GOAL TO GO “Legacy” Two-Hour TV Movie #2 by David Polk

2. TEASER FADE IN: EXT. LAKE WHATCOM - DAWN The tip of the sun is just starting to peak over the horizon. We hear a man gently HUMMING. Then the sound of a fishing lure as it hits the water. A red and white fishing FLOAT bobs on the surface of the water. CAMERA FOLLOWS the fishing line from the float to the boat. Reveal BILLY DONAHUE, 61, still ruggedly handsome, alert blue eyes piercing the morning fog, humming a familiar tune: the Sea Devils’ FIGHT SONG. It’s a cold morning. Billy reaches down for a thermos of coffee. Steam rises from the thermos as he takes a sip. He smiles to himself. Good stuff. BILLY’S FACE as he takes in the sunrise in all its glory. He revels in its beauty, a man at peace with life and all that’s in it. THE FLOAT suddenly dips beneath the surface. A “hit” on the line.

Billy takes a firm hold of his fishing rod and goes to work. From the bend in the rod and the smile on Billy’s face we know he’s hooked a big one. He works the rod and reel like the lifetime angler that he is. BILLY That’s it. Don’t give up without a fight, big guy. Billy eventually nets the fish, a huge BASS. up, admires it. He holds it

BILLY Today’s your lucky day, buddy. Gale’s had her fill of fish this week. He unhooks the fish, releases it back in the water. immediately darts below the surface. BILLY (smiles to himself) Next time. It

3. Billy settles back in the boat. Takes a breath. Notices the sun rise fully over the horizon. Then he clutches his chest, in pain. He’s having a heart attack. Billy falls on his back and dies. CAMERA PULLS BACK slowly to a HIGH ANGLE above Billy and the boat, in the middle of the vast lake. FADE OUT. END TEASER

4. ACT ONE FADE IN: INT. CHURCH, FUNERAL SERVICE – DAY Hundreds are in attendance. GALE DONAHUE, 61, is flanked by her sons, DUNCAN PENNEBAKER, 21, and J.R. DONAHUE, 36, and J.R.’s wife GRACIE WELLINGTON-DONAHUE, 38, with their son WILL, 11 and daughter, ROSE, 8. We also see FAMILIAR FACES: MATTIE WEISS, 55, and husband DARRYL BANKS, 55; Texas A&M athletic director WES FENTON, 61; Washington Tech head coach ROMEO DUMARS 55, and wife DR. NATALIA ROCKOV, 53; DALLAS MORALES, 42, and wife CARA, 39, ACHILLES ADDAMS, 39, and many other former SEA DEVILS PLAYERS from our original series. ON TV The funeral is covered by ESPN. We remember Ken Doll handsome play-by-play announcer SANDY SANDERSON, 51. SANDY SANDERSON (V.O.) Hundreds attended funeral services today on the campus of Texas A&M University in College Station to pay their final respects to Billy Donahue, who became a legend as the Aggies quarterback before going on to star in the NFL and, of course, won two BCS National Championships as head coach at Washington Tech University. Though Donahue retired from coaching 12 years ago, his presence continued to be felt in the game through his insightful commentary as an analyst for CBS Sports and through the popular video game, “Billy Donahue’s NCAA College Football.” The fiery Coach D, who famously told his players to just “Get it done”, is survived by his wife Gale and their two sons, J.R. Donahue and current Washington Tech quarterback Duncan Pennebaker. OFF mourners filing past Gale, paying their respects...

5. EXT. KYLE FIELD – SUNSET The 85,000-seat stadium is empty. Quiet. Gale stands at midfield, lost in her memories of Billy. Even in grief, she is the epitome of grace and beauty. Wes Fenton walks up behind her. turn around. She hears him but doesn’t

GALE Was it really that long ago, Wes? That you and my Billy Boy ran up and down this field, carrying the world on your shoulders? I guess it was. seem that way. WES But it sure doesn’t

He puts his arm around her shoulder and she rests her head on his. INT. MITCH CLARKSON’S OFFICE – DAY Washington Tech athletic director MITCH CLARKSON, 50, is a bald, paunchy bulldog of a man. He’s meeting with head coach Romeo Dumars. CLARKSON You’ve got another year left on your contract, Romeo. Are you sure you want to do this? ROMEO I’m sure, Mitch. Look, I love the game, I love the boys, you know that. But I’m burnt out. Eleven years is a long time coaching at this level. CLARKSON It’s tough to compete at this level consistently, I know that Romes. But you’ve had a good run. Eight bowl appearances, including two Rose Bowls, two top five finishes. ROMEO It’s not just the competing, Mitch. Beat.

6. CLARKSON You’re thinking about Coach’s death? ROMEO (nods “yes”) Coach D hired me, gave me my break in coaching. Then he taught me how to win, how to run a program. He also continually reminded me that as hard as it is, you’ve got to keep your family first in this business. I’ve loved every minute that I’ve been here, Mitch. But Nat and I have made a lot of sacrifices too. I’m not saying I regret any of it; I don’t. But I want to get some time back with her while we still can. EXT. LAKE HOUSE – DAY JAMES ADDAMS, 17, slight build, bookish, bounds down the stairs of the custom-built, glass and wood home. He’s got a big smile on his face as he approaches his father, Achilles, who stands in front of a car that’s covered. JAMES Yeah, Dad?! ACHILLES I was going to wait till your birthday next week to give you this, but since it’s here and it’s pretty obvious what it is... Alright! JAMES Thanks, Dad!

He hugs Achilles tightly. JAMES (re: the car cover) Can I?! Achilles gestures. “Go ahead.” James pulls the cover off the car and his smile turns to dismay. JAMES Wha—? Dad, are you serious?!

7. The car is a very familiar midnight blue MUSTANG COBRA. But now it’s over 20 years old and looks like crap. ACHILLES What do you mean “am I serious?” course I’m serious. JAMES But Dad, this is...ancient. ACHILLES Not ancient, “Classic.” JAMES Dad, you drove this car, like 20 years ago. Then you gave it to Aunt Cara, who drove it into the ground. ACHILLES Hey, don’t bad mouth Cara. She’s got her faults but she took good care of this car. It runs great. Sort of. James sighs loudly. Achilles hands him the keys. Of

ACHILLES Learn to love it, champ. These are the only wheels you’ll be rolling in unless you pony up the cash to buy your own. And I doubt you’ll do any better. (smiles) Hey, back in the day this baby was a real babe magnet. James rolls his eyes. Achilles heads back toward the house. DUNCAN (under his breath) You mean “rust magnet”. INT. LAKE HOUSE, DEN – LATER CAMERA PANS the room and we see family PHOTOS. photo of Achilles and his lovely wife, Ivy. HOLD ON a A

Reveal Achilles watching an ARENA FOOTBALL GAME on TV. telephone RINGS O.S. James enters holding the phone. Dad. JAMES Coach Dumars.

8. ACHILLES Thanks. JAMES I’m going to drive into town. Hopefully I won’t end up stuck on the side of the road somewhere. Achilles grins at him then talks into the phone. ACHILLES Hey, Romes, what’s up? ROMEO (V.O.) Achilles, I had a long sit down with Mitch this afternoon and there’s something I need to talk to you about. INT. PRESS CONFERENCE – DAY Standing room only. Up front, Romeo and Achilles are on either side of the podium. Mitch steps to the mic. MITCH Good afternoon. Thank you all for coming. Today marks another important milestone for Wa Tech football as we announce the retirement of coach Romeo Dumars. For 11 years, Romes has helped build on a proud tradition, taking the Devils to eight bowl games and two top five finishes. Now, in the spirit of continuing the legacy of Coach Billy Donahue, who brought the program to prominence, I am pleased to present offensive coordinator and former Sea Devils All-American quarterback Achilles Addams as our next head coach. Applause fills the room. Achilles and Romeo shake hands in a symbolic passing of the torch. INT. DONAHUE HOME – DAY Gale opens the door and welcomes Achilles inside with a big hug. GALE Achilles, how are you?

9. ACHILLES I’m fine, Mrs. D. How are you? GALE Oh, I’m getting along. Then she looks into his eyes and is filled with emotion. She caresses his face. GALE Look at you, the first of my Billy Boy’s players to become a head coach. He’d be so proud, Achilles. Thank you. support. ACHILLES And I appreciate your

(off her look) I know Mitch and Chancellor King got the go ahead from you to name me head coach. GALE (dismissive) Oh, please, Achilles, I’m just another booster, you know that. ACHILLES (smiles) Mrs. D., I know that nothing’s happened inside the Hoz since Coach came to Maitland that you don’t know about. And with Duncan going into his senior year, I know there’s no way in hell I’d be head coach without your approval. Gale just smiles. She leads him to the kitchen.

INT. DONAHUE KITCHEN – CONTINUOUS GALE Duncan’s just in the cottage. I’ll give him a call and he’ll be right over. Can I get you something to eat or drink? ACHILLES No th –

10. She’s already produced a spread of appetizers. presses an intercom button. GALE Duncan honey. DUNCAN (V.O.) Yeah, Mom? GALE Coach Addams is here. Great! DUNCAN (V.O.) I’ll be right over! Then she

She turns to Achilles, who has taken a seat at the marble top counter. She slides a glass of sparkling water with a twist of lime to him. GALE How has James been holding up? ACHILLES He’s coming along. I’m sure the counseling has helped. And you? Achilles sighs. GALE How are you?


ACHILLES It’s almost a year now. Some days are better than others. I still miss her. A lot. But you know what that’s like. Gale puts a hand on his. Gives him a supportive look.

GALE I spent most of my life with Billy. Not a day goes by that he’s not in my heart. It’s not a bad thing, Achilles. He nods. She pats his hand tenderly.

Duncan enters. Harold and Maria Pennebaker’s son is mixedrace, strapping, handsome and wholesome. Godparents Gale and Billy have raised a prototypical college quarterback. Hi, Coach. DUNCAN Congratulations.

11. ACHILLES Thanks Duncan. Duncan gobbles an appetizer before he sits at the counter. ACHILLES Alright, even though we’ll be running pretty much the same offense next fall, you and me have new jobs – me as head coach, you as “Messiah.” So we’ve got a ton and a half of work to do this spring and all through the summer. No time like the present to get started. Okay, Coach! DUNCAN I’m down with that!

Gale smiles from the other side of the counter. EXT. CEMETERY – DAY Achilles looks down at a gravestone. “IVY MARIE SANDUSKYADDAMS, 19?? – 20??, beloved wife, mother and friend, Heaven holds you now.” We see that it’s between two other gravestones – CHIEF JOHN SANDUSY and MARIE CLAIRE TYLERSANDUSKY, Ivy’s parents. ACHILLES (to Ivy) Head coach. Can you believe it? I would’ve been happy just working as an assistant from now on. Who needs the headaches, right? Hell, I’da been happy watching from the stands if you could be there watching with me...I gave James Cara’s car for his birthday and he bitched about it not being new. Typical teen, right? ... He misses you, babe. He’s coping all right, but he misses you. Ivy, don’t feel bad about having to leave him. He knew how much you loved him. We both knew...Well, I guess I’d better get going now. I love you, Ivy. He places a RED ROSE at the foot of the gravestone and walks away.

12. INT. ACHILLES’ OFFICE – DAY Achilles enters and is greeted immediately by his secretary, RORY SOMMERS, 33, super sweet, super efficient, a motor like the Energizer Bunny on crack. She also bears a striking resemblance to another redhead we know. RORY (Bam!) Good morning, Coach Addams! Welcome to your first official day as head coach of the Sea Devils! ACHILLES (a bit off-put) Uh...Good morning. Hi, Rory.


She follows him into his office almost too closely, and talks a mile-a-minute as he takes a seat behind his desk. RORY As you might expect, you’re booked solid today. Meetings this morning with the Coaches’ Council, Chancellor King, then a two-hour group session with your coaching staff, lunch with Mr. D’Agostino at the Chevron Club, then one-on-ones with your senior assistants and coordinators, a catch up meeting with the AD at four, then a four-thirty with Mr. Shea in public relations. Oh, I also accepted a five o’clock interview with Greta Andrews of KLS-TV. Mr. Shea insisted that I book it, but I can decline or reschedule if you like. ACHILLES (whoa!) No. Thanks. I mean, you don’t have to reschedule the interview. It’s just part of the job. RORY Certainly, Coach. That’s what I thought you’d say, which is why I went ahead and put it on the books. Mr. Shea says to expect a lot more media at your first press briefing, which is tomorrow at two-thirty, by the way.

13. ACHILLES Rory, tell me you haven’t had your coffee this morning. RORY I’m a tea person, Coach. Can’t handle the caffeine. Makes me hyper. ACHILLES (you’ve got to be kidding) Well, you know, I could use a little caffeine right now. So, if you wouldn’t mi – Seemingly from nowhere, she pulls a steaming hot cup of coffee from behind her back and places it on his desk. Now he’s actually sort of creeped out. RORY I know you normally take it with two sugars and half-and-half, but you’ll be hitting the big four-oh before you know it and you really should cut back on sweeteners. Oh, and I’ve gone ahead and substituted soy milk for the half-andhalf. It’s a special organic brand. I hope you don’t mind, Coach, but I think an important part of my job is to look out for your overall wellbeing, in addition to my normal administrative duties. She stops for a breath, smiles sweetly. ACHILLES (still dazed) Thanks? INT. ACHILLES’ OFFICE – LATER Achilles looks out the floor-to-ceiling window that overlooks the football field. He turns and looks back at the office that once belonged to his coach and mentor. INT. BILLY’S OFFICE – DAY (FLASHBACK) Achilles, 18 years old, steps in and closes the door behind him. Billy Donahue, 40, with dark, Irish good looks, is sitting behind his desk.

14. BILLY Achilles, come in. Sit down, son. Achilles sits. After an awkward silence –

BILLY So you’re all settled in? ACHILLES Yeah, pretty much. BILLY Good. Look, Achilles, about the press conference the other day. Maybe it was wrong to spring it on you like that. ACHILLES Sorry, Coach. I guess I just freaked. It won’t happen again. BILLY That’s good to hear. Dealing with the press is probably the worst part of a quarterback’s job. Even worse than a 260-pound defensive end coming untouched off the edge. They both smile. Finally, a connection between them.

BILLY What’s this about you moving into an apartment off campus? All first-year players room at the Penn. ACHILLES Well, yeah, I know Coach but I... BILLY “But?” Where’s the “but” Achilles? The university has invested millions in the Hosmer Complex and Pennebaker Hall so football players have state-of-theart amenities on the field and off. Living at the Penn will help you bond with other recruits and – ACHILLES But I’m not a recruit... What I mean, Coach, is you didn’t recruit me. They lock eyes. It’s a standoff.

15. BILLY Why did you come here, Achilles? And spare me the “Washington Tech is the Stanford of the Pacific Northwest” bullshit. The yokels in the media may eat that crap up with a spoon but I’m not hungry. Achilles is quietly defiant. BILLY Look, what I told that reporter the other day is true. We got lucky when you showed up out of the blue, and I’m damn glad you’re here. But I’m not about to flush the rules down the crapper for you or anybody else. ACHILLES I don’t expect you to, Coach. But I’m not ready to talk about why I came – to you or anybody else. I’m here to get an education and to play football. As long as I’m doing those two things, I don’t owe anybody any explanations. BILLY Okay. That’s your prerogative... Look, Achilles, a coach and his quarterback don’t have to be best friends. Hell, they don’t even have to like each other; in my experience, most of the time they don’t. But they do have to be able to communicate. Can we do that? ACHILLES (beat) We can do that, Coach. INT. ACHILLES’ OFFICE – DAY (RETURN TO PRESENT) Achilles smiles to himself. Then he takes a sip of Rory’s coffee and reacts. “Hmmm! Damn, that’s good!” FADE OUT. END OF ACT ONE

16. ACT TWO FADE IN: INT. MITCH CLARKSON’S OFFICE – DAY Achilles and Mitch sit on sofas across from each other. ACHILLES I’ve given it a good deal of thought, Mitch, and I’m convinced I should hire an offensive coordinator. MITCH Really Achilles? You did a pretty good job calling the plays for Romeo’s offenses the last couple of years. ACHILLES Appreciate hearing that. But I think we can do better. We need to step up Duncan’s game and the entire offense with a fresh philosophy. Duncan’s gonna be dealing with some pretty high expectations this season. MITCH You mean Gale wants him to win the Heisman? ACHILLES And so do I. He’s got all the tools to have a shot at it too. But we need to get more creative in how we utilize Duncan’s athleticism, while taking advantage of our speed in the backfield. MITCH A more option-oriented type attack? ACHILLES That plus a little something extra. I really like some of what I’m seeing in Arena football. MITCH I suppose you’ve got someone in mind? ACHILLES As a matter of fact, I do.

