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Colour, colours .. something which make our lives more bright! Sometimes it can also be said: „my mood
changed many colours during the day.“

So, why are colours important for us, for nature and in total, what can be said about that?

Let me start with some basic facts about colours.

All colours eradiate from white, which for itself is not always called „a colour“.Opposite of white is black.

Black,white,colours- all colours are coming from the Sun rays. Sun ray is naturaly white, but when the
white light come through glass prisma, the white colour disolves in seven or Rainbow colours:

Blue, green, yellow, red ,orange, light blue ,lila and deep purple.(Maybe the order was wrong,but
sorry,dear reader, I hope you are not my Inquisitor).

Ok,comming to an Inquisitor it is good to be remembered that robes of Inquisitors were usually black.

What is nature of black colour?First, it was thought that black is sum of all colours. But no! Sum of all
colours is usually dark , „dirty“ brown.

Actually, comparing to white, which deflects all other colors ,black is a phenomenon which can take
inside itself every colour, but still remain black.

Between white and black there are many ,many almost limitless combinations of all colours,

but basicaly, there are free „core“ colours: blue, green and red.


As said in lines above, colours are part of Sun spectrum, but just when they are

Deflected ( not absorbed ) by different surfaces, materials in different physical states,

they can be recieved by our recievers ( eyes or lenses) as a different.

For example, when Sun rays on the clear weather are passing through Earth atmosphere, we can
percieve sky as blue, because very small and tiny atmospheric drops of water are deflecting just blue
wavelenght(percieved by our eyes as blue colour).

However, on the planet Earth there is not always colourful.When the night falls, we see just black,

Because there is no white Sun light to change our percieving, and therefore we can say that black is
colour which is „absence“ of white.


Colours were used in our world from the dawn of humanity.

Colours are also used in phylosophy, in music ( music tone can have its colour ).
Although there are many who thought ,wrote or still think and write about colours, for me the most
famous was Goethe. The core of Goethes „Theory of Colours“ was not how colours are occuring, but
instead how we percieve the colours subjectively.

To sum up my short story,

One of my favorite colour is grey, not because my soul is grey, as my horoscope says, but because some
very nice pictures can be made and „coloured“ with just a pencil.

One of examples is this:

Comparing to this grey tiger(which we can call tiger-albino)there is this beautiful spring field,full of
purple flowers.We need both in todays more and more grey World.

Written by Andrej F.Popov Pictures are from Web