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Tenders for Business Promotion

Summary: - Free tenders are legal documents containing request for submission of
proposals relating to a contract. Basic feature of such tenders is that it is free for all
irrespective of the size or stature of the bidder organizations. Such tenders are good for
both the requesting company as well as the bidder. While the requesting company gets
enough scope to compare, contrast and select the best bid, the bidder gets the
opportunities to compete for contracts hitherto beyond their reach. It also gives them the
opportunities to double or triple their profits. However, bidding for such free tenders is
more difficult than finding the one. It requires skilled drafting to bid successfully for such

Legal documents containing request of proposals submitted by an organization, free

tenders are useful for business promotion. Such organization may be a private company
or a government agency. In such proposals enterprises both big and small are invited to
bid for contracts without any restrictions. Ultimately the best bidder bags the contract.

Information for Entrepreneurs

But those are information for the layman. Everyone in the industrial circles is aware of
these criterions. Industries are really concerned about the way the free tenders can be
used for business promotion.

Multiple Benefits with Such Tenders

Such tenders can help business promotion in multiple ways. First of all, these tenders
allow all types of agencies to participate in the bid. This offers much greater scope for the
entrepreneur to compare, contrast, and choose the best bid suitable to their organization.
Decision making and selection process both are substantially improved as a result.

Benefits for Bidder and Requestor

Free tenders are especially useful for the company that has offered the request facilitating
quality decision making. At the same time it is also beneficial for the bidder who gets the
chances to participate and compete with both bigger and smaller enterprises irrespective
of sizes, outturn and capital outlay. While the requesting company gets the best services
at the minimum costs, the bidder can get contract that would have been out of reach for
them if the tenders were not free.

Chance to Expand Business

Such tenders also offer the best chance for the bidder to expand their business and gain
recognition either online or offline. Moreover it also allows the enterprises to enhance
their overall profit margin though per unit profit may come down due to open
competition involved in the process. Company that bags the deal will ultimately enjoy
huge financial benefits.

Finding the Tenders

Enterprises looking for free tenders can find them in the popular electronic or print
media. However the information in such medium would be limited. On the other hand
huge amount of information would be available on the Internet. Such tenders or the
request for them floated on the Internet are accessible for all concerned. Multiple web
portals on the Internet offer such information and the best part of it is that they are
updated on almost hourly basis. It is therefore possible getting the information from any
such website on the net.

Bidding Requires Specialization

One important thing that every entrepreneur seeking to respond to free tenders should
realize is that finding out one and responding to it are two different propositions
altogether. It is therefore necessary that the tender proposal is properly drafted and built
up for successful bidding.

And such drafting requires specialization and professional support.

2. Bidding On Free Tenders for Successful Business

Summary: Writing a tender even when they are free tenders is not just everyone’s cup of
tea. Early bidding is one of the key points. It is also possible bidding on the Internet as a
host of free tenders are available on the web. In addition it is also necessary planning and
revising the bid from time to time to get the best bid possible. Pre-qualification
questionnaire or PQQ is the most important part of it. Unless this part is completed, the
bid may not be even accepted by the company inviting tender. Writing tender, business
promotion, and providing information are three pillars of successful bidding and it
requires expert services to handle it properly.

Writing a tender is not everybody’s cup of tea. One needs to keep some things within
permissible limits in order to increase the chances of winning some bid for the company.
In the same vein writing bids for free tenders is not a cake walk either.

Key Points for Consideration

Key points in consideration for filing and writing of such tenders includes early bidding.
Early bidder will always get the advantage as it will indicate their industry awareness. At
the same time they will be keen on taking up the opportunities awarded to them.

Bidding Online
In these days of Internet and World Wide Web, it is not difficult filing the tender online.
A host of free tenders would be available on line and the bidder can take help of the
portal to bid for the contract involved. It will be also a great practice ground for filling in
the tender forms that will help in all such bids in future.

Planning and Revision

Equally important for the bidder is planning and revising the filled out bid from time to
time. Finer points in the bid can be taken care of while revising and planning the bid. At
the same time such planning and revising will help avoid potential mistakes. It is very
important to do away with the mistakes since one mistake can cost the entire project.

Pre Qualification Questionnaire

A good method of completing the process and planning the bidding is completing the
PQQ or pre-qualification questionnaire. Most of the portals offering free tenders will
make it one of the mandatory requirements by the publishing enterprises. Such PQQ
helps check the authenticity and integrity of the bidder. Without clearing this stage, most
bidders will not be allowed to bid.

Checking Documents
One has to check the documents pretty carefully. It is also advisable reading the tender
documents thoroughly working out each and every point of concern. Seeking the help of
legal aids or tender writing consultancies getting the papers ready for the purpose would
be a prudent step for any bidder.
Proper Drafting
Writing properly the tender bid would be essential. Answering all the questions in it
satisfactorily would highlight the unique selling points of any business. Presentation has
to be concise, formal as well as professional.