17. EXT. HOSMER COMPLEX - SUNSET Establishing “the Hoz”, Wa Tech’s football complex with the familiar statue of Artie Hosmer, Class of ’62, out front. INT. HOSMER COMPLEX, HALL OF HONOR – SUNSET The main corridor is lined with photos and memorabilia of Wa Tech heroes of yesteryear. Achilles is among them. WORKMEN are putting the finishing touches on a new addition. CAMERA ZOOMS IN and we see: A BUST OF BILLY DONAHUE Reverse and we see PHIL ELLIOTT, 44, tall, blonde, handsome, looking at the bust. We remember him as the quarterback whose torrid May-December affair with Gale led to her having a miscarriage. ACHILLES (O.S.) Phil. Phil turns to see Achilles walking down the corridor. exchange smiles and firm handshakes. Hello, Achilles. “Coach.” PHIL Or should I say They

ACHILLLES That depends on whether you’ve decided to be my offensive coordinator. INT. D’AGOSTINO’S RESTAURANT – NIGHT The town’s finest eatery is abuzz with Maitland’s upper crust. We find Achilles and Phil dining in a cozy booth. PHIL I have to tell you, you’re about the last person I expected to call with a job offer. ACHILLES Why’s that? I don’t recall there being any bad blood between us. Just the normal competition between two guys going all out for the same position.

18. PHIL Haven’t taken a snap since I graduated from Wa Tech. Out of football altogether for five years after that. Fired as an assistant in the Canadian Football League. Not exactly the resume of an up and comer. ACHILLES (laughs) That was always you, Phil. Mr. Understatement. I didn’t offer you a job because of your failures. We’ve all got those. Remember that Heisman I was supposed to win?... I’ve studied what you did as an offensive coordinator in the AFL. The Chicago Rush went from the lowest scoring team in the league to the highest scoring three years in a row with you calling the plays. Pretty impressive. PHIL Thanks. ACHILLES Coach D always said you were the smartest player he ever coached. PHIL Too bad I didn’t have the arm or the legs to go with the brains. ACHILLES Bad for you. Not so bad for me. (they laugh, then) So, how does Jess feel about coming back to Maitland? You guys spent a few years in Chicago, Montreal and a couple other big cities. Maitland’s nice, but not like those. PHIL Coming home was a major selling point for her. She’s been homesick for years. Almost since we left. (then) So...one thing I should ask you. How does Mrs. D feel about you hiring me? OFF Achilles’ surprise at the question...

19. INT. DONAHUE MASTER BEDROOM – NIGHT The room is dark. Gale lay awake in bed.

INT. DONAHUE GREAT ROOM – LATER Gale, in robe and slippers, looks at family photos and mementos marking her lifetime with Billy: the two of them at a Texas A&M homecoming dance; holding their infant son, J.R.; on their honeymoon in Paris; with her father, legendary Texas A&M Coach John “Wolf” Ryan, Billy’s HEISMAN TROPHY. She lingers on a candid shot of them kissing on the field of the Cotton Bowl – we recall the shot was taken the night he asked her to marry him. She reaches out and touches the photo lightly. It’s now that we notice tears rolling down her face. EXT. PENNEBAKER STADIUM – DAY QUICK CUTS of Achilles working out with Duncan: footwork drills, reading defensive keys, zipping crisp passes to every part of the field, etc. IN THE STANDS Gale, alone in the stands, watches from the VIP section. Later, Achilles wraps up the session. ACHILLES Nice job, Duncan. Way to work. DUNCAN (winded, sweating) Thanks, Coach. ACHILLES You still need to strengthen your throws from the left hash. (Duncan nods) All right, hit the weights for another hour or so. Then rest up tonight. Stay in, see a movie or something. Be back here tomorrow, same time. He slaps the kid on the butt and Duncan trots into the tunnel. Achilles turns and spots Gale in the stands.

20. IN THE STANDS Achilles goes up to Gale. GALE He needs more work on his throws from the left hash mark. ACHILLES We’ll keep working on that. improve. He’ll

GALE What’s this I hear about you hiring Phil Elliott as your offensive coordinator? You can’t be serious? ACHILLES You heard right, Mrs. D. I know Phil’s taken an unconventional approach to his coaching career – GALE Unconventional? Achilles, Arena Football is a joke. If you want to be taken seriously as a head coach in Division I football, you can’t have an amateur calling plays for you. ACHILLES I’ve given a lot of thought to my decision, Mrs. D. GALE (curtly) Well I want you to think it over again, Achilles. He’s taken aback. Then, recovering –

ACHILLES I appreciate your input, Mrs. Donahue, I really do. But my decision’s been made. Phil Elliott’s my offensive coordinator. GALE Was I wrong, Achilles? same things? Do we want the

21. ACHILLES I think we want exactly the same things, Mrs. D – to win football games and conference titles, and maybe another national championship, to help turn promising boys into productive men. The same as Coach Donahue wanted. Gale stands, fixes him with a steely stare. GALE Let me be clear about what I want, Achilles. As a supporter of the program and you personally, I expect you to win football games. As the mother of your quarterback, I expect you to win those games in a fashion that puts my son in position to win the Heisman Trophy. Is that clear enough? Beat. He returns her stare with a cool glint of his own. ACHILLES Like I said, we want the same things, Mrs. Donahue. All of my decisions as head coach, on the field and off, are focused solely on those goals. GALE Good. Beat. Gale transforms completely. Touches his face gently. GALE Good...Achilles honey, I’d like it very much if you and James came by for dinner this Sunday. I don’t think you two are eating as well as you should. INT. JOSEPHINE’S PIZZERIA – NIGHT The main hangout for locals and college types alike is buzzing as usual. We find Duncan in a booth with his girlfriend, KEISHA KNIGHT, 20, a sweet-looking, dark-skinned sister; his best friend, DESHAUN TULLY, 20, black wide receiver and his girlfriend, CONNIE MINH, 19, a sexy, Vietnamese-American.

22. CONNIE You worked out today with Coach Addams, right, Duncan? DUNCAN Yeah. We had a pretty good workout too. We’ve worked out before, you know, with him being offensive coordinator the last two seasons. But we’re taking a whole new approach now, with this being my senior year and his first as head coach, we’ve both got a lot to prove. DESHAUN The Heisman hype’s already starting, D. I hear they’ve already sold out all of next season. Can you believe that? It’s gonna be a sick season, baby. Keisha strokes Duncan’s neck affectionately. KEISHA He’ll keep his head on straight. like always. Won’t you, boo? Just

Duncan and Keisha look at each other lovingly, kiss. EXT. JOSEPHINE’S PIZZERIA, PARKING LOT – LATER The two couples walk to their cars. DESHAUN Hey, D, Connie and me are going to check out that new club, Oasis. You guys up for it? DUNCAN Maybe some other time. Me and Keisha were just going to hang at my place and check out a movie tonight. KEISHA And he’s got another workout with Coach tomorrow morning. DESHAUN Alright. Cool. So we’ll catch up with you maybe tomorrow night.

23. Duncan and DeShaun fist bump and the couples part. Duncan opens the door of his souped-up, black DODGE CHALLENGER for Keisha, then goes around and slides behind the wheel. EXT. DUNCAN’S COTTAGE – NIGHT Establishing the quaint cottage built on the Donahue property for Gale’s mother, Rose. It’s now Duncan’s. INT. DUNCAN’S COTTAGE – NIGHT Duncan and Keisha lay post-coital on the floor of the main room. KEISHA It wouldn’t bother you too much if you don’t win the Heisman, would it, boo? DUNCAN (surprised) Why would you ask me that?


KEISHA I’ve read that it’s just a big PR campaign. DUNCAN There’s more to it than that, Keisha. You don’t think I can win it? KEISHA Of course you can win it. DUNCAN What then? KEISHA Well, I just wouldn’t want you to get so caught up in the hype of trying to win that you lose sight of your larger plans. Football may be the way out for DeShaun and your other teammates, but – DUNCAN I haven’t forgotten my “larger” plans, Keisha. I can hardly wait to start working in the mailroom at Pennebaker Industries and fast track my way all the way to the top by the time I’m 35.

24. She kisses and caresses his cheek. Snuggles closer to him.

KEISHA Don’t be angry with me, boo. It’s just that you have so much more than football to look forward to. Duncan? GALE (V.O.) Duncan sweetheart?

Duncan and Keisha react, though not alarmed, to Gale’s voice on the intercom. He gets up and walks naked to the intercom on the wall. DUNCAN Yes, Mom? GALE (V.O.) Duncan sweetheart, it’s late and you have a workout with Coach Addams at seven tomorrow morning. If Keisha is still over, you should take her home. DUNCAN Sure thing, Mom. We’re just finishing up our movie. It’s almost over. GALE (V.O.) Alright, sweetheart. Duncan clicks off the intercom. Keisha gathers her clothes. INT. CONCERT HALL – NIGHT TERRI BANKS, 12, lovely and poised, plays a beautiful CELLO SOLO. In the audience her parents, Mattie Weiss and Darryl Banks, along with Gale, look on proudly. INT. CONCERT HALL, GRAND FOYER – LATER Mattie, Darryl and Gale congratulate Terri afterward. MATTIE You were sensational, my love. Mattie kisses her and hugs her tightly. DARRYL Mom’s right, baby girl, you were great.

25. GALE Yes, you were marvelous, Terri honey. (then to Mattie and Darryl) Really, you two act as though Terri’s new at this sort of thing. You’d think after she was accepted to Julliard you’d be used to it by now. Terri beams as her loved ones continue to fawn over her. INT. CONCERT HALL, LADIES’ ROOM – LATER Gale is touching up her makeup in the mirror. A WOMAN enters with her BRATTY DAUGHTERS, 8 and 10. The girls are making a fuss. Gale looks back at the woman and offers a sympathetic smile. When their eyes meet they recognize each other. This is JESS WHIRLWIND, 42, Phil Elliott’s now-frazzled but still-adorable, Native American wife. JESS Mrs. Donahue? GALE Jess? Jess’s smile is enchanting. For the moment she ignores her two hellions and gives Gale a light embrace. GALE How are you, dear? JESS Oh, I’m good. We’re good. How are you, Mrs. Donahue? I was so sorry to hear about the Coach. Thank you. GALE One day at a time you know. And a

JESS He was such a generous man. great coach. GALE Thank you, dear.

JESS Have you heard? Phil and I are back in Maitland. He’s joined the coaching staff, working for Achilles.

26. GALE Yes...yes I did hear that. Mommy! 8-YEAR-OLD I’ve got to go now!

10-YEAR-OLD Can’t you see Mommy’s talking to someone, twerp?! JESS (mortified) Girls, please! The stalls are right there. I’ll just be a minute. The older girl drags her sister into a stall. JESS I’m so sorry about that. GALE No need to apologize, dear. been there. We’ve all

JESS Yeah...Well, now that we’re back in town, I know Phil would love to get together. GALE Certainly. I’ll get your number from Achilles and give you a call. Mommy! 8-YEAR-OLD (O.S.) I need you now!

INT. OUTSIDE OF LADIES’ ROOM – MOMENTS LATER Gale exits the ladies’ room and takes a breath to calm her nerves. She takes only a couple of steps before she stops dead. Phil stands there, looking at her. PHIL Gale. Hello. OFF Gale’s stunned surprise... FADE OUT. END OF ACT TWO

27. ACT THREE FADE IN: INT. OUTSIDE OF LADIES’ ROOM – NIGHT As before. GALE Hello, Phil. He’s at a loss. She may be 61, but Gale’s the kind of woman who never really leaves a man’s system. PHIL You...you look great. GALE I just ran into Jess and your daughters in the ladies’ room. Jess is lovely. They all are, Phil. PHIL Thank you...Gale, I’m so sorry about Coach. GALE Thank you...Achilles tells me you’re his new offensive coordinator. Congratulations. PHIL I have to admit I was surprised he called me for the job. GALE As was I Phillip. He clocks her disapproval. the ladies’ room. Jess and the girls come out of

JESS Oh, I see you ran into one another! PHIL Yes... GALE Yes, well, it was lovely seeing you all again. Jess, I’ll be in touch.

28. Gale gives them all a polite smile and walks away. Phil looking after her... INT. F-150 TRUCK – NIGHT (FLASHBACK) Gale, 40, is astride 22-year-old Phil in the front seat, fucking him hard. They both come intensely. After a few moments, Phil rolls down the window. Gale begins pulling herself together. After an uncomfortable silence – GALE We...I can’t do this anymore. PHIL Gale, if it’s our ages, I don’t care... GALE That’s not even the half of it. PHIL Gale, I always thought I was crazy, but since the first time we met I felt there was something between us, a connection. Now that we’re finally together... GALE We’re not “together”. He looks at her, his eyes full of emotion. PHIL Gale, I love you! There, I’ve said it. It’s been bottled up inside me since the day I first laid eyes on you. GALE Phil, I need you to hear me. hear me...You don’t love me. Really OFF

He tries to speak but she puts her hand on his mouth. GALE You don’t love me. You love the idea of me. Having the coach’s wife, the coach’s daughter, it’s a fantasy. I remember the looks the boys would give my mother at the barbecues, the way (MORE)

29. GALE (CONT’D.) they looked at me when I was on the sidelines in Daddy’s practices. Even as a little girl I understood. But it isn’t real, Phil. Like every fantasy, it’s built on a lie. This – what we’re doing – is a lie...I’m sorry. PHIL But Gale, I do love – GALE Phillip, take me back to my car. EXT. WILDFLOWER INN – NIGHT The F-150 pulls into the parking lot and stops next to Gale’s Jaguar XK Coupe. INT. F-150 TRUCK – NIGHT Gale and Phil sit silently, the HUM OF THE ENGINE the only sound until – PHIL Gale, I – The look in her eyes cuts him off. GALE Mrs. Donahue. She opens the door and gets out of the truck. INT. OUTSIDE LADIES’ ROOM – NIGHT (RETURN TO PRESENT) As before. JESS She’s so beautiful. It was so nice seeing her again, wasn’t it, Phil? PHIL Yes...It was. Mommy! 8-YEAR-OLD Can we go now?!

30. INT. PRESS BRIEFING – DAY Achilles takes questions before the Annual Spring Game. DEVILS REPORTER 1 The Sea Devils have appeared in six straight bowl games but have only won two of them. With senior quarterback Duncan Pennebaker coming off a solid season and several upperclassmen returning to buoy the defense, can we expect a Pac-12 title and a BCS bowl bid, say the Rose Bowl? ACHILLES (charming smile) You can expect anything you want, but the only prediction I’ll make is that we’ll be prepared every week and give our maximum effort in all three phases of the game – offense, defense and special teams. DEVILS REPORTER 2 Coach, you hired Phil Elliott as offensive coordinator despite his lack of coaching experience at the Division I level. What was the rationale behind the hire? ACHILLES Phil built a strong track record of running exciting, high-scoring offenses in the Arena Football League. I think we can learn a lot from him. I know I did when I was his backup in college. DEVILS REPORTER 3 But can he create the kind of offensive system that will enable Duncan Pennebaker to vie for the Heisman? Achilles just smiles as we... SMASH CUT TO: EXT. PENNEBAKER STADIUM (ANNUAL SPRING GAME) – DAY The main entrance to the stadium features a photographic DISPLAY of its namesakes, Harold and Maria Pennebaker. In one of the photos they hold their infant son, Duncan.

