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1/2/2019 Inbox – rob@sayanythingblog.


From: "Becker, Rick C." <>
Date: January 1, 2019 at 5:57:39 PM CST
To: -Grp-NDLA Senate Republicans <>, -Grp-
NDLA House Republicans <>
Subject: Caucus meeting for Bastiat

Hello fellow legislators!
I hope everyone is geared up for what will surely be an interesting
Please take a minute to read this email, as it will likely be the only
unsolicited Bastiat-related email from me.
We’re gearing up to have a fun, informative, and productive 2019
session in the Bastiat Caucus.
Over these last three sessions, some have viewed Bastiat
Caucus with skepticism, or as extremist, or being factious to the
NDGOP. I believe we have gradually been able to prove each of
these absolutely incorrect. We are simply a freely-formed group
of legislators with a common goal of promoting and preserving
liberty, and we’re trying to have fun doing it. Of course no group
has the corner on “liberty”, so to clarify what I mean, please take
a look at our “platform” below.

The Bastiat Caucus endeavors to promote:
- A government limited in a size and scope necessary only to
carry out its essential functions.
- Limited and reduced taxation.
- Free market policies.
- Consistency of principle among elected officials.

Beginning this year the Bastiat Caucus will be a dues-paying
organization. We plan to meet weekly for members. Our three
primary aims will be to mutually inform during our
meetings, communicate during floor sessions, and hold
ourselvesaccountable to each other throughout the session.
Healthy debate is strongly encouraged, however, no one is
expected to vote in any manner except according to their
personal convictions.
The meetings will vary in format, and may involve speakers, bill or
policy presentations, and bill debate.
Additionally, we will also be holding meetings which will also be
open to non-members for select speakers and other activities.
Dues to become a member of the Bastiat Caucus is $200.
Dues for freshmen legislators are $50.

Our first meeting is scheduled for January 9th at 7 or 8 pm (it will
be announced) at the Smith and Curran Room on the second
floor of Humpback Sally’s (510 E Main).
At that time we will elect 4 officers; Caucus chair, Vice-chair,
Secretary/treasurer, and Relations liaison. Please submit your 1/2
name if you are interested in any of these positions. We will also
1/2/2019 Inbox –

By the way, the caucus is named after Frederic Bastiat, a french
economist famous for his impressive and convincing arguments
in favor of free markets, and in opposition to statism, socialism,
and corporate welfare.

I hope to see you at the meeting, and look forward to a good

Thank you.

Rick Becker
District 7
Bismarck 2/2