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Draught Beers
Kronenbourg Fosters John Smith's

pint 1/2 pint pint 1/2 pint pint 1/2 pint 275ml 330ml 330ml 330ml 568ml

£3.80 £1.95 £3.60 £1.80 £3.60 £1.80 £3.60 £3.60 £3.80 £3.80 £4.40 £3.25 £3.60 £3.60 £3.60 £3.60 £3.30 £4.00 £4.00 £4.95 £4.00 £4.95 £3.90 £2.90 £4.70 £3.20 £1.95 £3.60 £2.50 £2.50 £1.75 £1.75 £1.65 £2.65 £1.30 £13.95

Bottle Beers / Ciders*
Becks Stella Artois Budweiser Corona Extra Bulmers Cider - original or pear

Spirits - 25ml

Classic Whiskies - 25ml
Glenfiddich Talisker, Oban 14 years old

Aperitifs & Baileys - 50ml
Campari, Pimms, Dubonnet Vermouths Baileys Liqueurs from

Liqueurs - 25ml
Mineral Water - Still or Sparkling - 330ml - litre Orange Juice J2O Pepsi / Diet Pepsi Lemonade Apple / Pineapple Juice Energy Drink Mixers Red or White House Wines

Soft Drinks & Mineral Waters*


House Wines by the Bottle Wines by the Glass
175ml 250ml

£3.95 £4.95

Full Restaurant and Kids menu also available. *these items available 24 hours


House Branded Spirits Smirnoff, Stolichnaya Beefeater, Gordons Teachers, Bells Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort Rum Johnnie Walker Black Martell VS Remy Martin VSOP

95 Homemade onion bhajis with mint and yoghurt dip Piri-Piri chicken strips with sour cream Steak 'n' Ale pie served with fries and fresh vegetables Chicken or vegetable tikka masala medium curry served with steamed rice £10. salad leaves and red onion rings Chargrilled double decker burger two 4oz beef patties served on toasted floured bun with mayonnaise.00 each Baked potato. tomato. After 11. chopped tomato.95 £4. . mushy peas.50 (fries available only 10. tomato. Allergies .95 £9. grilled tomato.25 Fish n' Chips freshly beer battered fried fish with fries.50 and main course £4. Smaller Bites Soup of the day served with crusty bread £3. served with crusty bread and onion chutney £5.95 3 egg omelette with 3 fillings served with fries choose from: ham.00.95 Bigger Bites All day breakfast sausages. A tray charge of £3.CHHeath in room menu NEW 5/12/09 7:48 am Page 3 The menu is available in your room from 10. beans and toast £9.00am until 11.95 £2.25 Desserts Warm chocolate fudge cake with whipped cream Belgian waffles with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce £4. tomato. However for items marked † there is an additional charge: starter £1.25 £9. Upgrade from crisps to fries with your sandwich for extra £1. red onion.95 Oven baked Camembert † flavoured with rosemary. cheddar cheese. boiled egg.95 Assortment of ice creams with chocolate or strawberry sauce and wafer fan £4.45 Lasagne al forno with mixed side salad £11. sweet corn.00pm) Cheddar cheese with red onion and pickle Tuna mayonnaise with thinly sliced cucumber Coronation chicken with salad leaves Roast ham and tomato with fruity chutney Egg mayonnaise with salad leaves £5. grilled bacon. £10.95 Guests on inclusive rates may choose any food items from this menu. chicken.please note we cannot guarantee any of our dishes to be nut free.00pm Items marked * are available 24 hours Telephone 2307 to place your order.95 Homemade bread and butter pudding with warm custard £9. salad leaves and roasted red pepper with light French dressing 'The Club' chicken breast. seasoned potato wedges.00am until 11.45 £4.95 £5.95 £3. soft fried egg.55 £5. mushrooms. tomato.95 Bowl of fries topped with beans and melted cheese £11. crisp lettuce and mayonnaise in a toasted triple decker Classic B.95 Triple Decker Sandwiches* all served with crisps and salad garnish.00 will be added to each order. crisp lettuce and mayonnaise stacked twice in a toasted triple decker sandwich Spicy piri-piri chicken burger chargrilled marinated chicken breast on toasted floured bun with mayonnaise.95 £4. cucumber.55 £4. tartare sauce and lemon wedge (beer-free batter also available) £12.75 £5.00pm please dial 0.95 £9. grilled bacon. fries and garden peas £9. chilli Extra fillings £1.L. salad leaves and battered onion rings £8.T. All prices include VAT.95 Ham and eggs Wiltshire ham with 2 soft fried eggs.65 Specialty Sandwiches and Burgers all served with fresh homemade coleslaw and choice of seasoned potato wedges or fries Tuna ciabatta tuna. bacon rashers. white onion. sliced mushroom. steamed rice or mixed salad available instead of fries with any of the 'Bigger Bites' selection.55 £5.

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