Unpublished Works of Lytton Strachey:
Early Papers
Editor: Todd Avery
The Pickering Masters Hb: c.304pp: June 2011 978 1 84893 141 1: 234x156mm: £100/$180

A core member of the Bloomsbury Group, Lytton Strachey (1880–1932) is recognized for his radical influence on the new school of psychological biography. This volume collects for the first time Strachey’s previously unpublished essays, dialogues and stories. The first section includes all fifteen existing discussion society papers from his time at Cambridge. Strachey was fascinated with conversation as a means to exploring ideas – the dialogues presented in the second section are satirical and exist in what appears to be a finished form. The third and final section gathers five captivating stories from a genre that Strachey often practiced but in which he never published. These unpublished writings offer vital and surprising new insights into Strachey’s life and work. In particular, these papers reveal a greater engagement with issues of morality than previously considered and demonstrate the author’s spiritual and emotional awakening. This edition will be invaluable to scholars of Modernism and the Bloomsbury Group. Strachey also inspired the development of the academic field of Victorian Studies and researchers of Victorianism will also find much of interest in these writings.

Lytton Strachey Courtesy of Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana [H. W. Smith MSS, box 18, f. 26]

• Makes available for the first time significant unpublished material taken from the Strachey Papers at the British Library • Enables new insight into the thematic and philosophical concerns that influenced the revolution in modern biography • Published at the behest of the Strachey Trust and the Society of Authors • Discussion society papers are from Strachey’s time in the Midnight Society, the Sunday Essay Society and the Apostles • Full scholarly apparatus including an extensive introduction, detailed notes and bibliography

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Introduction 1. Cambridge Society Papers A Sermon Preached before the Midnight Society Conversation and Conversations Christ or Caliban? The Colloquies of Senrab Is Death Desirable? Dignity, Romance or Vegetarianism? The Historian of the Future Should We Have Elected Conybeare? Shall We Be Missionaries? The Ethics of the Gospels Shall We Go the Whole Hog? When Is a Drama not a Drama? Was Diotima Right? Do Two and Two Make Five? Ought Art to Be Always Beautiful? Shakespeare and the Musical Glasses (fragment) Art Has No Concern with Morals (fragment) 2. Dialogues Julius Caesar and Lord Salisbury Cleopatra and Mrs Humphry Ward Salter and Cleopatra: An Imaginary Conversation Catullus and Lord Tennyson Boccaccio and General Lee Headmaster and Parent (fragment) Gibbon, Johnson, and Adam Smith Good God 3. Stories The Decline and Fall of Little Red Riding Hood The Story of A and B Tragedy Interesting Letter from Madame La Comtesse de — to Lady X Letter. From an Inhabitant of another World Index

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