record their every utterance. BILLY You coached a helluva game, Wes. WES So did you, Billy. And your boys played their tails off. Congratulations. BILLY Thanks. Then Wes moves close to speak in Billy’s hear. WES Don’t you worry, Billy Boy, I’m gonna beat Nebraska. A beat as they look into each other’s eyes.

39. INT. VISITORS’ LOCKER ROOM – LATER Billy is surrounded by the team. BILLY Tonight you answered the call and you were magnificent. I can’t tell you how proud I am of every one of you. He signals to an ASSISTANT COACH for a game ball but Achilles steps up and takes it from the assistant. ACHILLES Coach, the team’s already decided who deserves this game ball. (off Billy’s reaction) Coach, you always say big players make big plays. Well great coaches call great games... For getting us here and coaching one hell of a game. Achilles hands the ball to Billy and the team joins together in the Sea Devils cry: TEAM WHOOOO-AHHH! Off Billy accepting the ball we... FADE OUT. END OF ACT THREE

40. ACT FOUR FADE IN: INT. RYAN HOME, BEDROOM/BATHROOM – BEFORE DAWN We hear MOVEMENT in the darkened room, become aware of WHISPERS. Then a light comes on in the master bathroom, REVEALING Gale and Billy. She’s in her old Aggies t-shirt. He’s fully dressed ready to head out. He’s looking for something in the medicine cabinet. I don’t see them. in here? BILLY Are you sure they’re

She reaches in the medicine cabinet, pulls out a bottle of aspirin and hands it to him. GALE I don’t know, Billy Honey. bad feeling about this. I have a

BILLY He’ll be fine, Gale. The boy’s almost four years old. That’s the same age J.R. was when Coach and me took him out for the first time. GALE You won’t take your eyes off him, not for an instant. BILLY Between me and J.R., we’ll look out for him. And he’ll have a life jacket on. She’s worried. He lifts her chin with his finger and kisses her lips. BILLY Stop your worrying and go back to bed. She pouts but does as she’s told. EXT. LAKE – DAWN As the first rays of sun peek over the horizon, we FIND Billy, J.R., Wes and little Duncan – bundled in a coat and a life jacket - in Wes’ fishing boat. He flicks out the light.

41. INT. RYAN KITCHEN – DAY Gale and Mattie are at the table having tea. Center is on television. ESPN Sports

ESPN ANNOUNCER (V.O.) Turning to college football. What a way to end the regular season, as number four Washington Tech rolled into College Station last night and left Kyle Field with a rare upset, beating defending national champions Texas A&M 46 – 44 in triple overtime. Now Coach Billy Donahue and his Sea Devils will have to wait to see if beating the number two Aggies is enough to leap frog them into the BCS National Championship or if they’ll need help from those same Aggies, who are set to play number three Nebraska in the Big 12 Conference Championship game. Gracie comes into the kitchen in sleep clothes. GRACIE Good morning, Mrs. Donahue, Mattie. GALE/MATTIE Good morning. GRACIE Coach and J.R. left pretty early. Yes, they did. with them. GALE And they took Duncan

GRACIE Really? But the little guy will freeze in a boat out on the lake. GALE He’ll be fine. It’s time he started learning this family’s traditions. GRACIE To me a tradition is opening presents on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas, not going fishing the morning after a football game.

42. MATTIE If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to call Darryl and give him our updated flight information. Mattie leaves. Gracie sits.

GALE Did you happen to notice if Mom was awake? GRACIE No... I didn’t hear her in her room. Hmmm. late. GALE It’s not like her to sleep so

GRACIE She did have a pretty long and exciting day yesterday. GALE Yes, it was that alright. (stands to go) We’re going straight to the airport after church, Gracie Sweetheart, so you’d better get packed right after you’ve had your tea. GRACIE Sure thing, Mrs. Donahue. Gale looks at her. Beat.

GALE You know, Sweetheart, you calling me “Mrs. Donahue” always seems so, I don’t know, impersonal... (warm smile) Let’s just try “Mom” for a while and see how that feels. GRACIE (a small smile) Okay... Mom. INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE ROSE’S BEDROOM – MOMENTS LATER Gale gently knocks on the door.

43. GALE (opening door) Mom. INT. ROSE’S BEDROOM – CONTINUOUS Rose is in bed. Gale crosses the room and looks down at her mother. She appears to be sleeping peacefully. GALE Mom... Mom? Gale realizes that her mother is dead. She sits next to her, caresses her face and hair. Rose is the very picture of serenity. Gale lay down, holds her in her arms and cries softly. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. MAITLAND MAIN STREET – DAY Achilles, iPhone and Cat walk down the sidewalk. Snow is on the ground and we can see their breath as they talk. A car horn HONKS and they turn as a carload of ROWDY GIRL FANS passes. ROWDY GIRL FANS WHOOO-AAAHHH! Way to go Iceman, iPhone! Call me! Achilles and iPhone wave and smile. CAT (sarcastic) Another “Ho mobile.”


IPHONE (grins) Come on, Cat. Don’t hate. She smirks. Achilles loops an arm around her neck.

ACHILLES (grins) That reminds me, when is that piece of shit you call a car out of the shop? She punches him hard in the ribs. He reacts, “Ow!”

44. INT. KOFFEE HOUSE – DAY Ivy, in uniform, stands in a corner talking to her exboyfriend Brad, who we recall from an earlier Episode. BRAD (sincere) I guess what I’m trying to say is I miss you, Ivy, and I want to give it another try. IVY Brad, I’m sorry but it’s just not in the cards for us. Besides, I’m with someone. BRAD (hurt) Oh... IVY It started after you and I broke up, Brad. Oh, I see. BRAD Do I know him?

