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Vol. 20 JANUARY – 2019 No.1

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My Lordships - Deities have life and Rights too

Sri Varadaguru becomes Ammal
Sri Varadaguru had the deepest Bhakti to Lord Varadraja.
One night when he was
worshipping the deity in an
ecstatic mood, the priest brought
very hot milk to the Lord as
Nivedana. Varadaguru was deeply
distressed that such hot milk
would burn the tender tongue of
the Lord! He stopped the priest
from offering the hot milk and
began cooling it down until it was
warm enough to be drunk. The
Lord himself was moved by the
Vatsalya of Varada and called him ‘Amma’ – my mother!
From then onwards Sri Varadaguru became Nadadoor
Ammal. After this episode, in a dream one night, Lord
Varadaraja commanded Ammal to erect a Mantapam
for His Vasantotsavam. Accordingly, Ammal fulfilled the
Lord’s desire, just as a mother would fulfil the wishes of
her son in spite of difficulties.

Ayyapa Jyothi in Kerala on 26th December 2018

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Anecdotes on Vishnu Sahasranamam-214 ....... 4
ã¨Oáê^ŒH©Ü«∞O ................ 7
q+¨µ‚ã¨Ç¨Ï„ã¨<å=∞ QÍ^ä•=o–214 ................ 8
ÃÊúÁtN˛yÆ ............. 11
uƒ…mÏÓœÁåÁ™Áƒ¬y TÁsÁ - 214 ............. 12
Ahobilam and Ahobila Mutt - 73 ................. 15
N~å=∂#∞Ax Hõj‡~°∞ âß~°^•Ñ‘~î° Ü«∂„`«-17 .. ............ 17
Ramanuja's Journey to Sharada Peeth-xvii ........ 19
News ................. 21
Devotee's Experiences ................. 26
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EDITORIAL... ✍ My Lordships - Deities have life and Rights too...
Hindu temples are the foundation of our great religion as it builds devotion to the Almighty right from the childhood
which has enabled us to withstand several invasions. The story of how several temples were resurrected through concerted
efforts of our ancestors has been brilliantly captured by Swami Vivekananda in his own words: -
“Temple after temple was broken down by the foreign conqueror, but no sooner had the wave passed than the
spire of the temple rose up again. Some of these old temples of South India, and those like Somnath in Gujarat, will
teach you volumes of wisdom, which will give you a keener insight into the history of the race than any number of
books. Mark how these temples bear the marks of a hundred attacks and a hundred regenerations, continually destroyed
and continually springing up out of the ruins, rejuvenated and strong as ever! “
The invaders of the past destroyed the material properties of our temples but they couldn’t destroy the
spiritual ones, which in the form of our deities and devotion towards them lives in the hearts of devotees. The
temple system continued and through tremendous sacrifices of our ancestors got resurrected again and continued.
This was possible because the temple traditions implemented by learned Rishis and followed for centuries
evoked a deep sense of devotion right from the childhood. This devotional culture made it possible for generations
to work for resurrection of our temples like the stories of Srirangam temple, Somanath etc. It is by attacking
these traditions now that the modern forces are hoping to do what was not possible in the past.
It is a well known and documented fact that State control of Hindu temples has resulted in many of our
temples losing lakhs of crores of properties consisting of lands, jewellery, fixed deposits etc. Many instances such
as that of temples exploitation coming to light in Tamil Nadu and other South Indian states stand testimony
to this fact. They haven’t even spared the idols as these have been stolen and smuggled.
The privy council in Pramatha Nath Mullick vs Pradyumna Kumar Mullick on 28 April, 1925 which has been
quoted with approval by Supreme Court and the Kerala High Court has laid down the principle that the Deity’s will is
very important to be ascertained by the Courts before passing judgement in any issue that impacts the Deity. The
Kerala High Court in its 1991 judgement ascertained the will of Sabarimala Deity to maintain the Naishtika Brahmacharya
vratam and ensured that this will is respected in its orders. The findings of facts regarding the Will of Sabarimala Deity
by the Kerala High Court not having been challenged has attained finality.
The Supreme Court judgement that the Sabarimala Deity does not have fundamental rights and hence
the will of Deity does not matter is in violation of the established principles in the Privy Council judgements
which are so far being followed by Supreme Court and Kerala High Court. Also these judgement is in violation
of the nine judge bench judgement in State Trading Corporation of India Ltd. v. Commercial Tax Officer and
Ors which has held that rights under Art 14, Art 21, Art 25 etc. are available to Deities(juristic persons as well).
There is an important aspect that has not been focussed upon with regards to Hindu temple deities of
erstwhile Travancore State. The covenant signed between the Ruler Padmanabha Dasa and Govt of India was
actually between Lord Padmanabha Swamy Deity and Govt of India on 1st July 1949. This is so because the
Travancore Rulers had surrendered their kingdom at the lotus feet of the Deity and were only ruling as His
servant on His behalf. The Covenant protects the Rights of all Travancore Temple Deities and further the Supreme
Court is barred from diluting these under Art 363(1) of the Constitution.
The Sabarimala Devotee resistance has a very important message for the people who have been working
with sporadic success for Hindu Temples Protection. The fight for protecting Sabarimala tradition or to free
Hindu temples from State Govt control or Ramjanmabhoomi case etc. the success for all of them would be by
really fighting for the rights of our deities rather than focusing on other rights.
The Central Government headed by Shri Narendra Modi ji which has built the tallest statue for Sardar
Patel ji has to bring an important point to the notice of the Supreme Court. It is the promise that Sardar Patel
ji made to Lord Padmanabha Swamy Deity on behalf of Govt of India which should not be diluted in any manner
by the Supreme Court. It is not the Tallest Statue of Sardar Patel that is important but keeping his Tall Promise
to the Deity through His ruler that is important....Constitutional Morality means we keep the promise made in
the Covenant to Lord Padmanabha Swamy that the rights of Hindu Deities and Devotees would not be diluted.
The Central Govt is also duty bound to bring to the notice of the Court Sec 4(1) of the Places of Worship (Special
Provisions) Act of 1991 which protects the religious will of deities forming essential part of the Religious Character
of Hindu Temples as it was on Aug 15th 1947. Hence this should be protect from being diluted by the Courts.
It is important to note that on Aug 15th 1947 the Travancore Kingdom was still under the rule of Lord Padmanabha
Swamy Deity. !
There should be no regional boundaries for temples.
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Anecdotes on Vishnu Sahasranama - 214


Dr. V.S. Karunakaran B.E.(Mech.), M.A. (Sanskrit), Ph.D

Certain events leave an indelible impression we will be steady, the Lord Himself oscilates in the
in our minds. One such incident happened in my Dolai Himself on our behalf.
life a couple of decades ago. This concept has been explained by Divya
In 1993, I was posted at New Delhi as National KaviPillai Perumal Iyengar a disciple of Sri Parasara
Co-ordinator (Indian) for Tool Rooms IN India under Bhattar in his work “Thiruvaranga Kalambagam” in
Indo-Danish project. It was a very virtuous phase Tamil. I am giving a free Sanskrit version of that
in my life. With the blessings of Srimushnam Aandavan Tamil verse for the benefit of readers who may not
Swami, I had the opportunity to deliver traditional know Tamil:
lectures on Sri Bhashyam Bhagawad Vishayam åÁåÁøúNÏ˛¬z Ï \ã™™∫mz gÁz¬ÁuÀsuoÊ YÁuúoÁz
Rahasyatrayasaram etc, at 'Vaikunthanathji mandir'
in Vedanta Desika Marg in Muneerka in New Delhi å ÀÆÁtz  ÆsÁ osÁ Ó ßσÁ ¬fl©ÆÁ Y YzoÁz ™™ @
on Saturdays ,Sundays and other public holidays.
At that time, the 45th jeeyar of Ahobila mutt
™ÁÆÁ™T¿u™tÊ üN˛¡õÆ ¢˛¬NÊ˛ ∫¶ÁÏÊ Nw˛úÁÊ oz ß\z :
had also been to Delhi. He used to deliver discourses gÁz¬ÁÊ YÊY¬™yåNÏ˛lg¬ÆÏTœÁT¿WΩTåÁs! üßÁz @@
during the Dolai (Jula) of Lord Krishna worshipped I then extended this verse to the sloka of
in the mutt and held in the houses of the devotees.. Swami Desika in Daya Satakam in which he says,
He had also given orders to me to be present during “By the command of Goddess Mercy, the Lord
the Dolais in the evenings. I used to avail permission takes births in animal forms save the devotees
in my office to attend the Dolai and also hear the from births as animals trees etc as punishment for
divine lectures of the pontiff. purification on their behalf to ensure the laws framed
The 45th jeeyar, being a great scholar himself, by Him do not get discarded. That is how He takes
was also a person with amazing aesthetic sense. so many forms like fish, tortoise, pig, etc.”
He would ask me to speak for a few minutes before The sloka reads thus
his discourse to encourage me. Despite his High
position, vast and authentic scholarship he would
Eƒo∫muƒ∆z {∫Án™¬y¬Áútz∆{:
listen to and add a few points whenever he felt needed Eƒ™uo™åÏN˛©úz ™ãtuYVz Ï uƒãtåΩ @
and correct me whenever slipped and also enjoy
my discourse along with the audience. ƒw ßu∆Qu∫åÁsÀnƒuëÁtz∆zå åÓåÊ
In his own inimitable way of humour, the Jeeyar
would not fail to often remind “While addressing the
ß\uo ∆∫mßÁ\ÁÊ ßÁuƒåÁz \ã™ßztÁåΩ @@
(This has been discussed in detail in the anecdote
people, you should not try to excel me. Your speech
for the previous name -213th name also).
should play only second fiddle to the discourse of
Just as I finished explaining this sloka, as I
mine, which is the main event here. If you seem
had expected, the signal came from the Jeeyar
to excel me, I would give a signal and you should
swamy. I concluded my speech and the Jeeyar
stop your speech immediately!”
proceeded with his discourse.
I was happy to get such a fine training and
Later on, the Jeeyar swamy told me in a lighter
tuning under the seer to build myself up further and
teasing vein, “I had told you not to exceed me, right?
nodded my head in the affirmative. He also used
But you seemed to excel the lectures of mine and
to enjoy my speech thoroughly every time as I could
steal the day. Since it is my prerogative to decide
see from his body language.
the duration of your speech, I gave the signal to
One day, I spoke about the rationale behind
the Lord Krishna, being worshipped in the Dolai in
Can there be a greater certificate in my career
the houses of devotees.
as an upanyasaka?
“We, human beings, are always oscillating in
Over two and half decades later, now, when
this mundane world between births and deaths, good
my mind was oscillating over many ways to find
and bad and sin and virtue. To stop us from this
out a suitable anecdote for the 214th name of
oscillation and enable us to reach Vaikuntha where

q<Õ@ѨC_»∞ =∞#ã¨∞û#∞ KÕ¿ã@ѨC_»∞ |∞kúx "Õ∞ÖÁ¯Å∞ѨÙ.

January '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 5 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Vishnu Sahasranama with Matsyavatara as explained hands.
by Sri Parasara Bhattar, this incident flashed across Then there was a Brahmin reciting Valmeeki’s
my mind as I was retrieving various works on Matsya Ramayana In a defect free way.The king listened
Avatara. to the parayanam for a while.
Swami Desika employs a poetic fancy in the There was the Parasara Guru leading the
verse which describes Matsyavatara in his Dasavatara recitation of Sri Vishnu Purana by his students
stotra, in which he says that the Lord in Matsyavatara in Purana Mandapa.It was a pleasant scene.
oscillated in the waves of the sea of deluge in search He then proceeded to Bhagavad Geetha
of the Vedas. It was like a Dolotsava for Him.The Mandapam where Koundinya was chanting Geetha
sloka reads as :- with his students.
uå™|Tí»Ïuo\Á¬™ÁT|mt∆ÁtVqm{ƒy|qm{ : In another corner there were a few Brahmins
led by one called Kousika. He was singing the glory
EãoÀoãƒutƒÁ∫uƒãtT“åÁãÆÁ{tãƒoyåÁ™úÁ™Ω @ of Lord in local dialect and dancing in ecstasy. There
was big audience in that section. The the audience
uå…ünÆÓ“o∫Wïu∫Wïmu™s: ünÆÓjúÁs≈ZbÁÊ also joined Kousika sang the glory of the Lord and
gÁz¬Á∫Áz“ÃtÁz“¬Ê ßTƒoÁz ™ÁnÀÆÊ ƒúÏ: úÁoÏ å: @@ was dancing. It was enjoying his music most and
Why should the Lord oscillate in the waves singing in tune with him with zeal.
of the sea of deluge as if He were in a jula? The king for a moment could not believe that
The answer is, the Lord oscillated in search a group of citizens of his kingdom would pollute
of the Vedas in order to avoid devotees from oscillating the temple by singing in local language; that too
out of loss of memory by missing a word or two under the leadership of a learned Brahmin who was
while reciting Vedas or arriving at the correct well versed in all the four Vedas!
interpretation of the various passages. How can a Brahmin leave the Vedas and sing
Though the Lord oscillated, He was steady in in vernacular in the Temple of the Lord that too in
one thing – giving Veda and Vedic concepts to Manu his regime known for maintaining the Vedic laws
–Satyavrata Pandya - and others through Matsya in spirit and letter?
purana so that they understood the Vedas without He then discussed the issue with the authorities
any oscillation or deception. of the temple who said that despite their objections
It was The Lord As fish who narrated the incident and request to restrain from the wrong path Kousika
in a king’s life to Satyavrata Pandya, Manu and others, has been doing this regularly.
There was a king who ruled his kingdom without The king then summoned the council of ministers
deviating from the principles laid down by the Vedas and discussed the issue. The council advised him
true to his understanding of the texts. to issue a final warning to Kousika to stop this practice
There was a festive in the temple of Lord Vishnu of singing in vernacular language in the temple and
in his capital. The king visited the temple during a make it unholy.
festival. The King summoned Kausika and said “Oh!
While he performed his worship in the temple Learned Brahmin! It is needless to tell you that Temple
with all devotion and focus his well trained eyes worship is akin to Vedic sacrifice. It is laid down
and ears also were watching the activities in the that during the Performance of Sacrifices as prescribed
temple and checking whether there was any deviation in Vedas one is not supposed to use any language
from the principle laid down by the code as per Vedas, other than Sanskrit. How dare you sing the songs
In one corner he saw a group of Brahmins chanting in vernacular in this temple?”
Rig Veda without any interruption. He was satisfied. Kausika Submitted “Oh! King! I am singing the
In another corner there were a number of Brahmins glory of Lord Hari in local dialect. Language is after
reciting Sukla Yajur Veda. He was pleased. all a medium. As long as the theme is His Glory,
In another corner there was a group of Brahmins language does not matter. Are you not aware that
who recited Krishna Yajur Veda. The chanting was there is a proverb “Don’t see the pot; but see the
majestic. He listened with all ears. Milk”
Then there was a group singing the Sama Vedas The king was not convinced. They debated on
in holy music which reverberated in the whole this for very long and ultimately the king got so
premises. He felt very happy. disgusted with the Brahmin that he ordered extradition
He saw a team of Brahmins reciting Atharvana of Kausika and his followers from his kingdom.
Veda and stood there for a few minutes with folded Years rolled. The king had his tryst with destiny.

HÍÖÏxfl =$^ä• KÕ¿ã"å_»∞ HÍÅOÖ’ =$^ä• J=Ù`å_»∞.

January '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 6 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
The king expected a happy stay in Heaven for his This anecdote gives us the important message
having ruled his country as a very noble king. that Lord accepts worshipping Him through songs
But to his surprise he found he was taken to in any language. Many such messages were given
the hells and was presented to Yama.Chitragupta by Him to Manu and other devotees through Matsya
gave an account of the good deeds of the king and Purana attributed to Him.
then started presenting his misdeeds. Since the Lord in the form of Fish had such
“This king banished Kausika and his followers steady approach to guide His devotees and had real
from his kingdom on the pretext of the Brahmin and constant changeless transparent behavior towards
his followers singing the glory of the Lord in vernacular them, though, He Himself had to oscillate in the
in the Temple. He has to be kept in Hell for this waves, He is called “SATYAPARAAKRAMAHA”
misdeed for five years” Viswamitra knew this secret .That is why he told
As Chitrgupta finished his presentation the king Dasaratha that he knew Rama the Satyaparakrama
represented to Yama. who will not let down His devotees and would certainly
“My Lord!” he said “I had to banish the Brahmin help them and so Dasratha should send Rama to
for he was revolting by singing the glory of the Lord protect the sacrifice he was planning to perform.
in vernacular against the scriptures. Despite my His declaration in Valmiki’s Ramayana is :-
pleadings to stop the practice he went ahead. As
he was a Brahmin I had to give him banishment
E“Ê ƒzuˆ ™“Án™ÁåÊ ∫Á™Ê ÃnÆú∫ÁN¿˛™™Ω @
as punishment. Is it proper for you to punish me Since the Lord in the form of Fish had such
for doing the right thing?” steady approach to guide His devotees and had real
“Oh! King!” says Yama.”A Brahmin Singing in constant changeless transparent behavior towards
vernacular in temple is of course an offence. But them, though He Himself had to oscillate in the waves,
if it were On the Glory of Lord Hari it Can never be He is called “SATYAPARAAKRAMAHA”
an offence. Without understanding this nuance, you Nirukti summarizes this as:
had banished Kausika and his disciples from your ƒwuVÿ|N{˛oƒÁ ÆÀÆ Ã ÀÆÁoΩ ÃnÆú∫ÁN¿˛™: @@
kingdom.Hence you have committed a sin and your Those who want to have a steady transparent
stay in hell to undergo the punishment” and persistent approach and mind in all their pursuits
Yama’s words in Sanskrit as found in Matsya and among the ones around them can do better
Purana as quoted by Nampillai in his commentary by meditating on the frame of Matsya Moorthy and
to Thiruvaimozhi reads as VISA Balaji of Chilkur chanting “OM
“u∫N˛yuo˙ uƒå{ƒÁãÆoΩ §¿Á÷mzå å∫ÁzV™! @ßÁ ÁTÁåÊ å SATYAPARAAKRAMAAYA NAMAHA”
Dear VAK Readers! Come, let us chant
TÁo√ÆÊ oÀ™ÁoΩ úÁúÊ nƒÆÁ Nw˛o™Ω @@ @@ H ÃnÆú∫ÁN¿ ˛ ™ÁÆ å™: @@

EãJmy \ÁÆoz Ã˘Áz áåÊ ∆yV¿ ™ ƒÁúÏ Æ ÁoΩ @ @

âßO`«O`À HÀáêxfl, q#Ü«∞O`À QÆ~åfixfl [~ÚOKåe.

January '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 7 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
© ∞« O✍ <åºÜ«∞=¸~°∞ÎÖÏ~å!! =∂ ^Õ=`å =¸~°∞ÎʼnõΩ r==¸, ǨωõΩ¯Å∂ LO\Ï~Ú...!!!
Ç≤ÏO^Œ∂ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å∞ Ѷ¨∞#"≥∞ÿ# =∞# ^èŒ~å‡xH˜ ѨÙ<å^Œ∞Å∞. Ѩã≤`«#O #∞O_Õ ÉèíQÆ=O`«∞xѨ@¡ ÉèíH˜ÎÉèÏ"åxfl Wq ÃÑOá⁄OkOKÕ ™ê^èŒ<åÅ∞ QÆ#ˆH
Z<Àfl ^ŒO_»Ü«∂„`«Å∞ =∞#ÃÑ·# [iy<å =∞#H˜ "å\˜x `«@∞ìHÀQÆeˆQ â◊H˜Îx ã¨=∞‰õÄ~åÛ~Ú. Z<Àfl ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂ŠѨÙ#ifl~å‡}O =∞# ѨÓsfi‰õΩÅ∞ KÕã≤#
Hõ$+≤ =Å# Uq^èŒOQÍ [iyO^Œ#fl "åã¨Î=QÍ^äŒ#∞ ™êfiq∞ q"ÕHÍ#O^Œ∞_ç =∂@Ö’¡<Õ K≥áêÊÅO>Ë -
''^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å#∞ =~°ã¨QÍ XHõ ^•x"≥O@ XHõ\ ˜QÍ q^Õj P„Hõ=∞}HÍ~°∞Å∞ q^èŒfiOã¨O KÕã¨∂ÎáÈÜ«∂~°∞. J~Ú`Õ, P ^ŒO_»Ü«∂„`«Å JÅÅ∞
`«QÆæQÍ<Õ, =∞Ok~° tY~åÅ∞ =∞~°Å `«ÅZuÎ xÅ∞Û<åfl~Ú. ^ŒH˜∆} ÉèÏ~°`«^Õâ◊OÖ’x „áêp# ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å`ÀÉÏ@∞ QÆ∞[~å`«∞Ö’x ™È=∞<å^äŒ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞O
=O\˜ "å\˜x *Ï„QÆ`«ÎQÍ QÆ=∞x¿ãÎ, D*Ïu K«i„`«Ñ¨@¡ Ö’`≥·# J=QÍǨÏ# HõÅ∞QÆ∞`«∞Ok. Zxfl =O^ŒÅ „QÆO^ä•Å J^茺ܫ∞#O KÕã≤<å ‰õÄ_® ÅaèOK«x
*Ï˝#q∞k. D ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂ÅÃÑ·# =O^ŒÅ H˘nÌ P„Hõ=∞}Å =Å# ^èŒfiOã¨"≥∞ÿ# QÆ∞~°∞ÎÅ`ÀÉÏ@∞, Jq =O^ŒÅ™ê~°∞¡ =∞~°Å-=∞~°Å tkäÖÏÅ#∞O_ç H˘`«ÎQÍ
~°∂Ѩ٠k^Œ∞̉õΩ#fl "≥·#O, H˘`«Î [=ã¨`åfiÅ#∞ xOѨىõΩ#fl q^è•#O ‰õÄ_® =∞#O QÆ∞iÎOK«QÆÅO.——
QÆ`«OÖ’ ^ŒO_»Ü«∂„`«Å‰õΩ áêÅÊ_»¤ P„Hõ=∞} HÍ~°∞Å∞, ˆH=ÅO =∞# ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å Éè∫uHõ ã¨OѨ^Œ#∞ =∂„`«"Õ∞ H˘Å¡Q˘\Ïì~°∞ `«Ñ¨Ê, =∞#
P^蕺u‡Hõ`« ã¨OѨuÎx HÍ^Œ∞. P^蕺u‡Hõ ã¨OѨ^Œ ÉèíQÆ=O`«∞x q„QÆǨÅ ~°∂ѨOÖ’#∞, "å\˜Ñ¨@¡ Éèí‰õΩΊǨÏ$^ŒÜ«∂ÅÖ’ ÉèíH˜Î ѨkÅOQÍ LO@∂
~å=_»"Õ∞ HÍ~°}O. =∞# ѨÓsfi‰õΩÅ∞ `å=Ú Z<Àfl `åºQÍÅ∞ KÕã≤ g\˜x xÅɡ@ì_®xH˜ KÕã≤# Hõ$+≤ =Å<Õ Wk ™ê^茺Ѩ_çOk. D |$ǨÏ`«Î~° HÍ~°ºO =∞#
|∞∞+¨µÅ∞ U~°Êiz#, ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å q^èŒ∞Å#∞ â◊`åÉÏÌÅ #∞O_ç x~°fiiÎã¨∂Î~å=_»O =Å<Õ ™ê^茺Ѩ_çOk. ÉÏźO #∞O_Õ ÉèíH˜Î ÉèÏ"åxH˜ c*ÏÅ∞ Ѩ_ç,
`«~°`«~åÅ∞QÍ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂ŠѨÙ#~°∞^Œú~°}‰õΩ Hõ$+≤ KÕÜ«∞_®xH˜ ^ÀǨÏ^ŒÑ¨_çO^Œx, N~°OQÆ =∞Ok~°O =∞iÜ«Ú ™È=∞<å^äŒ =∞Ok~°O =O\˜ K«i„`«Å∞
=∞#‰õΩ `≥eÜ«∞*Ëã¨∞ÎOk. „Ѩã¨∞Î`« HÍÅOÖ’, D PKå~° =º=Ǩ~åÅÃÑ·<Õ ^•_çKÕã≤ <Õ\ ˜ P„Hõ=∞} HÍ~°∞Å∞ QÆ`«OÖ’ KÕÜ«∞ÖËx q^èŒOQÍ ã¨=¸ÅOQÍ
<åâ◊#O K≥Ü∂« ºÅx |ÅOQÍ „ѨÜ∞« uflã¨∞<Î åfl~°∞.
Ç≤ÏO^Œ∂ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å#∞ „ѨÉ∞íè `åfiÅ∞ `«=∞ J[=∂~Ú+‘Ö’ LOK«∞HÀ=_»O =Å# D ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å∞ Éè∂í , Hõ#Hõ, =ã¨∞,Î „^Œ=º ~°∂áêÅÖ’ LO_Õ `«=∞
ÅHõÅ∆ HÀ@¡ ã¨OѨ^ÅŒ #∞ K≥~Úº*Ï~°∞Û‰õΩO@∞<åflÜ«∞#fl KÕ^∞Œ x[O JO^ŒiH© `≥eÜ«∞_»"∞Õ HÍ^Œ∞, iHÍ~°∞Ö¤ ’¡ LOk ‰õÄ_®! `«q∞à◊<å_»∞Ö’ "≥Å∞QÆ∞ K«∂ã≤# Z<Àfl
ã¨OѶ∞¨ @#Å#∞ QÆ=∞x¿ã,Î g~°∞ JHõ¯_ç =∞Ok~åÅÖ’x q„QÆÇ¨ Å#∞ ‰õÄ_® =^ŒÅÖË^xŒ , "å\˜h `«ã¯¨ iOz ^˘OQÆ~"° å}ÏÅ∞ KÕâß~°x ‰õÄ_® `≥Å∞™ÈÎOk.
H˘xfl ǨωõΩ¯Å‰õΩ áÈ~å_»∞`«∂ JѨC_»Ñ¨C_»∞ q[Ü«∞O ™êkèã¨∞Î#fl Ç≤ÏO^Œ∂^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å#∞ Ѩi~°H˜∆OK«∞‰õΩ<ÕO^Œ∞‰õΩ „Ѩܫ∞`åflÅ∞ KÕ¿ã "åiH˜
â◊|i=∞ÅÖ’ Éèí‰õΩÎÅ áÈ~å@O XHõ =∞Oz =ÚYº"≥∞ÿ# áê~îåxfl <ÕiÊOk. nx ^•fi~å â◊|i=∞ÅÖ’ ™êO„Ѩ^•Ü«∂Å#∞ ~°H˜∆OK«_»O HÍ=K«∞Û† ÖË^•
Ç≤ÏO^Œ∂ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å#∞ „ѨÉèí∞`«fiѨ٠Ñ≤_çH˜e#∞O_ç `«Ñ≤ÊOK«_»O HÍ=K«∞Û ÖË^• ~å=∞[#‡Éèí∂q∞ ˆHã¨∞ HÍ=K«∞Û Éèí‰õΩÎÅ∞ ã¨fiÜ«∞OQÍ U^À ~°∂ѨOÖ’
ÉèíQÆ=#∂‡~°∞ÎÅ JkèHÍ~åÅÔH· áÈ\Ï¡_»∞`«∞<åfl~°#fl ã¨`«º"Õ∞ UHõ`å\˜ÃÑ·# #_çÑ≤™ÈÎO^Œx `≥Å∞™ÈÎOk. ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞ Ѩi~°Hõ∆} áÈ~å@=ÚʼnõΩ ÉèíQÆ=#∂‡~°∞ÎÅ
ǨωõΩ¯ÅÔH· áÈ~å_»_»"Õ∞ ã¨Ô~·# kâ◊Ü«∞x Kå\˜ K«∂Ñ≤Ok.
1925= ã¨O=`«û~°O U„Ñ≤Öò 28 '„Ѩ=∞^äŒ<å^ä£ =∞e¡H± (vs) „Ѩ^Œ∞º=∞fl‰õΩ=∂~ü =∞e¡H± „ÃÑ·g H“xûÅ∞Ö’ á⁄O^Œ∞Ѩ~°z# ^•x „ѨHÍ~°O,
ã¨∞„Ñ‘OHÀ~°∞,ì Hˆ ~°à◊ <åºÜ«∞™ê÷#O U~°Ê~°z# xÜ«∞=∂xfl J#∞ã¨iOz, HÀ"≥ÅÖ’ H˘Å∞"≥#· ÉèQí =Æ O`«∞x WK«Û#ù ∞, P q„QÆÇ¨ xH˜ ã¨O|OkèOz# Uq^è"Œ ∞≥ #ÿ
x~°‚Ü«∞O fã¨∞‰õΩO@∞<åfl, `«Ñ¨ÊHõ ѨiQÆ}#Ö’H˜ fã¨∞HÀ"åÅx ^•x ™ê~åOâ◊O. f~°∞Ê#∞ "≥Å∞=iOKÕ=ÚO^Œ∞ D ã¨∂„`åxH˜ „áê^è•#º`« x"åfiÅx
„Ѩ=ÚYOQÍ =Hͯ}˜OKå~°∞.
1991Ö’ ˆH~°à◊ ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì "≥Å∞=iOz# `«# f~°∞ÊÖ’, â◊|i=∞ÅÖ’ H˘Å∞"≥·# ^≥·=O W+¨ì„ѨHÍ~°O <≥·+≤ìHõ „|ǨχK«~°º„=`åxfl áê\˜OK«_®xˆH `«=∞
f~°∞ÊÖ’¡ Hõ@∞ì|_ç LO\Ï=∞x ã¨Ê+¨ìѨizOk. â◊|i=∞Å ^≥·=O Wëêìxfl QÆ∞iOz ˆH~°à◊ ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì "≥Å∞=iOz# D x*ÏÅ#∞ Z=~°∂ ã¨"åÅ∞
K≥Ü«∞ºHõáÈ=_»O =Å# JOu=∞ f~°∞ÊQÍ "≥Å∞=iOK«_»=∞~ÚOk.
â◊|i=∞Å ^≥·"åxH˜ „áê^äŒq∞Hõ ǨωõΩ¯ÅO@∂ LO_»=x, JO^Œ∞=Å# P ^≥·=O Wëêìxfl ѨiQÆ}#Ö’H˜ fã¨∞HÀ=Åã≤# J=ã¨~°O ÖË^Œh J`«∞º#fl`«
<åºÜ«∞™ê÷#O "≥Å∞=iOz# f~°∞Ê, W^Õ J`«∞º#fl`« <åºÜ«∞™ê÷#O, ˆH~°à◊ ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì `«k`«~°∞Å∞ ‰õÄ_® J#∞ã¨iã¨∂Î =ã¨∞Î#fl „ÃÑ·g H“xûÅ∞ f~°∞ÊÖ’
x~åúiOz# x~°Ü ‚ ∂« Å LÅ¡OѶ∞¨ # =∂„`«"∞Õ HÍHõ, `˘=∞‡O_»∞QÆ∞~°∞ <åºÜ«∂kèÑ`¨ ∞« Å ÉˇOz WzÛ# f~°∞ʉõΩ ‰õÄ_® q~°∞^ŒOú QÍ<Õ LOk. D `˘=∞‡O_»∞QÆ∞~°∞
[_ô˚Å∞ ¿ãì@∞ „>Ë_çOQ∑ HÍ~˘Êˆ~+¨<£ PѶπ WO_çÜ«∂ eq∞>ˇ_£ (vs) Hõ=∞i¬Ü«∞Öò \ωõΩû PѶ‘ã¨~ü JO_£ J^Œ~üû ˆHã¨∞Ö’ PiìHõÖò 14, PiìHõÖò 21, PiìHõÖò
25 `«k`«~° PiìHõÖòû „ѨHÍ~°O ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂ÅÖ’ LO_Õ ^≥·"åʼnõΩ ǨωõΩ¯Å∞ LO\ÏÜ«∞#fl f~°∞Ê W=fi_»O J~ÚOk. (<åºÜ«∞"Õ`«ÎʼnõΩ ‰õÄ_®)
ѨÓ~°fiѨ٠u~°∞"å#∂¯~°∞ ~å*ºÑ¨ikèÖ’ LO_Õ Ç≤ÏO^Œ∂^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å ^≥"· åʼnõΩ ã¨O|OkèOz# XHõ =ÚYº"≥∞#ÿ JOâ◊OÃÑ#· „ѨÉ∞íè `åfiÅ =∞^躌 [iy#
XѨÊO^ŒO x*ÏxH˜ JHõ¯_ç ^≥=· "≥∞#ÿ Ѩ^‡Œ <åÉè™í êfiq∞H˜, ÉèÏ~°`« „ѨÉ∞íè `åfixH˜ =∞^躌 AÖˇ· XHõ@= `Õn, 1949Ö’ [iy# ÉèQí =Æ O`«∞xH˜, =∂#=ÙxH˜ =∞^躌
[iy# XѨÊO^ŒO J<Õ K≥áêÊe. u~°∞"å#∂¯~°∞ áêʼnõΩÅ∞ `«=∞ ~å*Ϻxfl `«=∞ W+¨^ì =·≥ "≥∞#ÿ Ѩ^‡Œ <åÉè™í êfiq∞ K«~}° Hõ=∞ÖÏÅ =^ŒÌ ã¨=∞iÊO‰õΩx `å=Ú
Hˆ =ÅO PѨ~=° ∂`«‡ ¿ã=‰õΩÅO =∂„`«"∞Õ J#fl ÉèÏ=O`À, PÜ«∞# „Ѩux^è∞Œ Å∞QÍ =∂„`«"∞Õ ~å*Ϻxfl áêeã¨∞<Î åfl=∞#fl ÉèÏ=O`À ѨiáêÅ##∞ H˘#™êyOK«_"» ∞Õ
^•xH˜ HÍ~°}O, ÃÑ#· K≥ÑÊ≤ # XѨÊO^ŒO u~°∞"å#∂¯~°∞ ~å[ºÑ¨ikèÖ’#∞#fl Jxfl ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂ÅÖ’ H˘Å∞"≥#· ^Õ=`«Å ǨωõΩ¯Å#∞ Ѩi~°Hã∆˜ ∞¨ OÎ k. JO`ÕHÍHõ,
ã¨∞„Ñ‘OHÀ~°∞ì g\˜x Uq^èOŒ QÍ#∞ zO^Œ~=° O^Œ~° K≥Ü∞« º‰õÄ_»^xŒ =∞# ~å*ϺOQÆOÖ’x PiìHÖõ ò 361(1) „ѨHÍ~°O ^Œ∂~°O LOK«∞`ÀOk ‰õÄ_®!
ã¨~åÌ~°∞ Ѩ>ËÅ∞ QÍi JuÃÑ^ŒÌ q„QÆǨxfl ™ê÷Ñ≤Oz# ˆHO„^Œ „ѨÉèí∞`åfixfl N #ˆ~O„^Œ"≥∂_ç QÍ~°∞ `«# <Õ`«$`«fiOÖ’ #_çÑ≤ã¨∞Î<åfl~°∞. PÜ«∞# P<å_»∞
ÉèÏ~°`« „ѨÉ∞íè `«fiO `«~Ñ° Ù¨¶ # NѨ>ÅË ∞ QÍ~°∞ Ѩ^‡Œ <åÉè™í êfiq∞ "åiH˜ WzÛ# =∂@#∞ D<å_»∞ ã¨∞„Ñ‘OHÀ~°∞ì Z\ì̃ Ѩiã≤`÷ ∞« ÅÖ’#∞ g∞~°~å^Œx ã¨∞„Ñ‘OHÀ~°∞ì‰õΩ
QÆ∞~°∞Î K≥Ü«∂ºe. ~å*ϺOQÆ Ñ¨~°"≥∞ÿ# <≥·uHõ`« JO>Ë P<å_»∞ ÉèíQÆ=O`«∞_≥·# Ѩ^Œ‡<åÉèí™êfiq∞ "åiH˜ Ç≤ÏO^Œ∂ ^Õ=`«Å, Éèí‰õΩΊǨωõΩ¯Å‰õΩ ÉèíOQÆO
HõÅQÆhÜ«∞=∞x KÕã≤# „Ѩ=∂}ÏxH˜ Hõ@∞ì|_ç LO_»_»O. HÀ~°∞ì <À\©ã¨∞ ÃãHõ∆#∞ 4(1) P~å^èŒ<å ã¨÷ÖÏÅ 1991 K«@ìO („Ѩ`ÕºHõ xÜ«∞=∂=o) „ѨHÍ~°O
PÅÜ«∂ÅÖ’x ^Õ=`« WëêìÅ#∞ Q“~°qOK«_»O. Ç≤ÏO^Œ∂^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å „Ѩ`ÕºHõ`«#∞ Ѩi~°H˜∆OKÕ PQÆ+¨µì 15, 1947 <å_»∞ [iy# XѨÊO^ŒOÖ’
<åºÜ«∞™ê÷<åÅ∞ `«Å ^Œ∂~°Û~å^Œ#fl xÜ«∞=∂xfl =∞~À™êi QÆ∞~°∞ÎKÕã≤ ˆHO„^Œ „ѨÉèí∞`«fiO `«# ÉÏ^茺`«#∞ 㨄Hõ=∞OQÍ x~°fiiÎOKåe. 1947 PQÆ+¨µì 15
<å\˜H˜ u~°∞"å#∂¯~°∞ ~å[ºO WOHÍ Ñ¨^Œ‡<åÉèí™êfiq∞ "åi UÅ∞|_çÖ’<Õ LO^Œx WHõ¯_» =ÚYºOQÍ QÆ=∞xOK«^Œy# q+¨Ü«∞O. !

