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Defence of the Motherland is a sacred duty and duty is one of the noblest words in

any language. In order to defeat a country with a strong and disciplined army it is perhaps
a matter of strategy to bring that army into disrepute. To create a cleavage between the
populace and its army, to break the army’s morale and to shake their belief that they are
on the right is an alternate method of waging war. In the seventy years of Pakistan’s
history, our enemies have time and again attempted to reverse the Partition of British
Occupying a Geo-strategic position and consisting of diverse cultures, languages
and races, Pakistan’s unifying strength lies in adherence to one religion in majority. In
order to bring this bonding factor to naught another method of waging war would be to
create divisions and hatred between sects and sub nationalities. The events that have
unfolded in the recent past are a clear indication that the above alternate methods of
warfare are being waged relentlessly. The questions remain are we, as a Nation, capable
of seeing through this malignant cloud of deception? Is our Army, in general and our
High Command in particular, capable of taking on this challenge to our existence? Are
we, as a Nation, capable of foreseeing the tragedy, destruction and deprivation that
currents events, if crowned with success, would yield?
General Ashfaque Parvez Kiani amply proved to be the man of the moment and
successfully met the challenge head on. His calm and quiet approach rendered the
enemies of Pakistan mute and aghast at the swift reversal that he enacted. Supremely
confident and in full possession of cool nerves, the General along with his team and all
ranks of the Pakistan Military, showed their true mettle in fierce direct action as well as
Public Relations. The future is bound to hold more of the same if not better performance.
"Wa`tasimu bihablillahi jamee`an wala tafarraqoo" "and Hold Fast to the Rope of
Allah and do not be divided." (Qur'an 3:103)! Allah, The Most Glorious, has clearly
instructed the faithful to remain united against all odds and eschew all manner of
differentiation and divisive tendencies. Despite this clear injunction, forces are at work,
bent upon mayhem and bloodshed. The targeting of innocent civilians; use of women and
children as human shields; sneak attacks in the cover of darkness are all reprehensible
and need to be shown for complete poverty of intellect and devoid of humanity. Islam
brought chivalry and humane conduct of warfare to a barbarous and savage humanity.
Strict exclusion from targeting of women; children; the old and infirm and even fruit trees
and other means of livihood, taken to mean legitimate income generating means, was
enforced on clear direction of The Almighty. This can be taken as a litmus test for judging
the actions and legitimacy of those extremists and terrorists who are engaged in
attempting to gain victory for themselves in the name of Islam. To use forbidden means
in order to achieve what is claimed to be supremacy of Islam is a clear contradiction and
unacceptable under any circumstances.
Insistence of using violent means to coerce society into following a particular
mode of thought is evidence of enemy action.
The Pakistan Army has time and again come to the forefront and bravely stood up
against all odds to ensure the safety and security of the Motherland. From battlefield
action; construction of strategic roads and bridges; strategic Afforestation; flood and
earthquake relief; maintenance of peace; enforcement of law; succour to the afflicted and
provision of security to women and children and defence of our honour to long hours of
vigilance and preparedness in order to react promptly to any eventuality, the Pakistan
Army has never faltered or failed to present a bold front. Though every action needs to be
seen in the light of its background, it is never the less imperative to examine activities in
the perspective of impacts, be they immediate or long term. In case ideologically opposed
camps are engaged in short term activities where interests converge, this cannot be taken
to mean that one camp is acting in the sole interests of the other. The example of
Pakistan’s and US interests to oppose Russian aggression in Afghanistan in the past is an
example. No stretch of imagination can produce the answer that Pakistan was working in
the interests of the US. Similarly War Against Terror is a war of the entire civilized world
and it is perfectly legitimate to seek assistance from any direction in order to further the
positive conclusion of this effort.
The use of Madrissah students or ‘Taaliban’ to get results desired by particular
interests is quite questionable in ethical terms. “In Islam the goal of education is, “To
develop human personality on the path of creativity for service to humanity and nature.”
