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Lesson Plan in Preposition of Direction


At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:

A. analyze the function of preposition of direction

B. create a sentence using the appropriate preposition of direction
C. show understanding and appreciation to the importance of direction


A. Topic: Preposition of Direction
B. Reference: Mastering English in 29 Days: Prepositions of Directions
(Collector’s Edition). 2000 pp 250-255
C. Materials: Flash Cards, Pictures, Cartolina
D. Skills to be developed: Thinking Skills , Creative Skills
E. Strategy: Task-based Instruction
F. Values Integrated:


Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity

A. Knowledge

Daily Routine
Ok class let us pray

Good morning class

For us to have a convenient stay in

this room. Kindly pick up the pieces of
paper and fix your chair before we start.

Goal Setting
Last meeting, you nailed the task
that I had given you.
Today you are again to face another
task. On the first stage you need to analyze
the function of preposition of direction ;
create a sentence using the appropriate
preposition of direction; show
understanding and appreciation to the
importance of direction
I. Motivation
Class I’m going to describe a
thing and you need to guess that
thing, find and present it in
front. I will group you into four
and the team with the highest
point will get an advantage in
the next round.

1. I am mightier than the Student will answer

sword. I am used in writing
for almost of their
masterpieces. Who am I?
2. I come short when you’re Student will answer
happy. I stay long when you
are lonely. Don’t come late ,
always look at me. Who am
3. You need to see yourself to Student will answer
reflect and see the beauty
that God made for you and
me. Sometimes I’m on the
wall to see the fairest of
them all.
4. I have many fingers used in Student will answer
fixing the strands of your
hair. Who am I?

May I call on the who found the items to

come forward.

So tell something about the object you have Student will answer
What is the significance of it to your life? Student will answer
Where did you find it? Student will answer
After, I wrote the statements of your Sir , all sentences have prepositions.
classmates, what do you think is common
among these sentences? What do they

Very keen observer. Kindly underline the The student will underline.
prepositions you have noticed.

As we all notice, these prepositions indicate

place or direction. But before we proceed,
let us discuss first what is preposition.

B. Process
Preposition is a word that serves to show
the relationship between a noun and a
pronoun and other part of speech.

Preposition of place and direction

is one of some kinds of preposition

Class, I will show you pictures and

formulate a sentence based from the Students will answer
pictures using the appropriate preposition.

(The teacher will discuss the preposition of

place and direction and their function)

Let’s find out how well you understand
what preposition of place/direction is .

Based from the pictures that I will

present , formulate a sentence with the
appropriate preposition of direction and
create your own story out of it. It will test
not just your knowledge about preposition
but also your creativity.

Very good, each group had
presented brilliant output. Let’s clap
for ourselves.
D. Product
Group 1- Create an acrostics using
preposition of directions
Group 2- Create a song about the
importance of preposition using
preposition of direction.
Group 3- Enact/ dramatize a
scenario using the preposition of

Goal: Role Play, Jingle, Acrostics

Role: Their role depends on the
activity assigned to them.
Audience: The target audience are
the students.
Situation: The situation depends on
the task provided.
Product: Role play , Jingle,

A. Follow-up
Create 5-10 sentences using preposition of direction based from the things
you see around you.
B. Advanced
Have an advanced reading on the story “The Whistle” on your English
Expression book.
Analytic Rubric for the Role Play
Needed Vocabulary Delivery Message Total
(3) (3) (3) (3)
It contains The students The students The content
appropriate used a wide expressed with has suitable
preposition of variety andappropriate details for
direction. correct voice what is to be
vocabulary. projection and acted.
(2) (2) (2) (2)
It contains The students The students The content
several rarely used used minimal has minimal
preposition of correct projection and
connection to
direction. vocabulary. expression. what is
(1) (1) (1) (1)
It contains The students The students The message
inappropriate committed lacked in has less
preposition of mistake in voice connection to
direction using projection and what is
appropriate expression. needed.

Analytic Rubric for the Song

Content Delivery Musicality
(3) (3) (3)
The song elicits The students The song has
appropriate ideas delivered the song enticing and
about the topic with suitable facial entertaining
reactions and rhythm.
(2) (2) (2)
The song elicits The students The song contains
lesser idea about executed lesser hooks but lesser in
the topic facial reactions terms of
and minimal musicality.
(1) (1) (1)
The song failed to The song delivered The song follow an
discuss the topic the song in a ordinary tempo.
needed mediocre manner.
Analytic Rubric for the Poem
Rhyming Content Delivery Total
(3) (3) (3)
It contains The poem contains The ideas are
rhyming scheme suitability for the expressed in a
every stanza. topic coherent and
ss (2) (2)
The content The ideas are
contains expressed in less
descriptions and coherent manner
well structured
points about the
(1) (1) (1)
It hs no rhyming The content The ideas are
scheme at all. contains few ideas expressed in an
from the topic. ordinary way.