XHõ =∂@ =∂\Ï¡_@

Õ Ñ¨C_»∞ J=ã¨~"° ∞≥ #ÿ ^•xHõO>Ë Z‰õΩ¯= =∂\Ï¡_‰» Äõ _»^∞Œ .
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q+¨µ‚ã¨Ç¨Ï„ã¨<å=∞ QÍ^ä•=o – 214

ã¨`«ºÑ¨~å„Hõ=∂Ü«∞ #=∞ó
POQÆ¡=¸ÅO : _®II q.Ü«∞ãπ. ‰õ~°∞}ÏHõ~°<£, B.E.(Mech.), M.A. (Sanskrit), Ph.D. J#∞"å^ŒO : _®II ã¨∞=∞<£Å`«
H˘xfl ã¨OѶ∞¨ @#Å∞ =∞# ǨÏ$^ŒÜ∂« ÅÃÑ#· ã≤~÷ "° ∞≥ #ÿ =Ú„^Œ#∞ "Õ™êÎ~Ú. q+¨Ü«∂Å#∞ QÆ∞iOz `«~°¯ã¨=∞‡`«OQÍ q=iã¨∂Î „Ѩã¨Oyã¨∞Î<åfl#∞.
ã¨∞=∂~°∞ Ô~O_»∞ ^ŒâßÉÏÌÅ „H˜`«O JÖÏO\˜ |Å"≥∞ÿ# ã¨OѶ¨∞@# XHõ\ ˜ <å ''=∞#∞+¨µºÅ"≥∞#ÿ =∞#O D Éè∫uHõ „ѨÑO¨ K«OÖ’ [##-=∞~°}ÏÅ∞,
rq`«OÖ’ KÀ@∞ KÕã¨∞‰õΩOk. =∞Oz-K≥_»∞Å∞, áêѨ-ѨÙ}ϺŠ=∞^茺 _ÀÖÏÜ«∞=∂#OQÍ LO\Ï=Ú.
1983= ã¨O=`«û~°OÖ’ ##∞fl H˘`«Î _èbç Ö¡ ’ ÉèÏ~°`-« _≥<å‡~°∞¯ ^ÕâßÅ =∞#efl nx#∞O_ç `«Ñ≤ÊOK«_®xH˜, =∞#O "≥·‰õΩO~î°O KÕi JHõ¯_» ã≤÷~°OQÍ
„áê*ˇ‰Ωõ ‰ì Ωõ ã¨O|OkèOz# '@∂Öò ~°∂"£∞û W<£ WO_çÜ∂« —‰õΩ ÉèÏ~°`^« âÕ O◊ Ö’ LO_»_®xH˜, Ѩ~=° ∂`«‡ =∞#O^ŒiѨHÍ∆ # `å<Õ ã¨fiÜ«∞OQÍ _ÀÅÖ’ TQÆ∞`«∂
*ÏfÜ«∞ ã¨=∞#fiÜ«∞Hõ~°ÎQÍ |kb KÕâß~°∞. <å rq`«OÖ’ Pã¨=∞Ü«∞O LO\Ï_»∞.——
ZO`À Ѩq„`«"≥∞ÿ#k. N=∞$+¨‚O PO_»=<£ ™êfiq∞ QÍi n"≥#Å`À Dq^èŒ"≥∞ÿ# JO`«~å~å÷xfl Ѩ~åâ◊~°Éèí@ì~°∞ "åi t+¨µº_≥·# Hõq Ñ≤à‹·§
™êO„Ѩ^•Ü«∞|^ŒOú QÍ NÉèÏ+¨ºO, ÉèQí =Æ kfi+¨Ü∞« O, ~°ÇϨ 㨺„`«Ü∞« ™ê~°O =O\˜ ÃÑ~°∞=∂àò JÜ«∞ºOQÍ~°∞, `å#∞ `«q∞à◊OÖ’ ~°zOz# ''u~°∞=~°OQÆ
q+¨Ü∂« Å#∞ QÆ∞iOz „Ѩ=K«<åÅ#∞ W=fi_»O [iyOk. D „Ѩ=K«<åÅ#∞ Hõà◊O|QÆO——Ö’ `≥eÜ«∞*Ëâß~°∞. `«q∞à◊O `≥eÜ«∞x áê~î°‰õΩÅHÀã¨O <Õ#∞
H˘`«Î _èçb¡Ö’x =Úh~å¯Ö’ "Õ^•O`« ^ÕtHõ =∂~°æOÖ’x "≥·‰õΩO~î°<å^ä£r ^•x ã¨O㨯 $`« J#∞"å^•xfl Wã¨∞Î<åfl#∞..
=∞Ok~°OÖ’ â◊x, Pk"å~åÅ`ÀÉÏ@∞ ™ê~°fi„uHõ â◊Å=Ù ~ÀAÖ’¡ åÁåÁøúNÏ˛¬z Ï \ã™™∫mz gÁz¬ÁuÀsuoÊ YÁuúoÁz
K≥¿ÑÊ"å_çx. å ÀÆÁtz  ÆsÁ osÁ Ó ßσÁ ¬fl©ÆÁ Y YzoÁz ™™ @
P ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ JǨϟaÅ=∞~î° 45= rÜ«∞~°∞™êfiq∞"å~°∞ ‰õÄ_® ™ÁÆÁ™T¿u™tÊ üN˛¡õÆ ¢˛¬NÊ˛ ∫¶ÁÏÊ Nw˛úÁÊ oz ß\z :
H˘`«Î _èbç ¡ "ÕOKÕâß~°∞. NHõ$+¨µx‚ TÜ«∞Å¿ã= =∞~îO° Ö’#∞, Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ QÆ$ǨÅÖ’ gÁz¬ÁÊ YÊY¬™yåNÏ˛lg¬ÆÏTœÁT¿WΩTåÁs! üßÁz @@
[iˆQ@ѨC_»∞ `«# J#∞„QÆÇ¨Ï ÉèÏ+¨}Å#∞ qxÑ≤OKÕ"å~°∞. PÜ«∞# nxx ™êfiq∞ ^Õt‰õΩÅ"åi ^ŒÜ∂« â◊`H« Oõ Ö’ `≥eÜ«∞*Ëã#≤ ÉèÏ=O`À
™êÜ«∞O„`åÅ∞ [iˆQ _ÀÖ’`«û"åxH˜ ##∞fl ‰õÄ_® ~°=∞‡x P^ÕtOKå~°∞. J#∞ã¨O^è•#O KÕâß#∞. PÜ«∞# WÖÏ JO\Ï~°∞.
rÜ«∞~°∞™êfiq∞"åi J#∞„QÆǨÏÉèÏ+¨}Ïxfl q#_®xH˜, _ÀÖ’`«û=OÖ’ ''^ŒÜ«∂QÆ∞} ã¨OѨ#∞fl~åÅ~Ú# =∂`« P^Õâß#∞™ê~°O Ѩ~°=∂`«‡
áêÖÁæ#_®xH˜ ™êÜ«∞O„`«OѨÓ@ `«fi~°QÍ "≥àı¡O^Œ∞‰õΩ <å HÍ~åºÅÜ«∞OÖ’ `«# Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ #∞ ~°HO∆˜ z HÍáê_»\ÏxH˜ Ѩâ√◊ -ѨHÍ∆ º^Œ∞Å ~°∂áêÅÖ’ [x‡™êÎ_∞» .
J#∞=∞u fã¨∞‰õΩx "≥àı¡"å_çx. "åi áêáêÅ#∞ „ѨH∆Íà◊# K≥Ü«∞º_®xH˜, `å#∞ ã¨fiÜ«∞OQÍ Ñ¨â◊√=ÙÅ∞QÍ,
45= rÜ«∞~°∞ ™êfiq∞"å~°∞ Q˘Ñ¨Ê q^•fiOã¨∞_Õ HÍ^Œ∞, =∞iO`« =$H∆ÍÅ∞QÍ "åiH˜ |^Œ∞Å∞ tHõ∆ ##∞ÉèíqOz Éèí‰õΩÎÅ#∞ J#∞„QÆÇ≤Ï™êÎ_»∞.
Q˘Ñ¨Ê ã¨Ç¨Ï$^ŒÜ«ÚÅ∞ ‰õÄ_®! PÜ«∞# `«# „Ѩ=K«<åxfl „áê~°OaèOK«É’ÜÕ∞ W=hfl ‰õ Ä _® `å#∞ U~° Ê iz# xÜ« ∞ =∂=o Éè í O QÆ = ∞=‰õ Ω O_®
=ÚO^Œ∞ H˘kÌ x=ÚëêÅ∞ ##∞fl =∂\Ï¡_»=∞x K≥ѨÓÎ <å‰õΩ „áÈ`åûǨxfl PK«iOѨ|_Õ@>Ë¡ K«∂™êÎ_∞» .—— PÜ«∞# =∞`«ûºO, HõKÛ« Ñù O¨ , =~åǨÏO =O\˜
JOkOKÕ"å~°∞. ã¨fiÜ«∞OQÍ JO`« Q˘Ñ¨Ê™ê÷#OÖ’ LO_ç, ZO`À q^•fiOã¨∞_»∞ ~°∂áêÅ#∞ Pq^èŒOQÍ ^èŒi™êÎ_»x K≥¿ÑÊ â’¡HõO
J~Ú<å ‰õÄ_®, JHõ¯_»‰õΩ =zÛ# „â’`«Å`ÀÉÏ@∞ rÜ«∞~°∞™êfiq∞"å~°∞ Eƒo∫muƒ∆z {∫Án™¬y¬Áútz∆{:
‰õÄ_® <å „Ñ¨ãO¨ QÍxfl q<Õ"å~°∞. J=ã¨~=° ∞xÑ≤Oz#ѨC_»∞ <å „Ñ¨ãO¨ QÍxH˜ Eƒ™uo™åÏN˛©úz ™ãtuYVz Ï uƒãtåΩ @
H˘xfl-H˘xfl q+¨Ü«∂Å#∞ *’_çOK«_»O ÖË^• <Õ#∞ =∞iÛáÈ~Ú# "å\˜x, ƒw ßu∆Qu∫åÁsÀnƒuëÁtz∆zå åÓåÊ
`«Ñ≤ÊáÈ~Ú# "å\˜x ã¨iK≥Ü«∞º_»O KÕã¨∂Î P#O^ŒOQÍ q<Õ"å~°∞. ß\uo ∆∫mßÁ\ÁÊ ßÁuƒåÁz \ã™ßztÁåΩ @@
PÜ«∞# `«#^≥·# Ǩ㨺⋷eÖ’ ##∞fl `«~°K«∞QÍ ÃÇÏK«ÛiOK«_»=¸ (nx QÆ∞iOz q=~°OQÍ QÆ`« QÍ^äŒ (213)Ö’ ‰õÄ_® q™êÎ~°OQÍ
=∞iKÕ"å~°∞ HÍ^Œ∞. PÜ«∞#, ''K«∂_»∞, „â’`«Å#∞ ã¨OÉ’kèOz =∂\Ï¡_=Õ ÚO^Œ∞ K≥ѨÊ_»O [iyOk.)
##∞fl q∞OzáÈ"åÅx =∂„`«O „ѨÜ∞« uflOK«‰Äõ _»^∞Œ ã¨∞=∂! <å „Ñ¨=K«<åÅ∞ D â’¡Hõ q=~°}#∞ <Õ#∞ ѨÓiÎ K≥Ü«∞ºQÍ<Õ, <Õ#∞ J#∞‰õΩ#fl>Ë¡
WHõ¯_ç =ÚYº HÍ~°º„Hõ=∞O QÆ#Hõ <å „Ñ¨=K«<åʼnõΩ h „Ѩã¨OQÆO ã¨Ç¨ÏHÍ~° rÜ«∞~°∞ ™êfiq∞"å~°∞ PÃÑÜ«∞º=∞x ã¨O[˝ KÕâß~°∞. <Õ#∞ <å „Ñ¨ã¨OQÍxfl
"å^Œ º OÖÏ =∂„`« " Õ ∞ LO_®e. XHõ " Õ à ◊ JÖÏ #∞=Ùfi ##∞fl =ÚyOK«_»O, rÜ«∞~°∞ ™êfiq∞"å~°∞ `«# „Ѩ=K«#O K≥ѨÊ_»O [iQÍ~Ú.
q∞OzáÈ`«∞<åfl=xÑ≤¿ãÎ h‰õΩ <Õ#∞ ã¨OˆH`åxfl™êÎ#∞. #∞=Ùfi "≥O@<Õ h `«~°∞"å`« rÜ«∞~°∞QÍ~°∞ <å`À ѨiǨã¨=∂_»∞`«∞#fl q^èŒOQÍ WÖÏ
„Ѩã¨OQÍxfl =ÚyOKåe!—— J<åfl~°∞ - ''##∞fl q∞OzáÈ=^ŒxÌ =ÚO^Õ K≥áêÊ<å? HÍx <å „Ñ¨ãO¨ QÍxfl
JO`«\ ˜ =∞Ǩq^Œfi#‡}˜ #∞O_ç K«Hõ¯x tHõ∆}`ÀÉÏ@∞, J=QÍǨÏ# q∞OzáÈ~Ú, D~ÀA „â’`«Å Jaè#O^Œ#Å#∞ #∞=Ùfi H˘Å¡Q˘\Ïì=Ù. #∞=Ùfi
‰õÄ_® ÅaèOK«_»O <å J^Œ$+¨ìOQÍ ÉèÏqOz <Õ#∞ 㨈~#<åfl#∞. PÜ«∞# ZO`«¿ãѨ٠K≥áêÊe, Jx x~°‚~ÚOK«=Åã≤# „Ѩ`ÕºHÍkèHÍ~°O <å‰õΩO_»@O
Ǩ=ÉèÏ"åÅ∞ K«∂¿ã PÜ«∞# <å „Ñ¨ã¨OQÍxfl „Ѩu™êi ѨÓiÎQÍ qx =Å# x#∞fl PѨ=∞x K≥ѨÊ=Åã≤ =zÛOk.——
P#OkOKÕ"å~°x <å‰õΩ JxÑ≤OKÕk,. XHõ LѨ<åºã¨‰õΩ_çQÍ WO`«Hõ#fl Ѷ¨∞#"≥∞ÿ# „Ѩ=∂} Ѩ„`«O <å‰õΩ
XHõ<å_»∞ <Õ#∞ Éèí‰õΩÎÅ QÆ$ǨÅÖ’ NHõ$+¨µ‚x P~åkèOKÕ _ÀÖ’`«û= <å rq`«OÖ’ =∞~˘Hõ\ ˜ Åaèã¨∞ÎO^•?

