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Wietz Beukes

August 2010

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Personal data
Surname: Beukes
First names: Wietz Jacobus
Gender: Male
Race: White
Age: 41
Citizenship: South African

Home address: Fisant Street 19

Helikon Park

Postal address: PO Box 261


Telephone: 011 412 4345(h) cell 082 557 8115

011 671 0326 (w) or switchboard: 011 671 0321


I have been married for 18 years and have 2 daughters. I have no criminal record and am in excellent

Educational Qualifications

Matriculated at Wessel Maree High School, Ondendaalsrus in 1986 with university exemption.
Subjects and symbols achieved: Physical Science A
Maths C
Accounting C
Geography B
Afrikaans B
English B
Extramural activities included chess team, tennis and school choir.

Higher Education

Obtained B.Sc. degree (maths and chemistry) in 1989 at PU for CHE (now Northwest University)
Secondary subjects were physics and computer science.
Obtained B.Sc. Honours degree (chemistry) in 1990 at PU for CHE.
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Quick summary

More than ten years of Gas Chromatography (GC) experience at South African Bureau of Standards (SABS). Did
pesticide residue analysis, gas analysis and various other typical GC work.
Worked in ISO 17025 SANAS accredited lab as technical signatory, compiled SOP's, organised calibrations etc. Have
wide wet chemistry experience, UV spectrophotometry, Karl Fischer, gravimetry etc. etc.
In-depth knowledge of cigarette testing (NFDPM condensate, nicotine & water, physicals).
Does ISO 17025 assessor work for SANAS as technical expert.
Very good computer skills relating to making lab life easier.
Microsoft Excel VBA experience, wrote extensive macro's for data capturing, manipulation & stats.
Two years experience as Validation Officer at a Pharmaceutical contract manufacturer.
Knowledge of PIC/S, WHO, FDA and local guidelines concerning validation.
Knowledge of cGMP and quality control on pharmaceutical raw material and final products.
Experience in conducting internal and external audits (GMP).
Experience in management, sales and stock control (Symphony software package) gained at Fruit & Veg City over 9

Employment History
Have been working at the SABS, from which I received a bursary during the four years at university, since 1991
until May 2006.

January 1991 - May 1992: Worked in SABS General Chemistry Division, Residue Section.
The work here dealt with the determination of various pesticide residues in foodstuffs, animal tissue, plant
material, water and soil samples. Pesticides determined included organo chloride, organo fluoride, pyrethroids
etc. Techniques used were Gas Chromatography, Spectrophotometry, HPLC and GC-MS.

I was involved in every stage from sample preparation to report writing. I became familiar with mostly the gas
chromatographic applications and have no HPLC or GC-MS hands-on experience.

May 1992 - December 1992: Worked alternately in Residue Section and Analytical Section depending
on the respective workloads.

January 1993 - March 2000: Worked permanently in Analytical Section

The techniques used here that I became familiar with were:
o Gravimetry
o Titremetry (visual, pH, turbidity)
o Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (including use of graphite furnace)
o Colorimetry and UV Spectrophotometry

Specific tests that I performed included the following:

o Chemical analysis of cement: chloride content, sulfate content, loss on ignition, insoluble matter
o Polymer samples: density determination, carbon black content, degree of cross-linking, HCl emission of
o Chemical analysis of water purifying chemicals.
o Determination of percentage combustibles in stone dust samples from coal mines. For this I wrote a
simple computer program to handle input from a gravimetric balance to a PC and the subsequent
calculations and results generation. This facilitated the speedy handling of a huge amount of samples.
o Determination of hazardous inorganic components and pollutants in respirable dust samples. This
ranged from coal tar pitch volatiles to most elements determinable by AA.
o Determination of hazardous organic components and pollutants in respirable dust samples.
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During the above period I also became more involved in the testing of cigarette smoke for total particulate
matter, water and nicotine content. This incorporates smoking cigarettes on a smoking machine that captures
the smoke tar on filters. Water and nicotine content of the tar extract is then determined by GC (Gas
Chromatography). I became responsible for this function, the Smoke Project, which was an ongoing service to
the tobacco industry. I was also responsible for the sampling arrangements.

March 2000 to May 2006: Working in Chromatographic Services Department formed in transformation
process at SABS.

Specifically for the Smoke Project I wrote Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) modules for Microsoft Excel to
handle the raw integration data of the GC through to the final results drawn into a word processing application.
This system did the calibration graphs, calculations, control charts, keeps record of analysis parameters and
gives comparative graphs with previous results.

In 1999 the lab acquired ISO 17025 accreditation by SANAS for the ISO methods used in the Smoke Project
(reference T0270). I had the capacity of technical signatory for this project. This also extended my
responsibility to the writing and updating of the relevant documentation (SOP’s etc.). In this regard I also acted
as a technical auditor during 4 different assessments made by SANAS to the British American Tobacco
laboratory in Nairobi, Kenya.

