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Whof dces Grcsshopper learn? ' So it went cll summer,
Anl hurried bock ond forth, Grosshopper colled out
Eoch frrne he went, he corried every doy, ond Ant onswered
onofher smoll piece of foocJ fhe some,
bcck to his nest, I have to fill fhe '
When the leoves hod oll
rlest, I i'tave to iill fhe nest he follen cff the trees, o shorp wind
ponfed fo himself r:s he worked, Degon fo blow, Ant crowled
' Crcsshopper wotched, He scfely into his nest, Grcsshopper
fhought Ant wos silly, "Come hod nowhere to go,
wotch fhe bugs skcrte on lhe ' In Sp,ring, when fresh green
pond, " he colled to Ant. buds come on the trees, Ant
Anl r1idn't even stop, "Oh, come r:ut of his nest,
no, I con't, I must get more food Grosshopper wos nowhere to
for winfer, I hcve to fill fhe nest,,, be found,


Reod ecch sentence ond circle Some of these sentences ore
the word thot is mode rtf two r:bor_it reol things Write R by
shorter ',nrcrds, Write fhe lwo lhem, Tlre olher sentences ore
words on the lines, obout moke-believe things,
l. In the story, who hcd Write M by them
nowhere to r;o in winter? l. Anis gcrther food,

2. Grcsshoppers wctch
2. Ant folked to himself crs bcsebcll gomes,
he worked. 3. Grosshoppers ore lczy,
r{. This story is cclled o fqble,
Fobles t_isr:olly teoch c lesson,
3. Grosshopper did not get
reocly for winfer, Whct lesson does this one

ihe wcrrJ encling -esf rTteons

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ecrch r inrleriined rvr,:rrj to
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