Zxfl ã¨=∞ã¨ºÖˇ^∞Œ ~Ô <· å ^Œ$_èz

» `«OÎ `À, P`«‡Ãã÷~ º° O`À Z^Œ∞~À¯"åe.
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~Ô O_»∞#fl~° ^ŒâßÉÏÌÅ J#O`«~O° D<å_»∞ 214= <å=∂xH˜ `«y# =∞~˘Hõ „Ѩ^Õâ◊OÖ’ ™ê=∞"Õ^Œ QÍ#O ã¨∞ã¨fi~åÅ`À ™êQÆ∞`«∂ P
QÍ^äŒ#∞ "≥`«∞‰õΩ¯x Ѩ~åâ◊~° Éèí@ì~°∞ "å~°∞ K≥Ñ≤Ê# suH˜ J#∞QÆ∞}OQÍ „Ѩ ^ Õ â ◊ = ∞O`« \ Ï „Ѩ u ^è Œ fi x㨠∂ Î O _» _ » O QÆ = ∞xOz# ~åA ZO`À
=∞`åûº=`å~° Ѷ¨∞\Ïìxfl ^Œ$+≤ìÖ’ ÃÑ@∞ì‰õΩx PÖ’zã¨∞Î#fl <å =∞ã≤Î+¨¯O P#OkOKå_»∞.
ѨiѨiq^è•Å Tyã¨ÖÏ_»∞`ÀOk. XHõ¯™êi <årq`«OÖ’ [iy# ÃÑ·# PÜ«∞# XHõ „Ѩ^âÕ O◊ Ö’ J^ä~Œ fi° } "Õ^•xfl Ѩiãî ∞¨ #Î fl „ÉÏǨχ}∞Å#∞
¿Ñ~˘¯#fl ã¨OѶ¨∞@# =∞kÖ’ `«à◊√‰õΩ¯=∞Ok. QÆ=∞xOz, "åi=^ŒÌ =Ú‰õΩo`« ǨϙêÎÅ`À H˘kÌ ã¨=∞Ü«∞O xÅ∞K«∞x
`å#∞ ~°zOz# ^Œâß=`å~° ™È΄`« Ѷ¨∞@ìOÖ’ ™êfiq∞^Õt‰õΩÅ"å~°∞ q<åfl_»∞.
ZO`À JO^ŒOQÍ HÍ"åº`«‡HõOQÍ =∞`åûº=`å~° Ѷ¨∞\Ïìxfl WÖÏ =i‚OKå~°∞ XHõ „Ѩ^Õâ◊OÖ’ "åb‡H˜ ~å=∂Ü«∞}Ïxfl ^À+¨ ~°Ç≤Ï`«OQÍ Ñ¨iîã¨∞Î#fl
- „ÉÏǨχ}∞x =ÚO^Œ∞ xez# ~åA, PÜ«∞# áê~åÜ«∞}Ïxfl ZO`À Pã¨HQΘ Í
uå™|Tí»Ïuo\Á¬™ÁT|mt∆ÁtVqm{ƒy|qm{ : HÍ¿ãѨ٠qx P#OkOKå_»∞.
EãoÀoãƒutƒÁ∫uƒãtT“åÁãÆÁ{tãƒoyåÁ™úÁ™Ω @ Ѩ~åâ◊~° QÆ∞~°∞=Ù P^èŒfi~°ºOÖ’ q+¨µ‚ ѨÙ~å}Ïxfl PÜ«∞# t+¨µºÅ∞
uå…ünÆÓ“o∫Wïu∫Wïmu™s: ünÆÓjúÁs≈ZbÁÊ Ñ¨Ù~å} =∞O_»Ñ¨OÖ’ Ѩ~î°#O QÍqOK«_»O #Ü«∞<å#O^ŒHõ~°OQÍ
gÁz¬Á∫Áz“ÃtÁz“¬Ê ßTƒoÁz ™ÁnÀÆÊ ƒúÏ: úÁoÏ å: @@ JxÑ≤OzOk.
=∞`«ûº ~°∂áêxfl ^èŒiOz# Ѩ~°=∂`«‡, "Õ^•ÅÔH· [ÖÏÅÖ’ =Úxy J@∞ `«~åfi`« ~åA ÉèíQÆ=næ`« =∞O_»Ñ¨O "≥àı¡ã¨iH˜ JHõ¯_»
"≥`«∞‰õΩ`«∞#fl "Õà◊, ã¨=Ú„^Œ `«~°OQÍÅÖ’ _ÀÅ TQÆ∞`«∞#fl "Õà◊ Jk H“O_ç#∞º_»∞ `«# t+¨µºÅ`ÀÉÏ@∞ w`«#∞ Ѩiîã¨∂Î HÍ#=KåÛ_»∞.
PÜ«∞#‰õΩ _ÀÖ’`«û=OÖÏ LOk. JO\Ï~°∞ ÃÑ·â’¡HõOÖ’. XHõ=¸Å H˘O`«=∞Ok „ÉÏǨχ}∞Å∞, H“t‰õΩx <Õ`«$`«fiOÖ’
Ѩ~°=∂`«‡ ZO^Œ∞=Å# ã¨=Ú„^Œ `«~°OQÍÅÖ’ _ÀÖ’`«û=OÖ’ L<åfl~°∞. PÜ«∞# Ѩ~°=∂`«‡ "≥·Éèí"åxfl „áêOfÜ«∞ ÉèÏ+¨Ö’ H©iÎã¨∂Î, QÍ#O
Ty#@∞¡ =ÚO^Œ∞-"≥#HõʼnõΩ TQÍe? KÕã¨∂Î P#O^ŒO`À, ǨÏ~å¬uˆ~HõO`À #$`«ºO KÕã¨∂Î HÍ#=KåÛ_»∞. JHõ¯_»
^•xH˜ ã¨=∂^è•#O Wk - Ѩ~°=∂`«‡ "Õ^•Å#∞ "≥`«∞‰õΩ`«∂ KåÖÏ =∞Ok „Ѩ[Å∞ QÆ∞OѨÙQÍ KÕi H“t‰õΩx`ÀÉÏ>Ë Ñ¨~°=∂`«‡
=ÚO^Œ∞"≥#∞HõʼnõΩ TQÆ\ÏxH˜ HÍ~°}O, `«# Éèí‰õΩÎÅ∞ =∂„`«O "Õ^•Å#∞ QÆ∞}QÆ}ÏÅ#∞ QÍ#O KÕã∂¨ Î #$`«ºO KÕã∞¨ <Î åfl~°∞. "å~°O`å JHõ¯_ç ã¨Ow`åxfl
=Öˇ"¡ ãÕ ∞¨ #Î flѨC_»∞QÍx, "å\˜x "åºMϺxã¨∞#Î flѨC_»∞ QÍx JHõ~∆ åÅ∞, =∂@Å∞ Ѩ ~ ° = tOzqO@∂, `å=¸ ZO`À L`åûǨ Ï OQÍ Q˘O`« ∞ Hõ e Ñ≤
=∞iÛáÈ=_»O =Å# =ÚO^Œ∞-"≥#HõʼnõΩ Tyã¨ÖÏ_»‰õÄ_»^Œ#fl^Õ PÜ«∞# P#OkK«_»O HõxÑ≤OzOk.
L^ÕâÌ º◊ O.! ~åA XHõ Hõ∆}HÍÅOáê@∞ x"≥fi~°áÈÜ«∂_»∞. `«# ~å[ºOÖ’x
Ѩ~=° ∂`«‡ JÅÅÃÑ· WÖÏ TÜ«∞ÅÅ∂y<å XHõ q+¨Ü∞« OÖ’ =∂„`«O „Ѩ[Ö’¡ H˘O^Œ~°∞, ™ê÷xHõ ÉèÏ+¨Ö’ QÍ#O KÕã¨∂Î =∞Ok~° Ѩiã¨~åÅ#∞,
ZšѨC_»∂ ã≤÷~°OQÍ LO\Ï_»∞ - J^Õ =∞#∞=Ù, ã¨`«º„=`« áêO_»∞º_»∞, JHõ¯_ç "å`å=~°}Ïxfl HõÅ∞+≤`«O KÕ™êÎ~°x PÜ«∞# #=∞‡ÖËHõáÈÜ«∂~°∞,
`«k`«~°∞ʼnõΩ =∞`«ûºÑ¨Ù~å}O ^•fi~å "Õ^•Å#∞ QÆ∞iOz, "Õ^Œ~°Ç¨Ï™êºÅ#∞ Jk ‰õÄ_® <åÅ∞QÆ∞"Õ^•ÅÖ’ xëê‚`«∞_»~Ú# „ÉÏǨχ}∞x P^èŒfi~°ºOÖ’
QÆ∞iOz q_»=∞iÛ K≥ѨÊ_»O† `«^•fi~å "å~°∞ Uq^èŒ=∞~Ú# ã¨O^ÕǨʼnõΩ WÖÏ [~°QÆ_»O #=∞‡â◊HõºOQÍ ÖË^ŒxÑ≤OzOk.
Ö’#=~°∞† "Õ^•Å#∞ JÉèíºã≤OK«_»OÖ’ Tyã¨ÖÏ_»~°∞. „ÉÏǨχ}∞_»#fl"å_»∞ "Õ^•Å#∞ q_çz, ™ê÷xHõ ÉèÏ+¨Ö’ PÅÜ«∞
=∞`«ûº ~°∂ѨOÖ’ Ѩ~°=∂`«‡ ã¨fiÜ«∞OQÍ ã¨`«º„=`« áêO_»∞º_»∞, „áêOQÆ}OÖ’ ZÖÏ H©iÎOK«QÆÅ_»∞? Jn "Õ^Œ „Ѩ=∂}ÏÅ#∞, P^ÕâßÅ#∞
=∞#∞=Ù "≥Ú^ŒÖ#·ˇ "åiH˜ XHõ ~åA rq`«OÖ’ [iy# ã¨OѶ∞¨ @# QÆ∞iOz `«∞.K«. `«Ñ¨ÊHõ áê\˜™êÎ_»x „Ѩã≤kÌÔHH˜¯# `«#=O\˜ UeHõ ǨÏÜ«∂OÖ’!
q=iOKå_»∞. W^Õ q+¨Ü«∞O QÆ∞iOz PÅÜ«∞ JkèHÍ~°∞Å`À K«iÛ¿ãÎ, `å=Ú
ѨÓ~°fiO XHõ ~åA, `«# ~å*Ϻxfl "Õ^•ÅÖ’ xˆ~tÌ Oz# ã≤^•úO`åÅ ZO`«QÍ JÉèºí O`«~° ÃÑ_»∞`«∞<åfl, WÖÏ `«ÑC¨ ^•iÖ’ #_»=\Ïxfl PѨÙ`«∞<åfl,
P^è•~°OQÍ, `«#‰õΩ J=QÍǨÏ# Hõey#O`« =~°‰õΩ U=∂„`«O "å\˜x H“t‰õΩ_»∞ `«# ѨO^ä•#∞ =∂~°∞ÛHÀ=@O ÖË^∞Œ . „Hõ=∞O `«Ñʨ ‰õΩO_® WÖψQ
LšѶ≤∞OK«‰õΩO_® ~å*Ϻxfl ѨiáêeOKÕ"å_»∞. KÕã¨∞Î<åfl_»x ~åA‰õΩ `≥eã≤Ok.
`«# ~å[^è•xÖ’x q+¨µ‚=¸iÎ PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ XHõ™êi L`«û"åÅ∞ ~åA "≥O@<Õ `«# =∞O„`«∞Å#∞ Ñ≤eÑ≤Oz, "åi`À H“t‰õΩx
[~°∞QÆ∞`«∞#flѨC_»∞ P~åA, PÅÜ«∂xfl ã¨O^Œi≈OK«∞‰õΩ<ÕO^Œ∞‰õΩ "≥àϧ_»∞. Df~°∞#∞ QÆ∞iOz K«iÛOKå_»∞. =∞O„u=∞O_»e ~åAQÍi`À XHõ™êi
PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ ѨÓ[#∞ ZO`À ÉèHí -Θ „ѨÑ`¨ ∞« ÅÎ `À KÕã∂¨ Î ‰õÄ_®, PÜ«∞# H“t‰õΩx`À =∂\Ï¡_ç WÖÏ ™ê÷xHõ ÉèÏ+¨Ö’ H©iÎã¨∂Î QÍ#O KÕÜ«∞_»O ^•fi~å
Hõà◊√¡, K≥=ÙÅ∞ =∂„`«O JHõ¯_ç „áêOQÆ}OÖ’ [~°∞QÆ∞`«∞#fl HÍ~°º„Hõ=∂Å#∞ =∞Ok~° Ѩiã¨~åÅ#∞ ‰õÅ∞+≤`O« K≥Ü∞« º=^ŒxÌ PY~°∞™êiQÍ ÃÇÏK«ÛiOK«=∞x
KåÖÏ ã¨∞xt`«OQÍ Ñ¨ijeã¨∞Î<åfl~Ú. "Õ^•Å P^ÕâßÅ∞ ZHõ¯_® ã¨∂zOKå~°∞.
LÅ¡OѶ≤∞OѨ|_»@O ÖË^Œ∞ Hõ^• Jx PÜ«∞# ѨijÅ# H˘#™êQÆ∞`ÀOk. P „ѨHÍ~°"∞Õ ~åA H“t‰õΩ_çx Ñ≤eÑ≤Oz ''F ѨO_ç`À`«=Î ∂! PÅÜ«∞
XHõ =¸Å „ÉÏǨχ}∞Å∞ |∞∞ˆQfi^Œ Ѩ~î°<åxfl x~å@OHõOQÍ J~°Û# Ü«∂QÆ„Hõ`∞« =Ù`À ã¨=∂#=∞x g∞‰õΩ <Õ#∞ "Õ~ˆ `≥eÜ«∞*ˇÜ∞« º#=ã¨~O°
H˘#™êyã¨∞Î<åfl~°∞. ~åA ã¨O`«$Ñ≤ÎѨ_®¤_»∞. ÖË^∞Œ Hõ^•! Ü«∂QÆ„Hõ`∞« =Ù x~°fiÇ≤ÏOKÕ ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ ã¨O㨯 $`«O `«Ñʨ "Õ~˘Hõ
=∞~˘Hõ =¸Å â◊√Hõ¡ Ü«∞Aˆ~fi^Œ Ѩ~î°#O QÍqã¨∞Î#fl „ÉÏǨχ} ÉèÏ+¨ LѨÜ≥∂yOK«‰õÄ_»^Œx "Õ^•ÅÖ’ ã¨Ê+¨ìOQÍ K≥ѨÊ|_çOk Hõ^•! =∞i
ã¨=¸Ç¨xfl K«∂ã≤ PÜ«∞#‰õΩ P#O^ŒO HõeyOk. PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ „áêOfÜ«∞ ÉèÏ+¨Ö’ JO`« ^è≥·~°ºOQÍ g∞~°∞ ZÖÏ QÍ#O
=∞~˘Hõ =¸Å Hõ$+¨‚Ü«∞Aˆ~fi^Œ Ѩ~î°#O ™êyã¨∞Î#fl q„ѨÙÅ∞ KÕã∞¨ <Î åfl~°∞—— Jx „ѨtflOKå_»∞.
HÍ#=KåÛ~°∞. ZO`À ǨïO^•QÍ q#=ã¨∞#Î fl =∞O„`åÅ#∞ PÜ«∞# Xà◊O¡ `å H“t‰õΩ_»∞ ^•xH˜ ã¨=∂^è•<åxfl Dq^èŒOQÍ WKåÛ_»∞ - ''F
K≥=ÙÅ∞ KÕã¨∞‰õΩx q<åfl_»∞. =∞Ǩ~å*Ï! <Õ#∞ NǨÏi "≥É· "íè åxfl „áêOfÜ«∞ ÉèÏ+¨Ö’ QÍ#O KÕã∞¨ <Î åfl#∞.
Hõ+"ì¨ ∞≥ <ÿ å ™êkèOK«QÅ
Æ ##∞‰õΩ<Õ"å_Õ Jã¨Ö#·ˇ q*Ë`.«
January '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 10 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
ÉèÏ+¨ J#flk XHõ ™ê^èŒ#O =∂„`«"Õ∞! PÜ«∞# Ü«∞â’QÍ#"Õ∞ ÅHõ∆ ºO x#∞fl ^ŒO_çOK«=Åã≤#^Õ! JO^Œ∞ˆH #∞=Ùfi #~°Hõ ™ê„=∂[ºOÖ’ LO_ç
J~Ú#O`«HÍÅO, ÉèÏ+¨ U^Œ~Ú<å ã¨=∞㨺HÍ^Œ∞. g∞‰õΩ ''ÉèÏO_®xfl K«∂_»‰Ωõ † tHõ#∆ #∞Éèqí OK«Hõ `«Ñʨ ^Œ∞.——
áêÅ#∞ K«∂_»∞!—— J#fl ™ê"≥∞`« `≥Å∞ã¨∞ Hõ^•!—— Ü«∞=∞^èŒ~°‡~åA ѨeH˜# D =K«<åÅ#∞ =∞`«ûºÑ¨Ù~å}OÖ’ D
HÍx ~åA U=∂„`«O ã¨=∂^è•#Ѩ_Ö» ^Ë ∞Œ . KåÖÏ¿ãѨ٠W^Õ q+¨Ü∂« xfl q^èŒOQÍ L<åflÜ«∞x #OÑ≤à‹·§ `å#∞ ~°zOz# 'u~°∞"å~Ú"≥∂o—
QÆ∞iOz "åi=∞^茺 `«~°˚#-Éèí~°˚#Å∞ [iQÍ~Ú. PYiH˜ =∞Ǩ~åA‰õΩ "åºMϺ#OÖ’ á⁄O^Œ∞Ѩ~°K«_»O [iyOk.
qã¨∞QÆ∞ =zÛ, D H“t‰õΩ_»<Õ „ÉÏǨχ}∞_çx, J`«x J#∞K«~°∞Å#∞ ‰õÄ_® “u∫N˛yuo˙ uƒå{ƒÁãÆoΩ §¿Á÷mzå å∫ÁzV™! @
`«# ~å[ºO #∞O_ç |Ç≤Ï+¨¯iOKå_»∞. ßÁ ÁTÁåÊ å TÁo√ÆÊ oÀ™ÁoΩ úÁúÊ nƒÆÁ Nw˛o™Ω @@
ã¨O=`«û~åÅ∞ QÆ_çzáÈÜ«∂~Ú. ~åA‰õΩ WHõ `«# J^Œ$ëêìxfl D QÍ^äŒ ^•fi~å =∞#‰õΩ XHõ q+¨Ü«∞O ã¨Ê+¨ì=∞=Ù`ÀOk -
ѨsH˜∆OK«∞HÀ=Åã≤# ã¨=∞Ü«∞O Pã¨#fl=∞~ÚOk. =∞Ǩ~åA `å#∞ ZO`À ÉèQí =Æ O`«∞_»∞ `«#x Z=~°∞ U ÉèÏ+¨Ö’ H©iOÎ z<å ã‘fiHõi™êÎ_x» ! W@∞=O\˜
hu - xÜ«∞=∂Å`À ~å[ºáêÅ# KÕã≤# =ºH˜ÎQÍ ¿Ñ~°∞ á⁄O^•_»∞ QÆ#Hõ, Z<Àfl ã¨O^ÕâßÅ#∞ =∞#∞=Ù =O\˜ Éèí‰õΩÎÖˇO^ŒiHÀ `≥eÜ«∞*Ëâß_»x
ã¨fi~°æO `«Ñ¨ÊHõ „áêÑ≤Îã¨∞ÎO^Œx ÉèÏqOKå_»∞. =∞`«ûºÑ¨Ù~å}O `≥eÜ«∞*Ë™ÈÎOk.
J~Ú`Õ `«##∞ #~°HÍʼnõΩ fã¨∞‰õΩ"≥o¡, Ü«∞=∞^èŒ~°‡~åA =ÚO^Œ∞ ÉèíQÆ=O`«∞_»∞ =∞`«ûº~°∂ѨOÖ’ LO_ç, `«#∞ [ÖÏÅÃÑ·# J@∂-
xÅɡ>ãìË i¨ H˜ Pâ◊Û~°ºáÈÜ«∂_»∞. =ÚO^Œ∞QÍ z„`«Q∞Æ Ñ¨Ù_Î ∞» =∞Ǩ~åA KÕã#≤ W@∂ Tyã¨ÖÏ_»∞`«∂ ‰õÄ_® `«# Éèí‰õΩÎÅ Ü≥∞_» ZšѨC_»∂ ã≤÷~°"≥∞ÿ#
ã¨`«¯~°‡Å#∞ K≥Ñ≤Ê, J@∞ÃÑ·# PÜ«∞# `«Ñ¨CÅ#∞ K≥ѨÊ<å~°OaèOKå_»∞. ÉèÏ=O`À "åix =ÚO^Œ∞‰õΩ #_çÑO≤ KÕ QÆ∞}O HõÅ"å_»∞ HÍ|\ì̃ PÜ«∞#‰õΩ
''D~åA H“t‰õΩ_»<Õ „ÉÏǨχ}∞_çx, J`«x J#∞K«~°∞Å#∞ "å~°∞ ''ã¨`«ºÑ¨~å„Hõ=∞ó—— J#fl <å=∞O U~°Ê_çOk.
PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ ÉèQí =Æ O`«∞x Ü«∞â’QÍ<åxfl „áêOfÜ«∞ ÉèÏ+¨Ö’ QÍqã¨∞<Î åfl~°#fl qâßfiq∞„`«∞xH˜ D ã¨∂Hõ∆ ‡O `≥Å∞ã¨∞QÆ#ˆH PÜ«∞# ^Œâ◊~°^äŒ∞x`À
HÍ~°}O K«∂Ñ≤ ^Õâ◊ |Ç≤Ï+¨¯~°} tHõ∆#∞ "Õâß_»∞. D `«Ñ≤Ê^•xH˜ QÍ#∞ D 'ã¨`º« Ѩ~å„Hõ=Ú_≥#· — ~å=Ú_»∞ `«# Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ #∞ U<å_»∂ =kÖˇÜ∞« º_»x, Jxfl
=∞Ǩ~åA#∞ S^Œ∞ ã¨O=`«û~åÅáê@∞ K≥é™êÅÖ’ x~°ƒOkèOKåe!—— "Õà◊ÖÏ ~°H˜∆™êÎ_»x K≥ѨÓÎ, `å#∞ K≥Ü«∞ºÉ’ÜÕ∞ Ü«∂QÆã¨O~°Hõ∆}Ï~°÷O `«#`À
z„`«Q∞Æ Ñ¨Ù_Î ∞» K≥Ñʨ =Åã≤#k ѨÓiÎ KÕâßHõ =∞Ǩ~åA `«#∞ ã¨fiÜ«∞OQÍ Ñ¨OÑ≤OK«=∞x K≥áêÎ_»∞. "åb‡H˜ ~å=∂Ü«∞}OÖ’ WÖÏ LOk
Ü«∞=∞^èŒ~°‡~åA =ÚO^Œ∞ WÖÏ q#flqOK«∞‰õΩ<åfl_»∞ - ''F ã¨=∞=sÎ! E“Ê ƒzuˆ ™“Án™ÁåÊ ∫Á™Ê ÃnÆú∫ÁN¿˛™™Ω @
"Õ^Œâß„™êÎʼnõΩ q~°∞^ŒúOQÍ „áêOfÜ«∞ ÉèÏ+¨Ö’ ÉèíQÆ=O`«∞x Ü«∞â’QÍ<åxfl x~°∞H˜Î WÖÏ `≥eÜ«∞*Ë™ÈÎOk -
KÕã¨∂ÎO_»@O =Å# H“t‰õΩ_çH˜ ~å[º|Ç≤Ï+¨¯~°} ^ŒO_»# qkèOK«=Åã≤ ƒwuVÿ|N{˛oƒÁ ÆÀÆ Ã ÀÆÁoΩ ÃnÆú∫ÁN¿˛™: @@
=zÛOk. Wk âßG q~°∞^ŒúO QÆ#Hõ PÃÑÜ«∞º=∞x JѨÊ\˜H˜ Z<Àfl™ê~°∞¡ Z=~°~Ú`Õ `«=∞ ǨÏ$^ŒÜ«∞OÖ’ ã¨Ê+¨ì"≥∞ÿ# ÉèÏ"åÅ`À `«=∞
<Õ#∞ q#flqOK«∞‰õΩ#flѨÊ\˜H© PÜ«∞# <å=∂@ ÅHõ∆ ºÃÑ@ìÖË^Œ∞. PÜ«∞# Ѩiã¨~åÅ#∞, =º‰õΩÎÅ#∞ QÆ∂iÛ x~°O`«~°O â’kèã¨∂Î LO\Ï~À, "å~°∞
„ÉÏǨχ}∞_»∞ QÆ#Hõ <Õ#∞ ^Õâ◊|Ç≤Ï+¨¯~°} tHõ∆#∞ qkèOK«=Åã≤ =zÛOk. `«=∞ „ѨÜ∞« `åflÅÖ’ ã¨ÑŨ¶ =∞=_®xH˜ =∞`«ûº=¸iÎx zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏrQÍ
<Õ#∞ KÕã≤# ã¨`å¯~åºxH˜ ##∞fl ^ŒO_çK«_»O <åºÜ«∞=∂ ^èŒ~°‡~å*Ï!—— ^蕺x™êÎ~À, 'ã¨`«ºÑ¨~å„Hõ=∂Ü«∞ #=∞ó— J#fl <å=∂xfl ÉèíH˜ÎQÍ [Ñ≤™êÎ~À,
''F =∞Ǩ~å*Ï! „ÉÏǨχ}∞_»∞ PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ „áê^ÕtHõ ÉèÏ+¨Ö’ QÍ#O "å~°∞ =∞Oz Ѷ¨e`åxfl á⁄O^ŒQÆÅ~°∞.
K≥Ü«∞º_»O J#flk <Õ~°"Õ∞ J~Ú<å, Jk Ѩ~°=∂`«‡ NǨÏi Ü«∞â’QÍ#O „Ñ≤Ü∞« "≥∞#ÿ '"åH±— áê~ Ωõ ÖÏ~å! ÉèHí Θ - „â◊^ÅúŒ `À zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr
J~Ú# ѨHõ∆OÖ’ U<å\˜H© `«Ñ≤Ê^ŒO HÍ*ÏÅ^Œ∞. D ã¨∂Hõ∆ ‡ ÉèË^•xfl, ~°∂áêxfl =∞kÖ’ ^蕺xã¨∂Î ''FO ã¨`«ºÑ¨~å„Hõ=∂Ü«∞ #=∞ó—— <å=∂xfl
^èŒ~°‡ã¨∂H∆͇xfl „QÆÇ≤ÏOK«∞HÀÖËHõ #∞=Ùfi H“t‰õΩ_çx, J`«x J#∞K«~°∞Å#∞ [Ñ≤^•ÌO!
h~å[ºO #∞O_ç |Ç≤Ï+¨¯iOKå=Ù. P HÍ~°}O =Å# #∞=Ùfi KÕã≤# ѨxH˜ FO ã¨`«ºÑ¨~å„Hõ=∂Ü«∞ #=∞ó
All slokas Chant 108 times

FO <å~°ã≤OÇ¨Ï =Ѩٿ+ #=∞ó FO ˆH∆„`«*Ï˝Ü«∞ #=∞ó FO *’ºuëêOѨ`«ÜÕ∞ #=∞ó

G åÁ∫uÃÊ “ ƒúÏ   z å™: G qz fi rÁÆ å™: G [ÆÁz u o ÁÊ ú oÆz å™:
In moments of distress and despair For aspirants of Plots and own residence.
For good eye - sight.

PѨ^ŒÖ’ L#flѨC_»∞ 㨇iOK«O_ç. ã¨fiO`«OQÍ áê¡@∞¡, WO_»∞¡ H˘<åÅ#∞‰õΩ#fl "åiH˜. ã¨Ê+¨ì"≥∞ÿ# K«∂Ѩ٠H˘~°‰õΩ.
™åσu| åoÁ ÃÁqÁ˘ÁzTy N˛À™ÁëÁ úÓ\Æzo@Ω å NÏ˛ÆÁ|tΩ ƒwu\åÊ åÁÆÁ|: NÏ˛ƒwÊ å À™∫zoΩ uœÁÆ:@@
Every woman is my direct embodiment. One should not commit a wicked deed involving a woman; one should
not (even) think about sinful acts in connection with a woman. (Source : Lakshmi Tantram 43rd Chapter)

=∞`«Î#∞~°fix`å ™êH∆Í`ü Ü≥∂w Hõ™ê‡#fl ѨÓ[ÜÕ∞`üI # ‰õΩ~åº^Œfi$l#O <å~åºó ‰õΩ=$`«ÎO # 㨇ˆ~`ü „ã≤ÎÜ«∞óII
„Ѩu =x`« <å â◊s~°O. 'P_»"åiѨ@¡ Jã¨ÉèíºOQÍ „Ѩ=iÎOK«_»"Õ∞ HÍ^Œ∞. qHÍ~°OQÍ PÖ’zOK«_»O ‰õÄ_® ã¨Ç≤ÏOK«#∞—
JO@∞<åfl~°∞. J=∞‡"å~°∞. (¿ãHõ~°} : ÅH©;`«O„`«O 43= J^蕺ܫ∞O)

â◊s~°O ‰õΩO\˜^<·≥ å QÆ∞_ç^¤ <·≥ å ÃÑ^ŒÌ ã¨=∞㨺HÍ^Œ∞, PÖ’K«#Å∞ ‰õΩO\˜"À QÆ∞_ç"¤ À J~Ú`Õ<Õ ã¨=∞㨺.

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ÃÊ ú ÁtN˛yÆ ... ãÆÁÆ™Ó u o| T m !! “™Á∫z tz ƒ oÁEÁı N˛Áz \yƒå osÁ “N˛Ω “Áz o z “¯ . .. !!!
u“ÊtÓ ™Êut∫ “™Á∫z ™“Áå á™| N˛y å΃ “¯, MÆÁıuN˛ Æ“ §Yúå Ãz “y Ã|∆uMo™Áå §åÁåz Nz˛ u¬L ßuMo N˛Á uå™Á|m N˛∫oÁ “{
u\Ãåz “™ı N˛F| EÁN¿˛™mÁı N˛Á ÃÁ™åÁ N˛∫åz ™ı Ãq™ §åÁÆÁ “{@ “™Á∫z úÓƒ|\Áı Nz˛ ™\§Óo üÆÁÃÁı Ãz uN˛oåz ™Êut∫Áı N˛Áz úÏå\y|uƒo
uN˛ÆÁ TÆÁ, FÃN˛y N˛“Áåy ÀƒÁ™y uƒƒzN˛ÁåÊt åz Eúåz ∆£tÁı ™ı u¬Qy “¯:-
<<™Êut∫ Nz˛ §Át ™Êut∫ N˛Áz uƒtz∆y uƒ\zoÁ ˚Á∫Á oÁz‰gÁ TÆÁ sÁ, ¬zuN˛å ™Êut∫ Nz˛ u“ÊÃÁ Nz˛ TÏ\∫åz Nz˛ §Át u¢˛∫ Ãz ßuO˛ Nz˛
¬“∫ Geåz ¬Ty EÁ{∫ FÃz N˛ÁzF| ∫ÁzN˛ åúÁÆz@ tuqm ßÁ∫o Nz˛ NÏ˛Z úÏ∫Áåz ™Êut∫ EÁ{∫ TÏ\∫Áo Nz˛ ÃÁz™åÁs ™Êut∫ Nz˛ Fuo“ÁÃÁı Ãz ßÁ∫o
N˛y ÕÆoÁ, ßuO˛ÆÁzT osÁ ÃÊÀNw˛uo N˛Á EÜÆÆå Nz˛ u¬Æz N˛Á¢˛y rÁå üÁõo “ÁzTÁ@ ÆÁt ∫Qı uN˛ N{˛Ãz Æz ™Êut∫Áı ÃÁ{ “™¬Áı EÁ{∫ ÃÁ{
úÏåªÚÁ∫ Nz˛ uå∆Áåz N˛Áz Óå N˛∫oz “¯, ¬TÁoÁ∫ å…b “ÁzN˛∫ QÊg“∫ “Áz \Áoz “¯ EÁ{∫ u¢˛∫ ¬TÁoÁ∫ Qʉg“∫ Ãz §Á“∫ uåN˛¬N˛∫ u¢˛∫
Ãz \yuƒo EÁ{∫ ™\§Óo “Áz \Áoz “¯@>>
Eoyo Nz˛ EÁN¿˛™mN˛Áu∫ÆÁı åz “™Á∫z ™Êut∫Áı N˛y ßÁ{uoN˛ ÃÊúuVÆÁı N˛Áz úÓm| øú Ãz å…b N˛∫ utÆÁ, ú∫ÊoÏ ƒz “™ı EÁÜÆÁun™N˛ øú
Ãz å…b N˛∫åz ™ı Ⲭ å“Î “Áz úÁÆz sz@ “™Á∫z tzƒoÁÆı EÁ{∫ GåN˛y ßuMo ßO˛Áı Nz˛ ut¬Áı ™ı ∫“oz sz@ EÁ{∫ “™Á∫z úÓƒ|\Áı Nz˛ \§∫tÀo
§u¬tÁå Nz˛ ™ÁÜÆ™ Ãz u¢˛∫ Ãz Óy “Áz \ÁoÁ sÁ@ Æ“ ÃÊ߃ FÃu¬L sÁ MÆÁıuN˛ ™Êut∫Áı N˛y ú∫Êú∫ÁEÁı N˛Áz J u ÆÁı åz ÃyQÁÆÁ sÁ
EÁ{∫ ÃutÆÁı oN˛ Óy ™ÁÆåz ™ı ßuMo N˛y T“∫y ßÁƒåÁ ú{tÁ N˛y sy, u\ÃÃz úyu‰jÆÁı Nz˛ u¬L “™Á∫z ™Êut∫Áı Nz˛ úÏåªnsÁå N˛Á N˛Á™
N˛∫åÁ ÃÊ߃ §åÁÆÁ sÁ@ FÃ˛ßuO˛ ÀƒßÁƒ N˛Á GtÁ“∫m Àƒøú »y∫ÊT™ ™Êut∫, ÃÁz™åÁs ™Êut∫ osÁ EãÆ ü§¬ ™Êut∫Áı N˛Á úÏåªÚÁ∫m
N˛y N˛“ÁuåÆÁ ƒ“ÁÊ Nz˛ uÀso ™ÊeúÁı ™ı, u∆¡úÁı ™z EÊoT|o Àú…b utQÁF| tzoz “¯@ EÁáÏuåN˛ N˛Á¬ ™ı ßuO˛, ÃÊütÁÆ osÁ ÃÊÀNw˛uoÆÁı ú∫
EÁáÏuåN˛ EÁN¿˛™m N˛Áu∫ÆÁı åz ƒÁ∫ N˛∫ \Áz üÁYyå N˛Á¬ ™ı EÃÊ߃ sy GÃz ÃÊ߃ N˛∫åz Nz˛ EÁ∆Á ∫Qoz “¯@
Æ“ LN˛ Ã|uƒuto EÁ{∫ ü¬zuQo o·Æ “{ uN˛ u“ÊtÓ ™Êut∫Áı ú∫ ∫Á[Æ Nz˛ uåÆÊfim Nz˛ úu∫mÁ™Àƒøú “™Á∫z N˛F| ™Êut∫Áı ™ı ¬ÁQÁı
N˛∫Áz‰gÁı N˛y ÃÊúuV N˛Áz åÏN˛ÃÁå ú“ÏÂYÁ “{, u\Ùı ßÓu™, EÁßÓ m, ÃÁƒuá \™Á EÁut ∆Áu™¬ “¯@ ou™¬åÁgÏ osÁ EãÆ tuqm ßÁ∫o
tz∆ ∫Á…b~Áı ™ı “Á¬u“ ™ı üN˛Á∆ ™ı EÁåz ƒÁ¬z N˛F| GtÁ“∫m ßy FÙı ∆Áu™¬ “¯@ Æ“Á ™Óuo|ÆÁı oN˛ N˛Áz å“Î ZÁzgÁ EÁ{∫ GÃN˛y ßy
oÀN˛∫y N˛y TF| “{@
çu∫™¬Á ßO˛ üuo∫Ázá åz Gå ¬ÁzTÁı Nz˛ u¬L LN˛ §“Ïo ™“nƒúÓm| çN˛ uÃQÁÆÁ “{ \Áz u“ÊtÓ ™Êut∫ ÃÊ∫qm Nz˛ u¬L uZbúÏb
ⲬoÁ Nz˛ ÃÁs N˛Á™ N˛∫ ∫“z “¯@ çN˛ Æ“ “{ uN˛ YÁ“z çu∫™¬Á “Áz, ÆÁ ™uãt∫Áı Nz˛ ∫qÁ Nz˛ ™Á™¬z “Áz, ÆÁ ∫Á™™uãt∫ §åÁåz ƒÁ¬z
Nz˛ ™Á™¬z “Áz ßO˛ \å tzƒoÁ Nz˛ “N˛Áı Nz˛ u¬Æz ƒÁÀoƒ ™z ¬g ∫“z “¯@ Æut ßO˛ Tm tzƒoÁEÁı Nz˛ “N˛Áı ú∫ uå∆ÁåÁ ÃÁázWïz oÁz
ÃÁÊuƒáÁuåN˛ uƒ\Æ uåuÄÁo “{@ Nz˛ƒ¬ EãÆ “N˛Áı Nz˛ Hú∫ \Áz∫ tzåz Ãz §Áo Àú…b å“Î “Áz úÁ∫“y “{@
29 Eü{¬, 1925 N˛Áz ü™s åÁs ™Ïu®N˛ §åÁ™ ü˘Ï©å NÏ˛™Á∫ ™Ïu®N˛ åz uå\y úu∫ t, (u\Ãz ÃÁz|ÄÁ ãÆÁÆÁ¬Æ EÁ{∫ Nz˛∫¬
GÄÁ ãÆÁÆÁ¬Æ ˚Á∫Á EåÏ™Áztå Nz˛ ÃÁs GtΩáwo uN˛ÆÁ TÆÁ “{) ™z Æ“ uÃÚÁÊo utÆÁ “{ uN˛ ãÆÁÆÁ¬ÆÁı ˚Á∫Á úÁu∫o “Ázåz Ãz ú“¬z tzƒoÁ
N˛y FXZÁ N˛Á úoÁ ¬TÁåÁ §“Ïo ™“nƒúÓm| “{@ uN˛Ãy ßy ™ÏÒz ú∫ u¬ÆÁ TÆÁ uåm|Æ tzƒoÁ N˛Áz üßÁuƒo N˛∫oÁ “{@ Nz˛∫¬ GÄÁ ãÆÁÆÁ¬Æ
åz 1991 ™ı Eúåz ¢{˛Ã¬z ™ı çu∫™¬Á tzƒoÁ N˛y å{u…eN˛ §¿÷YÆ| ƒ¿o™ N˛Áz §åÁL ∫Qåz N˛y FXZÁ N˛Á úoÁ ¬TÁÆÁ EÁ{∫ Æ“
ÃÏuåu≥Áo uN˛ÆÁ uN˛ GåNz˛ EÁtz∆Áı ™ı Fà FXZÁ N˛Á é™Áå uN˛ÆÁ \ÁL. Nz˛∫¬ GÄÁ ãÆÁÆÁ¬Æ ˚Á∫Á çu∫™¬Á tzƒoÁ N˛y ƒÃyÆo Nz˛
ÃʧÊá ™ı o·ÆÁı N˛Áz YÏåÁ{oy å“Î ty TF| “{ EÁ{∫ FÃz EÊuo™ øú tz utÆÁ TÆÁ “{@
ÃÏüy™ N˛Ázb| åz ¢{˛Ã¬Á utÆÁ uN˛ çu∫™¬Á tzƒoÁ Nz˛ úÁà ™Á{u¬N˛ EuáN˛Á∫ å“Î “{ EÁ{∫ FÃu¬L tzƒoÁ N˛y FXZÁ N˛Á N˛ÁzF|
™ÁÆåz å“Î “Á¬ ™ı ∫Qoy “{@ Æ“ å Nz˛ƒ¬ uüƒy N˛ÁGÊuì Nz˛ uåm|ÆÁı ™ı ÀsÁuúo uÃÚÁÊoÁı N˛Á G®ÊVå “{ §u¬N˛ FÃNz˛ §Át Nz˛
ÃÏüy™ N˛Ázb| EÁ{∫ Nz˛∫¬ GÄÁ ãÆÁÆÁ¬Æ N˛Á ßy G®ÊVå “{@ Àbzb b~zugÊT N˛Á}∫úÁz∫z∆å EÁ}¢˛ FÊugÆÁ u¬u™bzg Nz˛ ™Á™¬z ™ı åÁ{ \\Áı N˛y
§ıY N˛Á ¢{˛Ã¬Á N˛™u∆|Ƭ b{Mà EÁ}u¢˛Ã∫ EÁ{∫ EÁ}©Ã| \Áz Æ“ ™Áå YÏNz˛ “¯ uN˛ EåÏXZzt 14, EåÏXZzt 21, EåÏXZzt 25 EÁut Nz˛
o“o EuáN˛Á∫ tzƒoÁ (ãÆÁuÆN˛ √ÆuO˛ÆÁı) N˛Áz ßy Gú¬£á “¯@
Æ“ LN˛ ™“nƒúÓm| ú“¬Ó “{, u\Ãåz onN˛Á¬yå fiÁƒmN˛Áz∫ ∫Á[Æ Nz˛ u“ÊtÓ ™Êut∫ tzƒoÁEÁı Nz˛ ÃʧÊá ™ı ÜÆÁå Nı˛u¸o å“Î uN˛ÆÁ
TÆÁ “{@ 1 \¬ÏÁF| 1949 N˛Áz ßÁ∫o Nz˛ ∆ÁÃN˛ úˆåÁßtÁà EÁ{∫ ßÁ∫o Ã∫N˛Á∫ Nz˛ §yY “ÀoÁqu∫o ÃÊ^Á{oÁ ƒÁÀoƒ ™ı ßTƒÁå
úˆåÁßÀƒÁ™y tzƒoÁ EÁ{∫ ßÁ∫o Ã∫N˛Á∫ Nz˛ §yY sy@ LzÃÁ FÃu¬L “{, MÆÁıuN˛ fiÁƒmN˛Áz∫ N˛Á ∆ÁÃå tzƒoÁ Nz˛ Y∫mÁı ™ı EúåÁ ∫Á[Æ
Ùú|m N˛∫ YÏNz˛ sz EÁ{∫ GåN˛Áz ∆ÁÃå Nz˛ øú ™ı ™Áå N˛∫, ∆ÁÃå ÃzƒÁ N˛∫, GåN˛Á ÃzƒN˛ §åN˛∫ N˛∫ ∫“z sz@ Æ“ Ãßy fiÁƒmN˛Áz∫
™Êut∫ tzƒoÁEÁı Nz˛ EuáN˛Á∫Áı N˛y ∫qÁ N˛∫oy “{ EÁ{∫ EÁTz ÃÏüy™ N˛Ázb| N˛Áz ÃÊuƒáÁå Nz˛ EåÏXZzt 363(1) Nz˛ o“o Få ú∫ ∫ÁzN˛
¬TÁåz Ãz ∫ÁzN˛ utÆÁ TÆÁ “{@
»y å∫ı¸ ™Ázty \y Nz˛ åzownƒ ƒÁ¬y Nı˛¸ Ã∫N˛Á∫ åz Ã∫tÁ∫ úbz¬ \y N˛y çÃz HÊYy üuo™Á N˛Á uå™Á|m uN˛ÆÁ “{, Fà ™“nƒúÓm|
u§ÊtÏ N˛Áz ÃÁz|ÄÁ ãÆÁÆÁ¬Æ Nz˛ åÁzubà Nz˛ øú ™ı ¬ÁÆÁ \ÁåÁ YÁu“L MÆÁıuN˛ Ã∫tÁ∫ \y åz ßÁ∫o Ã∫N˛Á∫ N˛y EÁz∫ Ãz ßTƒÁå úˆåÁß
ÀƒÁ™y N˛y LN˛oÁ N˛Áz §åÁÆz ∫QÁ sÁ@ ÃÏüy™ N˛Ázb| FÃz ™ÁåN˛∫ EúåÁ çu∫™¬Á Nz˛ §Á∫z ™z ¢{˛Ã¬Á §t¬ N˛∫ ÃÁÊuƒáÁuåN˛ å{uoN˛oÁ
N˛Áz §∫N˛∫Á∫ ∫QåÁ YÁu“Æz@ Ãʃ{áÁuåN˛ å{uoN˛oÁ N˛Á ™o¬§ “{ uN˛ “™ ßTƒÁå úˆåÁß ÀƒÁ™y tzƒoÁ Ãz uN˛Æz TÆz ƒÁtz N˛Á ™Áå
∫Qoz “¯ EÁ{∫ u“ÊtÓ tzƒy-tzƒoÁEÁı EÁ{∫ ßO˛Áı Nz˛ EuáN˛Á∫Áı N˛Áz ™Êuto å“Î uN˛ÆÁ \ÁLTÁ@ Nz˛Ê¸yÆ Ã∫N˛Á∫ 1991 Nz˛ GúÁÃåÁ Às¬
(uƒ∆z  üÁƒáÁå) EuáuåÆ™ Nz˛ N˛Ázb| áÁ∫Á 4(1) Nz˛ ÃÊrÁå ™ı ¬Áåz Nz˛ u¬L ßy §ÁÜÆ “{, \Áz u“ÊtÓ ™Êut∫Áı Nz˛ áÁu™|N˛ Yu∫fi Nz˛
EÁƒ≈ÆN˛ ßÁT Nz˛ øú ™ı tzƒoÁEÁı N˛y áÁu™|N˛ FXZÁ N˛y ∫qÁ N˛∫oÁ “¯@ Æ“ 15 ETÀo 1947 N˛Áz ãÆÁÆÁ¬ÆÁı ˚Á∫Á ™Êuto uN˛Æz
\Áåz Nz˛ N˛Á∫m “ÏEÁ sÁ@ Æ“ ÜÆÁå ∫QåÁ ™“nƒúÓm| “{ uN˛ 15 ETÀo 1947 N˛Áz fiÁƒmN˛Áz∫ ÃÁ™¿Á[Æ ßTƒÁå úˆåÁßå ÀƒÁ™y Nz˛
∆ÁÃå ™ı “y sÁ@ !
=∞# rq`åÅ#∞ „ѨHÍâ◊=O`«O KÕã∞¨ HÀ=K«Ûx =∞Ǩ`«∞‡Å rq`åÅ∞ QÆ∞~°∞Î KÕ™êÎ~Ú.
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uƒ…mÏ Ã“œÁåÁ™Áƒ¬y TÁsÁ - 214

