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In general, Indonesia's economic profile is considered quite positive. Among the developing
countries of Indonesia it is considered as one of the potential countries. Assessed as a country
that has high reselience. Who has been able to respond to various economic challenges well.

Indonesia is among 10 emerging countries that are considered "popular". Who have achieved
solid progress with BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) Even though Indonesia has
experienced a variety of bleak situations. Especially in the face of the 1997-98 Asian Financial
crisis and the current World crisis. In the past, Indonesia was predicted to collapse.

Below is the profile of the Indonesian Economy which is depicted in the form of important
figures. Published by Wikipedia.
US $ 1.2 trillion GDP (2010)
Growth GDP 6% (2010)
GDP per capita is US $ 4,300 (2010); US $ 4,100 (2009)
GDP by sector agriculture (16.5%), industry (46.4%), services (37.1%)
Inflation (CPI) 5.1% (2010)
Population below poverty line 13.3% (2010)
Gini index 34.3 (2008)
Labor force 120 million (2010)
Labor force by occupation 40% (2010)
3.2% Unemployment (2010)
Petroleum and natural gas industries, textiles, apparels, footwear, mining, cement, chemical
fertilizers, plywood, rubber, food, tourism

Source: Wikipedia

Indonesia was elected as a member of the G20 consisting of developed and country-developing
countries. Only 5 countries selected from Asia are: China, Japan, India, South Korea and

Indonesia's economic system is recorded as a Market Economy System. But the government
continues to play an important role; which has 164 state companies; the government that can
regulate the development of prices for various basic goods; including in the energy sector; the
price of rice; and electricity tariffs.

GDP of the 20 Largest Countries in the World

NO Country Amount (US $ Billion)
1 United States 14,119
2 Japan 5,069
3 China 4,985
4 Germany 3,330
5 France 2,649
6 United Kingdom 2,174
7 Italy 2,112
8 Brazil 1,573
9 Spain 1,460
10 Canadians 1,336
11 India 1,310
12 Russians 1,231
13 Australia 924.8
14 Mexico 874.8
15 South Korea 832.5
16 Netherlands 792.1
17 Turkey 614.6
18 Indonesia 540.3
19 Switzerland 491.9

20 Belgium 471.2

Of the 20 largest countries in the world, Indonesia currently ranks 18th. Measured from the
amount of GDP. But it has been predicted that Indonesia will include The Big Ten.

According to news from Davos, Switzerland at the Indonesian WEF Forum has been included in
the "Trillion Dollar Club" so that the Indonesian representative, the Minister of Trade, Gita
Wiryawan, was welcomed and honored.

In terms of growth rate, Indonesia's achievements are amazing with speeds above 6%. According
to unofficial news, Indonesia occupies second place in the world in the speed of economic

In the matter of inflation, Indonesia up to now includes countries that can control it. In terms of
the poverty ratio (13%) and unemployment (3%), which is a weakness of Indonesia, it does not
seem to be too questioned. Maybe because many countries also face similar situations. What
touches developing countries and some developed countries.

What is considered important for Indonesia is to maintain the trend of progress. Which shows an
improved and positive line. Such strategies need to be applied in aspects that are still weak;
including in the fields of education and health, bureaucracy, infrastructure, rule of law etc