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Lubrication and service chart

Figure 1
Lubrication chart
Periodic Lubrication Schedule

Service Ref. Description Recommended Lubricant Service Comments

Interval No. required
10 Hours or 1 Engine oil SAE 20W/40 S, A Maintain between dipstick, Full/Low
Daily Mark
2 Air cleaner S Check indicator
3 Fuel tank Diesel fuel S, A 285 l ( 75 US gal)
50 Hours or 4 Battery Distilled water S,A AR
Weekly 5 Torque hub oil Power drive S,A FTLH
6 Horizontal & MPG-EP2 grease G 5 Shots each fitting
Vertical Articulation
(swivel) pins
7 Tyre pressure Compressed air S,A 1.1 bar (16 psi)
8 Hydraulic oil Power compact S,A FTLH
9 Wheel nuts See operator manual S,T 523 Nm (386 lbf ft)
10 Eccentric oil Power drive S, A FTLH
11 Cylinder pins MPG-EP2 grease G 5 shots each fitting
12 Seal boot grease MPG-EP2 grease G See operator's manual
100 Hours 13 Shift linkage Engine oil A 2 drops
or monthly 14 Engine oil See operator manual and D,F 15.2 l (4 US gal) maximum
engine manual
15 Engine filter (Lube See operator manual and C
oil) engine manual
16 Axle housing oil Power drive S,A AR
17 Transmission oil Power drive S,A AR
18 Wheel end oil Power drive S,A FLHT
250 hours 19 Axle housing See operator manual CL
or Quarterly breather
20 Hydraulic filters See operator and parts C
21 Engine oil and filter See operator manual and C
engine manual
500 Hours 22 Articulating vertical S,T 678 Nm (500 lbf lt)
or Semi- nuts
Annually 23 Eccentric oil Power drive D, F 38 l (10 US gal) maximum
24 Axle housing oil Power drive D,F 11 l (2.9 US gal) maximum
25 Transmission oil Power drive D,F 1.9 l (0.5 US gal) maximum
26 Wheel end oil Power drive D,F 1.8 l (0.47 US gal) maximum
27 Axle mounting bolts See operator manual S,T 651 Nm (480 lbf ft)
28 Horizontal swivel See operator manual S,T 1491 Nm (1100 lbf ft)
29 Torque hub oil Power drive D, F 2 l (0.53 US gal)
30 Carrier oil Power drive D, F 2 l (0.53 US gal)
31 Fuel filter See engine manual C
32 Air cleaner filter Primary filter element C
1000 Hours 33 Hydraulic oil Power compact D,F 125 l ( 33 US gal )
or Annually change
34 Suction strainer See operator manual C, L
Service S – Check A – Add G – Grease
Functions C – Change D – Drain F – Fill
FTLH – Fill to level hole CL – Clean AR – As Required