31. QUICK MONTAGE – DUNCAN - walks to the line of scrimmage, wearing NUMBER 7, leans under center, scans the offense. Set! DUNCAN Blue 80! Blue 80! Hut!

- runs the option pass and fires a bullet to DeShaun who gains 40 yards; - Pitches out to his running back; - Zips a pass on the run to a tight end, who rumbles into the end zone; - Fakes the pitch on the option, jukes a defender, scores without being touched; - Drops back in the pocket and launches a 40-yard bomb to DeShaun; - Achilles reacts with characteristic cool; - In the coaches’ booth above the field, Phil enjoys the success of his play calling; - in the “Pit” fan section, Keisha cheers her man on; - in the VIP section, Gale watches the action with regal aplomb, knowing TV cameras record her every move. INT. SEA DEVILS LOCKER ROOM – LATER Players mill about in various stages of dress. Reporters conduct interviews. Duncan is being interviewed by hot but serious local TV reporter GRETA ANDREWS, 24. GRETA You looked sharp today, Duncan. And the offense seems to be clicking. Could next season finally be the one that a Wa Tech player brings home the Heisman? DUNCAN We’re not about individual awards on this team. But I’m flattered to be mentioned among the players who could be considered for that one.

32. GRETA How do you plan to spend the summer, Duncan? DUNNCAN (charming smile) Probably the usual. Work in the mailroom down at Pennebaker Industries, play a lot of “Donahue NCAA College Football”, hang with my girl Keisha. INT. CLASSROOM – DAY Students are taking a final exam. Duncan concentrates hard on a problem in his blue EXAM BOOK. He glances up to see Keisha looking at him. With her eyes she asks how he’s doing. He smiles, “No prob.” Unconvinced, she turns her attention back to her exam. EXT. BRADLEY HALL – LATER Keisha and Duncan walk down the steps of the building. KEISHA How do you think you did, boo? DUNCAN (lying) Aced it. KEISHA Really? ‘Cause I thought it was hard. I mean, over half of the material was from the first semester, which he said we didn’t need to study for the final. DUNCAN Yeah...well, it’s over now. Let’s get changed and meet up with DeShaun, Connie and the crew to party. INT. OASIS NIGHTCLUB – NIGHT The crowded club pulsates with HIP-HOP MUSIC. We find Duncan, Keisha, DeShaun, Connie and FRIENDS at a table. GUY FRIEND Reynolds’ final was a bitch, wasn’t it?

33. GIRL FRIEND I’m just glad I aced the

For sure. midterm.

GUY FRIEND What about you, Duncan? How’d you do? KEISHA He did fine. DUNCAN Yeah, he threw in a couple of curves, but I smacked it out of the park. DESHAUN Hey, enough of all this school talk, man. We’re here to PAR-TAY! QUICK CUTS of them on the dance floor, getting down, having a good time. DeShaun and the guy friend score drugs from a DEALER in a corner of the club. Duncan sees the deal go down and confronts his best friend after the dealer melts into the crowd. DUNCAN Hey, what’s up with that, man? DESHAUN Relax, D. It’s just a little sumpin’sumpin’ to party with. DUNCAN (grabs his arm) You need to 86 that shit, man. DESHAUN (breaks away) You need to chill. Just because your family’s name is on everything around here don’t mean you run me. DUNCAN Nobody said anything about running anybody. But you know that shit’s not cool. DESHAUN C’mon, D. Why don’t you lighten up some, stop being “Mommy Gale’s” Little Man once in a while?

34. Duncan reacts, offended. Keisha and Connie approach. tension between their men is obvious. CONNIE DeShaun, what’s the matter? DESHAUN Nothing, baby. Let’s go outside for a few. (eyes Duncan) I need some fresh air. He takes her hand and leads her away. KEISHA What was that all about? DUNCAN Nothing. EXT. MUSTANG COBRA – NIGHT Parked off the road in a secluded area, windows fogged. GIRL’S VOICE (O.S.) Oooooo. That’s it. Right there. Don’t stop, don’t stop. Yes! INT. MUSTANG COBRA – SAME CU - GIRL’S FACE in orgasmic delight. After she comes, PULL BACK to reveal the girl, RACHEL TRZCINSKI, 17, redheaded, Pixie cute, in the back seat. James raises his head and she smiles at him. RACHEL (winded) Baby, that was awesome. INT. MUSTANG COBRA – MOVING – LATER ROCK MUSIC plays on the stereo. James drives, Rachel reclines in the passenger seat, one bare foot out the window, grooving to the tune. James shuts off the stereo. The

35. RACHEL Hey, I like that song. She clocks something’s bothering him. the back of his neck. RACHEL What’s the matter, Jimmy? JAMES (annoyed) Don’t call me that. I hate that name, you know that. She flashes a very familiar impish grin. RACHEL But you love the way I say it, don’t you? JAMES No. She straightens, fixes him with a stare. RACHEL Alright, what’s wrong now, James? JAMES You know what. RACHEL (sighs) Why do you always have to do this? We have a good time and then you get all x-chromosome on me. JAMES I am a “male”, Rache. Alright? And I want to get laid, not just nibble around the edges. RACHEL You want to get laid so bad, talk to Brenda Slater. She’d bang your brains out if you even so much as looked at her the right way. Slut. JAMES I don’t love Brenda Slater. Sits up and strokes

36. RACHEL And I’m not ready to go all the way. Not yet. Don’t I make you feel good? JAMES Yes, sure, but – RACHEL And you know I’d never do that for anybody else, right? JAMES Yeah, I know, but – RACHEL But what? (strokes his neck again) You can wait till I’m ready, can’t you baby? James grumbles. RACHEL It’ll be worth it, I promise... (impish grin) “Jimmy.” He rolls his eyes and hits the gas. INT. ACHILLES’ OUTER OFFICE – DAY Rory is watering her plants when CARA TRCZINSKI-MORALES comes in. RORY Oh, hello, Dr. Morales! Rory approaches and holds out a hand to shake. Cara is taken aback, not by Rory’s hyper greeting, but by the uncanny resemblance between them. RORY It’s a pleasure to finally meet you! CARA Yeah...you too. RORY Please, right this way. is expecting you. Coach Addams

37. INT. ACHILLES’ OFFICE – CONTINUOUS Achilles comes behind his desk to greet Cara with a hug. Rory leaves them, closing the door behind her. ACHILLES How’s Dallas? He’s fine. CARA He says ‘hello.’

ACHILLES What about the twins? You brought them up with you, right? CARA They’re with Ed and Gloria...Achilles, about Rory. ACHILLES Yeah, I know. A little bit goes a long way, especially when you first meet her. But once you get past the (makes a ‘hectic’ gesture with his hands and fingers) - she’s pretty great all around. CARA I’m not talking about the hair on fire thing. (off his puzzlement) You’re kidding, right? ACHILLES Cara, I hate to admit it, but you’re gonna have to help me out here. CARA Does she remind you of anybody? He’s a blank slate. She can’t believe it. She goes to the office door, opens it and sticks her head out. CARA Excuse me, Rory, would you mind? Rory makes a beeline into the office. RORY Yes, Dr. Morales?

38. Cara stands shoulder to shoulder with her: it’s obvious Rory is a younger Cara. Cara gives Achilles a look that says, “Duh!” Rory smiles obediently. Achilles makes a “What?” gesture with his hands. Cara rolls her eyes. “Geez!”

CARA I’m sorry, Rory. It’s nothing. Thanks. RORY It’s okay. I’m right outside if you need me. And your reservation at D’Agostino’s is all set. She exits. CARA Jesus, Einstein, are you blind? could be sisters. EXT. D’AGOSITINO’S PATIO – DAY Cara and Achilles talk over lunch. CARA So you’re telling me the fact that Rory looks just like me had nothing to do with you hiring her? ACHILLES (this is ridiculous) First of all, except for the red hair, she doesn’t look anything like you. Secondly, and most importantly, you two couldn’t be more different personalitywise. CARA Oh really? ACHILLES Really. For starters... (suddenly at a loss) Well for starters...she’s nice. even. CARA Oh, and I’m not? We


39. ACHILLES Does the phrase “bitch on steroids” sound remotely familiar? CARA Screw you, Einstein...Look, you know there’s a simple explanation for this. ACHILLES Which I’m sure you’re going to spell out for me... CARA ...in Crayon, so your tiny brain can comprehend. Ever since the day we met at my dad’s gym, when I intimidated the hell out of you, you’ve wanted to lord it over me, be the big man. Now you’ve hired yourself someone who looks just like me who worships you, just so you can live out that lifelong fantasy. Achilles rips with laughter. ACHILLES Do everybody a favor and stick to surgery, Doc. Psychology ain’t your thing. CARA Laugh it up, Mr. Funny Bones. truth hurts. EXT. IVY’S HOME – SUNSET Establishing the quaint, rustic home in a wooded area. INT. IVY’S HOME – SUNSET A MOVING BOX of personal belongings is set on the floor next to several other boxes. REVEAL Achilles and Cara standing in the main room of Ivy’s sparsely decorated home. ACHILLES Thanks for helping me do this, Cara. I know it’s time. It just would’ve been too hard doing it alone. But the

40. CARA I know.

Sure, Achilles.

ACHILLES Ivy’s folks left her this house when they died. She left it to James for the same reason, so he’d always have a place to call home. CARA I guess having been adopted herself she knew how important that is to anyone who’d ever been an orphan. Yeah. can go. ACHILLES I’ll just tape these up and we

Cara walks off, gazes out the window as Achilles begins taping the boxes. ACHILLES Hand me that box cutter, will you? ... Cara? He looks up at her, staring out the window, lost in her thoughts. He goes to stand behind her. ACHILLES Hey, Doc, you alright? CARA (breaking into tears) I don’t know, Achilles. I don’t know. ACHILLES Hey, what’s wrong? CARA Dallas had an affair. ACHILLES Dallas? No way, Cara. I’m sure that’s not right, he’s crazy about you. CARA It’s true, Achilles. It’s over now, but it happened. He admitted it. Achilles is thrown for a loop.

41. ACHILLES Cara, I’m so sorry...But you said it’s over, right? So... CARA So it still hurts, Achilles. It hurts.

He takes her in his arms and she holds onto him, crying on his shoulder. SAME SCENE – LATER They’re standing in front of the window. CARA I never thought I’d be the sort of woman who let something like this get to me. But when you love someone as much as I love Dallas... ACHILLES And he loves you. That’s why you guys will get past this, Cara. Believe me, I know. Remember, I’ve been on both sides of that mirror. Love will pull you through this. CARA Yeah...I believe you. (beat, then a smile) When did you get so smart, Einstein? ACHILLES Oh, I don’t know. But I think it started when I met some bitch on ‘roids in a gym about 20 years ago. They hug tightly, holding on for dear life. CARA If you get a hard on, I swear I’m going to cut it off with that box cutter. They both smile. James and Rachel come in from outside.

RACHEL Sorry. We can come back after he’s done giving you the high hard one. Cara and Achilles separate.

42. JAMES Come on, Rache, why do you say stuff like that? CARA Nice mouth you’ve got there, baby sis. Cara and Rachel embrace. Hi, Achilles. ACHILLES Hey, Rachel. RACHEL Now that we’ve busted you with your tongues practically down each other’s throats, will you admit to James that you’ve been secretly hooking up for the last 20 years? JAMES Rachel, would you please stop? CARA (serious) Yeah, you little witch. Consider where you’re standing and show some respect. Rachel glances around. She gets it. Cara kisses her on the cheek. RACHEL


43. ACT FOUR FADE IN: EXT. TRCZINSKI BACKYARD – NIGHT A FAMILY GATHERING Cara’s father, ED TRZCINSKI, 67 redheaded and spry, flips burgers on the grill while his busybody wife, GLORIA PENSKY-TRZCINSKI, 67, sets a long picnic table for dinner with help from the WIVES of Cara’s older brothers, AARON, 46, and NEIL, 42. James and Rachel sit apart, smooching. Achilles plays quarterback in a game of touch football with the mostly teen-aged kids, including Cara’s 11-year-old twins CAL and CAKE. DINNER - LATER AARON So, Achilles, how was recruiting? ACHILLES I think we made out all right. Danny Kitzsimmons, a big tight end from Tacoma, is probably the stand out. NEIL Duncan looked great in the Spring game. I like the motion and the schemes you’ve put in on offense for him. ACHILLES That’s all Phil Elliott, our new offensive coordinator. ED Phil Elliott from when you played? He was a smart kid. Couldn’t move in the pocket worth a damn, but smart. GLORIA Rachel, honey, you and James should come over for something to eat. The amorous couple is perched on tree swing. RACHEL Okay, Mom. Geez!

44. ED You can’t live off love alone, honey. Trust me, if you could, your mother and I would both tip the scales at over 300 pounds! Laughter all around. mortified. Now it’s Rachel’s turn to be

GLORIA Where’s Cara? (calls to the house) Cara! Honey, the food’s getting cold! ACHILLES I’ll got check on her. INT. CARA’S BEDROOM – CONTINUOUS Cara’s sitting on her childhood bed, talking in hushed tones on her cell phone. CARA A few weeks maybe...Just until, Dallas...Until I can stand to look at you without wanting to – look, I don’t want to do this right now...Yes, Dallas, of course I know when the kids start school...Dallas, I’m going to hang up now...I’m hanging up now. No, don’t call tomorrow...I’ll do the calling, okay. Bye. OUTSIDE CARA’S BEDROOM Achilles stands next to the door. He gives her a moment then eases the door open and goes inside, sits next to her. They don’t need words. He puts his arm around her and she rests her head on his shoulder. OFF Cara’s tear-filled eyes... INT. TRZCINSKI HOME – NIGHT (FLASHBACK) Twenty years ago. Ed, Aaron, Dallas and Neil are getting along famously in their first meeting over dinner. Cara sits at the table looking at them, bemused.

45. NEIL But you should’ve seen her face when he bit her. I swear she looked just like the little Coppertone girl. She was so damn cute! AARON Yeah, only Buttons didn’t get a piece of the swimsuit, he got a piece of her ass. She’s still got a mark where he bit her. Am I right, Dallas? Dallas’s smile confirms that Aaron’s right. The brothers howl with laughter. Cara can’t take it any longer. Okay! CARA What the hell’s going on?!

ED What do you mean, Cara? CARA We’ve been here for three hours and there hasn’t been a single Puerto Rican joke or one stupid Spanish accent. NEIL I thought you said Dallas was Mexican. CARA You guys are up to something – ED Cara, honey – CARA No Ed! I know they are. on it too, aren’t you? DALLAS Red, come on – CARA No, Dallas. Don’t fall for this. They’re up to something. I bet they’ve already had somebody steal the tires off of your truck while we’ve been in here having dinner. The last time I brought a guy home they mixed sulfur in (MORE) And you’re in

46. CARA (CONT’D.) his soup, told him it was a Jewish spice and that he’d be insulting our heritage if he didn’t eat it all. And that was before they gave him a beer bottle filled with ice-cold piss and told him it was an import from Israel. AARON That was two years ago, Cat. But you’ve got to admit, that was pretty damn funny! NEIL Yeah. What was that guy’s name? Mitch, Mike – Matt,

CARA No, it wasn’t funny and you guys are assholes! NEIL (laughing) Maybe we are but that guy – I think it was Matt – Matt was a total moron, a real kink in the evolutionary chain. I mean, he never smelled piss before?! Cara stands up, almost in tears. ED Cara, honey, calm down. CARA I won’t calm down! I won’t! You let them get away with all kinds of shit when it comes to guys that I like! Why do you think I never bring anybody around you people! Jackasses! DALLAS Cara, they’re just joking around. down, okay. CARA (full tantrum mode) Stop taking their side, The guys exchange confused Calm

Shut up! Dallas!

