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Activity ID Activity StaWBS Code Activity N (*)Start (*)Finish (*)ResourceDelete This Row
A1000 Not Started..-1 Start 14-Oct-18 1:00:00 AM
A1020 In Progress ..-1.2 Shuttering 15-Oct-18 22-Oct-18 Carpenter, Wood, Cash out, Cash in
A1030 Not Started..-1.2 pouring pla17-Oct-18 18-Oct-18 Concrete Pump, Cash in, Cash out
A1040 Not Started..-1.2 Deshutering25-Oct-18 05-Nov-18 Carpenter, Cash in, Cash out
A1050 Not Started..-1.3.1 Make plaste15-Oct-18 04-Nov-18 Mortar, Plastering Man
A1060 Not Started..-1.3.1 Paint intern22-Oct-18 21-Nov-18 Painter, Paints
A1070 Not Started..-1.3.1 Finish Mast 31-Oct-18 20-Nov-18 Ceramics, Ceramic man
A1080 Not Started..-1.3.1 Finish and 07-Nov-18 11-Nov-18 Paints, Painter
A1090 Not Started..-1.3.1 Finish 5 be 14-Nov-18 19-Nov-18 Ceramic man, Ceramics
A1100 Not Started..-1.3.1 Finish 5 be 25-Nov-18 04-Dec-18 Paints, Painter
A1110 Not Started..-1.3.1 Finish livin 04-Dec-18 11-Dec-18 Ceramics, Ceramic man
A1120 Not Started..-1.3.1 Finish livin 18-Dec-18 20-Dec-18 Paints, Painter
A1130 Not Started..-1.3.1 Finish serv 30-Dec-18 06-Jan-19 Ceramics, Ceramic man
A1140 Not Started..-1.3.1 Finish serv 01-Jan-19 03-Jan-19 Paints, Painter
A1150 Not Started..-1.3.1 Finish Corri 03-Jan-19 10-Jan-19 Ceramics, Ceramic man
A1160 Not Started..-1.3.1 Finish Corri 07-Jan-19 09-Jan-19 Paints, Painter
A1170 Not Started..-1.3.1 Finish Terra 09-Jan-19 15-Jan-19 Ceramics, Ceramic man
A1190 Not Started..-1.3.1 Finish Terra 10-Jan-19 15-Jan-19 Paints, Painter
A1200 Not Started..-1.3.1 Finish Bath 14-Jan-19 21-Jan-19 Paints, Painter
A1210 Not Started..-1.3.1 Finish Bath 16-Jan-19 23-Jan-19 Ceramic man, Ceramics
A1220 Not Started..-1.3.1 Finish Bath 20-Jan-19 29-Jan-19 Paints, Painter
A1230 Not Started..-1.3.1 Water Insul 22-Jan-19 30-Jan-19 Insulation man, betomine
A1250 Not Started..-1.5 Make Exter 26-Feb-19 03-Mar-19 Carpenter, Wood
A1260 Not Started..-1.5 Make inter 28-Feb-19 06-Mar-19 Wood, Carpenter
A1380 Not Started..-1.3.1 Finish roof 24-Jan-19 04-Feb-19 Ceramic man, Ceramics
A1400 Not Started..-1.3.1 Water insula27-Jan-19 03-Feb-19 betomine, Insulation man
A1410 Not Started..-1.3.1 Thermal ins29-Jan-19 11-Feb-19 Insulation man, betomine
A1420 Not Started..-1.3.1 Plastering 31-Jan-19 20-Feb-19 Paints, Painter
A1440 Not Started..-1.6 make Rooms 31-Jan-19 06-Feb-19 Wood, Carpenter
A1450 Not Started..-1.6 make bathr04-Feb-19 07-Feb-19 Carpenter, Wood
A1460 Not Started..-1.6 make kitche06-Feb-19 07-Feb-19 Wood, Carpenter
A1470 Not Started..-1.6 make terrac07-Feb-19 13-Feb-19 Carpenter, Wood
A1480 Not Started..-1.6 make stairs11-Feb-19 13-Feb-19 Wood, Carpenter
A1490 Not Started..-1.4 Bathroom 131-Jan-19 11-Feb-19 Ceramic man, Ceramics, Plumping man
A1500 Not Started..-1.4 Bathroom 204-Feb-19 13-Feb-19 Plumping man, Ceramics, Ceramic man
A1510 Not Started..-1.4 Bathroom 306-Feb-19 17-Feb-19 Ceramics, Ceramic man, Plumping man
A1520 Not Started..-1.4 Bathroom 407-Feb-19 18-Feb-19 Ceramics, Ceramic man, Plumping man
A1530 Not Started..-1.4 Kitchen 11-Feb-19 24-Feb-19 Ceramics, Plumping man
A1540 Not Started..-1.3.1 finish stair 04-Feb-19 13-Feb-19 Painter, Paints
A1550 Not Started..-1.3.1 finish stairs06-Feb-19 13-Feb-19 Ceramic man, Ceramics
A1560 Not Started..-1.3.1 fnish stairs 07-Feb-19 18-Feb-19 Ceramics, Ceramic man
A1570 Not Started..-1.3.1 finsh Stairs 11-Feb-19 17-Feb-19 Ceramic man, Ceramics
A1590 Not Started..-1.3.1 finish stair 13-Feb-19 18-Feb-19 Wood, Carpenter
A1600 Not Started..-1.3.2 2 interface 17-Feb-19 26-Feb-19 Ceramics, Ceramic man
A1610 Not Started..-1.3.2 2 interface 19-Feb-19 19-Mar-19 Paints, Painter, Mortar, Plastering Man
A1620 Not Started..-1.3.2 Sweep GRC21-Feb-19 13-Mar-19 Painter, Paints
A1630 Not Started..-1.3.2 Elevations f24-Feb-19 05-Mar-19 Ceramic man, Ceramics
A1660 Not Started..-1 Finish 13-Feb-19 2:00:00 PM

