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RON WYDEN COMMITTEES: ras Wwnited States Senate MSs Soewnspwaisse WASHINGTON, DC 20510-3703 sre co December 28, 2018 ‘The Honorable Mike Pompeo Matthew Whitaker Secretary of State Acting Attorney General U.S. Department of State U.S, Department of Justice 2201 C Street NW 950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20520 Washington, DC 20520 Dear Secretary Pompeo and Acting Attorney General Whitaker: I write to express our strongest concems about recent press reports suggesting the Saudi government may have helped a Saudi citizen flee the U.S. while awaiting trial in Oregon for vehicular murder. In August 2016, Fallon Smart, a 15-year-old rising sophomore at Franklin High School, was struck and killed by a car while attempting to cross a street in Southeast Portland. Police arrested ‘Abdulrahman Noorah, a Saudi national then living in Oregon and attending Portland Community College. The Saudi government reportedly paid $100,000 of Mr. Noorah’s bail, enough to get him released, Subsequent press reports from June 2017 indicate that Mr. Noorah jumped bail before his trial was scheduled to begin and went on the run, A few days ago, Oregon’ largest newspaper ran a story indicating that when Mr. Norah jumped bail in 2017 he fled to Saudi Arabia. ‘The reporting further suggests the Saudi government played a far greater role than was previously known. According to The Oregonian, U.S. government officials believe the Saudi government provided Mr. Noorah a new passport and facilitated or actively helped his escape. These are shocking claims in any event, but with the barbaric murder of U.S. resident Jamal Khashoggi, they suggest a brazen pattern of disregard for the law and abuse of diplomatic privileges. ‘These claims must be thoroughly investigated, If they are accurate, they would require significant restrictions on Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic privileges and call into question the future of America’s bilateral relationship with the Saudis. To help me, constituents in Oregon including law enforcement officials, and Ms. Smart’s family better understand the facts, please respond to the following questions no later than January 31, 2019. + Did the Saudi Government pay for part of Mr. Noorah’s bail, either directly or indirectly?” + Does the Trump administration know or have reason to believe that Mr. Noorah is now living in Saudi Arabia? ‘ Ifyes, when did the administration first lean of this information? 880 MEDror, on 97503 SN0, 19701 eats HITP.//WYDEN SENATE.GOV + Does the Trump administration believe the Saudi government provided Mr. Noorah a passport despite knowing of his upcoming trial? If not, under what authority was Mr. ‘Noorah allowed to board a flight out of the United States? + Does the Trump administration have evidence of other assistance the Saudi government may have provided Mr. Noorah? + Since the U.S. does not have an extradition treaty with Saudi Arabia, what steps is the Trump administration taking to ensure Mr. Noorah is accountable for the death of Ms. Smart? anticipate your responses in a timely manner. Sincerely, Ron Wyden United States Senator