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WARRANT OF ARREST AND DETENTION DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS Dalla Count Series FOOTIE Win w De Ane Ovtaemernoe Warrant Nuniber a) Cage | MURDER ‘Suspect Hase. Erie Ra BallAmountS oy Fo 0=7 =z ‘Sherif rater Peace Office of thesate of Texas Tn the name ofthe State of Texas to any Greeting: ‘You are hereby commanded to take the body of: (@ Hansen, Eric, Ryan Aereinater called the accused, and him safely iy kep so that he may be dealt wth according te law, snd to hold the accused to answverto the State of Tenas fran offense a sant the las ofthe sid Stat, namely (9 MURDER. Trea ee RN eens he is acute by writen complain, made unde oath tha ashen presented tome and that is by this reference incorporated herein feral purpose. par © (EN Witness my signaturethis___dayof__ o al F1975000 sorhy “Gity of Dallas, Texas NSAID TR 7 ALL BLANKS MUST BE COMPLETED OR INDICATE “UNKNOWN* =] Masisteaie (Sine of Teas va | Wane [aoRace: TW | aisexMt — To Sa [ead ———— | ne [Ta LN Pa THEN Nae Ujena bes [an bssc: aes Coase Wine = {an)Cemplinas | Hit aon, Rye Daal) [aoiDiearorenss | oxmra0i8 ~ CAnssWaren toed rbmso "univers Leese [aa [Se ARREST. si00 ‘commrnent— 5200 RELEAS! 5200 ‘APPROVE BOND. 36.00 s s s day of ‘AD-20 ___ and exceed he day of by amesing and deaining above nameTand accused and (STATE OF TEXAS | AFFADAVIT FOR ARREST WARRANT |~ COUNTY OF WALLA er oe enh a tersgned suo, on his dy personally appeared the undersigned afin what bing duly sworn ae Mate: My are Tonva M. Meanie #890 and am peace ofc: of te Cy af Daan Dees Conny Theat ian, hav god ceion and do belive tt on or bou the 1 day of January, 2019 ne Hasies Fels he Fane pasar he City o€ Dales, Dallas Coun, Texas committe offense of Murder aviation of Seton ekg cee ‘Texas Penal Code. Afian’s belt's based upon the following facts and information which Affan received fom: Aliant’ personal investigation ofthis lleged offense, | ararceloPeer llcerof the City of Dal, Dallas Cony, Tess, who personally paced in he nvenigation ofthis alleged offense, providing this information to Affan, and whose infomation Aftamt beer tore Feginuary 1.2019, at approximately 3:00 am, Dallas Police Officers were dispatched to 8500 N. Stemmons Caray Dallas, Texas regarding a shooting. The listed location is a parking lot ullized fer custome of Soc pularet Nightelub to park. Upon officer's arrival, the complainant Hill, son was in the diver seat of s whee so gical altercation involving Hill and other witnesses who will remain unknown at this tine for eaty cos While attempting to control the altercation, witness ‘an unarmed security guard working atthe daage called for cover on the rao, Suspect Haggard and Hansen, who ae armed security guards worlins te cee cont Bumper ofthe tuck and almost pulled down, This is when Suspect Hansen stated fring bis wo CanBainant Hil Suspect Haggard started firing his gun due to Suspect Hansen shooting, Sespect Heqward then snes around the back ofthe truck tothe passenger side to avoid eros. As Hil continue to dre foro SigPect Hansen is no longer in a postion tobe injured bythe tuck bt the complainant ssl flecing the scene Sugpeet Hansen and Hoggard fired several more shots at Complainant Hill, finally eausing him wreck ols cece Hekess before coming to a complete stop. Complainant Hill s pronounced deceased atthe scone: Video of te [paident was captured and reviewed by Detective McDaniel #8890, The actions of Suspet Ene Horcee sed —— = wy, WHEREFORE, Aan resuest Sat on ures wart be ed othe a ove acued indy PE, SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME on he yor a oa MAGISTRATES DETERNINATION SF FROBABLE CAUSE Onvisthe __dayor AEN 0 20th "he by acinowiege that Taveeaned the freon Mavi nd lave determined hat probable cause exis for the sues of = ‘ares ware for the adil ceed tevin, << MAGISTRATE IANNDYOR DALLAS COUNTY, TERAS WARRANT OF ARREST AND DETENTION DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS Dalhs County, Teas [Sense #_[oont 62019 —— eran ——ay-— De Ans Oindemenoe ant Number Charge: | ORDER Suspect | Maapard, Deer Wapae Tia Amant) Ja Ee 1h the ame ofthe Sate of Texas to ay Shen or eer Pease Ofiow: oF We Hateof Texas Geoatigs: ‘You ae ere by commanded to tak the body of ( Haggard, Daterrious, Wayne hereinafter called the acused, and him safely keep so that he may be dealt with according ola, and to hold the accused to answer tothe State of Texas for an offense azinst the laws ofthe suid Ste namely (9 MURDER. tment otwhich FELONY offs he i accused by writen complain made under oth ht has been present mean that is by this reference incorponted hersin forall purposes, © NL QNLNNU NH ‘Witness my signature this day of. o Nasisrate Municipal Court Casthyat Gayot Dallas, Texas ADMINISTRATIVE DATA - KS MUST BE COMPLETED OR INDICATE “UNKNOWN" (Wy Stie of Texas a [ Wegird Dates, Waa [oat Sis [Arreted ‘doRace: |W | anSeeM | G3008: | [apni 1510 [Gow [ISS | s) Hair [lek | to Eyer | Brow 5) Residenee Adress G2) Busnes Address [ai Bais Name (22\Conisnane | pie Desencd) [TabibwesToni: | avery [Aas Warn fied DPDIBSO [is bivers Lees eT Se FEES en ~ ARREST-~ COMMITMEN RELFASE. APPROVE BOND- MILEAGE-~.— OTHER-. CAME TO HAND THE dey ot ‘AD.20 and executed the _ tay oF — -AD.20 by ares ani detaining above nameTandsecused and By