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pig a ANd oN" Se 4 BIN ona The Bengaluru Improv Festival is India’s FIRST and ONLY Improv festival. Our first edition in November 2018, marked India’s entry on the global Improv map with much vigour. Improvisation is a performance art form, that is an indepdent category by itself. Nevertheles, at the same time it is inspired by sveral other art forms out there, namely broadway, dance, clowning, dramatic theatre, sketch writing etc. India has a thriving Improv potential. After our first successful edition, we aim to keep bringing BIF back with the intention to get all those who practice the art of Improv under one roof. The festival will see international Improv artists, who will collaborate with us to perform and teach their experienced knowledge about the art. Improvisation has various styles and forms that remain unexplored which will become a discovery to all those who wil be a part of the festival. We are also bringing about an awareness to our audiences on the different styles of Improv that exists. Eee TA: anh + a BONGALLIRU ae eel all — ae eee