She runs out of the room. looks.

47. EXT. TRZCINSKI BACKYARD – MOMENTS LATER Cara’s sitting in the tree swing, still in tears. until its safe to walk over to her. ED What is it, honey? CARA I can hear them now. They’ll never stop rubbing it in if we break up. ED So you and Dallas, you’re having problems? She nods “No.” ED Then what’s this about you breaking up? Is he – CARA No, Dad! He’s not screwing around on me. Not yet anyway. Beat. ED Look, Cara honey, I know I’m a piss poor mom, but I’ve tried to be here for you whenever you needed to talk about, well, things. What happened in there, that was more than a bad time of the month rant. Right? A long beat. CARA (tears streaming down) I love him so much, Dad. I don’t want to ever lose him...but I know nothing lasts forever. Ed looks at her lovingly. He finally gets it. Ed waits

ED You’re right, sweetheart, nothing lasts forever. I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with your mother. When she (MORE)

48. ED (CONT’D.) died, I had to accept that no matter how much you love someone, people go away and sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it...You never really knew your mom, so by the time we lost Cal, dealing with that kind of loss was all new to you. But your brothers and me, well, we had a sort of a built-in coping mechanism. It was hard, but we knew how to handle it because of what happened with your mother. (beat) I know it’s not right, but me and the boys, sometimes we forget that losing Cal was harder on you, him being your twin and all. But honey, you can’t let the fear of losing someone you love stop you from enjoying them while they’re here. Cara looks at him, wipes away more tears. ED That other guy you were so nuts about, the musician – Lindsay. He was a dickhead. I knew it. You knew it. His roommate Achilles knew it. Hell, even he knew it himself. Your brothers would have ripped him to pieces. But the boys like Dallas, Cara. I know they do. And so do I...Honey, there aren’t any tricks coming, no “Gotchas” for you to look out for. They just want their little sister to be happy for a change. INT. CARA’S BEDROOM – NIGHT (RETURN TO PRESENT) Cara sobs. Achilles comforts her.

EXT. DONAHUE PATIO – DAY Gale sits at a patio table sorting through mail. Duncan and Keisha play in the pool. Gale comes across a letter from the Washington Tech Registrar’s office addressed to “The Parents of Duncan Pennebaker.” She opens it. Her eyes harden when she reads Duncan’s GRADE REPORT.

49. INT. DONAHUE KITCHEN – LATER Duncan’s sitting at the table as Gale paces before him. She’s been ripping him a new asshole for a while. GALE A “D” Duncan?! A “D”?! How could something like this happen?! DUNCAN I’m really sorry, Mom. I studied. I thought I was prepared. But everybody said Reynolds put new material on the test – GALE You’re not “everybody”, Duncan! Everybody doesn’t have his name on the football stadium. Everybody wasn’t raised by the winningest coach in Washington Tech history. And everybody isn’t going to run the fastest growing electronic chip manufacturing company in the Pacific Northwest when he retires from the NFL. DUNCAN I don’t know what else to say, Mom. tried my best. GALE (flares) Your best?! I don’t believe that for a second. Do you realize what you’ve done, Duncan? How you’ve jeopardized everything you’ve worked so hard for all these years? INT. ACHILLES’ OFFICE – DAY Achilles stares down at Duncan’s GRADE REPORT. He closes his eyes to hold onto his temper. Phil is on the other side of the desk. PHIL Well? I

50. ACHILLES Even if he aces the course in summer school we’ve got to sit him for at least three games next season. PHIL Jesus. That’s Michigan and Alabama, both on the road. And Boise State. ACHILLES Yeah. We’re shit deep in the hole even before we start summer camp. PHIL What about Clarkson? Achilles looks at him hard. ACHILLES What about him, Phil? PHIL Maybe he can lighten up the suspension. You know, factor in Duncan’s good citizenship, something like that. ACHILLES Let’s be clear about something, Phil. Stars or scrubs, it makes no difference, we play by one set of rules around here. You feelin’ me? PHIL (beat) I’m feelin’ you, Coach. The phone on Achilles’ desk RINGS once. ACHILLES Good. We’ll just have to push Schuler to step up big time in summer camp. Rory’s voice comes over the intercom. RORY (V.O.) Coach, I have Mrs. Donahue on line one. She says it’s urgent. Achilles and Phil exchange a look then Achilles presses the intercom button on his phone.

51. ACHILLES Thanks, Rory. PHIL (stands to leave) This is why you make the big bucks. He exits. Achilles sighs then picks up the phone. ACHILLES Hello, Mrs. D. INT. CAFÉ – DAY Achilles and Gale talk over coffee. GALE Oh Achilles, now you’re just being plain stubborn. If you start the year off 0-and-3, you might just as well cancel the entire season. ACHILLES You’re overreacting, Mrs. D. GALE Am I? ACHILLES Yes, I think you are. Look, Duncan’s our star, and without him we’re definitely at a disadvantage going against top ten teams. But I’m not willing to concede three losses before we even take the field. Not even to Michigan, Alabama and Boise State. GALE Achilles, it’s not unheard of. He’ll take the course again in summer school. He’ll get an “A”, I can assure you of that. And he’ll be in good academic standing at the start of the school year. Before we play Michigan. ACHILLES Mrs. D., you know the rules as well as I do. It’s the grades at the end of the semester that count...Look, would (MORE)

52. ACHILLES (CONT’D.) Coach Donahue – or Coach Ryan – blatantly break the rules for their players? Even a star quarterback? Gale gives him a long, hard stare. EXT. BACK ROAD – DAWN Achilles and Cara are jogging. CARA I was thinking about what Rachel said the other night. ACHILLES What did she say? CARA About us. You and me, hooking up. I was wondering why that never happened. He’s about to crack wise but glances at her and sees she’s serious. ACHILLES Cara, you’re just in a bad place right now... CARA I know. But still, you never wondered about us? What it might’ve been like? ACHILLES (beat) Well...yeah, of course. It’s only natural to wonder, right? I mean we did live together. CARA You know, that first day at the gym, I was sort of checking you out when you came into the weight room. ACHILLES Yeah, I guess I can admit now that I thought you had a pretty nice ass...for a lez. She laughs. She knows he’s right.

53. CARA You should’ve seen your face that night in your apartment. Remember, when I bumped into you naked with the Gatorade in the kitchen? “Want some?” She laughs again. He remembers her offering him Gatorade in the buff and smiles. ACHILLES Yeah, if I hadn’t heard you and Lindsay boning in the next room all night I might’ve made a move on you then. They jog in silence for a few beats, before – ACHILLES Everything worked out the way it should have, Cara. You know that, right? CARA Yeah, I know that. ACHILLES I’m always here for you. You’re always there for me...This is how it should be. This works for us. CARA I know. (beat) Achilles...if I can’t get past this with Dallas – ACHILLES You will. CARA If I can’t...I’m going to need you. ACHILLES I’m here. CARA (beat) I know. FADE OUT. END OF ACT FOUR

54. ACT FIVE FADE IN: INT. LECTURE HALL – DAY About 25 NEW SEA DEVILS PLAYERS sit nervously in street clothes. Waiting. EXT. PENNEBAKER STADIUM (PRACTICE FIELD) – DAY Members of the ground crew prepare for training camp. EXT. MAITLAND TOWN SQUARE – DAY City workers set up for a major event. INT. SEATTLE AIRPORT – DAY A huge redheaded man and his petite, pretty redheaded wife exit a jetway. We remember former Sea Devils offensive lineman WARREN “iPHONE” SITREN and SUZY JOHNSON-SITREN, now both 39. With them are three redheaded, middle school-aged KIDS. Elsewhere, we find former linebacker COLE SEAVER, 43, and his strikingly beautiful BLONDE WIFE, 39, making their way through the terminal. Elsewhere still, J.R. Donahue, Gracie Wellington-Donahue and their son and daughter exit the airport. EXT. DONAHUE PATIO – DAY Gale stands on the patio, looking out onto the expansive, beautifully landscaped backyard. It’s quiet, serene. GALE’S POV – MEMORIES of the huge, blowout Texas-style barbecues that she and Billy used to throw for players and Maitland’s movers and shakers. We see barbecue pits and chuck wagons and cowpokes serving food and drink; the Dixie Chicks belting out a hit on a bandstand; a younger Billy and Gale holding forth with Maitland’s Mayor and boosters... RETURN TO SCENE

55. MATTIE (O.S.) Gale. Gale? They share a Gale turns to see Mattie exiting the house. smile. GALE Mattie honey. They embrace and we notice they’re both in designer running outfits. MATTIE Ready? GALE Yes. They go into the house arm-in-arm. INT. LECTURE HALL – DAY The door opens and the players immediately sit at attention. Achilles, Phil and other COACHES enter. ACHILLES Gentlemen, welcome to Washington Tech. You remember my top assistant coaches. The coaches stand motionless, arms folded, like a firing squad waiting for the order to shoot. ACHILLES First day of camp, I like to spend some quality time with you first-year guys. It’s my way of fulfilling our promise to your parents to take “special” care of you when you arrived on campus... Well, consider the next five minutes that special care. A ripple of nervous laughter dies down quickly. ACHILLES We were all pretty nice to you during recruiting. Starting today you get to know who we really are. More important, (MORE)

56. ACHILLES (CONT’D.) we’ll get to know who you really are... Show of hands: how many of you won a state championship in high school? Hands go up all over the room. ACHILLES Impressive... Now forget about it! Who you were, what you did, the press clippings, the girls, none of it counts for jack here. Over the next 5 weeks you’re gonna get the snot kicked out of you by players who are bigger, stronger, faster and just plain better than you are. And when it’s over, most of you “superstars” will be picking splinters out of your ass...That’s if you don’t get cut from the team. He pauses to let this harsh reality sink in. Then –

ACHILLES You have talent. You wouldn’t be here – A DISTINCTIVE RING TONE stops him. Players look around, knowing its bad news for somebody. Then DANNY FITZSIMMONS, 18, the big tight end from Tacoma, pulls out a CELL PHONE. ACHILLES Fitzsimmons, right? Yes, Coach. FITZSIMMONS Sorry, Coach.

ACHILLES Mind if I take a look at that? FIZSIMMONS Sure, Coach. He passes the phone to the front of the room. Nice. ACHILLES This one of those new ‘Droids?

FITZSIMMONS (smiles) Yeah, Coach... My girlfriend gave it to me for my birthday.

57. Achilles and Phil exchange a look, both thinking of their former teammate “iPhone” Sitren. Phil barely conceals a grin. Achilles drops the phone and CRUSHES it under his heel. Fitzsimmons reacts, (“Whoa!”) but wisely holds his tongue. Players stifle laughs. ACHILLES As I was saying, you’ve all got the talent to be here. But to be a part of this team means completely committing to the program. Anything less than 110 percent, 100 percent of the time is unacceptable... Now, open the binder in front of you. It’s the rulebook for this team. I don’t care what religion you were before you got here, that book’s your Bible so long as you wear the blue and green. Violate any one of my Commandments, you’ll answer to me... (smiles at Fitzsimmons) Thank you, “‘Droid”, for helping us all remember page 11. INT. ANOTHER LECTURE HALL – DAY Summer school students take an exam. PROFESSOR Pencils down! Duncan puts his pencil down and breathes a sigh of relief. EXT. MAITLAND TOWN SQUARE – DAY A festive atmosphere as people mill about the Square. We find many recognizable FORMER SEA DEVILS PLAYERS and their wives reminiscing, Achilles among them. All are wearing running clothes. A tall, dark-skinned man with a big grin approaches. RICKY “BURNER” TURNER, 41, embraces his best friend Phil Elliott. BURNER Q.B.! PHIL Burner! COLE There he is, Mr. Hall of Fame himself.

58. Burner and Cole shake then embrace. BURNER I expect to see you in there too, my man. Next year. COLE Maybe. Ricky! They all turn to see Ricky’s wife, MIA CARTWRIGHT-TURNER, 42, and still a knockout. She’s with Jess. BURNER Yeah, baby? I need the keys. the SUV. Alright, baby. MIA Naz left his PPS in BURNER Comin’ right at you. They both smile. (smiles) Maybe. MIA (O.S.)

He exchanges a look with Phil.

BURNER Don’t say it Q.B., don’t you even say it, man. As Burner walks toward Mia, Phil calls out. PHIL Still whipped! BURNER (over his shoulder) And lovin’ every minute of it, baby! EXT. MAIN STREET – DAY Sports reporter Greta Andrews does a standup in front of the TV camera. Behind her runners jog down the street. GRETA Downtown Maitland has become a veritable Who’s Who of Washington (MORE)

59. GRETA (CONT’D.) State’s celebrities past and present, as hundreds have turned out to take part in the First Annual “Ivy Addams Race for the Cure”, a 10-K race and charity event honoring the late police chief, who succumbed to ovarian cancer a year ago this week. ON TV Former Sea Devils and their wives and children join hundreds of current players, students, police officers, politicians and townsfolk in the “race.” Achilles jogs alongside Gale, Cara, Mattie, Darryl, J.R. and James. GRETA (V.O.) The race was organized by Gale Donahue, Pennebaker Industries chairwoman and widow of former Devils head coach Billy Donahue, who passed away this February. Chief Addams’ husband, first-year head coach Achilles Addams, their son James and Mrs. Donahue kicked off the race this morning with a prayer. FOOTAGE FROM EARLIER: Gale, Achilles, James and Cara, their heads bowed in prayer, flanked by Warren, Cole, Burner, Phil and their teammates from 20 years earlier. RETURN TO SCENE GRETA The charity race coincides with the beginning of summer training camp for the Sea Devils’ returning players. Most people around the football program agree that the coincidence is a fitting one...For KLS Sports, Greta Andrews, reporting from Maitland Town Square. CAMERA PANS UP from Greta to a large banner with a photo of Ivy. HOLD on her lovely smiling face as we... SLOW DISSOLVE TO: EXT. MAIN STREET – DAY Achilles and Cara talking after the race. with them. Cake looks up and smiles. Her twins are

60. CAKE Daddy! She runs to DALLAS MORALES, 42 and still our Latino hunk, in jeans and a polo shirt. He hugs her and Cal, who’s also run to greet him. Cara stands there looking at them. Achilles touches her arm gently in support, gives her an encouraging smile. Dallas looks up at her. Dallas. DALLAS Achilles. Dallas and Cara lock eyes. DALLAS Hi, Red. OFF Cara we... FADE OUT. END OF ACT FIVE Then he walks over to them. ACHILLES

61. ACT SIX FADE IN: EXT. PENNEBAKER STADIUM (SUMMER CAMP) - DAY QUICK CUTS of the Sea Devils scrimmaging in full pads. The August heat is brutal, but the hitting on the field is even more vicious. It’s fast, intense, violent. Duncan, in street clothes, watches from the sideline. Achilles, Hollywood cool in Rayban sunglasses and a Wa Tech ball cap, takes in the action from atop a 10-foot tower platform on the sideline. On the field, KEITH SCHULER takes the snap, drops back to pass and is wrapped up in a bear hug by a defensive lineman, who is not allowed to tackle the quarterback in practice. An AIRHORN BLARES and action on the field stops cold. Achilles comes down off the platform, makes a beeline to Fitzsimmons. He gets in the big tight end’s face, angrier than we’ve ever seen him. ACHILLES What the hell was that, ‘Droid?! You let the d-end blow right past you! FITZSIMMONS Sorry, Coach. ACHILLES Goddamn right you’re sorry! Tight ends on this team don’t just catch the ball, they block! You can’t block to protect your quarterback I got no goddamn use for you! You’ll be picking splinters out of your ass till doomsday! FITZSIMMONS Yes, Coach. Achilles turns to address the entire team. ACHILLES In two weeks we go to Ann Arbor to play the number one ranked team in the country. And you people are blowing (MORE)

62. ACHILLES (CONT’D.) blocks, missing tackles, dropping passes and doing everything possible to prove to me that you’re not ready! It’s not too late for me to bench all of you so-called “stars” and replace you with a team of men who have the heart, character and drive to get it done! He looks into the sweaty, worn out faces of his team, not about to let them off the hook. ACHILLES The Sea Devils have never lost a game to a team ranked number in the country. NEVER. I sure as hell don’t intend to be the coach who breaks that streak! He glowers at them for another beat, then stalks off toward his platform. COACH (O.S.) All right, let’s line ‘em up and run that one again! INT. MEETING ROOM – DAY Achilles and his coaching staff are wrapping up a meeting. ACHILLES Schuler’s come a long way in camp. Nice job, Phil. PHIL Thanks. If he plays within his limits, he shouldn’t be a liability. ACHILLES That’s about as good as we can hope for at this stage of the game...I’m really impressed with the progress we’ve made on both sides of the line of scrimmage. Good job fellas, good camp so far. That’s a wrap for today. The coaches gather their things and begin filing out. hangs back. Phil

63. PHIL ‘Droid was still a little shell-shocked coming in off the field today. Probably a long time since a coach lit into him like that. ACHILLES Probably a long time since he got his ass beat on the line like he was all this afternoon too. PHIL Yeah...You know, Coach, that bit about benching them all. Some of the boys don’t know when you’re serious and when you’re just trying to make a point. Achilles levels his eyes at his old backup. ACHILLES It’s not important for them to know. It’s only important for me to know. INT. HOSMER HALL – LATER Gale walks down the hallway, rounds a corner and comes face-to-face with Phil. PHIL Gale...I mean, hello, Mrs. Donahue. GALE Phil. She’s about to continue past him but he touches her arm to stop her. She looks down at his hand, then up at him. GALE Phil, I’m late for a meeting with Achilles. What is it? PHIL I know. I’m sorry...can we talk, just for a couple of minutes? OFF Gale’s uncertainty...