Suddenly the coffee shop erupts in CHEERS. Achilles, iPhone and Cat have entered. Brad and Ivy turn to see what the commotion is all about. Ivy smiles to herself. IVY I’m sure you do, but it doesn’t matter, Brad... Look I’ve got to roll now. Take care of yourself. She makes her way through the crowd that is gathering around the gridiron heroes. As she passes Achilles, their eyes meet. She smiles and he smiles back. She exits the shop, then he notices Brad approaching to join the other fans in congratulating him and iPhone. BRAD (pumping Achilles’ hand) Hell of a game last night, Iceman! Hell of a game! ACHILLES Thanks.

45. INT. IVY’S DEN – SUNSET Achilles and Ivy are on the sofa, staring at the fire. She’s curled up next to him, cozy. He is pensive. ACHILLES Ivy, does it bother you that we’re, you know, on the down low? IVY I don’t think being discreet means we’re “on the down low.” (looks up, clocks his concern) Sweetheart, what’s bothering you? ACHILLES At the Koffee House today, you talked to that guy you used to date. Brad? Yeah. there. So? IVY We ran into each other

ACHILLES You said he was really into you. IVY But I wasn’t into him. (sits up) Achilles, you don’t have to worry about Brad, or anybody else for that matter. Baby, you should know that by now. ACHILLES It’s not that, Ivy. IVY Well what is it? What’s going on in that head of yours? ACHILLES Doesn’t it bother you that we have to “be discreet?” I mean, wouldn’t you rather have a relationship where you can kiss or hold hands in public and not have to drive fifty miles to have dinner in a nice restaurant?

46. IVY Sweetheart, I’ll stick my tongue down your throat on Main Street when the season’s over if you want. Until then “No distractions. No media circus.” It’s what you wanted. Remember? ACHILLES Yeah, I remember. IVY Anyway, it’s not as if nobody knows about us. Cara knows and she’s come around to accepting us together. She pulls his face to hers with a finger. IVY I don’t mind waiting to go public with our relationship, Achilles... Besides, the private bennies are much better than the public ones. She kisses him. EXT. IVY’S HOME – NIGHT We’re looking at the home through the woods. SOUNDS of Achilles and Ivy having hot sex. IVY (O.S.) ...don’t stop, don’t stop. Yeahyeahyeahyeah...Oh God yes! INT. IVY’S BEDROOM – DAY CLOSE ON the pretty Ivy vine tattoo on Ivy’s back. CAMERA SLOWLY moves downward, stopping where the sheets cover her ass. PULL BACK and we see that she’s asleep in bed. She stirs. Turns to find Achilles’ side empty. EXT. BACK OF HOUSE – LATER Achilles stands by a woodpile. He’s only in jeans. Ivy comes out of the house behind him, wearing Achilles’ red practice jersey. We hear

47. IVY Sweetheart, it’s freezing out here? You’ll catch your death without a shirt or shoes on. He turns to face her and right away she clocks he’s conflicted about something. She goes to him. IVY Achilles, what is it? What’s wrong? ACHILLES I have to tell you something, Ivy. It’s not easy. IVY (concern growing) But let’s go inside.


INT. IVY’S KITCHEN – CONTINUOUS They enter and she continues into the next room, brings back a blanket and drapes it over his shoulders. IVY Achilles, what do you have to tell me? It’s very difficult for him. ACHILLES People used to ask me all the time why I came here. Why I chose this school, three thousand miles away – damn near in Canada - when I could’ve gone to USC or Notre Dame or a half-dozen other schools with powerhouse football programs... Nobody asks anymore. Now that we’ve won three conference championships, now that we might play for a national championship. People just stopped asking. You never even asked. IVY Do you want me to? ACHILLES I came here to run away from something I did. I wanted to get lost up here so people would just forget about me.

48. IVY Well that plan sure backfired. did you do, Achilles? ACHILLES (beat) You said nobody can understand what you’re going through unless they’ve taken someone else’s life... Well, I do know what you’re going through, Ivy. Beat. She reacts, very concerned now. IVY Achilles, what are you talking about? ACHILLES In high school...I shot a boy and killed him. IVY (alarmed) What do you mean, “killed him?!” ACHILLES He died when I shot him. IVY Oh my God! ACHILLES It was in self-defense. He was going to kill me or Portia or both of us. IVY Portia?! Achilles, what are you talking about?! If you’d done something like that everyone would’ve known. It would’ve been all over the news before you got here. ACHILLES Nobody knew about it. Except me and Portia. And now you. The police investigated and wrote it off as a gang shooting. Ivy is beside herself with worry and confusion. IVY Why are you telling me this, Achilles?!


49. ACHILLES You’ve told me everything about yourself, opened up to me completely. And every time I look into your eyes, every time we make love, I feel like I’m lying to you, like I’m lying to myself. I don’t want to have that feeling anymore. I want you to know who I really am, Ivy. She looks at him, utterly bewildered. IVY I’m a state police officer, Achilles! You’re telling me you killed someone and got a way with it! What do you expect me to do?! Jesus! ACHILLES I don’t know, Ivy. I just know I can’t be with you and live that lie anymore. Beat. Tears roll down Ivy’s cheeks. IVY Oh God! She storms past him out of the house. He watches her as she goes to the woodpile. We hear her from outside. IVY Oh God! Achilles feels something and looks down at Cleo. The German Shepherd has come in and is lovingly licking his hand as we... FADE OUT. END OF EPISODE

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