ÃnÆ ú∫ÁN¿ ˛ ™ÁÆ å™:
-gÁ} .ƒy.LÃ.
. ƒy.LÃ. N˛ªmÁN˛∫åΩ B.E.(Mech.), M.A. (Sanskrit), Ph.D. EåσÁtN˛ : gÁ} . ÃÏ ™ å¬oÁ

NÏ˛Z VbåÁLÊ “™Á∫z ™å ú∫ Eu™e ZÁú ZÁz‰g tzoy “¯@ üÁÆ: Ù^ ßy u™¬åÁ ™¯ åz EúåÁ ÃÁ{ßÁSÆ Ã™^N˛∫ <“ÁÂ> N˛“ utÆÁ@
tÁz t∆N˛ úÓƒ| ™z∫z \yƒå ™ı Vby LN˛ VbåÁ åz LzÃz “y ™z∫z ™å ú∫ GåNz˛ “Áƒ-ßÁƒÁı Ãz ™¯åz EåÏ߃ uN˛ÆÁ uN˛ ƒz ™z∫z ∆£tÁı N˛Áz “∫§Á∫
ßy Eu™e ZÁú ZÁz‰g utÆÁ “{@ úÓ∫Á N˛Á úÓ∫Á ÃÏåN˛∫, EÁåÊt GeÁoz sz@
ƒ | 1993 N˛y §Áo “{@ ™z∫Á ÀsÁåÁÊo∫m ßÁ∫o-gzã™ÁN|˛ Ãz LN˛ utå ™¯ ßMoÁı Nz˛ Tw“Áı ™ı ÃÊúëÁ “Áz ∫“z gÁz¬Áznà Nz˛
\ωgz <bÓ¬ ø©Ã Få FuãgÆÁ> åÁ™N˛ úu∫ÆÁz\å Nz˛ EÊoT|o ßÁ∫o ™ı EƒÃ∫ ú∫, »yNw˛…m Nz˛ gÁz¬Áznà Ãz \ωgy uƒ∆z oÁEÁı Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı
∫Á…b~yÆ Ào∫ ú∫ ÃÊÆÁz\N˛ Nz˛ øú ™ı N˛ÁÆ| N˛∫åz “zoÏ åF| ut®y “ÏEÁ oN|˛ÃÊTo üÀoÏuo tz ∫“Á sÁ@
sÁ u\ã“ı ™¯ Eúåz \yƒå Nz˛ EnÆão úÁƒå utå ™ÁåoÁ “ÓÂ@ FÃy <<“™, ™åÏ…Æ Fà ßÁ{uoN˛ ÃÊÃÁ∫ Ãz \ωgz \åå-™∫m, ߬Á-
Eƒuá ™ı ™Ï^z »y™Ï…m™Ω EÁÊgƒåΩ ÀƒÁ™y Nz˛ EÁ∆yƒÁ|t Ãz ú∫Êú∫ÁTo §Ï∫z, úÁú-úÏlÆ \{Ãz uƒ ÆÁı Nz˛ §yY ÃtÁ gÁz¬ÁÆ™Áå ∫“Á N˛∫oz “¯@
øú ™ı Y¬y EÁ ∫“y ∫yuo Nz˛ EåÏÃÁ∫ »y ßÁ…Æ™Ω, ßTƒu˚ Æ, ú∫™Án™Á “™ı Få gÁz¬ÁÆ™ÁåÁı Ãz §YÁN˛∫, ƒ{NÏ˛le ™ı uÀs∫ ƒÁà N˛∫åz
∫“ÀÆ fiÆ ÃÁ∫ \{Ãz EÊ∆Áı Ãz ÃʧÊuáo üƒYå tzåz N˛Á ÃÁ{ßÁSÆ \Áz Nz˛ u¬L “™ çN˛y EÁz∫ Ãz ƒz ÀƒÆÊ u“ÊgÁz¬oz ∫“oz “¯@>>
üÁõo “ÏEÁ sÁ@ Få ßÁ mÁı N˛Áz ™¯, åF| ut®y Nz˛ ™ÏåyN˛Á| Nz˛ ƒztÁão Fà üN˛Á∫ Nz˛ EÊo∫Ás| N˛Áz ú∫Á∆∫ ßc∫ \y Nz˛ u∆…Æ N˛uƒ
tzu∆N˛ ™ÁT| ú∫ uÀso »y ƒ{NÏ˛le åÁs \y Nz˛ ™Êut∫ ™ı ∆uåƒÁ∫, uú®{ úzª™Á¬ EÆÊTÁ∫ \yåz Eúåy ou™¬ ∫YåÁ <<uoªƒ∫ÊT N˛pʧT™Ω>>
∫uƒƒÁ∫ Nz˛ ÃÁs-ÃÁs EãÆ ÃÁƒ|ufiN˛ EƒN˛Á∆Áı Nz˛ utåÁı ™ı ßy utÆÁ ™ı Ù^ÁÆÁ sÁ@ ou™¬ Ãz Eåußr úÁeN˛Áı Nz˛ u¬L ™¯ GÃNz˛ ÃÊÀNw˛o
N˛∫oÁ sÁ@ EåσÁt N˛Áz üÀoÏoN˛∫ ∫“Á “ÓÂ
Gã“Î utåÁı ™ı E“Ázu§¬ ™e Nz˛ 45 ƒı \yÆ∫ ÀƒÁ™y N˛Á ßy åÁåÁøúNÏ˛¬z Ï \ã™™∫mz gÁz¬ÁuÀsuoÊ YÁuúoÁz
EÁT™å åF| ut®y ™ı “ÏEÁ sÁ@ ßTƒÁå Nw˛…m N˛Á gÁz¬Áznà ™e ™ı å ÀÆÁtz  ÆsÁ osÁ Ó ßσÁ ¬fl©ÆÁ Y YzoÁz ™™ @
osÁ ßO˛Áı Nz˛ EÁƒÁÃÁı ™ı ßy ÃÊúëÁ “ÏEÁ N˛∫oÁ sÁ@ Få EƒÃ∫Áı ú∫ ™ÁÆÁ™T¿u™tÊ üN˛¡õÆ ¢˛¬NÊ˛ ∫¶ÁÏÊ Nw˛úÁÊ oz ß\z :
ƒz EúåÁ EåÏT¿“ ßÁ m utÆÁ N˛∫oz sz@ Gã“Áıåz ™Ï^z ÃÁÆÊN˛Á¬ N˛y gÁz¬ÁÊ YÊY¬™yåNÏ˛lg¬ÆÏTœÁT¿WTΩ åÁsÁ üßÁz @@
ƒz¬Á ™ı “Ázåz ƒÁ¬z gÁz¬Áznà ™ı EÁåz N˛Á EÁtz∆ utÆÁ sÁ@ \yÆ∫ FÃz ™¯ ÀƒÁ™y tzu∆N˛ \y Ãz Eúåz <tÆÁ∆oN˛™Ω> ™ı N˛“z TL
ÀƒÁ™y\y Nz˛ EåÏT¿“ ßÁ m ÃÏååz osÁ gÁz¬Áznà ™ı ßÁT ¬zåz Nz˛ ßÁƒ Nz˛ ÃÁs \Áz‰goz “ÏL üÀoÏo N˛∫ ∫“Á sÁ@ GåN˛Á N˛så “{ uN˛ -
u¬L ™¯ åz Eúåz N˛ÁÆÁ|¬Æ Ãz NÏ˛Z \¡ty uåN˛¬ \Áåz Nz˛ u¬L tÆÁTÏm Ãz úu∫úÓm| ™ÁoÁ Nz˛ EÁtz∆ÁåÏÃÁ∫ ú∫™Án™Á Eúåz ßMoÁı N˛Á
EåÏ™uo ¬y sy@ GÚÁ∫ N˛∫åz “zoÏ GåN˛y ∫qÁ Nz˛ u¬L ÀƒÆÊ ú∆Ï-úqy EÁut Nz˛ øú ™ı
45 ƒı \yÆ∫ ÀƒÁ™y\y Nz˛ƒ¬ §“Ïo §‰gz uƒ˚Áå “y å“Î Eƒou∫o “Ázoz “¯@ Eúåz ßMoÁı Nz˛ úÁúÁı N˛Á qÁ¬å N˛∫åz Nz˛ u¬L
§u¡N˛, EnÆÊo ÔtÆ √ÆuMo ßy sz@ EúåÁ uå\ ßÁ m EÁ∫Êß ÀƒÆÊ ƒwq Nz˛ øú ™ı EsƒÁ ú∆Ï Nz˛ øú ™ı \ã™ N˛∫ Eúåz ßMoÁı
N˛∫åz Ãz úÓƒ| ƒz ™Ï^z Eúåz uƒYÁ∫ üÀoÏo N˛∫åz Nz˛ u¬L NÏ˛Z u™åbÁı N˛Áz EåÏT“¿ yo N˛∫oz “¯@ Æz ÃÁ∫z N˛ÁÆ| ÀƒÆÊ Eúåz Ãz uåáÁ|u∫o uåÆ™Áƒ¬y
N˛y Eƒuá utÆÁ N˛∫oz sz@ ™Ï^z üÁznÃÁu“o N˛∫oz sz@ ÀƒÆÊ Foåz §‰gz Nz˛ EåÏÃÁ∫ “y EÁYu∫o “Ázåz tzoz “¯@ ú∫™Án™Á ™nÀÆ, N˛XZú, ƒ∫Á“
uƒ˚Áå “Ázoz “ÏL, Foåz ™“ÁåΩ út ú∫ ∫“oz “ÏL ßy \yÆ∫ ÀƒÁ™y\y \{Ãz øúÁı ™ı FÃy üN˛Á∫ Ãz Eƒou∫o “Ázåz Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı N˛“Á TÆÁ
ßy ƒ“Á GúuÀso »ÁzoÁEÁı Nz˛ ÃÁs-ÃÁs ™z∫Á ßÁ m ÃÏåÁ N˛∫oz sz@ ≈¬ÁzN˛ “{ -
EÁƒ≈ÆN˛oÁåÏÃÁ∫ ™z∫z ßÁ m ™ı NÏ˛Z-NÏ˛Z üÃÊTÁı N˛Áz ÆÁ oÁz \Áz‰goz Eƒo∫muƒ∆z ∫{ Án™¬y¬Áútz∆:{
EsƒÁ ™Ï^Ãz uƒÀ™wo ÆÁ EåN˛“z EÊ∆Áı N˛Áz À™∫m ut¬Áoz “ÏL §‰gy Eƒ™uo™åÏN˛©úz ™ãtuYVz Ï uƒãtåΩ @
üÃëÁoÁ Ãz ÃÏåoz sz@ ƒw ßu∆Qu∫åÁsÀnƒuëÁtz∆åz åÓåÊ
“ÁÂ, ƒz Eúåz jÊT Ãz EN˛Ã∫ ™Ï^z Eúåy ∆{¬y ™ı YzoÁƒåy ßy ß\uo ∆∫mßÁ\ÁÊ ßÁuƒåÁz \ã™ßztÁåΩ @@
tzåÁ å“Î ßÓ¬oz sz@ GåN˛Á N˛så sÁ - <<tzQ! »ÁzoÁEÁı N˛Áz ÃʧÁzuáo (FÃNz˛ §Á∫z ™ı uƒTo 213 TÁsÁ ™ı uƒÀoÁ∫ Ãz N˛“Á TÆÁ
N˛∫oz Ã™Æ ™Ï^Ãz EXZÁ §Áz¬åz N˛Á üÆÁà ™o N˛∫åÁ, Ù^z! ™z∫z sÁ)
üƒYå Æ“Á N˛Á üáÁå N˛ÁÆ|N¿˛™ “{@ Eo: oÏ™ Ãz N˛“z TL ∆£t ™z∫z Fà ≈¬ÁzN˛ N˛Á üÃÊT úÓm| N˛∫oz “y ™¯åz \{Ãz ÃÁzYÁ sÁ, ƒ{Ãz
ßÁ m Nz˛ úQÁƒ\ \{Ãz “Ázåz YÁu“L@ \§ ™Ï^z ¬TzTÁ uN˛ oÏ™ ™Ï^ “y \yÆ∫ ÀƒÁ™y\y åz ™Ï^z EúåÁ N˛så Æ“Î ú∫ ∫ÁzN˛åz Nz˛ u¬L
Ãz EÁTz uåN˛¬ ∫“z “Áz oÁz ™¯ oÏ©“ı ÃÊNz˛o tÓÂTÁ, u\Ãz Ù^N˛∫ oÏ©“ı ÃÊNz˛o N˛∫ utÆÁ sÁ@ oÏ∫ão ™¯åz EÁrÁ ¬y EÁ{∫ \yÆ∫ ÀƒÁ™y\y N˛Á
Eúåz N˛så N˛Áz oÏ∫ão ÙÁõo N˛∫åÁ “ÁzTÁ@ Ù^z?>> üƒYå EÁ∫Êß “Áz TÆÁ@
LzÃz ™“ÁåΩ uƒtΩƒå ™um Ãz EXZz üu∆qm Nz˛ ÃÁs-ÃÁs, Óy §Át ™ı \yÆ∫ ÀƒÁ™y\y åz ™Ï^Ãz NÏ˛Z “Áà - úu∫“Áà N˛∫oz

