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Visco-elastic mass made of a special blend of EPDM rubber with

mineral fillers (surface density 4 kg/m2 or 5 kg/m2). This acoustic
membrane is coated on both sides with non-sticky non-woven
fabric. Isolmant TeloGomma is recommended for the airborne
sound insulation and vibration isolation of drywalls, masonry walls,
plates, fibreglass, plastics and plywood. Upon request, it is possible
to have this product with one adhesive side.

Approx. 2 mm
Approx. 2,5 mm

Approx. 4 kg/m2
Approx. 5 kg/m2


Normal incidence sound transmission loss test with rubber of 4 kg/m2

VAPOUR RESISTANCE μ = approx. 7000

SIZE Rolls of 1 m x 3 m (h x L) = 3 m2

PACKAGING 30 rolls pallet (equal to 90 m2)

> Conditions of use

This product can be used also on non-planar surfaces. It could be die cut and trimmed. The visco-elastic mass is
suitable for increasing the acoustic insulation of drywall, and as noise barrier for the airborne insulation of plate roofs
and in general as damping product for mechanical elements.

> Item specifications

Acoustic Insulating material made of EPDM polymer-based, mineral fillers, free bitumen and non-halogen rubber
with 2 mm thickness and surface density of 4 kg/m2 (or 2.5 mm thickness and density 5 kg/m2) coated on both sides
with non-sticky non-woven fabric (Isolmant TeloGomma type).

WARNING: This technical data sheet is not a valid specification and, if it consist of multiple pages, be sure to read the full
document. This instruction are the best of our current experience but are indicative information. Assuming the liability
resulting from the use of this product, it is up to the user to establish whether the product is suitable for the intended use.

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