Business Promotion
Promotion of business indispensable and promoting the business vigorously is essential
even when the brand is well known in the market. Even the well known brands need to
provide enough information about the brand and also the business that is being promoted.

Bids offering detailed information are most likely to meet with success in business.
3. Acquiring and Filing Free Tenders

Summary: Bidding for free tenders or regular tenders require careful reading and
analysis of the tender processes. Prices often determine the acceptance or rejection of the
tender and justifying price is therefore very important for successful bid. Bid writing
requires professional skill and therefore it is good to have the services of experts for the
purpose. Acquiring and filing tenders require that the requirements of the tender are met
perfectly. Tenders are not only for sale but also for procurement. Tender winners are
often decided on the basis of accurate bids. Free tenders are open for all and attached and
not have any tags either.

Whether free or not bidding for tenders require careful acquiring and filing of the same.
Since the optimum bids are likely to succeed when it is a buying proposition and the
lowest bid gets the same treatment when it comes to a selling or service providing
proposition; price is very important for successful bidding. Even when the case relates to
free tenders the bidder has to check carefully for the right pricing of the bid.

Justifying Price
Price quoted should justify the quality. Unless and until this is done it will not be possible
to grab the opportunities successfully. When it comes to providing services, often the
bidder fails because the prices quoted are too high compared to other competitors.
However, at times suspiciously low price can also lead to the failure of the bids.

Consulting Tender Writer

Since writing tenders require skill and expertise it would be good obtaining the services
of a professional expert service provider for the purpose. It would be good obtaining the
services of a tender consultancy so that the tender is perfect. A small mistake can mess up
things in big way.

Acquiring and Filing Tenders

Before making up the mind to bid for any of the free tenders, one should be well aware of
the requirements of tenders. One should clearly understand that tender is a proposal that
requires responses from the potential suppliers for meeting the requirements of such
entity. Usually the winner is based on their bids.

Tenders for Procurement

Tenders are not only floated for sale of items or services but also for procurement. Such
procurements have multiple legal acts associated with the same. Besides numerous
business laws as well as conditions for acceptance, there are also other state and federal
laws to be accounted for.

Tender Winner
Company which wins the tender is selected on the basis of different business laws as well
as the conditions for such acceptance. If the response is absolutely accurate and fulfills
the tender conditions, it is most likely that such bidder will win the tender bid.
Open Nature of Free Tenders
Usually free tenders are open to all bidders without any restrictions provided that such
company deals in the particular field. However it would be good for the bidder to learn
about all the aspects of such bidding. Tenders are often advertised online as well as

In offline mode tenders can be accessed mainly through the popular media. In the online
mode it is direct submission on the Internet.
4. Understanding the Format of International Tenders

Summary: Format of international tenders varies with companies. However, the basic
concept is mostly identical in nature. One of the features is the time and date stipulation
and it is necessary for the bidder to adhere to such time and date faithfully. Due to global
nature of the tender and since it is open to all; numerous companies from all over the
world compete for the tender. Naturally the competition is pretty fierce in case of such
tenders. Learning about all perspectives therefore would augur well for the bidder as well
as the company inviting the tender.

Format of international tenders will vary with companies. Yet the basic concept as well
as the requirements will remain the same. Tender proposals can come from both private
as well as public companies.

Time and Date

All international tenders contain stipulated time and date that should be clearly mentioned
in the tender. Deadline is one of the most important aspects. When the company offers
any tender the bid should not overlap the date in any way. Companies those responds
after the due date will not be entertained and not allowed to bid for the tender.

Basic Aspects
Some of the basic aspects of these tenders are detailed information that relates to the
International tender notifications. Both the company inviting tender and those bidding for
it should take care of all these aspects. For instance; the bidder should always make it a
point to include the history of the company indicating the existence of the company in the
related field. Laying emphasis on the history indicating doing similar projects will help
win the tender well. Moreover, as the tender is global in nature

Defining the Perspective

It would be good deciding some points that would define how the bidder is going to
achieve the requirements within the stipulated time period. Entire structure of the
proposal should be clearly defined section wise and it would make it easier for the clients
leaving good impact on the minds of the clients. It is also necessary to have the total
pricing relating to completion of the project besides mentioning the charges for annual
maintenance as well as licensing with exact figures.

Fierce Competition
Number of companies participating in most of the free tenders is very high and therefore
the competition is fierce. It is necessary for the company to be accurate with the figures
as well as the points. Overall presentation should be such that it gives a good impression
to the viewer about the bidder or the company calling for the tender. It will help the
company understanding the company’s profile as well as the work projects.

