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= - mae Mesos tre nears — ocr nec tes a hance conttnerone|) Senuany 2019 severe (See Ph as Pass 7140.20 ages, ot conn 10 i 12 am | oa 17 18 19 oe tie oe sets 24 25 26 wea 27 28 429 30 [ist a = sax | ore) oe on | = mes aoa Dee 9- 49 Minister’s Musings Dona Whitney: froma Christan Century aril in 2017 ‘The bepinnng of axew years an ideal ime to stop, look up, and ge our bearings. To that end, here are some quesions to ask prayerful in the presence of God. + What’ the single mst important ting you could do to improve the quality of your fay if this year? ‘Whats the single bagesttme-waster In your fe and what wllyou do about it this year? Whats the mast haul new way you could strengthen your church? What one thing coud you do to improve your prayer life this year? What single thing twat you plan odo this year wil matter most inten year? In eternity [know the year new isa cliché waiting to happen. Gym memberships are up, vows to eat better, promises to exercise more, and al other sorts of resolutions are started and 4quitby the end of january, Just because the vast majority of resolutions are not kept ‘doesn't mean a person shouldn’t look at their lives and make some changes ifneed be. ‘That's why I liked these questions put forth by Mr. Whitney. I picked 5 ofthe 10 or so questions he asked because they seemed to speak to me. | don’t know how its in your house, but in my house with the wife and kids we are ‘constantly trying new ways to improve our quality time together. Life gets so hectic that it is very easy to just get swept up in the flow and pretty soon the kids are packing for college. ‘Think about the first two questions. Do you want to know what popped into my head when Tread those? Cell phones and video games. Cell phones are probably the biggest time ‘waster in our lives and the pervasiveness and addicting nature of video games are they boys’ number one time waster, Simply putting the devices down and looking at each other, ‘eating at the same table and talking to each other improves our quality family time. ove the third question and I would challenge everyone reading to give it some serious thought. Whatcan YOU do to strengthen our church this coming year? I bet you're reading ahead looking ‘or the prodding to give more of your money..admit it you were. I'm not going to do that. Ifeveryone of us honestly and prayerfully asks ourselves that ‘question atleast once « week, | know that God would bless our church family and you by showing you how you could help strengthen our church. There are as many possible answers to that question as there are people asking it. ‘The last two questions focus on the micro and the macro, How can you improve your daily prayer life? Hopefully you have a daily prayer life! And the macro of taking a look at all of your activities and plans for the year and evaluating their true importance. 1 am willing to bet that an active and improved daly prayer life would help bring into focus ‘what i truly important in your life, I wonder how much we do really matters 10 years down the road let alone in eternity! Board Mecting: December 9, 2018 Present: Pastor Brian Wohlhuter, Carroll Olsen, Christina Richards, Charlie Leaders, Phylisha Wolfe, Tracey Roane, and Richard Daw, Meeting notes for october and Novenber were approved. ist by Carrol Olsen, 2nd by Tracey Roane. Pastor's Report: 334 miles driven last month. sunday School christmas Program is next Sunday December 16th and going to be really good, bbe gona on vacation on December 30". No conference meeting this month. Baptism on Sunday Decenber 23rd, Confirmation: 3 boys will read Scriptures at worship during January services. ‘Treasurer's Report: suction was great and raised nore than previous years. Auction itens alone were @ Little over $17,000.00. Sandwiches lore a good idea, Auctioneers vere each given a 100 cash after the Zuction for their hard work and Keeping the sale moving. Community Hall Rental was paid for tho auction, but sonetines part of the rental is given back to the church as a donation for supporting the Comunity Center. Richard was unsure about this a the time, All notes are paid off, Insurance and annuity will come on the 1sth and be monthly payments, Instead of quarterly. Motion to approve Tzessurer's Report wag Ist by Charlie Leaders and 2nd by Christina Richards Miseion Mund: A donation may be made to help with the Christeas Family. Memorial Fund: Easter Sanners for downtown Minden would be a good project fand are about $600.00. Pastor Brian recommended this for the ehusen and Would be great to show support in the community. He will suggest this dea to the Nesorial Pund embers. Trustee's Report: Lesk in chapel ie getting worse between the two additions oven with snow melting and needs to be checked, but this will have to wait fill spring. Charlie recomended Harley since he had done the roof before and will check with him so he knows that we have a root issue when the weather is nicer. Scooby is pushing snow for the church. Deacon's Fund: No morey was used this month. Keep account open till there is no funds and then close this account and take from the general fund. ‘Young Adult Group Account: Pastor Brian got more info about the three hanes on the account and will speak with them to see about closing the account and where to put the remaining funds since this account 1s no Longer being used.