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TIME TO SAY GOODBYE Lyries by LUCIO QUARANTOTTO (Con Te Partirs) Music by English Lyrics by FRANK PETERSON FRANCESCO SARTORI Slowly J= 60 c by Verse cp E SS Se = ST 1.Quan- do so- no $0 lo so-gno_al-No- fiz zon-te.e man-can le pa : p-+- = aS SS SS 4 SSS es ! eet i i = =e a op 6 ¢ > bury E eta = = SS mo. ok Si fo $0. che non 8 Wu-ce in Una stan- 28 quan- do man-ca_il Ieggpvenens tee ses memes apne tert gn rnc URES MERA a a ES ae = =—-= —s St SS fas per mas Fi z SS] : fart Pee e “maf Say Goochye-5 9 Pare moira a tutti il mio evo - re che hai L chin = di : incon ta to pet 2 2 Chorus | Em? G b tn F “met Say Goodbye 5-2 5 Pp ¢ ip ce DFE DS $julCada ‘SSS 2 mi - 0 tm sei qui con me, son me, con me, con me. a Pit conte io oie vi- vO oon te parti = 8 Time wo Soy Gocenyo-8-4 parent ar E Fim? Say > English terl translation vase When 'm sone, Téream ofthe porzon sd wore ie ce eno Ie Ins room wee heres no sun. ‘ana there sno anf youe not here Wah ihe From every window, Uti my hea, ‘Theta hat you have wor Into me youve poured the igh, The light that youve found By these ofthe road Chorus ‘Vine to say goodbye. Places that I've neves veen Or experienced with you, Now I shall, [sail with you upon ships across the seas, Seas that exist no more, Ins time to say goodbye, 3) warner BROS. PUBLICATIONS SERS Man tomy 260 NPA, Pen ante Verse 2: ‘When you've fer away, 1 dreain ofthe horizon ‘And words fail me ‘And of course, I know that you're with me, With me. ‘You, my moon, you are with me, ‘Mig sun, you're here with me, With me, with me, with me, gat Places tha ve never seen ctor of {fee win you upon ships eo the seas, Seat iat ent nome, Firevie tiem wh you, Pilgowin'yon ig wih Son $3.98 Pvg72i1 41 alannannl «