Open Worldwide
Usually international tenders remain open worldwide for any of the companies those are
dealing in the particular field. Due to the global nature such tenders open up multiple
avenues of business enhancement. Only thing of concern is the world level competition
and numerous companies from different parts of the world bidding for the same tender.

It is therefore necessary understanding the basics of the International tenders before

bidding for one and land with success.
5. Searching and Bidding for International Tenders

Summary: Bidding for international tender becomes possible by effective searching.

Tender inviting companies should clearly indicate all the requirements for the tender
while the bidder companies should also clearly cover all the points indicating the
fulfillment of such requirements. Focus areas for any international tender are the writing
and legal aspects of such tender. While calling the tender, all the required information
including the contact details should be provided setting up ways of clear and effective
communication system between both the parties. Last but not the least; it is also required
to understand the legal aspects of tender and bidding since the laws vary from country to
country widely.

Bidding for an international tender requires searching for it. Searching is the most
important task in respect of such international tender and bidding for it. Both online and
offline mode of such searching are available. Thus searching is not a big task. But the
problem lies in searching the right one at the right time.

Necessities While Filing the Tender

While requesting for an international tender it is necessary to mention all relevant points
in such a manner that the companies those will participate in the bidding will clear all
aspects related to it. Every point mentioned should be precise, clear, and unambiguous.

Focus Areas in International Tender

Fulfillment of special requirements is the focus area in case of international tenders.
Written proposals are very important and it should also include all the essential points in
the best possible manner they are documented.

Factors for Consideration in International Tender

Some of the factors those are to be taken into consideration while deciding the
international tenders are –
• Use of official letterhead that gives an overview of the company and its contact
information needs to be used instead of ordinary papers.
• Clear fonts like Times New Roman should be used as it will highly professional.
• Requirements of the firm should be mentioned clearly for the knowledge of all
• Date and time stipulation is necessary and should be clearly indicated to the
participating companies.
• Status of the company and brief description relating to the history of the company
in identical fields are important for cracking any deal.
• Contact details should be clearly mentioned including the name, contact number
and details of email id.
• Communication between the bidder and the company calling for the tender is
essential for success of the tender.
• Tender should end in a professional manner by giving thanks and then following
it with name and designation.
Taking Care of Bidder
Since international tenders are not limited by geographical or cultural barriers, many
people tend to have the misconception that there is nothing to do excepting making a nice
bid. Unfortunately, there are certain legal aspects to be taken into consideration. Laws
vary widely from country to country and it is necessary having a look at them.

Participating companies will have quality experiences and not the pricing alone and such
other relevant things. So both for publishing the international tenders and for bidding on
it judging the legal aspects is essential.
6. Global Tenders Provide Route to International Market

Summary: - Many companies aspire for making their marks in the international market.
Finding the appropriate route to such market is important. Global tenders provide one of
the best ways of finding the necessary route to the international market. That is why
writing the right type of global tender is a work of art and it requires precision and
dedication to do the work. Nature of work, description of the date and time schedules, as
well as the status of the company floating the tender is important. For larger or complex
global tenders, additional requirements are the legal aspects. Finally, the revert is clearly
mentioned in the tender.

Many companies aspire to make their mark on the international market. However they do
not find an effective route for accomplishment of the objective. One of the ways of
finding route to the international market is the global tenders. Not only such tenders open
up the ways to global market but also help in ensuring international recognition for the
particular enterprise.

Route to Market
Tendering has always been a route to market whether local, national, or international and
thus a way of enhancing the business. Cracking any deal right away is one of the most
cumbersome tasks to be accomplished. It also implies that either tendering or bidding is
not everyone’s cup of tea. Difficulties in accomplishment of the task become even greater
in case of international tenders. It is a common principle applicable for all companies
irrespective of their size and worth.

Art of Writing Global Tenders

As it is writing the tender is one of the challenging tasks and when it is global in nature,
the task becomes even more difficult. Unlike local tenders, the focus would be
completely zeroed on the requirements and their fulfillments. Written and tender
proposals are extremely important documents. Requirement therefore is well written
tender containing all essential points.

Factors Important in Global Tender Proposal

Some of the factors those are most important in global tender proposals are clear mention
of the requirements, date and time stipulations, and using the genuine contact
information. A brief description of the status of the company will give the bidder a clear
idea about what to expect and how to go for the tendering process. Reference on the legal
requirements is also important.

Additional Requirements
Some additional requirements will naturally come up when the tender is large. Especially
the legal aspects are very important when the tender is large and complex in nature.
Adequate assessment of the tender is necessary for bidding appropriately. While the
bidder needs to furnish adequate compliance on the requirements, clarifications and
understanding on the part of the tender inviter is also equally important.

Date of Reversion
Good global tender will always clearly mention the dates by which revert should come up
from the companies. Price is not everything and quality experience matters most. One has
to highlight the proposal appropriately. Before publishing the global tender it should be
checked and rechecked repeatedly to reduce the chances of errors and omissions.