64. INT. PHIL’S OFFICE – MOMENTS LATER The offensive coordinator’s office is modest compared to the head coach’s, but it’s comfortable. Photos of Jess and the kids signal a happy home life. Phil sits behind his desk, Gale across from him. PHIL I know you disapproved of Achilles hiring me. GALE I wasn’t convinced that running an Arena Football style offense was appropriate for a big time college program. Frankly, I’m still not sold. But I’m just another booster with ideas. Achilles is the head coach and I respect that fact. Beat. PHIL Gale, is that the only reason you didn’t want Achilles to hire me? She’s lived too long, accomplished too much in life to play games. Those days are long gone. GALE My mistake almost cost the only man I’ve ever And it could have cost you’ve had with Jess. tell, it’s been a good PHIL It has. GALE When I said goodbye to you that night 20 years ago, I closed the book on what happened between us. I honestly never gave you a second thought until I learned Achilles wanted to hire you. You’re right, Phil, I didn’t want you to come back to Maitland. But now that you’re here, I think it’s important for you to know, the book is still closed; I feel nothing for you, nothing at all. me the love of truly loved. you the life From what I can life.

65. Phil takes this in. Thank you. She stands and goes to the door. turns to look at him. Before opening it, she Deflated. PHIL

GALE Phil...I truly hope that you and Achilles prove me wrong this season. PHIL (feeling a little better) Thank you, Mrs. D. EXT. CAMPUS (VARIOUS) – DAY Establishing. All over campus students are moving into dormitories, apartments, fraternity and sorority houses. EXT. LAKE HOUSE – SUNSET James loads the last moving box into the full trunk of his dusty old Mustang Cobra. Achilles is beside the car. ACHILLES It’s not too late to change your mind. You can always stay here at home and commute to classes everyday. JAMES You’re kidding, right? ACHILLES (smiles) What do you think Joe College? Come on, how about one last, home cooked microwave dinner before you head out? He puts his arm around James’ shoulder and they go inside. HOLD ON THE MUSTANG. From behind it and looking out to the street, we see a red, brand spanking new PORSCHE CARRERA GT pull in front of the house. It turns into the driveway, stops nose to nose with the Mustang. CAMERA PANS the sleek silhouette of the Porsche, STOPS as the driver’s door opens and a pair of Jimmy Choo fuck me

66. pumps swing out. They’re attached to the sexiest pair of legs we’ve ever seen. INT. LAKE HOUSE, KITCHEN - SUNSET Achilles and James are preparing dinner. The microwave DINGS at the same time that the DOORBELL RINGS. ACHILLES (good natured) You get the manly feast, I’ll get the door. Achilles walks through the house to the front door. He opens it and his face lights up in surprised delight. ANGEL Hi, Daddy! We’ve had plenty of beautiful women on this show, but ANGEL ADDAMS, 19, is at top of the list. Achilles’ super fine, super rich daughter throws her arms around his neck. ACHILLES Angel! Hey sweetheart! This is a nice surprise. I thought you’d still be in Paris with your mom and hubby number two. ANGEL (rolls her eyes) Bob! What a cretin! I don’t know what she sees in him. ACHILLES I’m sure she’d say the same about some of the boys you’ve dated. Hearing the commotion, James has come from the kitchen. JAMES Angel? Hi! She gives him a big hug. ANGEL Hi, little brother. She feels his shoulders and arms.

67. ANGEL Well, maybe you’re not so little anymore. James actually blushes. She has that effect.

JAMES What are you doing here? Bored with yet another summer traipsing across Europe? ANGEL (smiles) Well, classes start next week, right? So I wanted to get here to register before all the good ones are taken. Beat. Achilles and James are befuddled. ACHILLES That’s funny, it sounded like you said you’re registering for classes at Wa Tech. ANGEL (big smile) Well, Daddy, that’s because I am! INT. DUNCAN & DESHAUN’S ROOM – NIGHT DeShaun is snorting a line of coke. in bed. Connie waits for him

CONNIE Come on, DeShaun, baby, come back to bed. DESHAUN On my way, baby. When he’s done snorting he pounces on Connie and they get busy again. EXT. CAMPUS STREET – NIGHT Duncan and Keisha stroll hand-in-hand.

68. DUNCAN Schuler’s under a lot of pressure so I’m just trying to be supportive. It’s my fault he’s in this position anyway. KEISHA You’re handling this the right way, baby. You’re the leader of the team, everybody knows that. And they’ll work hard for you when your suspension is over. DUNCAN I just hope we’re still in contention by then. We can handle Boise State at home, but Michigan and ‘Bama on the road? Man, those will be a couple of tough ones for sure. She loops an arm around his waist and pulls his around her shoulder. KEISHA Just means they’ll need you even more when you do get back on the field. They kiss. INT. DUNCAN & DESHAUN’S ROOM - LATER Duncan enters the dark room, finds Connie sitting halfdressed on the edge of the bed, DeShaun naked and knocked out behind her. Duncan looks at them then at the coke paraphernalia on the coffee table. CONNIE Sorry, about the mess Duncan. He watches in silence as she finishes dressing. leaves – CONNIE Don’t be hard on him, Duncan. He’s just trying cut the pressure, you know. EXT./INT. HOSMER HALL – DAY Duncan and DeShaun approach the Hoz. off at DeShaun. Duncan’s still pissed Before she

69. DESHAUN Come on, D, take a pill. Duncan shoots him a withering look for the pun. DESHAUN See, that’s what I’m talking about. You keep taking everything so damn seriously you won’t be able to enjoy life at all. Shit, D, everybody gets high once in a while. DUNCAN I don’t. They enter the complex. DESHAUN Well you need to do something to lighten up. Ever since Lady D bitched you out over Ferguson’s Civics final, your ass has been so tight you’re shitting fucking diamonds. DUNCAN You need to be uptight. We go into the Big House Saturday night, on national TV, and Schuler’s gonna need you on top of your game. DESHAUN You know you don’t have to worry about my game, D. (artistic gestures with his hands) The Magic Man’s Magic Hands are always ready to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Duncan smirks. They come to a group of PLAYERS who are gawking at something on the other end of the corridor. DUNCAN What’s the rumpus? PLAYER Check it out, D. Duncan follows the player’s eyes to Angel, who is talking to Rory near the entrance to Achilles’ office suite.

70. DESHAUN Who is that sister? PLAYER That’s Coach Addams’ daughter.

Damn! Dig it.

DESHAUN You’re shitting me! PLAYER 1 I shit you not, my brother. Angel walks toward them. Players part like the Red Sea. As she gets closer she notices Duncan, smiles only at him. He’s like a dear in headlights. ANGEL Hi. The fellas all say “Hello”, and as she floats past they follow her with their eyes. Damn! Then they feel eyes on them. They turn to see Achilles staring dangerously from the other end of the corridor. They quickly disperse. INT. LAKE HOUSE – NIGHT Achilles enters, weary from a long, trying day. He pauses after closing the door, sensing something’s off. He crosses the main room and is taken aback when he reaches the dining area. The table is set for dinner. He’s about to call out her name but Angel enters from the kitchen before he can, holding a platter of roast chicken. ANGEL Hello, Daddy! ACHILLES Hey...sweetie. ANGEL (puts platter on table) You must be starving. ACHILLES Um...well, it’s getting late, but – ANGEL Good. Sit down, Daddy. ready. Everything’s

71. He sits. As she prepares his plate with chicken, mashed potatoes and vegetables – ACHILLES Look, Angel, if all this is because of how I reacted when you showed up – ANGEL Oh, Daddy, I told you that was just a simple mix up. I thought Mom already talked to you about my coming. ACHILLES Because you know it’s just that it was such a surprise. I love that you’re here, sweetheart. Really. She sits beside him and prepares her own plate. ANGEL I’m so glad to hear that, Daddy. I wasn’t happy at USC, and Stanford was just so, well, boring. And who really wants to go to college in Europe? I mean, shopping, skiing, clubbing, sure, but school? Please. Then I started thinking about you and how lonely you must be now that...well, you know. And I thought now might be our last chance to bond, you know, before you get too old and I get too busy in my own life. ACHILLES (wryly) Too old.


ANGEL I mean, for example, you’re this big football coach, but what do I really know about that? Nothing right? Go ahead, Daddy, dig in. He takes a bite. Reacts.

ACHILLES Wow, sweetie! This is good! Where’d you learn how to cook like this? Not from your mother, I’m sure of that.

72. ANGEL I’m glad you like it, Daddy...So, tell me about your team. ACHILLES Wow, that’s a pretty broad subject, sweetheart. Let me see...where to start? ANGEL (angelic smile) You always told me quarterback’s the most important position. Tell me about your quarterback, Daddy? SAME SCENE – 1 HOUR LATER Angel begins gathering dishes from the table. ACHILLES Dinner was terrific, sweetheart. ANGEL Thank you, Daddy. ACHILLES Here, at least let me take care of the dishes. ANGEL (sternly) No. It’s late and you leave for Ann Arbor tomorrow morning. (then that smile) Besides, this is probably the last time you’ll get me in a kitchen, so take advantage of this while you can. ACHILLES (smiles) Well, when you put it that way. He stands. She kisses him on the cheek. ACHILLES Goodnight, sweetie. ANGEL Goodnight, Daddy. He’s puddy.

73. ACHILLES (before he exits) Remember, the team leaves for the airport at 11 so be in my office by 10:45 for the ride over. Okay, Daddy. He exits. ANGEL Thanks.

She goes to the kitchen.

INT. KITCHEN – CONTINUOUS Angel enters, puts the dishes in the sink. Her expression tells us she has no intention of touching them again. She pulls out her cell phone, dials. We hear the RING, then – WOMAN’S VOICE (V.O.) Leila’s Gourmet Catering. Hello. ANGEL This is Angel Addams.

WOMAN’S VOICE (V.O.) Oh, hello Ms. Addams! How was dinner? ANGEL Everything was great. I need your people here tomorrow morning by 10 for the cleanup. WOMAN’S VOICE (V.O.) Certainly, Ms. Addams. We’ll see you tomorrow morning at 10 sharp. Angel clicks off her phone. Smiles to herself as we... FADE OUT. END OF ACT SIX

74. ACT SEVEN FADE IN: EXT. AIRPLANE - DAY A passenger jet gains altitude over Seattle. INT. AIRPLANE – IN FLIGHT – DAY CAMERA MOVES through the cabin from back to front. Sea Devils players and coaches relax as their charter plane wings its way toward Ann Arbor, Michigan. Achilles reads ESPN the Magazine his First Class seat. Sitting next to him, Angel gets up and slowly makes her way back through the cabin. Every player takes a moment to check her out. When she reaches Duncan and DeShaun she pauses long enough to exchange a look of interest with Duncan. Then she continues on her way. EXT. MICHIGAN STADIUM (“THE BIG HOUSE”) – NIGHT Establishing the 112,000-capacity stadium. INT. VISITORS LOCKERROOM – NIGHT Sea Devils players are dressed for the game, to a man every one of them nervous as hell. Most go through various pregame rituals, from the mundane to the inane. DeShaun methodically peels and unpeels the Velcro on his gloves. A LINEBACKER slowly thumps his bare head against a wall. A RUNNING BACK quietly talks to himself, offering reassuring words of affirmation. In the bathroom, a RECEIVER throws up in the toilet. Quarterback Keith Schuler taps his heel rapid fire on the floor. Duncan steps up, pats him on the shoulder pads and gives him a reassuring look. Achilles enters and they all gather around. ACHILLES Alright. Here we are, about to walk out onto one of the biggest stages in all of college football. This is why (MORE)

75. ACHILLES (CONT’D.) you busted your asses all summer, why you lifted all those weights, ran all those sprints, gutted it out in two-adays...When you go out onto that field, it’s going to be intimidating. Yeah, that’s right. Intimidating. There’s a reason they call this place the Big House. But no matter how many people there are screaming down from the stands, the field is still 100 yards long, 160 feet wide. The ball still spins the same in this house as it does in our house. All that matters out there on that field tonight is who plays the best football. And that’s where I think you have the advantage. You belong here, men. I believe that. And you should believe it too. Now you just have to go out there and prove it. Bring it in...”Victory” on three. One, two, three – TEAM Victory! EXT. MICHIGAN STADIUM (VERSUS MICHIGAN) – NIGHT Achilles leads his Sea Devils out of the tunnel. The atmosphere is electric. The crowd noise deafening. INT. CONTROL BOOTH – NIGHT SANDY SANDERSON and DESMOND HOWARD, do pre-game. SANDY Welcome to the first season’s installment of College Football Saturday Night. We should have a good one here tonight as the number 18 Washington Tech Sea Devils try to upset the Michigan Wolverines, who come into the season ranked number one. DESMOND Fist-year head coach Achilles Addams will have his hands full tonight. The (MORE)

76. DESMOND (CONT’D.) Devils will be without their senior quarterback, Duncan Pennebaker, who’s sidelined for three games for an academic violation. Untested sophomore Keith Schuler will get the start and he’ll be going up against one of the best defenses in college football. SANDY The odds may be stacked against the Sea Devils, Desmond, but they have one thing going for them. Wa Tech is an incredible 13-and-0 going against teams ranked number one. It’s a record that dates back more than 20 years and it began when a young gunslinger named Achilles Addams threw for over 330 yards to beat the Miami Hurricanes. DESMOND Well, “Coach” Addams might have to strap on shoulder pads and conger up some of that old magic, because these Wolverines look unbeatable. ON THE FIELD Not even magic can help the Sea Devils. Schuler is throttled by the Wolverines defense: he’s sacked multiple times and throws two interceptions. Michigan’s offense shreds the Sea Devils’ defense, seemingly scoring at will. ON THE SIDELINE Achilles tries to cover his frustration at his team’s hapless performance, but we see several cracks in the “Ice Man’s” armor. We find Duncan, in street clothes because of his suspension, staring onto the field, shell-shocked. Angel is nearby, not nearly as interested in the game as she is in him. IN THE COACHES’ BOOTH Phil looks down onto the field, totally at a loss. ON TV Achilles and the MICHIGAN COACH shake hands at midfield. Then reporter LISA BERNARDI stops Achilles as he heads for the tunnel.

