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Date: - 06.10.


Subject: - Requirement for Microelectronics lab.

The following instruments are required in PCB / Microelectronics lab. :-

S.No. Item Name Price(Approximate)

1 Photo contact PCB artwork film maker 20000
2 Baking and Curing oven 18000
3 Photo resist DIP coating machine 20000
4 Double sided UV exposure unit(Proto UV)or Single 17000
5 Photo etching machine 19000
6 PCB drilling machine( Bench) 30000
7 PCB shearing machine(High Quality) 10000
8 Rolling tinning machine 18000
9 PCB drafting art and illuminated artwork table 15000
Consumable pack for PCB machine
10 PCB holder and soft clamp 10000
11 25600
Total(Cost) ` 202600


1). Photo contact PCB artwork film maker

The proto Contact is a table top unit which serves as a negative making contact printer as well
as illuminated Art work table for Circuit Artwork taping and Inspection of Film and Negative.
Working Area of (300mmx250) (12”x10”) with diffuse Light.

2). Protocure Baking &Curing Oven

Table top unit for curing of the Liquid Photo resist .A timer Controlled heating system allows
fast and efficient curing
• PCB Size: 250x300mm (10”x12”)
• Heating: Heater with thermostat controls
• Timer: Preset
• Electrical Power: 230V/50Hz, Socket Required
• Overall Size: 400mmx390mmx540mm
3). Photo resists DIP coating machine
A Single operation unit designed for coating of laminates with Photo resists. The machine ensures
uniform controlled thickness of Photo resist on copper Clad.
• Max Board Size: 250mmx300mm (10”x12”)
• Rectangular Tank Capacity:2litres
4). Double sided U.V. exposure Unit or Single Sided
For Exposure of Photosensitive PCBs:
• U.V.Light: 4nos.x8watts actinic
• Area: 300mmx250mm (12”x10”)
• Overall size: 350mmx140mmx560mm
For fast single and double sided PCB etching.
• Useful Etching Area : 250mmx300mm (10”x12”)
• Tank capacity : 15 Liters .Includes a heater and flow compressor, all
construction material is corrosion free.
• Heater : Titanium non –corrosive with thermostat control
• Timer : 0-4.0 minutes
6). PCB Drilling Machine
A compact table top high speed PCB Drilling Machine with a Quick Change Chuck
• Drill holding by precision Chuck with Lapped Jaws
• Mains operated DC motor Direct drive (no belt and pulley )
• 3 Step Control and Illumination of Work Area
• Motor : up to 20,000 R.P.M
• Range : 0.6 to 3.0mm
Bench top Guillotine type shearing machine to cut PCB’s and Laminates.
Compact structure with central handle allows ease of cutting.
• Width : 300mm (12”)
• Size : 400mm * 350mm
A single structure tabletop unit for Tin/Solder coating of PCB’s. A hand operated flywheel
allows easy coating of boards.
• Maximum PCB Width : 205mm (10”)
• Solder Bath Capacity : 5kgs
• Roller Gap Adjustment : provided with 2 wheels
• Heaters : 2* 500 Watts
• Rollers : Silicon Coated
• Roller Revolution : Gear Flywheel Drive
• Bearings : Teflon


• Includes PCB Laminates,
• Safe Lamp,
• LithFilm,
• Lith Film Developer,
• Fixer,
• Liquid Photo resist,
• Developer,
• Etching
• Drill bites,
• Solder63:37
• Rollsalt
• Flux etc.

10). PCB Drafting Kit & Illuminated Artwork Table

The PCB Drafting Kit includes various tapes, tap and other materials for making PCB Artwork.
Also Table top artwork and PCB inspection table with bottom illumination and diffused light.
• Max working Area : 350mmx450mm (14”x18”)

11). PCB holder and soft clamp

Adjustable PCB Holder with rubber feet provided with a compact red “safe” Lamp for
Converting PCB lab into a “dark room” for film and photo resist operations.

(Technician EECE)