™êǨÏã≤Oz U „ѨÜ∞« `«fl=¸ KÕÜ∞« x HÍ~°ºâ◊¥#∞ºÅ∞ =∂„`«"∞Õ Z@∞=O\˜ á⁄~°ÉÏ@∞¡, `«ÑÊ≤ ^•Å∞ KÕÜ∞« ~°∞.
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“ÏL N˛“Á - <<™¯åz ú“¬z “y oÏ™Ãz N˛“ utÆÁ sÁ uN˛ ™Ï^Ãz §‰jN˛∫ ÃÊowõo “ÏL@
oÏ™ NÏ˛Z ™o N˛“åÁ@ ú∫ãoÏ EÁ\ ™Ï^ Ãz ßy ÃÏãt∫ ßÁ m tzN˛∫ LN˛ EÁ{∫ N˛Ázåz ™ı ∆ÏM¬ Æ\σz|t N˛Á úeå N˛∫ ∫“z §¿Á÷mÁı Nz˛
»ÁzoÁEÁı N˛y ƒÁ“ ƒÁ“y oÏ™åz “y ¬Ób ¬y@ oÏ©“ı uN˛oåy tz∫ N˛“åy Ùӓ N˛Áz tzQ ƒz ü™Ïuto “ÏL@
YÁu“L, FÃN˛Á uåm|Æ ¬zåz N˛Á uƒ∆z  EuáN˛Á∫ ™Ï^z “Ázåz Nz˛ N˛Á∫m LN˛ EÁ{∫ N˛Ázåz ™z Nw˛…m Æ\σz|t N˛Á úeå N˛∫ ∫“z uƒüÁı N˛Áz
™Áfi Ãz ™Ï^z oÏ©“ı ∫ÁzN˛åÁ ú‰gÁ@>> Gã“Áıåz tzQÁ@ EnÆÊo TÊßy∫ Àƒ∫ ™ı Y¬ ∫“z ™ÊfiÁzÄÁÁ∫m N˛Áz Gã“Áıåz
LN˛ üƒYåN˛Á∫ Nz˛ øú ™ı FÃÃz ™“ÁåΩ ü∆ÊÃÁ ™Ï^z Eúåz úÓ∫z ÜÆÁå Ãz ÃÏåÁ@
\yƒå ™ı EÁ{∫ MÆÁ üÁõo “Áz ÃN˛oy “{@ LN˛ EÁ{∫ ÀsÁå ú∫ ÃÁ™ƒzt N˛Á TÁÆå ÃÏÀƒ∫Áı ™ı EÁTz §joz
jÁF| t∆N˛Áı Nz˛ §Át EÁ\, 214 ƒı åÁ™ Nz˛ u¬L GuYo “ÏL Gà ÃÁ∫z ütz∆ ™ı üuo܃uåo “Ázoz ÃÏå ∫Á\Á N˛Á ™å ü¢Ï˛u®o
TÁsÁ N˛Áz jÓÂjåz Nz˛ u¬L ú∫Á∆∫ ßc∫ \y Ãz N˛uso ∫yuo Nz˛ EåÏÃÁ∫ “ÏEÁ@
™nÀÆÁƒoÁ∫ Nz˛ üÃÊT N˛Áz ¬zN˛∫ ™z∫Á ™å gÁz¬ÁÆ™Áå “Áz ∫“Á “{@ LzÃz LN˛ EÁ{∫ ütz∆ ™ı Esƒ| ƒzt N˛Á úÁe N˛∫ ∫“z §¿Á÷mÁı N˛Áz
™ı, Eúåz \yƒå ™ı Vby Gú∫ÁzMo VbåÁ N˛Á ™Ï^z À™∫m EÁÆÁ@ úÁN˛∫ ƒz GåNz˛ úÁà ™ÏNÏ˛u¬o “ÀoÁı Ãz Q‰gz “ÁzN˛∫ Gã“ı ÃÏåÁ@
Eúåz Ãz ∫uYo t∆ÁƒoÁ∫ ÀoÁzfi Nz˛ ™yåÁƒoÁ∫ üÃÊT N˛Áz ÀƒÁu™ LN˛ EãÆ ÀsÁå ú∫ ƒÁ¡™yuN˛ ∫Á™ÁÆm N˛Á úÁe tÁz  ∫u“o
tzu∆N˛ \y åz EnÆão N˛Á√ÆÁn™N˛ jÊT Ãz ƒm|å uN˛ÆÁ “{ - N˛∫ ∫“z §¿Á÷m Nz˛ Ùq Q‰gz “ÁzN˛∫ GåNz˛ úÁ∫ÁÆm N˛Áz §‰gy »ÚÁ
uå™|Tí»Ïuo\Á¬™ÁT|mt∆ÁtVqm{ƒy|qm{ : Ãz ∫Á\Á åz ÃÏåÁ@
EãoÀoãƒutƒÁ∫uƒãtT“åÁãÆÁ{ t ãƒoyåÁ™úÁ™Ω @ ú∫Á∆∫ TϪ Nz˛ åzownƒ ™ı GåNz˛ u∆…ÆÁı Ãz úÏ∫Ám ™Ê‰gú ™ı
uå…ünÆÓ “ o∫ u∫Wï mu™s:
o∫u∫Wï m u™s: ünÆÓ j úÁs≈Zb
úÁs≈ZbÁÁ uƒ…mÏ úÏ∫Ám N˛Á úeå åÆåÁåÊtN˛Á∫y sÁ@
gÁz¬Á∫Áz“ÃtÁz“¬Ê ßTƒoÁz ™ÁnÀÆÊ ƒúÏ: úÁoÏ å: @@ onú≈YÁoΩ ∫Á\Á ßTƒtΩTyoÁ ™Êgú N˛y EÁz∫ ET¿Ã∫ “ÏL@ ƒ“ÁÂ
Fà ≈¬ÁzN˛ ™ı Gã“Áıåz N˛“Á “{ uN˛ ™yå øú áÁ∫m N˛∫åz ƒÁ¬z N˛Á{ugãÆ Eúåz u∆…ÆÁı Nz˛ ÃÁs ßTƒtΩTyoÁ N˛Á úÁe N˛∫oz TÁzY∫ “ÏL@
ú∫™Án™Á ƒztÁı Nz˛ u¬L \¬ ™ı jÓÂjoz ÙÆ, ÃÁT∫ Nz˛ ¬“∫Áı ú∫ LN˛ N˛Ázåz ™ı NÏ˛Z §¿Á—™m N˛Á{u∆N˛ Nz˛ åzownƒ ™ı sz@ ∫Á\Á N˛Áz
gÁz¬åÁ GåNz˛ u¬L gÁz¬Áznà ٠¬T ∫“Á “{@ ú∫™Án™Á N˛Á Æ∆ÁzTÁå EÁ{∫ ƒ{߃ Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı üÁtzu∆N˛ ßÁ Á ™ı
ú∫™Án™Á N˛Áz Ùϸ Nz˛ o∫ÊTÁı ú∫ u“ÊgÁz¬Á Nz˛ ÙÁå EÁTz - N˛yo|å, TÁÆå EÁ{∫ åwnÆ N˛∫ ∫“z N˛Á{u∆N˛ utQÁ@ EÁåÊt EÁ{∫ Eoyƒ
úyZz gÁz¬åz N˛y MÆÁ EÁƒ≈ÆN˛oÁ “{? “ | Nz˛ ÃÁs ƒ“ N˛∫ ∫“Á sÁ@ ∫Á\Á åz úÁÆÁ uN˛ ƒ“Á GúuÀso
FÃN˛Á GV∫ Æ“ “{ uN˛ - ú∫™ÁÊn™Á ƒztÁı Nz˛ u¬L jÓÂgoz “ÏL EnÆuáN˛ \å Ùӓ ßy N˛Á{u∆N˛ Nz˛ “y ÃÊT-ÃÊT ÃÏá-§Ïá QÁzN˛∫
EÁTz-úyZz FÃu¬L “Áz ∫“z “¯ oÁuN˛ Eúåz ßMoÁı Ãz ƒztÁı N˛Á úeå åwnÆ EÁ{∫ TÁÆå ™ı ™Så “{, ƒ“Á Nz˛ ÃÊTyo ™Æ ƒÁoÁƒ∫m N˛Á
N˛∫oz Ã™Æ EsƒÁ GåN˛y √ÆÁPÆÁ N˛∫oz ÙÆ, Eq∫ ÆÁ ∆£tÁı N˛Áz EÁåÊt ¬zoz “ÏL §‰gz GnÃÁ“ EÁ{∫ G™ÊT Ãz ßÁT ¬zoy \åoÁ utQy@
ßÓ¬N˛∫ ƒz EÁTz-úyZz “Ázåz N˛y uÀsuo ™ı å ú‰gz@ Æ“ ç tzQ, ú¬ ß∫ Nz˛ u¬L ∫Á\Á YÁ¯N˛ TÆÁ@ Gã“Áıåz
Æ˘uú ú∫™Án™Á LzÃz o∫ÊTÁı ú∫ gÁz¬ÁÆ™Áå “Ázoz “ÏL ßy LN˛ N˛ßy å“Î ÃÁzYÁ sÁ uN˛ Eúåz “y ∫Á[Æ N˛y ü\Á ™ı Ãz NÏ˛Z ¬ÁzT,
uƒ Æ ™ı ÃtÁ uÀs∫ ∫“oz “¯ - ™åÏ, Ãnƃ¿o úÁlg∞ osÁ EãÆ ßMoÁı üÁtzu∆N˛ ßÁ Á ™ı ú∫™Án™Á N˛Á Æ∆ÁzTÁå N˛∫, ™Êut∫ Nz˛ úu∫Ã∫Áı N˛Áz
N˛Áz ™nÀÆ úÏ∫Ám Nz˛ ™ÁÜÆ™ Ãz ƒztÁı Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı, ƒztÁı Nz˛ ∫“ÀÆÁı Nz˛ N˛¬Ïu o N˛∫ tıTz@ ƒ“ ßy, Yoσz|tÁı ™ı uå…mÁoΩ §¿Á÷m Nz˛ åzownƒ ™ı
§Á∫z ™ı EƒTo N˛∫ÁåÁ@ FÃz Ù^oz “y ƒz uN˛Ãy ßy üN˛Á∫ N˛y Æ“ “ÁzåÁ Gà ∫Á\Á Nz˛ u¬L EuƒæÁÁÃåyÆ sÁ@
∆ÊN˛ÁEÁı ™ı å“Î ú‰goz EÁ{∫ ƒztÁÜÆÆå ™ı gÁz¬ÁÆ™Áå uÀsuo ™ı “Ázoz “y §¿Á—™m, N{˛Ãz ƒztÁı N˛Áz nÆÁT N˛∫, üÁtzu∆N˛ ßÁ Á ™ı ™Êut∫ Nz˛
å“Î@ üÁÊTm ™ı ßTƒÁå N˛Áz üN˛yuo|o N˛∫ ÃN˛oÁ “{? ƒ“ ßy, ƒ{utN˛
™nÀÆ øú ™ı ú∫™Án™Á åz ÀƒÆÊ LN˛ ∫Á\Á Nz˛ \yƒå ™ı Vby ü™ÁmÁı N˛Áz EÁ{∫ EÁtz∆Áı N˛Áz Eq∫∆: úÁ¬å N˛∫åz ƒÁ¬z Eúåz \{Ãz
VbåÁ Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı Ãnƃ¿o úÁlgΩÆ osÁ EãÆÁı N˛Áz ÃÏåÁÆÁ sÁ@ ∫Á\ÁNz˛ ∆ÁÃå ™ı? EÃÊ߃@
üÁYyå N˛Á¬ ™ı LN˛ ∫Á\Á åz Eúåz ∫Á[Æ N˛Á úÁ¬å ƒztÁı ™ı FÃy Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı ™Êut∫ Nz˛ EuáN˛Áu∫ÆÁı Ãz üÀoÁuƒo N˛∫åz ú∫
uåtz|u∆o EÁtz∆Áı Nz˛ “y EÁáÁ∫ ú∫ uN˛ÆÁ sÁ@ Eúåy \ÁåN˛Á∫y Nz˛ ∫Á\Á N˛Áz rÁo “ÏEÁ uN˛ ƒz N˛Á{u∆N˛ N˛Áz bÁzN˛oz EÁ∫“z “¯ uN˛ Æ“
EåÏÃÁ∫ Gà uåÆ™Áƒ¬y N˛Á uN˛Ãy ßy üN˛Á∫ N˛Á G®ÊVå å N˛∫oz Óy ™ÁT| å“Î “{@ u¢˛∫ ßy N˛Á{u∆N˛ bà Ãz ™Ã å “ÁzN˛∫ Eúåz
“ÏL ∫Á\ ú∫ ∆ÁÃå uN˛ÆÁ N˛∫oz sz@ FÃy ™ÁT| ú∫ ET¿Ã∫ “Áz ∫“Á “{@
ƒz Eúåy ∫Á\áÁåy ™ı uÀso uƒ…mÏ ™Êut∫ ™ı ÃÊúëÁ “Áz ∫“z ∫Á\Á åz oÏ∫ão Eúåz ™Êfiy ™Êg¬ N˛y §{eN˛ §Ï¬ÁN˛∫ FÃNz˛
GnÃÁı N˛y ƒz¬Á ™ı ™Êut∫ TL sz@ §Á∫z ™ı YYÁ| N˛y@ ™ÊufiÆÁı åz ∫Á\Á N˛Áz ÃÓuYo uN˛ÆÁ uN˛ LN˛ §Á∫
™Êut∫ ™ı úÓ\Á - úÁe N˛Áz EnÆão ßuMo EÁ{∫ »ÚÁ Nz˛ ÃÁs N˛Á{u∆N˛ N˛Áz §Ï¬ÁN˛∫ §Áo N˛∫ı EÁ{∫ EÁuQ∫y §Á∫ GÃz YzoÁƒåy tzÊ
uåƒÁ|“ N˛∫oz Ã™Æ ßy GåNz˛ »ƒmzuã¸Æ osÁ åzfi, Gà üÁÊTm ™ı uN˛ LzÃz üÁtzu∆N˛ ßÁ Á ™ı N˛yo|å, TÁÆå N˛∫ ™Êut∫ Nz˛ úu∫Ã∫Áı N˛Áz
ÃÊúëÁ “Áz ∫“z N˛ÁÆ|N¿˛™Áı N˛Á EnÆão ÃÓfl™ uå∫yqm N˛∫ ∫“z sz@ ƒz Æ“y ütÓu o å N˛∫ı@
tzQ ∫“z sz uN˛ N˛“Î ƒztÁı ™ı uåut|…b EÁtz∆Áı N˛Á G®ÊVå oÁz å“Î “Áz GåNz˛ N˛såÁåÏÃÁ∫ ∫Á\Á åz N˛Á{u∆N˛ N˛Áz §Ï¬ƒÁN˛∫ u“oÁzuO˛ ty
∫“Á “{@ - <<“z úÊugoÁzV™! ™Ï^z EÁúN˛Áz uƒ∆z  øú Ãz À™∫m ut¬Áåz N˛y
LN˛ N˛Ázåz ™ı JSƒzt N˛Á úÁe N˛∫ ∫“z §¿Á÷mÁı N˛Áz tzQ ƒz EÁƒ≈ÆN˛oÁ å“Î uN˛ ™Êut∫ ™ı N˛y \Áåz ƒÁ¬y úÓ\Á-EY|åÁ uN˛Ãy Ær
=∞#O P#O^ŒO á⁄O^Œ_O» Hõ<åfl, W`«~∞° ʼnõΩ P#O^•xfl ѨOK«_O» Ö’<Õ Z‰õΩ¯= P#O^ŒO Åaèã∞¨ OÎ k.
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Nz˛ N¿˛oÏ Ãz N˛™ å“Î@ ƒztÁı ™ı Àú…b EÁtz∆ utÆÁ TÆÁ “{ uN˛ ÆrN¿˛oÏ Æ™∫Á\ åz N˛“Á - <<Æ˘uú LN˛ §¿Á÷m Ãz ™Êut∫ Nz˛ üÁÊTm
N˛Áz ÃÊúëÁ N˛∫oz Ã™Æ ÃÊÀNw˛o Ãz Fo∫ uN˛Ãy EãÆ ßÁ Á N˛Á üÆÁzT ™ı üÁtzu∆N˛ ßÁ Á ™z TÁåÁ Eú∫Áá “{, u¢˛∫ ßy ƒ“ ú∫™Án™Á
å“Î uN˛ÆÁ \ÁåÁ YÁu“L@ u¢˛∫ ßy EÁú ™Êut∫ Nz˛ üÁÊTm ™ı üÁtzu∆N˛ »y“u∫ N˛Á Æ∆ÁzTÁå “Ázåz Nz˛ N˛Á∫m EÁt∫myÆ “{ EÁ{∫ N˛ßy ßy
ßÁ Á ™ı ú∫™Án™Á Nz˛ Æ∆ÁzTÁå N˛Áz N{˛Ãz üN˛yuo|o N˛∫ ∫“z “¯?>> Eú∫Áá å“Î N˛“¬ÁoÁ @ Fà ÃÓfl™ßzt EÁ{∫ á™|ÃÓfl™ N˛y §Á∫yN˛y
FÃN˛Á GV∫ N˛Á{u∆N˛ åz utÆÁ - <<“Á ™“Á∫Á\å! ™¯ ú∫™Án™Á N˛Áz oÏ™ å“ΠÙ^ ÃNz˛@ Eo: GÃz tl‰g utÆÁ@ FÃy N˛Á∫m Nz˛
N˛Á Æ∆ÁzTÁå üÁtzu∆N˛ ßÁ Á ™ı N˛∫ ∫“Á “ÓÂ@ ßÁ Á oÁz Nz˛ƒ¬ LN˛ u¬L oÏ©“ı ßy tul‰go uN˛ÆÁ \Á ∫“Á “{ EÁ{∫ ™z∫z å∫N˛ ÃÁ™¿Á[Æ ™ı
™ÁÜÆ™ “{@ \§ oN˛ ú∫™Án™Á N˛Á Æ∆ÁzTÁå “y “™Á∫Á ¬flÆ ∫“oÁ “{, ∫“N˛∫ oÏ©“ı Fà tl‰g N˛Áz ßÏToåÁ EuåƒÁÆ| “{@>>
o§ oN˛ ßÁ Á YÁ“z \Áz ßy “Áz, N˛ÁzF| ÙÀÆÁ å“Î@ EÁú ßy Fà ∫Á\Á Æ™ N˛Á Æ“ N˛så ™nÀÆúÏ∫Ám ™ı “Ázåz N˛Á G®zQ
N˛så Ãz ÃÏúu∫uYo “¯ uN˛ - >> tÓá N˛Áz tzQÁz, ßÁl‰g N˛Áz å“Î@ åÊuú®{ ˚Á∫Á ∫uYo uoªƒÁF™Ázup N˛y √ÆÁPÆÁ ™ı “™ tzQ ÃN˛oz “¯@
uN˛ãoÏ ∫Á\Á Fà GV∫ Ãz ÃÊoÏ…b å“Î “ÏL@ ¬Ê§y Eƒuá oN˛ “u∫N˛yuo˙ uƒå{ ƒ ÁãÆoΩ §¿ Á ÷mz å å∫Áz V ™! @
GåNz˛ ÃÁs oN|˛ - uƒoN|˛ “Ázoz ∫“z@ EÊo ™ı ∫Á\Á åz H§N˛∫ Fà ßÁ ÁTÁåÊ å TÁo√ÆÊ oÀ™ÁoΩ úÁúÊ nƒÆÁ Nw ˛ o™Ω @@
N˛Á{u∆N˛ åÁ™N˛ §¿Á÷m N˛Áz, GÃNz˛ Eúåz EåÏTÁu™ÆÁı Ãu“o tz∆ Ãz Fà EÁPÆÁå Ãz “™ı Àú…b EƒTo uN˛ÆÁ \Á ∫“Á “{ uN˛
uåN˛Á¬ tzåzNz˛ EÁtz∆ ÃÏåÁÆÁ@ ú∫™Án™Á YÁ“z uN˛Ãy ßy ßÁ Á ™ı Eúåz N˛yo|å TÁÆå N˛ÁzF| ßy
ƒ | §yo TL@ ∫Á\Á N˛Áz E§ Eúåz ßÁSÆ N˛y ú∫yqÁ N˛∫åz N˛∫z, ƒ“ ç GåNz˛ u¬L ÀƒyN˛ÁÆ| “{@ FÃy Ããtz∆ N˛Áz ú∫™Án™Á åz
N˛Á Ã™Æ uåN˛b EÁTÆÁ@ ∫Á\Á uåu≥Áão sÁ uN˛ ƒ{utN˛ EÁtz∆ÁzÊ Nz˛ ™åÏ EÁut Nz˛ ™ÁÜÆ™ Ãz Eúåz ßMoÁı oN˛ ú“ÏÂYÁåz N˛Á G®zQ
EåÏÃÁ∫ Eúåz ∫Á[Æ N˛Á ∆ÁÃå N˛∫åz Nz˛ N˛Á∫m GÃz Eƒ≈Æ ÀƒT| úÁtΩ™úÏ∫Ám ™ı “ÏEÁ “{@
N˛y üÁuõo “y “ÁzTy@ FÙı N˛ÁzF| ÃÊ∆Æ å“Î@ uN˛ãoÏ Eúåz N˛Áz å∫N˛ ßTƒÁå ™nÀÆøú ™ı ÀƒÆÊ \¬ ú∫ Fá∫ - Gá∫ gÁz¬ÁÆ™Áå
¬z \ÁN˛∫ Æ™∫Á\ \y Nz˛ Ùq üÀoÏo N˛∫oz tzQ, Gã“ı ÀƒÆÊ uƒæÁÁà “Ázoz “ÏL ßy Eúåz ßMoÁı Nz˛ üuo Eúåz ßÁƒÁı N˛Áz uÀs∫ ∫Qoz “¯@
å“Î “ÏEÁ@ uYfiTÏõo åz EÁ∫Êß ™ı ∫Á\Á Nz˛ ÃnN˛™Áz˙ N˛Á uƒƒ∫m tzN˛∫, FÃy Nz˛ ÃÁs Eúåz ßMoÁı N˛Áz Gã“ı EÁTz §‰jÁåz Nz˛ N˛Á∫m ú∫™Án™Á
§Át ™ı GÃÃz “ÏL ßÓ¬ YÓN˛ N˛Á £ÆÁz∫Á tzoz “ÏL N˛“Á - N˛Á LN˛ åÁ™ <<ÃnÆ ú∫ÁN¿˛™:>> ú‰gÁ@
<<Fà ∫Á\Á åz N˛Á{u∆N˛ åÁ™N˛ §¿Á÷m EÁ{∫ GÃNz˛ EåÏTÁu™ÆÁı ™Ïuå uƒæÁÁu™fi Fà ÃnÆ Ãz EƒTo “Ázåz Nz˛ “y N˛Á∫m Gã“Áıåz
Nz˛ ÃÁs ∫Á[Æ Ãz uå…N˛ÁuÃo N˛∫ tzåz N˛Á tl‰g utÆÁ@ Fà tl‰g N˛Á ∫Á\Á t∆∫s Ãz N˛“Á sÁ uN˛ <ÃnÆ ú∫ÁN¿˛™ ∫Á™> Eúåz ßMoÁı N˛Áz
N˛Á∫m Æ“ §oÁÆÁ TÆÁ “{ uN˛ ™Êut∫ Nz˛ úu∫Ã∫Áı ™ı üÁtzu∆N˛ ßÁ Á N˛ßy ZÁz‰goz å“Î §u¡N˛ ÃtÁ GåN˛y ∫qÁ N˛∫åz ™ı onú∫ ∫“oz “¯@
™ı ú∫™Án™Á N˛Á Æ∆ÁzTÁå üN˛yuo|o uN˛ÆÁ \Á ∫“Á “{@ Eúåz Fà uN˛L Eo: Fà ÃnÆú∫ÁN¿˛™ ∫Á™ N˛Áz Ær N˛y ∫qÁ N˛∫åz “zoÏ ™z∫z ÃÁs
ú∫ ∫Á\Á N˛Áz úÁÊY ƒ | oN˛ N˛Á∫ÁƒÁà N˛Á tl‰g u™¬åÁ YÁu“L@>> ßz\åÁ! ƒÁ¡™yuN˛ ∫Á™ÁÆm ™ı Fà üN˛Á∫ “{ @
uYfiTÏõo Nz˛ N˛så Nz˛ ú≈YÁoΩ ∫Á\Á åz ÀƒÆÊ Eúåz §Á∫z ™ı E“Ê ƒz u ˆ ™“Án™ÁåÊ ∫Á™Ê ÃnÆú∫ÁN¿ ˛ ™™Ω @
Æ™∫Á\ Nz˛ Ùq â˛ÁF| tzoz “ÏL N˛“Á - uåªuMo Nz˛ EåÏÃÁ∫ - ƒwuVÿ|N˛{ oƒÁ ÆÀÆ Ã ÀÆÁoΩ ÃnÆú∫ÁN¿˛™:@™:@@@
<<“z Ùƒoy|! ƒ{utN˛ EÁtz∆Áı N˛Á G®ÊVå N˛∫oz “ÏL üÁtzu∆N˛ \Áz Eúåz ”tÆ ™ı Àú…b ßÁƒåÁEÁı Nz˛ ÃÁs uå∫Êo∫ Eúåz
ßÁ Á ™ı ú∫™Án™Á N˛Á TÏmTÁå N˛∫åz ƒÁ¬z Fà §¿Á—™m N˛Áz ™¯åz úu∫Ã∫ EÁ{∫ √ÆuO˛ÆÁı Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı ∆Ázá N˛∫oz ∫“oz “¯, ƒz Eúåz
GÃNz˛ EåÏTÁu™ÆÁı Ãu“o tz∆ Ãz uå…N˛ÁuÃo N˛∫ utÆÁ sÁ@ Æ“ ∆ÁÕÁÁı üÆÁÃÁı ™ı ⲬoÁ N˛y üÁuõo Nz˛ “zoÏ ™nÀÆ ™Óuo| N˛Á ÜÆÁå uY¬NÓ˛∫
Nz˛ uƒªÚ “Ázåz Nz˛ N˛Á∫m ™¯ åz N˛F| §Á∫ EåÏ∫Ázá ßy uN˛ÆÁ sÁ@ ú∫ ™ı uƒ∫Á\™Áå §Á¬Á\y Nz˛ øú ™ı N˛∫oz “¯ EÁ{∫ <<ÃnÆú∫ÁN¿˛™ÁÆ
FÃåz ™z∫y LN˛ ßy å“Î ÃÏåy@ ƒ“ §¿Á÷m “Ázåz Nz˛ åÁoz ™¯ åz tz∆ Ãz å™:>> åÁ™ N˛Á \Áú ßuO˛ Ãz N˛∫oz “¯, ƒz Eƒ≈Æ Ã¢˛¬ “ÁıTz@
uå…N˛ÁuÃo N˛∫ tzåz N˛Á tl‰g ÃÏåÁÆÁ@ “z Æ™á™|∫Á\! ™z∫z ÃnN˛ÁÆ| Nz˛ <ƒÁN˛Ω> Nz˛ uüÆ úÁeN˛ Tm ßuMo EÁ{∫ »ÚÁ Nz˛ ÃÁs \ÁúzÊ-
u¬L ™Ï^z tl‰g tzåÁ N˛“Á oN˛ GuYo “{, EÁú ÀƒÆÊ uƒYÁ∫ N˛∫ı@>> <<H ÃnÆú∫ÁN¿ ˛ ™ÁÆ å™:>> !
NEWS "≥·Éèí=OQÍ "≥·‰õΩO~î° UHÍ^Œt
"≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£ : "≥·‰õΩO~î° UHÍ^Œt ѨÙ~°ã¨¯iOK«∞‰õΩx zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞O Éèí‰õΩÎÅ`À H˜@H˜@ÖÏ_çOk. "≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£ Ѩiã¨~°
„áêO`åÅ`Àáê@∞ #QÆ~°O #∞Oz Éèí‰õΩÎÅ∞ ÃÑ^ŒÌ ã¨OYºÖ’ `«~°e=zÛ ™êfiq∞ "åix ^Œi≈OK«∞‰õΩ<åfl~°∞. ÅHõ∆ º™ê^èŒ# ã¨fiK«ÛùO^Œ ã¨Oã¨÷ P^èŒfi~°ºOÖ’
PÅÜ«∞ P=~°}Ö’ ã¨Oã¨÷ q^•º~°∞÷Å∞, Éèí‰õΩÎÅ∞ xifi~å=∞OQÍ 18 QÆO@Åáê@∞ N=∞^ŒƒùQÆ=næ`« áê~åÜ«∞}O KÕâß~°∞. nO`À D HÍ~°º„Hõ=∂xH˜
'=O_»~ü |∞H± PѶπ iHÍ~ü¤û WO@ˆ~fl+¨#ÖòÖ’ KÀ@∞ ^ŒH˜¯Ok. ã¨Oã¨÷ ^Õâ◊ ã¨=∞#fiÜ«∞Hõ~°Î aOy #ˆ~O^Œ~üQ“_£ KÕ`«∞Å g∞^Œ∞QÍ ÅHõ∆ º™ê^èŒ# ã¨Oã¨÷
K≥·~°‡<£ ~åA iHÍ~°∞¤ „^èŒ∞=Ѩ„`«O JO^Œ∞‰õΩ<åfl~°∞. PÅÜ«∞ J~°Û‰õΩ_»∞ ~°OQÆ~å[<£, ™êÇ≤Ïu ã¨q∞u *ÏfÜ«∞ Láê^茺‰õ∆Ω_»∞ „á⁄^ŒÌ@∂~°∞ ZÖÏ¡Ô~_ç¤,
Kè«„`«Ñ¨u t"år Ü«Ú=¿ã# J^茺‰õ∆Ω_»∞ ɡ·Å∂ºi Ü≥∂ˆQâ◊fi~ü „ѨÉèí∞, Ѩ=<£, PÅÜ«∞ "Õ∞<ÕlOQ∑ Hõq∞\© Hõhfi#~ü QÀáêÅHõ$+¨‚™êfiq∞, J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ ã¨∞ˆ~+π,
Hõ#flÜ«∞º, =Ú~°o `«k`«~°∞Å∞ áêÖÁæ<åfl~°∞. (™êH˜∆ 19.12.2018)
[#‡k#, QÆ$ǨτѨ"Õâ◊, q"åǨÏO, q^Õj „Ѩܫ∂} ã¨=∞Ü«∞=∞O^Œ∞ HÍh ZÖÏO\˜ P#O^ŒHõ~° ã¨=∞Ü«∂ÅÖ’<≥·<å g∞ WO\’¡
N=∞^ŒƒùQÆ=næ`« áê~åÜ«∞}O KÕÜ«∞_»O KåÖÏ L`«Î=∞O. Pã¨H˜Î QÆÅ"å~°∞ ã¨O„ѨkOK«=Åã≤# á¶È<£ <≥O.9491869417
ˆH=ÅO Ѩk ~ÀAÅÖ’ ã¨O㨯 $`« ÉèÏ+¨Ö’ =∂\Ï¡_»@O <Õ~°Ê|_»∞#∞ q=~åÅÔH· :9440557722, 9491869417
<Õ~∞° Û‰Ωõ O^•=∞<Õ ^蕺㨠=Ù#fl"å_»∞ Ñ
„ u
¨ ã¨OѶ∞¨ @# #∞O_ô <Õ~∞° Û‰Ωõ O\Ï_»∞.
January '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 15 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
I would like to remind VAK Readers about my my mind wandering and will become free from all
preamble to the current series 2 months ago where bondages. This is Sattvic thought. This thought
I pointed out that out of all the four Judgements Justice generally vanishes the moment the child comes
Indu Malhotra’s judgement stands out as a custodian out of the womb into this world. However in the case
of Dharma. The rest four judgements are demonic of Prahlada, due to the blessings of sage Narada,
in nature with no mind to protect Sanathana Dharma. this thought stayed on and started growing. Prahlada
These judgements seem to overwrite sanathana became synonymous with devotion to Lord Narayana.
Dharma and what the Supreme Court has not realised On the other handHiranyakashipu enhanced his bad
is that the Almighty is not subservient to it. The deeds. He disrespected Vedas, Devas, Lord Narayana,
Almighty does not have to follow their judgement devotees of Lord Narayana, sadhus, cows and
in blessing the devotees. Devotees have to still follow Brahmmanas, sober people and ultimately the
the tenets of the religion or dharma sashtra to please Dharma. Devas surrendered before Lord Narayana
the Lord and not the Supreme Court judgements. and sought his intervention and help. The Lord of
A similar situation happened long long ago in the the Lords Narayana receives them with compassion
ancient times when a powerful demon king not only
and assures protection. He says that :
wanted to change the Dharma shastras to his favour
but also made people practice it and also wanted ÆtÁƒztz Ïtzƒz ÏTÁz Ïuƒüz ÏÃÁáÏ Ï@
himself to be anointed as the Lord of the Lords and á™z|™uÆYuƒ˚z :ÃÁEÁ∆Ïuƒå≈Æuo@@
become the Almightly himself. He tortured the whole
As a person creates enemity with vedas, devas,
world and had to be ultimately corrected by the Lord
my devotees, sober people, dharma and me, he
of the Lords by taking the form of Narasimha. The
whole story of Hiranyakashipu and Prahlada is about will be destroyed swiftly.
how materialistic people are torturing spiritual beings. uåƒ{∫ÁÆü∆ÁãoÁÆÀƒÃÏoÁÆ™tÁn™åz@
Till last episode we saw while Hiranyakashipu was
performing penance to become of the master of three ü⁄ÁtÁÆÆtÁ¸Ïÿzn“uå…ÆzDuúƒ∫Ázu\|oÊ@@
worlds, Prahlada was in the womb of Hiranyakashipu’s Lord Vishnu further says as and when
queen Kayadhu and being in the womb got exposed Hiranyakashipu misbehaves with Prahlada who
to devotion to Lord Narayana through his mother is sober and peaceful and becomes his enemy
who was staying in the hermitage of the great sage I will kill him even if he is protected by the boons.
Narada , a great devotee of Lord Narayana. We saw When a person commits a misdeed or a
that Sattvic and devotional environment is very disrespectful deed, it creates a new sin which
essential to protect Dharma in this whole country provokes him to do further misdeeds and the infinite
or for that matter any world. Please read further… loop continues till he is completely destroyed.
THE MATTER OF AHOBILA NARASIMHA (contd..) Ones own deeds are responsible for ones well
VEDANTA DEEPIKAI, SAMBUDAM-4 (1914-1915) being or destruction. In the case of Prahlada,
the Lord said "Prahlada has no enimity, he is
When Hiranyakashipu left for penance, Devendra peaceful and is always thinking about me. If his
attacked the Asuras' kingdam and kidnapped the father tries to destroy him, I will destroy his father
pregnent queen Kayadhu who was a pathivratha. even if he is protected by large number of boons
Sage Narada intervened and protected her in the granted by Lord Brahma". This means the Lord
devine ambience of his Ashram where Prahlada grew will not spare those people who cause harm to
in her womb. his devout people like Prahlada. Lets understand
Creation of the devotional environment, in general in short what it means to be devoted to Lord
will have significant impact for any living being right Vishnu. Vishnu means who is every where and
from the foetus stage in the Womb. Puranas speak who shows compassion to others however low
about the mental status and stage of every living he is. A devotee of Vishnu means one who shows
being during the period of its stay in the womb. respect and compassion to all devotees of Lord
Tß|ƒÁÃÁnü™ÏXÆzÆÊÆutuƒ…mÏÊß\ztΩ”ut@ Vishnu and one who is compassionate to them.
Since it is difficult to know who is Lord Vishnu’s
E™woüt™ÁåãtÊåÁ∫ÁÆm™åÁ™ÆÊ@ devotee and who is not, it is better to show
™ÁowNÏ˛qÁ{uå§ÚÁzDuÀ™™ÏXÆzÆ˘t§ãáå{:@ devotion towards all beings without disrespecting
ƒÁÃÏtzƒÊüoÁz…ÆÁu™ßTƒão™åãÆáy:@@ them and always chosing to serve them. This
is true respect for others behavior. If one would
It is said that every foetus in general will think that not show respect for others, he will ultimately
if I am relieved of the bondage of staying in the womb be destroyed. This is what we can learn from
of my mother I will please Lord Vasudeva without

JO`«~åÜ«∂Å∞ HõÅ∞QÆ∞`«∞#fl H˘nÌ ã¨OHõÖÏÊxfl ^Œ$_èO» KÕã∞¨ ‰õΩO@∂ áÈ"åe.

January '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 16 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
the assurance given by Lord to devas who be always thinking about Lord but also provide
surrendered before him. purity to the place and society where he goes.
He even changes the minds of people who are
§¿÷lÆ≈∆y¬Ã©úëÁ: ÃnÆÃãáÁzu\ozuã¸Æ:@ practicing ill habbits. Prahlada became such a
EÁn™ƒnÃ|ßÓoÁåÁ™Ω - LN˛:uüÆÃÏ”V™:@@ character that even the Asuras started praising
There is a huge list of verses which describe the him and describing him as a great being. They
true devotee of Lord Vishnu. The above sloka is a started respecting him.
sample one. I will provide a gist of slokas below to As said in Vishnu Purana:
enable VAK readers understand the true sense of
respect for people: ÙYzoÁ\TnÆuÀ™ãÆÀÃz|…ƒƒ\ãoÏ Ï@
He should be devoted to god, should have good ÆsÁn™uåÆsÁúnÆzú∫Ê™{fiTÏmÁuãƒo:@@
state of mind and of sattvic thinking, he should á™|n™ÁÃnÆ∆Á{YÁut-TÏmÁåÁ™ÁN˛∫: ú∫:@
have won all senses, Like he trusts God, he should
also have abnormal trust, compassion and
Gú™Áå™∆z ÁmÁÊÃÁáÓåÁÊÆÀÃtÁ߃oΩ@@
benevolence to all living beings, he should be He became to consider other beings like him and
prostrating before people elder to him, he should feel their pain. He showed great friendliness
be compassionate like a father on his kin who towards them. He was a dharmic character and
are weak and down trodden, he should be friendly holds several good qualities like truthfulness and
and brotherly to all beings equal to him, he should impeccability. He became an example of Sadhus
consider his teachers as incarnations of Lord, he (sober people) and became talk of the era.
should be devoid of pride of being high class, Any one who possess these type of qualities
education, wealth, personality etc., he should can become Prahlada. His father Hiranyakashipu
not get into worldly attractions in respect of bad was exactly the opposite. Hiranyakashipu had
habits, he should not be focused on attaining worldly no friendship or love towards Prahlada. He began
materialistic pleasures and hence desireless, he to severely hate him. This hatred among father
should be the one who keeps his senses and mind and son is unprecendented in the world. It is
under his control and hence has no greed etc. worth examining in the coming episodes on how
There are many such innumerable qualities this hatred turned into destruction for
possessed by devotees of Lord. The key quality Hiranyakashipu.
they have is to love the almighty. He will not only (To be continued)

All slokas Chant 28 times

FO Ѩ~°=∂`«‡<Õ #=∞ó G ú∫™Án™åz å™:
FO ǨÏ$+‘ˆHâßÜ«∞ #=∞ó For self employed people, for promotions and
G J  yNz ∆ ÁÆ å™: success in games.
For overcoming bad habits „H©_®HÍ~°∞ʼnõΩ, ã¨fiÜ«∞O LáêkèÖ’ L#fl "åiH˜, L#fl`«
^Œ∞~°Å"å@¡#∞O_ç q=ÚH˜Î á⁄O^Œ_®xH˜. Ѩ^Œ=ÙÅ∞ PtOKÕ "åiH˜.
FO =+¨\ϯ~åÜ«∞ #=∞ó G ƒ bΩN˛Á∫ÁÆ å™: FO Éè∂í `«ÉÏè =<åÜ«∞ #=∞ó G ßÓoßÁƒåÁÆ å™:
For Success in Business, Interviews, Visa
For better health. =∞Oz P~ÀQͺxH˜.
Interviews, building relationship
"åºáê~åaè=$kúH˜, WO@~°∂fi ºÅÖ’ ã¨Ñ¶¨ÅO FO ѨÓ`å`«‡<Õ #=∞ó G úÓoÁn™åz å™:
HÍ=_®xH˜ 㨇iOK«O_ç. To remove mental stress and for mental
FO N=∞`Õ #=∞ó G »y™oz å™: =∂#ã≤ H õ P~ÀQͺxH˜ =∂#ã≤ H õ XuÎ _ ç #∞O_ç
Please Chant for Handsome Appearance and wealth.
â◊s~° ™œO^Œ~åºxH˜, ã¨OѨ^Œ‰õΩ.
FO JHõ∆~åÜ«∞ #=∞ó G Eq∫ÁÆ å™: FO â◊~°‡}Ë #=∞ó G ∆™|mz å™:
For Job Satibsfaction
For Education and better Financial strength. L^ÀºQÆOÖ’, KÕ¿ã ѨxÖ’ JOH˜`« ÉèÏ"åxH˜, `«$Ñ≤ÎH˜.
q^•ºaè=$kúH˜ =∞iÜ«Ú Sâ◊fi~åºaè=$kúH˜.

q[Ü«∞O ™êkèOK«Ö=Ë ∞x =ÚO^Œ∞QÍ<Õ XHõ x~°Ü

‚ ∂« xH˜ =KÕÛ"å~°∞ Z#fl_»∂ U Ѩh KÕÜ∞« ÖË~∞° .
January '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 17 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