77. LISA (V.O.) Coach, a 45-6 loss, obviously not the outcome you expected in your debut as Sea Devils head coach. How do you regroup after the performance by your team tonight? ACHILLES (V.O.) “Performance” is a generous way to describe what we did here tonight, unless you’re talking about a comedy of errors. Look, we’ve obviously got a hell of a lot of work to do if we want to compete this season. But you can’t take anything away from Michigan. They did what top-ranked teams are supposed to do. They were well prepared, well coached and they executed. How do we regroup? We need to improve in all three of those areas. And fast. LISA (V.O.) Thank you, Coach Addams. And good luck the rest of the season. INT. DONAHUE GREAT ROOM – NIGHT Gale flicks off the TV as Achilles trots off toward the tunnel. She closes her eyes and sighs in disappointment. EXT. BACK ROAD – DAWN Achilles and Cara are jogging. CARA Let’s face it, your guys didn’t stand much of a chance against Michigan in the Big House. It would’ve been a game with Duncan, but without him... ACHILLES I know. But goddammit, to not even score a touchdown! It’s embarrassing! CARA You’re telling me. I had 50 bucks on our guys. (he reacts, she grins) At least I’m still up 50.

78. He lightens up, smiles wryly. ACHILLES Still getting mileage out that 100 bucks you won from me 20 years ago. CARA A couple of good investments, compound interest...Yeah, I’d say I made out alright on that one, Einstein. As they continue jogging – ACHILLES So where do you and Dallas stand? A little take the a couple will try Good. CARA shaky but still standing. I’ll twins back to start school in of weeks. Then Dallas and me to start over.

ACHILLES I’m glad to hear that, Cara.

CARA You’re just glad I’m not going to move in with you. ACHILLES Actually, the idea of sex with you scared the shit out of me. WHACK! Without warning she hits him hard in the shoulder. ACHILLES Ow! INT. STUDENT BOOKSTORE – DAY Duncan and another TEAMMATE are perusing the aisles. The teammate nudges Duncan, who looks up to find Angel trying to decide between two study guides. He goes to her. DUNCAN SparkNotes are better. She looks up at him and smiles.

79. ANGEL Really? DUNCAN Yeah. I’ve used them both and I think SparkNotes follow our professors’ course material better than GradeSaver does. ANGEL Good to know. SparkNotes it is. By the way, we haven’t actually met. I’m Angel. DUNCAN (smiles) Yeah, I know. I’m Duncan. ANGEL (smiles) Yeah, I know. EXT. KOFFEE HOUSE PATIO – LATER Angel and Duncan talk over Frappuccinos. DUNCAN I had no idea Coach was married before Chief Ivy, let alone had a daughter. ANGEL Daddy was married before but not to my Mom. (off his look) His first wife was his high school sweetheart. They were only married for a couple of years. I met her once in Geneva. She’s some kind of World Health Organization ambassador or something. He and my mom hooked up a few times when he was a freshman and she was a senior here and viola! DUNCAN Seriously? ANGEL Yeah. They never even dated. Just got busy whenever they got the urge. Mom says they were perfect together.

80. DUNCAN (taken by her candor) Wow...But your name is Addams. ANGEL (sweet laugh) Yeah. Mom did that to piss off my grandparents. After generations of nothing but white Dutch-Anglo-American blood, here comes little Angel to add a dot of color. DUNCAN Man, your mom sounds like some piece of work. Dutch, huh? You mean like van Helsing, the guy who founded Wa Tech? The logging and paper magnate? Exactly. Helsing. Beat. DUNCAN (realizing) You mean of the van Helsings? ANGEL (nods) You’re a lot smarter than my Dad was. Mom told me that the whole time they were getting busy he had no idea he was banging an heiress. (then) You see, Duncan, you and I already have a lot in common. He looks at her, feels her vibe. DUNCAN How’s that? ANGEL Your biological father was born into money but he made a name for himself by building a business empire with his own two hands. Your real mother was a beautiful woman of humble beginnings who took the little she started out (MORE) ANGEL My mother’s Rebecca van

81. ANGEL (CONT’D.) with and improved her status in life. Black-white, white-black. Your father my mother, your mother, my father. (a come hither look) You and I are simpatico in more ways than one, Duncan. INT. LAKE HOUSE, ANGEL’S ROOM – DAY Angel and Duncan have passionate, erotic sex. ANGEL’S ROOM – LATER Angel and Duncan lay in each other’s arms. She strokes his chest gently. He stares at the ceiling, feeling the first pangs of guilt since she cast her spell on him hours ago at the bookstore. ANGEL What are you thinking about? DUNCAN I don’t know. ANGEL Wanna know what I’m thinking? DUNCAN Yeah. ANGEL That this is destiny. Us clicking like this. I got a feeling when at saw you at the Hoz that day. But after this – well, this amazing afternoon - I’m sure. We’re right for one another, Duncan, in so many ways. She doesn’t see his growing concern. But she does notice the time on the nightstand digital clock. It’s 2:30. ANGEL Oh my goodness! You’ve got practice and I have a rush meeting to get to. She rolls out of bed, goes into her bathroom then peeks her head out.

82. ANGEL Come on, lover. Let’s get a quickie shower together. (a bewitching smile) Emphasis on “quickie.” Resistance is futile. He follows her into the bathroom.

INT. DUNCAN’S DODGE CHALLENGER – DAY Pulls up and parks in front of Delta sorority house. DUNCAN You’re rushing Delta? ANGEL Yeah. My mother’s going to have a cow – all Van Helsing women have been Gammas. But like you said, my name is Addams, right? She leans over and kisses him deeply. Duncan musters his courage. He needs to get something out. DUNCAN Angel, listen I – ANGEL Call me tomorrow. After you’ve talked to your girlfriend. What’s her name, Keisha? Right. DUNCAN About that –

ANGEL I know it’s difficult for you Duncan. I understand you’ve been with her since high school. But you have to end it and you have to end it tonight. He’s completely floored. She was prepared for this.

ANGEL Duncan, you don’t really expect me to share you with her do you? DUNCAN (still rattled) No, but –

83. ANGEL Of course you don’t. And if you ever cared for her, you wouldn’t prolong the inevitable. I’ll give you tonight to end things with her. She kisses him on the cheek and climbs out of the car. Leans her head back in the window. ANGEL It’ll be much better coming from you than from me. She turns and walks away. He watches her until the door of Delta house opens and Angel goes inside. OFF Duncan’s bewilderment we... FADE OUT. END ACT SEVEN

84. ACT EIGHT FADE IN: INT. AIRPLANE – IN FLIGHT – DAY A FLIGHT ATTENDANT puts a glass of water on a tray. PULL BACK and we see Achilles, reading a sports magazine in his First Class seat. FLIGHT ATTENDANT Here you are, Coach. Thank you. She smiles and leaves. Achilles looks at the empty seat next to him for a beat, then he shifts in his seat, cranes his head around to look behind him. CAMERA TRACKS back in the plane, past players and coaches chatting, reading or napping. FINDS Duncan and Angel, seated side-by-side, talking and laughing. EXT. BRYANT-DENNY STADIUM – DAY SCOREBOARD Alabama 24, Washington Tech 14. ON THE FIELD Schuler follows the offense to the line of scrimmage, scans the Alabama defense, sets under center, barks the signals, takes the snap. An explosion of action as offense and defense collide. DESHAUN runs a perfect post route and gets open in the seam of zone. Schuler fires a pass over the middle. DeShaun catches it and is off to the races... ON THE SIDELINE Achilles and the Sea Devils celebrate as DeShaun cruises into the end zone. TOUCHDOWN! Pellegrino with a lime twist. ACHILLES

85. ANNOUNCER 1 A picture perfect pitch and catch from Schuler to Tully that goes for six. And with the extra point, the Sea Devils will be within a field goal of tying the heavily favored Crimson Tide, with less than five minutes left to play in the fourth quarter. ON THE SIDELINE - LATER Achilles is cool but intense as he strategizes with Schuler and Phil, who he talks to in the booth via headset. ACHILLES (to Schuler) They’re going to bring the pressure and double up on DeShaun, so go through your progression, hit the check down receiver. (into headset) Keep the clock in mind when you’re dialing up plays, Phil. I don’t want to run out of time on this drive. PHIL (V.O.) We’ll go to hurry up on this series. It’ll be our last. ACHILLES You’re right about that. (to Schuler) Remember, we’ve got two timeouts left. Don’t use them without checking the sideline first. Got it? SCHULER Got it, Coach. ACHILLES Now go out there and get it done. Schuler trots onto the field and goes to work. INTERCUT FIELD, SIDELINE, COACHES’ BOOTH The Crimson Tide blitzes as predicted, but Schuler completes a couple of passes to move the ball into Alabama territory; Duncan watches the action on the field intensely, Angel right by his side, while a few feet away

86. Achilles shouts instruction to Schuler on the field and talks tactics to Phil in the booth. ANNOUNCER 1 A huge play coming up for the Devils. Third and a long three from the Tide 35 yard line with two minutes to play. A field goal puts them well within range for a field goal to tie, but knowing Coach Addams a tie is the last thing he’s looking for. ANNOUNCER 2 That’s right. Twenty years ago Addams and the Sea Devils lost a heartbreaker to Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. I’m sure he’d love to avenge that loss here in Tuscaloosa tonight. Schuler barks the signal, takes the snap and rifles a pass to DeShaun, who catches it on a slant route and picks up 10 yards before – ANNOUNCER 1 Tully is hammered! He fumbles the ball!. The Tide say they have it...and they do! After a mad scramble for the ball an Alabama defender comes out with it at the 25-yard-line. ANNOUNCER 2 With 1:12 seconds left to play, that fumble could very well have cost Washington Tech the ball game. The Sea Devils react, contains his anger at the sideline and sees display of affection, headset and kicks it. frustrated and deflated. Achilles the fumble but when then looks down Angel comforting Duncan in an obvious he blows a gasket. He flings off his

ANNOUNCER 1 And Addams is hot over the fumble by the normally sure-handed Tully. ANNOUNCER 2 Well, he’s got a right to be. At this point in the game, when your team is fighting back to win it, there’s just no excuse for turnovers. None at all.

87. Angel glances up and sees her father’s uncharacteristic reaction. She releases Duncan and looks away. SCOREBOARD Alabama 24, Washington Tech 17. INT. AIRPLANE – IN FLIGHT – NIGHT A deathly quiet flight back home. Angel sleeps in First Class window seat. WIDEN to reveal Achilles next to her, seething. EXT. HOSMER COMPLEX – LATER Players leave the Hoz after arriving from Tuscaloosa. Achilles and Angel walk to his INFINITI SUV, get inside. INT. ACHILLES’ SUV – MOVING – LATER Achilles and Angel drive in silence. INT. LAKE HOUSE - LATER Angel and Achilles enter. Drop their overnight bags near the door. Angel kisses her father on the cheek. ANGEL Sorry about the game, Daddy. She starts for her room. ACHILLES (anger rising) What the hell was that between you and Duncan? Daddy, I’m sorry. We’re dating. ANGEL I thought you knew. FINAL.

ACHILLES Duncan has a girlfriend. Knight. ANGEL They broke up.


88. ACHILLES They broke up or you broke them up? (off her non answer) And what, exactly, do you mean by “dating?” ANGEL (duh!) Dating. (off his stunned reaction) Daddy. No? Really? You thought I was still a virgin?! ACHILLES (on the verge of losing it) You’re 19! ANGEL Yeah and you’re 39. Which means – if my math is correct – that you were “dating” Mom when you were about my age. And to hear her tell it, you two dated an awful lot back then. Achilles is thunderstruck by the revelation that his “baby girl” is having sex. With one of his players no less. ANGEL Look, Daddy, I’m really sorry about tonight. But I don’t see how me and Duncan dating has anything to do with the game. He didn’t even suit up. I mean seriously, Daddy, James is “dating” that mousy redhead’s brains out and you don’t say “boo” about that. ACHILLES I’ll tell you what it has to do with it. You’re a distraction, Angel! And after two losses, the last thing Duncan or any member of my team needs is a distraction! The word hits her like a slap in the face. her eyes. Tears spring to

ANGEL (crying) I’m sorry. I should never have come. I should just go back home to L.A.

89. Now it’s Achilles who takes a blow. runs to her room. ACHILLES Angel, sweetheart, wait! didn’t mean it that – We hear a door SLAM. INT. DUNCAN & DESHAUN’S DORM ROOM – DAY Duncan wakes to an AIR SUCKING SOUND. He raises his head, looks around the room, finds DeShaun in front of the coffee table, snorting coke. Pissed off, Duncan flings his pillow at DeShaun, hitting him in the head and knocking away the last of the coke. DESHAUN What the f-- ! Hey, D, what’s wrong with you, man?! This shit cost 150 bucks! Duncan’s out of bed and in DeShaun’s face. DUNCAN What the fuck’s wrong with you?! You blow a touchdown catch to win the game last night and you’re tooting the next morning! Have you lost your mind?! INT. LAKE HOUSE – DAY Achilles talks to Angel through her bedroom door. ACHILLES Alright, sweetheart, I understand if you don’t want to talk right now. Just know that I’m sorry I lost my temper last night...Look, I have a really important meeting to go to now but please, please, don’t leave. At least not until we’ve had a chance to talk. INT. ACHILLES’ SUV – MOVING – DAY Achilles is on speakerphone. Angel spins around and

I’m sorry!


90. ACHILLES Listen, James, I need you to get over to the lake house right away. Okay, Dad. It’s Angel. JAMES (V.O.) She alright?! ACHILLES We had an argument last night. I upset her but otherwise she’s fine. What I need you to do is stay with her. Don’t let her leave before I get home. Okay? JAMES (V.O.) Okay, I guess. Don’t guess son. Okay, Dad. EXT. GOLF COURSE – DAY Gale and Achilles approach the first tee. GALE A fumble like that late in the game is tough to take, I know, but the boys played a heck of a game, Achilles. And you and your staff coached a heck of a game too. ACHILLES Thanks, Mrs. D. But Tully’s a senior. I expect more from him in a gamechanging situation like that. Big players make big plays. THWACK! Gale tees off. The ball sails high and far. ACHILLES Do. Understand? JAMES (V.O.) What’s wrong? ACHILLES


ACHILLES Nice shot. Looks like you’ve been getting tips from J.R.

91. GALE (smiles) Thank you. And yes, I have...We all make mistakes, Achilles, even seniors. Even me. He looks up from the tee. GALE Phil called a brilliant game last night. I was wrong to criticize you for hiring him. ACHILLES Thank you, Mrs. D. If you don’t mind, I’d like to pass your compliment along to him. I know it’d mean a lot to him. GALE (beat) I’d rather you didn’t, Achilles. ACHILLES Alright. 9TH HOLE - LATER Achilles makes a 7-foot putt. As he tallies their scores –

GALE Winning the Pac-10 is still within reach, Achilles. Yes, I know. ACHILLES And that’s my goal.

