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N˚ Documents to be submitted

1 A General arrangement of electrical installation.

2 A Single line diagram of main and emergency power and lighting systems.

3 I Electrical power balance (main and emergency supply).

Calculation of short-circuit currents for each installation in which the sum of rated
4 A power of the energy sources which may be connected contemporaneously to the
network is greater than 500 kVA (kW).

Where the maximal short-circuit current on the main bus-bar is expected to exceed
50 kA for the main and emergency switchboards, justification of the main bus-bar
5 A
and bracket strength related to induced electro- magnetic forces (except junction
bars to the interrupting and protective devices).

List of circuits including, for each supply and distribution circuit, data concerning the
6 A nominal current, the cable type, length and cross-section, nominal and setting values
of the protective and control devices.

7 A Single line diagram and detailed diagram of the main switchboard.

8 A Single line diagram and detailed diagram of the emergency switchboard.

Diagram of the most important section boards or motor control centres (above 100
9 A

Diagram of the supply for monitoring and control systems of propulsion motors and
10 A
generator prime movers.

11 A Diagram of the supply, monitoring and control systems of the rudder propellers.

Diagram of the supply, monitoring and control systems of controllable pitch

12 A

Diagram of the general emergency alarm system, of the public address system and
13 A
other intercommunication systems.

14 A Detailed diagram of the navigation-light switchboard.

15 A Diagram of the remote stop system (ventilation, fuel pump, fuel valves, etc.).

List of batteries including type and manufacturer, voltage and capacity, location and
16 A equipment and/or system(s) served, maintenance and replacement schedule (when
used for essential and emergency services).

17 A (2) Selectivity and coordination of the electrical protection.

18 A (3) Single line diagram.

19 A (3) Principles of control system and its power supply.

20 A (3) Alarm and monitoring system including:

• list of alarms and monitoring points

• power supply diagram.

Safety system including:

21 A (3) • list of monitored parameters for safety system

• power supply diagram.

22 I (3) Arrangements and details of the propulsion control consoles and panels.

23 I (3) Arrangements and details of electrical coupling.

Arrangements and details of the frequency convertors together with the justification
24 I (3)
of their characteristics.

Arrangements of the cooling system provided for the frequency convertor and motor
25 I (3)

Test program for convertors and rotating machines having rated power > 3 MW,
26 A (3)
dock and sea trials.
A : To be submitted for approval

I : To be submitted for information.

For high voltage installations.

For electric propulsion installations.