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Name : Kavilasini a/p Subramaniam

Matrik Num : GA03387

Organisation : Hong Leong Bank Berhad

Position : Sales Executive

Job Roles

• Achieve the agreed individual sales targets ensure compliance with the bank’s policies
and procedures. For example, I have to hit monthly target of Personal Loan of RM 100,000.

• To build and maintain effective business relationship with customers. I will engage with
customers as I’m working in branches where I have to meet face to face customers.

• Promote bank retail products and services to potential customers by making proactive
sales efforts and capitalizing on cross selling opportunities in order to achieve the sales targets.

• To assist in conducting promotional activities, meetings and road shows in the assigned
area to achieve the budgeted sales volumes. For example, we conduct a roadshow at GSC Klang
Parade to promote our credit cards.

• To ensure the submitted customer applications and documentations are complete and
error free

• To follow up for Document discrepancies which have been approved as Deferrals.

• Minimize errors and act upon them for correction and re-submission if any.

• To provide Sales MIS to Branch Manager on regular basis.

• To provide ongoing customer / market feedback to Branch Manager to improve business.
Challenges Faced As Sales Executives

1. Overcoming Sales Objection

Sales objections are inevitable. Most of the customers are not willing to accept our product when
we do our marketing. But by anticipating and responding to sales objections, Target customer
gets a chance to give it a voice can be very beneficial. So, the first step is to research then needs
and identify the most-likely objections to be raised by the target customers. The second step is to
transform each objection to an opportunity by demonstrating knowledge and customer empathy.
Handling sales rejection is as important as pitching.

2. Staying Motivation

This is the biggest challenge for a sales executive. With the pressure that keeps on rising every
day, it becomes a task in hand for the sales executives to stay motivated and keep the spirits sky
high. As technology is disrupting the playing field when it comes to access to information,
networks, and data - sales executives are finding it harder to keep up with the rising management
pressure. It is important for both, the employee and the employer to have long-term plans.
Hence, it is a given that the organization should keep its sales executives happy and motivated by
tweaking their work in such a way that they are always ready to accept new responsibilities

3. Not Getting Qualified Leads

Targeting is the first step in the selling process. As a sales executives, it is important to know that
you do not confuse a prospect with a lead. A prospect is a qualified person or business that has
the potential to buy your product or service. The name of a person or business who might be a
prospect is referred to as a lead. The biggest challenge for a sales executives is to get a qualified
lead that has the potential of a long-term association. It is hard for me to convert leads in to sales
because most of them doesn’t required a personal loan. Customer who desperate for loans who
most likely is not quality customers who have very bad CCRIS history.
Activities carried out at Shopping Mall with my Team