GALE Your destiny...It’s no mere coincidence that you became head coach of the Sea Devils, Achilles. ACHILLES Yes, well, I told you, I knew you were involved in the decision somehow. GALE Not me, Achilles, Billy. (off his look) When he retired, my father passed over Billy to take over as Texas A&M’s head (MORE)

92. GALE (CONT’D.) coach. He recommended his defensive coordinator, and Billy’s best friend, Wes Fenton for the job instead. It’s why Billy left Texas and came to Washington State. Achilles, we came here all those years ago because Billy had no place else to go. ACHILLES I never knew that, Mrs. D. GALE No one did...After Billy learned why you came to Wa Tech, he realized that you and he were very much alike. You both ran away out of shame and fear. But like seeds that float across the ocean and take root in a new land, you both blossomed. From the day you left Maitland for the NFL, Billy hoped you’d come back to complete his coaching legacy by being the first of his players to win a conference championship at Wa Tech as a coach. Achilles takes this in. ACHILLES Thank you for telling me this, Mrs. D. GALE You’re welcome, Achilles. you something else? ACHILLES Yes, of course. GALE I believe another important key securing Billy’s legacy will be son to win the Heisman. That’s wanted you to come back as head INT. DELTA HOUSE, LIBRARY – DAY The members of the rush committee are discussing new pledges. Each girl’s is discussed when her photo comes up on a projection screen. They come to a photo of Angel. to for his why I coach. Can I tell

93. LISA Angel Addams. We’ve saved her for last because she’s our biggest dilemma. If she were anyone else, she’d be as perfect for the house as a black Chanel mini and Mikimoto pearls. Head football coach’s daughter, dating Duncan Pennebaker and she clearly has the physical assets required of a Delta. COURTNEY It’s her financial assets that pose a problem for the sisterhood. FIONA She drives a brand new Porsche. I bet she hasn’t worn the same pair of Jimmy Choo’s twice since she got here. The girl’s got serious bank. LISA Yes, she does. Unfortunately, the name on the bank account is van Helsing, not Addams. The members of the committee react. LISA Angel’s mother is Becky van Helsing, a Gamma alumnae. COURTNEY If national found out we pledged a Gamma legacy, we could face serious disciplinary action. LISA And possibly become the biggest joke on campus. SASHA But her name is Addams, not van Helsing. The girls look at their chapter president, SASHA OBAMA, 21, (Yes, Michelle and Barack’s baby girl). SASHA She has to know that presents a problem, for her as well as the (MORE)

94. SASHA (CONT’D.) chapter. And yet, she’s still chosen to rush Delta. FIONA Sasha’s right, she chose Delta for a reason. And she’s ten times better for the house than any other pledge we’ve looked at so far. COURTNEY That’s true, but we’re looking at her, not national. It’s what they think that counts. LISA So maybe it’s time we introduced Ms. Addams to national? SASHA I’m already ahead of you, Lisa. (off their curious looks) I’ve arranged for the chairwoman of national to meet with Angel over Homecoming weekend. EXT. LAKE HOUSE – DAY Achilles pulls into the driveway in his SUV, passes James’ old Mustang Cobra, presses the remote garage opener and waits as the door lifts. He’s relieved to see Angel’s Porsche inside. INT. LAKE HOUSE - DAY Achilles and Angel sit side-by-side on the sofa. ACHILLES I guess I’m just not used to you all grown up...I know you’ve been all over the world, speak three languages – ANGEL Four. English is a language too, Daddy. ACHILLES Five languages. Look, sweetheart, I’m just like every other dad, I want to (MORE)

95. ACHILLES (CONT’D.) always think of my little girl as “little” and a “girl.” ANGEL Daddy, I spent the last two summers in Paris and Rome. What did you think I did while I was there? Shopping? ACHILLES Sight-seeing? He eases a bit.

She rubs his shoulder affectionately.

ANGEL Oh, Daddy, you’re so cute...Well, if it makes you feel any better, it’s not like I’m some sort of slut – ACHILLES (uncomfortable again) Sweetheart, please. Could we just move past the whole birds and bees thing? ANGEL Okay, Daddy. ACHILLES What I really want you to know is that I want you here. I hate to admit it, but I haven’t spent as much time getting to know you as I should have. Your mother was generous enough to let me be a part of your life, and I tried to be with you as much as I could when you were younger. But these last few years, well, I’ve just dropped the ball on being a father to you. ANGEL (caresses his face) I understand, Daddy. I know how hard it was for you, losing Ivy the way you did. You needed to focus on her. And James. ACHILLES Yes, but you’re here now, and I do love you sweetheart. And I want to spend as (MORE)

96. ACHILLES (CONT’D.) much time with you as I can... (smiles) before I get too old. She smiles back at him and they embrace tightly. ANGEL I love you, Daddy. INT. STUDENT UNION – DAY Keisha is finishing a transaction at an ATM. Angel comes up behind her, searching her purse for her ATM card. She finds it and looks up just as Keisha turns around. They stare at each other for an uncomfortable beat. Then Keisha starts to walk away. ANGEL Keisha, wait. She stops. ANGEL I know you must think I’m this really awful person. KEISHA I don’t think anything of you at all. ANGEL Well, believe it or not, I’ve thought about you. (off Keisha’s look) I know it was harsh of me to take your man the way I did. I don’t know what that’s like myself, but I’m sure it must feel just terrible. Keisha rolls her eyes. ANGEL Anyway, I know you had strong feelings for Duncan and that deep down inside you want what’s best for him. KEISHA Wait a minute. You stopped me to tell me that I should be thankful to you for stealing my man?

97. ANGEL I realize it sounds odd when you say it like that, but think about it, Keisha. I mean, you’re a sweet, pretty girl but we both know Duncan needs so much more than you can give him. KEISHA What?! ANGEL Would you honestly want Duncan to go through life wondering if you were with him just because of his money? KEISHA Listen, you high yellow heifer – ANGEL With me, that question would never enter his mind. The annual interest alone on my trust fund is twice his total inheritance. And of course, there’s the issue of social strata. KEISHA (emotion rising) Oh, it’s not your money or your “social strata” that turned Duncan turn into a complete idiot! Just because you’re rich, bitch, don’t mean your holes don’t stink! ANGEL (cool) See, that’s exactly what I mean. Duncan’s way out of your league. You know it, I know it...and he knows it. You can tell yourself and everyone else that I stole him from you, Keisha, but we both know the truth. He saw an opportunity to trade up and took it. Keisha storms out of the student union in tears. Angel looks after her for a beat, shakes her head then turns to the ATM and begins a transaction as we... FADE OUT. END OF ACT EIGHT

98. ACT NINE FADE IN: INT. PRESS CONFERENCE - DAY A weary Achilles is seated in front of microphones. DEVILS REPORTER 1 Coach, your decision to go for it on fourth and two with a 45-42 lead and 2:08 left cost you the game. If you could do it over, would you have taken the safer option and punted the ball? ACHILLES No, I wouldn’t. Look, our defense had already given up 42 points, Butler passed for over 350 yards, and they finished the game with something like 500 total yards of offense. They could’ve scored three touchdowns with two minutes left on the clock. Going for the first – and making it – gives us the best chance to run out the clock and win the game. DEVILS REPORTER 2 Some of the Boise State players and coaches said that going for it on fourth was a sign of disrespect, that you’ve always been arrogant when it came to playing the Broncos. Is there any truth to that? ACHILLES I based my decision on the situation of the game today, not on something that may or may not have been the case 20 years ago. DEVILS REPORTER 3 Coach, until today you had never lost to Boise State as a player or a as coach. And this is the first Homecoming loss for the Devils in 24 years. How do you feel about that? OFF Achilles’ cold, hard stare...

99. INT. DELTA HOUSE, LIBRARY – SUNSET The room is uncomfortably quiet. We’re behind a woman with dark hair sitting at a table facing the French doors, waiting. The doors open and Angel steps inside. ANGEL Hello, Dr. O’Connell. I’m Angel Addams. REVERSE and we see the dark-haired woman is none other than VALERIE O’CONNELL, 41, the beautiful, haughty, calculating Korean-American former president of Delta House. Hello, Angel. Angel sits. VALERIE Do you know why you’ve been asked to meet with me? ANGEL The rush committee believes national will have a problem with me rushing the house. They think if you meet me you’ll overlook the fact that my mother is a Gamma. VALERIE And why would they want that? Angel knows she’s being tested. ANGEL Because they want the best women on campus to be Deltas and I’m the best of the best. Valerie stares at her with inscrutable eyes. VALERIE “Best” and “Richest” are not synonymous. My parents were immigrants who owned a corner dry cleaning business. They were far from wealthy. ANGEL You were top of your class all through (MORE) VALERIE Please, have a seat.

100. ANGEL (CONT’D.) high school, won the California women’s singles tennis championship two years in a row, fluent in five languages by the age of 16, earned a full academic scholarship to Wa Tech... (beat) I’m sure it didn’t hurt that you were dating Richard O’Connell, of the BelAir O’Connells, when you rushed Delta. Valerie is impressed but covers it well. VALERIE I’m sure your mother would disapprove of her only daughter becoming a Delta. Is there something we should know about your relationship? ANGEL I love my mother. VALERIE As do we all. But it’s my guess you have issues with her. ANGEL Don’t we all? Valerie offers the smallest of smiles. Touché.

VALERIE If you rushed Gamma, you would be welcomed with open arms. And you would be a huge thorn in the side of Delta house for all four years at Wa Tech. So what is it about your relationship with your mother that would make you cross her this way? A long beat. Angel expected to be grilled, but she wasn’t prepared for this. She takes a breath. ANGEL My mother gave me my father’s name to spite her parents. She loved to tell me how horrified they were to learn that their first granddaughter was fathered by a black man. Even though she constantly thumbed her nose at them, (MORE)

101. ANGEL (CONT’D.) she never had the courage to break away from them. She was proud to have made a baby with someone they disapproved of but she wasn’t strong enough to marry my father. Valerie covers her reaction. VALERIE Maybe she didn’t love him? Did you consider that? ANGEL I know that my father is twice the man that either of her two jerk husbands have been...None of that matters now. What does matter is that I want to be my own woman. I want my mother to know that I’m strong enough to follow my heart and not just her purse strings. Beat. Again, Valerie masks her feelings. VALERIE Thank you, Angel. I think I’ve heard enough to make my recommendation to the rush committee. Angel exits, closing the door behind her. staring at the door... INT. ACHILLES’ OFFICE – DAY Achilles and Phil are meeting. ACHILLES Boise State tipped the rest of the conference off to the holes in our defense. The only way to win now will be to ring up points like a cash register. PHIL Duncan’s looked terrific in practice since coming off the suspension so the offense shouldn’t miss a beat. Great. ACHILLES Now let’s talk about – OFF Valerie

102. He’s interrupted by an INTERCOM BUZZ. He hits the button.

ACHILLES We’re right in the middle of something here, Rory. What is it? RORY (V.O.) I’m sorry, Coach. It’s Ms. van Helsing. She refused to leave a message. She said it’s urgent. Phil is already on his way out. picks up the phone. Hi, Becks. When he’s gone Achilles

ACHILLES Is everything alright?

INT. BECKY’S HOME – SAME BECKY VAN HELSING, 41, attractive, sexy and at the moment very angry, is on a phone in her living room. BECKY No, Handsome, everything is definitely not alright. INTERCUT ACHILLES AND BECKY ACHILLES What’s wrong? BECKY Did you know Angel is rushing Delta Tau? ACHILLES No I didn’t. BECKY Do you pay any attention to anything she’s doing?! ACHILLES Hold on a sec, Becky, I’m a football coach, not a house mother. Why should I care what sorority she’s joining? BECKY Figures! Why am I not surprised that you’d respond that way?

103. ACHILLES Exactly my point. Look, Becks, what’s the problem. So she’s joining a sorority? Most girls do. You did. BECKY Exactly! But I was a Gamma Rho. Every van Helsing woman becomes a Gamma, no matter what college she attends. ACHILLES Well last I checked, Angel’s birth certificate says “Addams” so maybe she can take a pass on the Gamma thing. BECKY (really hot) Now you listen to me Achilles Antony Addams, no daughter of mine is going to become a fucking Delta Diva! ACHILLES (getting hot) Hey Rebecca, you’re not talking to “Bob” or “Miguel” or any of those other d-bags you married or were engaged to! If you’ve paid any attention, you know that I’m 0-and-3, so I’ve got more important things to worry about than whether our daughter joins a damn sorority. Frankly, I don’t give shit. BECKY Oh, that’s right. I forgot. You’re perfectly happy getting wrapped around her little finger. One or two “I love you, Daddys” and it’s “Anything you want, sweetheart!” ACHILLES You’ve got a helluva lot of nerve, Becky. Where the hell were you when our teenage daughter was screwing her way across Europe the last two summers?! She’s barely been in Maitland two months and she’s already bedding down with my starting quarterback! Who, by the way, already has a girlfriend.

104. BECKY Oh come on, Achilles! You’re the last person to be criticizing me about the virtues of monogamy. ACHILLES Portia and I weren’t married when we were screwing around, Becky, you know that. BECKY I know she was back in Jersey sending you love notes every day and every night you were humping my brains out. And don’t even get me going about you and Valerie Kim, that crazy bitch. Some psychologist. She’s the psycho! ACHILLES Stop it, Rebecca! Just stop it. BECKY No, Achilles, you stop it. Angel’s not taking my calls anymore so it’s up to you to fix this. So fix it! CLICK. She slams the phone into the cradle.

OFF Achilles’ exasperation... INT. OASIS NIGHTCLUB – NIGHT Even though the Sea Devils lost the Homecoming game, the club is still packed and grooving. Duncan, Angel, DeShaun and Connie are at a table. DESHAUN I’m not worried at all. With our main man back on the field, we should take it to USC next Saturday. And after that... DeShaun smiles and gestures with his hands. “Easy.”

DUNCAN (uncomfortable) I’m not talking about the game, DeShaun. Look, let’s just get out of here, man. It looks bad, us out here partying after losing.

105. ANGEL Duncan’s right, DeShaun. If coach found out, I’m sure he’d be upset. DeShaun cuts her a hard look. Connie quickly intervenes.

CONNIE Hey, baby, let’s go back to my apartment. Sarah’s going to stay over at Steve’s so we can have the place to ourselves. DeShaun is about to agree to leave when he catches sight of the dope dealer from our earlier club scene. Duncan clocks him and a look of worry clouds his face. Angel sees what he sees and immediately understands what’s going down. DESHAUN (to Connie) Okay, baby. I’m just going to hit the little boys’ room first. He stands and Duncan grabs his arm. DUNCAN Hold it. Connie’s place is only a few minutes from here. DeShaun locks eyes with his best friend, realizes he’s been busted. DESHAUN Yeah, alright. But if I piss in your ride, blame yourself, D. Duncan laughs to cut the tension between them. As the couples stand to leave. As they cross the crowded club, DeShaun exchanges a look with the dealer. INT. DUNCAN’S COTTAGE – LATER Duncan and Angel are naked in bed. ANGEL How long has he been using? I don’t know. DUNCAN We’ve been friends since (MORE)

106. DUNCAN (CONT’D.) freshman year and I’ve never seen him do drugs before this semester. He never even talked about getting high. Beat. ANGEL You’ve got to cut him loose, baby. DUNCAN Angel, it’s just a phase, I’m sure. ANGEL No it’s not. And even if it is, DeShaun’s going to get caught. You don’t need to be anywhere around him when that happens, baby. DUNCAN Hey, I’m not going to just turn my back on my best friend! ANGEL He may be your best friend, but trust me eventually his best friend is going to be blow. Or crack or smack or whatever it is he gets hooked on. Duncan sits up in bed, looks down at her. DUNCAN And how do you know so much about it? From all that jet setting you’ve done? ANGEL I’ve partied. In London, Milan, Tokyo, Paris. But I’ve never once done drugs. (off his look) Never. Have you seen me have so much as a drink since we’ve been together? DUNCAN No, I guess I haven’t. ANGEL I don’t need to get high to have a good time, Duncan. And you can’t afford to tie yourself to anyone who thinks he does...Cut DeShaun loose.

