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I. What is the future of a world in which machines might outstrip

people’s thoughts and actions. And what will make sense to our lives ?

Future Humanity is looking for new visions and missions for us and other
creatures in the context of technological developments

II. Questions

1. How can we become more human ?

2. How can a machine love a person ? And vice versa ?
3. How can we live as a multiple “I’’ ?

III. My answers

Part 1 :

Nowadays, It is a foregone conclusion that Hi-tech machines, Artificial Intelligence

have made such a great progress in almost all aspects of our lives. This has
aroused a concern over whether one day human beings’ thoughts and actions
might be outstripped by machines, what the world would be like, could people
EXIST. Yes, they can.

As I interviewed 100 hundred persons about this questions, 80% adopted the
viewpoint that human beings will be the slaves of advanced technological
products and not have any self-control at hand. This might be possible. According
to Stephen Hawking- the most well- known scientist nowadays, “Due to the
limitations of the pace of biological evolution, humans will not be able to compete
with artificial intelligence, Once the machines can think for themselves, it will not
take long for them to embrace human power.Machines will not worry about
death , and they can interact with each other to upgrade their minds many times.
The intelligence of the machinery will many times as much as human. Even more
than when comparing human intelligence to snails”.

Nonethless, if considering this scenario in a positive facet, we realize that those

80% might be wrong. That this negative conception has been engraved on most
people’s mind has led to a high likelihood of having a grave war between super
machines and humans. With the great power and inteligence of future machine
whether we will win, or whether those intelligent machines want to control you.
Rather than inclining yourself to that adverse prospect, stop and think positively.
How great it would be if we eradicate the fear of being overwhelmed by
machines, try to be more tolerant and try to live in harmony with them. I always
hold a firm belief that a world without meaningless WARS will have a high chance
of bringing happiness and love to your life.

Therefore, Only when you come to terms with the fact that machines can outstrip
your thoughts and actions can you realize that peacefulness is of utmost
importance in your life . Bear in mind that what makes sense to us must stem
from our intrinsic identity and must be impervious to external circumstances.

“Please appreciate your tranquility”

Part 2 :

1. How can we become more human ?

So as to know how to become more human when machinery has become more
and more powerful. This question has driven us to think about our dependence
on advanced technology in this day and age. We may have to pay a exorbitant
price for getting more and more dependent on machines to automate work.
Instead of advocating, intelligent machines seem to be stoking us. To be more
specific, Software now has the ability to analyze and make decisions, automation
has burst out of the factory and emerged into the world of knowledge.
Computers are taking on a great many kinds of intellectual work that has long
been considered for mental labor: computer-based pilots to control planes; The
doctor consulted them for the diagnoses; Architects use them to design buildings.
The new wave automatically touches everyone. By dint of overdepending on the
machinery, people themselves have downplayed and degraded their skills

Hence, what is the solution? Let's change a little in thinking "human-centric

automation, priority to human talent’’. Promoting human-based automation does
not require any technical breakthroughs, just changing the order of priorities and
looking at the strengths and weaknesses of people in different ways. Fortunately,
it is not too late for us that we still have enough capaity to seize control over
machines. This is how we regain our self – initiatives and independence at
present and in the future if do not want to be dominated.

“ Becoming more human when you can protect your independence on thinking”

2. How can a machine love a person ? And vice versa ?

It is true that in order to have someone love you , you have to understand and
love them first. Like a real person, now we are considering that future machine
will have emotion and great intelligence. In this angle, if you want to conquer the
love of machines, you have to collect information about them as much as
possible, try to build up the TRUST and then the SYMPATHY. By degree, they will
love you. However, how can you love them. For me, this happens if and only if
you understand what you want the world between you and super machines to
become. As I aforementioned “A world without meaningless WARS will have a
high chance of bringing happiness and love to your life.”

3. How can we live as a multiple “I’’ ?

Before addressing this question, I want readers to ponder whether you can live as
a multiple “I” in this day and age. My answer is NO. If you use your “I” too much,
it means that you are isolating yourself in this collaborative world where people
are trying to use “WE” as much as possible. Especially in the context of
technological development with the strong power of AI and advanced machines,
people are trying to seek new visions and missions for us and other creatures,
Individualism should be lessened and need to hail the societal and community
spirits. In conclusion, If you do not want to live as a multiple “I”, please eradicate
your ambitious private demands in life and devote your strength and intelligence
to fostering the well being of the whole society.

My conclusion :

“ Nothing is impossible “ .

Truely enough, in all likelihood, machines will have great potentials to outweigh
the human’s thoughts and actions but WE are ones who will make a decision on
the world that WE want it to be. Please change your INTELLIGENCE in a positive
way that we will NOT be their SLAVES BUT FRIENDS.