~å=∂#∞AÅ∞ - Hõj‡~°∞Ö’x âß~°^•Ñ‘~î° „Ѩܫ∂}O

^è•~å"åÇ≤ÏHõ 17= ÉèÏQÆO.... `≥Å∞QÆ∞ J#∞"å^ŒO : N=∞u ã¨∞^è• ~°OQÆ~å[<£
[iy#Hõ^äŒ : N~å=∂#∞*ÏKå~°∞ºÅ∞ "Õ^•Å xQÆ∂_è» J~°ú=ÚÅ#∞ „áêi÷OKå~°∞. N~å=∂#∞AÅ∞ =∞iÜ«Ú W^Œ~Ì ∞° t+¨µºÅ∞ K«„Hõ^~Œè f° ~°O÷ Ö’
`≥Å∞ã¨∞H˘#\ÏxHjõ HÍj‡~°∞Ö’x ã¨~ã° fi¨ f Ñ‘~åî xH˜ |Ü«∞Å∞^Õ~å~°∞. JHõ¯_» `«=∞ ™ê÷<åÖ’¡ xÅ∞K«∞x â’¡HõO K≥ѨʙêQÍ~°∞.
É’^è•Ü«∞# =$uÎ „QÆO^äŒ=Ú QÆÅ^Œ∞. ^•xx ™êH∆Í`«∞Î É’^è•Ü«∞# =∞ǨÏi¬ ÙÀo\TtÁáÁ∫ ∆WΩQYN¿˛TtÁá∫ @
ã¨fiǨϙêÎÅ`À „"åâß~°∞. "å~°∞ ‰õÄâı~°∞Å`À K«„Hõ^èŒ~° f~°÷O KÕ~°∞H˘x tzu“ tzƒ ™™ÁåÏrÁÊ ÆÏ…™Vys|uå zƒmz @@
JHõ¯_» ˆHâ◊"åKå~°∞ºÅ#∞ Hõeâß~°∞. "å~°∞ HÍj‡~° ~åA ѨÓ~°fi "å~°∞ K≥¿ÑÊ â’¡HõO J~°÷O : ''F ™êfig∞! <å~åÜ«∞}Ï, â◊OY,
„Ѩ^è•<å=∂`«∞ºÅ∞. ˆHâ◊"åKå~°∞ºÅ"å~°∞ HÍj‡~° ~å[º K«i„`«#∞ ã¨O„QÍ=∞ K«„Hõ, QÆ^•^è•s! ã¨~°fiã¨$+≤ìh Éèíiã¨∞Î#fl "å_®! D h\˜Ö’xH˜ „Ѩ"ÕtOz
~åA =∞iÜ«Ú J#O`«^Õ=Ùx Hõ^äŒ#∞ K≥ѨʙêÔQ#∞. ‰õΩÜ«ÚH˜Î =Å# ™êfl#O K≥Ü«∞º_®xH˜ ^ŒÜ«∞KÕã≤ J#∞=∞u W=Ùfi ™êfig∞!——
=∞~°}O˜ z# ã¨O„QÍ=∞ ~åA Ѩل`«∞_»∞ J#O`«^=Õ Ù_»∞ S^ÕO_»¡ „áêÜ«∞OÖ’ `« ~ ° ∞ "å`« ™êfl#O KÕ ã ¨ ∂ ΠѨ i î O K« = Åã≤ # =∞O„`åÅ#∞
~åA HÍQÍ, Ü«∞=fi#Ѩ٠ã¨Ç¨Ï"å™êÅ HÍ~°}Ï# K≥_çáÈÜ«∂_»∞. HÍh ѨiOî K«™êQÍ~°∞. "å~°∞ #n „Ѩ"åǨxH˜ Jaè=ÚYOQÍ xÅ∞K«∞x ™êfl#O
J#O`«^Õ=Ù_»∞ ^Œ=∂~åF ~åA HõOѨ<Õâ◊ „uÉèí∞=#∞x Ü«Ú^ŒúOÖ’ KÕÜ«∞™êQÍ~°∞. h~°∞ "≥Ú^Œ@ N ~å=∂#∞AÅ "åix ã¨Ê $tOz
[~ÚOKå_»∞. J@∞ `«~°∞"å`« ~å}˜ ã¨∂~°º=∞u Ü≥ÚHõ¯ „â◊=∞ =Å# `«~°∞"å`« ‰õΩˆ~â◊√Å#∞ â◊√kú KÕã≤Ok. JÖÏ ‰õΩˆ~â◊√Å"å~°∞ `«#
~åA ^è~Œ ‡° =∂~°=æ Ú ##∞ã¨iOK«™êQÍ_»∞. J#O`«^=Õ =∞Ǩ~åA ÃÑ^Œ<Ì å#fl PKå~°∞ºÅ`À Hõeã≤ KÕ¿ã ™êfl<åxfl P#OkOK«™êQÍ~°∞. ‰õΩˆ~â◊√x
H˘_»∞‰õΩ H˜∆u~åA Ѩ~°=∞ "≥·+¨‚=Ù_»∞ =∞iÜ«Ú ^è•i‡‰õΩ_»∞. PÜ«∞# PKå~°ºÉèíH˜Î J@∞=O\˜k. HÍh, ‰õΩˆ~â◊√_»∞ `«=∞‰õΩ H˘kÌ ^Œ∂~°OÖ’
K«„Hõ^èŒ~°f~°÷=Ú =^ŒÌ ™êfl<åxH˜ "ÕOKÕã≤# N~å=∂#∞AÅ∞ N ‰õĈ~â◊√Å∞ XHõ ~å~Ú Hõ^ŒÅ_»O K«∂âß~°∞. xâ◊ÛÅOQÍ L#fl ~å~Ú Ñ¨Hõ¯# "Õ~˘Hõ
=∞iÜ«Ú ˆHâ◊"åKå~°∞ºÅ#∞ ^Œi≈OK«∞‰õΩ<åfl_»∞. `«~°∞"å`« P =ÚQÆ∞æ~°∞ ~å~Ú Hõ^ŒÅ_»O PÜ«∞#‰õΩ qO`«QÍ `ÀzOk.
=∞ǨÏhÜ«ÚÅ∞ ™êfl<åxH˜ K«„Hõ^èŒ~°f~°÷=ÚÖ’ ky<å~°∞... ''Wk "≥Úã¨ÖÏ? Jk =∂"≥·Ñ¨Ù ~å=KåÛ—— J#∞‰õΩO@∂, P
''™êfig∞! WHõ¯_» h\˜Ö’ѨŠѨ^Œ∞<≥·# ~åà◊√§ L<åfl~Ú. ^ŒÜ«∞KÕã≤ [ÅK«~°O QÆ∞~°∞=Ù‰õΩ PѨ^Œ Hõeyã¨∞ÎO^Œx `«#∞ ^•x`À `«ÅѨ_»\ÏxH˜
<Õ#∞ K«∂Ñ≤OKÕ ^•iÖ’ =∂„`«"Õ∞ ~°O_ç—— JO@∂ ˆHâ◊"åKå~°∞ºÅ∞ ã≤^ŒúѨ_®¤_»∞.
=ÚO^Œ∞‰õΩ #_çKå~°∞. ''*Ï„QÆ`«Î ™êfig∞! D ã¨~°ã¨∞û P=e X_»∞¤# "≥Úã¨à◊√§ L<åfl~Ú.
ˆHâ◊"åKå~°∞ºÅ "≥#ˆH "≥à◊√Î =ÚQÆ∞æ~°∞ N"≥·+¨‚=ÙÅ∞ `å=Ú ™ê^è•~°}OQÍ Jq W@∞"≥·Ñ¨Ù ~å=Ù. "å\˜H˜ PǨ~°O J@∞"≥·¿Ñ
™êfl#=∂_»∞@‰õΩ J#∞"≥·# „Ѩ^ÕâßÅ∞ Z#∞fl‰õΩ<åfl~°∞. ‰õΩˆ~â◊√Å"å~°∞ ^˘~°∞‰õΩ`«∞Ok, W@∞"≥·Ñ¨Ù QÆÅ ~åà◊¡ g∞^Œ H˘kÌã¨=∞Ü«∞O Ѩ_»∞‰õΩx
ZÖÏO\˜ KÀ@∞ Z#∞fl‰õΩ<åfl~°O>Ë, JHõ¯_ç h~°∞ "≥Ú^ŒÅ∞ ™êfiq∞ "≥o§áÈ`å~Ú.——
~å=∂#∞AÅ "åix `åH˜ `«~°∞"å`Õ PÜ«∞##∞ `å‰õΩ`å~Ú. "≥ Ú ã¨ à ◊ ¡ # ∞ áê~° „ ^ÀÅ_®xH˜ ‰õ Ä ˆ ~ â◊ √ _» ∞ N㨠∞ ^Œ ~ ° ≈ #∞x
ˆHâ◊"åKå~°∞ºÅ∞ ‰õÄ_® ^•^•Ñ¨Ù PÜ«∞#‰õΩ ^ŒQÆæ~°QÍ<Õ L<åfl~°∞. „áêi÷OK«™êQÍ_»∞. HÍh, N ~å=∂#∞AÅ"å~°∞ W^Õn Ѩ\ ì̃OK«∞HÀÖË^Œ∞.
Ѩ‰Ω∆õ Å∞ H˜ÅH˜Å=∞O@∞<åfl~Ú. ã¨~ã° ∞¨ ûK≥O`« L#fl K≥@Ö¡ ’¡ Ñ≤@Åì ∞ PÜ«∞# ^蕺#=∞O`å „áê~°÷#Ö’<Õ L#flk. JÖψQ PÜ«∞# h\˜Ö’
WOHÍ Ñ¨Å∞~°HÍŠѨ‰õ∆ΩÅ∞ QÆ∂à◊√¡, Hõ_»∞`«∞<åfl~Ú. |OQÍ~°∞ =<≥fl HõÅ Ô~O_»∞ =Ú#HõÖËâß~°∞. =¸_»= =Ú#Hõ "Õã≤# `«~°∞"å`« PÜ«∞#
KÕѨÅ∞ K«„Hõ^èŒ~° f~°÷OÖ’ K«Hõ¯QÍ D`«H˘_»∞`«∞<åfl~Ú. ѨÅ∞~°HÍÅ h\˜#∞O_ç ÃÑH· ˜ ÖË=ÖË^∞Œ , ‰õΩ~ˆ â◊√_»∞ Wk QÆ=∞xOz HõOQÍ~°∞QÍ "≥O@<Õ
ÉÏ`«∞Å∞, ǨÏOã¨Å∞, `≥Å¡x H˘OQÆÅ∞, áê=Ú Ñ¨_»QÆÅ =O\˜ `«ÅÅ∞#fl h\˜Ö’ =ÚxQÍ~°∞. JHõ¯_» PÜ«∞#‰õΩ XHõ qO`« ^Œ$â◊ºO HõxÑ≤OzOk.
ǨÏOã¨Å∞ PǨ~°O HÀã¨O h\˜Ö’ =Ú#HõÅ∞ "Õã¨∞Î<åfl~Ú. f~°÷O K«∞@∂ì <À@=∂@ ~åÖË^∞Œ . h\˜Ö’ѨŠѨÅ∞ `«ÅÅ ÃÑ^ŒÌ <åQÆ∞áê=Ú HÍëêÜ«∞O,
L#fl ~åà◊§ g∞^Œ `≥Åx¡ H˘OQÆÅ∞ KÕÑŨ HÀã¨O H˘OQÆ[áêÅ∞ KÕã∞¨ <Î åfl~Ú. „u^ŒO_»O ^èŒiOz L#flk. Wk ZO`«¿ãѨ٠[iyO^À J`«xH˜
<ÕÅÃÑ·<Õ HÍ^Œ∞ PHÍâ◊OÖ’ QÆ^ŒÌÅ∞, QÆ~°∞_»Ñ¨‰õ∆ΩÅ∞ ‰õÄ_® KÕѨŠHÀã¨O `≥eÜ«∞ÖË^Œ∞. WO`«Ö’ Z=~À PÜ«∞##∞ h\˜ÃÑ·H˜ ÖÏQÍ~°∞,
ÃÑ#· Pâ◊QÍ K«∂ã¨∞<Î åfl~Ú. PHÍâ◊OÃÑ#· H˘OQÆÅ∞ QÆ∞OѨÙÅ∞ QÆ∞OѨÙÅ∞QÍ ˆHâ◊"åKå~°∞ºÅ∞ `«##∞ Ñ≤Å∞ã¨∂Î ÃÑ·H˜ ÖÏQÍ~°x `≥Å∞ã¨∞‰õΩ<åfl_»∞. `«=∞
ZQÆ∞~°∞`«∞<åfl~Ú. h\˜Ö’ Z~°∞Ѩ٠=∞iÜ«Ú `≥Å¡ `å=∞~°Å∞ xO_»∞QÍ QÆ∞~°∞"≥·# ~å=∂#∞AÅ"å~°∞ ‰õÄ_® `«#=OHõ =∞O^ŒÇ¨ã¨O KÕã¨∂Î
qHõã≤Oz L<åfl~Ú. ~å=∂#∞AÅ"å~°∞ `≥Å¡ `å=∞~° ™œO^Œ~åºxfl K«∂_»@O QÆ=∞xOKå~°∞.
P™êfikOK«™êQÍ~°∞. qHõãO≤ z# `≥Å¡ `å=∞~° ~Ô Hõ¯Å ÃÑ#· Z„~°\ ˜ r~°Å∞ ''ZO`«¿ãѨ٠Ñ≤Å"åe ™êfig∞? h\˜Ö’ =Úxy# g∞~°∞ ÃÑ·H˜
=∞iO`« JO^•xflKåÛ~Ú. ˆHâ◊"åKå~°∞ºÅ∞ nxx K«∂ã¨∂Î `«# ÖË=ÖË^Œ∞. g∞‰õΩ U"≥∞ÿ LO@∞O^À Jx ÉèíÜ«∞Ѩ_®¤#∞. g∞‰õΩ ã¨Ç¨Ü«∞O
PÖ’K«#ÅÖ’ =ÚxyáÈÜ«∂~°∞. uiy "≥àı¡@ѨC_»∞ `«# ã¨O^ÕǨÅ#∞ K≥Ü«∞º_®xH˜ =KåÛ#∞—— J<åfl~°∞ ‰õΩˆ~â◊√x`À ˆHâ◊"åKå~°∞ºÅ"å~°∞.
QÆ∞~°∞=Ù #_»∞QÆ∞^•=∞#∞‰õΩ<åfl~°∞. J^Õ ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ PHÍâ◊OÖ’ `≥Å¡x ‰õΩˆ~â◊√_»∞ =∞ø#OQÍ LO_çáÈÜ«∂~°∞. <À@ =∂@~åÖË^Œ∞. `«#∞
"≥∞_»Å QÆ~°∞_» Ѩ‰õ∆ΩÅ∞ QÆ∞O„_»OQÍ ZQÆ∞~°∞`«∞<åfl~Ú. "åi J~°∞Ѩ٠K«∂ã≤# J^Œ∞ƒù`« ^Œ$â◊ºO #∞O_ç J`«#∞ |Ü«∞@‰õΩ ~åÖËHõáÈ`«∞<åfl_»∞.
''Hõ$ëê‚—— Jx Ñ≤ez#@∞ìQÍ LOk. ~å=∂#∞AÅ "åix `« # ^Œ Q Æ æ ~ ° K« ∂ ™êÎ # x ‰õ Ä _® PÜ« ∞ #
=ÚQÆ∞æ~°∞ "≥·+¨‚=ÙÅ∞ ™êfl<åxH˜ ã¨OHõÅÊO K≥ѨC‰õΩx WÖÏ TÇ≤ÏOK«Ö^Ë ∞Œ .
|ÅÇ‘Ï#∞_»∞ ZѨÊ\˜H© Hõq∆ ∞OK«Ö_Ë ∞» . Hõ=∆ ∂ QÆ∞}O |Å=O`«∞Å ÅHõ}
∆ O.
January '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 18 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
‰õΩˆ~â◊√x =∞kÖ’ ѨÅ∞ „Ѩâ◊flÅ∞. "≥~Úº `«ÅÅ Pkâı+¨µx ~°∂ѨOÖ’ K«∂âß~°@, D ~ÀA ‰õÄ_®
''PKå~°∞ºÅ"å~°∞ WHõ¯_» LO>Ë =∞i h\˜Ö’ L#flk Z=~°∞? Ü≥∂QÍ #~°ãO≤ Ǩϙêfiq∞ PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ gi ã¨xflkèx =∞#O K«∂_»QÅÆ =Ú.
PKå~°∞ºÅ"å~°∞ JO`«~åú#O HÍ=_»OÖ’ ~°Ç¨Ï㨺O Uq∞\˜? <Õ#∞ WHõ¯_» ~å=∂#∞AÅ"åix Pkâı+µ¨ x ~°∂ѨOÖ’<Õ Ñ¨Ól™êÎ~∞° . WѨÊ\˜H˜
K«∂ã≤Ok Z=~°∞? <Õ#∞ h\˜Ö’ K«∂ã≤Ok x[=∂ ÖËHõ „Éèí=∂? Jk ‰õÄ_® N~å=∂#∞AÅ∞ JHõ¯_» x=ã≤™êÎ~°x Éèí‰õΩÎÅ #=∞‡HõO. „á⁄^Œ∞Ì#
YzÛ`«OQÍ „Éèí=∞ HÍ^Œ∞!! ã¨~°ÊO KåÖÏ ÃÑ^ŒÌQÍ, HÍëêÜ«∞ =„™êÎÅ∞ `«# ã¨∂Hõ∆ ‡~°∂ѨOÖ’ Éèí‰õΩÎʼnõΩ ^Œ~°≈#O W™êÎ~°x ™êII 5 QÆOIIÅ
^èŒiOz KÕuÖ’ „u^ŒO_»O`À HõxÑ≤OzOk. <Õ#∞ D q+¨Ü«∞O `«~°∞"å`« Pkâı+¨µx ~°∂ѨOÖ’ ÉèíQÆ=O`«∞x ѨÓl™êÎ~°@. HÍ=Ù# 5
QÆ∞~°∞=ÙQÍix J_»QÆÖË^Œ∞. Jk ÉÏQÆ∞O_»^Œ∞. Jk U"≥∞ÿ LO@∞Ok QÆOIIÅ `«~°∞"å`« PÅÜ«∞O =¸ã≤"ÕÜ«∞|_ç uiy =∞~°∞<å_»∞ LII
ã¨∞=∂?—— Jx PÖ’zOK«™êQÍ_»∞ ‰õΩˆ~â◊√_»∞. 10.30 QÆOIIʼnõΩ =∂„`«"Õ∞ `≥~°∞™êÎ~°∞.)
JO`«Ö’ ‰õΩ~ˆ â◊√xH˜ HÍOpѨÙ~°OÖ’ ÃÑiÜ«∞ u~°∞=∞Å #OaQÆàò ''g∞‰õΩ UO [iyOk ™êfig∞? g∞~°∞ =∞ø#OQÍ L<åfl~°∞?
QÍi`À [iy# ã¨OÉèÏ+¨} QÆ∞~°∞‰Î Ωõ =zÛOk. DÜ«∞# N ~å=∂#∞AÅ J^Œ $ +¨ ì = âß`« ∂ Î , P "≥ Ú ã¨ e J#∞‰õ Ω #fl@∞ì Q Í P=e QÆ @ ∞ì ‰ õ Ω
"åi =∂=∞. PÜ«∞# N ~å=∂#∞AÅ"åi K≥Öˇ¡Å∞ <åzÛÜ«∂~ü "≥o§áÈ~ÚOk. =∞#efl K«∂ã≤ W@∞"≥·Ñ¨Ù ~åÖË^Œ∞. Jq W@∞ ~å=x
J=∂‡àòQÍi WO\˜H˜ =zÛ#ѨÙ_»∞ N~å=∂#∞AÅ"åi QÆ∞iOz QÆ\ Qì˜ Í #q∞‡<å, D ~ÀA <å`Àáê@∞ =∞~À W^Œ~Ì ∞° ™êfl<åxH˜ =KåÛ~°x
K«iÛOKå~°∞. "å~°∞ JѨC_»∞ WÖÏ J<åfl~°∞ ''~å=∂#∞A_»∞ ™ê^è•~°} H˘OK«O ÉèíÜ«∞OQÍ<Õ LO_çOk—— J<åfl~°∞ ˆHâ◊"åKå~°∞ºÅ∞.
=ºH˜Î HÍ^Œ∞—— J`«x L`«∞ûHõ`,« *Ï˝#=Ú, ÉèHí ,Θ P`«‡Ãã~÷ º° =Ú K«∂ã¨∂Î ''K«„Hõ™êfiq∞ =∞iÜ«Ú J#O`«∞_»∞ =∞# ^ŒQÆæ~° LO_»QÍ WHõ
LO>Ë, ã¨<åºã¨O ã‘fiHõiOz# h `«=Ú‡_»∞ HÍ~°} [#∞‡_»x JxÑ≤ã∞¨ #Î flk.—— ÉèíÜ«∞O ^ÕxH˜?—— J<åfl~°∞ ‰õΩˆ~â◊√Å"å~°∞ N~å=∂#∞*ÏKå~°∞ºÅ#∞
JO^Œ∞‰õΩ P"≥∞ ''F! ™êfig∞! <Õ#∞ ‰õÄ_® D q^èOŒ QÍ Z<Àfl=∂~°∞¡ P~å^èŒ#QÍ K«∂ã¨∂Î...
ÉèÏqOKå#∞. J`«#∞ ™ê^è•~°} =ºH˜Î HÍ^Œx JxÑ≤OKÕk. J`«x =ÚYOÖ’ JO^Œ ~ ° ∂ `« = ∞ x`« º q^è Œ ∞ Å#∞ Ѩ Ó iÎ KÕ ã ¨ ∞ ‰õ Ω <åfl~° ∞ .
P J™ê^è•~°} =~°Ûã¨∞û, HÍOux K«∂¿ãÎ k"åºOâ◊ ã¨OÉèí∂`«∞_»x QÆ$ǨÏã¨∞eÎ ^Œ~Ì ∂° `«=∞ q^è∞Œ Å∞ `«fi~°QÍ =ÚyOKå~°∞. HÍh N~å=∂#∞AÅ
JxÑ≤ã∞¨ OÎ k. ã¨O^ÕÇϨ O ÖË^∞Œ , <å ã¨ÇϨ Ÿ^Œ~∞° _»∞ U^À ^≥=· HÍ~°ºO "å~°∞ ã¨<åºã≤ HÍ=_»O =Å#, âß„™êÎÅ∞ PÜ«∞#‰õΩ =∞iH˘xfl q^èŒ∞Å#∞
<≥~"° ~Õ Û° _®xˆH D „ѨÑO¨ K«OÖ’xH˜ =KåÛ_»xÑ≤ã∞¨ OÎ k—— Jx ѨeH˜Ok x~°~‚ ÚOKå~Ú.
<åzÛÜ«∂~ü J=∂‡àò "Õ~Ô =~À HÍ^Œ∞ N~å=∂#∞AÅ"åi Ѩ~=° ∞ "å~°O`å `«=∞ q^è∞Œ Å#∞ ѨÓiÎ KÕã∞¨ ‰õΩ<Õãi¨ H˜ ã¨∂~°∞º_»∞ #_ç<u≥ HÎ ˜
t+¨µº_≥·# "≥Ú^ŒeÜ«∂O_®<£ QÍi `«e¡. =KåÛ_»∞. K«„Hõf~°=÷ Ú ã¨∂~°ºH˜~}° ÏÅ∞ Ѩ_ç |OQÍ~°O =Öˇ "≥∞~°=™êyOk.
''g∞ `«eQ¡ ÍÔ~#· Éè∂í q∞ Ñ≤~å\˜ì (WOH˘Hõ¿Ñ~°∞ HÍOu=∞u) ѨÅ∞=∂~°∞¡ `≥Å¡x `å=∞~°Å∞ ‰õÄ_® ã¨fi~°‚Hõ=∞ÖÏÅ∞ =Öˇ "≥∞~°ã≤ K«∂Ѩ~°∞Å#∞ Hõ\ ì˜
<å`À K≥¿ÑÊk, `«# Hõ_∞» ѨÙÖ’ ~å=∂#∞A_»∞ LO_»QÍ P"≥∞‰õΩ HõÅÖ’ "Õ™ê~Ú.
Pkâı+µ¨ _»∞, ѨÅ∞ `«ÅÅ ã¨~Ê° O =Öˇ `«# QÆ~ƒ° Où Ö’xH˜ „Ѩ"tÕ Oz#@∞¡ =ÚQÆ∞æ~°∞ P J^Œ∞ƒù`« ™œO^Œ~åºxH˜ =ÚQÆ∞úÖˇ·, "å\˜x JÖψQ
Hõ#Ѩ_Õ^Œ@. JÖψQ P"≥∞ QÆ~°ƒù=uQÍ L#flѨC_»∞ P"≥∞ =ÚYOÖ’ K«∂ã¨∂Î u~°∞QÆ∞ =ÚYO Ѩ\Ïì~°∞.
J™ê^è•~°} k=º=~°Ûã¨∞û LO_Õk |Ǩïâß ~°=∂#∞A_»∞ Pkâı+µ¨ x ''™êfig∞!—— N~å=∂#∞*ÏKå~° ∞ ºÅ#∞ K« ∂ 㨠∂ Î (J<åfl~° ∞
J=`å~°O HÍ=K«∞Û. Ü«∂^Œ"å„k =∞ǨÏ`«ºOÖ’ <å~°nÜ«∞ ѨÙ~å}OÖ’ ˆHâ◊"åKå~°∞ºÅ∞)
Eåão: üs™Ê øúÊ ¬fl™mæÁ oo: ú∫: @ ''K≥ѨÊO_ç ™êfiq∞!——
§¬ß¸ÀowoyÆÀoÏ N˛¬Á{ N˛uæÁÙuƒ…Æuo @@ ''<Õ#∞ KåÖÏ ™ê~°∞¡ QÆ=∞xOKå#∞ ™êfig∞! g∞~°∞ Ѩ^Õ Ñ¨^Õ P
(J~°÷O : Pkâı+¨µx "≥Ú^Œ\ ˜ J=`å~°O J#O`«∞_»∞, Ô~O_»= `≥Å¡ `å=∞~°Å#∞ K«∂ã¨∞<Î åfl~°∞. "å\˜x K«∂ã≤#ѨC_»ÖÏ¡ g∞ Hõà√◊ ¡ JHõ¯_Õ
~°∂ѨO „`Õ`åÜ«ÚQÆOÖ’ N~å=Úx `«=Ú‡_»∞ ÅHõ∆ ‡}∞_»∞, =¸_»= z‰õΩ¯Ñ¨_ç áÈ`«∞<åfl~Ú. ZO^Œ∞‰õΩ JÖÏ? P `≥Å¡ `å=∞~°Å ~°Ç¨Ï㨺O
~°∂ѨO ^•fiѨ~°OÖ’ NHõ$+¨µ‚x ÃÑ^ŒÌ J#flQÍÔ~·# |Å~å=Ú_»∞ =∞iÜ«Ú Uq∞\˜? q∞=∞‡efl JO`«QÍ =ÚQÆ∞ú_çx KÕ¿ãk Uq∞\˜?——
HõeÜ«ÚQÆOÖ’ WOH˘Hõ ~°∂ѨOÖ’ J=`«i™êÎ~°∞) N~å=∂#∞AÅ"å~°∞ z~°∞#=Ùfi #"åfi~°∞.
D K«~°ÛÅhfl HõOzÖ’ ‰õΩˆ~â◊√x =ÚO^Õ [iQÍ~Ú. ^•xx ''™êfig∞! g∞~°∞ D ã¨~°ã¨∞ûÖ’x `å=∞~°Å#∞ x`«ºO K«∂¿ã
J`«#∞ *Ï˝Ñ¨HõO `≥K«∞Û‰õΩ<åfl_»∞. J^Œ$+¨ìO á⁄O^Œ∞`«∞<åfl~°∞. WO`«\ ˜ Ѩq„`«"≥∞ÿ# ã¨÷ÅOÖ’ LO_»@O g∞
("åH± áê~î ° ‰ õ Ω ʼnõ Ω WHõ ¯ _» H˘xfl q+¨ Ü « ∂ Å∞ K≥ Ñ ¨ Ê ã¨∞Hõ$`«O. Wk =∂‰õΩ J~°∞^Œ∞QÍ ^˘iˆH J^Œ$+¨ìO. "å\˜x K«∂ã¨∂Î
^ŒÅ∞Û‰õΩO@∞<åfl#∞. N~å=∂#∞AÅ"åi Pkâı+¨ J=`å~°O KåÖÏ LO>Ë <å‰õΩ JѨÙ~°∂Ѩ"≥∞ÿ# ÉèÏ=O HõÅ∞QÆ∞`«∞#flk. P `å=∞~°Å#∞
=∞Ok ѨÅ∞ ã¨O^Œ~åƒùÅÖ’ K«∂âß~°∞. nx QÆ∞iOz =ÚO^Œ∞ =ÚO^Œ∞ K«∂¿ãÎ <å‰õΩ P ™êfiq∞ Hõà◊¡#∞ K«∂ã¨∞Î#fl@∞ìQÍ LOk. JO^Œ∞ˆH P
=∞#O WOHÍ =∂\Ï¡_»∞‰õΩO\Ï=Ú. Hõ~åfl@Hõ ~åROÖ’ =∂O_»º `å^•`«‡º`«—— J<åfl~°∞ ~å=∂#∞AÅ"å~°∞. ˆHâ◊"åKå~°∞ºÅ‰õΩ "≥O@<Õ
lÖÏ¡Ö’x `˘O_»#∂~°∞ „áêO`«OÖ’ N~å=∂#∞AÅ "å~°∞ 1000 J~°÷O HÍÖË^Œ∞. PÜ«∞# Hõà◊√¡ Ô~ѨÔ~ѨÖÏ_®~Ú.
=∞Ok *ˇ·# ѨO_ç`«∞Å#∞ F_çOz `«# t+¨µºÅ∞QÍ KÕã¨∞‰õΩ<åfl~°∞. ''^ŒÜ«∞KÕã≤ <å‰õΩ q_»=∞~°z K≥ѨÊO_ç ™êfig∞—— JO@∂
Ǩϟܫ∞ã¨Å ~åA ‰õÄ_® gi t+¨µºxQÍ =∂i `«# ¿Ñ~°∞#∞ ˆHâ◊"åKå~°∞ºÅ"å~°∞ ÉèíH˜ÎQÍ Ji÷OKå~°∞.
q+¨µ‚=~°ú#∞xQÍ =∂~°∞Û‰õΩ<åfl_»∞. D ã¨O^Œ~°ƒùOÖ’ KåÖÏ =∞Ok gix (ã¨âı+¨O)

rq`«O XHõ JѨÓ~°fi =~°O. ^•xfl K«i`å~°O÷ KÕã∞¨ HÀ"åe.

January '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 19 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

Ramanuja’s Journey to Sharada Peeth – Kashmir

Serial - 17 CSL Narasimhan
Lord Ramanuja, the great Vaishnavite seer whose 1000 for their food. Cranes were flying in herds on the
th year birth day was celebrated this year throughout sky. There were Lotus flowers both white in colour
India with pomp and glory. He was a seer who brought and pink in colour blooming. Lord Ramanuja was
to light the concept of the whole universe as one family looking at the white lotus and enjoying its beauty.
: Vasudhaiva kutumbakam and brought to light the right Each of the lotus petals were pure white in colour
understanding and interpretation of Vedas and established and were having fibres at the junction with the flower
equal chance for all living beings to attain salvation at
base which was having a dark red tinge.
the end of the current birth by surrendering before the
Lord – Saranagathi. In order to putforth his understanding
Keshavacharya watched this and he became inquisitive
Lord Ramanuja had to first understand what his predecessor and engrossed in thought. He decided to seek the
Acharyas have done to explain the Vedas. On this account understanding from Lord Ramanuja later on their
he visited atleast twice to Sharada Peetham of Kashmir way back after the bath. At that time on the sky
which was the seat of Goddess Saraswathi and a huge there were several white necked Indian falcons known
store house of learning known as Shree Bhandaram. as Garudas going round and round on the sky. They
VAK is attempting to bring the interesting items of this were shouting and it sounded like they were calling
effort of Lord Ramanuja to its readers. “Krishna!”.
Story so far: Obtaining the ordainment of Lord The three vaishnvas performed sankalpa to take bath
Varadaraja of Kanchi, Lord Ramanuja and Kuresa set and then prayed:
out to study Boudhayana Vrutti Grantha at Sharada
peetham in Kashmir. They had taken a fast route and ÙÀo\TtÁáÁ∫ ∆WΩQYN¿˛TtÁá∫ @
reached Kashmir in just about 6 months time from tzu“ tzƒ ™™ÁåÏrÁÊ ÆÏ…™Vys|uå zƒmz @@
Kanchi travelling almost everyday. They reached
Lord Ramanuja and the rest two Srivaishnavas were
Chakradhara theertham at the outskirts of Kashmir and
had been well received by a learned scholar uttering this sloka in their respective places chosen
Keshavacharya who till recently served as the Prime for their bathing in the serene Chakradhara theertha.
Minister of the King. When they had the darshan of The verse means : “Oh! Lord Narayana, the one who
Lord Chakradhara there, Kshitiraja arrived in the temple has Shankha, Chakra and Gadha and the one who
and was camping. Keshavacharya was planning to take is the base on which the entire universe is manifested!
his help to help Lord Ramanuja. He was trying to Please permit me to enter your water and take bath”.
understand how Boudhayana vrutti Grantha is important They were then chanting sacred mantras which are
and missed the attention of the great saint ordained for them to be uttered while taking bath.
Yamunacharya. A plausible explanation provided to They were facing the river flow while taking bath and
this seemed to be due to foreign invasions and unrest. the waters after touching Lord Ramanuja was touching
While the discussions were happening a stealth person and purifying Kuresha. He was enjoying this bath
with royal looks visited the place, escaped and was with his Acharya. Such a great devotion Kuresha
captured. Next early morning when the three people was showing to his Acharya. At a distance he saw
went to Chakradhara theertha for morning rituals they a rock moving alongside a stationary rock. He was
met the royal family member Kshitiraja who was one stunned by the sight. Soon Kuresha realized that
of the Satraps and cousin of King Ananthaditya who it could be a crocodile.
agreed to learn about their mission and help. ‘Is this crocodile? Will it come towards us? ‘
“Swamy! There are lots of rocks immersed and are thought Kuresha and positioned himself to fight it
sharp. Please follow the path which I show” uttered before it harms the Acharya.
Keshavacharya. “Be alertful Swamins!. This lake has crocodiles on
Following Keshavacharya closely, Each of the three the opposite banks. Normally they don’t come this
Srivaishnavas selected their respective places to side. They get their food on the opposite side and
take bath. Kuresha chose a spot in such a way they go that side after resting on rocks”
that the waters first touch Lord Ramanuja and then Kuresha was chanting prayers of Lord Sudarshana
him. Keshavacharya was also close to Kuresha. to ward off the crocodile.
The birds were chirping. There were various nesting Lord Ramanuja was oblivious to all of this and he
sparrows and beautiful birds nesting around the bushes was concentrating on his prayers and completed two
of the lake. Fishes in golden colour were swimming dips. When he took the third dip to the astonishment
in the waters of the Chakradhara theertha. Several of Kuresha he did not see Lord Ramanuja rise back
swans, ducks, white cranes, rosy pelicans, snake from the dip. Kuresha became worried. He looked
headed swans were in their quest for food in the inside the water and there he had a rare sight.
lake and were performing several dips. The white He became speechless and stunned. He saw a multi-
cranes were in their regular penance mode near headed big black cobra like serpant in the water with
shallow places surroundings the rocks which was saffron robes and holding the thridanda too. He did
all around in the lake waiting for the fish to come. not know how long this happened. Suddenly he felt
There were falcons and eagles flying around searching

ã¨OáêkOK«_O» JO^ŒiH© `≥Å∞ã¨∞. HÍh YÔ~ÛÖÏ KÕÜ∂« Å#flk =∂„`«O ÅHõÖ

∆ ’¡ XHõ¯iˆH `≥Å∞ã¨∞.
January '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 20 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
someone pulling him up and when he came above of Kuresha in Kanchi and he recollected this discussion
the water he saw Keshavacharya calling him and here.
pulling him out by hand. He saw his Acharya Lord For benefit of Readers of VAK, there has been large
Ramanuja also looking at him with a smile. number of events in the life of Lord Ramanuja where
“How long should I call you Swamy! I was for sometime people have physically seen his Adisheshavatara form.
wondering what happened to you and why you did We are going to talk about that during the course
not rise from the water after dip. I then came near of this novel. It is worth mentioning here that there
to find out and help you” told Keshavacharya to is a place callened Thondanoor in Mandya district in
Kuresha. Karnataka where lord Ramanuja defeated 1000 jain
Kuresha was still speechless. He did not utter a word. pundits and made them his disciples. Even the hoyasala
He could not. He is still recovering from the sight emperor became his disciple known and changed his
he saw. He did not expect to see Lord Ramanuja name to Vishnuvardhana. During this event many people
also near him. have spotted him as 1000 headed serpant form
He had several questions. Adishesha and even today the yoga narasimha swamy
‘If the Acharya is here then who was there? What temple has his sannidhi where he is worshipped as
is the secret behind sudden disappearance of the Ramanuja inform of Adishesha. It is believed even
Acharya?. What was the being I saw? Is it real or today that Lord Ramanuja is residing there. In the
my own hallucination? Definitely it was real it cannot mornings he is in sookshma rupa according darshan
be hallucination!! The cobra was quite long and wearing to devotees which after 5 pm he assumes the form
saffron robes and holding the thridanda. I cannot of adishesha, serpant to serve the deity. The temple
also ask my Acharya. It will not look nice. What is closed for worship after 5 pm and is opened only
could it be? pondered Kuresha. after 10.30am next morning.
He suddenly remembered a conversation which “What happened to you Swamy? You are speechless!
happened in Kancheepuram when Peria Thirumalai Luckily the crocodile has gone on to the other bank
Nambigal, Lord Ramanuja’s uncle visited Sri as originally expected. It did not come here spotting
Ramanujan’s sister Nachiarammal and they were us. While I was confident in my heart I still was scared
discussing about Lord Ramanuja. because today two more people have come here to
“He is no ordinary person. From the inquisitiveness, take bath along with me” said Keshavacharya.
knowledge, devotion and his internal strength it is “When Lord Chakra and Anantha are with us we need
appearing to me that your brother who has now taken not fear” responded Kuresha with a revered look towards
to Sanyasam is a divine birth” said Peria Thirumalai his Acharya Lord Ramanuja.
Nambigal. All of them completed their routine daily chores. While
“Oh! Swamy! I also felt this many times. When he the two gruhasthas were faster, Lord Ramanuja being
was with us, he was no ordinary person. His face a Sanyaasi had many other chores to go through
was full of radiance and we felt the divinity too. Surely as per Shastric ordainments for a sanyasi (Ascetic).
he has come into this world with a divine purpose” By the time all of them completed their routine chores
said Nachiarammal. the sun was high on the sky and the lake Chakradhara
Nachiarammal was none other than Swamy theertha was giving a golden glow. The white lotus
Mudaliandan’s mother who was Lord Ramanuja’s ardent in the lake was also shining like gold which was a
disciple and devotee. mesmerizing sight. The three Vaishnavites were
“In fact your mother Bhoomi piratti (also known as walking back from the Chakrdhara theertha enjoying
Kanthi mathi) has told several times while she was this sight.
having Lord Ramanuja in her womb that she had dreams “Swamy!” said Keshavacharya looking at Lord
of Adishesha a large multiheaded serpant entering Ramanuja.
and residing in her womb. While she was pregnant “Yes Swamy. Please tell me”
she was having a large divine radiance which was “I saw time and again that you are looking at the
unprecedented. May be Ramanuja is an incarnation white lotus and whenever you look at it your sight
of Adishesha. It is said in Naradiya purana at Yadavadri gets locked to that flower. Why is that? What is the
Mahatmya place that: secret of the white lotus and what is there in it so
much that you are so engrossed with it”
Eåão: üs™Ê øúÊ ¬fl™mæÁ oo: ú∫: @ Lord Ramanuja smiled.
§¬ß¸ÀowoyÆÀoÏ N˛¬Á{ N˛uæÁÙuƒ…Æuo @@ “Swamy! You are blessed to have a pious place like
(meaning the first form of Aadi Shesha is Anantha, this and everyday you are seeing the white lotus in
the second form is in Threthayuga as Lakshmana, the lake. This is a rare sight for us and there is a
brother of Lord Rama, the third form is Dvapara yuga great feeling for me when I see them. I feel like seeing
is Balarama or Balabhadra elder brother of Lord Krishna the Lords eyes directly” replied Ramanuja.
and in Kali Yuga there will be some one coming). Keshavacharya could not understand immediately.
May be your brother is that Avathara” said Periya He blinked.
Thirumalai Nambigal. “Please explain me this item Swamy” . Requested
All the discussions were happening in the presence Keshavacharya with ardent devotion.
(to be continued...)