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A1670 Not Started..-1.2 Shuttering 15-Nov-18 26-Nov-18 Wood, Carpenter, Cash in, Cash out
A1680 Not Started..-1.2 fixing and 06-Dec-18 11-Dec-18 Steel Fixer, Steel Bars, Cash in, Cash out
A1690 In Progress ..-1.1 Excavation 14-Oct-18 23-Oct-18 Excavator, Cash in, Cash out
A1700 In Progress ..-1.1 Backfill 14-Oct-18 17-Oct-18 Excavator, Cash in, Cash out
A1710 Not Started..-1.7 connecting 22-Jan-19 04-Feb-19 (New Resource)
A1720 Not Started..-1.7 instaling el 24-Jan-19 28-Jan-19 (New Resource)
A1730 Not Started..-1.8 Insulation 09-Jan-19 14-Jan-19 Insulation man
A1740 Not Started..-1.2 Pouring rei 03-Jan-19 06-Jan-19 Concrete Pump, Concrete, Cash in, Cash ou
A1750 Not Started..-1.2 Deshutterin07-Jan-19 16-Jan-19 Carpenter, Cash in, Cash out
A1760 Not Started..-1.2 Shuttering 09-Jan-19 15-Jan-19 Wood, Carpenter, Cash in, Cash out
A1770 Not Started..-1.2 fixing and 13-Jan-19 20-Jan-19 Steel Bars, Steel Fixer, Cash in, Cash out
A1780 Not Started..-1.2 Pouring rei 15-Jan-19 16-Jan-19 Concrete Pump, Cash out, Cash in
A1800 Not Started..-1.2 Deshutteri 16-Jan-19 17-Jan-19 Carpenter, Cash in, Cash out
A1810 Not Started..-1.2 Shuttering 20-Jan-19 29-Jan-19 Wood, Carpenter, Cash in, Cash out
A1820 Not Started..-1.2 fixing and 22-Jan-19 27-Jan-19 Steel Fixer, Steel Bars
A1830 Not Started..-1.2 Pouring rei 24-Jan-19 28-Jan-19 Concrete Pump
A1840 Not Started..-1.2 Deshutterin28-Jan-19 25-Feb-19 Carpenter
A1850 Not Started..-1.2 maka Maso14-Oct-18 01-Nov-18 Masonary man

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Wood, Cash out, Cash in

ump, Cash in, Cash out
Cash in, Cash out
stering Man

Ceramic man

an, Ceramics

Ceramic man

Ceramic man

Ceramic man

Ceramic man

an, Ceramics

man, betomine

an, Ceramics
nsulation man
man, betomine

an, Ceramics, Plumping man

man, Ceramics, Ceramic man
Ceramic man, Plumping man
Ceramic man, Plumping man
lumping man

an, Ceramics
Ceramic man
an, Ceramics

Ceramic man
ter, Mortar, Plastering Man

an, Ceramics

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enter, Cash in, Cash out

Steel Bars, Cash in, Cash out
Cash in, Cash out
Cash in, Cash out

ump, Concrete, Cash in, Cash out

Cash in, Cash out
enter, Cash in, Cash out
Steel Fixer, Cash in, Cash out
ump, Cash out, Cash in
Cash in, Cash out
enter, Cash in, Cash out

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