T-Codes List Used In SAP-PS For Customization Part 3 OPN0 Master Recipe Profile OPN1 Maintain Profiles for

Master Recipes OPN2 Valuation Variants - Prod. Order OPN3 Overv.Var.: Master Recipe Scheduling OPN5 Field Seln: Std Network Overview OPN6 Field Selection Standard Network Hdr OPN7 Field Sel.:Std Ntwk Activity Detail OPN8 Field Sel.:Std.Ntwk Comp.Overview OPN9 Field Sel. Std Ntwk Comp.Detail OPO1 Create Cost Element Planning Layout OPO2 Change Cost Element Planning Layout OPO3 Display Cost Element Planning Layout OPO4 Create Stat. KF Planning Layout OPO5 Change Stat. KF Planning Layout OPO6 Display Stat. KF Planning Layout OPO7 View Maintenance V_TCJ41_7 OPO8 View Maintenance V_TCJ41_8 OPO9 View Maintenance V_TCJ41_9 OPOA View Maintenance V_T003O_N0 OPOB View Maintenance V_T003O_N1 OPOC View Maintenance V_T399X_N0 OPOD View Maintenance V_T399X_N1 OPOE View Maintenance T_T399X_N2 OPP1 Customizing MRP OPP2 MPS OPP3 Customizing Repetitive Manufacturing OPP5 List Profile Component List OPPA PP/MRP Customizing Explosion OPPB Direct Procurement OPPC Period Grouping OPPD Customizing Planning Time Fence OPPE Conversion Plnnd Order -> Prod.Order OPPE01 General iPPE Customizing OPPE02 Define iPPE Node Type OPPE03 Define iPPE Variant Types OPPE04 Define iPPE Alternative Types OPPE05 Define iPPE Relationship Types OPPE06 Customer-Spec. Model Assgts (iPPE) OPPE07 Time Analysis: Partner Products iPPE OPPE11 Profiles: iPPE WB Professional OPPE12 Tabs: iPPE Workbench Professional OPPE13 User Assgmt: iPPE WB Professional OPPE14 Define Reports for iPPE WB Prof. OPPE15 Define Interface for iPPE Workbench OPPE20 Profile Maintenance iPPE PS OPPEACT01 Define Std Val. Determin. Type OPPEACT02 Object Dependency in Process Struct. OPPECHK01 Customizing: Consistency Check OPPEDOK Documentation OPPELUI01 Profile Definition: iPPE WB Express

OPPELUI02 User Assignment: iPPE WB Express OPPERES01 Customizing for Production Resources OPPESCMPV Object Dependent Status Management OPPESTATUS Cross-Application Status Management OPPF Customizing for Order Report OPPH Customizing Purchase Req. Conversion OPPI Available Stock OPPJ MRP Checking Rule OPPK Hierarchy Element OPPL MRP OPPM Evaluation Profiles OPPN Layout OPPO Hierarchy Element OPPP Customizing Direct Procurement OPPQ C M MRP Plant Parameters for MRP OPPR C M MRP MRP Group OPPS Strategy OPPT Strategy Group OPPU Strategy Group for MRP Group OPPZ MRP Group OPR1 Area of Responsibility <-> Message OPR3 Definition of Breakpoints OPR4_ACT Multilevel Actual Settlement OPR4_CK Material Cost Estimate OPR4_CKMC Mass Costing .Sales Documents OPR4_CKML Closing and Calc. of Areas of Responsibility OPR8 Def. of Reference Objects (SAP) OPRCMFE User-Defined Messages OPRF Maintain Quotation Prefixes OPS Customizing for Project System OPS0 Maintain print control for networks OPS1 Maintain User Fields OPS2 Maintain Relationship Texts OPS3 Maintain PS Text Types OPS4 Maintain simulation profile OPS5 Maintain Standard Network Profile OPS6 Maintain Project Manager OPS7 Maintain Applicant OPS8 Materialflow network OPS9 Budget Management Profile OPSA Maintain Project Profile . of Periodic Price OPR4_CKPF Price Update OPR4_FCO Collective Processing: Variances OPR4_KKA WIP Calculation OPR4_KKP Repetitive Mfg and Process Mfg OPR4_KKS Collective Processing: Variances OPR4_KKS1 Individual Processing: Variances OPR4_PPCO Production Order: Cost Calculation OPR5 Definition of Error Mgmt IDs (SAP) OPR6 Definition of Object IDs (SAP) OPR7 Def. of Minimum Message Types (SAP) OPR9 Def.