7. Security Tenders for Better Security Systems

Summary: - People are quite possessive about their personal assets and belongings. For
ages immemorial people have been using security systems to protect their interests and
belongings. Modern security systems and their phenomenal growth have given birth to
the security industry. Planned and effectively prepared security tenders help in finding
out the best among the systems by comparing and contrasting them. Security tenders are
regular features in the popular print, electronic, and web media. For bidding, special
emphasis should be paid on the price of the security systems and on all such other related
aspects showcasing both requisitioning and bidder company.

People are usually possessive about their personal assets and personal belongings. Even
in the historic ages people lived in secure caves and used to protect themselves from
intruders as well as wild animals. With the advancement of civilization, the requirements
of protections also grew and accordingly there were inventions of numerous security

Modern Security Systems

Modern security systems and their phenomenal growth gave birth to the security industry.
It encompasses the big and small firms that have made their niche by sale of security
systems and global services. Companies are launching quality security products as well
as to safeguard the offices, homes as well as all such belongings.

Security Tenders
Whether it is fire alarms, home security kits, or doors and windows of the new ages, as
well as the security cameras, security tenders are common instruments for procurement as
well as purchase of the articles. Besides the systems, the industry also offers services
those are rendered to various corporate.

Characteristics of Security Tenders

Security tenders ensure that the requirements are met in a planned and communicable
manner. Policies and guidelines needs to be followed while deciding on such bids.
Companies offering security and tender would also like to ensure that the reliable bidder
wins the tender. Price is also an important factor but the quality works under active
timeline is also equally essential for such tenders.

Regular Features
Security tenders are regular features in trade magazines and popular media. Internet is
one of the much sought after medium in the fast paced business world today. Companies
those are keen offering security tenders also use portals as well as online tender websites
so as to create awareness and also to get higher magnitude of bidders. In this manner they
are able to explore the bids in detailed and select the best out of them. For smaller
companies it is also a way of making their mark in the security industry effectively.

Bidding for Security Tender

Bidding for one of the security tenders, special concentration should be put on the price
strategies. Huge resources are mostly involved in this type of tenders. However, it is
always advisable to work out some very well researched bid and one should provide the
minimum quotes for the purpose. An important aspect to remember is that the bid should
include all the minute details so that the important facts are not missed out.

In fact, the proposal should showcase both the requisitioning company and bidder
8. Avoiding Common Mistakes in Security Tenders

Summary: Growing threats to properties and belonging has made the security systems
almost indispensable for households as well as commercial enterprises. In case of the
commercial enterprises the requirement is even more pronounced. Despite their best
efforts many companies find the security tenders filed by them failing. However, taking
care of a few vital points will help them becoming successful in their endeavor. One of
the reasons of failure is inadequacy of funds, skills, and staff in the bidding organization.
Adequate research can help solve these problems adequately. Since it is the first
impression that lasts long, offering accurate information in a professional manner is

Growing threats to personal belongings where the thieves and burglars have become
accustomed to using modern technologies has made having security system in place
almost inevitable for everyone. While these security systems are necessary for residential
purposes, they are also as much essential for the companies and organizations.
Commercial organizations, local, national, and global resort to security tenders for
putting in place such security systems.

Security Tender Failures

Very often companies put a lot of money, time, as well as energies in their security
tenders only to see them fail absolutely. It would be one of the most disappointing
experiences for any of the organizations. However, following a few simple guidelines can
really help the security tenders to remain alive and afloat and also yield good results.
Removal of mistakes will allow the tender floater to get the best bids for the tender.
Usually the common causes of failure of the tender are simple as well as easy fixing.

Fitness to Perform the Job

One of the top mistakes committed by any company is to compete for such tenders for
which they are not fit enough to perform. Before accepting any such tender it is necessary
for them to research and find out whether the task for which they have bid is suitable for
them. Company floating the tender should also put multiple questions before it begins to
ascertain the suitability of the tender process.
Funds, Skills and Staff
Three most important factors for any industry before it accepts the job on security tenders
is deciding on the funds, skills, and staff with which to accomplish the jobs. Past
experience is also very important for accomplishment of the tasks. Meeting the deadline
is also important. Company that wins the tender and the bids should meet the deadline
and should completely adhere to it.

Research is Important
Research and experiments are important for any job. Adequate research will ensure that
the company bidding for the security tenders is going to be the right company to bid on.
Such research will help present the security tenders in a very professional manner that
would ensure its success.

First Impression Lasts Longer

It is the first impression that is most important for any company that floats the tender.
Ensuring that the tenders are consistent both in terms of arguments offered and their
presentations will make them most viable for any recipient company.

Accurate information and professional presentation can make the security tenders really