107. INT. ACHILLES’ OFFICE - DAY Achilles is looking down at the football field from his floor-to-ceiling window. Rory enters. RORY Coach, there’s a Dr. O’Connell here to see you. He looks at her. Could it be?

ACHILLES Did you say Dr. O’Connell? RORY Yes, she doesn’t have an appointment, but said she felt confident you would see her. ...okay. ACHILLES Okay, show her in, Rory.

Rory exits. Valerie comes in. She and Achilles look at each other wistfully. After a beat, they smile. ACHILLES Hi, Valerie. VALERIE Hello, Achilles. They shake hands and hold on longer than necessary. ACHILLES This is a nice surprise. VALERIE I’m glad you think so. I wasn’t sure how you’d feel about seeing me. INT. CAMPUS / MAITLAND STREETS – DAY Achilles and Valerie walk for a while, reminiscent of their last night together walking the streets of Seattle. VALERIE She’s a very beautiful, intelligent, accomplished young woman, Achilles. You should be very proud...You and Rebecca should be very proud.

108. ACHILLES Thank you. VALERIE Has it really been 20 years, Achilles? ACHILLES It hardly seems like it. When you came into my office, all that time just seemed to evaporate. VALERIE Achilles, do you ever think about us? ACHILLES (beat) Sometimes. More when I came back to campus as an assistant coach. Just being here brought back a lot. VALERIE It’s been ten years since I’ve been back but barely a day goes by when I don’t think of us...I’ve had a good life with Richard, Achilles. Still, I can’t help wondering... ACHILLES You did the right thing, Valerie. You have a husband who loves you, a son you adore. And I found happiness with Ivy. VALERIE That last night, when you came to see me in Seattle...That night, I knew you’d come to ask me to leave Richard and run away with you...The whole time we walked I was bursting inside, waiting for the moment when you’d say, “Valerie, come away with me.” They stop walking. He looks at her.

VALERIE When we got back to my apartment and were standing out front, I was so excited I could’ve just jumped in your car and driven off right then. Richard would survive, my parents would accept you or to hell with them. For the (MORE)

109. VALERIE (CONT’D.) first time in our relationship I was completely ready to commit myself to you and you alone...And when you asked me to let you go...I died inside. I cried nonstop for a week. I couldn’t even look at Richard. Wouldn’t talk to my parents for a month... ACHILLES Valerie... VALERIE Achilles...it wasn’t until that night, that moment when you asked me to let you go, that I realized how much I truly loved you. And that’s why I let go... because you needed me to. He gently wipes a tear from her check. VALERIE I wasn’t going to see you when I came back. I didn’t think I could handle it. Guess I was right about that. ACHILLES Valerie...I just wanted you to be happy. I knew that couldn’t happen with what we were up against. She looks into his eyes. VALERIE Achilles...you said I made the right decision 20 years ago, but it wasn’t until I talked to your daughter that I realized I made the wrong choice. SLOW DISSOLVE TO: INT. WILDFLOWER INN, ROOM 206 – SUNSET Achilles and Valerie kiss deeply after making love. VALERIE I’ve wanted that for so long. ACHILLES (smiles) Hope it was worth the wait.

110. VALERIE (smiles) Oh, it was, lover boy. Then she senses his mood shift. VALERIE What is it, Achilles? ACHILLES Now what, Valerie? If things were complicated 20 years ago, now – VALERIE Ask me. ACHILLES Ask you? VALERIE Ask me to leave Richard and run away with you. FADE OUT. END OF ACT NINE

111. ACT TEN FADE IN: EXT. PENNEBAKER STADIUM (VERSUS USC) – DAY Duncan, cool and confident, scans the defense as he walks to the line of scrimmage. The crowd noise is deafening. ANNOUNCER 1 (V.O.) Here we go folks. Trailing by four, Pennebaker and the Sea Devils have 80 yards to go and less than two minutes to get there. ANNOUNCER 2 (V.O.) The senior quarterback has been sensational in his first game back from a three-game suspension, throwing for over 350 yards and four touchdowns, but he’s going to have to dig deep to lead the Devils past these Trojans. Duncan takes the snap and proceeds to do just that, passing and scrambling down the field like John Elway in his classic drive against the Cleveland Browns. And after Duncan scrambles into the end zone to win the game we... DISSOLVE TO: MONTAGE – THE SEASON - Duncan and Gale leave church and run in to Keisha. clocks Keisha’s coolness toward him; Gale

- During a classroom lecture, Duncan steals a guilty glance at Keisha. She feels his eyes on her but he looks away when she turns toward him; - Duncan completes a pass to DeShaun for a touchdown. Up in the coaches’ booth, Phil high-fives other assistants. FINAL: Washington Tech 35, Oregon State 21. - Achilles at his post-game press conference. lot more smiles this time around; There are a

- Valerie’s husband reacts when she asks for a divorce. - Duncan moves out of his dorm room, leaving DeShuan alone;

112. - Duncan runs an option play and cuts up the field for a long run; he caps the drive with a short touchdown pass to ‘Droid Fitzsimmons. FINAL: Washington Tech 49, Stanford 12. - Gale cheers Duncan on from the VIP section of the stands. A few rows up, Valerie smiles down at Achilles. - Sasha Obama informs Angel that she won’t be accepted into Delta house; - Keisha runs to the Student Union to escape a sudden downpour. Someone holds the door open for her. When she looks up, it’s Duncan. - Duncan scrambles left, then right to avoid defenders, looking for an open receiver. He throws a long pass for a touchdown and rushes to the end zone to celebrate with teammates. FINAL: Washington Tech 30, Arizona 28. - Achilles and Duncan talk strategy on the sideline. Duncan goes back onto the field and throws a touchdown pass. FINAL: Washington Tech 55, UCLA 42. - Achilles and Gale enjoy a round of golf together. - In the middle of the night, Gale reminisces with family mementos, gazes at Billy’s Heisman Trophy; - Achilles and Valerie stroll through campus neighborhoods; - Duncan and Angel dine at D’Agostino’s. to sense him slipping away from her; She’s beginning

- Valerie supervises men unloading a moving van into a townhouse on a campus street. Her son JASON, 10, watches; - Duncan miraculously avoids a blitzing linebacker and gets off a touchdown pass. The game clock turns to zero and fans swarm the field to celebrate the Sea Devils last home game of the season. In the stands, Gale beams with pride. FINAL: Washington Tech 51, Washington 49. END MONTAGE INT. DUNCAN’S COTTAGE – NIGHT Gale enters to find Duncan on the sofa, melancholy. GALE Hello, sweetheart.

113. DUNCAN Hi, Mom. GALE (sits next to him) What’s bothering you? Nothing. DUNCAN I’m just a little tired.

GALE When you get to be my age, you know the difference between tired and troubled. (gently strokes face) Tell me, sweetheart, what’s wrong? He’s reticent. GALE Is it Keisha? (off his reaction) Ah, I see. DUNCAN I hurt her so much. I don’t know how this all happened, how I messed things up so badly. Beat. We sense Gale is remembering the mistakes she and Billy made, the affairs that almost tore them apart. GALE Well, Angel is a very beautiful and alluring girl. It’s easy to understand why you would be attracted to her...Do you love her? DUNCAN (struggles with it) I don’t know, Mom. I mean, she’s incredible and I do care for her. GALE Do you love Keisha? He looks at her and she can read the answer in his eyes. DUNCAN I wish I could just take it all back, Mom. But you saw the way she looks at me. It’s just too late.

114. GALE Not if she still loves you...Duncan sweetheart, it’s fourth and two. The only way to win is to go for it. She gives him a loving smile and kisses his cheek. she leaves. OFF Duncan pondering... INT. KEISHA’S DORM ROOM – NIGHT Keisha’s studying is interrupted by a KNOCK on the door. She crosses the room, opens the door. It’s Duncan. DUNCAN Hi, Keisha...Can I come in? INT. LAKE HOUSE, JAMES’ ROOM – NIGHT James is brooding at his desk. Achilles knocks on the partially open door and comes in. ACHILLES Hey, champ. JAMES Hey, Dad. ACHILLES You want to talk about what’s got you dragging around like a kid who’s lost his puppy? JAMES Are you going to marry that woman? ACHILLES Honestly, the subject hasn’t come. With all the custody issues, Valerie’s divorce will probably take a year or more to become final. JAMES Guess you know all about divorce. ACHILLES James, in this family we say what’s on our mind. No beating around the bush. If you’ve got something to say... Please? Then

115. JAMES (locks eyes with him) All right. I think you’re glad Mom’s dead so you can finally marry who you’ve wanted to be with all along. ACHILLES (holds his temper) I think you know that’s not true, son. JAMES No? Portia? Becky? This Valerie chick? Exactly how many women did you love with before “settling” for Mom? Achilles pulls up a chair. ACHILLES I want you to understand something, James. No one, no one, made me happier than your mother. And no other woman helped me appreciate what real love is the way she did. No one will ever take her place in my heart...If there’s a Heaven, it’s her I want to see when I get there. INT. LAKE HOUSE – LATER The DOORBELL RINGS and Achilles answers. and Jason. VALERIE Achilles, this is Jason. ACHILLES Hi Jason. VALERIE Sweetheart... JASON (reluctant) Hello. James and Angel come up behind Achilles. cool look with Valerie. Angel exchanges a He greets Valerie

116. ACHILLES Valerie, I believe you’ve met my daughter Angel. This is my son James. Kids, Valerie and Jason O’Connell. VALERIE (smiles) Hello, James. JAMES (beat) Hello. INT. LAKE HOUSE, DINING ROOM – LATER Dinner is a painfully awkward affair. VALERIE So, Angel, your father tells me you’re dating Duncan Pennebaker. Angel shoots Achilles a look, then – ANGEL Yes, we have been “dating.” We “date” quite a lot as a matter of fact. She exchanges a look with Achilles, who reacts – “Geez”. Valerie has an idea of what’s going on and drops it. INT. LAKE HOUSE, KITCHEN – LATER James and Angel are loading the dishwasher, clearly an affront to Angel’s sensibilities. Valerie enters. VALERIE James, I think Jason might like to see the telescope you talked about earlier. JAMES Sure. I can show it to him after we’re done here. VALERIE I was wondering, can you show him now? James stops loading, exchanges a look with Angel. JAMES Oh. Okay.

117. He gives Angel a sympathetic look, then exits. back to loading dishes. Angel goes

VALERIE Looks like you enjoy that about as much as I do. ANGEL Daddy’s orders. VALERIE Angel, I know you’re upset because you won’t be allowed to pledge Delta. ANGEL I’d have to care to be upset. just a stupid sorority. It’s

VALERIE Let me rephrase. I know you’re upset with me for recommending that you not be accepted into Delta house. ANGEL (looks at her) Whatever. I still don’t care. VALERIE Good. You shouldn’t. (off her reaction) Angel, you’re a remarkably beautiful, incredibly intelligent young woman. And I’m convinced that with or without the van Helsing purse strings, you will be a very independent, strong, successful person. You don’t have to hurt your mother to prove that you are. EXT. LAKE HOUSE, DRIVEWAY – LATER Jason gets in the car and Achilles closes the door. Then he walks around to the driver’s side to say goodnight to Valerie. He zips up her coat, holds her chin with finger and thumb. ACHILLES Wouldn’t want you to catch cold.

118. VALERIE (dimpled smile) You’d take care of me, wouldn’t you? Feed me soup? Wipe my nose with tissue? ACHILLES Yeah, I would...Thanks for coming tonight. I know it was uncomfortable. VALERIE They’ll have the rest of our lives to get used to you and me...I told you once that it was our destiny to be together. It’s our time now, Achilles, and I don’t want to waste any of it. They kiss. INT. LAKE HOUSE – SAME Angel and James watch the kiss. EXT. AUTZEN STADIUM (VERSUS OREGON) – NIGHT The stadium is deafening with the roar of 62,000 fans. SCOREBOARD Oregon 42, Washington Tech 42, Overtime. SANDY (V.O.) This is it, overtime! And when this one’s over, the winner takes home the Pac-10 title and a ticket the Rose Bowl to face the Michigan Wolverines! DESMOND (V.O.) We’ve had a thriller here tonight, Sandy. Five lead changes and an offensive barrage by both teams. Wa Tech’s Duncan Pennebaker has had a career day, completing 80 percent of his passes for 420 yards and five touchdowns. Despite missing the first three games of the season, I’d say he’s definitely earned a trip to New York.

119. SANDY (V.O.) I’m with you there, Desmond. With over 4,200 yards passing on the season and 51 total touchdowns, I don’t see how he’s not a finalist for the Heisman. Achilles and Duncan strategize on the sideline. ACHILLES Alright, Duncan. You know how overtime works. They had their four plays, now it’s our turn. No clock, no pressure... DUNCAN (smiles) No problem, Coach. I know the drill, know the package we’re going with. I’m ready to win this thing. ACHILLES (smiles) Go out there and get it done.


Duncan smiles at him, fastens his chinstrap and trots onto the field. IN THE STANDS Gale and Angel watch from the visitors’ section. IN THE HUDDLE Duncan steps in, cool, confident, smiling. DUNCAN I don’t know about you guys, but I’m smelling roses. The team reacts, “Yeah! Alright!”

DUNCAN Okay, here we go. Trips left, double switch boot on two. Ready... They break the huddle and come to the line. his fingers and barks the signal. Blue 77! DUNCAN Blue 77! Hut-hut! Duncan licks

120. He takes the snap, fakes a reverse handoff and runs a bootleg around the right end, picking up seven yards. They come to the line again. Red 380! DUNCAN drops back to pass. A blitzing LINEBACKER is closing in on him fast when – WHAM - tight end ‘Droid Fitzsimmons knocks him on his ass! ACHILLES reacts to the devastating block. DUNCAN tosses a beautiful spiral to the corner of the end zone that’s caught by a receiver. TOUCHDOWN! Duncan thrusts his fists in the air as the SEA DEVILS rush onto the field en mass to celebrate. ACHILLES is drenched with a bucket of Gatorade on the sideline. GALE cries tears of joy. bittersweet. Next to her, Angel just smiles, “Yes!” DUNCAN Red 380! Hut!

INT. DOWNTOWN ATHLETIC CLUB – NIGHT The Heisman Trophy presentation ceremony. Seated up front, five strapping, tailored suit-wearing Heisman FINALISTS, Duncan among them. In the audience, Gale and Achilles sit side-by-side. reaches over and squeezes his hand as the MASTER OF CEREMONIES comes to the podium. MASTER OF CEREMONIES And now, without further adieu, the Heisman Trophy recognizing the most outstanding collegiate football player (MORE) She

121. MASTER OF CEREMONIES (CONT’D.) in America goes to...quarterback, from Washington Tech University, Duncan Pennebaker. Gale and Achilles beam with pride. Duncan stands, congratulates the other finalists then makes his way to the podium to accept the HEISMAN TROPHY. SAME SCENE – MINUTES LATER Duncan has given his speech. He and Achilles shake and embrace. Gale kisses him, hugs him tightly for a long time, then holds his face in his hands. No words need to be spoken. She kisses and hugs him again. Then he looks to Gale’s left. Keisha’s standing there, smiling lovingly at him. They embrace, holding each other tight, as if they will never let go again. OFF Gale, looking at them, completely satisfied... INT. HOSMER COMPLEX, HALL OF HONOR – NIGHT THE ROSE BOWL TROPHY in a display case. The inscription reads, “Washington Polytechnic University, 20xx Rose Bowl Champions, Washington Tech 45, University of Michigan 10”. PULL BACK to see Achilles standing in front of the display case in the quiet, empty hall. OFF Achilles staring at the trophy... INT. DONAHUE GREAT ROOM – NIGHT Gale in her robe and slippers, gazing at Billy’s Heisman Trophy. PULL BACK to show Duncan’s Heisman next to it. OFF Gale’s serene pride we... FADE OUT. THE END

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