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Lesson Plan - Grade 7 – Unit 11

Lesson 14 – My Birthday
Period: Watch and discuss Teacher: Iza

Teaching Aims:
1. At this lesson we discuss different kind of parties and birthday party.
2. Teach the students words connected with birthday party.
3. Encourage them to talk out loud in the classroom.

Teaching contents:
1. Watch the power point presentation.
2. 1-1 dialogue between students and teacher.
3. New vocabulary connected with birthday party.
4. Students answer the question ‘Do you like to have a birthday party?’ etc.
Important points:
1. Help students to use proper words.
2. Learn new vocabulary connected with birthday.
3. Encourage students to be active at lesson.
4. Follow ppt presentation.
Difficult points:
1. Sometimes the students make mistakes to choose right words to describe their birthday party.
Students need to practice new vocabulary with correct pronunciation, help them to practice
new words and with incorrect pronunciation if necessary.
2. Encourage students to speak aloud in the class.
Teaching methods: Teaching aids:
Communicative methods, speaking and talking out Computer system – power point
loud. presentation,
Teaching procedure

Step Content Teacher Student

1 Warm up and Good afternoon /good morning Good afternoon teacher.
greeting with the students, How are you today? We are fine thank you.
students. Warm up: sit down, stand up, bow, Warm: follow the command.
sit down again.
2 Watch the ppt and Teacher will read new words out Students will repeat new words
practice the words loud at least 3 times, and ask after the teacher, and memorize
students to repeat after him. them.
3 Answer questions Teacher will ask two questions to Student's will answer teacher's
the students connected with questions.
4 Activities: working During the lesson teacher will Students will follow teacher’s
in pairs, dialogue 1- walk to students, and ask to work command and will be doing
1 with teacher. in pairs. activities as working in pairs,
dialogue, and introducing.
5 Goodbye students After lesson, teacher will say Students will say goodbye to
goodbye to the students, and will the teacher.
thank them for attention.
memorize new words and exercise from the book
Blackboard design: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October,
November, December, presents, birthday party, birthday, invitation, costumes, balloons, celebrate, joy