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INVOICE (Office of Film and Speciz DATE {iG ]2eid 444 SW 2nd Ave 5th Flo CUSTOMER ID 2018-11-1783 ‘Miami Florida 33130 (605)416-1322 TO Gayol Miami Diukx 3- Office of Commsiones Joe Call 3500 Pan Ameran De Mimi a3 (0052505380 Entertainment and Cultural Event in Little Havana Gey of Miami INVOICE NO. if 1783 ‘Make al checks payable to Gy of Miami "THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS! CITY OF MIAMI FIRE-RESCUE {444 SW 2nd AVE. 10TH FLOOR MIAMI, FL 33190 PHONE (305) 416-1721 FAX (906) 416-1690 [ATTN:LT NABIFERRA, BILL To: CCITY OF MIAMIDIST 3 COMMISSIONER JOE CAROLLO 3600 PAN AMERICAN DR Miami, FL 33133 JOSE SUAREZ 305-085-2636 OFFICE 305-250.5380 JOSSUAREZ@MAMIGOV.COM, DESCRIPTION FIRE INSPECTOR ASSIGNED 1600-0000 ON 11-30-16 JASSEMBLY PERMIT ‘SENT ON 41-10-48, NF Make all checks payable to Cy of Mia Fice-Rescue DATE: _ November 19, 2018 INVOICE # 11302018, FOR: ENTERTAINMENT & (CULTURAL EVENT IN LITTLE HAVANA, ‘Amount [HOURS 1 [600 Transaction Statement Financial Transaction ID: 560937 Transaction Date: Nov 28 2018 8:03AM. Permit Number: Entertainment and Cultural Event in Little Havana Fee Category Fee Code PW ROW PERMITS AND UTILITY (SPECIAL EVENTS) Pw-037 Rev. ul/02/2012 BUILDING DEPARTMENT City of Miami District 3 Plaza blw Domino Park and Tower Theatre FEE SUMMARY Fee Description [SPECIAL EVENTS PUBLIC Generated on Nov/28/2018 8:02 AM