Secondly, the concept of “Ar-Rabb” is the taker from state to state by Cherishing and
Guidance. This is amply proved by the evolution of life and points towards more of the
same. Whereas most of physical evolution seems to have taken place, there yet remains
plenty in the mental and spiritual fields. Instead of indoctrination; programming and
conditioning through rote memorizing or exposure to biased literature, the need is for a
dynamic and inspired system of education that fulfils our spiritual, mental and physical
requirements. This education needs to incorporate understanding or at least agreeing to
disagree with people of different races, cultures or religions. Scientific understanding of
the environment and sustainable development that is in harmony with nature is not a
Western agenda but is rather a pressing requirement for all, if we are to survive. To
indulge in a so called education to the exclusion of this vital sector is a mockery of
education. Our religion repeatedly demands of us to reflect upon Nature and seek out
knowledge from all places. Obviously there can be no question of finding Islamic
knowledge in China in the times of the Holy Prophet (Upon whom be The Peace and
Blessings of Allah). Yet this injunction is clearly attributed to him. Is this not sufficient to
prove that pursuit of knowledge be it secular or religious is a legitimate and in fact
Divinely Ordained order? To deny this is clearly in opposition to Divine Commandments
and there can be no room for opposition!
When the ‘Savages’, with pretensions to ‘Civilization’ have rent the
garment of piety and trampled the languages that rose out of the ashes of existence like
the legendary phoenix to uplift the drab and everyday of life unto the sublime.
“Arise and tune the Harp of Brotherhood.
Give us back the Cup of the Wine of Love!”
When even a single couplet from the lips of the immortal ‘Sufi Sages’ holds more
real meaning than the entire literature of existentialism. The pain of loss is compounded
once the very realization of what we have lost, perhaps irrevocably, is itself lost. The
gentle religion of ‘Love’ that lies broken at our feet. To be replaced with a harsh and stern
frustration that is unaware of the reason of its plight. When the strident overwhelms the
soft notes from the lute of forgiveness and tolerance; When lengthening shadows are no
longer held in abeyance by the flickering lamp that consumes itself in order to bring
luminance to the shadow underworld of the '’Nafs-e-Ammara', the Commanding Self,
that base coward that lurks within the creeping shadows of the stillborn night!
In summation to what can be seen as going round and round a never ending merry
go round that is not merry at all, the best judge is the will of the people. In case any party
or group is not willing to take their case to the court of the people they should be forcibly
restrained with forbearance but strict implementation of the Law of the Land. The
misconceptions indoctrinated into the ‘Talibaan” that there is consensus in all sects of
Islam for implementation of Shariah has to be removed from their minds. I, for one, am
certainly not inclined to accept interpretation of any sect other than the one that I follow
and am perfectly aware that it would be the opening of a Pandora’s Box to attempt to
resolve the differences of interpretation of the Shariah. Let us lead by example and bring
others to our point of view by positive results achieved in real terms rather than from
rhetoric alone.
The inanities uttered by so called “leaders” with doubtful credentials and the sly
insinuations of agents of “King’s” Parties needs to be exposed as such. We are enthralled
by narratives and fail to take into consideration the backgrounds and credentials of false
harbingers of honesty. The prejudiced and jaundicized utterances of frustrated individuals
of low mental capacities who are being used as pawns for enemies of the Nation, and
indeed all Mankind, need to be expelled from the ranks of Patriots. The entirely mistaken
world views of persons who are not qualified by training or exposure to the intricacies of
Responsible and Sensible Social Leadership should be censured and physically stopped
from their nefarious designs and cloak and dagger intrigues. The will of the majority
needs to be protected and upheld and never allowed to be subverted by paid employees of
the State. Our votes need to be held sacrosanct and all attempts to deny the common
citizen from their right to chose their own representatives have to be nipped in the bud
and treated as Treason against the State! Only when we do this will we be capable of
facing our enemies boldly and bringing prosperity to the bewildered masses!