Wired/Wireless Network Operations Center

Effortless network user and device management at your finger tips Yuh-Rong Leu, Ph.D.

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How to Manage All the Users and Devices?


Characteristics of WiNOC
Designed for large scale centralized network user and device management
Wireless Internet Service Provider Wireless campus Wireless hotel Digital surveillance RFID/ZigBee Asset Tracking M-City


Authorization. and Accounting) Large-scale location and network device management By-organization subscriber directory management RFID/ZigBee Asset Management & Tracking 5 .Characteristic of WiNOC (Cont.) WiNOC (Wired/Wireless Network Operations Center) Web-based user interface WLAN AAA (Authentication.

Taiwan Management of 35 Cisco APs.tpc.tw/).ncue.tw/). Taiwan Management of 52 InterEpoch APs and 1 InterEpoch AG as well as wireless AAA in Shu-Lin Middle School of Taipei County (http://www. 37 InterEpoch APs and 4 InterEpoch AGs as well as wireless AAA (w/ 6400+ users) in Taipei Commercial College (http://www.tpc. 6 . Taiwan Management of 26 InterEpoch APs and 1 InterEpoch AG as well as wireless AAA in Taibei High School (http://www. coffee shops and hotel chains.edu.edu. Taiwan Management of 20 InterEpoch APs and 1 InterEpoch AG as well as wireless AAA (w/ 8000+ users) in National ChangHua University of Education (http://www.tw/).edu.Success Stories Management of 109 InterEpoch AGs in 109 elementary and middle schools of Yi-Lan County.tpsh.tw/). Taiwan The WISP edition of WiNOC has been adopted by a Taiwanese WISP to run hotspot and VoWLAN business in restaurants.edu.slsh.tp.slsh. Taipei City.

employee.com. Billing for Internet access service in the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel Kaohsiung (http://www. 7 . Billing for Internet access service in the MGM GRAND Macau Hotel (http://www.tw/) with PMS integration. Taipei City.ntust. Taiwan.feph. in a military-based hospital and university. Management of 750+ Orinoco APs as well as wireless AAA (w/ 2000+ users) in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (http://www. guest.com/) with Fidelio PMS integration.Success Stories (Cont.grand-hilai. IEEE 802.mgmgrandmacau.tw/) with Fidelio PMS integration. etc.edu.1x PEAP wireless user access control supporting user roles including teacher.) Billing for Internet access service in Shangri-la Far Eastern Plaza hotel Taipei (http://www.tw). student.com.

Architecture 8 .

Device.Organization. User. Location. Asset 9 .

By-Location Graphic Device Management 10 .

Video Broadcast Application 11 .

RFID/ZigBee Asset Tracking 12 .

By-Organization User Management 13 .

WiNOC Hotel Solutions 14 .

WiNOC Hotel Solutions (HA) 15 .

data backup. RADIUS roaming support for inter-service provider roaming. Multiple WiNOC servers can work in tandem (Server Clustering) for load balancing.WiNOC Features (1) Multilingual support. RFID/ZigBee asset management & tracking 16 . and disaster recovery. Hierarchically grouping wireless users and devices by organization and location. Scheduling management tasks to run regularly or at specific times. Flexible and definable role-based authorization control. Uploading location (or floor) maps and device-specific images for managing devices graphically. Every user of this system can use his/her own favorite language.

17 . y) coordinates The following properties can be manually associated with each device list item: The following properties can be automatically retrieved from devices: MAC Address Firmware Version System Up Time WLAN SSID (Service Set Identifier) Intuitive and powerful device list sorting and searching. Device list import and export. Printing device lists.WiNOC Features (2) Building and manipulating device list: • • • • • • • • Device ID Device Name IP Address Management Port DNS Domain RADIUS Shared Secret Description Location (x. Adding device list items by IP address range.

Batch configuring RADIUS server settings of devices. RFID/ZigBee reader. etc. router. access controller. Batch configuring device administrator accounts and passwords. including wireless access point. or TCP. Multi-vendor.WiNOC Features (3) Network device management • • • • • • Management commands: (In the following “batch” means managing several devices at a time. multi-device-type support. SNMP-based device status and performance statistics reporting and analysis. Device status logging. Webcam. Batch configuring DNS server settings of devices. multi-model. Background device health monitoring and anomaly alerting by email and SMS (Short Message Service). video server. 18 .) Launching Web browser to configure devices. HTTP. Batch firmware upgrade of devices. digital video recorder. SNMP. Power-over-Ethernet switch. Various types of devices are supported. Checking device health by Ping.

Flexible by-organization. idle time. User logon and logoff time reporting. and simultaneous logon control. Flexible pre-paid and post-paid billing support. by-location billing policies. by-online-time. User list import and export. User account information configuration.WiNOC Features (4) User management Automatic user account and password generation for quickly creating a large quantity of user accounts. Flexible and powerful user list sorting and searching. logon hours. On-line user status monitoring. 19 . download/upload bytes、downlink/uplink bandwidth. User session time. By-location. or by-user-account traffic statistics and analysis.

This kind of account can only be used to log on once. 20 .WiNOC Features (5) Printing user lists. and logoff pages for captive Web portal redirect. One-time logon accounts for hotspot service promotion. authentication failure. Once an account is activated. the available hours of this account are continuously counted down no matter whether the wireless user is online or not. Hotel HSIA (High-Speed Internet Access) service purchase page. Customizable logon. authentication success. “Black list” manipulation. Non-stopped accounting accounts support.

deleting. Tracking position of a specific asset. and searching asset accounts. History of asset positions. 21 . editing.WiNOC Features (6) Asset Management & Tracking Adding. Real-time manifestation of positions of assets.

22 .

User List 23 .

Adding an Organization 24 .

Adding Users 25 .

Searching Users 26 .

User Access Log 27 .

Device List 28 .

Searching Devices 29 .

Detailed Device Info 30 .

Device List Printing 31 .

Checking Device Health 32 .

Batch Configuring Devices 33 .

Batch Firmware Upgrade 34 .

Report Wizard (1) 35 .

Report Wizard (2) 36 .

Report Wizard (3) 37 .

Top 10 Online Time Billboard 38 .

User Online Time Proportion 39 .

By-Interval Online Time Distribution 40 .

Text Report 41 .

Server Clustering 42 .

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