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Mr A B Sample
Customer reference number
8500 0000 0001

Your first gas and electricity Statement date:

8 September 2011

statement - actual Statement period:

13 Jun 11 - 07 Sep 11

This is your first This statement

statement Balance brought £0.00 Welcome
forward Thank you for choosing us as your
What you paid £250.50 energy supplier.

Gas you’ve used £243.39

Electricity you’ve used £119.89
Your discounts £22.72

Your adjustment £61.91

Your Sainsbury’s Energy balance is:
VAT at 5% £13.93 As at 3 Sep 2011 5800
Your total Nectar balance is:
Your new £42.08 As at 6 Sep 2011 9123
account balance in debit
Gas amount £23.35
Electricity amount £18.73
For further details please turn over±

What next?
Monthly Direct Debit - new payment amount
We know you trust us to keep your account in order so we regularly check you are paying the correct amount to cover
the energy you are using and to take account of any recent price changes. On this occasion we have found your Direct
Debit payments need to change from £83.50 to £107.50. This includes £76.00 for your gas and £31.50 for your
electricity. Your new payment amount will start from 27 Sep 2011.
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Where to write to
What you paid - thank you
Write to Sainsbury’s Energy PO BOX 4805,
Direct Debit 27 Jun 2011 £83.50 Worthing BN11 9QW
We’ll reply to you as soon as we can
Direct Debit 27 Jul 2011 £83.50 Please include your meter reading
Direct Debit 30 Aug 2011 £83.50 Emergency?
Total payments £250.50 Smell gas? Call 0800 111 999 (24 hours)
Electrical emergency or power cut?
Call 0800 328 1111 (24 hours)
Gas you’ve used To find the name and address of the company
responsible for the gas pipeline delivery network to
standard tariff your home, please call 08701 600 229 (lines open
Mon-Fri 8am to 9pm, excluding Bank Holidays).
Meter number: 0234500
The company responsible for the electricity supply
17 Jun 11 - estimated 1589 We estimated your first meter reading delivery network is Central Networks, Pegasus
Business Park, Herald Way, Castle Donnington,
17 Aug 11 - estimated 1737 Estimated Derbyshire, DE74 2TU.
= 148 imperial units used over 62 days (estimated) Your gas meter point reference number and
electrical supply number
Gas units converted = 4675.86 kWh used over 62 days
Gas meter point reference number: 2555402802
First 455.00 kWh x 7.097p £32.29 Your electricity supply number
01 801 1 Midlands Pricing Area.
Next 4220.86 kWh x 3.296p £139.12 S 14 1312 4102 000 G4S read your meter.
Cost of gas used this period £171.41 Complaint relating to your energy account?
18 Aug 11 - estimated 1737 Estimated at price change Step 1 Please contact us on 0800 316 0 316 or
email or write
7 Sep 11 - actual 1789 We read your meter to Sainsbury’s Energy Complaint Management
Team, PO BOX 4804, Worthing BN11 9QU. We
= 52 imperial units used over 21 days (actual)
will do all we can to resolve your issue straight
Gas units converted = 1642.86 kWh used over 21 days away.
Step 2 If you remain dissatisfied, please write to:
First 154.00 kWh x 8.454p £13.02 Lynda Campbell, Head of Complaints, Sainsbury’s
Energy, PO BOX 4803, Worthing BN11 9QT.
Next 1488.86 kWh x 3.960p £58.96 If you have followed steps 1 and 2, and your
complaint is still unresolved at 8 weeks you have a
Cost of gas used this period £71.98 right to contact Ombudsman Services: Energy on
0845 055 0760 (Textphone 18001 0845 051 1513),
Total cost of gas used £243.39 or via The Ombudsman offers
a free, independent service where customer and
supplier cannot reach final resolution. They may
Gas units are converted to Kilowatt hours using the following formula: require us to take practical action that may benefit
imperial metric conversion calorific volume to convert gas used in you, offer an apology or explanation, and/or make
units used factor value correction to kWh kWh a financial award. Their final decision is binding on
148 x 2.83 x 39.3 x 1.0226400 ÷ 3.6 = 4675.86 the energy supplier, not you as the customer or
The above illustration is based on the first meter read of this bill. Advice?
Consumer Direct, the Government’s helpline for
consumer advice, offers clear, practical and impartial
help and advice. You can call on
08454 04 05 06 or go to
All Central heating enquiries: 0800 316 0 316

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Sainsbury’s Energy is a trading name used under licence by British Gas Trading Limited, a Centrica company.
Registered in England No. 3078711. Registered office: Millstream, Maidenhead Road, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 5GD.
Bill date & tax point 8 Sep 2011.

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