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Jesus talked so much about money.

It is because he wants us to know his perspective on this

critical area of life. Our use of money is a good test of the Lordship of Christ in our life.

Mathew 6:19-21 “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy
and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for your selves treasures in heaven, where
thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is there your heart will be also”

(Mathew 25:40) “I tell you the truth whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of
mine, you did for me”

Hebrews 13 says that “Don’t forget to do good and share what you have with those in need, for
such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”

Even the Parable of the Widow’s offering Mark 12:40-43 Jesus teaches us that the value of a gift
is not measured by its size but by its sacrifice.

The above teaching from God’s Word convinced me enough that I should leave my business and
join NIRMAAN, a Christian NGO working among the Scheduled Tribes of India. These tribes
constitute the weakest section of our society as they had been subjected to economic exploitation
and social discrimination for ages. This unfortunate situation has been largely responsible for
their abject poverty, illiteracy and overall backwardness. Nirmaan aims at developing these
communities to be holistically developed. At present, our work is focused on Ravulas.

Ravulas of Thirunelli.
Thirunelli is the largest revenue village in
Wayanad district, one of the least developed
districts of Kerala. Majority of Thirunelli
panchayat is under forest cover, which is
endowed with rich and incredible
biodiversity and most of the tribes of this
region are agricultural laborers.

However, their biggest problem is

alcoholism, which contributes to their acute
poverty. Their employers deduct Rs. 45 A tribal hut in Wayanad
from their daily wages to provide for their
daily supply of liquor. It is sad to see even young boys made to work from dawn to dusk under the
influence of alcohol. Women are the backbone of their households, holding together and
supporting their families in many different ways. Most of these women who go across the state
borders to earn their living are sexually exploited;
hence Thirunelli has the highest number of
unwedded mothers in India. As a means to
provide solution for the above mentioned two
social issues, Nirmaan has initiated medicinal
plant cultivation project that would provide
employment locally.
Such exploitation happens among tribes due to illiteracy and ignorance combined with
superstitions. We believe modern education can play the role of catalyst in bringing sea changes
in the sphere of social, political, economic and spiritual fields whereby warding off economic
backwardness and social deprivation. But many Ravula parents cannot afford to send their
children to school due to poverty. Most of them Tribal children enjoying their holidays
lack enough food to sustain themselves, in such
a condition, education is considered a luxury. If a child is sent to school, the family lacks the little
income he brings in. Giving children some incentives or providing them with opportunities for
vocations will prove to be effective. The situation in Ravula region has put a burden in us that we
should do something to improve their condition. We have certain dreams about them.

With our limited resources at present we have

1. Tuitions in tribal villages.
2. coaching classes for tribal youngsters to write public service exams
3. spoken English Classes
4. Appointed a few educated tribal youth to tutor tribal children
5. plans to immediately start some income generating projects
6. given financial assistance to Maran, a disabled to start a petty shop

In future we are planning to

1. Create awareness programs against substance abuse.
2. Teach them how to manage their income.
3. Use audio visual aids in tuitions
to increase interest in education.
4. Provide financial aid to help
tribes to attend de addiction
5. Programs to assist school
dropouts Vocational training.
6. Career Guidance.
7. Come with income generation
8. Medicinal plant cultivation.
9. Manufacture soap powder, The youngsters working in the medicinal plant field
soap bars, liquid soap etc
10. Raising Calves for meat.
11. Manufacture candles etc

We also have plans to widen our horizon to reach the Muthuvan of Idduki, Muduga & Pal
Kurumba of Attapady in Kerala and Betta Kurumba in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka & Kerala this year.

We are providing you an opportunity to those caught in the web of poverty. Those of you who are
doctors can provide health care; Educators can provide literacy and remedial reading programs;
Businessmen can impart job skills. Above all, we request your earnest prayers and your kind
support for this good Endeavour.


Abraham Jose and Saramma (Kochumon & Lissy)

Mobile: 09847069804 Res: 04935241552