ã¨ÅǨ J<Õk g∞ ¿ãflÇ≤Ï`«∞Å#∞ Hˆ =ÅO ã¨O`À+¨ ÃÑ>Ëkì QÍ HÍ^Œ∞, ã¨Ç¨ Ü«∞ Ѩ_kÕ QÍ =ÙO_®e.
January '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 21 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
NEWS TTD can't rule on retirement age the BJP, organised Ayyappa Jyothi, an event to counter
Hyderabad: The Hyderabad High Court on Thursday set the Kerala government's Women's Wall, which is an
aside the decision of the Tirumala Tirupathi attempt to raise awareness about the LDF government’s
Devasthanam fixing the retirement age of hereditary stand on the Sabarimala case and to counter the Sangh
archakas and mirasis at 65 years. It said the TTD had no Parivar’s protests against women entry to the shrine.
jurisdiction to pass such resolutions by comparing At the event, Ayyappa devotees and volunteers under
hereditary archakas and mirasis with other employees. various Hindu organisations lit thousands of lamps,
Justice M.S. Ramachandra Rao was dealing a petition forming a chain that stretched from district to district. The
of Mr A.B. Seshadri and another hereditary archaka of Sri lamps were lit up on the waysides, from Manjeswaram
Padmavathi Ammavari temple in Tiruchanoor. He directed in Kasargode to Kaliyakavilai in Kanyakumari district in
the TTD to forthwith restore the services of the affected the Kerala- TN border - the same route where the state
archakas as Sambhavana archakas in the temple and government’s proposed Vanitha Mathil (Women’s Wall)
allow them to discharge their duties as long as they are will take place on January 1.
physically fit. In addition to the RSS and the Sangh Parivar, the
The said the TTD was illegal and unconstitutional, holding prominent caste organisation, Nair Service Society, which
that there was no rule framed by the AP government represents the dominant Nair caste in the state, also
regarding the age of superannuation of families of the took part in the Ayyappa Jyoti event. Earlier, the NSS had
archakas who have been employed since 2006. remarked that the Women's Wall was a communal wall.
The court commented said that the TTD ought to have In Thiruvananthapuram, BJP State President PS
taken note of the fact that the state government as well as Sreedharan Pillai and leader Sobha Surendran lit the
the Supreme Court had time and again treated hereditary lamp in front of the Secretariat in Thiruvananthapuram,
archakas as a special category entitled to special benefits, along with BJP leader O Rajagopal, the lone MLA of the
but not par with other employees of the TTD. party in the state. Senkumar took part in the event at
The judge said, 'Special status to the hereditary archakas Attingal in the district. In Changanassery, the lamps were
was given with a view to preserving customs and sanctity lit in front of the NSS headquarters.
of religious rituals handed to the present generation of The event began from the Sree Dharam Sastha temple
archakas from their ancestors and ensure that rituals of Hosankadi in Kasargode. From Kasargode till
are performed strictly as per the shastras governing the Angamaly in Ernakulam, the lamps were lit along the
temple.' (Deccan Chronicle 14.12.2018) National Highway, and from there, it continued to the MC
Chilkur Ayyappa Jyothi lit in support of Sabarimala road in Thiruvananthapuram.
Describing the Ayyappa Jyothi as a unique event, Dr Incidents of violence were reported from Kannur, where
Soundararajan said that besides the 795 km stretch from volunteers, who were a part of the Ayyappa Jyoti, were
Mangalore in Karnataka to Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, reportedly attacked.
many districts in these three States are lighting up The Ayyappa Jyoti event is a counter-response to the
Ayyappa Jyothi. proposed Women's Wall, organised in a big way by the
Hyderabad: Expressing solidarity with Ayyappa devotees, Kerala government to gain support for its stand on
a Chilkur Ayyappa Jyothi has been lit at Chilkur Balaji implementing the Supreme Court verdict on allowing
Temple on Wednesday, Dr MV Soundararajan, Convenor, women of all ages into the Sabarimala shrine. According
Temples Protection Movement, said here. to the organisers of Ayyappa Jyoti, this event was
Devotees across the three southern States of Kerala, organised to 'protect the customs' of the shrine.
Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have decided to light millions The Karma Samithi, along with other right-wing
of lamps (Ayyappa Jyothi) as a mark of solidarity with the organisations, have been organising statewide protests
devotees protesting against the decision to allow women against the entry of women of menstruating ages to the
in the child bearing age to the holy shrine of Sabarimala. shrine ever since the SC verdict came on September 28.
Describing the Ayyappa Jyothi as a unique event, Dr The government at the same time has been firm that the
Soundararajan said that besides the 795 km stretch from verdict should be implemented, and if not, it would be
Mangalore in Karnataka to Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, taking forward the renaissance movement.
many districts in these three States are lighting up (The News Minute 26.12.2018)
Ayyappa Jyothi. Representing Telugu people, Chilkur Loot of Temple land in the heart of Chennai
Balaji Temple too lit the Jyothi and devotees recited Temple land and idols being looted in the heart of Chennai
‘Swamy Saranam’ while doing so. - A mosque has come up in temple land
Dr Soundararajan also said that not a single woman Temple land and idols being looted in the heart of Chennai
devotee had gone to Sabarimala on her own and those - A mosque has come up in temple land
went there were all activists who had declared that they Temple land and idols being looted in the heart of Chennai
were undertaking the trip only to shatter the convention - A mosque has come up in temple land
and tradition. (Telangana Today 27.12.2018) God Save Tamil Nadu and the Hindus!
To counter Women’s Wall, Ayyappa Jyothi volunteers Keshava Dev, the legendary Malayalam novelist, wrote in
line up with lamps across Kerala one of his works that sex and devotion are the two biggest
On Wednesday, thousands of people, including a large money spinners in India. Every temple in the country
number of women, were seen lighting lamps along underscores the observation made by Dev while the red
several stretches that connected north and south Kerala, light areas in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and
in an apparent political message to the Kerala Bangalore endorse his views.
government. The Sabarimala Karma Samithi, backed by A veteran police officer in the country, who has the keys to
some of the most guarded secret affairs that drive Indian

ѨÙã¨HÎ õ Ѩ~#°î O ÖˇH¯õ ÖË#O`« =∞Ok J#∞Éè"í åÅ#∞, PÖ’K«#Å#∞ `≥eÜ«∞*Ëã∞¨ OÎ k.

January '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 22 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
politics, opened his mind to Team PGurus the other day. personnel allotted by the court as support staff. They are not
The latest to hog the headlines was the Sree here to investigate; their task is only to support the Idol
Agastheeswarar Temple at Nungambakkam in Chennai Wing, which has less strength. In the last year, we have
which is being sold by the present Trustee. Chances are registered 19 cases and recovered 17 idols. Forty-seven
that pilgrims visiting the Agastheeswarar Temple may end accused were arrested. All these were done by me with the
up praying either in a church or mosque. Thanks to a retired help of a few constables,” said Manickavel.
police officer by name Jebamani Mohanraj, the world came There are no answers from the Tamil Nadu Government to
to know about the sale of the temple. the question why it was insisting on a Central Bureau of
A veteran police officer in the country, who has the keys to Investigation (CBI) probe despite the Madras High Court and
some of the most guarded secret affairs that drive Indian Supreme Court expressing their satisfaction over the work
politics, opened his mind to Team PGurus the other day. being done by Pon Manickavel and his team. The AIADMK is
What prompted him to speak were the TV channel equally responsible like the DMK to jam-pack the HR & CE
discussions on the missing temple lands and idols in Tamil with officials amenable to their political masters.
Nadu. More than 50,000 acres of prime property owned by The behaviour of the police officials seeking transfer from
the temples have vanished without any trace. Similarly, more the Idol Wing Department to other sections of the Police is
than 6,000 antique and ancient idols too have disappeared an indicator to the direction in which the probe is progressing
from the temples in Tamil Nadu...... and what is awaiting Manickavel. The DMK, the AIADMK
The officer did not want his name to be quoted in the report. and all rationalist parties do not want the truth to come out.
He pointed out that once the idol disappears, the temple In another 50 years from now, the evangelists would have
loses its life. “It leads to the closure of the temples. Now tell planted crosses atop all these temples and rename
me who the beneficiaries of the closure of temples are?” Mariamman as Mary Amma, Agastheewarar as St Augustine
he asked. The Sabarimala controversy, the disappearing of Nungambakkam, Lord Ayyappa as Saint Iype of the west!
temple lands, and idols are all indications of forces working God Save Tamil Nadu and the Hindus! The expose by
overtime to ensure the closure of the temples. “Along with NewsX could not have come sooner!
the downing of shutters of temples, the heritage art forms Team (PGurus - December 25, 2018)
connected to Hindutva too would disappear from the face of
the earth,” said the officer. Two incidents which should be
q∞~åj J~°Û‰õΩÅ#∞ H˘#™êyOKåeûO^Õ...
remembered are the arrests of two HR & CE officialsin -ÃÇÏ· HÀ~°∞ì ã¨Ê+‘Hì ~õ }° - ~åR"åºÑ¨OÎ QÍ PÅÜ«∂Ö’¡ ѨxKÕ¿ãJ~°Û‰õΩʼnõΩ â◊√Éè"í å~°Î
connection with the temple idol thefts...... - ÃÇÏ· HÀ~°∞ì f~°∞ÊÃÑ· ã¨∞„Ñ‘OHÀ~°∞#ì ∞ P„â◊~ÚOKåÅx \˜\_© ç x~°Ü ‚ ∞« O
A week after the Madras High Court order in this regard, 13 u~°∞=∞ÅÖ’ Ѩx KÕã∞¨ #Î fl q∞~åj =Oj‰õΩÅ J~°Û‰õΩÅÃÑ· u~°∞=∞Å u~°∞Ѩu
police officers met Tamil Nadu’s Director General of Police
(DGP) T K Rajendran and submitted a petition listing ^Õ=™ê÷#O (\©\ ©_ç) „ѨÜ≥∂yOz# i>ˇÿ~ü"≥∞O\ò JGO ɡ_çã≤H˘\˜ìOk.
serious charges against Manickavel. The officers q∞~åj ‰õΩ@∞OÉÏʼnõΩ K≥Ok# J~°Û‰õΩʼnõΩ i>ˇÿ~ü"≥∞O\ò ÖˉõΩO_®
addressed the media with the blessings of the DGP and H˘#™êyOKåÅO@∂ ÃÇÏ· HÀ~°∞ì QÆ∞~°∞"å~°O f~°∞Ê WzÛOk. ÃÇÏ· HÀ~°∞ì f~°∞Ê`À
used the opportunity to lambast Manickavel. “This would
not have taken place without official patronage,” said the \©\ ©_ç áêÅHõ=∞O_»eH˜ ëêH± `«yeOk. ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì f~°∞Ê#∞ ã¨"åÅ∞ KÕã¨∂Î
veteran police officer. ã¨∞„Ñ‘OHÀ~°∞ì#∞ P„â◊~ÚOKåÅx \©\ ©_ç x~°‚~ÚOz#@∞¡ `≥eã≤Ok.
Two incidents which should be remembered are the arrests \©\ ©_çÖ’ q∞~åj ‰õΩ@∞OÉÏʼnõΩ K≥Ok# 52 =∞Ok =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°º
of two HR & CE officials in connection with the temple idol
thefts. For the first time in the history of Tamil Nadu Civil
J~°ÛHõ ™êfi=ÚÅ∞ L<åfl~°∞. gi`Àáê@∞ ~åR"åºÑ¨ÎOQÍ L#fl 20 "ÕÅ
Service, officials of the HR & CE department protested PÅÜ«∂Ö’¡ "ÕÖÏk =∞Ok J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ q^èŒ∞Å∞ x~°fiiÎã¨∞Î<åfl~°∞. D U_®k
against the arrests of their colleagues and described the "Õ∞ 16# \©\_© ç áêÅHõ=∞O_»e q"å^•ã¨Ê^Œ x~°Ü ‚ ∞« O fã¨∞‰õΩOk. u~°∞=∞Å
same as the handiwork of the Sangh Parivar. The entire HR N"åi PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ ѨxKÕã¨∞Î#fl "åiÖ’ 65 Uà◊√¡ ÃÑ·|_ç# J~°Û‰õΩʼnõΩ
& CE staff staged dharnas across Tamil Nadu to protest
the arrests. “Both the AIADMK and the DMK do not want the i>ˇ~ÿ "ü ∞≥ O\ò `«Ñʨ ^Œx `ÕeÛK≥ÑÊ≤ Ok. nxÃÑ· J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ PO^Àà◊#, P„QÆÇϨ O
police to expose the people who played a major role in =ºHõÎO KÕâß~°∞. ^èŒ~°‡Hõ~°ÎÅ =∞O_»e fã¨∞‰õΩ#fl x~°‚Ü«∞O J=∞Öˇ·`Õ...
flicking away the idols, temple pillars and walkways which ~åR"åºÑ¨ÎOQÍ L#fl PÅÜ«∂Ö’¡ ѨxKÕã¨∞Î#fl J~°Û‰õΩÅO^ŒiH© =iÎOKÕ
have heavy stone inscriptions in them. The cat is out of the
bag,” said Mohanraj, who has questioned the propriety of J=HÍâ◊O LOk. u~°∞=∞ÅÖ’ [~°∞QÆ∞`«∞#fl JѨKå~åÅ#∞ |Ü«∞@ÃÑ_»∞`«∞#fl
the police in not registering the cases. N"åi PÅÜ«∞ „Ѩ^è•# J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ ~°=∞} nH˜∆`«∞Å∞ÃÑ· HõHõ∆ ™êkèOK«_®xH˜
While the police officers who met the DGP to submit their i>ˇÿ~ü"≥∞O\ò J„™êÎxfl \©\ ©_ç „Ñ¨Ü≥∂yOz#@∞¡ P~ÀѨ}Å∞ "≥Å∞¡"≥`åÎ~Ú.
petitions complained that Manickavel was pressuring and
instigating them to file First Information Reports (FIR) and
u~°∞=∞Å, u~°∞Ѩu QÀqO^Œ~å[™êfiq∞ PÅÜ«∞O, u~°∞Kå#∂~°∞ NѨ^•‡=u
arrest “innocent” persons, the man at the receiving end has J=∞‡"åi PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ ѨxKÕã∞¨ #Î fl q∞~åj =Oj‰õΩʼnõΩ K≥Ok# #Å∞QÆ∞~°∞
something interesting to tell. “They are 21 persons who „Ѩ^•è # J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞, P~°∞QÆ∞~°∞ J~°Û‰õΩʼnõΩ i>ˇ~ÿ "ü ∞≥ O\ò ¿Ñ~°∞`À \©\_© ç ^è~Œ ‡° Hõ~Åΰ
have not arrested a single accused or registered an FIR. All =∞O_»e WO\˜H˜ ѨOÑ≤OzOk. UÑ‘ „ѨÉ∞íè `«fiO 1987 _çÃãO|~ü 16#
of them are good boys; somebody is instigating them. None
of the officers who have complained gave me any rF #=O|~ü 1171, 2012 JHÀì|~ü 16# WzÛ# rF #O|~ü 611
representation for transfer in the last one-and-a-half-years „ѨHÍ~°O J~°Û‰õΩŠѨ^gŒ q~°=∞} =Ü≥∂Ѩiq∞ux 65 ã¨O=`«û~åÅ∞QÍ
either in the mail or in person. \©\_© ç ^è~Œ ‡° Hõ~Åΰ =∞O_»e x~°~‚ ÚOzO^Œx D"À ã≤OѶ∂¨ Öò QÆ∞~°∞KÎ âÕ ß~°∞.
The AIADMK is equally responsible like the DMK to jam-
pack the HR & CE with officials amenable to their political "åix H˘#™êyOK«O_ç : \©\ ©_ç áêÅHõ =∞O_»e fã¨∞‰õΩ#fl x~°‚Ü«∂xfl
masters. “I am an officer appointed by the High Court now ã¨"åÖò KÕã¨∂Î u~°∞Kå#∂~°∞‰õΩ K≥Ok# J~°ÛHõ™êfi=ÚÅ∞ ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì#∞
and confirmed by the Supreme Court… There are 700 P„â◊~ÚOKå~°∞. i>ˇÿ~ü"≥∞O\ò#∞ `«Ñ¨C|_»∞`«∂ J~°ÛHõ™êfi=ÚʼnõΩ
=∞#O ZO`« „ѨâßO`«OQÍ LO>Ë, =∞# Ѩx JO`« L`«=Î ∞OQÍ =ÙO@∞Ok.
January '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 23 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
J#∞‰õÄÅOQÍ QÆ∞~°∞"å~°O ÃÇÏ· HÀ~°∞ì f~°∞Ê "≥Å∞=iOzOk. g∞Ö’ J~°Û‰õΩʼnõΩ ™œO^Œ~~° å[<£#∞ Hõeã≤ Pj~°fiK«<åÅ∞ JO^Œ*âË ß~°∞. J^Õ q^èOŒ QÍ PÅÜ«∞
i>ˇ~ÿ "ü ∞≥ O\ò „ѨãH¨ Θ ÖˉΩõ O_® H˘#™êyOKåÅx P^ÕtOzOk. nxÃÑ· J~°ÛHõ J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞, Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ ‰õΩ =∞OQÆàÏ âßã¨<åÅ∞ ѨeHÍ~°∞. (™êH˜∆ 21.12.2018)
ã¨OѶ¨∂Å∞ ǨÏ~°¬O =ºHõÎO KÕã¨∞Î<åfl~Ú. \©\ ©_ç x~°‚Ü«∞O K«@ìq~°∞^Œú=∞x, â◊|i=∞Å =∞m¡ L„kHõÎO - PÅÜ«∞ „Ѩ"ÕâßxH˜ =∞Ç≤Ïà◊Å Ü«∞`«flO -
~å*ϺOQÆ q~°∞^Œ=ú ∞x <åºÜ«∞ xѨÙ}∞Å∞ "åºMϺxã¨∞<Î åfl~°∞. i>ÿ̌~"ü ∞≥ O\ò J_»∞‰¤ Ωõ #fl JÜ«∞ºÑ¨Ê Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ ∞
J<Õ q+¨Ü∞« O áêÅHõ=∞O_»e ѨikèÖ’xk HÍ^Œx JO@∞<åfl~°∞. ~å[H©Ü∞« â◊|i=∞Å, _çÃãO|~ü 24 : ˆH~°à◊Ö’x „Ѩã≤^Œú ѨÙ}ºˆH∆„`«O â◊|i=∞ÅÖ’
^Œ∞~°∞^ÕÌâ◊O`À<Õ \©\ ©_ç áêÅHõ=∞O_»e J~°Û‰õΩÅÃÑ· i>ˇÿ~ü"≥∞O\ò J„™êÎxfl ™È=∞"å~°O L„kHõΠѨiã≤÷`«∞Å∞ `«Öˇ`åÎ~Ú. JÜ«∞ºÑ¨Ê ™êfiq∞ ^Œ~°≈#O
„ѨÜ≥∂yOzO^Œ#fl q=∞~°≈Å∞ qxÑ≤ã¨∞Î<åfl~Ú. KÕã∞¨ HÀ=_®xH˜ =zÛ# W^Œ~Ì ∞° =∞Ç≤Ïà◊#∞ PO^Àà◊#HÍ~°∞Å∞ J_»H¤ O˜ K«_O» `À
ÃÇÏ· HÀ~°∞ì f~°∞Ê`À : ÃÇÏ· HÀ~°∞ì `å*Ï f~°∞Ê g∞~åt =Oj‰õΩÅ J~°Û‰õΩÅ`Àáê@∞ "≥#∞kiQÍ~°∞. Éèí‰õΩÎÅ LOz f„==ºuˆ~Hõ`« =ºHõÎO ~å=_»O`À ѨÓ[Å∞
~åR"åºÑ¨ÎOQÍ 80 "ÕÅ =∞Ok J~°Û‰õΩÖ’¡ P#O^•xfl xOÑ≤Ok. ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì KÕÜ«∞‰õΩO_®<Õ "≥#∞kiQÍ~°∞. aO^Œ∞, Hõ#Hõ^Œ∞~°æ J<Õ W^ŒÌ~°∞ =∞Ç≤Ïà◊Å
f~°∞Ê =∞~ÀÖÏ LO>Ë.. J~°Û‰õΩÅÃÑ· „ѨÜ≥∂yOz# i>ˇÿ~ü"≥∞O\ò J„™êÎxfl „ѨÜ∞« `«flO Ѷe¨ OK«Ö^Ë ∞Œ . Pk"å~°O K≥<fl·≥ ‰õΩ K≥Ok# '=∞}˜u— ã¨Oã¨÷ HÍ~°ºHõ~Åΰ ∞
u~°∞=∞ÅÖ’x ã¨xflkè Q˘Å¡ÅÃÑ·<å „Ñ¨Ü≥∂yOKåÅx \©\ ©_ç ÉèÏqOz#@∞¡ 11 =∞Ok PÅÜ«∞ „Ѩ"ÕâßxH˜ qѶ¨ÅÜ«∞`«flO KÕã≤# ã¨OQÆu `≥eã≤O^Õ.
`≥eã≤Ok. ~°=∞} nH˜`∆ ∞« Å∞#∞ `˘ÅyOz#>Ë¡ ã¨xflkè Q˘Å¡Å‰õΩ L^ÀºQÆ∞Å∞QÍ ™È=∞"å~°O `≥Å¡"å~°∞*Ï=Ú# 4 QÆO.ʼnõΩ W^ŒÌ~°∞ =∞Ç≤Ïà◊Å∞ ѨO|‰õΩ
ѨiQÆ}˜Oz, "åiH˜ i>ˇÿ~ü"≥∞O\ò WKÕÛO^Œ∞‰õΩ \©\ ©_ç „Ñ¨Ü«∞`åflÅ∞ KÕ~°∞‰õΩ<åfl~°∞. nxfl QÆ=∞xOz# PO^Àà◊#HÍ~°∞Å∞ "åi "≥O@|_®¤~°∞.
„áê~°OaèOz#@∞¡ ã¨=∂Kå~°O. \©\_© Öç ’ ‰õΩÅ ~å[H©Ü∂« Å#∞ „áÈ`«ûÇ≤Ïã¨∞#Î fl ã¨xfl^è•#O (PÅÜ«∞ „áêOQÆ}O) #∞Oz H˜Ö’g∞@~ü ^Œ∂~°O =~°‰õÄ
"åiH˜ tHõ∆ `«Ñʨ ^Œx ÃÇÏ· HÀ~°∞ì f~°∞Ê#∞, QÆ∞~°∞KÎ ãÕ ∂¨ Î J~°ÛHõ ã¨OѶ∂¨ Å∞, ã¨xflkè áÈbã¨∞Å Éèí„^Œ`« =∞^茺 fã¨∞ÔHo¡ =keÃÑ\Ïì~°∞. P =∂~°æO W~°∞ÔH·Ok.
Q˘Å¡Å∞ ÃÇÏK«Ûiã¨∞<Î åfl~°∞. `«~`° ~« åÅ∞QÍ =ã¨∞#Î fl ã¨O„Ѩ^•Ü«∂Å#∞ \©\_© Öç ’ HÍ=_»O`À áÈbã¨∞Å∞, JÜ«∞ºÑ¨Ê Éèí‰õΩÎÅ =∞^茺 z#fláê\˜ `ÀѨÙÖÏ@
ѨxKÕ¿ã H˘O^Œ~∞° =∞O@ QÆÅ∞ѨÙ`«∞<åfl~°x P„QÆÇϨ O =ºHõOÎ KÕã∞¨ <Î åfl~°∞. KÀ@∞KÕã¨∞‰õΩOk. PO^Àà◊#HÍ~°∞Å∞ áÈbã¨∞ʼnõΩ =ºuˆ~HõOQÍ x<å^•Å∞
`å=Ú \©\ _© Öç ’ L^ÀºQÆ∞ÅO HÍ^Œx, N"åi ¿ã=‰õΩÅO =∂„`«"∞Õ #x WKåÛ~°∞. JÜ«∞ºÑ¨Ê w`åÅ∞ PÅÑ≤ã¨∂Î x~°ã¨# `≥eáê~°∞. D ã¨O^Œ~°ƒùOQÍ
JO@∞<åfl~°∞. ¿ã=‰õΩʼnõΩ i>ˇ~ÿ "ü ∞≥ O\ò LO_»^xŒ ¿Ñ~˘¯O@∞<åfl~°∞. JHõ¯_» L„kHõÎ "å`å=~°}O U~°Ê_çOk. PO^Àà◊#HÍ~°∞Ö’¡ Ü«Ú=`« ‰õÄ_®
\©\ ©_ç fã¨∞‰õΩ#fl q"å^•ã¨Ê^Œ x~°‚Ü«∂Ö’¡ "≥Ú^Œ\ ˜k J~°ÛHõ W^Œ~Ì ∞° =∞Ç≤Ïà◊Å∞ "≥#H˜¯"≥oá¡ È=eûOkQÍ ÃÑ^ŒÌ Z`«∞#Î x<å^•Å∞ KÕâß~°∞.
™êfi=ÚÅ i>ˇ~ÿ "ü ∞≥ O\ò J~Ú`Õ... PÉè~í }° ÏÅ∞, Ñ≤OH±"∞≥ Oÿ _£ =∂Ü«∞O`Àáê@∞ HÍQÍ â◊|i=∞Å =∂~°Oæ Ö’ JѨÊK≥=Ú_»∞ =^ŒÌ =∞Ç≤Ïà◊Å#∞ F™êi Páê~°∞.
áÈ@∞Ö’ `«=fiHÍÅ∞ =O\˜ J<ÕHõ P~ÀѨ}ÅÃÑ· ѨÅ∞=Ù~°∞ <åºÜ«∞™ê÷<åÅ#∞ J~Ú`Õ x~°ã#¨ HÍ~°∞Å#∞ áÈbã¨∞Å∞ JHõ¯_ç #∞Oz K≥^~Œ Q° ˘\Ïì~∞° .... `«=∞#∞
P„â◊~ÚOKå~°∞. "åiÖ’ c*ËÑ≤ <åÜ«∞‰õΩ_»∞ ã¨∞„|Ǩχ}º™êfiq∞ L<åfl~°∞. J_»∞¤HÀ=_»O "≥#Hõ ÃÑ^ŒÌ ‰õΩ„@ LO^Œx aO^Œ∞ P~ÀÑ≤OzOk. `å=Ú
P P~ÀѨ}ÅÃÑ· <åºÜ«∞™ê÷<åÅ f~°∞Ê ZÖÏ LO_»É’`ÀO^Œx \©\ ©_ç QÆ∞_ç"Ñ·≥ Ù¨ "≥à‰¡◊ Ωõ O_® áÈbã¨∞Å∞ |Å=O`«OQÍ J_»∞‰¤ Ωõ <åfl~°x P"≥∞ `≥eÑ≤Ok.
áêÅHõ=∞O_»e PO^Àà◊# =ºHõÎO KÕ™ÈÎOk. aO^Œ∞, Hõ#Hõ ^Œ∞~°#æ ∞ JO|∞Öˇ<û£ Ö’ Pã¨∞Ѩ„uH˜ `«~e° OKå~°∞. ã¨∞„Ñ‘O Hõ~∞° ì
ÃÇ·ÏHÀ~°∞ì ã¨OK«Å# f~°∞ÊÃÑ· J~°ÛHõ ã¨=∂Yº ǨÏ~°¬O : =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°º f~°∞Ê#∞ „ѨÉèí∞`«fiO J=∞Å∞KÕÜ«∂Å#fl^Õ `«=∞ _ç=∂O_£ Jx JO`«‰õΩ
J~°Û‰õΩʼnõΩ Ѩ^gŒ q~°=∞} =iÎOK«^xŒ ÃÇÏ· HÀ~°∞ì f~°∞Ê W=fi_»O Ѩ@¡ =ÚO^Œ∞ aO^Œ∞ g∞_çÜ«∂‰õΩ K≥áêÊ~°∞. ã¨∞„Ñ‘O f~°∞ʉõΩ J#∞QÆ∞}OQÍ<Õ
PO„^è„Œ Ѩ^âÕ ò J~°ÛHõ ã¨=∂Yº HÍ~°ºx~åfiǨÏHõ HÍ~°º^Œi≈ ÃÑkÌO\˜ ~åOÉÏ|∞ `«=∞#∞ PÅÜ«∞OÖ’H˜ J#∞=∞uOKåÅx HÀ~°∞`«∞<åfl"Õ∞`«Ñ¨Ê JO^Œ∞Ö’
QÆ∞~°∞"å~°O XHõ „ѨH@õ #Ö’ ǨÏ~°¬O =ºHõOÎ KÕâß~°∞. \©\_© Öç ’x =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~º° ZÖÏO\˜ K«@ì=ºuˆ~Hõ`« ÖË^Œx P"≥∞ K≥áêÊ~°∞... '"Õ∞O áÈbã¨∞Å Éèí„^Œ`«
J~°Û‰õΩʼnõΩ Ѩ^gŒ q~°=∞}#∞ =iÎOѨ*ãË ∂¨ Î ~åR „ѨÉ∞íè `«fiO W\©=Å r"À HÀ~°_O» ÖË^∞Œ . ã¨∞„Ñ‘OHÀ~°∞ì f~°∞Ê#∞ J=∞Å∞KÕÜ∂« Åx _ç=∂O_£ KÕã∞¨ <Î åflO.
WzÛOk. ~åR „ѨÉ∞íè `«fiO WzÛ# P L`«~Î ∞° fiÅ∞ K≥Å=¡ O@∂ ÃÇÏ· HÀ~°∞ì ã¨OK«Å# PÅÜ«∞ „Ѩ"âÕ O◊ KÕ~ÚOKåeû# ÉÏ^躌 `« „ѨÉ∞íè `åfixH˜ LOk— Jx aO^Œ∞
f~°∞Ê K≥ÑÊ≤ O^Œx ~åOÉÏ|∞ `≥eáê~°∞. (™êH˜∆ 14.12.2018) ã¨Ê+¨Oì KÕâß~°∞. ÃãÃÑOì |~ü 28# ã¨∞„Ñ‘O HÀ~°∞ì f~°∞Ê "≥Å∞=_ç# `«~∞° "å`«
zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ „Ѩ^è•<å~°Û‰õΩ_»∞ ~°OQÆ~å[<£‰õΩ JÜ≥∂^茺֒ ã¨<å‡#O KåÖÏ ~ÀAÅ∞ â◊|i=∞Å x~°ã#¨ Å`À J@∞ì_Hç ᘠÈ~ÚOk. =∞O_»Å "åi¬Hõ
ÃÇ·Ï^Œ~åÉÏ^£ : _çÃãO|~°∞ 13 (PO„^èŒ*’ºu) zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr PÅÜ«∞ ѨÓ[Å∞ „áê~°O|O`À Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ ~°nÌ ÃÑiyOk. (PO„^èÉŒ ∂íè q∞ 25.12.2018)
„Ѩ^è•<å~°Û‰õΩ_»∞ ~°OQÆ~å[<£‰õΩ L`«Î~°„Ѩ^Õâò JÜ≥∂^茺֒x J=^è£ â◊|i=∞ŠѨq„`«`«#∞ HÍáê_»∞HÀ"åe
qâ◊fiq^•ºÅÜ«∞ "ÕkHõQÍ ã¨<å‡#O [~°∞QÆ#∞#flk. ‰õΩOÉè"í ∞Õ àÏ L`«û"åÅÖ’ "≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£ : â◊|i=∞Å JÜ«∞ºÑ¨Ê PÅÜ«∞ Ѩq„`«`#« ∞ HÍáê_»∞HÀ"åeû#
ÉèÏQÆOQÍ D<≥Å 15, 16 `ÕnÅÖ’ ''ã¨=∞~°ã`¨ å ‰õΩOÉèò—— x~°fiÇ≤Ïã¨∞<Î åfl~°∞. ÉÏ^茺`« JO^ŒiÃÑ· LO^Œx zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr PÅÜ«∞ J~°Û‰õΩ_»∞ ã≤.Zãπ.
D ã¨O^Œ~°ƒùOQÍ =ÚYº=∞O„u Ü≥∂y Pk`«º<å^ä£ KÕ`«∞Å g∞^Œ∞QÍ ~°OQÆ~å[<£ J<åfl~°∞. ˆH~°à◊, Hõ~åfl@Hõ, `«q∞à◊<å_»∞ ~å„ëêìÖ’¡ 795
~°OQÆ~å[<£‰õΩ ã¨<å‡#O [~°QÆ∞`«∞Ok. J@ì_»∞QÆ∞ =~åæÖ’¡ ã¨<å`«# ^èŒ~°‡ H˜Ö’g∞@~°¡ á⁄_»=Ù# =∞Ç≤Ïà◊Å∞ KÕÑ_¨ ∞» `«∞#fl JÜ«∞ºÑ¨Ê *’ºu HÍ~°º„Hõ=∂xH˜
ã¨O^Õâßxfl Ѩi"åºÑ¨ÎO KÕã¨∞Î#fl PÜ«∞xfl ã¨=Úz`«OQÍ ã¨<å‡xOKåÅx ã¨OѶ‘∞ÉÏ=OQÍ zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr PÅÜ«∞OÖ’#∂, |∞^èŒ"å~°O ~å„u
Ü«¸Ñ‘ ã¨~å¯~°∞ x~°‚~ÚOzOk. (PO„^èŒ*’ºu 14.12.2018) PÅÜ«∞ J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞, Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ `À Hõeã≤ JÜ«∞ºÑ¨Ê *’ºu(náêÅ∞)`À „Ѩ^HŒ }∆˜ Å∞
zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ PÅÜ«∂xfl ã¨O^Œi≈Oz# PO_»=<£ ™êfig∞r KÕâß~°∞. D ã¨O^Œ~ƒ° Où QÍ ~°OQÆ~å[<£ =∂\Ï¡_∞» `«∂ â◊|i=∞ÅÖ’ =∞Ç≤Ïà◊ʼnõΩ
"≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£ : N~°OQÆO áœO_»sHõѨÙ~°O P„â◊=∞O ™êfig∞r z#fl „Ѩ"Õâ◊O HõeÊOKåÅO@∂ ã¨∞„Ñ‘OHÀ~°∞ì WzÛ# f~°∞Ê PÅÜ«∞ Ѩq„`«`«#∞
PO_»=<£ ™êfiq∞ zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂xfl ã¨O^Œi≈OKå~°∞. ^≥|ƒfã¨∞ÎO^Œ<åfl~°∞. nxfl =ºuˆ~H˜ã¨∂Î ZO`À=∞Ok =∞Ç≤Ïà◊Å∞ x~°ã¨#
QÆ∞~°∞"å~°O PÜ«∞# zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ PÅÜ«∂xH˜ =KÕÛâß~°∞. D ã¨O^Œ~°ƒùOQÍ =ºHõÎO KÕã¨∞Î<åfl „ѨÉèí∞`åfiÅ∞ Ѩ\ ˜ìOK«∞HÀHõáÈ=_»O ã¨iHÍ^Œ<åfl~°∞. nxÃÑ·
PÅÜ«∞ "Õ∞<ÕlOQ∑ Hõq∞\© Hõhfi#~ü QÀáêÅHõ$+¨™‚ êfiq∞, J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ ~°OQÆ~å[<£ Hˆ O„^Œ „ѨÉ∞íè `«fiO "≥O@<Õ Pi¤<<≥ û£ fã¨∞‰õΩ=zÛ â◊|i=∞Å PÅÜ«∞ Ѩq„`«`#« ∞
ѨÓ~°‚HõOÉèíO`À PO_»=<£ ™êfig∞rH˜ ™œO^Œ~°~å[<£#∞ Hõeã≤ ™êfiQÆ`«O HÍáê_®Åx _ç=∂O_£ KÕâß~°∞. HÍ~°º„Hõ=∞OÖ’ PÅÜ«∞ "Õ∞<ÕlOQ∑ Hõq∞\©
ѨeHÍ~°∞. PÅÜ«∞O QÆ~°ƒùQÆ∞_çÖ’H˜ „Ѩ"ÕtOz ÉÏÖÏrx ^Œi≈OK«∞‰õΩx Hõhfi#~ü QÀáêÅHõ$+¨‚™êfiq∞, J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ ÅH©;#~°ã≤OǨÏ<£, N^èŒ~ü, JxÖò
ѨÓ[Å∞ KÕâß~°∞. J#O`«~°O PÅÜ«∞ "Õ∞<ÕlOQ∑ Hõq∞\© K≥·~°‡<£ `«k`«~°∞Å∞ áêÖÁæ<åfl~°∞. (D<å_»∞ 27.12.2018)