Gas analysis by GC became my responsibility. This includes the determination of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen,
helium, carbon dioxide, methane and other hydrocarbons, and the like.

Subsequent to this I did smoke toxicity index testing according to NES 713.

Oxidation induction time determination with differential thermal analysis (DTA) apparatus was also a side line

Reasons for leaving SABS: Financial viability of my positions’ main activity, the Smoke Project, came
under heavy pressure as outdated equipment needed expensive replacement. Opportunity to be involved in own
business came along, see below.

June 2006 to March 2007 Employed in a family run Fruit & Veg City retail store as assistant manager.

Duties included stock receiving, monitoring, control & orders, staff managing, running T&A system,
housekeeping, software support, logistics maintenance, displays etc.

Reasons for leaving: Store setup complete and functioning well. Opportunity to return to laboratory
environment came about in March 2007.

March 2007 to June 2007 Employed by Masters International Tobacco Manufacturing Co., Wadeville,
as laboratory analyst in QC lab.

The work entailed setting up two new tests for the lab: determination of water by Karl Fischer titration and
nicotine by steam distillation and UV spectrophotometry. Analysis was done on cigarette tar samples
Did ISO 17025 assessor work as technical expert for SANAS in May 2007, two day assessment, Stellenbosch.

Reasons for leaving: The three month contract expired on June 7, 2007 and was not renewed due to
restructuring and general staff retrenchments made. Tests were set up and sample throughput overestimated.

July 2007 Employed by Technikon Laboratories, Robertville, as analyst in pharmaceutical QC lab.

Technikon Laboratories is a contract manufacturor of pharmaceutical products.

Exposed to a pharmaceutical production QC system and GMP. Did various industry typical QC tests, physical
and chemical. Refractive index, density, pack integrity, moisture etc. Tests on bulk and final products, tablets &
capsules, liquids, powders and aerosol cans.
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August 2007 to currently
Employed by Technikon Laboratories as Validation Officer.

As Validation Officer involved with:

• Qualification of production machines (encapsulators, blister machines, sachet filling machines,

packaging machines etc.)
• Qualification of test instruments, IQ, OQ and PQ.
• Compiling of validation documentation i.e. protocols for qualifications and process validations.
• Qualification of utilities incl. HVAC and RO water purification system.
• Monitoring of climatic conditions.
• Trending of test results and parameters.
• Compiling of Validation Master Plan and Cleaning Validation Master Plan.
• Compiling cleaning validation protocols and reports.
• Planning and executing of cleaning validation including operating TOC instrument.

Assessor work as technical expert, ISO 17025, conducted on behalf of SANAS:

2008: one day assessment, BAT Stellenbosch.

2009: one day assessment, BAT Stellenbosch
two day assessment, BAT Nairobi.
2010: two day assessment at ICP-OES and ICP-MS laboratory, Sasolburg.

Courses attended & certificates

Certificate in Basic Gas Chromatography; One week long training at Technikon Pretoria, issued 4 November

Certificate in Advanced Techniques in Atomic Absorption Spectrometry; Four days training at Technikon
Pretoria, issued 12 September 1994.

One week long Laboratory Systems Course, presented by the NLA (later to become SANAS), December 1997.

Two day Validation Course by Alec Cameron, December 2007.

Morning course on basic hygiene awareness by Swift Micro Laboratories, August 2008.

Two day HPLC course, presented by Labhouse, July 2010.

One day GMP course presented by Alec Cameron, August 2010.
Two day course on using TOC for Cleaning Validation, presented by the International Sales Manager for
Teledyne Tekmar, Kevin Dubas, August 2010.
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Personal interests and occupations

• Mountain biking, social level.
• I've been on the committee of the Expo for Young Scientists, Northern Gauteng, for five years.
• Interested in software specifically used in laboratories, and the accreditation requirements thereof.
• Generally interested in anything scientific.
• Keeping a website for my mothers’ B&B:

Some of my better characteristics:

• Integrity
• Patience
• Relate well with almost all types of people.
• Logically inclined
• Persistent with something worth doing.
• Very adaptable and compliant
• Collected and unperturbed

“Other” characteristics:
• Tend to over analyse, time permitting
• Not your typical team player

References: Mr. Hein Garbers

Manager: Chromatographic Services, SABS tel 012 428 6648

Mrs. Santa Reynolds

Manager: Fruit & Veg City, Randfontein
Tel: 011 693 6522
Cell: 084 799 1011

Mrs. Meisie Botes / Mr. Tony Lowe

Master International Tobacco Manufacturing
Tel: 011 827 6597
Cell: 076 851 2674

Mrs. Paula Carstens

QA Manager
Technikon Laboratories
Tel: 011 671 0314