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2015-2016 Social Media End of Year Analysis

Pitt Career Development and Placement Assistance

What worked best?
Across all social media
• TBT pictures got the most impressions/likes/retweets – it was an effective way to get people to our
page and “like” or follow us. And a good break from promotional content (ex: “come to the career
fair” type posts).

• Giveaways! The most recent giveaway launched on 4/20/16 was a HUGE success with almost 200
retweets and 130+ new followers.
• Currently at 1,686 likes as of 4/25/16
• Dress for #PantherSuccess contest was a huge success, reaching 6,000 people in the fall and 24,000
people in the spring!
• Creating “events” for our Career Events. Ex: Facebook event for Spring Career Fair reached 23,000
people with 100+ RSVPs and 200+ people who marked that they were interested! Events are very
popular on Facebook when it comes to spreading the word so this was a good move.

• Career-related articles always

have a far reach and are one of
our greatest assets when it
comes to providing helpful
content for students.
• Sharing Pitt-related news. Ex:
Kenyon Bonner as new Dean of
Students article got 70+ likes!
• Promoting our events and linking
to our website – doesn’t always
get the most likes, but definitely
a necessity!
• Currently at 2,261 followers as of 4/25/16
• Twitter is the best platform to give constant updates/reminders about events.
• #MondayMotivation and #CareerTipTuesday were both successful and something to continue in the
• Experimented with GIFs to celebrate things like Spring Break but also incorporate into events like the
Spring Career Fair and SJIF. These were always a hit!
• Giveaways! The most recent giveaway launched on 4/20/16 was a HUGE success with almost 200
retweets and 130+ new followers.
• Tweets with pictures were more successful than plain text alone, especially when attracting
attention to events like career fairs.
• We increased our followers on Instagram by over 100% this year. In September, we had less than 100
followers and we are currently standing at 266 followers.
• Students respond positively to campus pictures. It always worked well when we would use a nice
campus picture and promote one of our events in the caption

• Moovly was a success on Instagram – it set us apart because it was something different

• Currently at 1,075 followers as of 4/25/16
• Created new boards titled “College Advice” as a catch-all for study tips, time management, etc. and
“Positive Thoughts” for motivational quotes that we often end up posting on Twitter for
• Our “Dress for Panther Success Board” is very helpful for students who need outfit inspiration for
career fairs, job interviews, etc.
• Overall, staying active on Pinterest leads to new followers.
• Perfect platform for posting articles we’ve written and linking to our other social media
• This year we tried to do one article per Career Fair i.e. 7 Questions with Pitt’s Internship
Coordinator, All About the Elevator Pitch, What to Expect at the Summer Job & Internship Fair.

Key Statistics
Exciting Increase in numbers this year!
• Increased likes by 20% - from 1,400 likes on 3/31/15 to 1,686 likes on 4/25/16
• Increased followers by 26% - from 1,789 followers on 3/31/15 to 2,261 followers on 4/25/16
• Increased followers by 442%! - from 49 followers on 3/31/15 to 266 followers on 4/25/16
• Increased followers by 14% - from 945 followers on 3/31/15 to 1,075 followers on 4/25/16

What didn’t work?

• Experimented with infographics on Instagram but did not get very many likes
• Facebook “Dress for #PantherSuccess” contest will need to set new parameters, as contestants in the
spring 2016 contest were using apps or certain pages to gain unfair “likes”

Recommendations for moving forward

• Keep up with ever-changing social media trends
o Boomerang (SJIF Frisbee example)
o Time lapse / slow motion videos
• Create graphics for holidays
• Create Facebook events for all of our events/fairs
• Create our own #MondayMotivation graphics that are CDPA branded
• Come up with a set Instagram schedule and content plan
• Follow a more strict content calendar in general
• More giveaways!
• Utilize our Tumblr more – write more career-related articles and make sure to link it to our Facebook
and Twitter. Also get this on a set schedule. Ex: one article per week / two per month / etc.