ã¨=∂[¿ã=‰õΩ HÍ=Åã≤Ok ã¨OѨ^Œ HÍ^Œ∞.... L^•~° ǨÏ$^ŒÜ∞« O.

January '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 24 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Women are Custodians of Sanathana Dharma
This is Dhanur month or month of Margashira. In this month Goddess Andal or Goda Devi who is
the incarnation of Lord’s consort Bhooma Devi has taught the world an easy path for liberation and attaining
the Lord. The path is to perform Sri Vratha with a love and desire to marry the Lord himself. She incarnated
in this world and was brought up by Sri Vishnu Chitta who is also known as Periazhwaar. Through her devotion
she adored Lord of the Lords Vatapathrasayee with the garland first worn by her. She Later married the Lord
and is worshipped all over. In fact as stated by Sri Suktha F|æÁ∫yS™Ω Ã|ßo
Ó ÁåÁÊ Lord’s consort is in her independent
capacity as powerful and as owner of the whole universe as the Lord. In fact by her own desire she has
chosen the Lord as her consort and both together as one entity grant salvation to all the beings surrendering
before them. The Lord’s consort has equal powers to independently eliminate the sins of the devotees surrendering
to them. It is also said that the power of her Paathivrathya which means to be devoted and loyal to her
husband is more powerful than the powers of Lord himself. The same holds for all women folk. Pancharathra
Agama quotes Goddess Lakshmi who says that ™Våσ|uåoÁ ÃÁqÁoΩ -meaning each one of the entire women
folk is my body. Sanathana Dharma accords highest respect to women. Vedas ask us to first respect mother
before anyone including the Lord – ™ÁowtzƒÁz߃ Sage Apasthambha says a Son may chose not to serve a
characterless father but with respect to Mother, she should be served at all states. The place and powers of
women who are Pathivrathas are highest in the society. It is said in Valmiki Ramayana that the Paathivrathya
of Anasuya, wife of sage Atri protected all the powerful sages in the state of long drought by bringing Ganga
there. The daughter of Emperor Ala-ud-din-Khilji defied her demonic father, loved Lord Ranganatha and attained
the level of being his consort known as Bibi Nachiyar in Sri Rangam. Sanathana Dharma says that women
are custodians of Dharma. This is evident from Vedas, Puranas and Itihasasas. Bhagavad Gita also enlightens
us on this matter. Sage Apastambha in the concluding line of Dharma sutras says that all items are not
covered in the Dharma sutras mentioned by him and items not covered can be found with women folk of all
castes and please ask them and know ÕÁy•Æ: Ã|ƒmz|•Æ≥Á á™|∆z ÁãüoyÆÁutnÆzN˛ FnÆzNz˛).
As per Manu Dharma Shastra women have significance prominence over men. A wife owns the entire
wealth of the husband and unless she approves by pouring water, a charity (daana) cannot be complete and
will not result in Punya. The Wife shares 50% of husbands Punya and keeps all 100% of Punya she earned
to herself and nothing goes to the husband. On the other hand, husband has to share 50% of his Punya
with wife and takes on 50% of wife’s sins. All 100% of the husband’s sins are owned by the husband. So
deeply scrutinizing the Dharma shastras one can find large compassion to women folk by the Sanathana
Dharma. So it is not clear where the women disrespect is coming from. May be via wrong behaviours of
men. The Sastras and Sanathana Dharma did not say any disrespect or discrimination. The fact that they
are custodians of Dharma is evident in recent Sabarimala agitation which was spearheaded by lakhs of women
devotees. Even in the 5 member bench the woman judge wrote a nice judgement while the four other judgements
written by male judges are flawed and we hope it will be reviewed soon in SC. Even after we got a great
Constitution providing protection for the Downtrodden …..Even after we have Legislations for their
protections…they are still facing insults. Let us all pray to Goddess Godha Devi and Lord Balaji in
the sacred month of Marghasira to eliminate atrocities, discrimination and disrespect to women in
the society.
NEWS Chilkur temple echoes with Gita recital
• Copies of scriptures & fruits distributed to devotees
•Vaikunta Ekadasi & Gita Jayanthi occur on same day
Chilkur : The Bhagavad Gita recital lasted 18 hours at the Balaji Temple on the occasion of Vaikunta Ekadasi
and Gita Jayanthi here on Tuesday. The programme was organised by Lakshya Sadhana Foundation under
the aegis of temple chief priest Rangarajan Bhagavad Gita books and fruits were given to devotees who
participated in the recital Foundation president Rajan said that they arranged the recital in view of two auspi-
cious events occuring on same day. He compared the 18th day of December with 18 chapters in Bhagavad
Gita, 18 puranas, Kurukshetra war between Pandavas and Kauravas lasted 18 days. The temple priest Rangarajan
said that Bhagawad Gita is not a holy book for particular religion and every Indian should read it. He appealed
to the parents to inculcate the habit of reciting Bhagawad Gita to their children. Even foreigners reciting it at
various occasions he said. Rangarajan thanked the foundation chairman for organising such a great event in
the temple premises. (Hans India 19.12.2018)

The Balaji Temple will host an 18-hour Bhagavad Gita recital to mark Vaikunta Ekadasi and Gita Jayanthi
here on Tuesday. The programme to be organised by Laksyasadhana Foundation under the aegis of
chief priest Ranga Rajan is aimed to enter Wonder Book of Records International. The participants will
receive appreciation certificate along with a book on Bhagavad Gita. The organisers appealed to the
devotees to take part in the auspicious programme.

=∞Ǩ`«∞‡Å∞ XHõ¯ xq∞+¨"∞≥ #ÿ #∞ =º~°=÷ ÚQÍ QÆ_Ñ» ~¨ ∞° .

January '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 25 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Chant 108 times
FO ã¨÷qëêªÜ«∞ #=∞ó FO ѨÙ+¨¯~åH∆ÍÜ«∞ #=∞ó
G Àsuƒ…eÁÆ å™: G úÏ … N˛∫ÁqÁÆ å™:
To keep Evil forces at bay. For overcoming bad times.
^Œ∞+¨ì â◊‰õΩÎÅ #∞O_ç HÍáê_»∞H˘#∞@‰õΩ. HõëêìÅ #∞O_ç q=ÚH˜Î á⁄O^Œ_®xH˜.

|∞∞} q"≥∂K«# #$ã≤OÇ¨Ï ™È΄`«O Chant one time

1. ^Õ=`å HÍ~°º ã≤^Œúº~°÷O ã¨ÉèÏã¨ÎOÉèí ã¨=Ú^Œƒù=O 6. „ѨǨ¡^Œ =~°^ŒO Nâ◊O ^≥·`Õºâ◊fi~° q^•i}O
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞ N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
2. ÅH∆͇º eOy`« "å=∂OQÆO ÉèíHÍÎ<åO =~°^•Ü«∞HõO 7. „‰õÄ~°„QÆÃÇ·Ïó Ñ‘_ç`å<åO, ÉèíHÍÎ<å=∞ÉèíÜ«∞„Ѩ^ŒO
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞ N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
8. "Õ^Œ "Õ^•O`« Ü«∞*Ë˝â◊O „|Ǩχ~°∞„^•k =Ok`«O
3. PO„`« =∂ÖÏ^èŒ~°O â◊OY K«„HÍÉÏ˚Ü«Ú^èŒ ^è•i}O
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
9. Ü«∞ W^ŒO Ѩ~î°`Õ x`«ºO |∞∞}"≥∂K«# ã¨Ol˝`«O
4. 㨇~°}Ï`ü ã¨~°fiáêѨѶ¨∞flO Hõ„^Œ∂[q+¨<åâ◊#O J#$}©*ÏÜ«∞`Õ ã¨`Àº ^èŒ#O j„Ѷ¨∞=∞"åѨÙflÜ«∂`ü
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
D ™È΄`åxfl Jxfl JiëêìÅ∞, ^ÀëêÅ∞, Pi÷Hõ W|ƒO^Œ∞Å`À
5. ã≤OǨÏ<å^Õ# =∞ǨÏ`å kQÆúOuÉèíÜ«∞ <åâ◊#"£∞ L#fl"åà◊√§ ™êÜ«∞O ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ XHõ™êi 㨇i¿ãÎ K«Hõ¯x
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞ Ѷ¨e`«O Åaèã¨∞ÎOk.
FO Éèí∂`å^ŒÜÕ∞ #=∞ó G ßÓoÁtÆz å™: FO ^è•„`Õ #=∞ó G áÁfiz å™:
Chant this name to amend soured friendship For issueless couple. ã¨O`å# „áêÑ≤Î H˘~°‰õΩ
or any personal relationship FO q^è•„`Õ #=∞ó G uƒáÁfiz å™:
q∞„`«∞Å`À ¿ãflǨÏÉèÏ=O ÃÑOK«∞HÀ=_®xH˜, ^ŒOѨ`∞« Å Pregnant ladies to chant for healthy babies.
J<Àº#º`«‰õΩ. P~ÀQƺHõ~°"≥∞ÿ# tâ◊√=ÙÅ H˘~°‰õΩ
Chant one time
Runa Vimochana Nrisimha Stotram
Devataakaarya-siddhyartham Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeraam
sabhaastambha-samudbhavam namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
Prahlaada varadam sreesam
namaami runamuktaye
Lakshmyaalingita-vaamaangam Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
bhaktaanaam varadaayakam namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimham mahaveeram
Krooragrahaih peeditaanaam
namaami runamuktaye
bhaktaanaam abhayapradam
Aanthramaalaadharam Sankha Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
Chakraabja aayudha dha arina m namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
namaami runamuktaye
Brahma Rudraadi vanditam
Smaranaat sarvapaapagnam Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
kadrooja visha naasanam namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimha mahaaveeraam
Ya idam patathe nityam runa
namaami runamuktaye
mochana samjnitam
Simhanaadena Mahataa Anrunee jaayate satyo dhanam
Digdhanthi Bhaya Naashanam sheeghram avaapnuyaat

=∞Ǩ`«∞‡Å ã¨∂ÊùixÎ á⁄Ok#"å~°∞ Q˘Ñ¨ÊQÍ PÖ’z™êÎ~∞° . `åºQÍÅ∞ KÕ™êÎ~∞° . J^Œ∞ƒù`åÅ∞ ã¨$+≤™ì êÎ~∞° .
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Chilkur Balaji's Grace - 170 zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr J#∞„QÆÇϨ O – 170
How my atheist bro became a believer <åã≤ΉõΩ_≥·# <å `«=Ú‡_»∞ Pã≤ΉõΩ_≥·# "≥·#O...
Chilkur Balaji’, famously known by the sobriquet
‘Visa Balaji’, is the presiding deity at a Balaji temple ''g™ê ÉÏÖÏr——QÍ ¿Ñ~° ∞ á⁄Ok# zÅ∞‰õ Ä ~° ∞ ÉÏÖÏr,
situated 20 km away from Hyderabad city. This deity is ÃÇÏ· ^Œ~åÉÏ^Œ∞‰õΩ 20 H˜.g∞. ^Œ∂~°OÖ’ QÆÅ ÉÏÖÏr PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ H˘Å∞=Ù#fl
widely believed to be a miracle God and is known for
unfailingly bringing luck to devotees who offer worship
^≥·=O. DÜ«∞#‰õΩ J^Œ∞ƒù`åÅ∞ K«∂Ñ≤OKÕ ^Õ=Ù_»∞ J<Õ ¿Ñ~°∞‰õÄ_® L#flk.
with the intention of obtaining visas for going abroad. ^Œ∂~°^âÕ ßʼnõΩ "≥o¡ `«=∞ J^Œ$ëêìxfl ѨO_çOK«∞HÀ"åÅ#fl PHÍOHõ`∆ À ÉèHí QΘ Í
It was in 2012 that my brother, who did his ™êfiq∞x H˘eKÕ Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ #∞ x~åâ◊Ñ~¨ K° ‰« Ωõ O_® "åi HÀiHõÅ#∞ <≥~"° ~Õ ∞° ™êÎ_∞» .
bachelors in agricultural science, got admission into 2012= ã¨OIIÖ’ <å `«=Ú‡_»∞ J„yHõÅÛ~°Öò Ãã·<≥ûãπ (Agricultural
MS at an university in the United States. He wanted to Science)Ö’ _ç„w ѨÓiÎ KÕâß_»∞. J`«xH˜ Ü«Ú.Zãπ.Ö’ ZO.Zãπ.
set out in April so as to attend the first semester of a
course that was scheduled to start in June. K≥Ü∞« º_®xH˜ XHõ Ü«¸x=iû\©Ö’ J_ç‡+¨#∞ ^˘iH˜Ok. U„Ñ≤Öò =∂ã¨OÖ’
A two-month time period was needed for him to "≥o¡ E<£Ö’ „áê~°OÉèí=∞ÜÕ∞º "≥Ú^Œ\ ˜ Ããq∞ã¨ì~°∞Ö’ KÕ~åÅ#∞‰õΩ<åfl_»∞.
settle down at the new and unfamiliar place and for H˘`«Î „Ѩ^Õâ◊O, H˘`«Î Ѩiã≤÷`«∞ÅHõ∞ JÅ"å@∞ Ѩ_»\ÏxH˜ 2 <≥ÅÅ
beginning an altogether new life in an alien environment. ã¨=∞Ü«∞=∞<åfl LO_®Å#∞‰õΩ<åfl_»∞ J`«x ¿ãflÇ≤Ï`«∞Å∞, „âıÜ≥∂aèÖÏ+¨µÅ∞
My brother, who generally gives more weight to non-
religious human values and diligence, turned a deaf
zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞‰õΩ "≥o¡ „áêi÷OK«=∞x ã¨ÅǨ WKåÛ~°∞. HÍh, ã¨fi`«Ç¨ QÍ <åã≤‰Î Ωõ _≥#·
ear to suggestions made by some friends and relatives <å `«=Ú‡_»∞ "åi=∂@ q#ÖË^Œ∞.
who wanted him to visit the Chilkur Balaji temple and `«# ã¨fiâ◊H˜Î g∞^Œ, `≥eq `Õ@Åg∞^Œ #=∞‡HõO`À `«# „Ѩܫ∞`åflÅ∞
pray to God. KÕã¨∞‰õΩ<åfl_»∞. JÖψQ, Ü«Ú.Zãπ. HÍ#ûÖË@∞‰õΩ `«# ã¨iìѶ≤ÔH@¡`À "≥àÏ¡_»∞.
My brother was confident of his own virtues and J`«x ã¨iÑì HÔ≤¶ @∞¡ Jxfl ã¨iQÍæ<Õ L<åfl~Ú. g™ê WO@~°∂fi º ‰õÄ_® K«H¯õ QÍ
being atheistic, did not pay heed to their requests as he
had made all necessary preparations. Accordingly, he ã¨O`«$Ñ≤HÎ ~õ O° QÍ<Õ KÕâß_»@. HÍh, H˘xfl J~°O÷ ÖËx HÍ~°}ÏÅ#∞ K«∂Ñ≤Oz,
approached the US consulate office with all the required J`«xH˜ g™ê =∞OE~°∞ K≥Ü«∞ºÖË^Œ∞. WÖψQ WOH˘Hõ™êi ‰õÄ_® g™ê
documents that were in fact flawless. However, he had x~åHõiOK«|_çOk.
to face failure in getting a visa in his first two attempts on nx`À <å `«=Ú‡_»∞ Jq∞`«OQÍ x~°∞`åûǨÏѨ_áç ÈÜ«∂_»∞. D™êi
some grounds that we believed were unreasonable.
My brother became desperate and disappointed
ã¨^Œ=HÍâ◊O =∞m¡ `«Å∞Ѩ٠`«\ ˜ìOk. "Õ∞ =∂ã¨OÖ’ =¸_»= WO@~°∂fi º
as his first two attempts were turned down. He was =zÛOk. HÍh, `«#∞ Ü«Ú.Zãπ. "≥à◊¡_®xH˜ PÅ㨺=∞=Ù`«∞O^Œx, JHõ¯_»
then given a chance to appear for a third interview in JÅ"å@∞ Ѩ_\» ÏxH˜ ã¨=∞Ü«∞O ã¨iáÈ^Œx ã¨O^ÕÇϨ Ѩ_®¤_∞» . D ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’,
May. He felt that it would then be very late for him to reach `«#‰õΩ g™ê ^˘~°∞‰õΩ`«∞O^Œ#fl Pâ◊‰õÄ_® J_»∞QÆO\˜áÈ~ÚOk.
the United States and adjust to his new life in that country.
And at this juncture, he had almost lost all hope of getting
W^Õ ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’, J`«x ¿ãflÇ≤Ï`«∞Å∞, „âıÜ∂≥ aèÖÏ+¨µÅ∞ =∞m¡ ã¨ÅǨ
a visa. WKåÛ~°∞. zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞‰õΩ "≥o¡ ™êfiq∞ Pj~åfi^ŒO á⁄O^Œ=∞<åfl~°∞. rq`«OÖ’
In such a situation, well-wishers, cognisant of the ^˘iH˜ # D 㨠^ Œ = HÍâßxfl *Ï~° q _» ∞ K« ∞ HÀ‰õ Ω O_® P ™êfiq∞x
deity’s power, again persuaded him to visit the temple „áêi÷OK«=∞<åfl~°∞.
as a last resort and take the blessings of the Lord before D™êi <å `«=Ú‡_»∞ "åi=∂@ q<åfl_»∞. `«# "≥ÚO_ç`«#O,
he tried getting a visa in his third attempt.
This time he honoured their advice and set aside
<åã≤ÎHõ`«#∞ ѨHõ¯#ÃÑ\˜ì P zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr K«~°}ÏÅ#∞ #=Ú‡‰õΩx,
his adamant, atheistic temper and prayed at the temple. =∞#™ê~å „áêi÷OKå_»∞. J`«x „áê~°#÷ , "Õ_∞» HÀÅ∞ Ѷe¨ Oz, g™ê ^˘iH˜Ok.
His fortunes turned around after the act of worship and JÖÏ <å `«=Ú‡_»∞ <åã≤HÎ `õ fi« O #∞O_ç Pã≤‰Î Ωõ _»∞QÍ =∂~å_»∞, `«# HõÅÅ#∞
he received a visa. Thus he realised his dream of going ѨO_çOK«∞‰õΩ<åfl_»∞. XHõ Éèí‰õΩÎ_»∞
abroad to pursue higher studies. A devotee
(Indian Express, 24th December 2018)
(WO_çÜ«∞<£ ZH±û„ÃÑãπ 24.12.2018) Chant 28 times

N˛Áo| ƒ yÆÁ| \ Ï | å Áz åÁ™ ∫Á\Á §Á“Ï Ã“œÁƒÁåΩ @ oÀÆ À™∫m™Áfiz m ToÊ å…bÊ Y ¬•Æoz @ @
HÍ~°Îg~åº~°∞˚<À <å=∞ ~å*Ï ÉÏǨï ã¨Ç¨Ï„ã¨"å<£ I `«ã¨º 㨇~°} =∂„`Õ} QÆ`«O #+¨ìO K« ÅÉèíº`Õ II
Karthaveeryarjuno nama Raaja Baahu Sahasravaan |
Thasya Smarana Maathrena Gatham Nashtam cha Labhyathe||
Please chant this sloka to locate lost objects, persons and belongings.
`«Ñ≤ÊáÈ~Ú# =º‰õΩÎÅ∞, =ã¨∞Î=ÙÅ∞ uiy ÅaèOK«∞@‰õΩ D â’¡HÍxfl ÉèíH˜Î`À ѨiîOK«O_ç.
D Ö’HõOÖ’ ~Ô O_»∞ KåÖÏ Hõ+"ì¨ ∞≥ #ÿ Ѩ#∞Å∞ =Ù<åfl~Ú. XHõ\˜ ¿Ñ~°∞ á⁄O^Œ_O» , WOH˘\˜ ^•xfl xÅɡ@∞ìHÀ=_»O.

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Vol.20 VAK / JANUARY / 2019 Postal Registration No. HSE/738/2017-19 No.1
Where Dharma exists,there glory and radiance prevail.
Æfi á™Áz| áwuo: N˛Áuão: Æfi Ÿy: »yÀosÁ ™uo:
™uo:@@ Where modesty exists there prosperity and intelligence
exist. Where Dharma is, there stays Krishna and
ÆoÁz á™| Ào o: Nw˛…m: ÆoÁz á™| ÀooÁz \Æ: @@
Àoo: ultimately, where Krishna resides, Victory happens there.
(Mahabharata Bheeshma Parva)
^èŒ~°‡O ZHõ¯_» LO@∞O^À JHõ¯_» H©iÎ, HÍOu qÅã≤Å∞¡`å~Ú. ZHõ¯_»
Ü«∞„`« ^è~Œ À‡ ^è$Œ uó HÍxÎó Ü«∞„`« „Ç‘Ïó Nã¨^Î •ä =∞uó I x*Ï~Úf LO@∞O^À JHõ ¯ _» Sâ◊ fi ~° º =Ú =∞iÜ« Ú *Ï˝ # =Ú
Ü«∞`À ^è~Œ ‡° ã¨`Î ó« Hõ$+¨ó‚ Ü«∞`À ^è~Œ ‡° ã¨`Î À [Ü«∞ó II `«∞Å`«∂QÆ∞`å~Ú. ZHõ¯_» ^è~Œ ‡° =ÚO@∞O^À JHõ¯_» Hõ$+¨µ_‚ ∞» .... ^è~Œ ‡° =Ú#fl
KÀ@ÖÏ¡ [Ü«∞=Ú `«^䌺=Ú... (=∞ǨÉèÏ~°`« cè+¨‡Ñ¨~°fiO...)
zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂xH˜ xkè.... ''_≥~Úb ѨÓ*Ï Ñ¶¨O_£——^•fi~å ã¨=∞‰õÄ~°ÛO_ç.
D Ѷ¨O_£H˜ kQÆ∞= ã¨∂zOK«|_ç# ÉϺO‰õΩÅÖ’ K≥e¡OѨÙÅ∞ ã‘fiHõiOK«|_»∞#∞.
1) C. A/c No.62055583940 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with
State Bank of India, Moinabad Branch (R.R. Dist.) (¿ãì\ò ÉϺOH± PѶπ WO_çÜ«∂, "≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£ âßY, ~°OQÍÔ~_ç¤
lÖÏ¡) from any branch of State Bank of Hyderabad situated in any part of the Country.
2) C. A/c No. 091110011008633 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with Andhra
Bank, Pedda Mangalaram (Moinabad Branch PO„^è• ÉϺOH±, ÃÑ^ŒÌ=∞OQÆàÏ~°O ("≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£ âßY)) (R.R. Dist.) from any
branch of Andhra Bank situated in any part of the World. „ѨѨOK«OÖ’x U „áêO`«OÖ’ #∞O_≥·<å [=∞ KÕÜ«∞=K«∞Û.
3) C. A/c No.3063101000001 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with Canara Bank,
113, Main Road, Himayatnagar, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. ÔH#~å ÉϺOH±, 113, "≥∞~Ú<£ ~À_£, Ç≤Ï=∂Ü«∞`ü#QÆ~ü, "≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£
=∞O_»Ö,ò ~°OQÍÔ~_ç¤ lÖÏ¡, from any branch of Canara Bank situated in any part of India. (=∞#^ÕâO◊ Ö’x U „áêO`«OÖ’ #∞O_≥<· å [=∞ KÕÜ∞« =K«∞Û.)
4) SB A/c No.24730110000007 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with UCO
Bank, Chilukuru Branch, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. Ü«¸HÀ ÉϺOH±, zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ „ÉÏOz, "≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£ =∞O_»Ö,ò ~°OQÍÔ~_ç¤ lÖÏ¡,
from any branch of UCO Bank situated in India. (=∞#^ÕâO ◊ Ö’x U „áêO`«OÖ’ #∞O_≥<· å [=∞ KÕÜ∞« =K«∞Û.)
Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ ∞ ~°∂.100/- Hõh㨠K≥eO¡ ѨÙQÍ D xkèH˜ [=∞ KÕÜ∞« =K«∞Û.
D âßâ◊fi`« xkèx ã¨=∞‰õÄ~°Û_®xH˜ Éèí‰õΩÎÅO^Œih ã¨Ç¨ÏHõiOK«=Åã≤#kQÍ „áêi÷ã¨∞Î<åfl=Ú. JÖÏ ã¨Ç¨ÏHõiOz Éèí‰õΩÎÅÖ’ ÉèíH˜Î=∂~åæxfl ÃÑOá⁄OkOKÕ
qÖHõ∆}"≥∞ÿ# zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ѨÓ*Ï q^è•<åxfl PK«O„^•~°¯O xeKÕÖÏ `À_»Ê_ç#O^Œ∞‰õΩ P ÉÏÖÏr Hõ$Ѩ‰õΩ áê„`«∞Å=Ù`å~°∞.
The Fund donations can be remitted in the Following Banks with the following Particulars:-
1) C. A/c No.62055583940 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with
State Bank of India, Moinabad Branch (R.R. Dist.) from any branch of State Bank of Hyderabad situated
in any part of the Country. IFSC Code 'SBIN0020637'.
2) SB A/c No.091110011008633 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained
with Andhra Bank, Pedda Mangalaram (Moinabad Branch) (R.R. Dist.) from any branch of Andhra
Bank situated in any part of the World. IFSC Code 'ANDB0000911'.
3) SB A/c No.3063101000001 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with Canara
Bank, 113, Main Road, Himayatnagar, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. from any branch of Canara Bank situated in
India. IFSC Code 'CNRB0003063'.
4) SB A/c No.24730110000007 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with
UCO Bank, Chilukuru Branch, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. from any branch of UCO Bank situated in India.
IFSC Code 'UCBA0002473'.
Devotees can remit their contributions with a minimum of Rs.100/- to this Fund.
The Devotees who contribute to this Fund will have the blessings of the Lord Balaji for participating
in the continuation of this unique way of worship which inculcates Pure Devotion in the Temple system…..
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