OPSB Cost Planning Profile OPSC Create network types OPSCAS Command File Payments (PS) OPSCOS Command File Costs (PS) OPSD Maintain Profile for Report Lines OPSE Maintain Report Groups OPSF Maintain Report Variations OPSG Order change management profile OPSH Maintain ctrl.Partner Functions OPSPAR3 WBS Partner Profile OPSQ Intervals for Cost/Revenue Types OPSR Maintain milestones OPSREV Command File Revenues (PS) OPSS Maintain milestones OPST Network Confirmation Parameters OPSU Maintain Activity Control Key OPSV Cost object ind.-Dep. milestone group OPT7 Project planning board profile OPT8 Maintain hierarchy graphic / dates OPT9 Network parameters for PS-SD OPTA Command file for PS -> FI area OPTB Command file for WBS OPTC Command file for network OPTD Command file for standard network OPTE Command file for PS info system OPTF Command file for PS graphic OPTG Maintain PS Info Summztn Criteria OPTH PS info system maintenance OPTI Maintain Progrss Analysis Overview OPTJ Maintain PS Info Unit Conversion OPTK Exclude Cost Elems from Avlbty Cntrl OPTL Maintain PS Info Comparison Criteria OPTM Fincl Budgeting Profile for Projects . OPSM Maintain Overall Profile PS InfoSys OPSN Edit PS substitution rules OPSO Maintain Project Types OPSP Capacity availability check OPSPAR1 Maintain Partner Functions OPSPAR2 Define Lang. OPSW Info System Profile OPSX PS: Reset "Budgeted" Status OPT1 Maintain PS Transaction Types OPT2 Matchcode for project definition OPT3 Matchcode for WBS elements OPT4 Matchcode for standard network OPT5 Customizing matchcode for network OPT6 Maintain std. key for activity (PS) OPSI Edit PS validation rules OPSINS Command File Info System (PS-F) OPSJ Maintain Project Coding OPSK Maintain Special Characters OPSL Project Info System Overview Maint.

criteria Maint. PS Info System field settings Maint.assgnm.Time profile/PS Matchcode for standard WBS elements Matchcode for standard project def.:Std.PS Info System group. acct. project definition Field selection: Std.: Header Line Info Sys. Production order control parameters Maintain Capacity Planning (SOP) Parameter long term planning PlndOrd Production order control parameters Control parameters plant maintenance Overview Var.types for orders Maint.ntwrk scheduling Control parameters plant maintenance Convert Avlability Cntrl Tol.Limits Collective availibility checkProfile . WBS elements Field selection: Project definition Field selection: WBS element PS: Maintain reduction strategies Maintain Subprojects Capacity overviews Project schedule overviews Subnetwork schedule overview Overall network scheduling overview Info System: Structure overview Maintain Version Number Entry Mask Maintain overview variants Maintain Network Profile Network Type Parameters Standard Network Status Maintain overview variants std netwk Overview var. PS Info System sort criteria Maint. PS Info System database set. Overview Variant: Item Line Field selection: Network: Header Field selection: Network: Overview Field selection: Network: Details Field selection:Network confirmation Field sel: Std.OPTN OPTO OPTP OPTQ OPTR OPTS OPTT OPTU OPTV OPTW OPTX OPTY OPTZ OPU0 OPU3 OPU4 OPU5 OPU6 OPU7 OPU8 OPU9 OPUA OPUB OPUC OPUD OPUH OPUI OPUJ OPUK OPUL OPUM OPUN OPUO OPUP OPUQ OPUR OPUS OPUT OPUU OPUV OPUW OPUX OPUY OPUZ OPVC OPVP Maintain priorities Change costing variants Sub-network parameters Maintain WBS scheduling parameters Strategies for settlement rules Maintain project version profile Maint. Capacity leveling .

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